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XJ:Xi:i:t.l:CXl^ tj^r^J^ 




iEW IPATEMT iB¥iTAiLlIii Siil. 

The only Metal l*roof against a Burglar's Drill, 


ViiT and Kiii'»liii' Proof Sate ('oiiibiiicd. 

One Saie A^vitliiii anotliei-. 

HERRING & 00., 

40 Stale St., CIIICAG^O, ILI^. 

New York. rhiladclphia. 



Is one of the connectin 
and the Mississippi and the 
safety and comfort. 


direct and shortest line of rail communication between the Atlantic seaboard 
it ; and with its connections, forming a through route unequalled for speed, 


AT DETROIT with the GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY, for London, Hamilton, Toronto, Suspension Bridge, 
Niagara Falls, Albany, New York, Boston, etc., etc. 

With the BUFFALO & LAKE HURON RAILWAY, for Buffalo. 

With the GRAND TRUNK, for Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, etc., and thence by rail connections to all the prin- 
cipal intermediate and seaboard cities in the States and Canadas. 


AT MICHIGAN CITY with the NEW ALBANY & SALEM RAILROAD, to New Albany, Louisville, LaFayette, 
Indianapolis, Cincinnati, etc., forming the SHORTEST ROUTE between Chicago and all the cities named, 
the travel being accommodated by two express trains daily each way. NO CHANGE OF PASSENGERS OR 

At CHICAGO (at the GREAT CENTRAL DEPOT, with the advantages of transfer of passengers and baggage 
within the same building,) with the ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD, to all Central and Southern Illinois, 
Cairo and lower Mississippi River points. 

With the CHICAGO, BURLINGTON & QUINCY RAILROAD, to Galesburg, Burlington and Quincy, and thence 
by the Burlington and Missouri Road to Southern Iowa, Council Bluffs and Omaha City; and with the Hanni- 
bal and St. Joseph Railroad, to St. Joseph, Leavenworth, Lawrence, Kansas City, etc. 

Also, convenient connection with the GALENA & CHICAGO UNION, the CHICAGO & MILWAUKEE, the 


Euttana' ^kM XmiMm] ml M-J)tist !Hrriingemriit m nil Sntj frninH. 

The facilities and reputation of this Line and its Eastern connections, for the transportation of freight and livs 
stock, between Chicago and all Eastern points, are loo welt-known and appreciated to require further notice. 

O XT' in I C E R S 

J. W. BROOKS, President, Boston. 

R. N. RICE, General Superintendent, Detroit. 

C. H. HURD, Assistant Superintendent, " 


I II. E. SARGENT, General Agent, Chicago. 

THOS. FRAZER, General Ticket Agent, Detroit. 

I H. C. WENTWORTH, Gen'l Western Pass'ger Agt. 

Freight Agent, Chicago. Chicago. 

j^° Freight Contracts, Bills of Lading and information furnished at the 'oflQces of the Company in the 
following places : 

Clilcago— Office of the General Agent, foot South Water Street. 

" Oflice Tremont House, cor. Lake and Dearborn Sts. Geo. C. Drew, Contracting Agt. 

New York — Oflice 173 Broadway, Darius Clark, Agent. 
Boston— Office '21 State Street, P. K. Randall, Agent. 
Buflalo— Office Western opposite Mansion House. J. D. Hayes, Agent. 
St. liOUis— Office 11 City Building, Commercial Street, N. Stevens, Agent. 



Manufacturers of 



Grain Separators, 


Hard Maple Oogs, 




Dufour & Go's Old 
Dutch Anker Brand 
Bolt'g Cloth, Screen 
and Bolt,Wire Cloth 
Water Wheels, St'm 
Engines and Boilers 
Smut Mills and Bran 
Dusters, Proof Staffs 
Belting, etc., etc 

FurnisLed for Flouring and (Uistoni Mills, Grain Warehouse, Distilleries and other Millwright 
and Machine Work. We have on hand a variety of Drats, IMans, Bills and 
Estimates, which parties arc requested to call and examine. 
JJ^" Orders by mail and otherwise, will receive prompt attention. 


('or. West Wntcr & Wiisliiiiittoii Sts. 

john .f. i'almhu, 
ambrosp: plamondon. 

P. O. Box 1525. 




Dress Triinmiiip, Wloyes, Hosiery, 


Elastic "Webs, Hair Nets, Buttons, and a Complete 

Assortment of Notions. 


ADDISON GRATES, } /C^ ^iS^"(^ AC^ JA /C^ /(% 



Illustrated Standard Works 




117 - SOUTH OLARK ST., - 117 




Farming and Wood Lands, 

li IK Sf ft? i B¥ II. 


Illinois Centra 

In Tracts of 40 Acres and upivards, suitable for Farms, 

Situated on eithei- side of their Railroad, extending through the State of Illinois. 

Pamphlets giving a full description of these Lands, will be sent 
by mail on application free of charge. 

Skctional Maps of the Lands of the Company, showing the precise position of every piece 
of land in the State, owne<l by the Company, can be had at the Land Department, by remitting 
fifty cents in postage stamps. Phits of their towns, at tJio various stations throughout the 
State, can also be seen. 
For any furtlicr iiirorni;itii)ii, apply personally or by letter, in English, Freneli or German, to 


Illinois Central Railroad Company, Chicago. 



MU urns, i^lLi®^0, 

Offers inducement to the Traveling Public and to Shippers of Freight, 
that cannot be truthfully presented by any rival route. 



2 Express Trains leave West Side Union Depot, Chicago, Daily, 












xVnd all Points 
ill Central, South- 
ern and Eastern 





Terre Haute, 

New Albany, 







And all Points 
in Indiana. 


Bowling Green 

And all Southern 

Leave Chicago daily, through to CINCINNATI without change of Cars or breaking bulk.- 


and Points on the Ohio River. 

Time to Ciiieiiiiiati, only 1^ Hoxii'Sas. 


m^ THROUCiH TICKETS by this Line to Cincinnati and Indianapolis, can be obtained 
•at all the Principal Railroad Oflices in the Northwest, and at the Company's Office, corm.'r 
Randolph and Dearborn Sts., under the Mattison House, and at the Union Depot, cornet of 
Madison and Canal Streets, West Side, Chicago. 

Freight Office, Cincinnati, 115 Vine St., under Burnet House. 


S. W. CHAPMAN, General Freight Agent Richmond. I W. D. JUDSON,. President, | „ „ i 

L. H. AVALKLEY, General Ticket Agent. Chicago. | HENRY MORGAN, Treasurer, C^*-" '''"^'^• 

H. J. PAGE, Ticket Agent, Chicago. I JOHN RHANDT ir RPTl SnnT 

A. C. CADY, Local Freight Agent: Chicago. f''"^^ HHAiHUl, jr., ^f^^'^f^^P^^^ 

Enterbd according to Act of Congress, in the year 1SG3, 

BY HALPiN & Bailey, 

In tub Cli:kk's Office of the District Court for the Northern District of Illinois 

T. C. W. KAII.EY, 

128 & 130 Clark St. 

C. J. WARD. 

136 Lake Street 


Notwithstanding the increased facilities we have each year added to our printing office, and the advantages 
derived from experience, the date of issuing the Directory has been delayed several weeks beyond the time we had 
proposed. Many circumstances, each, equally bey*ond our conlrol, have contributed to embarrass us more than 
ordinarily. But, having the office now amply supplied with all the type and printing material necessary, we shall, 
next year, fit up a press room, adequate in its accommodations to print the Directory sheets, under our own imme- 
diate supervision ; this, being the only portion of the present work not done m our own office. The want of a 
steam press has been one cause of the delay ; another, and not the least vexatious cause has been the extreme dif- 
ficulty experienced in obtaining the necessary information, the canvasser, in many localities, being regarded as an 
en^plling officer under the conscription law. Considerable loss of time, and consequently money, has been there- 
by incurred. In quite a number of houses we have been unable, with all the diligence and ingenuity which intelli- 
gent and. reliable agents could exercise, to obtain the names. On page ■ — ■ will be found a list of those houses where 
information has been stubbornly withheld ; in many cases, however, we obtained the names from other sources, and 
in these instances, we have felt it our duty to the public to mark the parties so refusing information. 

Since the issue of our last publication the city of Chicago has continued to progress in material prosperity 
to an extent unexampled in the history of this or any other country. The actual increase of names over last year's 
edition is four ihmisand nine hundred and eight/y-three, which, computed at the usual average, would give 
the present population of Chicago at one hundred and fifty thmosand souls. We are satisfied, that if a thorough 
census of the city were now taken, that our estimate would prove an under one. What a glorious contrast then 
does this Directory, of 1868, present to that one, of 1S44, only nineteen years ago, in which the publisher, proud 
even then of the promising growth of the infant city, boastfully announced that the population of Chicago was nearly, 
if not quite, eight thousand. At that time, a well known, and then, as now, respected citizen of Chicago was 
laughed at by his friends when he expressed his belief that he should live to see the day when Chicago would con- 
tain one hundred thousand inhabitants. It is to the public spirit and far-seeing sagacity of such citizens that Chi- 
cago owes the prosperity which has elevated her to her present proud pre-eminence. 

This conclusive evidence of the onward march of the city to metropolitan greatness, is the more gratifying 
from the fact, that while our people have nobly responded to every call of the Government for both men and 
money in this trying time of }he country's need, we still multiply and increase, while the older cities of New York, 
Boston, etc., exhibit, by their Directories a very perceptible decrease in names. 

But it is not in population alone that her progress has been so marked. From the abundance of material 
which is every day presented to us, and which, from its very familiarity, is passed by with an almost unheeding 
glance, we select a few figures, and place them on record for future reference and comparison. 

To begin with the Grain Trade. There are now in operation in our city eighteen grain elevators, the 
aggregate capacity of which are as follows : 

Storage, (bushels) 8,615,000 | Capacity to ship per day, (bushels) 2,555,000 

Capacity to receive and ship daily, (bushels) . . 950,000 | 

G^ R J^ I 3Sr . 

Amount of Flour and Grain Received and Forwarded. 

185T. 1862. 

Flour, (in barrels) 489,934 1,666,391 

Wheat, (in bushels) 10,554,761 13,978,116 

Corn, " 7,409,000 29,574,328 

1857. 1862. 

Oats, (in bushels) 1,707,245 4,638,722 

Rye " 87,711 1,038,825 

Barley, " 127,689 872,053 

X, TJ JM B E R. 

Quantity of Luinber, Sliingles and Lath Received and Forwarded during the year 

Lumber, Shingles, Lath, 

Received. feet. number. number. 

Total received.... 305,674,045 131,255,000 23,880,000 
Manufact'd in the 

city, (estimated) 50,000,000 10,000,000 

On hand at com- 
mencem't of sea- 
son....' 78,643,875 15,307,000 7,311,800 

Total 384,317,923 196,662,000 41,191,800 

Lumber, Shingles. Lath, 

FoKWABDED. feet. number. number. 

Total forwarded... 189,277,079 55,761,630 16,966,600 

City consumption.. 122,040,135 117,884,370 18,720,750 

On hand at close of 

season 73,000,709 22,916,000 5,504,450 

Total 334,317,923 196,562,000 41,191,800 



From the reliable and excellent ch-cuLir of Henry Milward, Esq., we ext<e,ct the following interest- 
ing items concerning the Cattle and Pork Trade of the City for the season of 1862-3 : 

"Last year inaugurated a new era in the annals of Chicago. From being a comparatively minor Pork 
Packing point, she advanced to the second in importance in the United States, while in Beef Packing she main- 
tained the prominent position she some years since assumed. 

This year she has far outstripped in both branches all competitors, and although her Beef Packing does 
not sum up as large as last season, the decrease has been owing entirely to the extraordinary absence of demand 
for the packed product which has existed through the year. But in Pork Packing the improvement has been exti-a- 
ord nary and unexampled. Eight first class packing houses, models of perfection, and replete with every modern 
im] rovement, have been erected since last season, while several smaller establishments have also during the same 
time sprung into existence. Large, however, as has been the accommodations provided, it has been found entirely 
insufficient for our increasing requirements, and already several first class houses are under contract for erection 
during the ensuing summer. It is fair to infer that our Provision trade is yet in its infancy, and that the future of 
Chicago as a packing point may be regarded as one of the most extreme promise. We have this season eclipsed all 
competitors, leaving New York, Cincinnati, and other formerly considerable packing points, far behind." 

Cattle. Live Hogs. Dressed Hogs. Total Hogs. Mess Pork, bbls. P. M. Pork, bbls. 

42,163 700,609 270,264 970,873 78,562 69,902 

The tonnage of American vessels, engaged in the commerce of the lakes, show an increase of tonnage, over 
ISOl, of 38,044 tons. Canadian vessels show an increase of 13,238 tons, making an increase in the tonnage of the 
lakes the past year of 51,282 tons. 



^ umber. 






























188 .500 
















Steamers . . 
Propellers . 


Barks .... 









1 64 

1 22 

Steamers .... 




224 500 











1 867 


A comparison of the Chicago Directory for 1857 with the present edition, gives the following result as to 

1857. 1863. 

*Machine Shops 17 31 

Tanneries 4 16 

Carriage Builders 19 26 

Wagon Makers 24 43 

Hotels 77 94 



Agricultural Implement Manufacturers. 




. 19 





Grain Elevators . . 

. 7 


Packing Houses 

. 13 


Iron Foundries 

. 8 


* This does not include the large Railroad Machine Shops and Car Works, employing several thousand 

For the curious in such matters, we add a table of the number of names in each letter of the alphabet : 









. ..1 757 









. .1 725 














1 7Jfi 

S ." 3*888 










Total . 

37 478 

Smiths, of 


we have 

51 of 




Wilson .... 



Assessors, City, 


" of Internal Revenue, 



. XIX 

Asylums, . • . XXVIII & XXXIII 

Banking Institutions, 


Benefit Societies, 


Board of Aldermen, 


" of Education, . 


" of Guardians of Reform School, II 

« of Health, 


" of Police Commissioners, 


«' of Public Works, . 


*' of Supervisors, 


" of Trade, . 

. XV 

Canal Collector's OfiSce, . 


Catholic Convents, Asylums, etc., 




Churches, .... 


Circuit Court, Cook Co., 

VII [ 

Circuit Courts, U. S., 


City and Ward Boundaries, 


" Assessors, 


" Constables, .... 


Fire Department, 




Collectors, Town, 


Colleges and Seminaries, 


Commissioners of Highways, . 


Constables, County, 


Consuls, Foreign," . 


Cook Co. Circuit Court, 


Corporation of the City, . 

County Officers, .... 


County Constables, 


County Court, .... 


Custom House, 


Dispensaries, .... 




Hack Ordinance . . . 


Horse Railways, 


Hospitals, .... 


Incorporated Go's., , 


Inaurance Go's., 


Internal Revenue Department, . 




Justices of the Peace, 


Libraries, .... 


Literary Societies, 

. XIX 

Magazines, .... 


Musical Societies, 


Newspapers, .... 


Omnibus Lines, 


Overseers of Poor, 


Packet Lines, 


Police Department, 


Police Magistrates, . 


Post Office Department, 


Post Offices in Illinois, 


Propeller Linos, .... 


Provost Marshal's Office, . 


Public Halls, .... 


Quartermaster's Department, . 




Reading Rooms, 


Recorders Court, City of Chicago, 

. vni 

Savings Banks, 


School Districts, 


Secret Societies, 


Societies, ..... 

. XIX 

Steamboat Inspection Office, 


Steamboat Lines, 


Street Directory, 


Sub Treasury, U. S., . 


Superior Court of Chicago, 


Supreme Court of Illinois, . 

. VII 

Supreme Court of U. S., . 


Town Clerks, .... 

. VI 

Town Collectors, 


Transportation Lines, . 


U. S. Agent for Paying Army and 


Pensions, . . . " . 

. ' IX 

TI. S. District Court, . 

. VII 

U. S. Government Offices in Chicacro. VIII 

U. S. Marshal's Office, 


U. S. Musteiing and Disbursing Office, . IX 

U. S. Provost Marshal's Office, 


U. S. Quartermaster's Department, 

. IX 

D". S. Supreme Court, 


Ward Boundaries, 



AlDlareviations, ...-------- 17 

Business Register, - • - " 499 

City and County Register, - - - - ■ - - - opp. 596 

G-eneral IDirectory of N', - 17 

Index to Advertisements, ..--•.--- 6 

Index to City and Connty Register, - - 5 

INXap of the City, opp. title. 

ISrames too late for regular insertion, 11 

Rreface, ------------- 3 

Street and Avenue Directory, (City and County Register,) XXXVII 



Gehr Samuel, 


AtwaterS". T., 
Miller & Wilm^i<t,h, 
Phillips B. \V. ki&^^. 

Chicago Land Co., . "• »,- 
Galloway A. J., . •., 

Gehr Samuel, 

Illinois and Wisccnsin Land Co., 
Kerfoot S. II. & Co., 
Land Department I. C. R. R., 
North Western Land Agency, 
Ogden, Fleetwood & Co , 

McDonnell Charles, .... 

Galloway A. J., . 

GehrSamvicl, . , . . 

Kerfoot S. II. & Co. 

Ogden, Fleetwood & Co., . . : 



319, 820 

. 862 

front col'd leaf 

Furst & Bradley, 
Palmer & Plaraondon, 

front col'd leaf 

Jesup, Kennedy & Co., 


Croskey A. P., 

Pope George O., . 



Home & Gibbons, . . , . 42 


Gilbert Hubbard & Co 229 

Pope George G,, . . . . 365 

Weigle Frederick, . . . .491 

Ellis J. A. & Co., . . . col'd back leaf 

Rutter, Endicott & Co., . . . .893 

Ruxton & Co., . . . . 398 

Merchants', Farmers' and Jlechanics' Savings Bank,134 

Strong W. W., . . . . 440 

Ilannis George W., . . . .200 


Jesup, Kennedy & Co., ... 289 

Walworth, Hubbard & Co., . . . 468 


Graves & Irvine, 
Sutton & Burkitt, 

col'd front leaf 

Brunswick E., 
Brunswick J. M. & Co., . . . . 


Clark John & Son, 
Hannis G. W., 



Ward C. J., 469 


Beckert L., 28 

Pope George G., . . . , . 3G5 


Tv'alworth, Hubbard & Co., . . 468 


Walworth, Hubbard & Co 463 

Devine Brothers, .... 38 

Eagle Works Manufacturing Co., . . 1:>6 

Walworth, Hubbard & Co., . . 468 


Walworth, Hubbard & Co., . . . 468 


Ward C. J. 469 


HeunischA ,28 

Myers E. B., . . . . back cover 

Sherlock P. T 412 

Davis, Sawyer & Co., ... 116 

FuUager & Smeeth, . . . .165 

Hamilton, Fuller & Co., . . . 165 

Walworth, Hubbard i Co., . . . 468 

JESUP, KENNEDY & Co., . . . 239 


LiU & Diversy 280 

Galloway A. J., . . . . . 168 

Gehr Samuel, .... 172 

Kerfoot S. H. & Co., . - . .255 

Pope, George G., . . . . 365 

Pope, George G., . . . .305 

Trager L. & Bro. ... 452 

Pope George G., . . . 365 

Enterprise Works, .... 142 

Pope George G., .... 365 

Ingersoll Philip. .... 245 

Hennegen J. B. & Co., . . . 526 

Pope George G. 
Duffield S. T., 



Bascom Lewis & Co., 

Pope George G., 

Belding G. T. &, Co., 

Meeker A. B., . 

Pope George G., ... 

Pope George O., 

Dyrenfurth's School of Trade. 

Jesup, Kennedy & Co., 
Smith J. E. & Co., 

Turner R.L., .... 


Hoyne P. A 

Kings. W 

Hennegan J. H. & Co,, . 
Scanlan Bros., .... 

Jones, Chapin & Co., 

Vandervoort, Dickerson & Co., . . front cover, 

Baldwin James S., .... 35 

Brittan Nathan, . . . . .65 

Hannis G. W., ..... 2(J( 

Jesup, Kennedy & Co., . . . .23! 

FuUager & Smeeth 


Scanlan &. 

Eagle Works, Mnfrg. Co. . . .136 

Jesup, Kennedy & Co., , . . 236 

Jesup, Kennedy & Co. .... 239 

Eagle Works, Mnfrg. Co., . . .130 

Jesup, Kennedy & Co., 

Pope George G., 

Kennedy John, 
Sullivan Bros., 

GUbert Hubbard & CO., 

Strong W. W,, ... 


. 514 


Hamilton, Fuller & Co., . . . .165 

Gehr Samuel, . . . . .172 

Gilbert Hnbbard & Co., . . , 229 

Graves &. Irvine, . . . col'd front leaf. 

Trager L. & Bro ., . . . . 451 

Jesup, Kcanedy * Co., . . . .239 


Jesup, Kennedy & Co., . . . 23f) 


Dr. T. P. Abell 66 

Dr. J. P. Fuller, .... 200 

A. F. Croskey .... back cover. 
Sam Myers & Son, .... Si4 


Mrs Q. A. Cary, ..... 96 


Graves & Irvine, . . . col'd. front leaf. 

Davis, Sawyer & Co., .' . . .116 


Schwartz A., . . . . . 405 

Yerbury W. , . . . . . 4U6 


229 I Hughes John, .... 116 

449 1 Chicago Type Foundry, .... 66 



Graves & Irvine. . . . col'd. front leaf. 


Smith G.B., 38 


Walworth, Hubbard it Co., • . .468 


Mendel Ed 42 

Ellis J. A. & Co., . . . col'd. back leaf. 

Rutter, Endicott Si Co., . . . ^^''^ 

Ruxton & Co 393 


Central Express, . . . front cover. 


WeigleFred, 494 

Strong W.W., .... 440 

Vanderroort, Dickerson & Co., . front cover. 


Jesup, Kennedy & Co., . . . 239 


Meeker A. B. 310 


Gilbert Hubbard & Co., . . . 229 


Gilbert Hubbard & Co 229 

Goss & Phillips, .... 182 

Eagle Mills Manusacturing Co., . . . 136 

Jenczewsky A., . . . . 245 

Morris T B. & Co., . . . op. title. 


Beecher & Parker, .... "8 

Walworth, Hubbard & Co., . . . 468 


Strong W.W., 440 

Beaton William, .... 28 

Colson & Orne, 334 

Hughes John. .... Ufa 

Ryan John 0„ 310 

Walworth, Hubbard & Co., . . 468 

Walworth, Hubbard & Co., ... 468 

Walworth, Hubbard & Co., . . . 468 

Jenczewsky A., . . . . 245 

Gough Thomas, . . . . .184 

Hughes John, .... 116 

Stone H.O., . . . . . 43T 

Thayer M. A., . . . . 362 

Morris T. B. & Co., . . . op. title 

Whittemore H. & R. B. Sc Co., (wholesale,) back cover 

Kennedy John, .... 200 

Oollins 4 Burgle, . . . .96 

Ilimrod GeorLje, .... 218 

Tragor L. & Bro., , . . .452 

Graves & Irvine, . . . col'd front leaf 

Sutton & Burkiit, . . . .245 

Enterprise Works, .... 

Vandervoort, Dickerson & Co. 

••esup, Kennedy & Co., 

Green John M. &. Co., 

Adriatic, of N.Y., .... 319 

Arctic Fire, of N. Y., . , . . 319 

Astor Fire, of N. Y., 
Atlantic Fire, of Brooklyn, 
Charter Oak Life, of Hartford 
Citizens' Fire, of N. Y., . 
City Fire, of New Haven, 
Columbia, of N. Y., 
ColumbiaFire, ofN. Y., 
Connecticut Fire, of Hartford, 
Connecticut Mutual Life, 
Continental, of N. Y., 
GerraaniaFire, of N. Y., 
Goodhue, of N.Y., 
Guardian Life, of N. Y., 
Home, ofN. Y., . 
Home, of New Haven, 
Hope, of Providence, R. I., 
Irving, OfN. Y., 
Manhattan Life, of N. Y., 
Market, ofN. Y., 
Merchants', of Hartford, . 
Metropolitan, of N^ Y., 
New England Mutual Life, of Boston 
North American, of N. Y., . 
Park, OfN. Y., 

Phosnix Mutual Life, of Hartford 
Providence Washington, of R. I., 
Security, ofN. Y., . 
Springfield Fire and Marine, 

Meeker A. B., 
Jesup, Kennedy & Co., . 

Collins & Burgle, 
Eagle Works Manufacturing Co., 
Vulcan Foundry, Henry Warrington, 

Flammer C, 

Pope George G., 

Croskey A. F., . 
Popi George G., 

Graves & Irvine, . . . col'd front leaf 

Pope George G., . . . . S65 

Pope George G., . . . . . 365 

Jesup, Kennedy & Co., . . . 289 

Popt George G., . . . . . 365 

Jesup, Kennedy & Co., . . , 239 

Pope George G.. . . . , . 3t>5 

Goss & Phillips, .... 

Underwood J. M., 

Coburn & Marrs, .... 


. 319 

front cover 


front cover 

front cover 



front cover 

front cover 

front cover 

front cover 

front cover 



front cover 




back cover 


Jesup, Kennedy & Co., . 
Walworth, HubWd & Co., . 

Baldwin James S., 
Brittan Nathan, 
Hannis G.W., 

Chicago Union Lime Works, 



McDonnell & Morgan, . . . .184 

Colson & Orne, .... 334 

Jesup, Kennedy & Co., .... 239 

Jenczewsky A., .... 245 

Strong W.W., 440 

Peshtigo Co.. . . . . 134 

Underwood J. M., . . . ,400 

Eagle Works Manufacturing Co., . . 136 

Vulcan Foundry, . . . .362 

Walworth, Hubbard & Co., . . 46S 

Clark John & Son, .... 42 

Devine Brothers, .... 3S 

Eagle Works Manufacturing Co , . . 136 

Finnegan C . . 20 

Hamilton, Fuller & Co., . . . 105 

Warrington Henry, .... 302 

Jesup, Kennedy & Co., . . . 239 

Walworth, Hubbard & Co., . • . 408 


Lill & Diversy, .... 230 


Strong W. W., 440 

Vaudervoort, Diokerson & Co. , . front cover 


Eagle Works Manufacturing Co., . . 130 

I'almer & Plainondon, . . col'd front leaf 


Gary Mrs. Q. A., 90 

CaryMrs. Q. A., . . . . 90 


Colson & Orne, .... 334 

Cooley & Brother, . . col"d back leaf 

KochGustav, .... 252 


Go33 & Phillips 182 

Chicago Evening Journal, . . . 154 

Chicago Post, . . . . . ITl 


Pope George U. , .... 305 


BeckcrtL., 28 

Gilbert Hubbard & Co., . . 229 

Weigle Fred, ..... 494 

Cornwells & Elliott, . . 104 

Rock River Manufacturing Co., . . . 380 

Coburn & Marrs, .... 

Eagle Works Manufacturing Co., . . 130 

Chicago Healing Institute, ... 33 

Ellis Thomas T., .... 568 

GaylordMrs. C. F., .... 
Illinois Water Cure, .... 34T 

Lighthill Dr., . . . . . 42 

Reed A., .... . 376 

Jenczewsky A., ..... 245 


Goss & Phillips, .... 1=>2 

Farrar George B., .... 26 


Beaton William, .... 28 

Campbell John, . .... 69 

Colson & Orne, 


Hughe.- John, 


Ryan John C, ' . 



Bailey J. C.W., . 

. 4:36 

Chicago Journal OfiBce, 


Chicago Post Co., 


HalpinT. M., 

. back col'd leaf 

Ilofmann SI., 


Kennedy & Campbell, 

. 2o-Z 

Newcomb H. A. i Co., 


Chicago Type Foundry, . . . . 66 

Turner R. L., . . . . 96 

Cooley & Brother, . . col'd back leaf 

Eaglo Works Slanufactuiing Co., . . 136 

Chicago and Northwestern, . . . LV 

Chicago and St. Loui.s, . . . LVI 

Cincinnati and Chicago Air Line, . . LXI 

Erie Raihvav, . . , . LIU 

Great Western, of Cauada, . . LIX, LX 

M chii;an Centr 1, . . op. inside cover and LI 

Michigari Southern and Lake Shore, . . LII 

New York Central, . . . . LIV 

Pennsylvania Central, . back col'd leaf and LVI 1 1 
Pittsburgh, Ft. Wayne and Chicago, . LVII, 


Jesup, Kennedy & Co., . . . . 239' 



Galloway A. J., . . . . 108- 

Gehr Saranel, . . . . .172 

Kerfoot S. H. & Co., . . . 255 

Land Department, I. C. R. R., . col'd front leaf 

Ogden, Fleetwood & Co., . . . S43 

Baer Hermann F., . . . .28- 

Croskey A. F., . . . back cover 

Derby & Da.v, ., ... 116 

Myers S.& Son, .... 834' 

Jesup, Kennedy & Co., . . . .239* 

Pope George G„ . . . . 303 • 

refrigerators' and water COOLERS. 
Enterprise Works, .... 142 

Goss & Phillips, .... 182 

Thomas D. B. agt., .... 63 

Gilbert Hubbard & Co., . . 229 

Gilbert Hubbard & Co., , . . .229 

Walworth, Hubbard & Co., . . 463 

Herrings', . . . inside front cover 

Lillies', .... inside back cover 

Gilbert Hubbard & Co., . . . .229 

McDonald 4 Morgan, ... 184 

Goss & PhUllps, 182 




back cover 


front cover 
front cover 

Merchants', Farmers' and Mechanics' Savings Banlc, 134 

Eagle WorliS Manufacturing Co., . . 136 

Eagle Worlis Manufacturing Co., . . 136 

Fairbanks, Greenleaf & Co., . . back cover 

Hannis George W., .... 200 

Howe's Improved Scales, . . . front cover 

Hannis George W., .... 200 

Heunische A.3_^ . 

Myers E. B 

Sherlock P. T 

Dyrenfurth's Scliool of Trade. 

Goss & Phillips, , 

Grover & Baker, 
Howe's Improved, 
Wheeler & Wilson. 

Pope George G., . . ' . • 365 

.Tesup, Kennedy & Co. . . . . . 239 

Vandervoort, Dickerson & Co., . front cover 

Hamilton, Fuller & Co., . . . .165 


Gilbert, Hubbert & Co., . . .229 


Finnegan C, 200 


GoughT. & Co., . . . . 184 

Hughes John, .... 239 


McGinnis, 42 

NashE. S. & Co., 

Goss & Phillips, 

Myers E. B., . 

Jaynes D. W., 
Jones, Chapin & Co., . 

Vulcan Foundry .... 
Walworth, Hubbard & Co., 

Eagle Works Manufacturing Co. , 

Eagle Worfo Manufacturing Co., . 
Finnegan Co., . . - . 

Thayer M. A., 
Vulcan Foundry, 
Walworth, Hubbard & Co., 

Hamilton, Fuller & Co., 
Walworth, Hubbard &o., 

Walworth, Hubbard & Co. , 

Walworth, Hubbard & Co., 

iValworth, Hubbard & Co., 

MlenV. R., .... 

Chicago Type Foundry, 

Collins & Burgie, .... 
Himrod George, 

Enterprise Works, .... 
Hurd C. B. & Co., 

Stone H. O., .... 

Thayer M. A., . 

Eagle Works Manufacturing Co., . 

Gilbert Hubbard & Co., 


Gilbert Hubbard & Co 

Enterprise Works, .... 

Pope Geo. G., . . . • . 




Enterprise Works, .... 142 

Fullager & Sraeeth, . . . . .165 

Thayer M. A., 362 

Vandervoort, Dickinson & Co., . . front cover 


Graves and Irvine, . . . front col'd leaf. 


Hughes S. J. & Co., . . . . 218 


Goss & Phillips, 182 

Chicago Type Foundry, ... 60 


Graves and Irvine, . . front col'd leaf. 


Jordan C. H., 
Wright & McClure, 

back cover 




AkassE. M., . . . back col'd leaf. 

Walworth, Hubbard & Co., . . . 46E 

Jesup, Kennedy & Co.,' . . . .239 

McDonald & Morgan, 

Lill & Diversey, 

Hannis G. W., .... 

Illinois Water Cure, 

Enterprise Works, .... 142 

Flanders S., . . . . . 165 

Walworth, Hubbard* Co., . . .468 

Pope George G., . . . . 365 

Baer Herman F. . . . . .28 

Oroskey A. F., . . . . back cover. 

Derby & Bay 





S. & Son, . . . . 334 

Jasup, Kennedy & Co., .... 239 

ii.tndervoort, Dickerson & Co., . front cover. 

G^Tvesfe Irvine, . . col'd front leaf. 

SttUon & Burkitt, .... 245 

Green John M. & Co., , 

Jesup, Ki^nnedy & Co. 
Walworth, Hubbard & Co., . 

Davis, Sawyer & Co., 





Graves & Irvine, 
Sutton & Burkitt, 

col'd. front leaf. 


ABBOT Abial R., attorney at law, office, 
108 Adams, bds. s. w. cor. Monroe and 

Abele Andrew, teamster, h. 288 Srd. av. 
Adams George E., clerk. Custom House, bds. 

S66 Ontario. 
Adams John M., bds. State, cor. Madison. 
Adams Joseph, carpenter, h. 129 Chicago av. 
Adams Robert H., inventor, 101 Washington, 

h. Cicero. 
Adams William, lab., h. 85 Larrabee. 
Adlam Henry, (Schissl & Adam,) h. 433 X. 

Adlar Dankraar, soldier, h. 22i Srd av. 
Adler Liebman, clergyman and teacher, h. 34 

Adler Philip E., 34 S. Water, h. 1.53 Srd av. 
Akers George W., (Akers & Casey,) 20 Lake. 
AKERS & CASEY, (George W." Asers and 

Samuel R. Casey,) wholesale grocers and 

dealers in wines, dried fruit, willow 

ware, etc., 20 Lake. 
ALDRICH WILLIAM, agt., Michigan, tub 

and pail factory, 12 State. 
Alexander Eugene W., furniture mnfr., W. 

Washington, nr. Canal, bds. 348 W. Mon- 
Allen John, student, bds. 93 Pearson. 
Allen John, capt., h. 93 Pearson. 
Almy Miles, bookkeeper. Smith, Hart and 

Cij-de, bds. 112 Adams. 
Ambrose Christopher, (col'd.) waiter, bds. 115 

Srd av. 
Ames Edward, lab., h. 311 Illinois. 
Andrews Joseph N., with Gibson k Chase, h. 

242 Clinton. 
Angourg G., editor o^ Hcmlmviet, h. 20 Bre- 
Arnold Augustus, shoemaker, 35 Chicago av., 

bds. same. 
Arnold Elan, bds. 102 Harrison. 
Arrand John, barkeeper, bds. Lum's Hotel. 
Ashley H. J., agt., bds., Tl Monroe. 
Ashton George W., salesman, Webster, Marsh 

& Co., bds. 1*7 Dearborn st. 

BAESLAX William F., salesman, B. 
Baggott Edward, plumber and gas fitttcr, 109 

Bailey Bennett, carpenter, al. bet. State and 

Clark, h. 90 Monroe. 
Bailey Hiram, (Bailey, Tucker & Queal,) h. 

Kankakee, 111. 
Bailey, Tucker & Queal (Hiram Bailey, Henry 
Tucker and Orin H. Queal,) com. mers., 
• 248 S. Water., 
Baker J. L., propr. Brighton House. 
Baker J;anes, lab, Saberton's malt house. 

Baker William T., with Hinckley & Handy, 
bds. Briggs House. 

Baldwin Henry B., cattle dealer, h. s. s. Supe- 
rior, nr. Dearborn. 

Balfour John, bookkeeper, J. Weil k. Bros,, h. 
Erie, cor. Kingsbury. 

Balken Isakina, wid. John A., h. 18 Hickory. 

Balken Peter M., printer, h. 18 Hickory. 

Bardhel John, cabinetmaker, b. cor. 4th and 
N. Sangamon. 

Barnes Hattie, teacher, Jones School, bds. 153 
4th av. 

Barnet James, printer, h. cor. Newberry and 

Barthels John F., carpenter, h. 121 4th av. 

Barton Alfred R. W., physician, e. a. State, nr. 
16th, bds. Uhlich's Hotel. 

Bassett James S., (Livingston & Bassett,) h. 
100 Jackson. 

Bassi Theodore, bookbinder, Culver, Page & 

Baus John, soldier, h. 182 Huron. 

Bauer William J., h. 17 Hickory. 

Baxter A. J., physician, 45 Clark, bds. 68 

Baxter James, lab., h. 157 Market. 

Beach Francis, telegraph operator, bds. 114 
La Salle. 

Beach Lauren L., bookkeeper, 119 3d av. 

Beach Sarah, wid. John, bds. 43 Michigan av. 

Bear Richard H. E., bds. 43 W. Washington. 

BeardsleyH. H., physician, 48 Clark, h. 509 
W. Lake. 

Beck Stephen, deputy clerk Circuit Court, 
room 6 Court House. 

Behlin Wilhelm, blacksmith, 235 Milwaukee 

Beiling Adam, painter, 245 Wolcott. 

Beiiz Gustave, (G. H. & W. Beitz,) h. Haw- 
thorn av. bet. Canal and Division. 

Beitz William, (G. & W. Beitz) h. Hawthorn 
av. bet. Canal and Division. 

Bellow Frank, porter, W. D. Harris, 87 S. Wa- 

Bemis Charles, soldier, h. 11 S. N. Franklin. 

Bemis Henry, (Downer, Bemis & Co.) h. cor. 
Wabash av. and 16th. 

Benens Maria, wid. Nicholas, h. 272 Wolcott. 

Bend Christian, carpenter, h. 181 W. Ran- 

Benedict E. U., foreman carpenter, C. k R. I. 
R. R. car shop, h. Judd, nr. S. Clinton. 

Bengtsen Neils, grocer. 17 Larrabee, h. same. 

Benjamin Edwin, machinist, h. 125 Ohio. 

Benjamin Isaac W., bookkeeper, bds. Ill Wa- 
bash av. 

Bennis Bintholomco A., fruit, 17 N. Clark, h, 

Bennett Epenetus A., boarding, 73 Monroe. 



Bennett Joseph T., printer, Times, h. 237 For- 

Bennett Mrs. Mary, wid., h. s.e. cor. White and 

Benson A. M., carpenter, h. 96 Sedgwick. 

Benson Benjamin, sailor, b. r. 151 W. Indiana. 

Benson Francis H., supt. Kose Hill Cemetery, 
No. 7 Kingsbury blk. h. Rose Hill. 

Benson Ingar, wid. Abraham, h. 20 Hickory. 

Benson John, carpenter, bds. n. w. cor. Wells 
and Pearson. 

Bentley Betse*, wid. Niles, boarding, 149 N. 

Bentley Caleb, sailor, bds. 179 Market. 

Bentley Lewis, h., 113 Jackson. 

Benze Herman, lawyer, bds. S. Morgan, n. w. 
cor. Tyler. 

Berbe Morris, salesman, bds. 162 Adams. 

Berdam John, H., stairbuilder, w. s. State, bet. 
18th and 19th, bds. same. 

Berz John, clerk, Garfield's, cor. Wells and 
Randolph, h. same. 

Bergmann Casper, lab. h. 169 W. Randolph. 

Berger Dora, wid. Joseph, h. s. s. Archer rd. 
nr. Bradley. 

Bergstrora Erik, chairmaker, John Phillips, 
N. Green, n. w. c. 3rd. 

Berk Christian, butcher, .51 Chicago a.v, h. 

Berkenshaw Charles, sewer builder, bdsi 43 
W. Washington. 

Berker Peter, brewer, h. 3 Fisher's blk.. 

Bernard Thaddeus, W., musician, r. 144 State. 

Bernatz John, tailor, 178 Blue I. av. 

Berns Vincent, grocer, 48 Wesson, h. same. 

Berong Peter, lab. h. 256 3d av. 

Berrans Louis, lab., h. 230 S. Desplaines. 

Berry Joseph S., soldier, h. 163 S. Jefferson. 

Berry Martin, lab., h. 99 N. Market. 

Beuter Charles, drive., Phoenix Mills, h. 2 

Biggar Mrs. Susannah, wid., h, 69 Wesson. 

Binder Nicholas, lab., h. 277 Wolcott. 

Binder Peter, wagonmaker, h. 314 Wolcott. 

Bingham Thomas L., captain tug, George B. 
McClellan, h. n. w. cor. Franklin and 

Binz Louis W., (Binz & Laparle,) bds. Wash- 
ington av. cor. 24tb. 

Binz & Laparle, (Louis W. Bins and William 
B. Laparde,) 111 S. Water and 9 Dear- 

Birgk Oscar J., physician, cor. Clinton and 

Bishop James E., h. 279 Erie. 

Blackburn Martin, lake captain, h. r. 115 Su- 

Boagley Joseph, h. n. s W. Lake, bet. Sin- 
clair and Robey. 

Bodman Albert H., local editor Tribniw, h. 22 
S. Throop. 

Boener Hugo P., printer, h. 74 4th av. 

Boles Michael, lab., h. 123 3rd av. 

Bond Isaac, clerk, bds. 118 Monroe. 

Bookman & Frederick, boots and shoes, h. 184 

Boone Robert G., com. and real estate, 9 
Methodist Church blk., h. 72 W. Adams. 

Booth Theron D., pork packer, Chicago av., 
bet. N. Wells and N. Franklin, h. 211 
Chicago av. 

Bowman Fritz, drayman, bds. w. s. N. Wells, 
s. Ontario. 

Borman Heinrich, drayman, h. 115 Erie. 

Borman Wilhelm, drayman, h. w. s. Sedgwick 
nr. North av. 

Bostema Vamertist, carpenter, h. 44 N. Eliza- 

Bostwick Emma G., wid. Charles, bds. 150 

Bott Arthur, (Dobler & Bott,) 91 Lake. 

Bourassa James E., (Rev.) pastor French Re- 
formed Church, h. 215 State. 

Bourk Mary, wid. Daniel, h. 73 Ewing. 

Boyden Augustus H.. paymaster, W. S. Arnold 

Boyer Valentine A., physician, h. 233 N.Wells 

Bradford William A., jewelry dealer, 154 Clark 
h. same, 

Bradley William H., clerk, U. S. Circuit Court 
h. 349 Ohio. 

Braisted Edward E., cashier. First National 
Bank of Chicago, h. 424 W. Madison. 

Brand Carl, (Metz & Brand,) h. Wolcott, s. c. 
cor. Scott. 

Brant Daniel R., (Arnold & Brant,) h. 103 
■ Adams. 

Braun Adam, surgeon, h. 119 Indiana. 

Brauhn John, tailor, h. 144 Ontario. 

Brauhn Lisette, midwife, h. 144 Ontario. 

Bremer Josephine, h. 121 Indiana. 

Brenock Patrick, drayman, h. 152 Superior. 

Brettner Matthew, teamster, W. H. Ilutchis- 
son, h. cor. Peoria and W. Randolph. 

Brewer Britton B., (Brewer, Gibbs & Co.,)bds 
48 W. Randolph. 

Brewer, Gibbs & Co., (Britton B. Brewer,Sol- 
omon G. Gibbs and John A. Farrow,) gro- 
cers, 48 W. Randolph. 

Brewers' Arms, Jonathan Darley, propr., 49 
W. Lake. 

Breyer Conrad, carpenter, h. Desplaines, cor 

Bricrly J. F., ins. agt., 311 N. Wells. 

Brierly Mrs. J. F.. ladies' seminarv, 311 N. 

Brighton House, J. L. Baker, propr.. Archer 
rd. cor. Blue I. av. 

Brooks Francis W., (W. F. Coolbaugh & Co.) 
res. Burlington, Iowa. 

Brooks James C, clerk, Mears & Co., bds. 
367 Ontario. 

Brown Mordecai J., (Brown & Mills.) 

Brown Sarah, wid. James, h. 96 Adams. 

Brown Sarah, wid. William, sick nurse, Cleve- 
land House, 34 Kinzie. 

Brown & Mills, (Mordecai J. Brown and John 
W. Mills,) lumber, s. end Canal and Lum- 

Brown Hannah, wid. James, h. 286 4th. 

Brunner August, carpenter, with C. Hahn, h. 
cor. Willow and Centre. 

Buckley Daniel, drayman, h. 127 Townsend. 

Buckley Michael, h. 338 3d av. 

Buckman Frederick, shoe cutter, bds. 184 

Buddinger Charles, tanner, h. 242 3d av. 

Buderbach Martin, grocer, 4th av., n. e. cor. 



Burk Patrick, saloon, bds. 157 S. Market. 
Buike John "V. D., with Barry & Gushing. 
Burke Thomas, lab., h. 202 3d av. 
Burton Anna E., wid. Thomas, bds. 390 On- 
Busch Henry, gardener, h. W. Lake, c. Ann. 
Bushard Edward, teamster, h. 306 Milwaukee 

av. * 

Bushing Hugo, druggist, 5*75 Canal. 
Buschen John, cooper, 96 N. Curtis. 
Busse David, soldier, Fullerton, c. Soiithport. 
Busse John H., bds. 82 N. Clark. 
Buettner Daniel, harness shop, 199 N. Clark, 

h. same. 
Butell Johanna, wid. Daniel, bds. 396 State. 
Butler James T., lab., h. 120 Forquer. 
Butler John, carpenter, h. r. Ill Forquer. 
Butler John, shoemaker, h. nr. cor. Blue I. av. 

and Meagher 
Butler John, (col'd), waiter Sherman House. 
Butler Martha, teacher, 354 W. Randolph, 

bd?. cor. Douglas pi. and Ellis av. 
Butler Walter, lab., h. 422 Clark. 
Butler William W., real estate agt, 201 Lake, 

bds. 57 Michigan av. 
Butler John, lab., h. 240 3d av. 
Butter Michael, h. 238 3d av. 
Butterfield Samuel W., salesman, bds. 167 

4 th av. 

CAHAN Bartholomew, lab., h. 130 W. 
Callahan Mary, dressmaker, bds. 77 Nevins. 
Callahan Thomas, clerk, bds. 133 Ontario. 
Calligan Hugh, lab., h. 130 Michigan. 
Camback C, printer, h. Indiana, cor. Green. 
Camfield Ann, wid., h. 13 Hills. 
Canary Patrick, junk shop, Franklin, s. w. c. 

Card John L., surveyor for L. G. Hall, h. 305 

W. Madison. 
Case George W., (Case & McGrath,) h. 383 

Case Lyman, cabinetmaker, h. 41 4th av. 
Casey Samuel R., (Akers & Casey,) h. Joliet. 
Castelyer J. C, musician, h. 115 Michigan. 
Chamberlain Joel W., h. 189 W. Einzie. 
Chambers Catherine, wid. Charles, h 185 N. 

Chandler Timothy E., clerk, C. A. & St. L. K. 

R., h. 232 Ontario. 
Chandler Gardner C, student, bds. 157 S. 

Chapin A. & R., (Amasa and Rufu.'? .Chapin,) 

who], mnfrs. bootsand shoes, 43 Lake. 
Chapman Foster M., custom feed mill and 

grain dryer, 265 N. Water, h-. cor. Linden 

and Hulburt. 
CHASE & COOLEY, (Hiram M. Chase and 

Ezekial E. Cooley,) lawyers, 102 Wash- 

O'Donoughue, pub., office 51 Clark. 
Childs Henry C, (Sanborn, Childs & Co.) 
Clark James, drayman, Sugar Refinery, h. 346 

Cleland Michael, dravman, h. 329 Indiana. 
Coffey Daniel, (D. C." Hawley & Coffey,) h. 

Quincy, op. reservoir. 
Coghlan John, lab., h. 37 Larrabee. 

Cohn Jacob, (Federlein, Cohn & Co.,) bds. 

MetropoHtan Hotel. 
Colby Davis, baker, bds. 202 Adams. 
Colby Emily J., wid. Jeremiah, bds. 174 Mon- 
Cole Alfred, lab., h. 173 Adams. 
Collins Frederick, gasmeter inspector, h. 332 

Collins George G., barkeeper, bds. Lake 

Cone & O'Brien (Hubbel B. Cone and Michael 

O'Brien,) lumber mers., Clark, s. 14th. 
Considine John, wagonmaker. Blue I. av. cor. 

12th, h. Rucker, cor. Evanb. 
Cooley Ezekiel E., (Chase & Cooley,) bds. 

Treniont Housa. 
Cooney Martin, drayman, G. & C. W. Church, 

h. Sand, bet. Illinois and Indiana. 
Corcoran Richard, lab , 282 N. Franklin. 
Costello John, foreman. Water Works, h. 40 

Cousin Michael, bookbinder, h. 324 Hubbard. 
Craudle Joseph E., com. mer., 132 Dearborn, 

cor. Madison. 
Crane William H., clerk H. Harvey, 52 W. 

CROSBY URANUS H., distiller, 167 S. 

Water, North Branch, cor. Larabee and 

Chicago av. 
Culligan John, clerk, h. 380 Indiana. 
Curry P. B., beef and pork packer and com. 

mer., 246 S. Water, h. 217 Superior. 
Cusick John, lab.,h. 53 Wesson. 
Cutting A. R., h. w. s. State, nr. Adams. 
Davis Theodore T., manufacturers agt., 106 

S. Water, bds. Prescott House. 
Daggett Isaac M., (Daggett & Whiteside,) h. 15 

4th av. 
Daggett & Whiteside (Isaac M. Daggett & 

William H. Whiteside,) com mer., 248 S. 

Deaken Walter, bookstore, 131 Wells, h. 376 

Dean Samuel, military mall route agt., 222 

Dewitt John, cabinetmaker, h. 16 S. Halsted. 
Dieter Phillip (Phillip Dieter & Bro.,) bds. 

DuPage House. 
Dieter Phillip & Bro., (Phillip & Peter,) props. 

DuPage House. 
Dies John, carpenter, cor. Kinzie and Carpen- 
Dolan John, lab., h. 08 Sherman. 
Donlin J. K., carpenter, 76 N. LaSalle. 
Donohne Timothy, painter, h. 153 Dearborn. 
Doolittle L. A., attorney at law, 94 Dearborn. 
Dorsett Folsom, com. mer., h. 84 Adams. 
Dwyer Leo P., painter, h. 316 S. Jefferson. 

ELLIS THOMAS T., physician, rooms 6 
and 8, 114 Dearborn. {_See advt.^ p. 
Ellisen George, (George Ellison & Co.,) h. 
168 W. Washington. 

FISHER Sylvester, lawyer, bds. 90 La 
Floto William, salesman Akers & Casey. 
Fox & Howard, (Harry Fox aud — Howard,) 
contractors, 42 S. Water. 



French George W., circulator, Daily Tribune, 

h. 5 Park row. 
Frey Daniel, lab., h. r. 158 Superior. 

GAGE, Waite & Co., (David A. Gage, 
Charles 0. Waite and John A. Price,) 
proprs. Sherman Ilovse. 

Gerhard August, blacksmith, h. 100 Milwau- 
kee av. 

Gibbs Monroe, clerk Brewer, Gibbs & Co., 
bds. 48 W. Randolph. 

Gibbs Solomon G., (Brewer, Gibbs & Co.,) 
bds. 48 W. Randolph. 

Glenn Mary, wid. ThonidS, confectionery, 408 
State, h. same. 

Goodkind B., h. Jackson, e. Clark. 

Gould Caroline A., physician, 126 W. Madi- 

Great Western Malt House and Brewery, John 
McMahon, prop., cor. Kingsbury and Ill- 

Green P., photographer, 90 Lake, h. 268 X. 

Griswold W. R., physician, 54 W. Randolph. 

HAHLBROCK H. G. H., (J. Wingraves jr. 
& Co.,) h. N. LaSalle, nr. Division. 

Hambrecht & Rohrback, (Michael Hambrecht 
and John Rohrbach), undertakers, 191 
N. Clark. 

Hamilton, Willard M. Fuller and David 
M. Ford,) brass founders and machinists, 
284 Madison. 

HAMPSON JOSEPH, book and job printer, 
Norton blk., 186 S. Water. 

Harris & Bro., (Levi O'Harris and H. H. Har- 
ris,) lumber. Lumber, nr. 18th. 

Harrison A. J., purchasers office, C. & R. I. 
R. R., h. 54 Harmon ct. 

Hart Eli S., (Smith, Hart & Clyde,) bds. Stew- 
art House. 

Haynes John E., salesman, Hempstead, Norton 
& Co., h. Harlem. 

Highland , grocer, bet. Indiana and the 

adjoining al. Information refused. 

HILES C, agt. Branch, Crookes k Co., 216 
Lake. {See advH.. p. %&.) 

Hill, Campbell & Co., com. mers., 181 Kinzie. 

Hoben Daniel, cooper, h. 103 N. Sangamon- 

JAEGER Louis, clerk H. F. Bacr, h. 20 
Harmon ct. 
Jaeger Paul, tailor, e. s. Dearborn, bet. 18th 

and 19th. 
Janson Andrew, carpenter, bds. Michigan 

Lake House. 
Jung Andrew, wagonmakor, Nic. Thein, h. 

Edmund, lawyer, h. 130 Elm. 

KALTENEGGER Anthony, leather and fin- 
dings, 58 Wells, h. 439 N. Clark. 
Katz Daniel, grocer and provision, 18 W. Lake 
Kelly Charles M., law student, Q. M.'s clerk, 

42d 111. Vol. 
Kerschel Augusta, n^illiner, '75 N. Clark. 
Kingwell J. M., prod. com. mer., 197 S. Water, 
h. 154 S. Morgan. 

Kluckhahn Friedrich, (Rev.) pastor G. M. E. 
Church, h. s. s. Clybourn av<, nr. Division 

Kretsinger and Charles Starrett,) whol. 
agricultural implements, cooking and par- 
lor stoves, etc., 19 Y Lake. 

Krueger Fred, tallow chandler, h. 107 Michi- 

LADETZKI Weuzel, porter, h. N. Well3,nr. 

Latremanu Ferdinand, watchmaker, 54^ N. 
° Clark. 

Lane Joseph, (Stevens & Lane,) 

Laparle William B., (Binz & Laparle,) h. 101 

Lawrence W. J., dentist, 92 Lake. 

Leadbeater George H., flour and feed, 253 N. 
Clark, h. same. 

Leonard G. D., (Leonard. Bros. & Co.,) res. 
New York. 

Leonard J. N., (Leonard Bros. & Co.,) res. 
New York. 

Leonard Oliver W., (Leonard Bros. L Co.,) 
res. New York. 

Leonard W. W., (Leonard Bros. & Co.,) res. 
New York. 

LEONARD BROS. & CO., (G. D., J. N., W. 
W., and 0. W. Leonard, and Wellington 
Smith,) dealers in sewing sillv, 90 Lake. 

Limberg August, Chicago Copper Distillery, h. 
329 N. Wells. 

Loewenthal Berthold, (Loewenthal, Rothschild 
& Co.,)h. 91 W. Jackson. 

thold Loewenthal, Leopold Rothschild and 
Philip E. Adler,) mnfrs. of cigars and to- 
bacco, 34 S. Water. 

Lyman G., agt., Chicago Mutual Life Ins. Co., 
office, 128 and 130 Lake, h. Congress, c. 

Lord I. S. P., physician, 89 Clark, Bryan Hall 
entrance, bds. Union Park House. 

McARTHY William, ham canvasser, Duf- 
field & Hilton. 

McArthy & Hennlein, tailor.=!, 110 Madison. 

McCorm'icli & Callender, (Robert A. McCor- 
mick and William R. Callender,) mnfrs. 
agts., 211 and 213 S. Water. 

McDonald Michael, grocer, 407 Clark, h. same. 

McLaury Thomas G., com. mer., 211 and 213 
S. Water. 

McNair James, (James McNair & Co.,) h. 370 
W. Monroe. 

McNair James & Co., (T. Maple and J. E. Ma- 
ple,) pork packers. 155 S. Canal. 


ARSH A. T., with George Uimrod. 

Meiulelson S., .igt., W. Vehon, h. 253 Clark. 
Metz & Brand, (George Metz and Carl Brand,) 

brewers, Wolcott, s e. c. Scott. 
Mills John W., (Brown & Mills.) 
Mitchell Jonathan C, (Turner & Mitchell,) h. 

26 Washington. 
Moore G. A., (F. Warren & G. A. Moore,) 

painting, 126 Clark. 
Morris John T., (II. B. Smith & Co.,)Burnside 

av. bet. 20th and 21st. 



Mosser & Bro., (George & Lewis,) mnfrs. cot- 
ton batting, 87 X. Clark. 

Morrison bk., e. s. Clark, bet. Madison and 

Morrison Ezekiel, real estate, h. 228 W. Har- 

Moaure Adam, wagonmaker, h. 331 3rd av. 

ORTON' John A., bookseller, 14 Metro- 
politan blk., bds. 170 Monroe. 

WEN Marcus S., (Merriman & Owen,) h. 
50 Harrioon. 

PERKINS Norman C, lawyer, 162 Lake, 
room 10. 

QUACKENBOS George, physician, h. Chi- 
cago av. cor. Cass. 

RANSTEAD BUSHROD W., collecting 
agency, Clark cor. Harrison. 
Raymond Block, State, n. w. cor. Madison. 
Reynolds Ben. P., oculist and aurist, 47 Clark 
Reynolds Edward F., transfer clerk, C. & N. 
W. and G. & C. U. R. R., h. 112 S. San- 
Rowlsonira L., cutter, S. F. McCormick, h. 
206 Madison. 

O ALMON Dennis, police, h. n. s. Quincy, nr- 

|t^ Desplaines. 

Schmidt Fred. W., musician, h. 193 Superior. 

Schoeneman Otto, grocer, 212 Milwaukee av. 

Schocht Simon, grocer, 206 Michigan. 

Seib John, grocer, 153 Archer rd. 

Soibert John, physician, 146 Clark, h. same. 

Smith Mary A., wid. David, tailoress, 124 Erie. 

Spillane Dennis, grocer, Jefferson, c. Wilson, 

h. same. 
Stubblefield William R., salesman, Young,Bro. 

& Co., h. 89 Adams. 

VALPEY John W., physician, 94^ Wash- 
Virges John F., machinist, h. 66 N. Rucker. 

"VrrOODSON Willlam, undertaker, 226 

W Washington. 

Wilson J. E., gents furnishing goods, and 

shirt mnfr. 176 Dearborn. 
Wright Johp, potter.y, Racine rd., cor. Asylum 

pi. h. Blackhawk, nr. Clybourn av. 

T70UNG J. Henry, dentist, room 13 Port- 
X land blk. h". 10 Quincy. 

ZARR Leopold, whitewasher, h. White, nr. 




House s. s. Liberty, two doors e. of Union. 

185 N. Water. 
139 N. Market. 

Saloon cor. Union and 12th. 
House n. s Catharine, five doors w. of Jeffer- 
House n. s. Catharine, three doors w. of Jef- 
100 Ohio, tenant occupying first floor. 
79 Carroll. 
85 Carroll. 
216i Sherman. 

208 Sherman, family up stuirs. 
189 Sherman. 

18 Harmon ct., family up stairs. 
562 State. /« -^ 

14 N. Clark, a saloon. 
233 Third av. 

Two story frame house, s. s. Dussold, nr. Jef- 
309 Third av. 

Jefferson, s. w. cor. Polk, two families. 
5th house in alley, s. of 311 S Desplaines.. 
Second brown house w. of Desplaines, on s. s. 

House n. s. O'Brien, second e. of Halsted. 

186 W. Harrison. 

194 Forquer. ft 

204 S. Halsted. 

451 Clark, up stairs. 

House e. s. Franklin, second n. of Tyler. 

House s. s. Sebor, fifth w. Desplaines. 

151 Ewing. 

First house w. end of alley, s. of 287 S. Des- 

39 Foster. 

41 Foster. 

House s. s. of alley, s. 2S7 S. Desplaines, 7th 
house from north end. 

House n. s. alley, s. 287 Desplaines. 

House s. s. alley, s. 287 Desplaines. 

House s. s. alley, s. 287 S. Desplaines, 5th h. 
from east end. 

House 443 S. Jefferson, up stairs. 

House r. n. s. Meagher. 

House n. s. alley, s. 287 S. Desplaines, second 
h., w. of h. with piazza. 

House s. s. alley, s. of 28 S. Desplaines. 

House s. s. Sebor, 3rd h. w. of Desplaines. 

House s. s. DeKoven, nr. Desplaines; front 
and rear. 

House n. s. Sebor, tenth h. n. of Desplaines. 

House s. s. Sebor, third h. w. Desplaine- 

House n. s. Sebor, sixth h. w. Desplaine. 

House s. s. Dekoven, second h. e. Desplanies. 

House 206 W. Polk, 

House 212 W. Polk. 

House s. s. Wright, first h. e. of Haiate^. 

House n. s. Dussold, fourth h. from Union. 

House 312 S. Desplaines. 

House 287 Clark. 

House 136 Griswold. 





FOK^ THE YEA.P£ 1S63. 




AALBUE Ole, gunsmith, G. F. Abbey, h. 

Aarhaus Lewis K., cleri:, Newaygo Co. 

Abalins; Miss Anne, bds. s. s. Goethe, nr. N. 

Abaling Mrs. Mary, h. Goethe, nr. N. Wells. 

Abarla Andrew, h. 288 od av. 

Abbey Frederick F., salesman, 188 Lake, bds. 
251 Wabash av. 

Abbey Georsre T., guns, pistols, eic., 186 Lake, 
h. 251 Wiibash av. 

Abbey Grove N., (Abbey & Co.,) h. Cleveland. 

Abbey Russell, (Abbey &Cq.,) h. 176Wolcott. 

Abbev William M., salesman G. T. Abbey, bds. 
251 Wabash av. 

Abbey & Co., (Grove N. Abbey, Russell Ab- 
bey and J. Dwight Johnson,) stone ware, 
139 & 141 N. Water. 

Abbot Edward, wines and groceries, 186 W. 
Monroe, h. same. 

Abbott Frank, mechanic, Bl2 N. Frankiin,bd3. 
69 Elm. 

Abbot Francis P., machinist, h. W. Indiana, 
cor. Rucker. 

Abbot Patrick, bricklayer, h. 1 Fisher's blk. 

Abbot Thomas L., bookkeeper Barry & Gush- 
ing, bds. 110 Monroe. 

Abbott James E., foreman Walker's Omnibus 
Line, 235 S. De>plaines, h. same. 

Abbott James W., J. W. Abbott & Co., h. 
Roscoe, 111. 

Abbott Lawrence F., studeftt with Dr. Baker, 
8 Methodist Church blk. 

Abbott Orviile S., police, h. 26th, nr. Calu- 
met av. 

Abbott Timothy D., bookkeeper, h. 125 W. 

Abbott William, clerk, h. ISY W.Washington. 

Abbott William H., (J. W. Abbott & Co.,) 
h. Roscoe, HI. 

Abbott J. W. <fe Co., (James W. xVbbott, Wil- 
liam H. Abbott,) com. lucr., 150 J S. Wa- 

Abeel Philip F., lab., h. 314 N. Wells. 

Abel Frank, engineer R. L R. R., h. e. s. Clark 
nr. 18th. 

Aboil R. M. P., boarding, 30 & 32 W. Madison. 

ABELL T. P., d«ntist, 144 Lake, {^ee Card.) 

Abeistine Chrisiian, carriage trinmier, h. W. 
Liberty, bet. Canal and Stewart av. 

Abet Peter, lab., h. r. 215 Blue Island av 

Abiling Christian, boots and shoes, 251 Madi- 

Abington William, musician, h. 325 Wolcott. 

Able Charles, saddler, h. 144 Illinois. 

Abraham T. C. W.,butcher,(Schneider & Abra- 
ham,) h. 125 N. LaSalle. 

Abraham Henry, grocer, 208 Wells, h. same. 

Abraham John, expressman, h. r. 115 Ohio. 

Abraham John, clerk, h. 115 Franklin. 

Abraham Louis, clerk, h. 115 Franklin. 

Abraham Louis, secondhand store, 263 Wells, 
h. same. 

Abraham Peter, sailor, h. 17*7 W. Harrison. 

Abrahamson Daniel, sailor, h. 128 W. Indiana. 

Abrahamson Mrs. Gunhuld, h. 132 Sedgwick. 

Abrahamson Lars, milkman, Noi th av. nr. Mil- 
waukee av. 

Abrahamson Onon, expressman, h. Hubbard 
bet. Union and N. Desplaines. 




Abrams Henry, grocer, 208 Wells, h. same. 
Abrams Isaac, junk dealer, 39 W. Randolph. 
Abramson Claus, lab. , h. w. s. Pine, nr. Divis- 
Academy of Sacred Heart, W. Taylor cor. 

Academy of St. Agatha, Michigan av. bet. 25th 

and 26th. 
Academy of St. Francis Xavier, Wabash av. 

one door of St. Mary's Church. 
Achert Edward E., traveler Beck & Wirth, 95 

S. Water. 
Acker Peter, carpenter, h. N. Halsted, cor. 

Ackerman Charles V., stone cutter, h. 458 S. 

Ackerman Joseph, lab., h. w. s. Larrabee nr. 

Black Hawk. 
Ackerman William K., local treas. I. C. R. R., 

h. Hyde Park. 
AckbofT lienry, beer saloon, h. 206 N. Halsted 

and 91 Milwaukee av. 
Ackley Benjamin F., clerk K W. R. R., bds. 

S. Rucker n. w. cor. Jackson. 
Ackley John, mason, h. School bet. Madison 

and Monroe. 
Ackley Mortimer, lawyer, h. 21Y Rush. 
Ackman — , engineer, bds. 134 N Carpenter. 
Adae Otto M., bookkeeper, Preston, Willard 

& Kean, bds. 110 Michigan av. 
Adam Anna, female physician, 51 N. Clark. 
Adam David, clothing, "h. 128 N. Halsted. 
Adam Philip, cooper, h. 58 Larrabee. 
Adam John, lab., h. North, nr. Clybourn av. 
Adam Ernst, mason, h. N. Halsted, bet. Cen- 
tre and Clay. 
Adam Peter, (Brautigam & Adam,) h. 68 N. 

Adamek Joseph, wagonmaker, h. 18 Ewing. 
Adamfolk John, teacher, h. 120 Townsend. 
Adami Goseph, hats and caps, 131 Clark. 
Adarai Mary, wid. Paoli, saloon, 8 Clark. 
Adams A., jr., printer, h. n. e. cor. Wendell 

and Franklin. 
Adams Abram B., carpenter, b. 453 S. Clin- 
Adams Alexander, moulder, bds 66 W. Madi- 
Adams Ambrose, furniture, 191 Madison, h. 

Adams Andrew, machinist, bds 194 S. Hal- 
Adams Andrew (col'd,) lab., h. 124 Griswold. 
Adams Augustine W., general freight agt. G. 

& C. U. R. R., h. Geneva, Ills. 
Adams Benjamin F., real estate, 83 Lake, h. 

366 Ontario. 
Adams Benjamin, (B. Adams & Co.,) h. 226 

Wabash av. 
Adams C. E., (Hoag, Willits & Co.,) S3 Ran- 
Adams Charles R., (Rev.) h. 803 Wells. 
Adams Charles W., salesman, 45 Lake, bds. 

118 LaSalle. 
Adams Chester, clerk H. W. Adams & Hitch- 

. cock, bds 352 W. Madison. 
Adams Claude J. (J. Leonard & Co.,) bds. 125 

Adams Daniel, drayman, bds. s. s. Mather, nr. 

Adams David, clothing, 249 Randolph, h. 138 

N. Halsted. 
Adams Edward F., attorney and pension agt., 

Custom House pi., h. 149 W. Adams. 
Adams Ely, stonecutter, h. 3*73 Wells. 
Adams Francis, city attorney, 48 Clark. 
Adams Francis T., h. 318 W. Harrison. 
Adams Frank, expressman, h. Pearson, nr. 

the lake. 
Adams Frank G., banker, 44 Clark, h. 3 Park 

Adams G. P., (Adams & Bro.,) h. 262 Wabash 

Adams George, butcher, h. cor. Division and 

Adams George, drover, bds. Wabash av. bet. 

24th and 25th. 
Adams George W., bookkeeper B. Adams & 

Co., bds. 226 Wabash av. 
Adams George W., bookkeeper Stearns & 

Co., bds. Briggs House. 
Adams George W., butcher, h. 139 Chicago 

Adams Gottfried, cooper, Illinois, nr. Jf. Mar- 
ket, h. 165 Ohio. 
Adams Henry D., foreman Evening Jou7'7icd, 

h. 14 State. 
Adams Henry W. (H. W. Adams & Hitch- 
cock,) h. 352 W. Madison. 
Adams House, Pearce & Benjamin proprietors, 

Lake, cor. Michigan av. 
Adams Hugh, (C. H. McCormick & Co.,) h. 

126 Pine. 
Adams Isaac 0., bookkeeper Jones, Perdue & 

Small, h. 23 S. Clinton. 
Adams Isaac R., clerk general freight of I. C. 

R. R., bds. 23 S. Clinton. 
Adams Imhof, shoemaker, Clark, nr. Madison, 

h. 348 S. Wells. 
Adams J. C, clerk, 35 Clark, h. 183 W. Mon- 
Adams J. McGregor, (Jesup, Kennedy & Co.,) 

bds. Sherman House. 
Adams J. Newton, salesman Culver & Co., 

bds. 320 Fulton. 
Adams .James E., clerk, bds. 191 Madison. 
Adams James H., machinist, h. 101 Prairie. 
Adams James H., salesman, h. 291 Fulton. 
Adams James H., (Burton & Adams,) h. 320 

ADAMS JAMES S., bookkeeper Chicago Post, 

h. e. s. Green Bay rd. nr. Asylum. 
Adams James W., h. 178 Indiana. 
Adams John, h. 174 W. Madison. 
Adams John, watchmaker, bds. Archer road. 
Adams John, drayman, h. 202 Ewing. 
Adams John, engineer, h. 136 N. Jefferson. 
Adams John, cattle broker, h. e. s. State bet. 

22d and 23d. 
Adams John Q., (B. Adams & Co.,) h. e. s. 

Michigan av. bet. 15th and 16th. 
Adams Joseph, lab. M. C. R. R. h. 13 Polk. 
Adams Maria Mrs., wid. Geo. W., h. 178 Indi- 
Adams Mary E., bds. cor. Fulton and Curtis 
Adams Mary G., wid. James, bds. 114 Green. 
Adams Mathias, shoemkr, w. s. N. Wells nr. 

Adams Michael stone cutter, h. W. Polk lir. [ 






Adams Michael, tailor, h. 248 State. 

Adams Michael, with Walker k Atkinson, h. 
Mav, nr. Polk. 

Adams Mills, 18 N. Water. 

Adams Orrin, h. 67 3rd av. 

Adams Peter, boilermKr, b. e. s, Sedgwick, n. 

Adams Mrs. S., wid. George, dressmkr, 122 
N. Clark, h. same. 

Adams Samuel, lab. h. 170 S. Halsted. 

Adam? Samuel G., (Adams & Coleman,) h. 293 
W. Randolph. 

Adams Samuel W., h. 330 W. Lake. 

Adams Silas W., baggage, master, h. 138 W. 

Adams Sarah M., millinery, 106 Milwaukee av. 

Adams T. L. Mrs., h. 124 Sherman. 

Adams Thomas, lab. h. 297 Halsted. 

Adams Thomas, bds. Briggs House. 

Adams Thomas W., sailor, h. 70 N". Franklin. 

Adams Walter, lake capt., h. 176 W. Madison. 

Adams William, carpenter, 91 Elm, h. same. 

Adams William H., (Osborn, Adams & Co.,) 
h. 454: Wabash av. 

Adams William H., salesman, W. B. Keen, h. 
714 Wabash av. 

Adams B. & Co., (Benjamin Adams and John 
Q. Adams,) millers and dealers in flour, 
grain, etc., 180 N. Water. 

Adams and Charles Hitchcock,) nmfrs, 
whol. agts., 65 S. Water. 

ADAMS & COLEMAX, (Samuel G. Adams & 
Georo-e C. Coleman,) prod, and com. mer., 
room 8 and lO Board Trade bldg. 

Adamski Andrew, saloon, 361 Clark, h. same. 

Adanison Adam, blksmlth, h. Cass, cor. Hins- 

Adamson Thomas, blksmith, h. Third, bet. May 
and Rucker, 

Adamson Torkel, lab,, h. Hubbard, near Mil- 
waukee av. 

Adcock Edward, city police, h. 225 W. Polk. 

Adcock Harriet, millinery, 225 W. Polk, h. 

Addison John, machinist, h. s. e. c. Fulton 
and Peoria. 

Addison Mahlon, butcher, h 247 N. Clark. 

Addison Robert S., physician, 169 Milwaukee 
av., h. same. 

Addison Mrs. Sarah, wid, John, bds. s. w. cor. 
Peoria and Fulton. 

Addy Edward, harness mkr., bds. Union Park 

Aechen John, sailor, h. n. w. cor. Chicago av, 
and Reuben, 

Adelmann Michael, lab. h. N. Front nr. Third. 

Adix 0. Hermann, frescoe painter, 1S9 Ran- 
dolph, h. w. s. N. Wells nr. Loewe. 

Adiam Robert K, police, h. 173 W. Polk. 

Adlard Thomas, grainer and marbler, 213 W. 
Randolph, h. 272 and 274 W. Madison. 

Adler Elias, cigars & tobfieco whol., 32 S. 
Water, b. 150 3d av. 

Adler Leopold, porter, American & Smith. 

Adloft' John, glue factory, bds. s. e. cor. Ben- 
ton and Lancaster. 

Adloff Chest, lab. Seipp & Lehmann. 

ADRL^TIC FIRE INS. CO., of K Y., Miller 
k Willmarth, agts. 150 S. Water {see advt. 

Adsit James M., banker, 39 Clark, h. 422 Wa- 
bash av. 

Adsit L. D.. teller, Adsit's Bank, bds 422 Wa- 
bash av. 

Adzel Christina, wid. Abner, h. r. 106 N. 

Aegamonn Christopher, cooper, h. s. s. Archer 
rd. nr. Green. 

Aerger Nazar, lab., h. w. s. Burling nr. North 

CO. of Hartford, Conn., Hubbard & Hunc 
agts., 1 Loomis bldg. 

Conn., Dr. T. B. Lacey agt., 1 Loomis bldg. 

Aetzig Bernhard, lab. h. s. s. Black Hawk, nr. 

Aff John, blacksmith h. s. s. Goethe and 
e. Sedgwick, 

Affeld Carl, constable, h. n. s. Johnson, nr. Cor- 

Affleck Jerry, lab. C. H. McCormiek & Bros. 

Agar Thomas, elk. E. A. Mears 

Ager Patrick, lab., h. 11 White. 

Aghurst William, elk., h. 43 Green Bay. 

Agnew Alexander, blacksmith, h. 4th, bet. 
. Clark and State. 

Agnew Francis, fireman Eng. Liberty, h. 223 
N. Wells. 

Agnew John, fireman, h. s. s. 17th 1 et. Ar- 
nold and La Salle. 

Agnew Thomas H., carpenter, h. 18 Gurley. 

Agnue John, sah-sman, W. M. Ross & Co., 
bds. Madison cor. Market. 

Agostino Sciutti, saloon. Canal cor. Polk. 

Ahern Daniel, elk. N. W. R. R., h. 164 N. 

Ahern George E., bookbinder, Munson Skin- 
ner & Co., bds 90 Van Buren. 

Ahern John, photographer, 14 Milwaukee av. 

Ahern John F., (Sullivan & Ahern,) h. 12th 
cor. Rucker. 

Ahern Owen, g;u-dener, h. Meridian, bet. L^nioa 
and Desplaines. 

A'Herron James, elk., George Turner & Co., 
bd^. 489 Clark. 

Ahles William, proprietor Fortuna Hotel, 41 
Michigan av. 

Ahrens George, cabinet maker, 129 N. Clark, 
h. same. 

Ahrends John, lab., h. w. s. Larrabee, nr. 

Ahrens Christopher, lab., h. n. s. Liberty, nr. 

AHRENS GEORGE, salesman, Reinbold & 

Ahrens Henry, merchant tailor, 32 W. Lake, 

Ahrens Joachim, lab., alley bet. Twomey and 

Ahrens Wilhelm, lab., h. n. s. Mohawk, bet. 
Black Hawk and Clybourn av. 

Ahrensfeld Bernhard, elk., bds. 87 S. Jefiferson 

Ahrensfeld Henry, lab., h. w. s. N. Welis nr. 

Ahrndt tailor, h. w. s. N. Clark nr. 


Aichingcr C. shoemaker, h. 355 Chicago av. 

Aiken Edmund, (Aiken & Norton,) and (Davis, 
Pope & Co.,) h. 233 Wabash av. 





Aiken Edward H., h. 129 S. Sangamon. 
Aiken James E., (Harmon, Aiken & Gale,) h. 

331 Wabash av, 
Aiken John J., elk., Strjker & Co., bds. 172 

Aiken & Norton, (Edmund Aiken,) bankers, 

1 Board of Trade blk. 
Ailer Henry, plasterer, h. w. s. Mohawk, nr. 

Clybourn av. 
Aill John, tinner, Peter Giendorf, bds. 473 

Air "Wm. E., capt. U. S. A., h. 281 Huron. 
Aird Jane, wid. Andrew, h, Rucker, bet. 

Polk and Harrison. 
Airy Michael, lab., h. W. Harrison, bet. San- 
gamon and Morgan 
Aistille Antony, lab., s. s. 2l3t, bet. Arnold 

and Butterfield. 
Aitchison Robert, machinist, h. n. s Division, 

6. N. Wells. 
Aitchison William jr., com. mer., 1.52 S. Wa- 
ter, and pork packer. Grove and Stewart 

av. bds. 849 Wabash av. 
Aitkin William S., bootmaker, 138it W. Lake. 
AKASS EDWARD H., upholsterer, 209 

Washington, h. same. 
Akerly George B., elk., h. 262 Clark. 
Akerly Richard C, (Potter & Akerly,) and 

fancy store, 214 Lake, h. same. 
Akerly Thorn M., bookkeeper, h. 135 N. Wells. 
Akerman Charles, stonecutter, Wolf & Spro- 

Akers Charles, painter, bds. 223 Indiana 
Akers William B., com. mer., room 6, 209 S. 

Water, h. 73 Pine. 
Akerstrom Elizabeth, h. n. s. Park ave. w. 

Akeistrom John J.,lab. h. Pleasant, nr. Vedder. 
Akhurst Henry, ship carpenter, h. cor. 18th 

and Wabash ave. 
Akhurst James H., (Akhurst & Douglass,) h. 

Wabash ave. nr. Ringold pi. . 
Akhurst N., lab., h. White, nr. Green Bay. 
Akhurst & Douglas, (James H. Akhurst, Joseph 

Douglas,) ship and boat yard, S. Branch 

nr. Twelfth. 
Akin Abiel, (Abiel Akin & Co.,) h. 55 Pine. 
Akin Andrew, (Ward, Stanford & Akin,) h. 

53 N. Halsted. 
Akin Eugene L., principal school No. 12, bds. 

53 N. Halsted. 
Akin Thomas, bookkeeper, Abiel Akin &; Co., 

bds 53 Pine. 
Akin William, clerk. Union Elevator, Ft. 

Wayne Depot giounds. 
Akin Abiel & Co., (Abiel Akin and Joseph H. 

Hyrlbut,) com. mer., 180 S. Water. 
Alaer Joseph, bds. Michigan ave. cor. 21th. 
Alandf'r Johann, lab., h. a. s. Rumsey, nr. 

Alband 0., (C. Moeller & Co.,) h. 227 N. Wells; 
N. Y. Holmes & Bro. agts. 4 Dole's bldg. 
ALB.\UGn WILLIAM, dentist, 54 W. Ran- 
dolph, h. same. 
Albe F. R., cooper, C. S. S. Refinery. 
Albce Benjamin F., (Albee & Sweeger,) cor. 

18th and State. 
Albee Cyrus P., butcher, 76 State, h. Cottage 
Grove ave. nr. 26th st. 

Albee & Sweeger, (Benjamin F. Albee and 

Aaron Sweeger,) grocers. State cor. 18th. 
Alberg Henry, shoemkr, Stewart ave. cor. 

Mitchell, h. same. 
Albert Edward, butcher, s. s. Clybourn av., 

nr. Larrabee, h. same. 
Albert Frederick, carpenter, bds. 142 Clinton. 
Albert Frederick, lab., M. S. & N. I. R. R. 
Albert Frederick, lab., h. w. s. Clark, bet. ItJth 

and 17th. 
Albert John, blacksmith, h. 161 N. Jefferson. 
Albert Michael, shoemkr, n. s. Clark, bet. IGth 

and 17th, h. same. 
Albert Peter, lab. M. S. & N. I. R. R. 
Alberts Edward, student, bds. 325 Wolcott. 
Albertson A. R., broommkr, h. 353 N. Market. 
Albertson George, clerk, h. 340 Wolcott. 
Albertz Frederick, carriagemkr, h. 219 N. 

Albertz Henry, carriage trimmer, h. 2l9 N 

Albion Malt House, J. S. Saberton prop., s. s. 

Church, c. Wolcott. 
Alborn L., clerk, S. H. Kerfoot & Co., h. n. s. 

Goethe, w. N. Wells. 
Albrand Julius, com. mer., h. 227 N. Wells. 
Albrecht Fritz, machinist, h. Elston rd. nr. 

North, av. 
Albrecht Jacob, carpenter, h. s. s. Willow, nr. 

Albred George, blacksmith, h. Milwaukee av. 

nr. Henshaw. 
Albright Washington, lab., h. al. bet. White 

and Whitney. 
Albro Emilius S., com. mer., h. SB Huron. 
Alcock John, butcher, h. 237 S. Canal. 
Alcock Hiram, student, St. Mary's University. 
Alden Ann E., teacher, Foster School, bds. 

311 W. Monroe. 
Alden Gustava, wid. Heinrich, h. 140 Ohio. 
Alderman Wells, carpenter, h. Sherman, n. e. 

c. Van Buren. 
Aldrich Alfred S., bookkeeper Morris, Cloves 

& Co., bds. 268 Huron. 
Aldrich Benjamin F., (George W. King & 

Co.,) h. 137 S. Sangamon. 
Aldrich Edwin D., shoemkr, h; e s. Sedwick, 

nr Schiller. 
Aldrich George H., clerk, h. s. s. Fulton, 2 

doors c. Peck. 
Aldrich James, saloon, 3 W. Randolph. 
Aldrich James C, shoemkr, h. e. s. Sedgwick 

n. Schiller. 
Aldrich W. Howard, clerk George C. Cook 

& Co., bds. 37 S. Sangamon. 
Aldrich Warren, machinist and wood turner, 

118 Franklin, h. Lowell, Mass. 
Aldrich William, salesman, 14 State, h. 137 S. - 

Aldwortii Dottz, bookbinder, bds. 181 Michi- 
gan St. 
Aleckner David, milJer, h. cor. Menomonee and 

Alexander A. E., clerk, 16 Lake. 
Alexander A. Naudin, clerk Hubbard & Hunt, 

bds. 348 W. Monroe. 
Alexander Alexis,, (Rev.,) pastor Sons of 

Peace Church, (Jewish,) h. 147 Wells. 
Alexander Alexis J., ragdealer, h. e. a. Chica- 
go av. nr. the river. 





Alexander Alfred, waiter, 200 Jackson. 

Alexander Alouzo E., druggist, h. 70 X. 

Alexander David, ins. agt. h. 469 W. Lake. 

Alexander Elijih S., (E. S. Alexander & Co.) 
bds. 45 Michigan av. 

Alexander Edward, clerk, P. 0. 

Alexander Euj;ene, furniture, nr. cor. W. 
Washington and Canal, bds. 151 Indiana. 

Alexander Evadine, wid. William, b. 256 

Alexander George G., butcher, h. S36 State. 

Alexander George M., (col'd) porter, h. 9 ord 

Alexander Henry, h. 226 Halsted. 

ALEXANDER HUGH, auction and commis- 
sion, 109 Dearborn, h. 349 W. Monroe. 

Alexander Joseph G., butcher, h. 330 State. 

Alexander Mary, wid. James, (col'd,) 206 Jack- 

Alexander Robert, assistant keeper bridewell, 
h. nr. cor. Polk and Canal. 

Alexander Robert G., ins. agt. h. 479 W. Lake. 

Alexander Samuel, clothing, 195 Randolph. 

Alexander Samuel, toys, 380 State. 

.Alexander William, (col'd,} trucks and drays, 
212 4th av. h. same. 

ALEXANDER E. 3. k. CO., (Eljah S. Alexan- 
der and Hiram Grant,) mnfrs Grant's pat- 
ent roofing cement. 28 McCormick's bldg. 

Alfers Louis, lab. Chicago, Hide and Leather 
Co., bds. 473 S. Wells. 

Alford John H., asst. accountant C. & X. W. 
R. Co., bds. 288 State. 

Alfred Hiram F., bookkeeper Silas Pratt, bds. 
299 S. Halsted. 

Alfred John B., clerk, bds. 288 State. 

Alftrent Henry N., lab., h. 196 N. Dearborn. 

Alheim Louis, saloon, 19 W. Polk h. same. 

Alitisz Edward, clerk, h. 49 Franklin. 

Allaby John, lab., h. 227 Monroe. 

.Allaire Basalique, salesman, F. Binz. 

Allan Joseph, carpenter, h. 123 3rd av. 

Alleroft Judci, student, St. Mary's University, 

Allkins Henry, sailor, b. n. s. alley s. of 287 S. 

Alleman Jacob, machinist, bds. 255 Madison. 

Allen Albert H., printer, h. 131 Milwaukee. 

Allen Alfred, fireman L C. R. R., h. 331 State. 

Allen Alfred P.,, bds. 195 Huron. 

Allen Alonzo F., sailor, h. S. Jefferson, n. w. 

Allen Alonzo F., sawyer, h. e. s. Dearborn, bet. 
18 h and 19th. 

ALLEX C. H., Gen. Supt. Chicago & Alton S. 

R., bds. Clifion House. 
Allen Ch.irles, tallow chandler, bds. Michigan 
nr. Wells. 

Allen Charles E,, bakery agent, 109 S. Clin- 

Allen Clay, (coFd) h. 119 Jackson. 

Allen David, drayman, h. r. 417 S. Canal. 

Allen Denis, mechanic, h.*322 Hubbard. 

Allen E. J. 80 Washington. 

Allen Frederick, seanan, h. 331 State. 

Allen Frederick H., cashier fr't dep't G. k C. 

U. K. R., room Ewing blk. ' 
Allen George M., (J. C. Riddle & Co.) bds. 

Clifion House. 
Allen George X., carpenter, h. 201 W. Lake. 

Allen George W., grocer, 276 W. Madison. 
Allen H. J., student, St. Mary's University, 

bds. same. 
Allen Henry E., baker, h. 109 S. Clinton. 
Allen HobartT., shp. elk.. Day, Allen & Co. 
Allen J. Adams, physician, 7 Larmon blk., h. 

467 Michigan av. 
Allen J. H,, shp. elk., 16 Lake. 
Allen James, soldier, h 284 S. Clinton. 
Allen James S., second hand furniture, 187 

Madison h. same. 
Allen James T., h. 56 4th av. 
Allen John, carpenter, h. 356 W. Van Buren. 
Allen John, druggist, h. 123 3rd av. 
Allen John, lab., h. School, bet. Madison and 

Allen John A., clerk P. Palmer & Co. bds. 15 

Allen Joseph, bootmaker, h. 31 Kinzie. 
Allen Lizzie, wid. John, h. 56 Peck ct. 
Allen Margaret, wid. Francis, doctress, h. 208 

W. Madison. 
Allen Michael, lab. h. 329 S. Des Plaines. 
Allen Mrs., wid. boarding, 119 Dearborn. 
Allen Xathan, lawyer, W. Randolph cor. Clin- 
ton, h. Xorthav. 8. e. c. Milwaukee av. 
Allen Xathaniel, h. W. Tyler, bet. S. Morgan 

and Rucker. 
Allen Omer H., w. s. Milwaukee av. nr. Xorth, 
Allen Ransom, bookkeeper Sanborn & Singer. 

h. 135 Michigan. 
Allen Robert, cabinet maker, h. 5Iay nr. Tay- 
Allen Samuel E. H., salesman Foster & Har- 

denburgh, h. W. Quincy, nr. Desplaines. 
Allen Samuel F., foreman R. I. R. R. Machine 

Shop, h. cor. 3d av. and 12th. 
Ahen T. H., clerk ia Ft. Office Galena R. R., 

bds 263 Ohio. 
Allen Thomas, carpenter, h. s. s. Sebor, nr 

Allen Thomas, real estate broker, b. 3G4 On- 
ALLEN V. R., stencil cutter, room 13 Board 

Trade bldg., h. w. s. Lincoln, nr. Madison. 
Allen William, painter, h. 123 3d av. 
Allen William, painter, h. 40 Kinzie. 
Allen William, lab., h. n. s. 25th, bet. Douglas 

and Calumet av. 
Allen William S., student, h. 136 S. Sangamon 
Allen William T., (Day, Allen & Co.,) h. 368 

Wabash a v. 
Allen William T., h. 136 S. Sangamon. 
Aller John, broom mkr., bds. cor. 4th and 

Allert John, lab., h. 197 Adams. 
Allertoji Samuel W., (Allcrton & Hurd) h. 596 

Wabash a v. 
Allerton William, lab., h. alley bet. White 

and Whitney. 
Alles Frank, h. n. s. Division, w. X. Clark. 
Alliance House, John Kellv, prop., 

Madison, op. P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. Depot. 
Alltce Amos, cooper, h. 113 Ontario. 
Ailing Albert, Barnum & Richardson, h. 44 

Ailing John, (Buchanan, Ailing & Co.,) bds. 

Tremont House. 
Ailing William, carpenter, bds. 30 and 32 W. 





Ailing William J.,, millwright, h. 78 S. Hal- 

Allipoi-t Elisha, sale.«man P. Schuttler. 
Allie Adolph, cooper, h. 2'.»1 Fulton. 
AUie David, cooper, h. 297 W. Madison. 
Allis John E., lab., h. 179 W. Polk. 
Allis John P., restaurant, M. S. Depot,^ h. 72 

Allison George, lab., h. Jefferson cor. W. Max- 
Allison James, lab.^ h. Thorn nr. Green Bay. 
Allison William S., h. n. s. 2:4tli nr. Calumet. 
Allmendinger John> bEickmason, h. 103 N. 

Allmendinger John, lab., h. 289 8rd av. 
Allmendinger Marie, wid.^ h. 98 Green Bay v.d. 
Allmendinger Peter, conductor X. S. H. E. E., 

h. 98 Green Bay rd. 
Allmendinger Tobias, policeman, h. 295 Wol- 

Allport Walter W., dentist, 32 Washington'. 
Almini Peter M., (Jevue & Ahnini,) bds. Tre- 

mont House. 
Almond Louis, wagon maker, h. George cor. 

Alms Charles, white washer,, bds. 07 Sherman. 
Alphonso Alfred, phys'ician, 351 Wells, h. 

Alpiner Morris, cigar nikr., h. 83 W. Randolph. 
Alsberge Charles, tailor, h. al. between Huron 

and Superior, nr. iJ'evins. 
Alschuler Samuel, photographer, 86 Randolph, 

h. same. 
Alston John, (Thomson & Alston,) h. 143 N. 

Alt Frank, painter, h. Hubbard, bet. E-oyne 

and Robey. 
Alt Jacob, tailor, h. Union, n. w. cor. Du.ssord. 
Alt John, mason, h. 23 N. Halsted. 
Althammer Jacob, clerk, 135 Randolph, h. 117 

Alther Gustavus, miller, h. Hastings, bet. Blue 

Island av. and Throop. 
Altran Henry F., lab., h. 196 Is. Dearborn. 
ALVORD TOMKIXS C, constable, 48 Clark, 

h. 276 State. 
Amb Henry, shoemaker, h. 205 Adams. 
Amberg Charles, lumber in=p., h. 57 Third. 
Amberg John, express, bds. 95 W. Monroe. 
Ambers John, whitewasher, h. 196 Wells. 
Ambler A. I., Ambler's R. R. Brakes, bds. 

Button's Hotel. 
Ambler Joseph, moulder, h. 335 W. Randolph. 
Ambrose A. R., bookkeeper Pendleton & Co., 

h. 8 Prairie. 
Ambrose Adam, blacksmith,, h. 243 N. Wells. 
Ambrose Charles K., carpenter,, h. School,, 

nr. cor. S. Jefferson. 
Ambrose G. H., bookkeeper Mears & Co., h. 

306 Ohio. 
Ambrose John, lab., h. 245 Superior. 
Ambrose John, cook, h. 196 Wells. 
Ambrose William, {Ambiose& Jackson,) h. 91 

Ambrose & Jackson, (William Ambrose and 

Andrew Jackson,) restaurant, 91 Clark. 
Amhs Emile, salesman Basset & Hammond, 

bds. 119 Franklin. 
Amburg Adam, h. 95 W. Monroe. 
Amburg John, lab., C. H. McCormick k Bro. 

Amdord Fritz, brick burner, h. e. s. Union, nr.. 

American Baptist Missionary Union, 51 La. 


Dearborn, James C. Fargo, Sup't. 
Anxerican Journal, materia medica, 136 Clark., 
American Mills. A. H. Blackball, 175 Michigan. 
American O.-^car L., (American & Smith,) h. 213. 

3d av. 
American Sunday School Union, Chicago dep.. 

153 and 155 Lake. 
American Tract Society, Boston, 51 Lasalle.. 
American Tract Societv, 170 Clark. 
AMERICAN TRANSIT CO., office. 111. Central 

R. R. Dock, Sanford & Hall, ag'ts, office,. 

7 Dole's bldg. 
Amcrman & Smith, (Oscar L. American and 

Mrs. Jetta Smith) dry goods, 60 Lake andr 

62 Wo. Randolph. 
American George K., surgeon and physician, 

14 Methodist Church block, h. u. w. cor. 

Michigui av. and 25th. 
Ames John H., teamster, h. 178 AV. Lake. 
Ames M. C, Journal office, h. s. s. 26th, bet.. 

Prairie and Calumet av. 
Ames Washington, m.achini&t, bds. 66 Madison.. 
Amesbury Edward, cooper, h. 69 Third. 
Aiiie^bur? Edward N., elk., 98 State, with G. 

B. Suniocr & Co., bds. 262 S. Jefferson. 
Amiek Pleasant, sutler, h. 206 W. Randolph. 
Ammann Libia, piano tuner, h. n. s. North 

av., nr. Orchard. 
Aranierich Michael, cooper, h. v>'. s. Sedgwick,, 

nr. North av. 
Ammann Michael, tailor, bds. 93 S. Canal. 
Anmion Thomas, lab. Busch & Brand. 
Ammon Thomas Peter, painter, bds. Hickory^ 

nr. the lake. 
Ammondson John, printer, h. 51 3d. 
Ammundsen Ar^ne, lab., h. w. s. Johnson, nr. 

Chicago av. 
Ammundsen John, painter, h. 51 3d. 
Aricel Albert, butcher, 45 Wells. 
Ancweiler William, lab., h. 409 N. Dearborn. 
Anderman Frederick, clerii, bds. Lake St.. 

Andernan Frederick, porter, 149 S. Water. 
Anders Caleb, clerk, h. White, 11 Fisher's blk. 
Andersen Berrent, ship carpenter, h. 65 4th. 
Andersen Sebastian, (.Juergens & Andersen,) h.. 

Division, s. w. cor. Cornelia. 
Andersen Torje, tailor, h. 204 N. Green. 
Anderson Abraham C., boots and shoes, 5. 

Milwaukee av., h. 171 N. Desplaines. 
Anderson Adam, engineer, C. H. McCormick 

& Bro. 
Anderson Alexander, (col'd,) driver, h. liii^ 

Anderson Andreas, basket maker, 127 N. 

Anderson Andreas, lab , h. w. s. Pleasant nr. 

Anderson Andrew, lab., h. 45 Milwaukee av. 
Anderson Andrew, tailor, h. 162 N. Franklin. j 
Anderson Andrew, lab., h. r. 169 N. Desplaines. 
Anderson Andrew B., sailor, h. Kinzie, e. of 

Anderson Augustus, clerk, bds. 206 W. Roej- 






Anderson B., blacksmith, G. Wetterlund, 145 

Anderson Borent, cooper, h. e. s. Vine, near 

North av. 
Anderson Charles, tailor, h. Illinois, w. N. 

Anderson Charles, with C. H. McCormick & 

Anderson Charles M., (Foster & Anderson) 

bds. 143 W. Adams. 
Anderson Charles S., cooper, h. 60 Prairie st. 
Anderson Charles W., basket maker, h. 98 

Anderson Christian, carpenter, h. Miller, nr. 

Anderson Christian, ph^'sician, 151 N. Clark. 
Anderson Christian, sailor, h. ].30 N. Jefferson. 
Anderson David, boiler maker, Devine Bros. 
Anderson Edward, tailor, h. 48 N. Dearborn. 
Anderson Elef, tailor, h. 142 N. Desplaines. 
Anderson Francis R., clerk, h. 60 S Desplaines. 
Anderson George, U. S. assistant assessor, 1st 

district, office 167 State, h. 843 State. 
Anderson George, drayman, h. W. Taylor; nr. 

Anderson George, liquor store, 464 State, b. 

Anderson Grace, wid. Charles, h. 4*7 Congress. 
Anderson George H., way bill clerk, Am. Ex. 

Co. h. 130'4th av. 
Anderson George W., student, St. Mary's Uni- 

versit_r, bds. same. 
Anderson Gideon, (Edwards & Anderson,) 

rooms Rice's bidg. 
Anderson H., master mech., K W. R. R. h. 

124 Union. 
Anderson Henry, sailor, h. 45 Milwaukee av. 
Anderson House, Dariu? F. Emerson, proprie- 
tor, W. Randolph cor. Canal. 
Anderson Isaac, h. cor. Cottage Grove and 

Indiana av. 
Anderson Jacob, sailmkr, Purington & Scran- 
Anderson James, blacksmith, bds. 201 Van 

Anderson James, sailor, bds. 117 N. Market. 
Anderson James, wagonmkr, h. 309 W. Lake. 
Anderson Joel, sailor, h. 2 Chip. 
Anderson Jonathan R., lawyer, h. 143 W. 

Anderson John, carpenter, h. 453 S. Clinton. 
Anderson John, printer, h. 237 Superior. 
Anderson John, woodturner, h. cor. Chicago 

av. and Kingsbury. 
Anderson John, iron melter, h. Ann, bet. Ful- 
ton and Prairie. 
Anderson John, sailor, h. 2 Fourth. 
Anderj^on John, teamster, h. 201 Van Buren. 
Anderson John, (Roberg & Anderson,) bds. 71 

W. Kinzie. 
Anderson John, with C. H. McCormick & 

Anderson John H., -wagonmkr, h. 307 W. 

Anderson John A., shoemkr, nr. Desplaines 

and Milwaukee av. bds 171 Desplaines. 
Anderson John C, mason, cor. Carpenter and 

Anderson John S., wagonmkr, h. 221 Jack- 

AndersonJoseph, lab., first L. e. Chicago av. nr 
the river. 

Anderson Mrs. Laura, h. 226 N. Clark. 

Anderson Mrs. Mary, h. 158 Sangamon. 

Anderson Martin, carpenter, h. u. w. cor. 
Johnson and Chicago av. 

Anderson N. William, tinner, h. 60 N. Union. 

Anderson Niels, lab., h. 57 3d. 

Anderson Ole, chairmkr., h. 35 W. Indiana. 

Anderson Otto H., clerk Jones, Perdue & 
Small, h. 95 Indiana. 

Anderson Phillip W., confectioner, h. 125 S. 

Anderson, Pierre J., feed store, 208 "W. Ran- 

Anderson Rasmas, shoemkr., h. 125 N. Mar- 

Anderson Reason, (col'd.,) whitewasher, h. 48 
Green Bay. 

Anderson Robert, salesman, J. B. Shay. 

Anderson Robert, tug capt., bds Eagle Hotel. 

Anderson Robert, lab., h. cor. 17th and But- 

Anderson Sarah, test medium, 154 Munroe, b. 

Anderson S., lab., h, 232 N. Wells. 

Anderson Sivert, shoemkr., nr. Desplaines and 
Milwaukee av., bds. cor. Hubbard and 

Anderson Thomas, sailor, h. 4th, bet. N. Des- 
plaines and Union. 

Anderson Thomas W., shipping clerk, J. W. 
Doane & Co., h. 47 Congress. 

Anderson William, fireman, bds. 37 Blue Is- 
land av. 

Anderson William S., tinsmith, 70 Blue Island 
av. h. same. 

Anderssohn John C, cabinet mkr., 212 Erie 
h. same. 

Andheim Christian, jeweler, 188 N. Clark. 

Andreas Charles, mason, bds 427 State. 

Andrere Frederick H., clerk, bds. 103 Kinzie. 

Andres Samuel, lab., M. Schmutz' Slaughter 

Andress Samuel, cooper, h. Clybourn av. nr. 

Andrew Just, shoemkr., h. North av. near 

Andrew Wm. H., moulder, Barnum & Rich- 

Andrews Augustus A., (Buck & Andrews,) h. 
cor. S. Canal and W. Madison. 

Andrews Aaron, second-hand clothing, 166 
Wells and 71 N. Clark. 

Andrews Charles W., com. mer., 13 Pomero 
bldg. h. 219 N. LaSalle. 

Andrews Chester, librarian of law institute, 
bds. s. s. Warren s. e. cor. Wood. 

Andrews Daniel, tailor, h. n. s. Starr, e. Se 

Andrews Ebenezer, (Andrews & Otis), h. f 8 
Wabash av. 

Andrews Ebin, coal, bds 434 W. Adams. 

Andrews Edraond, physician, 101 Washing- 
ton, h. 14 Adams. 

Andrews' European Hotel, s. w. cor. Lake, 
Thomns Andrews, proprietor. 

Andrews Furman L., salesman, E. Richardson 
h. n. s. Walnut bet. Reuben and Paulina-. 

Andrews Geo. P., mason, h. 85 Aberdeen; . 



HALPIN & bailey's 


Andrews George W., engineer, h. Cottage 

Grove av. bet. 24th and 25th. 
Andrews George, sailniaker, h. 91 Market. 
Andrews J. A. elk., bd?. 95 Aberdeen. 
Andrews Jacob, phisterer, h. 149 Griswold. 
Andrews John, lab., h. Polk nr. Halstead. 
Andrews John A., miller, bds. 95 Aberdeen. 
Andrews Joseph N., agt., h. 140 S. Clinton. 
Andrews L. D., painter, h. 18 Pearson. 
Andrews L. S., printer, bds. 352 Clark. 
Andrews Lawrence, student St. Mary's Uni- 
versity, bds. same. 
Andrews Lion, salesman, h. 172 Wells. 
Andrews Lyman B., (Andrews & Pa Delford,) 

bds., Union House 
Andrews Meroa, bds. n. s. "Walnut, bet. Pau- 
lina and Reuben. 
Andrews Michael, lab., h. e. s. Main bet. Arch- 
er rd. and Ridgley pi. 
Andrews Richard, foreman sailmaker, Puring- 

ton & Scranton. 
Andrews Robert, engineer, 4th av.h. nr. 12th. 
Andrews Lawrence, miller, bds 95 Aberdeen. 
Andrews Samuel, salesman, bds. 243 Superior. 
Andrews Samuel, elk., bds. cor. Washington 

and Jefferson. 
Andrews Simon, salesman, bds. 172 Wells. 
Andrews Soloman, second hand store, 172 

Wells, h. same. 
Andrews Thomas, proprietor European Hotel, 

38 State. 
Andrews William, cooper, h. cor. Arnold and 

Andrews & Otis (Ebenezer Andrews and Joseph 
E. Otis,) dealers in coal, office 46 Clark 
and 22 Kinzie. 
Andrews & Pa Delford, (Lyman B. Andrews 
and William Pa Delford,) produce and 
com. merchants., 30 and 32 W. Madison. 
Andrick Louis M., lawyer, 132 Dearborn. 
Andrin George, (Larkin & Andrin,) bds. s. s. 

Illinois, w. N. Dearborn. 
Andrus Charles W., (McMillan & Andrus,) h. 

381 W. Monroe. 
Andrus James, lab., h. 238 N. Wells. 
Andrus William Emerson, baker, 303 State. 
Andrus WilUrtra Henry, bal<er, 431 State. 
Andsou Alich, cooper, h. Sangamon, bet. Kin- 
zie and Hubbard. 
Anes Wm., lab., h. Huron, nr. Townsend. 
Angel David, founder, bds. 60 Halsted. 
Angel Pascal, eating house, 250 Clark, h. 

Anglestein P., butcher, h. 56 Pearson. 
Angus John M., (J. M. Angus & Co.,,) h. 79 

Michigan av. 
Angus R. B., accountant, Bank. ofMontreal, h. 

Hyde Park. 
Angus J. M. & Co., (John M. Angus and 
Adolph Cross,) millinery, 173 Lake up 
AnlaufJohn, blacksmith, bds 157 Indiana. 
Anmorse Albert N., engineer, C. & N. W. R. 

R., h. cor. N. Union and Fourth. 
Annes Jasper, circular sawyer, F. Porter 

Annesser Louis, carpenter, h. 54 Foster. 
Annis I']zra E., painter, h. 82 X. Franklin. 
. Annin William H., (Bushucll & Annin) h. 126 
N. Carpenter. 

Anoski John, lab., h. Schiller, e. Sedgwick. 

Ansel Albert, butcher, h. 45 Wells. 

Ansel Alinka, wid. of Frederick bds 113 

Blue Island av. 
Anson Elmira Mrs., millinery store, 269}4 

Clark, h. same. 
Anson Simon, lab., h. 458 Clark. 
Anson William, h. 269^ Clark. 
Antes Charles H., (Lee & Antes,) h. 332 

Anstadt Jacob M., tailor, h. 33 Wolcott. 
Anthony Albert, proprietor Wright's Hotel, 

n. e. cor. Wells and N. Water. 
Anthony Anton, plasterer, 384 Milwaukee av. 
Anthony Elliott (Hervev, Anthony & Gait,) h. 

234 N. LaSalle. 
Anthony Jacob, bds. Wright's Hotel. 
Anthony Robert, foreman, boiler-maker 

Eagle Works h. 137 W. Adams. 
Anton Christoph, tailor, h. w. s. Larrabee nr. 

Black Hawk. 
Anton John Adam, grocer, n. s. North av., 

nr. Hubbard, h. same. 
ANTROBUS JOHN, artist. Art bldg., cor. 
State and Washington, h. Lake View rd. 
Antz John, tailor, 112 Foster. 
Ap Joseph, lab., h, 169 N. Desplaines. 
Apfel George, clerk P. Apfel, bds. 167 Ohio. 
Apfel Henry, h. 167 Ohio. 
Apfel Henry, jr., photographist, bds. 167 

Apfel Louis, lab., h. n. s. 14th., nr. Halsted. 
Apfel Philip, variety store, N. Clark, nr. Mi- 
chigan, h. 175 Ohio. 
Appel Christian, lab., h. e s. Larrabee, nr. 

North av. 
Appel Frank, painter, h. Welch, bet. Mor- 
gan and Fish. 
Apppelbee Edward M., clerk. Post Office. 
Apperich Francis, lab., h. n. s. xVrcher rd., 

bet. Market pi. and Beeres. 
Apple Henry, lab., h. u. s. Halsted, bet. 

Welsh and South. 
Appleberg Hilda C, milliner, 46 N. Clark, h. 

Huron, nr. Franklin. 
Appleby Richard B., photographic stock, 134 

Clark, h. Rochester, N. Y. 
Appleton George, clerk E. J. Bowen, bds 217 

Third av. 
Appleton James, express, bds. 217 Third av. 
April Henry G., night scavenger, h. cor. Indi- 
ana and Robey. 
Apstead Nathan, com. mer., h. 104 N. Wells. 
Am da Lewis, saloon, cor. Dearborn and Ran- 
dolph, h. 195 N. Water. 
Arbet John, cabinetmaker, h. 38 W. Ran- 
Arbogast Charles W., blacksmith, h. School, 

bet. Madison and Monroe. 
Arbogast John, carpenter, h. n. s. Twomey. 
A.rbuckle William, (McDonald & Arbuckle), 

h. r. 135 W. Kinzie. 
Archard Eliza, asst. teacher, Franklin school, 

bds. 468 N.' Dearborn. 
Archer John, grocer, 36 Fourth, h. same. 
Archer R., bds. Tremont House. 
Archert Edward, travelling agt„ bds. 199 

Arct Frank, carpenter, h. n. s. Goethe, nr. N. 





Arct John, box mkr., 331 S. Canul. 
ARCTIC FIRE INS. CO. of New York, Mil- 
ler & Willmai-th, agts., 150 S.Water, {see 
Arctic House, J. Cochrane, proprietor, Canal. 

op. P. F. W. & C. R. R. depot. 
Areiny Peter, blacksmith, C. & X. W. R. W. 

Arend William, architect, h. r. 102 
Arens Peter, vegetables, 76 State, bJs. 249 

Arens William, architect, h. r. 102 Indiana. 
Arents Olsen, block and pumpmaker, bds Illi- 
nois, nr. Franklin. 
Argren John, saloon, n. s. 22nd., nr. Grove, 

h. same. 
Argus John, confectioner, h. 96 N. Morgan 
Arion Copeland P. J., clerk, Post Office, h. 

11 Eldridge ct. 
Arland Simon, ship carpenter, h. 50 Fourth. 
Arlin George G., expressman, h. 266 S. Des- 

.Arlington E. M,, tailor, h 295 Wolcott. 
Arlington, Leon & Donniker's Minstrel^, Kings- 
bury Hall, Randolph, bet. Clark and Dear- 
■Arlington William, (Arlington, Leon & Donni- 

ker,) h. 90 4th. av. 
Armbruster Frederick, soapmaker, h. 118 

Armbruster John, carpenter, h. e. s. N. Wells, 

nr. North av. 
Armecast John, gardener, h. 44 Elm. 
Armer Thomas, butcher, h North av. nr. Cly- 

Armitter James, lab., C. B. & Q. R. R depot. 
Armour James A., clerk, 176 S. Water, bds. 

189 Indiana. 
Armour Marven G., boarding, 146 Madison. 
Armour George, (Mungcr & Armour.) and 
(Armour, Dole & Co.,) h. 135 Wibash av. 
Armour, Dole & Co., (George Armour, Charles 
S. Dole, and Wesley Munger,) grain ele- 
vato", S. branch, nr. 17th st. bridge, office 
176 S. Water. 
Arms George W., salesman E. B. Myers, h. 14 

S. Clinton. 
Armstan George, lab. h. 50 Eldrige ct. 
Armstrong Campbell, painter, bds. Whitney 

nr. Green Bay. 
Armstrong Christopher, drayman, h. s. s. Mit- 
chell, nr. Halsted. 
Armstrong Edwin R. T., (Armstrong & McCor- 

mick.) h. 172 Michigan av. 
Armstrong George, sailor, h. 230 W. Polk. 
Armstrong George, bds. 146 Madison. 
ARMSTRONG GEORGE B., deputy postmas- 
ter, h. 272 Superior. 
Armstrong George, (Stewart & Armstrong,) 

bds. 157 Washington. 
Armstrong Henrietta, asst. teacher Franklin 

school, bds. 87 Huron. 
Armstrong James, lab., h. 147 Quincy. 
Armstrong James S., photographist, bds. 166 

Armstrong John, bookkeeper, h. 87 Huron. 
Armstrong John, carpenter, h. Maple nr. N. 

Armstrong John, clerk Sturges, Buckingham 
& Co. 

Armstrong John M., (Mclntyre & Armstrong,) 

h. Green Bay rd., nr. city limits. 
Armstrong John R., clerk General Freight 
Agent's Office C. B. & Q. R. R., h. w. s. 
Cass, nr. White. 
Armstrong Martin S., grain mspector. Board 

of Trade, h. 350 W. Adams. 
Armstrong M. A., 4th 111. cavalry, h. e. s. 4th 

av., nr. 14th. 
Armstrong Tliomas, gardener, h. cor. Sedgwick 

and Little Fort rd. 
Armstrong Thomas R., coal and wood, foot 

W. Washington, h. 82 S. Jefferson. 
Armstrong William W., agent J. Y. McLaugh- 
lin & Co., 134 and 136 Kinzie, h. 130 N. 
Armstrong, Robert R. McCormick,) mnfrs. 
agts., 183 S. Water. ■ 
Arndt Chri-topher, gluemkr, h. c. s. Lock, nr. 

Arndt Julias, lock and gun smith, h. N. Kin- 
zie bet. Franklin and Well.-^. 
Arnes Peter, bookkeeper, bds. 249 State. 
Arnett Chailes, 289 Clark, h. same. 
Arnhold Christian, lab., h. s. s. Front, bet. 

Reuben and Noble. 
Arnold Christian, shoemkr M. H. Reissenwe- 

Arnold Adolph, bookbinder, h. Union, s. w. cor. 

Arnold Antony, lab., h. e. s. N. Wells, nr. 

Arnold August, pocketbookmkr h. 151 Quincy. 
Arnold Caleb, (Arnold & Green.) h.'297 State. 
Arnold Caspar, cabinetmkr, 200 VanBuren, h. 

Arnold Christopher H., butcher, 93 3d av., h. 

Arnold Elon S., (Arnold & Hallowell,) bds. 

102 4th av. 
Arnold Francis, instrument mkr, 55 La Salle, 

h. n. s. Walnut, bet. AVood and Pauhna. 
Arnold Georse, engineer, C. & M. R. W., h. 

188 N. Green. 
Arnold George, foreman in pub. works, li. 294 

Arnold George, salesman, C. & S. Stein, h. N. 

Wells, c. Hinsdale. 
Arnold George A., cabinetmkr, 64 Washington, 

bds. Matteson House. 
Arnold George P., wagoumkr., h. Kinzie, e. of 

Arnold Henry, gilder, n. s. White, nr. the 

Arnold Horace L., machinist, bds. Washington 

cor. Franklin. 
Arnold Horatio N., bookkeeper, Arnold & 

Brant, bds. 102 Harrison. 
Arnold Isaac, engineer, bds. 143 W. Kinzie. 
Arnold Isaac N., lawyer, h. Pine, n. w. c. Erie. 
Arnold Jacob, blacksmith, h. Milwaukee av., 

nr. Holstein av. 
Arnold Jacob, saloon, 231 N. Clark, h. same. 
Arnold Joseph,:clerk, P. &Ft. W. C. Yard, bds. 

S. Canal nr. Catharine. 
Arnold Karl, stonecutter Wolf & Sproehnle. 
Arnold Turpin H., (Arnold & Brant,) h. 102 

Arnold William, shoemkr., bds. 427 State. 


Established, 1858. C H I C A Gr O Established, 1858. 

lliffiois Sell®®! ©f TFade, 


Life Scholarship, $35. Life Scholarship, including Foreign Languages, $50. 
Life Scholarship and Preparatory Class for Boys, vnhere they receive a thor- 
ough Business Education, including Foreign Languages, $75. 


Fresident. Frlncipal. 


Manufacturers of 

Agricultural Implements, 


Manufacture all kinds of Plows, Cultivators, Sulky Hayrakes, Revolving 

Hayrakes, Straw Cutters, Corn Shellers, VVheelbarrows, 

Harrows, etc., etc. 




Ag-ent for the sale of 

Six different sizes, varying in price from $250 to 1750. Also portable Steam 
Engines, and dealer in Wood and Iron working machineiy, 

no. 1(6 & ns FRANKLIN ST., CHICAGO. 



Cox's American Writing Fluid, 


No. 17^2 North. ^Water Street, .... . . . CHICA-GrO.. 

This Fluid is warranted equal to any other in use, flows freely from the 
pen, copies well, and will not mould. It is a greenish blue at first, but soon 
changes to a deep and permanent black. 

^ B^^Put up in both Stone and Glass, all sizes, and in packages con- 
venient for Jobbing. 





Arnold William H., (Barrett, FovfcII & Co ,) 

b. 43 Adams. 
Arnold William H., grainer and marbler, h. 

169 W. M;idison. 
Arnold Zaia W., soapnmfr., cor. W. Tyler 

and S. Paulina. 
Arnold & Brant, (Turpin H. Arnold and Dan- 
iel R. Brant,) liquors wbol., 119 S. Water. 
Arnold & Green, (Caleb Arnold and William 
Green,) spruce beer, Washington, cor. 

Arnold & Hallowell, (Elon S. Arnold and Jona- 
than Hallowell,) grocers, 351 Claris. 
Arnson Tlioraas, painter, h. Klnzie, bet. Ruck- 

er and May. 
Arnsorg Frederick, boilermaker, h. Larrabee, 

nr. Clybourn av. 
Arnst Jacob, saloon, 391 Canal. 
Arnst Samuel, tinsmith, h. 155 N. Green. 
Arnt Louis, h. cor. Front and William. 
Arppe Ernest, tailor, h. w. s. Mohawk, nr. Cly- 
bourn av. 
ArriDgton Alfred W., (Arrington & Dent,) 

157 Randolph. 
Arrington & Dent, (Alfred W. Arrington and 

Thomas Dent,) lawyers, 157 Randolph. 
Arrop Hobert, lab., h. cor. Archer rd. and 

Arstte August B., shoemaker, h. Second cor. 

W. Chicago av. ni'. the river. 
Arth E. B., clerk, h. 339 X. Wells. 
Arthur William R., gen'l supt. I. C. R. R., h. 

582 Wabash av. 
Arveson Andrew, shoemaker, h. 12 Hubbard. 
Arveston A., with D. W. Jaynes. 
Ary Ellen, bds. W. Harrison nr. Morgan. 
Arzt Edward, (Arzt & Specht,) bds. S. Canal 

bet. Harrison and Van Bui'en. 
Arzt & Specht, (Edward Arzt & Louis Specht,) 

tobacconists, 48 W. Van Buren and 329 

S. Canal. 
ASAY EDWARD G.,Iawyer,(Wil3on & Asay,) 

h. 371 AV abash av. 

Asbeck , clerk, bds. 280 Illinois. 

ASH ISAAC N., com. mer., 8 Pomeroy bldg. 
Ash Michael, hats and caps, 209 Clark. 
Ashfield John, locksmith, 140 W. Lake, h. 

Ashley Mareono G., yankee notions, 20G W. 

Lake, h. same. 
Ashman Thomas, teamster, h. s. s. Walnut, nr 

Ashton George W., clerk, P. 0. 
Ashton John, carpenter, h. n. s. W. Polk nr. 

Ashton Samuel, lawver, 18 Metropolitan blk., 

h. 308 N. LaSalle. 
Ashton William, gas fitter, 196 Lake, h. 133 

N. Wells. 
Ashworth Charles, h. 93 W. Harrison. 
Ash worth Charles, groceries, 154 W. Ran- 
Aske Ole, cooper, h. 194 N. Union. 
Askley Marparet, wid. Peter, h. 144 4fh av. 
Askwith John, niachi nist, h. s. s. Arnold, bet. 

17th and IStb. 
Asmer John S., h. 119 N. Peoria. 
Asmuss Theodore, segars and bookbinder, 141 

X. Clark, h. 202 Ontario. 
Asnovach Andrew, lab., al. n. s. 21st, nr. Ray. 

Aspell Charles J., (Cleveland & Aspell,) h. Cot- 
tage Grove av. nr. 23d. 

Aspinwall John, steward, S. H. Thompson, 53 

Assanmnher Henry W., tailor, h. s. ?. Rumsey 
nr. N. Wells. 

Asten William B., (Hart, Asten & Co.,) h. X. 
Y. City. 

Aster Frederick, carpenter, h. 309 W. Madi- 

ASTOR FIRE INS. CO., of Xew York, S. T. 
Atwater, agt., 2 Dole's bldg. [See advt. 
p. 28) 

Astrot Frederick, tinner, h. S. May, bet. llth 
and 12th. 

Astouch Fredrick, lab., h. w. s. May, nr. llth. 

Asylum of the Good Shepherd, X. Market, n. 
w. cor. Elm. 

Atchinson Michael, sailor, h. al. bet. Hinsdale 
and White. 

Atchison C. W., clerk P. 0. 

Atherton John, mason, h. 143 Green Bay. 

Atherton Jo.seph B., collarmaker, bds. 129 
S. Jefferson. 

Atherton Thomas, ropemaker, h. w. s. X. 
Clark, s. Xorth av. 

Athy E., messenger M. S. & X. L R. R., 56 
Clark, h. 495 Wabash a v. 

Athy Stephen, clerk, M. S. & X. L R. R., h. 
495 Wabash av. 

Atkins Arthur, lake captain, h. 158 X. Car- 

Atkins Charles H., messenger A. E Co., b. 
43 >J. Sangamon. 

Atkins Charles, printer, h. 52 S. Morgan. 

Atkins Edward, printer, h. 50 Union. 

Atkins Edward, porter, 53 Lake. 

Atkins George, printer, h. 168 W. Madison. 

Atkins Hannah, wid. William, boaiding, 134 
X. Green. 

Atkins Mrs. Margaret, wid John, h. 117 Car- 

Atkins Mary, wid., h. 52 S. Morgan. 

Atkins Robert, bookkeeper, h. e. s X. Clark, 
nr. Division. 

Atkins Robert jr., carpenter, bds. e. s. X. 
Clark, nr. Division. 

Atkins William, carpenter, bds. e. s. X. Clark, 
nr. Division. 

Atkins William, printer, bd». 54 Morgan. 

Atkins William, lab. h. 199 Maxwell. 

Atkinson Anna Mrs., h. 134 X. Green. 

Atkinson Edward M., clerk, bds. nr. cor. In- 
diana av. and 24th. 

Atkinson Henry, painter, nr. cor. 24th and In- 
diana av. 

Atkinson Isaac, porter, h. 76 4tb av. 

Atkinson John, (Walker k Atkinson), h. 13 

Atkinson John, lab. h. n. s. Fulton, bet. Eliz- 
abeth and Ada. 

Atkinson John jr., Supt. Gas Co. office 66 AY. 
Randolph, h. 4 X. Reuben. 

Atkinson John, (col'd,) cook, 91 Clark. 

Atkinson William, carpenter, Stevenson & 

Atlantic Engine House, Xo. 3, 225 Michigan. 

Brooklvn, S. T. Atwater, Agt. 2 Dole's 
bldg. (See advt. p. 28). 


Fire and Marine Insurance. 


lYIutuaMnsurance Company of Buffalo, - ■ Capital, $400,000 

The whole Net Profits accrue to the assured. 

Atlantic Fire Ins. Company of Brooklyn,— Cap. & Sur. $262,000 
Astor Fire Ins. Company of New York,-"Cap. & Sur. $2i2, 000 
Hope Insurance Co. of Providence, R. !.— Cap. & Sur. $150,000 

Wo. 2 Dole's Block, cor. S. \^ater & Clark sts., CHICAGO. 

liES, liiiBf ES, if iSp m. 



man Mmmt%, wn, fmt^nmn, &b,, m. 




o— «»— ^- 

PLTTMBUNTG- i:::^ all its BRAj^CHES. 

Water Closets, Hot, Cold and Shower Baths. r.a=ins, Boilers, Ranges, AVater-back Stoves, Wash Tubs, Fountains, 
Hydrants, &c., &c., fitted up in the newest and most approved styles. 

Lead Pipe and Slieet Lead, of all Sizes, Constantly on Hand. 

p. 0. BOX, 81. Prompt attention given to orders, and all work "Warranted. 

x^. 15 n: c li e: IS T , 



No. 46 South Wells Street, Chicago, Illinois. 



23 W. Randolph St., Chicago. 

General Agent for School Books in the German and Enghsh Language. 





ATLANTIC FIRE INS. CO., of Providence, 

R. I., Holmes & Bro., agts 4 Dole's bldg. 
Attwood John, "inrdencr, h. 254 N. Wells. 
ATWaTER JOHN, school furniture appara- 

ratus and publishing, 10 State up stairs s. 

w. cor. S. Water. 
Atwater John B., patent rights cannon, h. 89 

S. Sangamon. 
Atwiiter Mrrrit B., h. 69 N. Green. 
ATWATER SAMUEL T., ins. agt. 2 Dole's 

bids- S. Water n. w. cor. Clark, bds. 

Clifton House, {See advt. op.jiage). 
Atwell Charles E., carpenter, h. Prairie av. 

nr. Rio Grande. 
Atwell Frank, hack driver, bds. 140 W. Van 

Atwood Julius P., (Lull & Atwood) bds. 335 

W. Adams. 
Atzel George, saddles and harness, 42 LaSalle 

h. same. 
Atzel John, carpenter, r. Foster, bet. W. Har- 
rison and Van Buren. 
AubertNoah, lab., h. 305 Wolcott. 
Aubert Peter, painter, h. n. s. North av. near 

Auer George, porter Day, Allen & Co., h. 570 

Auerbacti Gotthelf, shipcarpenter, e. s. Lock 

nr. bridge. 
Auerbach M. & Co., (Morritz, Simon and Jaco- 

by Auerbeck), clothing 207 Randolph. 
Auerbach Saloman, wines and liquor dealer, 

93 Milwaukee av. b. same. 
Audubon Club, Link's block. 

August bds. 141 Illinois. 

Augustine Jacob, foreman Galena elevator. 
Augustus Charles, h. Johnson nr. 12th. 
Augustus Cl)as. D., 235 S. Des Plaines. 
Augustus Milton A., clerk, bds. 14 S. Green. 
Aul Joseph, carmaker, h. e. s. Butterfield, bet. 

17th and ISth. 
Aulich Ciirl, tailor, h. 5 Fisher's block. White. 
Ault John, plasterer, h. 23 X. Halsted. 
Aurich Wilhelm, machinist, h. s. s. W. Har- 
rison, nr. Leavitt. 
Aurich William, F., machinist, h. 382 W. Lake. 
Aust Augustus, butcher, bds. 421 Clarlc. 
Austin Asa, machinist, bds. 14 N. Green. 
AUSTIN C. DEANE, gunpowder dealer, agt. 

foi Dubuque Shot Tower Co., (and C. D. 

Austin &Co.,)h. Michigan av. cor. 12th. 
Austin Charles, waiter Button's Hotel, bds. 

274 S. Wells. 
Austin Edward, salesman 38 Lake, h. 630 

Wabash av. 
AUSTIN HENRY W., Aet. Downs & Co. hard- 
ware, &c. 221 and 223 S. Water, h. Har 

Austin John, with C. H. McCormick & Bro. 
Austin Lawrence, machinist, s. s. Pierce place. 
Austin Peter, (col'd) lab.,' h. 22 Cedar. 

Austin Stephen P., retail grocer, 77 State, 
Austin William, lab., h, 171 Jackson, 
Austin William H., printer, h. LaSalle, n. w. 

cor. Divison. 
Austin C. D. & Co., (C. Deane Austin and W. 

C. Watson,) notions whol., 89 S. Water, 

up stairs. 

Austrea Jos., lab.. Hall & Winch. 
Authouser M., lab., Lill & Diversy. 
Auweres Otto, clerk Newton C. Brown, h. 492 

Aulwurm Vv^illiam, porter, A. H. Hovev, h, 

132 Quincy. 
Avenel Augusto, (Guyer & Avenel,) h 109 

Averell A. J., real estate broker, No. 7 Me- 
tropolitan block, h. 270 Wabash av. 
Averell James, h. 270 Wabash av. 
Aveis Fredei-ick, carpenter, h. Sholto, bet. 

Taylor and 11th. 
Avery Barney, h. cor. Archer road and Mc- 
Avery Charles A., hotel cor. State and 22d. 
Avery Charles D., 360 W. Randolph. 
Avery Claude G., jeweller, 81 Clark, bds. Ill 

Wabash av. 
Avery Henry M., bookkeeper, Phillips & Bro., 

bds 100 Madison. 
Avery James C, salesman, h 191 N. Wells. 
Avery John, lab., h. 184Grisvvold. 
A very Lydia C, teacher Brown school, bds. 

698 W. Lake. 
Avery M., engineer, I. C. R. R. 
Avery Newell, (Pearson, Avery & Co.,) h. Port 

Huron, Mich. 
Avery Norman S., saloon, cor. Clark and Ran- 
dolph, h. 254 Madison. 
Avery Silas M., asst. sup. 111. Central R. R., 

h. 72 Michigan av. 
Averv Samuel J., medical student, 132 Lake, 

bds. 692 W. Lake. 
Avery Thomas M., lumber mer., W. Water, 

cor. N. Canal, h. 245 W. Washington. 
Avery Wiliiain H., law student, bds. 128 W 

Avery W. M., messenger A. E. Co., bds. Mas- 

sasoit House. 
Avery William W., lumber nier. W. Water 

cor. N. Canal, h. 245 W. Washington. 
Axlenian Hoiiora, bds. 18 White. 
Axleman Jacob, gardener, h. IS White. 
Axman David, fruit, 210 Wells, h. same. 
AxtellO. P., (Axtell &May,) h. Cottage Grove 

av., bet. 24ih and 25th. 
Axtell Volney F., clerk, h. 279 State. 
Axtell &May, (Osman P. Axtel and Frederick 

N. May,) contractors, 17 State. 
Ayer Benjamin F., corporation counsel, office 

15 ct. house, h. 365 Superior. 
Ayer Cyrus B., engineer, h. 74 W. Madison, 
Ayer Henry L, traveler Fairbanks, Greenleaf 

& Co. 
Ayer J. Winslow, physician, 12 and 13 McCor- 

mick's bldg., bds Sherman House. 
Ayer John M., salesman Hale & Ayer, bds. 68- 

Michigan av. 
Ayer John V., (Hale & Ayer,) h. 68 Michi- 
gan av. 
Ayer Phillip B., salesman Hale & Ayer, bds, 

Michigan av. 
Ayers Mrs. Anna, wid. George, saloon, 11^ 

Market, h. same. 
Aylsworth H. D., bookkeeper Henry Cooke, 

bds. 586 Wabash av. 
Aylesworth William H., clerk Matteson House, 
Ayling Henry, drayman, 29 Lake, h, w. s. 

Sedgwick, nr. North, 





Ayres Enos, real est., 227 Luke, h. 541 Wa- 
bash av. 
Aze Emile, (Dechanet & Co.,) h. iS'.li Wells. 

BAAB Peter, harness mkr., 25 W. Randolph, 
h. same. 
Baade Frederich, upholsterer, h. 245 Milwau- 

waukee av. 
Babber Henry, carpenter, h. n. s. Kramer, nr. 

Babbitt Clinton, salesman Davis, Sawyer & 

Co., h. Beloit, Wis. 
Babbitt Mary A., wid. Laban S., nurse, h. 

845 Clark. 
Babcock Alonzo, clerk K F. Merrill, bds. 0. 

M. Bibcock's. 
Babcock Ben, distiller, bds. Elston rd. cor. 

Babcock C, furniture, h. 849 Wabash av. 
Babcock Cyril, (Babcock & Peek) h 329 Clark. 
Babcock Di;idama, wid. Jared S., bds. n. e. cor. 

Peck and Fulton. 
Babcock Emmet, soldier, h. room 19 Lake 

Babcock John P., (J. W. Doane & Co.,) bds. 

Sherman House. 
Babcock Maria W., wid. Timothy, h. 328 W. 

Babcock & Peek, (Cyril Babcock and William 

H. Peek), furniture, 171 Randolph. 
Baber Joseph, shoe store, cor. A'orth av. and 

Orcliard, h. same. 
Babst Robert, machinist, h. 147 Hubbard. 
Babst William, painter, 182 Blue Island av.,h. 

Twelfth bet. Blue Island av. and Rucker. 
Bach William, carriage mkr., h. 521 State. 
Bach William, cigar mkr., bds Rock Island R. 

R. House. 
Bachand Louis, cooper, h. Prairie, nr. Sanga- 

Bachelor , carpenter, bds. 198 S. Canal. 

Bachly Casper, whitewasher, h. Wolcott, nr. 

Bac-hrt-cht Samuel, furniture, 183 X. Clark, h. 

Backer John, barber with Schieck. 
Backman George, grocer, 317 W. Madison, h. 
Backsironau Augustus, cooper, h. 13 Wesson. 
Backus Cornelius F., livery stable, cor. Clark 

and Taylor, h. 228 4th av. 
Backus Dennis E., clerk R. M. Whipple, bds. 

91 4th av. 
Backus Olive, bds. n. s. Fulton, bet. Wood and 

Bacon A. H., traveler Hoyt, Pierce & Co., 147 

S. Water. 
Bacon Edward B., clerk Albert Sturges & Co., 

bds. 100 Madison. 
Bacon Frederick W., meat and vegetables, 487 

Bacon Henry, (H. Bacon & Co.,) h. 823 N. La- 

Bacon Moses S., (H. Bacon & Co.,) h. s. s. 

White, bet. LaSalle and Wells. 
Bacon Philo J., door rakr., bds. 176 W. Madi- 
Bacon H. & Co., (Henry and Moses S. Bacon, 
and William F. Tompkins,) com. mers., 1 
Stoei's blk., 180 S. Water. 

Bada Peter, blacksmith, 181 W. Randolph. 

BaderJohn, lab., h. Aberdeen, bet. Harrison 
and Gurley. 

Badger Albert B., teller A. C. Badger & Co., 
room 31 Portland blk. 

Badger Alpheus C, (A. C. Badger & Co.,) h. 
401 Wabash av. 

Badger B. Hutchings, bookkeeper J. Boyd, 38 

Badger Charles A., cashier Tremont House. 

Badger Hugh T., student St. Mary's University, 
bds. same. 

Badger Leonidas V., bookkeeper A. C. Badger 
& Co., h. Reuben cor. Tyler. 

Badger Octavius F., (A. C. Badger & Co.,) h. 
401 Wabash av. 

Badger A. C. & Co., (Alpheus C. Badger and 
^Octavius F. Badger,) bankers, Randolph, 
s. e. cor. Dearborn. 

Baeck Daniel, lab. h. W. Chicago av. bet. No- 
ble and Reuben. 

Baedeker Adolphus, cigar mkr., 199 Washing- 
ton, h. same. 

Baer Adam, grocer, h. 193 X. Clark. 

Baer C. Adam, salesman Stryker & Co., bds. 
193 N. Clark. 

Baer Casper, 169 W. Randolph. 

Baer Frederick, clerk, bds. DuPage House, 192 
W. Randolph. 

BAER HERMAN F., whol. liquors. 233 Ran- 
dolph, h. same. {See advt. page). 

Baer Joseph, clerk, h. 237 N. Clark. 

Baer Lawrence, flour and feed, 237 N. Clark, 

Baerspan Peter, lab., h. n. s. Catharine, nr. 

Baette John T., machinist, h. 347 N LaSalle. 

Bagby Jo.seph, carpenter, h. 3(5 Wesson. 

Bagby Nelson, woodcarver, h. 217 Rush. 

Bagger SusanaMrs., h. 67 Wesson. 

Bagger William, printer, h. 67 Wesson. 

Baggerman Henry C, lab, h. e. s. Barber, nr. 
Jefferson, 6th h. e. of Union. 

Baggett Edward, gasfitter, bds. 19 Blue L av. 

Baggie John, cooper, bds. McIIenry, bet. Wa- 
bansia and North av. 

Baggot James E., plumber, Clark, nr. Wash- 
ington, bds. 126 Madison. 

Baggot James F., lawyer, h. 129 Wendel. 

Bagiev Thomas, lioatbuilder, bds. 180 Indiana. 

Bahan John, lab, h. N. Market, bet. Indiana 
and Ohio. 

Bahan John, lab, h. w. s. Maxwell, bet. Canal 
and Stewart av. 

Bahe Henry, policeman, h. cor. W. Harrison 
and Aberdeen. 

Bahr Julius, saddler, 135 W. Lake. 

Bahtz John, sailmaker, h. 181 W. Randolph. 

B licr Adam, porter, C. G. Wicker & Co. 

Baier Adam, lab., h. n. s. Rumsey, cr. Sedg- 

Baier Franz, lab., h. n. s. Rumsey, nr. Sedg- 

Baler John, lab., h. n. s. Rumsey, nr. Sedg- 

Baier Phillip, lab., h. n. s. Rumsey, nr. Sedg- 

Baierle Adam, brewer, 38 N. Market, h. 45 N. 

Bailey A. W., trav. agt., H. W. Adams & 
Hitchcock, 65 S. Water. 





Bailey Alson S., wood and coal dealer, w. e. 
Kinzie bridge, h. 50 N. Peoria. 

Bailey Carrie, wid. Augustus, h. 79 Adams. 

Bailey Catharine, wid. Pliillip, h. 1461- Cass. 

Bailey Charles, salesman, J. H. Hoes, 11 Y 

Bailey Charles, steam fitter, h. 1*76 W. Lake. 

Bailey Charles L., stock clerk, Bowen Bros., 
h. 372 W. Randolph. 

Bailey Cyrus, (col'd.) lab., h. Wolcott, nr. 

Bailey D. M., clerk, H. Sanborn, bds 165 Wash- 

Bailey Daniel W., lab, bds. e. s. 4th av., bet. 
12th and I3th. 

Bailey Frederick H., porkpacker, h 292 W. 

Bailey George F., (Bailev, Garv & Williams,) 
h. 152 Cass. 

Bailey George U., clerk, h. Sedgwick, s. Asy- 
lum av. 

Bailey Henry, house mover, h. 22 3rd av. 

Bailey James, carpenter, h. 126 4th. 

Bailey James, horse farrier, h 89 State. 

Bailey James T., carpenter, h. 126 4th. 

Bailey Jane A., wid. Rensselaer, h. u. s. War- 
ren, e. Robey. 

Bailey Jared, lab., h. 250 Michigan. 

Bailey John, lab., h. 85 Forquer. 

Bailey John, lab., C. B. & Q. R. R. depot. 

Bailey John, lab., h. e. s. Rucker, nr. South. 

BAILEY JOHN C. W., (Halpin & Bailey,) 
also. Job and Book Printer. Proprie- 
tor AND Editor of the Chicago Mer- 
chant's Weekly Circular; Printer and 
Publisher of the Illinois State Gazet- 
teer, etc. agent for WEBB'S 
WOOD TYPE. Office 130 Clark, (up 
stairs,) h. n. w. c. Wood and Warren, W. 
division, {see advt.) 

Bailey Jonathan B., mnfr. of bitters, h. n. s. 
Emily, nr. Milwaukee av. 

Bailey Mark, teacher, h. nr. c. Cottage Grove 
av., and 24th. 

Bailey Masline, lab., h. w. s. Butterfield, bet. 
i9th and 20th. 

Bailey S. L., cabinetmaker, bds. Anderson 

Bailey Thomas, bds. 205 Kinzie. 

Bailey Washington, h. 181 Huron. 

Bailey William, boerding, 89 State. 

Bailey William, furniture repairer, 176 Monroe. 
h same. 

Bailey, Gary and Williams, (George F. Bailey, 
Joseph E. Gary & Edward P. Williams,) 
lawyers, 39 Clark. 

Bain George, clerk, h. Indiana, bet. May and 

Bain George M., law student, with Bates & 
Towslee, bds. 17 Dearborn. 

Bain William, machinest, h I4th., cor State. 

Baine George, traveler, Hobbs, Oliphant & Co., 
h. s. s. W. Indiana, 1st. e. Rucker. 

Bainter A. S., salesman, Webster & Gage. 

Bair Amos, baggage master, bds. 80 S. Jef- 

Bair Frank, lab., C. H. McCormick & Bros. 

Bair John, lab., C. H. McCormick & Bros. 

Bair Philip, lab., C. H. McCormick & Bro. 

Baird Andrew, blacksmith, bds 243 Superior. 

Baird Andrew, foreman, I. C. R. R. car works 
h. e. s. Indiana av. bet. 14th and C. B. R. 
R. crossing. 

Baird Benjamin F., mail agt. G. & C. U. R. R. 
h. 118 W. Madison. 

Baird Charles, machinist, h- 87 S. Halsted. 

Baird Lyman, (L. D. Olmsted & Co.), h. 33(! 
X. LaSalle. 

Baird W., blacksmith, I. C. R. R, m.ich. shop. 

Bairnson Thomas, blacksmith, h. Indiana av. 
nr. 14th. 

Bake Henry, police, W. Harrison, nr. Aber- 

Bake John, cooper, h. bet. Huron and Supe- 
rior, nr. Nevins. 

Bake Joseph, cooper, h. w. s. Hickory, bet. 
Rumsev and Main. 

Baker Abner, clerk, D. W. Baker & Bro., h. 
295 Indiana. 

Baker Andrew, moulder, bds. 174 W. Ran- 

Baker Andrew, street foreman, h. 97 Ewing. 

Baker Asahel M., agt. mechanical bakery, h. 
295 Indiana. 

Baker B. H., com. mer., bds. 11 Adams. 

BAKER BENJAMIN M., dentist, 8 Methodist 
Church blk., bds. Clinton, s. e. cor. Wash- 

Baker Birdsley, gaswkr, h. 99 Prairie. 

Baker Miss C. Alice, principal Chicago Acade- 
my, h. 15 Congress. 

Baker Charles, lab., h. Jefferson, s. e. cor. 

Baker Daniel W., (D. W. Baker & Bro.), h. 
295 Indiana. 

Baker David, lab., h. 445 S. Jefferson. 

Baker Edward, salesman 45 Lake. 

Baker Franklin, with E. Parsons, 115 Lake, h. 
w. s. Wabash av. 2nd from 18th. 

Baker George, agt. Park Ins. Co. of N. Y. 148} 
S. Water, bds. Tremont House. 

Baker George, bootmkr., h. 16 Meridian. ■ 

Baker George, shoemkr., h. 47 W. Randolph. 

Baker HenrV F., salesman, C. H. Beekwith, 
bds. 5rS. Ann. 

Baker Homer, (Jones & Baker,) h. 115 W. 

Baker Isaac H., clerk, 64 W. Randolph, bds. 
26 W. Randolph. 

Baker John, carpenter, h. w. s. Clark, bet. 21st 
and 22d. 

Baker John, carpenter, h. e. s. Sedgwick, nr. 

Baker John, drayman, b. s. s. W. Lake nr. 

Baker J., helper, I. C. R. R. machine shop. 

Baker John, teamster, h. 23 W. Quincy. 

Baker Joseph, lab., h. North av. e. Sedgwick. 

Baker Levi S., foreman Wheeler's elevator, h. 
69 Pine. 

Baker Luther V., boot crimper, h. s. s. Fulton 
nr. Paulina. 

Baker M. Carter, (Gray & Baker,) h. 352 Wa- 
bash av. 

Baker Mahlon, blksmith, h. Chestnut, bet. N. 
LaSalle and N. Wells. 

Baker Mary Mrs. 136 N. Green. 

Baker Martin, undertaker, h. 101 Larrabee. 

Baker Moses, clerk, John Mayo &, Co., bds, 
cor. Indiana hy. and 22d. 





Baker Mor2;an, carpenter, li. 231 3 J av. 
Baker Nelson C, freight clerk, G. & C. U. R. 

R. h. 51 Pine. 
Baker Nicholas, lab., h. s. s. Wright, bet. 

Canal and Jefferson. 
Baker Philander, grain broker, '212 S. Water. 
Baker Stephen E., Lib., h. Cottage Grove ar. 

nr. 2flth. 
Baker Thaddeus S., student, bds. 434 W. Madi 

Baker Thomas, clerk, bds. 143 Muntoe. 
Baker Thomas E., (Stryker & Co.,) bds. Sam'l 

Patrick's Hotel. 
Baker Thomas S., real estate ntlorney and 

broker, 124 Randolph, h. 434 W. Madi- 
Baker Thomas S., (Baker & Lamb,) h. 243 W. 

Madi -on. 
Baker Thomas J., lumber yd., bds. 23 W. 

Baker Tonies, salesman, H. H. Powell & Co.. 

h. Chicago av. bet. Noble and Reuben. 
Baker W. A., lamps and oils, bds. 199 W. 

Baker AValttr G., elk., C. & M. R. R., bds. 

City Hotel. 
Baker William, carpenter, h. n. s. Walnut 

bet. Hovne and Leavitt. 
Baker William, elk., h. 80 Van Buren. 
Baker William, (col'd,) whitewaslier, bds. 260 

Baker William, foreman, C. B. & Q. elevator, 

h. 260 W. 12th. 
Baker William A., bookkpr., F. P. Thayer, 

bds. Randolph, cor. Halsted. 
Baker William D., engraver, 65 Clark, h. 66 

W. Washington. 
Baker William T., bookkpr. Hinckley & Han- 
dy, lids. 24 Washington. 
BAKER D. W. & BRO., (Daniel W. Baker, 

Theodore E. Baker, commission and pro- 
duce, 91 S. Water.) 
Baker & Lamb, (Thomas S. Baker and Thom- 
as C. Lamb,) brokers, 124HHni!olph. 
Balantine Robert., captain brig D. P. Williams, 

h. 196 Superior. 
Balatka Hans, music teacher, Methodist church 

blk., h. 446 State. 
Balder Johanna, wid. Armand, midwife, h. w. 

s. Jefferson n. w. cor. 14tli. 
Baldwin Alonzo M., (Hill & Baldwin,) bds. 

Eagle Hotel. 
Baldwin Alvui M., (Bamford & Baldwin,) h. 

231 Michigan. 
Baldwin CoIin,\C. & L. Baldwin,) and asst. sec. 

C. G. L. & C. Co., h. s. s. W. Adams bet. 

Peoria and S. Sangamon. 
Baldwin Charles L., elk., 75 Lake, bds. 311 

Baldwin Clara L., teacher branch of Newbury 

school, Clybourn av. nr. distilleiy. 
Baldwin David, bricklayer, h. 300 S. Des- 

Baldwin David J., travelling agent, bds 3*72 

W. Randolph. 
Baldwin Eliza J., wid. De Witt, bds. 287 Mich- 
igan av. 
Baldwin (ieorge, mate Stephens, h. 34 Mather. 
Baldwin Gilberts., (Bamlxjrd & Baldwin,) h, 
231 Michigan. 

Baldwin Heman, collection agent, 1 12 Dear- 
born, h. 755 Wabash av. " 

Baldwin Heman P. driver, h. 153 W. Madison. 

Baldwin Herbert L., salesman B.ildwin &. Co., 
bds. Wabash av. 3d blk. s 22nd. 

BALDWIN JAMES S.. stove dealer and light- 
ning rod.s, 212 Lake, h. 198 W. Lake. 
Manufacturer of Copper Lightning rods 
superior to all others, patented August 9, 
1859. Iron rods of all sizes, of superior 
quality. Poinis, glass, and attachments 
supplied at wholesale and retail. Brass 
and copper castings of all kinds made to 
order. Maufacturer also of copper, sbeet 
iron and tin ware, gutters, leaders, &c. 
Cooking and parlor stoves. Jobbing of 
all kinds done at siiort notice. Particu- 
lar attention paid to boat work of all 
kinds. Post Office Box, 4400. 

Baldwin .John, h. 150 Ohio. 

Baldwin John jr., (Baldwin & Co.,) h. e. s. 
Wabash av. nr. 25th. 

Baldwin John A., (Baldwin & Co.,) bds. 162 
Michigan av. 

Baldwm John G., (Bamford & Baldwin,) bds. 
122 La Salle. 

Baldwin John N., currier, h. 152 Ohio. 

Baldwin Lemuel, (C. &. L. Baldwin,) h. Phila- 

Baldwin N. P., driver U. S. express Co. 

Baldwin S. C, supt. C. & M. R. R., h. Wauke- 

Baldwin Samuel, elk., bds. 199 W. Lake. 

Baldwin William A., lawyer, 39 Clark, bds. 
Adams House. 

Baldwin William E., elk 199 W. Lake. 

Baldwin C. & L., (Colin & Lemuel Baldwin,) 
dry goods, cor. W. Madison & Jefferson. 

Baldwin & Co., (John Baldwin jr., Charles 
Mears and John A. Baldwin,) manufac- 
turers and wholes:ile dealers in lumber, 
foot N. AValer, and Lumber st., 2nd vard 
s. 12th. 

Baldv A. J., hatter, J. A. Smith &. Co. 

Baler M.G., (eol'd,) porter on R. R., li. 126 

Balfour James, elk., Simon Klein & Co., bds. 
81 Michigan av. 

Balkam A. Louise, wid. Elijah P., intelli- 
gence office, 169 Dearborn, h. same. 

Balke Urban, drnyman, h. 2 Hill. 

Baly Paul, lab., h. Second, e. Chicago av. nr. 
the river. 

Ball Francis, (Ball, Burbank & Co., ) h. 172 
Michigan av. 

Ball Frederick N., foreman W. T. Ball, bds. 
Merchant's Hotel. 

Ball George, teamster, Cutler, Witbeck & 

Ball John B., bookkpr.51 Lake, h. n. s. Wal- 
nut, bet. Wood & Lincoln. 

Ball John W., (Cutler, Ball &. Co.,) h. n. s. 
W. Washington, bet. Reuben and Paulina. 

Ball J. W. elk., h. 41 Elm. 

Ball Plouden H., (Ball, Burbank & Co.,) h: 263 

BALL ROBERT R., druggist, 119 Clark, h, 

Ball Silas R., (Ball & Sears,) h. 619 State, 

BALL THOMAS, saloon, 113 Dearborn. 





BALL WILLI iil T., cooperage and commis- 
sion, 171 and 173 S. Water, h. 113 

Ball, Burbank & Co., (Plouden H. Ball, Pitkin 
W. Burbank, Francis Bill, and George P. 
Colt,) prod. com. niers., 1 Dole's bldg. 

Ball & Sears, (Silas R. Ball and John Sears,) 
lard oil factory, 611 and 613 State. 

Ballan James, mason, h. e. s. Michigan av., 
bet. 12th and i4th. 

Ballantyne James F., Tribune office, h. 235 

Ballard, printer, h. 148 W. Adams. 

Ballard Addison, (A. Ballard & Co.,) h. 87 

Ballard Addison I., carpenter, h. 152 Wendel. 

Ballard D. Page, bookkeeper, Coolev, Furwell 

Ballard Edgar A., physician, 96 LaSalle. 

Ballard Edward, carpenter, h. e. s. Michigan 
av. bet. 23d and 24ih. 

Ballard Henrv C, lawyer, 126 Dearborn, bds. 
170 Monroe. 

Ballard Martha C, wid. Henry W., bds. 310 
W. Lake. 

Ballard William, carpenter, h, 154 Wendel. 

Ballard A. & Co., (Addison Ballard, Puchard 
Mason, Jr., and Joseph Wilde,) lumber 
dealers. 146 Market. 

Ballengee E. M., wood turner, h. 48 W. Ran- 

Ballegojen John, boot and shoemkr., h. 251 
W. Randolph. 

Ballentine D.ivid, (B. Lawrence & Co.,) h. 

Ballentine Henry A., (B. Lawrence & Co.,) bds. 
Sherman House. 

Ballentine James M., law student, bds. Matte- 
son House. 

Ballentine, Lawrence & Co., (David Ballen- 
tine, Benjamin F. Lawrence, Henry A. 
Ballentine and Edward F. Lawrence,) 
com. mers. 7 Board of Trade bik. 

Ballin Andrew, tailor, 222 X. Rueker, h. same. 

Balling Frank J. A., woodturner, 21 S. Canal, 
bds. 239 S. Canal. 

Ballingall David, accountant, P. 0. box 81. 

Ballman Lucas, lab., h. w. s. Larrabee, ar. 
Black Hawk. 

Ballman MaUhias, printer, bds. L. Ballman. 

Ballmann Johann, lab. s. s. W. 14th nr. Jeffer- 

Ballou Flavins J., agt. lumber dealer, w. s. 
Grove op. 17th, h. 147 3d av. 

Ballweg George, teacher school St. Francis, 
h. 298 S. Canal. 

Balm John, carpenter, h. W. Division, cor. N. 
i . Balsam Michael, lab., h. w. s. Halsted, bet. 
31st and Archer rd. 

Balser Anton, wateh'^kr., 233| N. Clark. 

Balston Ednmn.t, lab., h. Thorn, nr. Wolcott. 
I Baltimore John, (col'd.,) barber, bds. 135 
i Jackson. 

I Baltzell Notley T., miller, h. 205 Superior. 
I Bamber Robert, (R. Bamber & Co.,) h. Ill 
Michigan av. 

Bamber R & Co., (Robert Bamber and George 
A. Hamilton,) whol. and ret. boots and 
shoes, 132 Lake. 

Bamberg Frederick, milkman, h. n. s. Chicago 

av. bet. Noble and Rose. 
Bamford James, machinist, h. 289 Ilalsted. 
Bamibrd James, h. n. s. Tyler, bet. Clinton 

and Jefferson. 
Bamford William, (Bamford & Baldwin,) h. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
BAMFORD & BALDWIX, (William Bamford 

and Gilbert S. Baldwin,) booksellers, 13 

Lake and 119 and 121 Monroe. 
Bamiller Charles, moulder, h. e. s. Sedgwick, 

nr. Goethe. 
Bamish John, lab., b. w. s. Clark, bet. 19th 

and 20th. 
Bancroft John, printer, bds. 213 State. 
Bancroft Samuel D., carpenter, h. 276 Clinton.. 
Band Christian, carpenter,h. 181 W. Randolph. 
Bandley James, sailor, bds. 323 Wolcott. 
Bane Alexander, bds. 189 N. Water. 
Bane Henry S., machinist, G. & C. U. R. R. 
Bane Joseph, carpenter, h. W. Kinzie, bet. 

Leavitt and Hoyne. 
Bang Christopher, lab., h. e. s. Larrabee, nr. 

Clybourn av. 
Banger Peter, boarding, 26 W. Madi-on. 
Banghan Alfred, foreman Ortmeyer & Co., h. 

84 W. Adams. 
Bangle Cornelius, lab., h. al., bet. Huron and 

Superior, nr. N. Wells. 
Bangs George A., clerk, h. 333 W. Adams. 
BANGS WILLIAM W,, Bangs' white pine 

cough lozenge.=>, 74 N. Sangamon. 
Banim Patrick, lab. h. s. s. Baiber, bet. Jeffer- 
son and Canal. 
Bank Abram 0.. salesman, h. 118 W. Jackson 
Bank Alfred, lab, h. 156 Townscnd. 
Bank of Montreal Agency. 46 LaSalle. 
Ba iker Edward W., (Samuel Gieene & Co.,) 

h. 292 W. AVashingtcn. 
Banker Ferdinand, carpenter, h. cor. Division 

and Grace. 
Banker William H.. bookkeeper, C. E. Olm- 
sted & Co., h. 97 S. Sangamon. 
Bankratz Joseph, lab., h. 23 We-son. 
Banks A. 0., salesman, 28 Lake, h. 118 "W. 

Banks Abram A., clerk, h. 94 Harrison. 
Banks Austin, (cold), whitewa-iher, h. cor. 

Jackson and Market. 
Banks James X., physician, 44 Clark, h. same. 
Banks Michael, lab., 0. Kendall's Sons & Co., 

Slate St. bakery. 
Banks Stephen, lab., h. Il2 S Desplaines. 
Banks Stephen H., teamster, h. 48| Pearson. • 
Banks Thomas, lab., h. 174 X. Dearborn. 
Banks Thomas F., boarding, "02 Kinzie. 
Banks William H., bookkeeper, Larrabee &, 

North, bds 300 W. Adams. 
Bankson Andrew, express messenger, h. 9 7 N". 

BanksouMary, wid. Jonas, h. e. s. Butterfield, 

bet. 17th and 18th. 
Bankson Nels, grocer, 1 7 Larrabee, h. same. 
Banning Leander E, expressman, h.cor. S. Hal- 
sted and Van Buren. 
Bannon Times, cooper, bds. Elston rd. nr. 

North av. 
Bansar Henry, foreman. Woodruff k Payne, h. 

Canal Port av. nr. Jefferson. 
Banta Robert, machinist, bds. 313 State. 





Banta William S., (Ben Eyster & Co.,) bds. 

Garden City House. 
Banwe Nicholas, carpenter, b. w. s. X," Clark, 

nr. Division. 
Banvon Augustus, bookkeper, h. 134 Franklin. 
Banzer Charles, lab., h. Front, nr. Carpenter. 
Banzhaff Charles, grocer, 78 Mather, h. same. 
Banzhof Mrs., dressmaker, h. 63 Wesson. 
BAR JACOB, cooper, bet. Kinzie and Cook, 

h. 2d from Dunn. 
Baragwanath William, propr. Garden City 

Boiler Works, h. Franklin, 3d door n. of 

Barans Mr., h. Noble, bet. W. Kinzie and Hub- 
Barbe Bernhardt, h. 162 Adams. 
Barbe Martin, bookkeeper A. Kuh, bds 162 

Barbe Morris, salesman, 105 Lake, bds 162 

Barbe Simeon, clerk, bds. 162 Adams. 
Barbean John, painter, h. s. s. Goethe, w. N. 

Barbean Nicholas, cooper, w. s. N. Clark, nr. 

Barbear Joseph, glazier, 2*72 Wells, h. same. 
Barbear Louis, confectioner, 186 State, h. 62 

N. Clark. 
Barbega Peter, lab., al. r. Cornell, bet. Noble 

and Reuben. 
Barber Hermon T., boots and shoes, 143 W. 

Polk, h. same. 
Barber George L., (L. Barber & Son,) h. 45 S. 

Barber Francis E., com. mer., bds 181 Wa- 
bash av. 
Barber Frank, lab., C. H. McCormick & Bros. 
Barber Clark M., (Hill, Barber & Overshine,) 

h. 89 4th av. 
Barber Jacob, carpenter, h. 555 S. Canal. 
Barber James, lab. h. w. s. Mary, bet. Hickory 

and C. A. & St. L. R. R- 
Barber James, salesman, h. 25 Elm. 
Barber James, (col d,) express driver, h. 161 

4 th a v. 
Barber John S., h. 434 State. 
Barber Lemuel, (L. Barber & Son,) h. 45 S. 

Barber Mary, fancy millinery, h. 24 S. Clinton. 
Barber Mary J., saleswoman, J. B. Shay, bds. 

24 S. Carpenter. 
Barber Melinda, saleswoman, J. B. Shay, bds. 

24 S. Carpenter. 
Barber N. E., locksmith, h. 52 Chestnut. 
Barber Wordan H., (col'd,) waiter, h. 56 El- 

dridgc ct. 
Barber L. & Son, (Lemuel and George L.,) 

whol. grocers, 241 S. W. 
Barbian Antone, carpenter, h. w. s. N. Dear- 
born, nr. Division. 
Barbion Joseph, carpenter, h. 44 Pearson. 
Barbion Joseph, cooper, h. e. s. N. Dearborn, 

nr. Division. 
Barboro Dominick S., fruits, etc., 3 and 5 N. 

Barbour, clerk, (col'd) h. 89 4th av. 
Barbour Stillman, box maker, h. 267 S. Jeffer- 
Barby Martin, bookkeeper, 73 Lake, h. 


Barcen Mathias, cooper, h. s. s. Barber, bet. 
Jefferson and Canal. 

Barclay Daniel, show case mnfr., 82 Randolph, 
h. 198 Jackson. 

Barclay James H., carpenter, h. Division nr. 
N. Franklin. 

Barclav John, turner, h. 267 Huron. 

Barclay Lucien T., (Mather, Clary & Co.,) h. 
275 Erie. 

Barck, Charles, sailor, bds. 287 N. Water. 

Barck Gustavus W. physician, bds. 61 Kinzie. 

Bard Stacy, clerk, P. Palmer & Co. 

Bard Charles, clerk. P. Palmer & Co. 

Bard Samuel M., commission, 179 S. Water, 
bds. 28 Warren. 

Baeder Gottlieb, lab., w. s. Seward, bet. 16th 
and 18th. 

Barder H. B., lab., h. 23 Hinsdale. 

Barfus John, carpenter, h. e. s. Sedgwick nr. 

Barg Hermann, tailor, bds. 76 Green. 

Bargans Patrick F., h. 230 N. Halsted. 

Barger Hesekiah, h. 311 State. 

Baril Joseph, carpenter, h. w. s. Prairie ar., 
bet. 25th and 26th. 

Barke Miles, bootmaker, 24 W. Randolph, 
bds. same. 

Barker CD., shoemaker, 45 Wabash av. 

Barker Charles, (W. &. C. Barker,) h 71-f 
4th av. 

Barker Edwin W., clerk John B. King. 

Barker Eleg A., teamster, h. 266 AV. Ran- 

Barker Frederick, saddler, bds 331 Chicago av. 

Barker Frederick, bds. 205 Kenzie. 

Barker George F., whol. tea dealer, 89 S. Wa- 
ter, bds. Tremont house. 

Barker George M., travelling agt., h. 48 Pear- 

Barker Jabez, bricklayer, h. e. s. Clybourn 
av., nr. Blackhawk. 

Barker James, grocer, 181 S. Canal, h. same. 

Barker James S., com. mer., 7 Milwaukee av., 
h. 11 Milwaukee av. 

Barker John, Archer road, nr. Stewart av. 

Barker John, carpenter, h. Sampson, nr. Reu- 

Barker John H., clerk Durand Bros & Powers, 
bds. 34 Washington. 

Barker John M., salesman, J. M. Harvey, bds. 
109 Michigan. 

Barker John R. (Barker & lilslev,) h. 11 
3rd av. 

Barker Joseph, sailor, h. 90 W. Polk. 

Barker Joseph, saloon, 489 Clark, b. same. 

Barker Joseph N., (Barker & Tuley,) h. 102 
Indiana av., nr. 18th. 

Barker Margaret, wid., Richard, h. 185 For- 

Barker Melville, draughtsman with A. Carter, 
bds., 100 Monroe. 

Barker 0. B. foreman Gorge R. Roberts, bds. 
Dearborn, bet. 21st and 22d. 

Barker Patrick lab. M. S, & N. L R. R. 

Barker Thomas, clerk, bds. 11 4th av. 

Barker Thomas, clerk, bds. 109 Michigan. 

Barker William, (W. & C. Barker,) h. 7& 
4th a v. 

Barker William D., carpenter, h, 100 W. Mon- 





Barker & Illsley, (John R. Barker and Thomas 
0. Illsley,) hardware nier., 273 and 275 

Barker & Tuley, (Joseph N. Barker and Mur- 
ray F.. Tuiey,) hiwyers, 157 Randolph. 

Barkley John, lab., h. 205 Ewing. 

Barks John, lab., k Riicker, nr. Taylor. 

Barley Abraham, lab. Galena Elevator. 

Barley Peter, stone grinder, bd.?. Gurley, bet 
Blue Island av. and Morgan. 

Barley William T,, lab , h. 209 X. Clark. 

Barlow Charles, bookkeeper E. McDonald, bds. 
Metropolitan House. 

Barlow E. Louisa, teacher, bds. 252 State. 

Barlow H. S., ticket agt. Erie Railway, 64 
, Clark, h. 69 N. Green. 

Barlow Jacob, grocer, bds. 581 S. Canal. 

Barlow Mary, teacher, bds, 252 State. 

Barlow William, millstone worker T. W. Bax- 
ter & Co. 

Barman Henry, carpenter Thomas George. 

Barium Charles H., justice of peace, 30 W. 
Randolph, h. Washington a v. nr. Wood. 

Barnard Alice L., teacher Dearborn School, 
bds. 115 Superior. 

Barnard Daniel E., capt. Co. K. 8Sth III. Vols., 
h. 115 Superior. 

Barnard Frederick, (Beach & Barnard,) h. e. s. 
N. Clark, s. North av 

Barnard Gilbert W., clerk 81 Dearborn, h. 17 

Barnard II. J., engineer, h. North av. nr. El- 
ston rd. 

Barnard John F., railroad contractor, h. Cass 
n. e. cor. Superior. 

Barnard Thaddeus W., musician McYicker's 
Theatre, h, rear 144 State. 

Barnai'd Thomas, printer, h. 163 Townsend. 

Barnard William, millinery, 284 Clark, h. same. 

Barnes , clerk, bds. 87 3rd av. 

Barnes Aaron H., stock dealer, h. 356 S. Ca- 

Barnes Augustus, stonecutter, h. 26 Hills. 

Barnes Charles, clerk, 58 Dearborn. 

Barnes Charles B., patternmkr. I. C. R. R. 
Car Works, bds. 641 State. 

Barnes Charles H., carpenter, bds. 97 S. Clin- 

Barnes Charles C, com. mer. 233 Kin^ie, h. 
368 N. Wells. 

Barnes Dan. M., (Barnes & Sons), 19 S. Jef- 

Barnes Frank A., h. 386 S. Canal. 

Barnes George, lab., h. 40 W. Monroe. 

Barnes George, stonecutter, h. S. Halsted hel. 
Mitchel and Wright. 

Barnes Harlow, lab. E. K. Hubbard. 

Barnes Henry, lumber dealer, h. s. e. c. Lydia 
and N. Union. 

Barnes James, cooper, bds. 17 Cook. 

Barnes Jay, salesman, h. 128 4tb. 

Barnes J. Spencer, (Johnson, Edwards & Co.) 
bds. Metropolitan Hotel. 

Barnes Jonathan L., conductor C. & A. R. R., 
h. 153 W. Washington. 

Barnes Joseph, h. 26th, nr. Dyer av. 
Barnes Mary, wid. Richard, h. 236 Sherman. 

Barnes Matthew, horseshoer, h. Noble nr. 

Barnes Nelson H., engineer, h. 144 X. Jeffer- 

Barnes Nash, salesman Hall, Kimbark & Co. 

Barnes Orris A., salesman, H. D. Smith, 140 

Barnes Richarii, lab., h. 236 Sherman. 

Barnes Royal B., (Barnes & Sons,) h. 19 S. 

Barnes S. W., lab., h, 93 Whiting. 

Barnes Samuel, tanner, h. 128 -ith. 

Barnes Tobias, clothing, 3i Kinzie, h. same. 

Barnes William A., clerk, "bds. 169 Clark. 

Barnes William J., cooper, h. 13 S. Water. 

Barnes William P., (Barnes & Sons,) bds. 19 
S. Jefferson. 

Barnes & Sons, (Royal B., William P., and 
Dan M. Barnes,)' grocers, 80 and 82 W. 

Barnet Alexander, (Barnet & Murray), h. s. e. 
cor. Newberry and Mitchel. 

Barnet Alexander, type dresser, h. 172 N. Cur- 

Barnet James A., printer, bds. James Barnet. 

Barnet James, book and job printer, 189 Lake, 
h. Newberry cor. Mitchel. 

BARNET LOUIS, clothing, 176 Milwaukee av., 

Barnet & Murray, (Alexander Burnet and Alex- 
ander Murray), brass fo'inders and plumb- 
ers, 56 Washington. 

Barnett Abraham, (Barnett & Pflaura,) h. 73 
N. Clark. 

Barnett George, plasterer, h. r. 738 State. 

Barnett John, sailor, h. 679 State. 

Barnett John, baker, 0. Kendall's Sons & Co., 
State St. "oakerv. 

BARNETT & PFLAUM, (Abraham Barnett 
and Morris Pflaum,) clothing, 217 Ran- 
dolph, 73 N. Clark and 91 Wells. 

Barnev Jacob, master mechanic, C. & R. I. R. 
R., h. o7 Chu-k. 

Barnev Marcus S., clerk, C, & R. I. R. R., bds. 
435 Clark. 

Barney Philip, machinist, h. 703 Clark. 

BARNEY W. G., land agent, 112 Randolph, 
h. 274 Indiana. 

Barney William, liquors, h. 150 N. Green. 

Barnham William, sewing machines, bds.' 59 
3d av. 

Barnhard Casper, lab., Sieif & Lehman. 

Barnhart John, wagonmaker, h. Halsted nr. 
North av. 

Barnotz John, tailor, h. 178 Blue Island av. 

Barns Owen, shoemaker, 273| Michigan, h. 

Barnsfather George, foreman 111. Stone Co. 

Barnum D., self sewers, 133 Lake. 

Barnnm J. 0., provision dealtr, 55 State, h. 
69 Randolph. 

Barnum John, tin and hardware, Cottage 
Grove av. nr. 26th. 

Barnum Norval D., carpenter, bds. s. s. W? 
Lake nr. Lincoln. 

Barnum Richard S., (Barnum Brothers,) h. wf 
s. Michigan av. bet. 16th and 18th. 

Barnum Samuel, (Barnum Brothers,) h. 46 S. 

Barnum William H., (Barnum & Richardson,) 
h. Salisbury, Conn. 

Barnum Brothers, (Richard S. and Samuel,) 
toys and fancy goods, 138 Lake. 





Barnum & Richardson, Manufacturing Co., 
Foundry and Car Wheel Works. (Williani 
11. Barnum, Pres., Albert Ailing, Supt., 
C. C. Kellogg, Sec. and Treas.,) 58 & 60 
S. Jefferson. 

BARNY JACOB, master raeehanic, G. & R. I. 
R. R., b. 439 S. Clark. 

Baron Charles, painter, h. 2.35 3d av. 

Barquist B., wagon maker, h. 108 Sedgwick. 

Barr Charles, boots and shoes, cor. W. Harri- 
son and Foster, h. same. 

Barr Ferdinand, expressman^ h, 178 W. Lake. 

Barr Jacob, cooper, h, n. s. Cook nr. X, Jef- 

Barr T. B. (Rev.), h. 360 K Wells. 

Barras Thomas, baker, h. 356 Indiana. 

iarratt Caleb, bookkeeper, S. Sturges & Sons, 
bds. 24: Washington. 

Barratt Nicholas, express, h. 123 N. Union. 

Barren James, clerk, 17G S. Water, bds. 43 

Barren Joshua, h. Holly Springs, nr Judge Al- 
len''s farm. 

Barren Walter, lab. h. w. s. Main, nr. Orchard. 

Barrett Anthony L., salesman, h. 136 S. San- 

Barrett Anthony L., aalesraan, W. M. Ross & 
Co., h, 136 Sangamon. 

Barrett Arvilla, wid. Daniel J., h. 31 Pine. 

Barrett B. F., lieut. 2d Board of Trade Reg., 
h. Wok-olt, ni-. Thorn. 

Barrett C, police,, h. 102 Desplaines. 

Barrett Edward, lab.. Am. Ex. Co., bda. Gi- 
rard House. 

Barrett Edward M., clerk. Am. Ex. Co., bds. 
Girard Hnuse. 

Barrett Edmond, cattle dealer, b. 158 Fulton. 

Barrett Henry, h. 50 Hlinois. 

Barrett H. J.^ oil ranfr., L C. R. R. 

Barrett J., machinist, Richard's- Mnfg Co. 

Barrett J. P., pipeman,. engine no. 3, h. N. 
Wells n. e. cor. Oak. 

Barrett John, h. n. s. Augusta, nr. William. 

Barrett John, lab., h. s. s. Gott e w. N.Wells. 

Barrett John, lab., h. w. s. Butterfield, bet. 
16th and 17th. 

Barrett James, clerk, 16 Lake. 

Barrett Nicolaus, iron dealer, h. 123 Union. 

Barrett Oliver W., Am. Ex. office, bds. 343 
Michigan av. 

Barrett Oscar W., bookkeeper, B. W. Phillips, 
b. 286 W. Van Buren. 

Barrett Patrick, butcher, bds. Michigan Lake 

Barrett Richard J., law student, with Gookins 
Thomas & Roberts. 

Barrett Rosanna, wid., h. 139 N. Market. 

Barreit Samuel E., (Barrett, Powell & Co.,) 
Capt. CO. B. Chicago L. A. 

Barrett Soranus L., (Barrett, King & Co.,) h. 

239 Erie. 
Barrett Stephen, oil mnfr., N. R. R., h. w. s. 

State, 2d n. 15th. 
Barrett Thomas, mechanic, S3 Warren. 
Barrett Thomas, police, h. 206 Sherman. 
Barrett Winslow, shin carpenter, bd8. SI Pine, 
BARRETT, KLVG & CO., (Soranus L. Bar- 
rett, Henry W. King, and Charles P. Kel- 
logg,) clothing whol., 27 Lake, 

BARRETT, POWELL & CO., (Samuel E. Bar- 
rett, Moscs W. Powell, William H. Ar- 
nold and Nathaniel B. Mansfield,) felt 

and composition roofers, 8 Masonic Tem- 
ple blk. 
Barrick Edward, carpenter, h. Oak, nr. Green 

Bay rofld. 
Barringer William, teamster, J. J. Sands. 
Barron C. F., painter, L C. R. R. mac shop. 
Barron George, (Henry Milward & Co.,) bds. 

with H. Milward. 
Barron John, lab., h. 244 Halsted. 
Barron Michael, lab. h. W. Halsted, nr. 3rd. 
Barron Patrick, saloon, S N. Clark, bds. 181 

Barrow Timothy, ship caulker, h. 205 W. 

Barrow William, wig and toupee mnfr, 23' 

Clark, h. 39 Franklin. 
Barry Charles, teamster, h. 177 W. Madison. 
Barrv Charles S., carpenter, C. &. N. W. R. 

W. shop, h. IS S. Jefferson. 
Barry Edmund, bar tender, 1 Market. 
Barry Ellen, wid. John, h. e. s. Grove, bet, 

17th and IStli. 
Barry GaiTCt, lab., h. 96 N. La Salle. 
Barrv Garret, (William and Garret Barry,) 108 

N. Clark, 
Barry George, clerk gen. ticket offi:ce C. B. & 

Q. R. R., bds. 410- W. Mom oe. 
Barry Jame=, carpenter, li. n. a. DeKoven, nr. 

Barry James, drayman, KraefPt & Co., 
Barry James, grocer, n. s. Wright, nr. JeflPer- 

son, h. same. 
Barry James, ship carpenter, h. §67 S. Clinton, 
Barry James M., lab., b. w. s. Arnold, bet. 

16tb and 17th. 
Barry John, brass finisher, bds. S. Jefferson^ 

nr. Randolph. 
Barry John, lab.,, h. 157 Ewrng. 
Barry John, shoemaker, h. 13 PLirrison. 
Barry Lawrence, lab., h. 165 Ewing. 
Barry M., cKrk, bds. 23 S. Clinton. 
Barry Margaret, h. S. Clinton, nr. Taylor. 
Barry Michael, carpenter, h. Sedgwick, 9. e, 

cor. Granger. 
Barry Owen, lab., h. 80 Ohio. 
Barry Patrick, carpenter, h. Sedgwick, s. e. 

cor. Granger. 
Barry Patrick, lab., b. 14th, bet. Clark and 

Barry Patrick, soldier, b. s. s. DeKoven, nr, 

cor. Des Plaiues. 
Barry Richard, carpenter, b. Sedgwick, s. w, 

cor. Granger. 
Barry Richard, lab., h. Johnson, bet. 12th and 

Barry Robert, soldier, h. 202 W, Lake. 
Barry Samuel S., (Barry & Curbing,) h, 110 

W. Monroe. 
Barry Thomas, fireman, b. Clark, bet. 21st 

and 22d. 
Barry W. E., clerk Merchants Despatch, h. on 

State nr. Washington. 
Barry William, com. mer. h. nr. s. e. c. Green 

and W. Adams. 
Barry William, (William and Garret Barry,) 

h. 168 N. Clark. 





Barry William P., entry clerk Bowen Bros., 

bds. 2o N. Clinton. 
Barry William, lab., h. n. e. c. Franklin and 

BaTry William, lab. h. 2^27 N. La Salle. 
Barry William, sec'y Hist. Society, h. Greon 

Bay rd. nr. city limits. 
iBarry William and Garret, mathematical 

teachers, 168 N. Clark. 
BARRY & GUSHING, (Sauauel S. Barry, Xa- 

thaniel S. Gushing,) house and sign pain- 
ters, 64 Monroe. 
Barsteis Charles, lab., h, Shinbone al. 
Barston Abraham M., hatter, 143 S. Halsted 
Barstow Gardner S., salesman, 153 S. Water, 

k 71 Wabash av. 
Barstow Joseph, salesmaiL, J. P, Brewster, h. 

11 S. Aon. 
Bart B,, machinist,. R'chard's mnfg. co. 
Bart Mathias, tailor, bds. John Lauer. 
Bartbosomer C., lab., M. S. & N. I. R. R. 
Bartel John, carpenter, h. 198 N. Sangamon. 
Bartels Frederick, physician, 132 W. Lake, h, 

Bartels Henry, liquor dealer, 76 W. Lake, h. 

Bartels John, flour and feed, -249 Milwaukee 

av., h. same. 
Bartels John, lab., 171 W. Adams. 
Bartels William, lumber, h. 133 W. 12th. 
Barten Martin, mouldei-, Union Foundry, L 

286 3d av. 
Sarten Peter, mouider, Union Foundry, h. 286 

3d av. 
Bartenstein Henry, carpenter, h. w. s. X. Wells 

nr. North av. 
Barter Henrv L., clerk, C. A. & St. L. R. R., 

bds. 1«8 S. Canal. 
Bartgi-s James W., student, St. Mary's Uni- 
versity, bds. same. 
Barth Ann, wid. John, h. 130 W. Taylor. 
Barth Fred., private watchman, h. Plubbard 

bet. May md Rucker. 
Barth John, barber, 2 Rush. 
Barth Matthias, bds. W. 12th cor. S. Canal. 
Barth Mathias, gilder, h. 63 Green Bay. 
Barth Nicholas,"h. 280 Wolcott. 
Barth Nicholas, pipeman, Temnest, h. 175 "W. 

Barthel John, (Barthel & Stamni,) h. cor. San- 
gamon and Ford. 
Barthel Peter, (Sandmeyer & Klassen,) bds. 

215 State. 
Barthel & Stamm, (John Barthel and Henry 

Stamm,) cabinet mkrs., 54 Washington. 
Barthelme George, cabinet mkr., 56 N. Des- 

plaines, h. same. 
Bartholomae Franz, brewer, h. e. s. Wolcott, 

Dr. Churcli. 
Bartholomae Philip, foreman, Eagle Brewery, 

?. of s. Wolcott nr. Division. 
Bartholomew Thomas, h. s. s. Division, nr. N. 

Barthman Charles, pressman, h. 125 Fulton. 
Bartle Garribaldi, lab., h. w. s. Clybourne av. 

nr. Division. 
Bartle William, carpenter, h. 1 Hinsdale. 
Bartifis William, clerk, bds. 78 N. Clark. 

Bartleme Balthazar, turner, 21 S. Canal, h. 248 
N. Halsted. 

Bartlet John, butcher, h. S. Halsted, bet Max- 
well and Mitchel. 

Bartlett Buel H., h. 146 N. Wells. 

Bartlett Charles S., bookkpr., C. B. & Q. R. R. 
h. Ellis av. nr Douglas pi. 

Bartlett George F., clerk, 62 State, bds. cor. 
Green and Lake. 

Bartlett John, physician, 62 State bds. cor. 
Green and Lake. 

Bartlett John A., (Rawson & Bartlett,) h. 260 
W. Washington, 

Bartlett John G., meat market, n^ e. cor. S. 
Halsted and 14th, h, w. s. S. Halsted nr. 

Bartlet Mrs. Mary J., wid. Richard, h. 256 S. 

Bartlett Murray A., carpenter, bds. 483 State. 

Bartlett N. Gray, clerk, E. H. Sargent, bds. 
45 Michigan av. 

Bartlett Peter A., salesman, bds. 276 W. 12th. 

Bartlett Samuel 0. (Rev.,) h. 357 Washing- 

Bartlett Silas, dravman, (Philio Wadsworth &; 
Co.,) h. 276 W. 12th. 

Bartlett W. H. H., salesman, 25 Lake, bds. 
Michigan av. s. w. cor. Lake. 

Bartlett William, bds. 285 Clark. 

BARTLETT WILLIAM,gents furnishing goods 
and clothing, 133 Randolph, bds. Sher- 
man House. 

Bartlett William, lab,, Thompson & Templeton, 
h. w. s. Wabash av. bet. 23d and 24th. 

Bartlett William K., porter, F. S. Day, 

Bartley Dennis, soldier, h. 114 Carroll. 

Bartling Frederick, lab., M. S. & N. I. R. R. 

Bartman Charles, printer, li, 155 Fulton. 

Bartman JoIki, lab., h . e. s.Franklin, s. North 

Bartols John F., carpenter, h. 121 4th av: 

Barton August, shoemkr, h. 213 W. Lake. 

Barton Charles R., lumber mer., cor. Lumljer 
and 12th at 12th biidge h. 190 W. Wash- 

Barton Edward S., carriage smith, h. 143 

Barton Frank, lab., bds. 69 Blue Island av. 

Barton Joseph F., clerk, Fuller, Frink & Fuller. 

Barton J. J., clerk, h. Sand, bet. Erie and Hu- 

Barton Robert, lab., h. w. s. S. Jeft'erson and 

Barton Patrick, lab., h. n. e. cor. Gurlcy and 

Barton William, saloon, 1S9 W. Madison, h 

Bartouch Frederick, carpenter, h. cor. HarJin 
pi. and Douglas av. 

Bartram Henry, meat, 483 S. Clark, h same. 

Bartus Theodore, baker, h. cor. Dearborn and 
Archer rd. 

Bartz William, carpenter, h. 317 S. Jefferson. 

Barsell C. C, salesman, G. A. KoefHer, bds. 
New York House. 

Basch Abraham, clothing, 225 Clark, h. same. 

Basche Henry, barber, bds. Milwaukee House. 

Bascom Addison, engineer, Elevator, h. S. Ca- 
nal, bet. Wright and Barber. 


— A N D — 
No. 139 South Rueker St., cor. of West Van Buren st-, 


Where afflicted and suffering humanitv are 

il.Aiaf®¥AliTi¥ iXAMIIiiO 

which the HUMAN FLESH is HEIR, of both CHRONIC and ACUTE FORM. 

N. B. — Remarkable cures made among the chronically afflicted and debilitated humanity. 
We respectfully invite the attention of LADIES to the above in a special manner. 

Invalids can obtain First Class Rooms and Board at this Home of Health. Transient 
persons or citizens of Chicago, wishing to visit this Infirmary, can take the street cars at the 
City Hotel or at any point on Madison street, ride to the coiner of Rucker street, then go south 
3 J blocks to No 13;7. 

Examination Fee $!.00. PHce of med-icixes, manipulations, and use 

of the MINERAL BATTEliY, t»cc., according to the case or condition of the patient. Hours 
for advice and exarninatinn, from 9 A. M. to 4 P. M. (except in emergencies). The examina- 
tion and medical department under the supervision of SVIRS. JEf>dNIE DUTTON^ 
Clairvoyant Physician. Mrs. DUTTON will visit patients professionally at their residences 
when required. After one examination, transient patients can have medicines forwarded to 
them by Express. 

Medicines are Prepared and for Sale at this Infirmary, 

Afflicted and suffering humanity are very kindly invited to call and see. This infirmary 
has a retired, sightly, and clean, healthy location, upon a point of ground 15 feet above the 
Lake or River surface. The public are respectfully invited to visit the Home of Health. 
Transient persons corresponding will please inclose a return letter stamp. Address P.O.Box 4567. 

LEWiS BASCQM Sc CO., Proprietors. 




280 Madison Street, Chicago. 

Steam Boiler llaniifactiirers. 

All kinds of Marine, Locomotive and Tubular Boilers, 

lj^jrd Tj^isriis, TjJ^rt) dryers Sc coolers, 

Kepairs Promptly attended to. 

p. O. BOX 3915. 



liiUl^lBEEf' Sfailf SI, 

No. S16 South Clark St., up-stairs. 






Bascom Harney, h. 139 S. Rucker, c. W. Van 

BASCOM, LEWIS & CO., Proprietors Chi- 

cago Infirmary and Healing Institute, 139 

S. Rucker, cor. W. Van Buren. {See advt.) 
Baskam Rcbcrt, gardener, h. Division, cor. N. 

La Salle. 
Bass Cornelius, blacksmith, h. Washington 

av., bet. Paulina and Wood. 
Bass Fannj, teacher, Foster School, bds. S3 

S. Sangamon. 
Bass Ferdinand, clerk, 243 Lake. 
Bass Perkins, law3a'r, 42 Clark, h. n. s. War- 
ren, w. of Robey. 
Bass Joseph Henrv, lab., h. Hart, nr. Kinzie. 
Bass William B., baker, 0. Kendall's Sous & 

Co., bds. 204 N. Desplaines. 
Bassenhoish William, carpenter, h. 202 Mil- 
waukee av. 
Bassett Anna Mrs., h 156 N. Curtis. 
Bassett George, supt. of buildings, G. & C. U. 

R. R., resides Batavia. 
Bassett H. L., h. 131 W- Kinzie. 
Bassett Hemy D., (Doggett, Bassett & Hills,) 

h. Boston, Mass. 
Bassett Hiram, cooper, h. 156 X. Curtis. 
BASSETT JAMES B., wholesale agt., W. E. 

Burlock & Co., hoop skirts, 86 Lake, bds. 

Tremont House. 
Bassett Jared, (Sherman, Cooley & Co.,) h. 

Bassett Nelson, carpenter, bds. 92 Ohio. 
Bassett Nelson M., clerk, G. & C. U. R. R., h. 

Ohio, nr. Claru. 
Bassett Samuel J., grocer, w, s State, nr. 22nd. 

h. same. 
Bassett Thomas, (Bassett & Hammond,) h 

BASSETT & HAMMOND, (Thomas Bassett 

and Charles N. Hammond,) hats, caps and 

furs, 124 Lake. 
Bassett Mrs., midwife, h. 156 N. Curtis. 
Bast Henry H., N. W. R. AV., h. W. Indiana, 

cor. Noble. 
Barton Jacob, stonecutter, s. s. 21st., bet. 

Clark and Arnold. 
Baston John, varnish er, bds. n. s. 14th. 

bet. Jefferson and Canal. 
Batcheller Webster, bds. Garden City House. 
Bateham William B., shingle mnfr., 329 S. 

Canal, h. 138 W. Monroe. 
Bateman Samuel, dry goods, 415 Clark, h 

Bates David, drover, h. n. s. 26th., bet. Calu- 
met av. and Cottage Grove av. 
Bates Eli, (Mears & BiUes,) h. 367 Onts-rio. 
Bates George C. (Bates & Towslee,) room 9, 

Walker's bldg. 
Bates Henry L., printer, h. lYl Washington. 
Bates Henry W., clerk, Mears & Bates, bds. 

367 Ontario. 
Bates Horatio N., shipper, h. n. e. cor. S. Canal 

and Mitchell. 
Ba^es John, com. mer.. 86 S. Water, h 45 N. 

Bates Joseph, machinist, h. 148 Green. 
Bates Julius A., clerk, Stryker & Co., bds. 172 

Bates Louis, (col'd.) expressman, h. 39 4th av. 
Bates Margaret Mrs., b. 148 N. Green. 

BATES MRS. MARY J., Female Intelligence 
Office, 171 Washington. 

Bates Thomas B., check elk., M. C. R. R., bds. 
27 Michigan av. 

Bates, Stone & Co., (Harry B. Bates, Rens- 
selaer Stone and William H. Calvert,) 
com. mer., 219 S. AVater. 

Bates & Towslee, (George C. Bates and Henry 
B, To"\vslee,) lawyers, rooms 6, 8 & 10, 
AValker's blk., 541 Dearborn. 

Batesman John, shoemaker, h. 37 4th. 

Bathke Charles, carpenter, bds. Union Hotel. 

Batka Frederick, carpenter, h. 36 Elm. 

Bathley John, carpenter, h. 267 Huron. 

Batt Joseph, lab., h. AV. Kinzie, cor. Noble. 

Batta Deitrich, carpenter, Aberdeen, bet. Tay- 
lor and 11th. 

Batter John H., 9 Court House, h. Blackhawk, 
cor. Clyborn av. 

Batterman Dennis, bds. William, nr. Looniis. 

Battermann Henry C, grocer, 185 AA^. Lake, h. 

Battermann John 0., grocer, 149 S. Canal, h. 

BATTERSBY JOSEPH, photographer, 62 N. 

Battershall William, h. Douglas av. nr. Cot- 
tage Grove av. 

Battewell George AV., cattle and grain dealer, 
h. AVashington av. bet. Wood and Lin- 

Batting Matthias, (Kremple& Co.) h. 194 Wells. 

Battle John, lab., h. nr. cor. W. Adams and 

Battle AVilliam, ostler, AV right & Currier. 

Battles Jacob, boilermaker P. AV. Gates & Co. 

Battner Daniel, barber, 201 N. Clark h. same. 

Battv Richard, machinist, C. H. McCormick& 

Baubien AA^illiam S., merchant's police, h. 216 
N. Carpenter. 

Baude Francis, gardener, 196 N. Peoria. 

Bauer Augustus, architect, 51 and 53 La Salle 
h. N. LaSalle s. of Elm. 

Bauer Henry, lab., bds. 125 LaSalle. 

Bauer Hermann, salesman, bds. 17 Hickory. 

Bauer Jodocus, lab., h. Haynes alley, nr. Sedg- 

Bauer John, lab., b. 54 Wesson. 

Bauer John, lab., h. w. s. Larrabee, nr. Little- 
ford rd. 

Bauer JohnK., bookkeeper, bds. 17 Hickory. 

Bauer Joseph, carpenter, h. n. s. Schiller, w. 

BAUER JULIUS, musical instruments, 99 
Clark, varieties, 104 N. Clark, bds. 17 

Bauer Kasper, lab., h. N. Wells, nr. North av. 

Bauer Ludwig, filecutter, h. n. s. Barber, nr. 

Bauer Pankratz, saloon, 184 Blue Island av. h. 

Bauer Xavier, tanner, b. n. s. Rees, nr. Cly- 
bourn av. 

BaiTcrle Leonhard, (Bauerle & Biehlenberg) h. 
AV. Indiana bet. Wood and Lincoln. 

Bauerle & Biehlenberg (Leonhard Bauerle, 
and Peter B. Biehlenberg), cabinet mkrs, 
AV. Indiana, bet. AVood and Lincoln. 

Baughan Alfred, collar maker, h. 84 AV. Adams. 





Baughman, printer, bds. 352 Clark. 

Bauhind Hammon, saloon, 170 Clark, h. same. 

Bauld D., engineer, C. S. S. Refinery. 

Baum Henry, M. S. & N. I. R. R. Stephen, porter C. H. Beckwith, h. 

Larrabee cor. Clybourn av. 
Baumann Edward, architect with C. Burling, 

h. 406 Erie. 
Baumann Fredrick, (Wallbaum & Baumann) h. 

406 Erie. 
Baumann George, butcher, 1.5 S. Canal, h. 

Baumann Julius, barber, 207 Randolph, h. 198 

S Wells- 
Baumeister, Joseph, musician, h, 124- Ohio. 
Baumeister Pankrantz, h. n.s. Front, bet. Race 

and HoH. 
Baumeister Theodore, carpenter, h. 98 Wes- 
Baumeister William, lab. T. C. Smith & Co. 
Baumer Giistavus H., U. S. Custom House. 

h. 152 Illinois. 
Baumgardner Betsey, wid. Jacob, h. 57 S. Clin- 
Baumgardner Jacob, bartender with Henry 

Baumgardner John, carpenter, h. Taylor, bet. 

May and Rueker. 
Baumgardner Peter, gardener, h. Cedar, nr. 

Green Bay. 
Baumgartner John, h. Taylor, bet. May and 

Baumont Joseph, machinist, G. & C. U. R. R. 

b. Reuben. 
Baumstein Henry, tailor, h. 42 4th. 
Baur John, painter, bds. n. e. cor. Wolcott and 

Baur Joseph, carpenter, h. s.s. Rumsey, e. Sedg- 
Baur Matthew, carpenter, h. Ill Mather, 
Baur Sebastian, clerk 188 Lake, bds. Division 

nr. c. Wolcott. 
Baur Sebastian, lab., h. n. e. c. Wolcott and 

and Division. 
Baursock lleury, lab., h. ii. s. North av., nr. 

N. Wells. 
Bausenbach Charles G., watchmaker, 523 S. 

Canal, h. same. 
Bauspies Marthien, teamster, h. Newberry, 

• bet. 12th and Taylor. 
Batz Carl, private 13th 111. vol., h. n. s. Rees, 

nr. Clybourn av. 
Bauter William, butcher, h. 51 Milwaukee av. 
Bavin Edward, salesman, 124 Randolph, h. 

cor. Halsted and Monroe. 
Bavin William, tea importer, 124 Randolph, 

h. 81 4th av. 
Bavin William, tea, coffee and spice, h. 101 

S. Halsted. 
Baw^ Samuel, carpenter, h. Laflin, nr. Taylor. 
Bawmau Frederick R., sailor, h. w. s. Wolcott, 

nr. Grand Haven slip. 
Baxter A. Sidney, com. broker, 6 Dole's bldg., 

h. 46 Jackson. 
Baxter Albert P., bookkeeper, bds. 52 Wol- 
Baxter Daniel F. (Webster & Baxter), h. 213 
, Baxter E. H., printer, S. P. Rounds, bds. 157 

Baxter George, shipsawyer, h. 482 S. Hal- 
Baxter Gilbert, carpenter, h. W. 12th, nr. 

Baxter George, carpenter, h. s! s. O'Brien, nr. 

Baxter George, ship carpenter, h. W. Chicago 

av., nr. the river. 
Baxter Henry J., h. 52 Wolcott. 
Baxter Jane, wid. William, h. 236 W. 12th. 
Baxter John, cabinet-maker, h. 12th. bet. 

Union and N. Despliines. 
Baxter M. A., lib., C. H. McCormick & Bros. 
Baxter Patrick, drayman, h. 157 Market. 
Baxter Richard W., P. 0. Box 228. 
Baxter Thomas G., h. 316 Fulton. 
Baxter Thomas W. (T. W. Baxter & Co.), h. 

6 Aberdeen. 
Baxter William, Briggs House, h. 180 W. 

Baxter William, shoemaker, h. e. s. Sedgwick, 

nr. Schiller. 
Baxter William W., bootcutter, bds. 17 Cook. 
Baxter William W., tiav. agt. Day, Allen & 

Co., bds. 40 Jackson. 
Baxter T. W. & Co., Chicago mill furnishing 

depot, foot W. Washington. 
Bay Henry K., sign painter, bds. 144 Market. 
Bay Ida Mrs., h. 144 Murket. 
Bayliss Henry M. (Wheeler & Bayliss), bds. 

City Hotel. 
Bayne W., machinist, I. C. R.R. machine shop. 
Bayne William, clerk, C. H. McCormick & 

Bros., h. Whitney, nr. the lake. 
Beach Charles M., h. 136 Griswold. 
Beach Henrv A., clerk B. W. Phillips & Co., 

bds. 17 N. Wells. 
Beach James S., physician, 132 Dearborn, h. 

119 3d a v. 
Beach John, driver A. E. Co., bds. 43 Michi- 
gan av. 
Beach John, h. n. s. Beach, nr. Loomis. ■ 
Beach Samuel S. (Beach & Barnard), printer, 

h. 29 W. Washington. 
Beach William H., supt. Goss & Phillips, h. 

550 Wabash av. 
Beach & B^irnard, (Samuel S. Beach and Fred- 
erick Barnard,) printers, 14 Clark. 
Beagan John, carpenter, h. e. s. LaSalle, bet. 

'I9th and 30th. 
Beal George A., brakesman, bds. 125 Michi- 
Beal Madison (M. Deal & Co.), h. S3 4th av. 
Beal Richard J., carriage ninfr., 142 W. Mad- 
Beal Thomas L., policeman Armory, h. 227 

Beal Madison & Co. (Madison Beal), real es- 
tate agts. and money brokers, 212 Ran- 
Bealer George, engineer, h. — Milwaukee av. 
Beals Zira P., clerk J. F. Humphrey & Co., 

bds. 12 N. Sangamon. 
Beam Charles, sailor, Wentworth av., nr. 22d. 
Beamen Elizabeth, wid. Adolphus, h. 10 Gris- 
Beamish John, lab., h. 89 W. Liberty. 
Bean Edwin (Clark & Bean), bds. 341 Ohio. 
! Bean Michael, saloon. Grove, nr. Archer rd. 
i Beans Amos, h. 228 Wells. 





Bear Anton, musician, Great AVestern Band, 
452 Claik, ti. same. 

Bear John, lab., H. A. Pitts & Co. 

Bear M. B., clerk M. Busse, bds. 82 N. Clark. 

Bear Richard II. E., boarding, 43 W. Wash- 

Beard Amo:, carpenter, h. 166 W. Van Buren. 

Beard Charles, lab., Xewaygo Co., h. S. Hal- 

Beardel Charles, policeman, h. 20.5 \V. Ran- 

Beardslee Charles, (Charles Beardslee & Bros.,) 
h. St. Louis. 

Beardslee Charles, engineer rolling mills, h. 
268 X. Wells. 

Beardslee Phiueas, (Charles Beardslee & Bros.,) 
h. St. Louis. 

Beardslee Reuben, (Charles Beardslee &Bros..) 
h. New York. 

and Reuben Beardslee,) cloths, cassimeres 
and vestmgs, whol., 56 Lake. 

Beardsley Addison U., 40 Clark, bds. 509 W. 

Beardsley George H., purchasing agt. and pay- 
master C. & R. I. R. R. office, cor. 12th 
St. and 4th av., h. e. s. Michigan av., bet. 
24th and 25th. 

Beardsley Hiram II., physician, 85 Ram'olph, 
h. 50'J W. Lake. 

Beardsley Jerome J., lawyer, h. cor. Douglas 
av. and 24th. 

Beardsley Jerome G. P. 0. clerk, h. cor. Doug- 
las av. and 24th. 

Beardsley Lawrence S., teller Doolittle's bank, 
bds. 509 AV. ijake. 

Bearer Obadiah, t;ulor, h. 197 Huron. 

Bearmaii Henry, bridgetender, W. Mudison st. 

Bearse Robert, sailor, h. Morgan nr. Taylor. 

Beasant Frederick F., caroenter, Leland & 
Mixer, h. 118 W. Van Buren. 

Bease Ciiarles, lab., h. 207 Itlinoi.-^. 

Beaslau William, clerk, Fred. Heide, bds. 174 

Beasley G. Frank, medicil student, bds. 146 

Beaton Alice, wid. George, h. 148 X. Des- 

Beaton Elizabeth, h. 77 X. Market. 

Beaton William, bootmkr., h. Maxwell, nr. 

BEATON WILLIAM, plumber, 83 Washing- 
ton. {Sre adv't., ;a 28.) 
■BEATTIE CHARLES J., attorney, 114 Dear:, 
born, h. 486 Michigan av. 

Beatty Alice, wid. George, h. 148 X. Des- 

.Beatty Henry, teamster, bds. cor. Reuben and 

Beattv James, 72nd reg. 111. Vol., h. 162 M. 

BEATTY J0HX F., sec. Board of Trade, h. 
Prairie av., third s. ot 18th. 

Beaty Phillip, machinist, h. Spring, nr. Went- 
worth av. 

Beaty William, teamster, h. cor. Elston rd. 
and Wabaiisia av. 

Beaubien Alexander, (Beaubien & Robinson,) 
h. SI 9 W. Lake.' 

Beaubien & Robinson, (Alexander Beaubien 
and Joseph Robinson,) grocers, 319 W. 

Beauchainp Joseph, cabinetmkr. and repairer, 
140 State. 

Beaupie William H., ship carpenter, h. 245 
S. Desplaines. 

Beaur Jacob, soldier, h. 14 Polk. 

Bebbington E. K., clerk Lill tfe Diversy. 

Bebbit John, carpenter, h. 557 S. Canal. 

Bechel Joseph, carpenter, h. 171 W. Madison. 

Bechstein Henry, harnessmkr., h. 284 State. 

Bechtoff Joseph, baker, h. w. s. X". AVells, nr. 

Beck Augustus, (Beck & Wirth,) h. 147 Mon- 

Beck Charles, blacksmith, h. 128 Townsend. 

Beck Christian, butcher, h. s. s. Front, bet. 
Reuben and Noble. 

Beck George, clerk Mears & Bates. 

Beck George H., tailor William Turner, Lake, 
h. 335 Charles. 

Beck Henry, packer, n. s. 22d, nr. Archer rd. 

Beck Henry, lab., Kraefft & Co. 

Beck Igna'z, h. Dayton, bet. Willow and Ciay. 

Beck John, fireman, C. S. S. Refinery. 

Beck John, sailor, h. 95 Forquer. 

Beck Joseph, tailor, h. s. s. Bunker, nr. Hal- 

Beck Xeil G., tailor, h. 37 Hubbard. 

Beck Philip, shoemaker, h. s. w. c. Henry and 

Beck Stephen, deputy cleik. Circuit Court, 
room 6, Court House. 

Beck Theodore, cigar maker, Krausman k Co., 
h. 244 Wells. 

BECK & WiRTH, (Augustus Beck and Cbas. 
Wirth,) wiiol. tobacco and cigars, 95 S. 

Beeke William, milk peddler, h. s s. Lvdia, nr. 

Becker , lab,, 22 Harmon ct. 

Becker Charl°s, saloon and boarding, n. e. cor. 
S. Canal and Meagher, h. same. 

Becker Charles, shoemaker, bds. n. s. Archer 
rd. bet. Bonfield and Main. 

Becker Christopher, lab., h. Sampson, bet. 
Throop and Loomis. 

Beckei Ferdinand, shoemaker, 200 VanBaren. 

Becker Frederic, lab., C. W. Cook. 

BECKER FREDERICK, ed. and propr. Chi- 
cago Union, 233 Randolph, h. 71 W.Lake. 

Becker" Fred, U. S. asst. asses.sor, room 2, 
X"ewbarv blk., h. n. w. cor. Schiller and 

Becker George, shoemaker, h. 54 3Iilwaukeo 

Becker Gideon L., clerk with Vroman Becker. 

Becker Gottleib, tinsmith, h. w. s. Sedgwick, 
nr. Rumsey. 

Becker Gottried, lab., h. e. s. Church, nr. 
X'orth av. 

Becker H., lab., C. H. McCormiek & Bros. 

Becker Henry, sailor, h. Front, nr. Reuben. 

Becker Hilger, miller, State Mills, h. 22 Har- 
mon ct. 

Becker Jacob, (Hettich & Becker,) 83 W. Ad- 

Becker Jacob, shoemaker h. Sedgwick, s. e. 
cor. Loewe. 

42 HALPix & bailey's 





Late of Drs. LIGHTHILL'S IISTSTITUTE, No. 34 St. Marks Place, 3S". Y. 

Can be consulted dailj', between the houis of 10 A. M. and 4 P. M. at bis residence, 

ff<tJo. 175 Michigan Avenue, Ciiicago, Ml. 




162 & J64 Lake Street Corner of La Salle, Chicago, 

Conirriercial Blanks of every Description, Maps, 



AnctlM mi C®iiiii«i®i lercltJiiits, 

122 & 124 Dearborn St., (Cobb's Building,) 
P. O. Box 1597. - - - OIIIOAG-O, ILL. 

Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware. Queensware, Boots, Shoes, &c., Real Es- 
tate, Personal Property, Bonds, Stocks Mortgages, and Notes received IN TRADE. All 
business transactions strictly contidential. Liberal Cash Advances made on all kinds of 
Merchandise. Auction Sales every week. 

^1S<0. OL..^irX3^ &:; NOT^ 

Blacksmitlis & MacMnists, 


Manufacturers of C. McGinnis' Patent Smut Machine, and Separa' 
tor combined, Mill Jackets, Riddle Bottoms, Cockle Screens, Malt Kiln 
Floors, Punching Machines to punch from 1 to 50 holes. Also, Bank 
Vaults, Fireproof Doors and I31inds, Plain ;ind Ornamental cast and i 
wrot iron work for buildings. Carpenters and Masons take notice. 





Becker Jacob, teamster, h. s. w. c. Henry and 

Becker John, lab., h. w. s. Burling, nr. Willow. 
Becker John, hairdresser, (Hettich & Becker,) 
Becker John, mason, h. n. s. 2'2d, bet. Arnold 

and LaSalle. • 

Becker Joseph, carpenter, h. w. s. X. Wells, 

nr. Loewe. 
Becker Joseph, (Russell & Becker,) w. s. N. 

AVells!, nr. North av. 
Becker Matthias, undertaker, 151 N. Clark, h. 

101 Lairabee. 
Becker Michael, with Peshtigo Co. 
Becker Michael, jr., with Peshtigo Co. 
Becker Peter, lab., h. n. s. North av. w. N. 

Becker Philip, trunk mnfr., 151 Jackson, h. 

141 Jackson. 
Becker Rudolpli, salesman, W. M. Ross & Co., 

h. 231 N. Franklin. 
Becker Theodore, clerk, Simon Klein & Co., 

bds. 1-13 Monroe. 
Becker Yroinan, mnfr and dealer in all kinds 

of lumber, 460 N. Water, h. w. s. Sedg- 
wick n. Asylum av. 
Becker Wilhelm, tailor, h. n. s. Rees, nr. Cly- 

bourn av. 
Becker William, lab., h. w. s. Reuben, nr. Cor- 
BECKER & KOPSELL, (Philip Becker and 

August Kopsell,) truukmakers, 103 Ran- 
Beckerlev James G., engineer P. 0., h. 168 S. 

Beckerman J. H. F., salesman, Phelps & See- 

ly, bds. s. e. cor. Elm and Wolcott. 
Beckerman John, sailmaker, h. s. s. Granger 

w, N. Wells. 
Beckers Augustus C, Citv Plumbing Works, 

78 S. Wells, bds. Briggs House. 
Beckcrt Henrv, sutler 51st 111., h. 176 Ohio. 
BECKERT LEOPOLD, sign painter and blk. 

lettermkr., 465 Wells, {See adv. p. 28) 
Becket F. W., blacksmith, h. n. s. Archer rd. 

bet. Bonfield and Main. 
Beckett James D., sale stable, 31 and 33 S. 

Canal, h. 134 S. Sangamon. 
Beckink Theodore, wagon maker, h. s. s. Lin- 
den w. N. Wells. 
BECKWITH CHARLES H., who!, grocer, 

113 and 115 S. Water, cor. Dearborn, h. 

208 Wab.ish av. 
Beck with Corydon, lawver, 16 Dearborn, h. 

368 Ohio. 
]5eckwith Elias, carpenter, h. 91 Pearson. 
Beckwiih Henrv J., drug clerk, 144 Lake, 

room Rice's lildg. 
Beckwitli John jr , clerk C. &. R. I. Freight 

office, bds. 57 Portland blk. 
Bectin Joseph, (Bectiu & McKey), h. Hunt nr. 

Bectin & McKey, (Joseph Bectin and James 

McKev), 24 Kinzie. 
Bede M., lab., h. Twelfth nr. 3rd av. 
Bedee Frank, clerk G. W. Flanders & Co. 
Beder Henrv, lab., h. r. 179 W. Randolph. 
Bedford George T., (Bedford, Meredith & Co.) 

h. 13 N. Peoria. 
Bedford John W., clerk L C. R. R., h. Ill 


Bedford Mary A., wid. Elias, h. 256 Vv'. Ran- 
Bedford Wilson, carriage mkr., bds. 283 W. 


Bedford and David Meredith), com. mers-, 

226 S. Water. 
Bedike Henry, grocer, h. 69 N. Sangamon. 
Bee Joseph, boilermkr., bds. 672 State. 
Beebe Charles S., (Drake & Beebe), 100 Madi- 
BEEBE GAYLORD D., physician, 85 Clark, 

h. same. 
Beebe George T., (Wright & Beebe,) h. Elm, 

nr. cor. Clark. 
Beebe H. S., bookkeeper A. Hanson &Co., h'. 

280 Hlinois. 
Beebe H. W., trav. agt. Shores & Tator, bds. 

Stewart House. 
Beebe Joseph, engineer, h. 16S Halsted. 
Beebe Mrs. L. L., boarding, 280 Hlinois. 
Beebe Luther, machinist, h. W. Indiana cor. 

Beebe Marv, wid. Charles, h. 315 Clark. 
BEEBE THOMAS H , prest. Peshtigo Co., h 

39 Pine. 
Beebe William J., trav. agt. McCormick &Co., 

h. w. s. Clybourn av. nr. Division. 
Beech Frank, telegrapher, bds. 114 LaSalle. 
Beecham Horace K., clerk Ti'ibune office. 
Beechcr Jerome, office 6 Cobb's bldg., h. 241 

Michigan av. 
Beecher Marshall P., freight agt. G. & C. U. 

R. R., bds. Illinois nr. Dearborn. 
Beecher William F., (Beecher & Parker), h. n. 

s. 26th, nr. Cottage Grove av. 
BEECHER & PARKER, (William F. Beecher 

and T. Sylvester Parker), air heating fur- 
nace and stoves,<280 Madison. {See advt. 

jmge 38). 
Beecroft Mary, h. Elizabeth, nr. Madison. 
Beecroft Thomas, lab., h. Myrick av. nr. Har- 
din pi. 
Beekman John, painter, bds. N. York Housed 
Beer Joseph, lab., h. North av. nr. Elston rd. 
Beers C. H., produce broker, h. 174 Ontario. 
Beers Cyrenus, contractor, h. 819 W. Monroe. 
Beers John, (J. Beers & Co.,) h. 18 Congress. 
Beers Samuel, engineer I. C. R. R., bds. Gage 

Beers Wm., clerk C. B. Brown k Co., bds. 319 

W. Monroe. 
Beers J. & Co., (John Beers and Albert C. 

Cole,) mer. tailors and clothiers, 89 Lake. 
Beese Adolph H., carpenter, 44 W. Lake, h. 

221 Milwaukee av. 
Beese Ernst, barber, bds. 226 Michigan. 
Beger John, saloon Clark n. e'. c. 16th, h. same. 
Beggerman Henry, lab., h. s. s. Barber, nr. 

Beglan Mary, saloon 89 Kinzie, h. same. 
Begole Bradlev B., carpenter and joiner, 120 

Hlinois, h. 60 N. Wells. 
Behles Matthias, boilermkr., h. e. s. N. Clark, 

nr. Division. 
Behles Peter, boiler mkr , h. Clybourn av. nr. 

Behling John, miller, h. e. s. Arnold, nr. 16th. 
Behm John N., wagon mkr., c. s. Blue Island 

av. nr. Twelfth, h. same. 







eiiWS' FiiNKiiiNi^ umm. 

,/^"" - 

























•ii:,riiiLK-L^..i — 

o Id 

o 0^ 

H p 


WESTERN TRADE, and is of the very BEST MANUFACTURE. ; 

For Style and Durability unsurpassed. We hesitate not to say ours is the ■ 



Kept by any House in the city of Chicago, for 

Eetail Trade^ j 



Head Quarters, 

388 Broadway, New York. 

G. T. BELBmG & CO., 

100 and 102 Randolph St. 





Bebra Louis, shoe mkr., Cottage Grove av. nr. 
25th, h. same. 

Behr Georfje, saloon, w. s. State nr. 21st. 

Behr Henry, lab., h. Cljbourn ar., nr. Shef- 
field a\'. 

Behr Henry, butcher, h. s. s. Archer rd., nr. 

Behrens George, carpenter, h. n. s. Augusta, 
nr. Noble. 

Behrens William, shoemaker, h. 146 Sedg- 

Behringer John, tailor, bds. 100 Wells. 

Beicher John, clerk P. 0., h. w. s. Sedgwick, 
nr. Rumsey. 

Beidler Henry, (J. Beidler & Bro.,) h. Mus- 

Beidler Jacob, (McMulIen, Funk & Co., and J. 
Beidler & Bro.,) h. 261 W. Washington. 

Beidler J. & Bro., (Jacob and Henry Beidler,) 
lumber, Beach cor. W. Taybr. 

Beiersdoif Jacob, furniture, 203 Lake, h. same. 

Beigler Mrs. Mary, h. 36 Green Bay. 

Beinerz Henry, harness maker. Blue Island 
av., Viet. 12th and Coolidge, h. same. 

Beinhufl'Fred., dravman, h. w. s. Green nr. N. 

Beirlein John C , (Rickard & Beierlein,) h. e. 
s. Arnold, bet. 16th and 17th. 

Beilfuss William, grocer, 355 State, h. same. 

Beirs Mrs. H., millinery, 52 W. Randolph, h. 

Beis John, lab., h. Front, nr. Halsted. 

Beisman John, lab., Goss & Phillips, h. 14th, 
cor. Canal. 

Beisel Stephen, basket maker, h. w. s. Dear- 
born, bet. 21st and 22d. 

Beister Heinrich, lab. h. w. s. Hulbert, nr. Lin- 

Beitpuss Chas., teamster, bds. s. e. c. Benton 
and Lancaster. 

Beits G. & W. (Gashar and William,) soap ! 
dealers. Hawthorn av., bet. Canal and i 
Davidson. i 

Bek Gottleib, lab., h. 165 W. Halsted, bet. In- , 
diana and Hubbard. | 

Beker Margaret, wid. Michael, bds. 205 W. 

Beker Jacob, mer. tailor, w. s. N. Wells, s. 
North av. 

Bekerd Charles, gardener, h. w. s. N. Wells, 
nr. N. North av. 

Belcher William H., C.S.S. refinery, N. Water, 
h. 3:^6 Indiana. 

Beldam Thomas, h. e, s. State, bet. 23d and 

Belden C. W., (Tyler, Belden & Co.,) bds. Tre- 
mont house. 

Belden George D., student Quinlan & Gush- 
ing, 83 Clark. 
Belden Oliver W., (William Blair & Co.,) h. 

453 Wabash av. 
Belden Hiram W., clerk Sam. Patrick's Hotel. 
Belden John S., bookkeeper C. L. Noble, bds. 

2 Van Buren. 
Belding George T., (G. T. Belding & Co.,) h. 

219 W Adams. 
Belding William, painter, h. 109 N. Clinton. 
BELDING G. T., & CO., (George T. Belding 
and ,) clothiers, 100 and 102 Ran- 
dolph. {See aJvi. op. page.) 

Belfiehl William, box maker, bds. 45S S. Clin- 

Belg Peter, moulder, h. 136 N. Des Plaines. 

Belgean , gardener, h. n. s. Simon, e. 


Belgian Consulate, 120 N. Weils. 

Belknap Augustus L., com. mer., room 5 Nor- 
ton blk^, h. 279 W. Lake. 

Belknap George H., carpenter, h. 26 Du Puv3- 

Belknap Simon, carpenter, h. 300 Cannl. 

Bell A. L.. clerk C. & A. R. R., hdi. Adams 

Bell Alexander, pork packer, h. 845 State. 

B '11 Arthur M., bds. 199 W. Harrison. 

Bell Barber, machinist, h. Ill W. Madison. 

Bell Charles, clerk land department L C. R. R., 
bds. 221 Indiana. 

Bell Daniel P., clerk general freight agent, 
office C. B. & Q. R. R., h. 24th, nr. Doug- 
las av. 

Bell Digby Y., h. 298 Chicago av. 

Bell Elizabeth, dressmaker, h. 457 State. 

Bell George, boilermaker, h. 603 State. 

Bell H. Rutgers, phvsician, 8 Ewingblk. 

Bell Isaac, clerk C. & A. R. R., h. 140 W. 

Bell James, (Bell & Irons,) h. w. s. Wisconsin, 
between Sedgwick and Little Fort rd. 

Bell Janet, wid. William, boarding, 109 Mich- 

Bell John, carpenter, h. s. s. Division, nr. 

Bell John, machinist, h. 124 N. Carpenter. 

Bell John H., express, 267 W. Randolph. 

Bell Johnson, plumber, h. e. s. Sedgwick, nr. 
N. Linden. 

Bell Joshua, prop. Vermont House, 19 Market. 

Bell Rufus P., artist, h. 134 Washiirgton av. 

Bell Samuel J., machinist, h 124 Carpenter 

Bell Thomas, cooper, h. n. s. Hickory, nr. 

Bell Thomas, macinist, h. 134 Griswold. 

Bell William, blacksmith, bds. Michigan Lake 

Bell William R., br&kesman, C. A. k St. L. 
R. R., h. cor. Green and W. Adams. 

Bell William W., (McGovern & Co.,) h. 314 
W. Madison. 

BELL k IRONS, (James Bell and James 
Iron=,) plumbers, 143 Wells. 

Bellamy Alfred, (Bellamv, Jacobs & Co.,) h. 
746 Wabash av. 

BELLAMY JACOBS & CO., (Alfred Bellamy 
and B. Frank Jacobs,) com. mers. and 
fruit, 161 S. Water. 

Bellanger Richard, R. R. police, h. 132 Hub- 

Bellard John, lab., h. 373 S. Clinton. 

Bellew Frank, drayman, h. Sholto, nr. Polk. 

Bellew John, carpenter, h. r. 137 W. Adams. 

Bellinger Henry, clerk, h. Thorn, nr. Green 

Bellmaun Henry, shoemaker, 348 S. Canal. 

Bellows Lydia C, wid. Benjamin C, h 255 

Bellow Theodore, bds. Sam. Patrick's Hotel. 
Bellwood Henry, saloon, 14 W. Randolph. 
Belote Joseph M., miliwrisht, T. M. Baxter & 
Co., h. 212 W. Randolph. 





Belvidere House, 196 Kinzie. 

Belzer Joseph, porter, 197 Lake. 

Bemis Edward C., (Downer, Bemis & Co.,) h. 

Cottage Grove. 
Bemis T. K, conductor, C. & R. I. R. R., h. 

Ill S. Jefferson. 
Benar John, carpenter, h. n. s. Maxwell, nr. 

Benard Peter, stonecutter, h. Harrison, nr. 

Bendemann John, gluemaker, bds. s. e. cor. 

Benton and Lancaster. 
Bender Albert D., clerk, bds. 27*7 State. 
Bender Richard W., sugar refinery, 62 Canal, 

h. 48 Van Buren. 
Bender Thomas S., butcher, 277 State. 
Bending James, carpenter, 512 State. 
Bendon Freilerick, lab., h. Hope, bet. Blue L 

av. and Morgan. 
Bendsen Marcus M., ship carpenter, h. 96 


Benedict , com. mer., bds. 280 Illinois. 

Benedict Amzi, (Field, Benedict & Co.,) h 1000 

Wabash av. 
Benedict Charles S., (Walker & Benedict,) h 

260 W Lake. 
Benedict John, carpenter, h. 4 Judd. 
Benedict John B., contractor, h. 262 W. Wash- 
Benedict Louis, com. mer., 220 W. Lake, h. 

306 W. Madison. 
Benedict Rui^sell, salesman. 88 Clark. 
Benedict Wilhelm, tailor, h. w. s. Larrabee, 

nr. Clvbourne av. 
BEN(iLEy ALEXANDER, grocer and tea 

dealer, 10 & 12 Rush, h. 99 Sedgwick. 
Eengston John, shoemaKcr. H. H. Towns, 50 

W. Randolph. 
Benick S. S., coo|)er, h. 340 X. Wells. 
Beniller John, butcher, h. 225 N. Clark. 
Benjamin Almon M., carpenter, h. 125 W. 

Benjamin Charles, skirtlifter ninfr., 41 Clark, 
bds. Matteson House. 

ijamin George J., engineer, h. 455 S. 



Benjamin James, boat builder, h. 68 N. Peoria. 
Benjamin Myron F., boat builder, N. branch, 

h. 68 N. Peoria. 
Benjamin Richard, cooper, h. 340 Wolcott. 
Benjamin S. S., (Pearce & Benjamin,) Adams 

Benke Julius, carpenter, h. 141 Towsend. 
Benker Wilhelm, trunkmaker, h. n. s. Division, 

nr. Pleasant. 
Benner George, butcher, -h. 192 Wells. 
Benner Malhew, fireman, Long John, h. 215 


Bennoier clerk, bds. 155 4th av. 

Bennet Jacob, (Gcnnet & Coon,) 194 Sherman. 
Bennet William, clerk, Cornelius F. Backus, 

h. 217 3d av. 
Bennett Joseph, printer, h. 234 S. Clinton. 
Bennett Robert J., bookkpr, with W. M. Uoyt, 

h. 234 Huron. 

Bennett bds. 146 Madison. 

Bennett brakeman, bds. 125 Michigan. 

Bennett Abraham L.. carpenter, h. 184 N. 

Bennett Alonzo, traveler, Clark & Co 

Bennett Charles, lab., bds. 71 Blue Island av. 
Bennett Charles J., (Bennett & Dyer,) h. 40 

Bennett Edwin B., bookkpr, Pomeroy and Ed- 
wards, bds 104 Monroe. 
Bennett Edwin F., lecruiting navy agt., 11 N. 

Bennett Frank, carpenter, h. 51 Blue Island av. 
Bennett George, lab., h. 105 Mather. 
Bennett Henry, (col'd.,) whitewasher, h. 136 

Bennett James C. , traveler, Clark & Co. 
Bennett John, sailor, h. Jackson s. e. cor. 

Bennett Joseph, baker, 304^ Clark, h. same. 
Bennett Joshua, tanner, h. 49 Hills. 
Bennett Kate, wid., milliner, bds. 64 Wabash 

Bennett Mrs. Louisa, boarding, 159 Wells. 
Bennett Patrick, lab., h. w. s. Green, bet La- 
fayette and Archer rd. 
Bennett Patrick R., harnessmkr, 19 Market. 
BENNETT, PIETERS & CO., who!, liquors, 

149 S. Water. 
Bennett Robert J. bookkpr, Wm. M. Hoyt. 
Bennett Samuel, miller, h. 234 N. Wells. 
Bennett Thomas, junk dealer, 217 S. Canal, h. 

Bennett Van S. Capt., U. S. A., h. cor. W. 

Van Baren and Tliroop. 
Bennett Walter E., clerk, 113 Lake. 
Bennett William, drayman, h. 18 Mather. 
Bennett William, tailor, 27 Blue Island av., h. 

Bennett & Dyer, (Chai-les E. Bennett and John 

E. Dyer,) hair dressing and bathing, Lake 

s. w. cor. Clark. 
Benny Fritz, lab., h. n. s. Mary, nr. Archer rd. 
Bens John, printer, bds. 181 Michigan. 
Benscheid Reinhardt, (Bower & Benscheid), h. 

bet. Desplainesand Jefferson, w. s. Barber. 
Bensley George E., salesman, with J. R. Bens- 
ley, bds. 378 N. Wells. 
Benslev John R., com. mer., 231 Kinzie, bds. 

378 N. Wells. 
Bensol August, tanner, h. e. s. Sedgwick, s. 

Benson Catharine, h. Hickory cor. Green Bay. 
Benson Ellen, wid. Peter, h. Eiving, bet. May 

and Sholto. 
Benson Emery K., (Kune & Benson,) bds. 

Adams House. 
Benson George W., candy mnfr., 59 Clark, h. 

Benson Henrv, h. 293 Michigan. 
Benson L. F.", h. 199 N. Weils. 
Benson Mrs. Sarah, h. 207 N. Dearborn. 
Benson William J., bookkpr, h. 163 N. Des- 

Benspeck Lawrence, baker, h. 72 Mather. 
Bent Frederick, T. C. Smith & Co. 
Bent Jonn W., refrigerator mnfr., 204 Madison 

h. 224 Madison. 
Bent Samuel A., salesman, bd.^'. 224 Madison. 
Bentel George, tailor, h. s. s. North av. nr. 

Bentloy Benjamin R., machinist, h. 309 N. La 

Bentley Conrad, engineer, 111. C. R. R., h. 254 

3d av. 





Bentley Cvru^, (Greene, Bentley & Reynolds,) 

h."ll4 Mielii;:un av. 
Bentley George, drover, bds. Avery House. 
Bentley Joseph, engineer, T. Goodwillie, h. 

403 Superior. 
Benton C, fireman I. C. R. R. 
Benton Thomas, brass moulder, h. Tlo Wa- 
bash av. 
Berry Paul, wiredrawer, h. 66 Sherman. 
Berry Caspar, lab., h. n. s. Black Hawk, nr. 

Benz Philip, blacksmith, h. 204 W. Lake. 
Benzinger Fritz printer, h. n. s. North av., nr. 

Berbecker Julius, clerk, h. 99 N. Clark. 
Berck John, lab., P. W. Gates & Co., h. Ruck- 

er, nr. 12th. 
Berdeen David, bds., S50 W. Madison. 
Berdel Charles, police, h. 205 W. Randolph. 
Berdel Nicolaus, justice of the peace, 221 
Washington, h. s. w. cor. Harrison and 
Berean Bnptist Church, DeKoven, bet. Des- 

plaines and Halsted. 
Berens Vinzens, grocer, 48 Wesson, h. same. 
BERG ADOLPH. butcher, Madison, nr. cor. 

Clark, bds. 118 Madison. 
Berg Anton, harbormaster, h. 309 Wells. 
Berg Christian, laD., h. e. s. Halsted, nr. Rees. 
Berg Christopher, lab., bds. 391 Michigan av. 
Berg David, butcher Adolph Berg, h. 118 

Berg Emanuel, barber, bds. 76 Green. 
Berg Henry, Srover, h. 19*7 W. Madison. 
Berg Henry, tailor, bds. 243 Chicago av. 
Berg John, lab., h. e. s. Clybourne av., nr. Di- 
Berg John, lab., bds. 29 W. Polk. 
Berg Joseph A., clerk John Schmidt, bds. 172 

La Salle. 
Berg Michael, h. 7G Green. 
Berg Myer, bds. 76 Green. 
Berg Sa'muol, soldier, h. 161 W. Forquer. 
Bergener Dorothea, wid. Henry, h. 14th, bet. 

Clark and State. 
Berger August, carpenter, h. s. s. Rees, nr. 

Clybouru av. 
Berger Henry, carpenter, h. n. s. Archer, nr. 

Berger Henry, lab., Philip Becker, h. cor. 

Clybourn av. and Larrabee. 
Berger Irwin, cabinetmkr, h. 363 X. Wells. 
Berger Louis A., Chicago Omnibus Co., h. X. 

Rees, nr. cor. Clybourn av. 
Berger Peter, lab. Philip Becker, h. cor. Cly. 

bourne av. and Larrabee. 
Bergfcldt Heiirv, packer, Bowen Bros., b. IS 

Bergfeld William F., salesman Chicago Mills, 
h. n. s. Williams, bet. Rucker andThroop. 
Bergh Oloff, shoemkr, h. 61 W. Kiuzie. 
Bergmann John A., h. 429 State. 
Bergolth Peter, cigars ret., 126 Van Buren. 
Bergrin Carl, lab., bds. cor. 16th and State. 
Beringer John, brewer, w. s. Orchard, nr. Wil 

low, h. same. 
Berkley Michael, lab. P. Ft. W. & C. R. R. 

depot, bds. 57 Canal. 
Berlin John, stonemason, h. W. Wilson, bet. 
Clinton and Canal. 

Berlin William, painter, w. s. Union nr. Cath- 
erine, h. same. 
Bevlinske A., machinist, I. C. R. R. machine 

Berlizhfimer Bernhard, dry goods, 132 N". 

Clark, h. 123 N. Wells. 
Berlizheimer Isaac, merchant, h .123 X. Wells. 
Berlizheimer Louis, clerk, bds. 123 X. Wells. 
Berlizheimer Samson, h. 80 X. Wells. 
Berma E., machinist, I. C. R. R.machineshop. 
Berman Henry, drayman, h. 110 S. Peoria. 
Bermick W., lab., h. s. e. cor. Desplaines and 

Bern Chas., whitewaslier and plasterer, h. 182 

Berna Valentine, lab. Jillitt & King. 
Bernard Charles, lab., h. n. s. Rees, nr. Cly- 
bourn av. 
Bernard Henri, fruit, Custom House pi., h. 106 

Bernardy Conrad, matchmaker, e. s. Union, g. 

12th, h. same. 
Berniuer Bonifacius F., liquor wholesale, 13 

X. Canal, h. 382 W, Madison. 
Berndt Herman, salesman, W. M. Ross & Co., 

h. lo2iX. Wells. 
Berndt Julius, (' harles, Gogreve & Co.,) h. 

501 Clark. 
Berne Louis, ragdealer, h. 320 S. Desplaines. 
Berned Eugene, lab. I. C. R. K., h. 14th., bet. 

Clark & State. 
Berner Ferdinand, shoemaker, bds. cor. Xor- 

tliern and Cottage Grove av. 
Berner Frank, bookkeeper, W. R. Stone, h 26 

S. Desploines. 
Berner Jacob, h. 568 State. 
Berner Jacob, jr., street sprinkler, 568 State. 
Bernhagen A., mason, C. S. S. refinery. 
Bernhagen Robert, lab., h. n. s. Lincoln, nr. 

Bernhard Grere, tailor, h. n. s. Linden, nr. 

Bernhard Jacob, harnessmaker, bds. e. s. X. 

Wells, nr.' Schiller. 
Bernhard Martin, harnessmaker, h. e. s. X. 

Wells, nr. Schiller. 
Bernhardi Otto, carpenter, h. u. s. Bunker, nr. 

Bernhardt Henry, salesman, M. Weinstein. 
Bernhardt Theodore G.,h 113 W. Madison. 
Bernstein Julius, clothing, 43 Kinzie, h. same. 
Bernstein Tobias, clothirTg, oi Kinzie. 
Berren Peter, h. n. s. Starr, e. Sedgwick. 
Berry Bridget, wid. James, h. r. 325 Clark. 
Berry C. H., machinist, I. C. R. R. machine 

Berry Clarence, lab., h. Shinbone al. 
Berrv Francis, fireman, G. R. R., bds. 155 X. 

Berry Frank, blacksmith, C. & X. W R. R., 

bds. Green, c. Hubbard. 
Berry Henry C, with Chas. Beardslce & Bros., 

h. 90 State. 
Berry John, bookkeeper. Fuller, Finch & Ful- 
ler, bds. 155 Washington. 
Berrv John, fireman, G. & C. U. R. R., bds. 

153 X. Clark. 
Berry Margaret, wid. Stephen, h e. s. St. 

Clair, bet. Erie and Ontario. 
Berry Mary J., wid. Isaac, h. 155 N. Clark. 





Berry Michael, Lib, M. S. & N. I. U. R. 
Beri7 Robert, teamster, h. e. s. Rush, bet. 

Michigan and Illinois. 
Berry Thomas, carpenter, h. 228 W. Polk. 
Berry Timothy, shipcarpentcr, h. 293 N. 

Berry Wallace, h. 196 W. Adams. 
Berrvman Archer B., conductor, C. & R. I. R. 

R., bds. Rock Island House. 
Bersbaeh John, carpenter, h. 100 Ohio. 
Beissl John F., v/atchinan, h. e. s. Sedgwick, 

nr. D vision. 
Bertean Felix G,, principal, Chicago Seminary 

for young ladies, 112 Cass. 
Bertholimer Berk, baggagemaster, bds. 276 

Bertochie Ludwig, harnessmaker., h. 138 

Bertor H., bootmaker, 200 W. Lake, h. same. 
Bertram August, h. w. s. Mohawk, nr. Cly- 

bourn a v. 
Bertram John, grocer, 21 S. Water, b. same. 
Bertram Philip, teamscer for Bateham, bds. 

Van Biiren. 
Bertran Frederick, lab., P. Ft. W. & C. R. R. 

Bertrand Francis X., clerk, Wdliam Clarke, 

bds. State, bet. Madison and Monroe. 
Bertrand Joseph, lab, h. 2d., e. Chicago av. 
Bertschi Uhicli, Cdllarmaker, h. s. w. cor. 

Townsend and White. 
Bertz Gustav, soapmaker, h. Harton av., cor. 

Nor:h branch. 
Berven Henry, chairmaker, E. Porter Thayer. 
Berwin, Gustavus, tailor, h. 53 Carroll. 
Besch Constantine, lab., h. Liberty nr. Union. 
Besner Gotleib, cooper, h. William nr. Throop. 
Bessington, William C, cooper, h. 186 Supe- 
Bessler August, (Binard & Bessler,) h. 118 

Van Buien. 
Best Conrad, butcher, bds. 30 Elm. 
Best Frederick, doormaker, h. Halsted nr. 

Best Herman, soldier 24th III. Vol., h. al. bet. 

White and Hinsdale. 
Best Henry, supt. oil store, C. & N. W. R. R., 

h. cor. >i"ol)le and Indiana. 
Best Henrv, teamster, bds. cor. Oak and Green 

Bay. " 
Best Jacob, carpenter, h. S. Halsted bet. O'Bri- 
en and Maxwell. 
Best John B., lake capt., h. w. s. Morgan, bet. 

Polk and Taylor. 
Best M.itthias, brewer, e. s. Indiana av. nr. I. 

C. R. R. round house, b. sami. 
Best Mattias M., wood awyer, h. 49 Harrison. 
Best W. E., timekeeper C." & N. W. R. R. shop, 

h. n. w. cor. W. Indian i and Noble. 
Best William, salesman, John C. Partridge & 

Co., bds. 67 4th a v. 
Betcher E., (Smith & Betcher,) l53 W. Ran- 
Bethel Church, Wells, cor. Michigan av. 
Bethhe John, lab., h. r. 198 Jackson. 
Bethune George, baker, h. 181 N. Union. 
Betling Ambrose, miller, h. 58 S. Canal. 
Better Alice, wid. George, h. 148 N. Des- 

Betteldorf John, lab., h. r. 288 3d av. 

Bettles William, bookkeeper, H. W. Austin, 
h. Warren bet. Robey and Hoyne. 

Bettorf Lorenz, with Peshtigo Co. 

Betts Charles, roomtender, h. r. IS Sherman. 

Betts J. B., carpenter, h. e. s. Michigan av. 
bet. 24th and 25th. 

Betts John, lab., h. w. s. Sedgwick nr. North 

Bettzer Charles, porter, Rosenfeld & Rosen- 
berg, h. Mohawk. 

Bettz Thomas F., painter, h. 203 Superior. 

Betz Christopher, lab., 150 Superior. 

Betz Jacob, lab., h. n. s. Washington av. bet. 
Wood and Paulina. 

Betzman John, shoemkr, h. 37 4th. 

Betz Louisa, midwife, h. 150 Superior. 

Betz Pan', mason, h. cor. Centre and Howe. 

Betzold Carl, cigars, 91 Milwaukee av. 

Beucher John, clerk post office. 

Beulirle Pc'ter, salesman, Samuel Myers & Son. 

Beutler John, sawfiler, 63 S. Desplaities. 

BeutlenmuUer George, gunsmith, ISO Wash- 
ington, h. same. 

Bevan John, h. 112 3d av. 

Bevan Thomas, physician, 362 State, li. 220 
3d av. 

Bevans A. P., com. mer., h. 78 Dearborn. 

Bevens Michael, lab., h. n. s. Illinois nr. lake 

Beverage Hugh, bookbinder, h. 73 N. Market. 

Bevier Wni. E., tinsmith, bds. 243 Superior. 

Bevitie Ann, wid., h. Indiana av. 

Beyester Robert, butcher, h. cor. Myrick av. 
and Hardin pi. 

Beygeh Peter, butcher, h. n. s. Division nr. 

Beyman Ilenrv, cabinetmaker, h. n. s. Mitchell 
nr. Halsted. 

Bfarrtrechi-r John, h. 458 S. Clark. 

Biehel John C, leader National Band, h. 17 
Green Bay rd. 

Bichl Joseph, printer, h. Green Bay nr. Pier- 

Bicker J-ucib, shoemaker, h. e. s. Sedgwick 
nr. Noith av. 

Bickford Harrison, shipping live stock, h. n.s. 
Maxwell nr. Jefferson. 

Bickford Russell K-, lumber, W. Lake cor. 
Water, h. Park av. n. w. cor. Wood. 

Bickford Thouias, lab., h. n. s. Liberty nr. 

Bicking Frederick, clerk, bds. 198 W. Ran- 

Bicknell B\ron H., collector, Wadham, Wil- 
lard & Co., bds. 127 4th av. 

Bicknell Ed>vin, h. 8 Van Buren. 

Blcknell George W., physician, 8 Van Buren, 
h. same. 

Bicknell H. J., bookkeeper, M. C. Follerst & 

Bicknell John, teamster, h. cor. Augusta and 

Biddle G. W., sale.-^man, Charles Beardslee & 
Bros., bds. Tremont House. 

Biddle John, actor German Theatre, h. 21 

Biderman William, bds. 190 Wabash av. 

Bidinger John, slioemaker. 

Bidinger Mieii lel, shoemaker, 57 Green Bay 
rd,, h. same. 





Bidinger Peter, shoemaker, h. 57 Green Bay rd. 
Bidinger William E., bds. 331 Wolcott. 
Bidtner Daniel, harness maker, 199 N. Clark- 
Bidtner Daniel jr., barber, 201 N. Clark 
Bidwell George Hi salesmian, 178 Lake, bds. 

79 Adams. 
Bidwell Joseph B., confectioner, 192 Madison. 
Bidwell Mary E., milliner, 251 Madison. 
Bidwell Watson, h. 151 Madison: 
Biederman Frank M., street sprinkler, h. 543 

S. Clark. 
Biederman Lewis, street sprinkler, bds. 547 S. 

Biederman Wilhelm E., turner, h. n. s. Rees, 

nr. Clybourn av. 
Biegler Maria, wid. Johann, h. 34 Green Bay rd. 
Biehl Christian, shoemaker, h. 146 Wells. 
Biehl Lorenze, cigar maker,372 Clark, h. same. 
Biehlenberg Peter B., (Bauerle &Biehlenberg,) 

h. W. Indiana,, bet. Wood and Lincoln. 
BienhofF Fred., drayman Cooley, Farwell & 

Co., h. Green, nr. Wells. 
Bienhoff Fred, jr., drayman Cooley, Farwell & 

Co., h. Green, nr. Wells. 
Bierdeman E. A. W., upholsterer, 182 N.Clark'. 
Biero Peter, lab., h. 256 3d av. 
Biers Henrietta, milliner, 52 W. Randolph. 
Biers Morris, h. 52 W. Randolph. 
Bierson Henry, lumber mer. cor. Washington 

and S. Sangamon. 
Bierworth Carl, musician, h. 189 Superior. 
Bies George, carpenter, h. 35 Bremer. 
BiesMichael, express driver, h. nr. 18 Hickory. 
Bigeh John, bds. Elston rd., nr. North av. 
Bigclow Albert L., clerk, 151 Lake, bds 193 

Bigelow Amorv, chief clerk M. C. R. R. Gen- 
eral Agent's office, bds. Tremont house, 
Bigelow Arnolo, (Bigelow, Muhlke & Co.,) h. 

Wabash av., cor. 21st. 
Bigelow Charles, bds. 152 Madison. 
Bigelow Charles, (Bigelow Bros.,) bds. cor. 

18th and Pairie av. 
BIGELOW CHARLES, physician, 179 Clirk. 
Bigelow Daniel F. artist, 70 Lake, h. 168 

Bigelow Gilbert F., clerk Genl. Agts. office M. 

C. R. R., bds. 83 Michigan av. 
Bigelow Henry W., dry goods, h. n. s, W. 

Madison, nr. Hoyne. 
Bigelow John C, (Bigelow, Muhlke & Co.,) 

bds. cor. 21st and Wabash av. 
Bigelow Liberty, (F. Parmelee & Co.,) h. Bos- 
ton, Mass. 
Bigelow Wulford Nelson, clerk Thompson's- 

Dining room, 77 Dearborn. 
Bigelow, Muhlke & Co., (Arnold Bigelow, John 
H. Muhlke and J. C. Bigelow,) dry goods, 
151 Lake, 
Bigesby Lorenzo Dow, cattle broker, N. Doug- 
las av., nr. Yates. 
Bigford T. C, clerk P. 0., bds. 278 State. . 
Biggie Lorence, saloon, 36 W. Madison, h. 

BIGGS CHARLES, importer and whol. deal- 
er in cutlery, 111 Lake, h. 8 Eldridge ct. 
Biggs John, lab. h. r. e. s. Michigan av.° bet. ' 

14th ard 15th. 
Bigham Dock, saloon, cor. Cottage Grove and 
Smith pi., h. same. 

Blgley W. J., moulder, h. Cottage Grove av., 

nr. 26th. 
Bigsby Charles L.. mason, bds., n. s. Walnut, 

3 doors e. Paulina. 
Bildhauser George, (Bildhauser & Co.,) h. 81 

Bildhauser & Co., (George Bildhauser, and 
Matthias Tillmann,) willow ware, 10 N. 
Bildheiser George, basket store, 129 Indiana, 

h. same. 
Bilgamire Joseph, lab., h. W. Mitchel, bet. 

Canal and Stewart av. 
Bilits Joseph, carpenter, h. 2nd, e. Chicago 

Bill William A., (Fargo & Bill,) h. w. s. Wa- 
bash av., bet. 21st and 22d. 
Billig John, lab., h. n. s. Starr, e. Seds^wiek. 
Billings C, Gas company, bds. 199 W. Ran- 
Billings Coddington, office 7 Marine bank bldg. 

h. 330 Michigan av. 
Billings Eliza, wid. John, junk dealer, 209 

Kinzic, h. same. 
Billings Henry F., h. 260 S. Clinton. 
Billings James (Rev.,) Universalist Church, h. 

141 W. Van Buren. 
Billings James, blksmith, h. 245 N. Clark. 
Billings Samuel, (Thompson, Billings & Co.,) 

h. 51 Yan Buren. 
Billingston Antoni, h. Indiana av. nr. 16th. 
Billmaier Edward, machinist, C. & R. I. R. R. 

h. 256 4th av. 
Bills George H., student, 101 Dearborn. 
Bills George R., salesman, Hempstead, Norton 

& Co., h. 77 W.' Adams. 
Billow Frederick, soldier, 72d Reg. 111. Vol., 

h. Fremont bet. Willow and Clay. 
Binard Leopold, (Binard & Bessler,) h. 346 

Binard Peter, stonecutter, W. & A. B Cook. 
Binard & Bessler (Leopold Binard and August 
Bessler,) stonecutters. Wells, nr. Harri- 
Binart Antone, fruit dealer, 72 Polk, h. same. 
Bindable John, teamster, h. w. s. S. Jefferson, 

3d h. n. Evving. 
Binder Gott'ieb, (Henrv Binder & Bro.,) bds. 

340 S. Canal. 
Binder Gottlieb, lab., h. n. s. North av., nr. 

Binder Henry, ed. Chicago Telegraph, h. Hu- 
Binder Henrv, (Henry Binder & Bro.,) h. 340 

S. Canal. 
Binder Henrv & Bro., (Henry and Gottlieb,) 

blksmiths, 340 S. Canal. 
Bingham John, hackraan, h. 93 Illinois. 
Bingham Stillman R , man iger Samuel S. 
White's dental depot, 192^Randolph, h. c. 
W. Madison and Robey. 
Bingham Thomas, cooper, bds. 17 Clark. 
Biiigle Mary, wid. Richard, h. 173 3d av. 
Binbrin William, meat market, 173 Blue I. av. 

h. same. 
Binz Amand, saloon, h. 228 S. Well.-:. 
Binz Francis, liquors, 111 S. Water and 9 

Dearborn, h. Michigan av. cor. 24th. 
Binz Louis W., clerk, F. Binz, bds. Michigaa 
av. cor. 24th. 





Birch Gotlieb, lab., h. 165 N. Union. 
Birch James, blksmith, P. W. Gates & Co. 
Birch G. B., (G. B. Birch & Co.,) h. 313 W. 

Birch Marsaret M., (G. B. Birch & Co..) h. 313 

W. Randolph. 
Birch Thomas L., clerk, G. B. Birch & Co. h. 

113 W. Randolph. 
Birch G. B. & Co., (G. B. & M. M. Birch,) 

whol. and retail druggists, 192 Lake. 
Bircher John, cooper, h. 96 X. Curtis. 
Birchler Joseph M., bookstore, 416 Clark. 
Birchler Thomas, packer, bds. 416 Clark. 
Birchmeier Celestin, carriage painter, bds. 19 

Birch meyer Joseph, cooper, h. 19 Hickory. 
Birchmeyer Paul, stonecutter, h. 19 Hickory. 
Bird Alexander, (col'd.,) barber, 20 W. Kinzie 

h. 33 W. Kinzie. 
Bird Andrew J., clerk, h. 73 Judd. 
Bird George W., clerk, S. Curtin & Co., h. 51 

Bird Horace G., prof, of music, h. 381 Wa- 
bash av. 
Bird James, lab., h. 9 Wabansia av. 
Bird J. H., physician, 18 LaSalle, bds. Stew- 
art House. 
Bird James H., mnfr. of pure spirits, 15 Dear- 
born, h. cor. Sedgwick and North av. 
Bird Michael, collarmkr, bds. 54 N. Desplaines. 
Bird Patrick, porter, h. 129 S. Jefferson. 
Birde Thomas, bds, 54 N. Desplaines. 
Birdens Peter, painter, h. 61 W. Indiana. 
Birdsell E. H., bds. Orient House. 
Birk Jacob, harnessmkr, 31 Market, h. 23 

Birkeland Jacob, carpenter, h. s. s. Cornelia 

nr. Milwaukee av. 
Birkenble Sarah E., wid. Christian, h. 354 In- 
Birlin William, painter, cor. Union and Catha- 
Birmingham Daniel, drayman. Harden, Kay 

& Co., h. 110 Peoria. 
Birmingham William, clerk, Newell & Sons, 

bds. 64 Adams. 
Birney Ebenezer, (E. Birney & Co.,) h. n. s. 

Warren, nr. Lincoln. 
Birney Margaret, wid. Thomas, h. Indiana, nr. 

Lake shore. 
Birney E. & Co., (Clement H. Goodwin, Ebe- 
nezer Birney and Josephns Lakin,) com. 
mer., 4 Wigwam. 
Biroth Augusta, wid. August, milliner and 

dressmkr, s. s. Archer rd. nr. LaSalle. 
Biroth Henry, druggist, 149 Archer rd. h. same. 
Birr William, boots and shoes, 236 Wells, h. 

Birren Henrv, undertaker, s. s. Eugenie nr. 

Wells. ' 

Birt Charles, watcbmkr, 291 Halsted, h. same. 

Bisbee Lucian J., sec. Western World Ins. & 

Trust Co., 5 Hillard's blk., 144 S. Water. 

Bischoeffer Christian, shoemkr, h. n. s. North 

nr. Sedgwick. 
Biscboff Andrew, painter, h. n. s. Division, nr. 

BischofF Christian, hairdresser, li. 63 N. Clark. 
Bischoff Michael, policeman, h. n. s. Division 
nr. Sedgwick. 

BischoffWilliam, hairdresser, bds. 63 N. Clark. 
Bisdorff Peter, lab. bds. w.s. N. Dearborn, nr. 

Catholic Cemetery. 
Biser Leopold, M. S. & N. I. R. R. 
Bishaw Louis, cooper, h. 62 Prairie. 
Bishraan Michael, saddler, h. 142 W. Lake. 
Bisholf Emeel H., woodturner, bds. 461 N. 

Bishoff Frederick, h. 461 N. Clark. 
Bishop Albro E., (H. Witbeck & Co.) h. 05 

W. Washington. 
Bishop Henry H., jr., (Thompson & Bishop 

78 Dearborn), bds. Clifton House. 
Bishop Hiram N., (Rev.), h. Fulton bet. St. 

Johns pi. and Reuben. 
Bishop Robert, mason, h. 269 Superior. 
Bishop William, carpenter, h. 279 W. Polk. 
Bishop William B., (Johnston & Bishop). 
Bishop's Chapel, (Episcopal), W. Washington 

cor. Peoria. 
Bismuth Horace, blacksmith, bds. 16 White. 
Bisner Frederick, conductor, bds. w. 3. State 

nr. 21st. 
Bissell Alfred, painter, bds. 370 State. 
Bissell Charles H., proprietor Matteson House 

Dearborn cor. Randolph. 
Bissell George F., ins. agt. 122 Clark, up stairs 

h. 516 Wabash av. 
Bissell John W., lumber agent, h. 127 N. Des 

Bissell W. J., drayman, h. 245 Huron. 
Bissell William, bootmaker, h. Polk bet. Hal- 
sted and Blue Island av. 
Bissell & Case, in liquidation, office 166 Lake. 
Bisset Lawrence, blacksmith, h. 402 S. Clin- 
Bissinger Henry, jobber, h. 399 State. 
Bissom A., lampmaker, Jesup, Kennedy & Co. 
Bite Michael, farrier, h. Kankakee av. nr. 

city limits. 
Bitinger Mathias, tailor, h. 47 Green Bay. 
Bittel Frederick, lab., h. n. s. North av. nr. 

Bittel Valentine, lab., h. n. s. North av. nr. 

Bitter Cliri*tian, clerk, 96 N. Jefferson. 
Bittinger George W., bookkeeper Nathan Eis- 
endrath, 114 Dearborn, bds. Clarendon 
Bixbv Cvus S., bookkeeper Furman Hand, bds. 

75 W. Washington. 
Bixby Edmund, surveyor, 256 W. Madison. 
Bixby Elizabeth, milliner, 256 W. Madison. 
Bjorenson Andrew, h. Sangamon nr. Milwau- 
kee av. 
Bjorenson Andrew A., cooper, h. Sangamon nr. 

Milwaukee av. 
Black Daniel, carpenter, h. 115 Blue Island 

Black Elias A. (J. P. & E. A. Black & Co.) h 

Yorkville, 111. 
Black Emma, clerk Palmer's store, bds. 23 S 

Black George, checkman, G. & C. U. R. R., h. 

369 W. Kinzie 
Black Jacob P., (J. P. & E. A. Black & Co.) 

h. Yorkville, 111. 
Black James, clerk, bds. 225 S. DesPlaiues. 
Black James, porter, 45 Lake. 





Black John, lab., 223 S. DesPlaines. 
Black John, sailor, bds. 124 Kinzie. 
Black John C, bookkeeper, Hoyt, Pierce & 

Co., bds. Orient House. 
Black Joseph M., (J. P. & E. A. Black & Co.) 

h. 253 N. LaSalle. 
Black Wilson, (col'd.) h. 83 Gri^wold. 
Black William, shoemaker, 21 14th. 
Black William F. (Rev.) pastor Disciple church 

bds. Union Park House. 
Black J. P. & E. A. & Co. (Jacob P., Elias A. 

and Joseph M. Black,) paper and com. 

mers. 216 Kinzie. 
Blackali Alfred H., tea, coffee and spices, 49 

Clark and 175 Michigan, h. Chestnut, cor. 

Blaekall Micliael, drayman, h. Ewing, bet. 

May and Sholto.. 
Blaekall Thomas, lab., h. 120 N. Jefferson. 
Blaekall William, bookkeeper, 49 Clark, bds. 

Chestnut, cor. Dearborn. 
BLACK BALL LINE OF TUGS, office n. e, 

cor. Clark st. bridge. 
Blackburn Anna M., wid. John, dressmkr, 11 

W. Kinzie, h. same. 
Blackburn Christopher, (Blackburn Bros.,) h. 

S Aberdeen. 
Blackburn J©hn F., (Blackburn Bros.,) h, 8 

Blackburn Louisa, dressmaker, 11 W. Kinzie. 
Blackburn Bros., (Christopher and John F.,) 

leather and hides, 227 Lake. 
.Blackenburg Charles, lab., h, 14th, bet. Clark j 

and State. 
Blacker George, lab., h. 30 N". Dearborn, 
Blackman Edwin, office 20 LaSalle, h. 241 

Blackman William, painter, h. 394 S. Jeffer- 
Blackmon Roswell, foreman A. E. Chapman, 

h. 107 S. Jefferson. 
Blackmon WiUiam., clerk, 63 Dearborn. 
Blackmore John, laU , h. n. s. 14th, bet. State 

and 4th av. 
Blackstone Timothy B., pres. Joliet and Chi- 
cago R. R., 6 McCormick's bldg., h. 191 

Michigan av. 
Black well Orville B., clerk T. R. Fletcher, 

bds. 188 Washington. 
Blackwell S. B., planing and shinrle niih, 

State, at C, B. & Q. R. R. crossing, bds. 

8-53 State. 
Blaesv Benhart, h. 162 W. Washington, 
Blaik'ie A., h. 84 N. Wells. 
Blain Sarah J., (col'd,) dressmkr., ,500 State. 
Blain William D., physician, 63 Clark, h. 107 

Blaine E. William, cleik John Mayo & Co., 

bds. cor. Michigan av. and 23d. 
Blaine William A., bookkeeper C. D. Austin, 

bds. Briggs House. 
Blair Charles P., lab., bds. 290 Ciark. 
Blair Chauncey B., banker, 36 Clark, bds. 

Tremont House. 
Blair Emma, wid. Charles, seamstress, 127 

Van Bureti, h. same, 
Blair F. M., (Blair, Gray & Co.,) h. Hvde 

Bldir George W., printer, h, 269 4th av. 

Blair James, moulder, h. 118 S. Green. 

Blair Lyman, com. mer., 251 S. Water, h. 
Michigan Citv. 

Blair R.,bds. 45 Harrison. 

Blair WiHiam, (W. Blair & Co.,) h. 230 Mich- 
igan av, 

Blair, Gray & Co., (F. M. Blair, Moses Gray, 
and A. M. Whitney,) com. mers., 113 La- 
Salle, up stairs, and 145 N. Desplaines. 

BLAIR WILLIAM & CO., (William Blair, 
Claudius B. Nelson and Oliver W. Bel- 
den,) hardware whol. and retail, 176 Lake. 

Blaisdell John C, clerk P. 0., h. 134 Gris- 

Blake Franklin, conductor R. R., bds. 63 

Blake Henry, hatpresser, 143 Lake. 

Blake Henry H., sec. Chicago Ice Co., h. e. s. 
Michigan av., bet. 24th and 25th. 

Blake James, cooper, h. 35 Prairie. 

Blake John, foreman JDaily Post, h. 8 Gris 

Blake John, gas fitter, h. 145 W. Polk. 

Blake John M., with A. F. Croskey, bds. Me- 
tropolitan Hotel. 

Blake Oscar, grocer, cor. 26lh and Cottago 
Grove av., h. same. 

Blake Patrick, lab,, h. n. s. Archer rd., bet. 
Blue Island av. and Long John. 

Blake Patrick, lumber inspector, h. Noble, 
bet. W. Kinzie and Hubbard. 

Blake Peter, drayman, h. cor. N. Water and 

Blake Richard C, boatman, h. e. s. Blue I. 
av., bet. Catharine and Henvy. 

Blake Samuel C, phvsician, 174 Monroe. 

Blake Wallace, (Kellogg & Blake,) room Bd. 
Trade bldg. 

Blake Warner H., bookkeeper, h. Monroe, 
bet. Wabash av. and State. 

Blake S. E, & Co., (Samuel E. Blake, Sylves- 
ter W. Mann, C. Carroll Pomei'oy, Eb^n- 
ezer Hyde and J. 0. Felton,) artificial 
slate roofing, 16 Metropolitan blk. 

Blakely George, agt. A. A. Sample, bds, 16 
N. Wells. 

Blakeslee Edward S., bookkeeper Fisher k 
Co., bds. Central House. 

Blakeslee Homer L., trimming store, 252 
State, h. 228 State. 

Blakesley Henry, lab., w. s. Franklin, bet. 
Jackson and Van Buren. 

Blakelv George, railroad agt, bds. 18 Wells. 

Blakely Zerah, F. F. Burt & Co., h. 862 State. 

Blakisslee David C, teamster, h. 248 S. Des- 

Blanchard Elliott B., driver, h. 47 S. L'nion 

Blanchard Henry, cooper, h. 2u6 N. Sanga- 

Blanchard John, h. 186 W. Jackson. 

Blanchard Joseph, (Blanchard & Frazier,) h. 
180 Clark. 

Blanchard Joscpli, bds. Tremont House. 

Blanchard Joseph G., elk. P. 0. 

Blanchard Joseph W., bds. Tremont House. 

Blanchard Judson J., agt. mechanical bakery, 
138 N. Clark, h. same. 

Blanchard lake capt., bds. 198 Canal. 

Blanchard Marvin, lawyer, h. 307 W. Ran- 





BLANCHARD RUFUS, Chicago map store, 
52 LaSalle, res. Wheaton. 

Blanchard Samuel A., elk. P. 0., h. 38 Wol- 

Blanchard Seth, h. 58 Wolcott. 

Blanchard William, (Blanchard & Borland,) 
h. 409 W. Monroe. 

Blanchard William, lab., h. Forquer, bet, 
Halsted and Blue Island av. 

Blanchard & Borland, (William Blanchard and 
John Borland,) coal and wood, 860 Wells. 

BLANCHARD & FRAZIER, (Joseph Blanch- 
ard Edwin J. Frazier,) physicians, 180 

Blandenburg Charles (Brueck & Blandenburg,) 
14th, nr. Clark. 

Blandon Adolph, plasterer, h. e. s. Halsted, 
nr. North av. 

Blandon Wilhelm, mason, h. n. s. Clyboarn 
av. nr. Larrabee. 

Blaney James V. Z., (Blaney & Mariner,) h. 
189 Lake. 

Blaney John, lab., h. Ridgeville rd. nr. Cly- 
bourn av. 

Blaney William, teamster, h. Ewiug, bet. May 
and Shalto. 

Blaney & Mariner, (James V. Z. Blaney and 
George H. Marriner,) analytical and con- 
sulting chemists, 189 Lake. 

Blankenzee John, carver, h. 40 Foster. 

Blanks James, (col'u) porter, h. 129 4th av. 

Blanks William, (Blanks & Bryant,) h. 281 

Blanks & Bryant, (William Blanks and Dan- 
iel K. Bryant,) hides and leather, 231 

Blasey Bernard, baker, h. 162 W. Washington. 

Blaser Roman, potter. Hawthorn av., nr. N. 
Branch, h. same. 

Blatchford E- W., prop. Chicago lead works 
h. 46 Jackson. 

Blatchford Emma J., wid. John, h. 230 State. 

Blate Phillip, cigar maker, Louis Cohn, bds. 
Lafayette House. 

Blatherwick James, ins. agt., h. 183 N. Curtis. 

Blatherwick Norman, elk. J. L. Henderson, 
bds. 183 N. Curiis. 

Blattner Charles, bookkpr.,h. 3 Grand Haven. 

l?lattner George, lab., h. Norton nr. Polk. 

Blattner John G., bookkeeper., h. 3 Grand Ha- 
ven Slip. 

BLATTNER RUDOLPH J., elk. P. 0., h. 49 
4th av. 

Blaumanns George, meat market, 221 Blue L 
av. h. same. 

Blaul Dan, lab., h. Clybourn av. nr. distillery 
North Branch. 

Blaurock Charles A., flour and feed, N. Wells 
n. e. c. Division, h. w. s. LaSalle n. Di- 

lUeck Ernst, cooper, 81 Ewinp, h. eame. 

J?li'cker Henry, lab., h. Pleasant, nr Tedder. 

Blckie AVilliam, elk., bds. 270 State. 

Blemis George, ticket agt. M. C. R. R., h. e. 
8. Clybourii av. nr. Mohawk. 

Blenofk John, grocer, h. 374 S. Halstead. 

Blcsh Thomas, gardner, h. Division, bet. N. La 
Salle and N. Wells. 


'ith, bds. 157 In- 

Blessing Matthias, 

Blessington Phillip, h. Shinbone alley. 

Bletch August, foreman Methodist Book Con- 
cern, h. 40 Griswold. 

Bleu Adolphe, bds s. s. W. Lake, e.-Hoyne. 

Bley Charles, tailor, s, s. Maxwell, nr. Jeffer- 
son, h. same. 

Bley Charles jr., tobacconist, bds. s. s. Max- 
Wells nr. Jefferson. 

Blickhhan Charles, lal>.,. h. e. s. Halsted, nr. 

BlickhahnNicolaus, hairdresser, 75 Wells, h. 
265 Wells. 

Blickhahn Peter, barber, cor. Sherman and 
Van Burcn. 

Blickmann Frederick, porter, J. D. Weber. 

Blike John, lab., h. 108 Ewing. 

Blim Phillip, cooper, h. cor. Clark and North. 

Blinks , watchman N. C. C. R. R., bds. 

109 Michigan. 

Blinks William, carpenter, h. 189 N. LaSalle. 

Blinn Henry M., ticket agt. N. Y. C. R. R., 
bds. Briggs House. 

Blinn Jonathan, clerk P. 0., bds. Wabash av. 
nr. 18th, 

Blinn Nettie, bds. 209 Michigan. 

Bliss A. F., lab. C. H. McCormick & Bros. 

Bliss George H., telegraph operator, bds, 96 
3rd av. 

Bliss George M., h. 164 S. Desplaines. 

Bliss Harrv, h. 286 Ohio. 

Bliss Henrv W., agt. S. H. Ransom & Co., h. 
24 Adams. 

Bliss Jacob F., painter, h. 104 Sherman. 

Bliss John, saloon, 124 Kinzie, h. same. 

Bliss Perrin, bridge bldr., h. 96 3rd av. 

Bliss Samuel, (Williams, Smith & Co.,) h. 286 

Bliss Sylvester, (Bliss & Sharp,) h. 286 Ohio. 

Bliss William A., carriage smith, h. 57 Elm. 

BLISS & SHARP, (Sylvester Bliss and J. 
Ferine Sharp,) retail druggists, 144 Lake. 

Block August, M. S. &. N. I. R R. 

Blockberger Henry, butcher, h. 387 W. Lake. 

Blocki Francis, machinist Eagle Works. 

Blocki William F., bds. Ill Wabash av. 

Blocks Hobart, carpenter, h. w. s. Wolcott, s. 

Blocks Mathias, carpenter, bds. w. s. Wolcott, 
s. Church. 

Blocks Nicholas, carpenter, h. w. s. Wolcott, 
s. Church. 

Blodgett Charles M., lake capt., h. 20 N. Des- 

Blodgett Henry W., (Blodgett & Winslow,) h. 

Blodgett John, grocer, 75 Indiana. 

Blodgett & Winslow, (Henry W. Blodgett and 
Frederick H. Winslow,) lawyers, 76 La- 

Blohni John, carpenter, 295 Milwaukee av. 

Blohm Lewis, as.s't. city collector, bds. W. 
Lake, n. e. cor. Canal. 

Blomgren Charles, tailor, h, w. s. Pine, nr. Di- 

Blonigren John, tailor, h. w. s. Pine, nr. Divi- 

Blomgren Richard, tailor, h. w. 8. Pine, nr. Di- 





Blondgood McNair, jeweler, h. 316 X. Wells. 
Illooiii Adolph, fruit, 221 S. Canal, h. same. 
IJloom David, grain insp., h. 193 S. Clinton. 
Bloom Henry, expressman Satlei'lee, WelJs & 

Faulkner, h. Loomis, s. w. cor. lith. 
r>loom Herman, turner, h. 221 S. Canal. 
Bloom John, lab., s. s. 2 1st nr. Clark. 
Bloom John, policeman, h. 363 N. Franklin. 
Bloomey Hernion, lab., h. s. e. cor. Brown and 

Bloomfield John H., grain insp. Bd. Trade, h. 

84 Griswold. 
Bloomfield Richard M., conductor G. & C. U. 

R. R., h. Rockford, HI. 
Bloomfield Willium F., private lllh Regt. HI. 

Vol., h. 24 Hickory.. 
Bloomy Louis, lab., h. s. s. Archer rd. nr. La- 

Bloss John, lab. Chicago Hide & Leather Co. 
Blossom Henry, shoerakr., bds. 91 S. Canal. 
Bluett William C, clerk A. A. Putnam, h. 263 

W. Adams. 
Bluhm Edward, clerk C. Williams, bds. 241 

Bluhmtiihl Peter Z., mason, h. s. s. Xorth av. 

e. Sedgwick. 
Blum Christopher, sailor, n. s. Division nr. 

-Blum Daniel, (Killen & Blum,) h. 134 4th av. 
Bluinacher William, carpenter, 313 Wells. 
Blume Christian, tailor, h. w. s. Larrabee, nr. 

jS'orth av. 
Blume Thomas, tailor, h. 206 S. Haisted. 
Blummer Ellen, wid. Mathias, h. 377 Wells. 
Bluthardt David, tailor, h. s. s. W. Lake, e. 

Blvgh Marian, wid. Thomas, h. Van Buren, nr. 

Boal Charles T., (Hall, Kimbark & Co.,) 88th 

HI. Vol. 
Boal John, expressman, h. Williams, bet. S. 

Rucker and Aberdeen. 
EOALCH WILLIAM, meatmarket. Rush, bet. 

Michigan and Illinois. 
Boalt John, carpenter, r. AV. Van Buren, bet 

Morgan and Aberdeen. 
Board of Education, ofSce 78 La Salle. 
Board of Police Commissioners, office s. w. c 

Washington and La Salle. 
Board of Public Works, office 3d floor Court 


bet. LaSalle and Wells. 
Board of Trade War Committee, room 1.5 Gar- 
rett blk, cor. State and Randolph. 
Boanhnan Henry K. W., physiciiin IfS La- 

S.dle, h. same. 
Boardman Joseph W., h. 41 3d av. 
Boardman Mary L. Mrs., h. Hubbard, nr. 

Boardman Philip, blacksmith, h. s. s. Chestnut. 
Boarman Peter, carpenter, 3d h. s. of s. w. c. 

Prairie and Ann. 
Boasberg Benjamin, peddlar, h. 147 Wells. 
Boasberg Mrs. Sarah, embroideries and laces, 

147 Wells, h. same. 
Boaz E. A., clerk, I'. 0. 
Bobe Reynolds, machinist, bds. 34 W. Wash- 

Bobsen John, lab., h. n. s. Maxwell, nr. Union. 

Bobziu John, lab., bds. North av., nr. Willow. 
Bochmann Charles, butcher, h. 140 W. Madi- 
Bochman Solon, lab., bds. cor. 16th and 

Bock August, shoemkr, h. 119 Milwaukee av. 
Bock Charlotte, wid. Adam, h. 123 Clark. 
Bock Friedrich, lab., h. w. s. Orchard, nr. 

Bockeni Heinrich, lab., h. e. s. Haisted, nr. 

North av. 
Bocksel M., clerk, bds. New York House. 
Bode Auguste, clerk P. 0. 
Bode William, furniture dealer, 47V State. 
Bode William, bricklayer, h. Wolcott, nr. 

Boden Edward, sailor, h. 433 S. Haisted. 
Bodenchatz Conrad, cigarmkr, 157 W. Ran- 
dolph, h. same. 
Bodenchatz Jacob, cigarmkr, bds. 1.j7 W. 

Bodenchatz Thomas, cigarmkr, 177 W. Ran- 
dolph, h. same. 
Bodfish David P., com. nier., 242 S. Water, 

h. 225 N. LaSalle. 
Bodki John, porter Smith Bros., b. Burling, 

nr. North av. 
Bodle James D., salesman A. F. Croskey, h. 

Ypsilanti, Mich. 
Bodley Addison R., agt. Smith & Bro., S. Wa- 
ter, h. 320 W. Lake. 
Bodman Albert H., h. 22 S. Throop. 
Bodwell A. J., clerk, h. 72 Van Buren. 
Boedeker John, carpenter, 43 White. 
Boedeker Morritz, butcher, h. 359 State. 
Boedeker William, cabinetmkr, h. 22 Hubbard. 
Boediker Charles, bootmkr, bds. 206 W. Lake. 
Boehler Charles, basketmkr, h. n. s. Green, 

w. N. Wells, 
Boehlke Hermann, carpenter, h. 80 Milwaukee 

Boehm David, clerk, Simon Klein & Co., bds. 

219 Washington. 
Boehme Herman, musical instrument mkr, b. 

25 Clybourn av. 
Boehme Theodore, salesman James Foster & 

Co., bds. 145 Jackson. 
Boehmer William, baker, h. n. s. Kramer, bet. 

Union and Haisted. 
Boeliii Louis, optician, h. 145 Jackson. 
Boune Wilhelm, plasterer, h. w. s. Larrabee, 

nr. Willow. 
Boening David, h. cor. Canal and Jackson. 
Boener Hugheo, printer, h. 74 4th av. 
Boericki Anton, tanner, b. 207 Milwaukee av. 
Boerlin Louis, optician, James Foster jr., & 

Co., h. 145 Jackson. 
Boerner Christian, saloon, 7 W. Randolph, h. 

Boener Frederick, grocer, 198 W. Randolph, 

h. same. 
Boes John, wagoner, h. Front, bet. Haisted 

and* Carpenter. 
Boese Albert, (Hilbert & Boese,) h. 148 N. 

Boeser Jacob, meat market, 150 Indiana, h. 

Boetger Ernest, baker, 152 W. Randolph. 
Boettcher Charles, clerk, h. w. s. Mohawk, ur. 

Clybourn av. 





Boettcher Christian, lab., h. w. s. Orchard, nr. 

Boettuer Francis, tobacco and cigars, h. 332 

Boettner Gustavo A., optician, bds. 332 State. 
Boettner John, lab., h. 362 N. Wells. 
Bogar Gottlieb, car reifairer I. C. R. R. depot. 
Bogardiis Harrison D., (3. Bogardas & Son,) 

bds. Briggs House. 
Bogardus Henry A., with S. Bogardus & Sou, 

h. 219 Indiana. 
Bogardus John D., with S. Bogardus & Son, 

h. 89 Pearson. 
Bogardus Samuel, (S. Bogardus & Son,) h. 

Buffalo, N. Y. 
BOGARDUS S.& SOX, (Samuel and Harrison 
D.,) who!, dealers in cheese, fruits, etc., 89 
S. Water. 
Bogart Charles, lab., 24th, nr. Hanover. 
Bogart John, lab., h. Chicago av., nr. Noble. 
Bogart Lorenzo D,, teamster, J, J. Sands, h. 

261 Wolcott. 
Bogash Eugene, barkeeper, bds. 160 Randolph. 
Bogert Bow, bridge builder, h. n, w. cor. N. 

Wood and W. Indiana. 
TJogey Hodges, butcher, h. e. s. Bridge, bet. 

Archer rd. and Hickory, 
.iogg Frederick, lab. h. W, 12th, bet. Loomis 

and Throop, 
3oggs Charles T., planing mills. Lumber, bet. 

12th and 14th, h. 615 State, 
Boggs Frank, joiner, h. 76 Blue Island av. 
•Boggs George, carpenter, h. 76 Blue Island av. 
Boggs James, builder, Sherman cor. Polk. 
Bogle Daniel, dealer in coal and pig iron, 58 
Kingsbury, h. cor. Eliaabeth and Indiana. 
Bogue Charles T., constal;)le, h. Quincy nr. 

Bogue Edward A., (Bogue & Ives,) 141 Lake. 
Bogue Elias E., h. Hvde Park. 
Bogue George M., office, 2 State s. w. cor. S. 

Bogue Hamilton B., (0. A. and H. B, Bogue,) 

h. Hvde Park. 
Bogue Oswell A., (0. A. and H. B. Bogue,) h. 

e. s. Michigan av. bet. 29th and 3uth. 
Bogue Roswell G., surgeon, 19th 111., h. Hyde 

Bogue Warner, h. Hyde Park. 
Bogue & Ives, (E. A. Bogue and C. F. Ives,; 

dent;al surgeons, 141 Lake. 
BOGITE 0. A. & H. B., (Cswell A. and Hamil- 
ton B,,) com,, mer., room 2 State sw. cor. 
S. Water. 
Bohan Patrick,, lab., h. 311 Wells. 
Bohanon George W., carriagemnfr, 50 & 52 

W. Madison, h. 107 S. Clinton. 
Bohe Terence, lab., h. n. s. 14th bet. Wabash 

av. and Indiana av. 
BohintOT William, house raiser, SO W. Van 

Bohland John,harnes3niaker, h. 15 N. Clinton. 
Bohle August H., (Lilly & Bohle,) bds. Eagle 

Bohle Rudolph, lab., Chicago Hide and Leath- 
er Co. 
Bohlens Edward, collector, Ogden, Fleetwood 

& Co., 32 & 34 Clark, bds. 2 Franklm. 
Bolder Peter, carpenter, h. n. s. Chicago av. 
bet. Rucker and Elizabeth. 

Bolilinger William, painter, Busch & Brand. 

Bohiiie August, fie grinder, h. 199 S. Halsted, 

Bohme Henry, cabinetmaker, h. Mitchel, bet, 
S. Union and S. Halsted. 

Bohmer Mary, wid. Henry, h. Desplaines, cor„ 

Bohn L., lab., C. S. S. Refinery. 

Bohn John, cooper, bds. McHenry, bet. North 
and Wabansia av. 

Bohnhoff Johann, drayman, h. w. s. Mohawk, 
nr. Blackhawk. 

Bohnhoff John, tailor, e s. Halsted, nr.Willow. 

Bolmet Frederick, boarding, 141 N. Desplaines. 

Bohr John, lab., h. s. s. Yedder, nr. Pine. 

Bohr Joseph, stonecutter, Wolf & Sproehnle. 

Bohringer F., maltster, Lill & Diversy. 

Bohty John, scalemaker, h. 181 W. Randolph. 

Boice Jacob, painter, h. 232 S. Jefferson. 

Boice Joseph, machinist, h. 14th cor State. 

Boies Mary J., wid., boarding, 136 W. Wash- 

Boies Joseph M., (Lafiins, Smith & Boies,) h. 
Saugerties, N. Y. 

Boil Henry, sailor, h. Ill W. Monroe. 

Boin Francis, (col'd,) whitewasher, 216 4th av. 

Boissent John, lab., bds. N. Wells, s. e. cor. 

Bokelman Henry, clerk, bds. 135 W. Lake. 

Bokelman John, bootiaaker, h. nr. s w. cor, 
Polk and Clinton. 

Bokely Jeremiah, harnessmaker, h. Maple, nr, 
N. LaSalle. 

Boker John, teamster, h. Elm nr. N. Market. 

Bolan Mary, wid., h. 64 N. Franklin. 

Bolan Thomas, sailor, bds 117 N. Market. 

Boland Ilonorah, wid. Michael, h. n. s. W. 
Chicago av., nr. Fifth. 

Boland John, plasterer, h. s. s. Eugenie, nr. N. 

Boland James, salesman. Smith k, Dwver, 94 

Boland John, harnessmaker, h. 15 N. Clinton. 

Boland John, ostler, bds. 157 Wells. 

Boland John H., grocery, 170 & 172 W. Har- 
rison, h. same. 

Boland Maurice, drover, h. 107 N. Wells. 

Boland Nicholas, truckman, A. F, Croskey, 
bds. 45 Randolph. 

Boland Thomas F., grocer, n. e. cor. Yan 
Buren and Franklin, h. same. 

Boldenweck Lewis, (Deakman & Boldenweck,) 
h. 174 Forquer, 

Boles Artemus, harnpssmaker, William Speight 

Boley William, carpenter, bds. 371 State. 

Bolger Martin, teacher, h. 106 W. Polk. 

Bolker John, bookkeeper, Kellogg & ^lake, 
bds. New York House. 

Bolks Albert, paper carrier, h. 50 Foster. 

Bolks Samuel, (Rev.,) pastor German Reform- 
ed Church, h. 50 Foster. 

Bollar Phillip, shoemaker, 17 Canal, h. same. 

Bollds Martin, lab,, h. cor. Pearce and S. Hal- 

Boiler Charles C., polisher, h. al. bet. Ran- 
dolph and Lake. 

Boiler Fred., teamster, Ferry & Son. 

Boiler Henry, gardener, W. Chicago av., cor, 

Boiler John J., saloon, 144 W. Randolph, 

Boiler Michael, lab., h. 212 Srd av. 





Boiler Nicholas, shoemaker, h. 301 Milwaukee 

Boiling Patrick, clerk, bds. 243 Huron, 
Bollisb Barnard, with C. H. McCormaek & 

Bollman Antony, lab., h 267 4th av. 
Bellman Michael, lab., h. w. s. Larrabee, nr. 

Bollman William, carpenter, Park pi. 
BoUom Joseph H., carria<);e trimmer, h. 171 

3rd av. 
Bolster Samuel, foreman, S. P. Rounds, bds. 

City Hotel. 
Bolt Christian, wagonmaker, h. n. s. Front, 

bet. Reuben and Noble. 
Bolt William, distiller, h. cor. w. Clybourne 

av. and Elston road. 
Baltenwiok Louis, stonecutter, h. 173 Forquer. 
Bolter A' drew, Illinois Iron Works, 55 & 57 

Washington, and grocer. Wells, s. e. cor. 

Van Buren, h same. 
Bollizar Anton, lumber, h. 729 Clark. 
Bolton James, agent. Singer's sewing machine, 

50 Clark, h, 89 Adams. 
Bolton Robert, sailor, h. 272 W. Harrison. 
Bolton Wm. H., Capt. Chicago Artilery, h, 

w. s. Michigan av. nr. 18th. 
Boman Charles, lab., P. W. Gates & Co. 
Boman Francis H., (Enterprise works,) resi- 
dence, St. Charles. 
Bomgardner Betsy, wid. Jacob, h. 57 S. Clin- 

Bommen William, lab., bds. s, s. Maxwell, nr. 

Bomsteen Henry, tailor, h. 42 4 th. 
Bonce Joseph, machinist, I. C. machine shop. 
Bond Abel, teamster, Webster & Baxter. 
Bond Charles N., printer, bds. 123 Michigan. 
Bond Charles W., (col'd.,) waiter, h. 141 

4th av. 
Bond D. G., ticketagent., bds. Wright's Hotel. 
Bond George, hotel, 45 W. Randolph. 
Bond Isaac, clerk, bds. 73 Monroe. 
Bond John, bookkeeper, bds. 123 Michigan st. 
Bond John, hackman, h. Wells, cor. Van Bu- 
Bond John J., tinsmith, h. N. Clark, s. w. cor. 

Bond Lester L., lawver, h. 107 N. Carpenter. 
Bond M. S. P., (Bond & Chandler,) bds. 229 

Bond Pamelia, wid. Heman S , h. 73 Jackson. 
Bond William H. M., (col'd.,) porter, h. 289 

Bond & Chandler, (Marshall S. P. Bond and 

Victor L. S. Chandler), wood engravers, 

41 Clark. X. 

Bone William, saloon, W. Water, nr. W. Lake 

h. same. 
Bonfield James, lab., s. s. Lafayette, nr. 

Bonfield Michael, fireman C, & A. R. R. h. 

n. e. cor. Archer rd. and Bonfield. 
Bonfield Michael, sr., gardener, h. n. s. Archer 

rd. nr. Bonfield. 
Bongi Gustave, painter, 186 N. Clark. 
Bonhara George, lab. h. n. s. Archer rd, bet. 

Dearborn and Butterfield. 
Bonham Jeriah, com. mer. cor. Clark and S. 

Water, h. 44 N. Curtis. 

Bonn Henry, cap maker Bassett & Hammond, 
bds. Ostendorf's. 

Bonn William, drayman, h. 236 Milwaukee av. 

Bonner Amelia, milliner, 184 Clark. 

Bonner Michael, lab. h. 157 Townsend. 

Bonner William, clerk, bds. 285 Clark. 

Bonner William R., hair dresser, h. 284 Clark. 

Bonnet H. F., manager German theatre, h, n.s. 
Division nr. LaSalle. 

Bonney Charles C, lawyer, 10 Kingsbury 
block, h. s. s. Fulton, bet. Sheldon and 

Bonney Edward, soldier, h. W. Madison, n. w. 
cor. Leavitt. 

Bonni Jacob, mason, h. e. s. Larrabee, nr. 
Black Hawk. 

Bonny Daniel, h. n.s. Carroll, nr. N. Jefferson. 

Bonsall J. S., teacher, h. 124 Wendel, 

Bonville Benjamin F., ostler, h. 583 State. 

Boobier S unuel, head waiter, Adams House. 

BOODY HENRY H., transfer agent Chicago & 
N. W. R. W. New York. 

Booker Charles, sailor, h. e. s. Franklin nr. 

Bookhout Amelia, wid. Charles, h. 120 Frank- 

Bookman Walter, blacksmith, h. r. 520 Clark. 

Boole Jacob L., bookkeeper, h. 194 W. Wash- 

Boomer George, horseshoer, 114 Dearborn, h. 
67 N. LaSalle. 

Boomer Lucius B., bridgebuilder, 14 Dear- 
born, h. 300 Indiana, 

Boone Dennis, mason, 113 Hill. 

Boone Henry, carpenter, bds. s.s. Fulton, bet. 
Wood and Paulina. 

Boone Levi D.', (L, D. & S. S. Boone,) h. 

Boone L. D., physician, 82 Randolph, h. Wau- 

Boone Robert, real estate dealer, h, 72 W. 

Boone Samuel S., (L. D. k S. S, Boone), h. 
Parker's building. 

Boone William, lab. 12 Pearson. 

Boone L. D. & S. S., (Levi D. and Simuel S. 
Boone) grocers cor. State and Monroe. 

Boorman Charles W., recording clerk, h. 84 

Boorman John, wagonmaker, 89 Franklin, bds. 
159 Washington, 

Boorman Joseph, machinist, G. & C. U. R. R. 

Boorn Charles P., (C. P. Boom & Co.) h. 209 
W. Madison), h. same. 

Boorn C. P. & Co., (Charles P. Boorn, Josiah 
II. Wildmau), grocery and provision 209 
W. Madison. 

Boos Michael, lab. h. 130 N. Green. 

Boos William, lab. h. w. s. Arnold, bet, 19th 
and 20th. 

Boot John, h. s. s. W. Washington, e. Lea- 

BOOTH ALFRED, oysters and fish. Dearborn 
cor. Madison h. 49 S. Halsted, cor. State 
and Randolph, and 11 N. Market Hall. 

Booth Edward, moulder, rolling mills, h. 209 
N. Market Hall. 

Booth Francis, gardener, h. 172 N. Union, 

Booth Charles W., (Orrin F. Booth & Co.), h 
588 Wabash av. 





Booth George L., clerk, 91 S. Water, bds. 588 
Wabash av. 

Booth Hemari D., (Tobey & Booth), h. nr. n. 
e. cor. Wabash av. and 18th. 

Booth Henry, (Hurd & Booth), dean of the 
Law Department of the University of 
Chicago, h. 182 W. Washington. 

Booth Jno., cooper, h. 201 N. Dearborn. 

BOOTH JOSEPH H., transportation clerk, 
Quartermasters office, U. S. A. bds. 37 

Booth Orrin F., (Orrin F. Booth & Co.) h. 588 
Wabash av. 

Booth Pitts R., teamster, Ham & Williams, h. 
128 4th. 

Booth Piichard H., Union Despatch Co. 

Booth W. D. (Tobey & Booth), h. cor. Wabash 
av. and 18th. 

Booth Orin F. & Co. (Orin F. and Charles W. 
Booth), com. mers. 193 Kinzie. 

Booth Smith, conductor, I. C. R. R. bds. Bum's 

Boothene Anton , teamster, h. alley, bet. Huron 
and Superior, nr. N. Wells. 

Boothene George, lab., h. alley, bet. Huron 
and Superior nr. N. Wells. 

Bootinger Carl, tanner, h. 242 3rd av. 

Bootz J., maltster, Lill & Diversv. 

Bootz Mathew, lab., bds. 471 S. 'Wells. 

Borbach John, lab., h. e. s. Larrabee, nr. Cen- 

Borbank Tracy, carpenter, h. op. Indiana, 
bet. Noble and Reuben. 

Borbridge Thomas, bookbinder, bds. 17 Dear- 

Borcherdt Amelia, wid. Albert, h. 42 M". Mar- 

Borcherdt William, music teacher, h. Samp- 
son, nr. Loomis. 

Borchsenius Charks, salesman, 170 Lake, bds. 
49 Michigan. 

Bordel Rufus, carpenter, bds. Ill Sedgwick. 

Borden Gustavus E., clerk general passenger 
office L C. R. R., bds. 87 3rd av. 

Borden James W., 26 Metropolitan blk. 

Borden John, lawyer, 43 Clark, h. 283 Illinois. 

Borden Matthew, lab., h. n. s. W. Taylor, nr. 

Bordsnian John, cook, h. 332 Fulton. 

Borgmeier Adolph, clerk, bds. 103 3rd. 

Borgmeier Austin, lab., h. 103 ord. 

Boring Ezra M. R. (Rev.,) presiding elder 
Methodist church Chicago district, h. 290 
W. Madison. 

Bork Michael, lab., h. 15 Superior. 

Borland John, (Blanchard & Borland,) officer 

in army. 
Borland John C, clerk Cooley, Farwell& Co., 

bds. 340 W. Lake. 
Borley Luther, saloon, 133 W. Randolph. 
Borman Adolph, clerk 52 Clark, h. 138 S. San- 
Bornian George, drayman, 89 Erie. 
Borman Louisa, wid. George, h. 138 S. 

BormnnMary, wid. {cord.,)h. 3G3 Wells. 
Born Brtlthasar, baker, 55 N. Clark, h. same. 
Born John, engineer, h. 98 N. Franklin. 
Born Rudolph,"clerk, h. 136 W. Randolph. 
Bornemann Conrad, dyer, h. 67 N. Dearborn. 

Borner William, clerk, bds. 285 Clark. 
Bornings L., physician, h. 49 W. Washing- 
Boro Angelo, fruitdealer, 14 N. Clark. 
Borrough John, foreman, Stouffer & Trego, 

h. 4th, bet. State and Clark. 
Borst Henry, cooper, h. w. s. Archer rd., nr. 

Borsh Peter, machinist, P. W. Gates & Co., 
Bortle Wm., carpenter, h. 1 Hinsdale. 
Bortles Heni-y drayman, b. 158 Huron. 
Bortree Maurice R., (La Barr & Bortree,) 

276 S. Water. 
Bos John, lab. C. B. Dupee & Co. 
Bosanbanz John L., lab., Samuel Myers & Son. 
Bosborn Thomas, (col'd.,) white washer, 21st 

nr. Grove. 
Boscamp Arthur, porter, h. 204 W. Lake. 
Boscamp Stephen, clerk, h. Armitage rd., bet. 

Wheeler av. and Commercial. 
Bosch Joseph, cooper, h. s. s. Catharine, nr. 

Bose Frederick, carpenter, bds. Lake, cor. 

Boseck John, carpenter, h. s. ?. Yedder, nr. 

Bosen Cnristian, lab., h. W. 12tb, bet. Loom- 
is and Laflin. 
Bosenberg George, carpenter, h. 178 Fulton. 
Boser Jacob, butcher, 150 Indiana, h. same. 
Boskowitz Aaron, commission, h. 115 4th av. 
Boskowitz Adolph, (I. & A. Boskowitz,) h. 

115 4th av. 
Boskowitz Ignatz, (I. & A. Boskowitz,) h. 115 

4th av. 
BOSKOWITZ L & A., (Ignatz and Adolph,) 

com. mers. 206 Lake. 
Bosley Frank, house mover, h. 117 W. Wash- 
Bosley Michael, lab. h. S. Alexander, bet. 

Wentworth and Biidal. 
Boslooper Peter, teamster, h. 144 W. Polk. 
Boss Daniel W., h. 54 S. Green! 
Boss Edward, foreman H. H. Shufeldt, h. 85 

S. Halsted. 
Boas Frederick, Sandmeyer & Klassen, bds. 

cor, Illinois & Mills. 
Boss Henry R., printer, h. 17 S. Desplaines. 
Boss John, carpenter, h. n. s. Maxwell, nr. 

Bosse Louise, h. W. Indiana, bet. Paulina and 

Bosse Theodore, bookbinder, h. n. s. Division, 

nr. LaSalle. 
Boston Daniel W., G. & C. U. R. R. 
Bostwick Charles, clerk, bds. 82 W. Madison. 
Bostwick George A., clerk land department I. 

C. R. R., h. 150 Cass. 
Bostwick S. Charles, ticket agt. S. Parmelee 

& Co., h. 80 S. Jefferson. 
Bosweldt William, painter, h. n. s. Jvramer, 

nr. Jefferson. 
Botsford Bennett B„ salesman, 109 Lake, bds. 

75 AVabash av. 
Botsford Henry, (Dow, Quirk & Co.,) bds. 

Briggs House. 
Botsford Jabez K., (Botsford, Kimball & Co.,) 

h. 75 Wabash a v. 
Botsford John R., (Botsford, Kimball & Co.,) 

h. 75 Wabash av. 





Eotsfo'd Theodore B , h. 51 Jackson. 

Botsford, Kimball & Co., (Jabez K. Botsford, 
Mark Kimball, John R. Botsford,) whol. 
hardware, 109 Lake. 

Bott Geor^^e, stone cutter, h. 214 Cherry. 

Bottcher Wilhelm, lab., h. N. Branch, cor. 

Bottger Ilenrv, carpenter, h. 249 Clark. 

Botto Dominico, confectioner, 113 W. Madi- 

Bottouily William, fireman, h. 240 Wells. 

B-jtts Bartlett, lab., h. w. s. Edgar, nr. Doug- 
las pi. 

Botts David, h. s. s. Sebor, nr. Halsted. 

Botts Jacob, lab., M. S. & N. I. R. R. 

Bauck Joseph, ship captain, h. 203 Hubbard 

Bouchard August, teamster, h. s. w. cor. Wil- 
son and Clinton. 

Bouchard Godtrey, bds. s. .w cor. Wilson and 

Boucher Michael, carpenter, h. 225 Market. 

Bouden Frederick, lamp maker, Jesup, Ken- 
nedy & Co. 

Boudron Alice, wid. Louis, h. 215 Adams. 

Boudron Louis C, printer, bds. 215 Adams. 

Boufield Mariin, lab., h. n. s. Lafayette, nr. 

Boughan Andrew, lab., h. s. s. Smith, nr. 

Boughar Edward, lab., h. 306 Milwaukee av. 

Boughman Horace G , printer, h. 87 Ran- 

Boughton Matthew R., (Robbins & Boughton,) 
h. 144 N. Clark. 

Bouland Francis, brewer, 249 Clark. 

Bouler Philip, teamster, h. w. s. Irwin, nr. 

Boulger William E., soapmaker, bds. n. s. 
Elm, e. Franklin. 

Boult Henry, engine wiper, Finnel, in-. Stew- 
art av. 

Boulton Bridget, teacher, bds. 199 Blue I. 

Bourk Richard, mason, h. n. s. Division, nr. 

Bourk Lawrence, lab., h. North av., nr. Wheel- 
ing av. 

Bourke Daniel, blacksmith, George Boomer, 
h. Franklin, nr. Van Buren. 

Bourke Henry, horse shoer, h. 98 W. Lake. 

Bourke Thomas, (Rev.,) pastor St. Columba's 
church, h. n. s. W. Lidiana, bet. N. Reu- 
ben and Paulina. 

Bourne Charles A., bookkeeper, h. 329 S. 

Bournique Auguste, French lookifig-glass 
ninfr., 198 Clark, h. same. 

Bournique Augustus E., salesman G. T. Beld- 
ing & Co., bds. 198 Clark. 

Bournique Pauline, French embroideries, 198 
Clark, h. same. 

Bouton Christopher B., (N. S. Bouton & Co.,) 
bds. 58 4th av. 

Bouton Leonard, machinist, h. 127 N. Green. 

Bouton Nathaniel S., (N. S. Bouton & Co.,) 
h. 590 Wabash av. 

Bouton & Co., (Nathaniel S. and Christopher 
B. Bouton, and E. F. Hurlbut,) foundry 
and machine works, Clark, fe. of 14th. 

Bovitz Hans, sailmkr., h. 85 Ohio. 

Bowe John, lab., h. 195 Sherman. 

Bowel F., grocer, e. s. Halstecj, nr. 18th. 

Bowen Anna, dressmkr, h. 47 S. Union. 

Bowen Augustus, bds. Miller, bet. Taylor and 

Bowen Augustus, lab., h. e. s. Green, nr. 

Bowen B. W., clerk, P. 0. 

Bowen Chancey T., (Bowen Bros.,) h. S26 
Waba^h av. 

BOWEN EDWIN A., sign painter, room 7 
186 S. Water, h. 79 Loomis. 

BOWEN ELIAS R., buck gloves, etc., 20 
Clark, upstairs, h. 15 S. Rucker. 

Bowen E. J., grocer, 490 Stati . 

Bowen George S., (Bowen Bros.,) h. e. s. 
Michigan av. four s. of 12th. 

Bowen James, carpenter, h. s. s. Archer rd. 
bet. Beeres and Market pi. 

Bowen James, porter, Tuttle, Hibbard & Co. 

Bowen James H., (Bowen Bros.,) h. e. s. 
Michigan av. third s. of 12th. 

Bowen Nathan A., mechanic, h. s. s. Washing- 
ton av. bet. Reuben and Paulina. 

Bowen Owen, lab., h. Blue Island av. nr. 
Brighton House. 

Bowen Patrick, foreman of repairs on C. St. L. 
A, & R. R., h. Blue Island av. nr. Brigh- 
ton House. 

Bowen Thomas, bds. 52 Wolcott. 

Bowen William E., clerk, R. Bamber & Co., bda 
221 Madison. 

BOWEN BROTHERS, (James H., George 
S., and ChauncyT. Bowen and George R. 
Whitman,) joblbers of staple and fancy 
dry goods, yankee notions, clocks, watch- 
es, jewelry, buckskin goods, etc., 74 and 
76 LAKE. Also vrholesale and retail 
dealers in crockery, china, glass, silver 
plated ware, cutlery, looking glasses, fan- 
cy goods, hotel and house furnishing arti- 
cles, 72 LAKE. Buyers will always find 
in their stock the latest style of goods, at 
the lowest possible prices. 

Bowen Jacob, shoemkr, h. 178 Wells. 

Bowtn John, lab., h. cor. Noble and Augusta, 

Bower Louis, carpenter, 406 W. Polk. 

Bower Louis, (Bower & Benscheid,) barber, h. 
bet. Union and Jefferson. 

Bower & Benscheid, (Louis Bower and Rein- 
hardt Benscheid,) tile cutters, 329 S, 

Bowers Christopher, teamster, Eldreds & Bal- 

Bowers F. A., machinist, h. 123 Hill. 

Bowers Hemann G., whol. grocer, h, 15S S. 

Bowers Jacob, lab., h. Spring nr. Wentworth 

Bowers Jacob, (col'd.,) porter, h. 153 Gris- 

Bowers Jonathan, painter, h. Oak, nr. Green 

Bowers Samuel J., (Bowers & Co.,) h. w. s. 
Michigan av., nr. 23d. 

Bowers & Co., (Samuel G. Bowers,) packing 
house. Grove cor. 19th, office, room 3, 79 
S. Water. 

Bowersax Allan, clerk, Wheeler, Wallace & 
Co., bds. N. Y. House. 





Bowes Frederick K., clerk, Hall, Kimbark & 

Co., bds. 40 W. Washington. 
Bowes William F., h. 256 Indiana. 
Bowey John, bookkeeper, h. 285 N. Sangamon. 
Bowker Andrew G., carpenter, h. cor. W. 

Adams and Greeti. 
Bowker Harrison M., clerk, Rock River paper 

mnfrg. Co., bds 278 State. 
Bowler Thomas, lab., h. n. s. Sebor, nr. Jeffer- 
Bowles Edwin, clerk. General Freight office, 

C. B. & Q. R. R.,' bds. 240 Madison. 
Bowman Frederick, drayman. 97 S. Water. 
Bowman George, (Howard & Bowman,) h. 

Bowman J. L., printer, bds. N. Y. House. 
Bowman Joseph, h. n. s. Reuben, bet. Emily 

and Jane. 
Bowman Joseph L., bookkeeper,(Goss&Hoag,) 

h. cor. State and 21st. 
BOWMAN JUSTIN, (Bowman, Wood & Co.,) 

prop, steam tugs, 2 N. Clark, h. 84 3d av. 
Bowman William, teamster, h. Ellis av., 4th 

from Douglas pi. 
BOWMAN, WOOD & CO., (Justin Bowman, 

George W. Wood, & Co.,) mnfrs. and whol. 

dealers in vinegar and linseed oil, office, 

2 N. Clark. 
Bowne G., lab., C. H. McCormick & Bros. 
Boxel Theodore, wagonmkr, h. 537 S. Clark. 
Boyce Miss Eliza C, teacber Newberry School, 

bds 254 Michigan. 
Boyce Lawrence, tinsmith, h. Johnson, cor. 

Boyce Peter, h. 254 Michigan. 
Boyd Alexander, salesman, h. 219 Rush. 
Boyd C. Lansing, teher, James Boyd, bds 38G 

Wabash av. 
Boyd Charles, sailor, h. 374 W. Van Buren. 
Boyd Cincinnatus, salesman, J. B. Hennegen 

& Co., 17 Clark. 
Boyd Edward H., printer, h. e. s. State, bet. 

22d and 23d. 
Boyd Francis, lab., h. 22 N. Union. 
Boyd Francis 0., (Shipman & Boyd,) ins. agt., 

2 Cl.irk. 
BOYD JAMES, banker and broker, 38 Clark, 

h. 386 Wabash av. 
Boyd Jane, h. 406 S. Clinton. 
Boyd John, baker, h. 6 N. Wells. 
Boyd John, bookkeeper, Gould & Bro., bds. 

261 Ontario. 
Boyd Robert, teller James Boyd, 38 Clark bds 

386 Wabash av. 
Boyd Robert R., (R. G. Dun & Co.,) h. N. Y. 
Boyd Robert, (Rev.,) h. n. s. 18th, bet. Wa- 
bash av, and State. 
Boyd Sebastian, musician, h. 211 Huron. 
Boyd Thomas, plumber, bds. 68 W, Madison. 
Boyd William, cooper, h. Sangamon, c. Hub- 
BOYDEN JAMES W. Col., United States agt. 

paying army and navy pensioners, attor- 
ney at law and notary public, s. e. cor. 

Lake >ind Clark, h. 151 S. Sangamon. 
Boyel Thomas, lab., h. 155 Forquer. 
Boyer Alfred II., ship carpenter, h. cor. State 

and Egan av. 
Boyer James A., caulker, h. 92 S. Jefferson. 
Boyer Thomas, lab., h. 206 W. Harrison. 

Boyington Charles W., engineer, h. 145 W. 

Boyington Eli E., livery and sale stable, 80 and 

82 State, h. 84 State. 
Boyington Ivory, engineer, bds. cor. Jefferson 

and Forquer. 
Boyington Moses, carpenter, h. 135 W. Kinzie 
Boymgton Samuel, steamboat and railroad agt., 

h. 138 W. Jackson. 
Boyington Thomas C, draughtsman, h. w. s. 

State, bet. 15th nnd 16th. 
Boyington William W., architect, Garrett blk., 

cor. State and Randolph, h. 318 Wabash av 
Boyle Henry, lab., h. Franklin, s. e. cor. Vau- 

Boyle James S., framemkr. Houtv Wiggers, 

h. Hubbard, bet. Hoyne and Robey. 
Boyle John, blacksmith, h. Myrick av., nr. 

Hardin pi. 
Boyle John, lab., h. 121 Forquer. 
Boyle John, sailor, h. 63 N. La Salle. 
Boyle Patrick, teamster, h. Mather, nr. Canal. 
Boyle Robert, wheelwright, 128 Franklin. 
Boyle T. W., sexton. Cathedral of the Holy 

Name, h. 116 Whiting. 
Bovle Thomas, lab., h. 155 Forquer. 
BOYLE WILLIAM H., dry goods, 49 Lake, h. 

248 N. La Salle. 
Boylson John, teamster, h 199 Kinzie. 
Boyne Annie, bds. 47 S. Union. 
Boyne Mary, wid. Christopher, h. 228 S. Des- 

Boyne Thomas, (Whelan & Boyne,) h. 116 

Boynton Charles, com. raer., bds. 74 S. Mor- 
Boynton Charles H., capt. propeller Alleghany, 

h. 147 W. Van Buren. 
Boynton Charles W., (Boynton & Webster,) 

bds. 74 S. Morgan. 
BOYNTON J. E., bds. 44 4th av. 
Boynton Joseph, fireman, h. 123 Forquer. 
Boynton Thomas, lab., McGlashen, nr. 22nd. 
Bovntou William, lab., h. 118 Forquer. 
Boynton & Webster, (Charles W. Boynton, 

Albert G. Webster, of Bloomington, 111.,) 

com. mers., room 4, 209 S. Water. 
Boysen Charles, sailor, h. 117 Sedgwick. 
Boyter, Robert, salesman, bds. 280 Illinois. 
Brabon William V., carpenter, h. 146 W. 

Brabrook Joseph F., apothecary, 160 W. Har- 
rison, h. same. 
Bracelan Davis, carpenter, h. n. .s. Front, bet. 

Elizabeth and Rucker. 
Brach Jacob, wagonmaker, h. 201 4th av. 
Brachtendorf Peter, grocer, n. s. North av., e. 


Wells, h. same. 
Brackbill Frederick, carpenter, h. 233 Kinzie. 
Bracken Thomas, canalboat capt., h. w. s. Hal- 

sted, bet. Evans and North. 
Bracken William, butcher, h. 377 Clinton. 
Bracken William S., bookkeeper M. S. Yar- 

wood, bds. 219 Ontario. 
Brackett Edward H., lawyer, h. 167 W.Jack- 
Brackett Frederick, lab., h. w. s. Newberry, 

nr. Caualport av. 





Brackett Gilbert E., circulator Tribune office. 
Brackett Herbert S., clerk 13 Lake. 
Brackett Joshua A., confectioner, h. 330 Ful- 
Brackett Peter, li. 260 "W. Lake. 
Brackin James, h. 130 N. Green. 
Brackley John, carpenter, h. 84 Bunker. 
Brackley Robert, bootmkr., h. 84 Bunker. 
Brackman ilary, wid. Henry, h. cor. May and 

Braddoek John, ironraoulder, s. w. cor. Henry 

and Loomis. 
Braddoek Patrick, lab., h. s. e. cor. W. Madi- 
son and Reuben. 
Bradfish John, butcher, 385 W. Lake, h. same. 
Bradford A. P., a^t. L C. R. R. Land Dept., 

bds. Anderson House. 
Bradford Henry, (col'd.) barber 332 State, h. 

139 4th av. 
Bradford William A., (W. A. Bradford & Co.,) 

bds Wrio-ht's Hotel. 
Bradford William A. & Co., (John H. Irwin,) 

lamps and oils. 1 Wells. 
Bradgow Hugh, carpenter, h. cor. 1st and Ro- 

Bradish William, paperhanger, h. 7 Hubbard. 

Bradley , Ijds. 117 3rd av. 

Bradley Charles, butcher, h. 156 Kinzie. 
Bradley Charles, vessel agt., 1 Pomeroy's bldg., 

h."Wabash av. nr. 16th. 
Bradley Cyrus P., see. Board Police, h. 420 W. 

Bradley David, (Furst & Bradley,) h. 174 W. 

Bradley Edward, bds Adams House. 
BradleV Ebenezer, sailor, bds. 205 Van Buren. 
Bradley Elliott, (Cooley & Hosmer,) bds. 

Adams House. 
Bradlev Edward L., clerk, bds. 228 State. 
Biadley Francis, (L. D. Olmsted & Co.,) h. 271 

ley, hnnber dealer, w. s. Clark nr. R. R. 
crossing, h. 631 State. 
Bradley J., lab. Hall & Winch. 
Bradley James, Elgin Battery, h. 207 Illinois. 
Bradley James, lab., h. n. s. Wright nr. Union. 
Bradley James, watchman, h. nr. cor. School 

and S. Desplaines. 
Bradley James P., clerk, bds. 304 State. 
Bradley Leonidas C, li. cor. Cottage Grove 

and Ridgley. 
Bradley Lucian, ticket agt. Erie Railway and 

Line Propellers, h. 29 Michigan av. 
Bradley Margaret, wid. Patrick, h. S. Morgan 

nr. Taylor. 
Bradley Michael, lab., h. X. Branch, r>r. Brick- 
Bradley Xathan B., lumber, Clark cor. 16th. 
Bradlev Philip B., jr., clerk Williams Smith 

& Co., h. 271 Ontario. 
Bradley Street, stationer, L C. R. R., h. 47 S. 

Bradley Timothy M., sheriff's clerk, h. Lake 

Bradley William H., lawyer, h. 114 Green. 
Bradner Alonzo, (Bradner, Smith & Co.,) h. 

New York. 
Bradner Lester, jr., foreman Albert Sturges k, 
Son, bds. 138 Wolcott. 

BRADXER, SMITH & CO., (Alonzo Bradner, 
George C. Smith and J. Bradner Smith,) 
paper dealers, 133 S. Water. 
Bradridge John, butcher, h. 217 Kinzie. 
Bradshaw Charles, carpenter, bds. Waverley 

Bradshaw George -W., clerk, bds. w. s. X. Mar- 
ket nr. Ohio. 
Bradshaw Hugh J., carpenter, h. cor. Robey 

and 2nd. 
Braditreet Henry, (J. M. Bradstreet & Son,) 

h. New York. 
Bradstreet John M., (J. M. Bradstreet & Son). 
Bradstreet J. M. & Son, commercial agency, 3 

McCormick's bldg. 
Bradt Barnabas, (A. J. Colby & Co.,) h. 223 

Bradwell James B., county judge, h. s. s. W. 

Washington nr. Hoyne. 
Brady , lab., h. n. s. W. Polk nr. Des- 
Brady Barnev, sailor, bds. 125 Market. 
Brady Bernard F., uuibrellamkr., 372 State, h. 

Brady Hugh J., foreman stencil cutter V. R. 

Allen, h. 114 N. Jefferson. 
Brady Charles, lumber and produce, h. e. s. 

Wabash av., bet. 16 and 18th. 
Brady James P., supt. P. Ft. W. & C R. R. de- 
pot, bds. Sherman House. 
Brady John, lab., h. X. Reuben, bet. Lake 

and Fulton. 
Brady Joseph P., freight agent, bds. Wabash 

av. nr. Ringgold pi. 
Brady Mac S., porter, Henry Greenebaum. 
Brady Matthew, boarding, 27 X. Canal. 
Brady Owen, drayman, M. D. Downs. 
Brady Patrick, grocer, 145 W. Taylor. 
Brady Patrick, lab. b. s. s. South, bet. Fisk 

and Morgan. 
Bradv Patrick, porter, Hempstead, Norton & 

Co., 257 State. 
Brady Thomas, house mover, h. 537 Clark. 
Bradv Thomas lab., C. B. & Q. R. R. depot. 
Brady William, lab. bds. 203 Van Bnren. 
Braener Mary, wid. George, h. 191 Sherman. 
Bragg Joseph, machinist, h. 121 Elizabeth. 
Bragdon Charles D., editor Rural Kern York- 
er, 69 State, h. 113 S. Peoria. 
Braham Henry, lab., h. Sycamore nr. Went- 

worth av, 
Braham Frederick, carpenter, bet. Clark and 

Braham Mrs. C, dressmaker, h. 103 Green 

Brahm John A., cooper, Schmit, bds. r. 202 

Brahend Xamen, lab: b. r. S. Hubbard nr. 

Brainard Benjamin W., shoemaker, h. 16 Gris- 

BRAINARD DANIEL, surgeon, 45 Clark, h. 

147 Rush, cor. Superior. 
Brainard Dwight, (Brainard & Mather,( bds. 

118 4th av. 
Brainard Henry G., teller J. G. Conrad, bds. 

284 Michigan av. 
Brainard Ira S., salesman C. W. Cook. 
Brainard Joseph V., carpenter, h. 262 N. 





Brainard Mo.tthew, teamster, h. 118 4th av. 

Brainerd Ezra, attorney and life ins. agt., 2 
Methodist Church blk, bds. Michigan 
av., 2d. door s. 26th. 

Brainerd William N., grain dealer, S Board 
Trade bldg. h. 284 Michigan av. 

Brainard & Mather, dealers in carriages, bug- 
gies, &c., (Dwight Brainerd, David Math- 
er.) 19.5 State. 

Braisted E. E., teller. Merchant's. Savings L. 
& T. Co., h. 324 W. Madison. 

Braker Christopher, lab., h. n. s. Maxwell, nr, 

Brakv Joseph, h. 85 W. Van Buren. 

Bral William, lab., h. Paulina, bft. Indiana. 
and 4th. 

Braley Mrs. Joanna, wid. Judd, h. n. s. Divis- 
ion, nr. N. Wells. 

Bramble John, carpenter, h. 3rd av., nr. 12th. 

Bramel John, carpenter, h. 248 3rd av. 

Bramer Peter, lab., h. 188 Sherman. 

Bramhall William, carpenter, bds. s. s. W. 
Lake, nr. Lincoln. 

Branbury Charles, tailor, h. Pearl nr. Pratt. 

Branch Jacob, h. 201 4th av. 

Brand Charles, h. n. s. Williams, nr. Cornell. 

Brand Christian H., restaurant, 36 N. Clark. 

Brand E. L., photographs, 108 and 110 Lake, 
bds. 34 Washington. 

Brand Henry, lab, h. s. s. Archer rd., nr. La 

Brand J. P., sailor, h. 14 Wesson. 

Brand John, book-keeper, h. n. s. Cedar, bet. 
Green Bay and the lake shore. 

Brand Michael, (Busch & Brand,) r. Blue 
Island av. 

Brandenburger Mathias, cooper, h. 11 Larra- 

Brandes Ernest, clerk, bds. 1*74 Wells. 

Brandish Montgom.ery, engineer, h. 307 N. 

Brandle Frank, clerk H. W. Adams & Hitch- 
cock, h. 232 Huron. 

Brandon Daniel B., photographist, h. Cottage 
giove, nr. Douglas pi. 

Brandt Charles F., witii Giles Bros. & Co., 
watch and chronometer makr., 142 Lake, 
273 Superior. 

Brandt Ernst, hatmaker, 133 Milwaukee av. 

Brandt Fred., carpenter, h. Jolinson, nr. Tay- 

Brandt Fred., lab., Kraefft & Co. 

Brandt Heinrich, blacksmith, 323 Milwaukee 

Brandt Joseph, painter, h. cor. Menomonee and 

Brandt William, boarding, 189 Michigan. 

Brandt William, h. Kingsbury, bet. Ohio and 

Brane Charles, cooper, h. 14th, nr. State. 

Brane John, teamster, h. 14th, nr. State. 

Brane William, carriage painter, h. 54 N. Des- 

Branst Henry, blacksmith, 323 Milwaukee av., 
h. same. 

Brangle John, chairmkr., h. cor. Indiana and 

Branick John, carpenter, h. O'Brien, bet. 
Union and Halstcd. 

Branigan Hugh, tailor, 171 Madison, h. same. 

Branker William, cooper, bds. Sampson, nr. 

Brankley John, h. 121 Ohio. 

Brann William, carriage painter, b. 54 N. Des- 

Brannan James, lab., h. Sedgwick, nr. Xorth 

Brannan James B., lab., h. 31 Wolcott. 

Brannan Mrs. Hannora, wid. John, grocer, 271 
Michigan, h. same. 

Brannan John, lab., h. Sherman, cor. Taylor. 

Brannan Julia, wid. Thomas, h. 232 Sherman. 

Brannan Michael, drayman, h. Sheffield av., 
nr. North a v. 

Brani'.an Michael, shoemkr., Knowles, h. 68 

Brannan Patrick, lab. C. II. McCormick & 

Brannan Thomas, butcher, 133 Archer pi. 

Brannock Edward B., blacksmith, h. O'Brien, 
cor. Halsted. 

Brannock James, drayman, Hempstead, Nor- 
ton & Co., h. 147 Huron. 

Brannock John, sashmkr., bds. O'Brien, cor. 

Brannock John, drayman, h. 238 Adams. 

Brannock Patrick, drayman Hempstead, Nor- 
ton & Co., h. Superior, 3d e. oi' Franklin. 

Brannock Robert, teamster, h. 190 S. Jefter- 

Branon Matthew, lab., h. Huron, nr. Town- 

Bransfield John, lab., h. Sanger, nr. Archer 

Branson Elon, sawyer, h. 17 Chicago av. 

Branson Jacob, clerk Branson & Elliott, bds. 
Washington, nr. Dearborn. 

Branson Jesse L., (Branson & Elliot,) bds. Me- 
tropolitan Hotel. 

BRANSON & ELLIOT, (Jesse L. Branson and 
John Elliot,) agts. Aiken's Knitting Ma- 
chine, 120 Lake. 

Branston John, meat market, 262 W. Lake, h. 
71 N. Morgan. 

Branston Robert, porter Hinckley & Uandy, 
bds. 262 W. Lake. 

Brant Daniel R., (Arnold & Brant,) h. 4th av. 
cor. Harrison. 

Brant Frederick, joiner Henry M. Coombs. 

Brant Marv, wid. Adam, bds. 574 State. 

Brant/. .John, lab., h. n. s. Hickory, nr. Mary. 

Braschlor John, h. 62 Hope. 

Braser Henry, gardener, h. 184 N. Sangamon. 

Braskowsky Simon, lab., h. 5th, nr. Front. 

Brass Christian, lab., h. s. s. Emily, nr. Noble. 

Brass Roger B., salesman Cooley, Farwell & 
Co., h. 154 W. Monroe. 

Brassel John, blacksmith, h. s. s. W. Kinzie, 
nr. N. Jefferson. 

Brastied Edward E., tallow mer., h. 424 W. 

Bratsen Jacob, expressman, h. N. Union, nr. 

Brattan Joseph, Wm. H. Prentiss & Co., h. 
403 Clark. 

Brauch Jacob, lab., h. 201 4th av. 

Brauckmann George,, Gehrke & Co., h. 76 N. 

Brauckmann Henry, (Brauckmann &,) h. 
196 Sherman. 





Brauckmann k Rapp, (HenrvBrauckmaun and 

Frederick Rapp,) furnitm-e 220 Lake. 

Braun George A., (Braun & Scherer,) h. 119 

Braun John, lab., h. e. s. Orcliard nr. Willow. 
Braun John, turner, h. w. s. Sedgwick, nr. 

Braun John, lab., h. n. ?. Granger e. Sedgwick. 
Braun Joseph, carpenter, h. Noble, nr. W. Di- 
Braun Mrs. Julia, h. 214 X. Carpenter. 
Braun Nicholas, porter, H. B. & A.M. Lewis. 
Braun Peter, lab., h. n. s. Starr e. Sedgwick. 
Braun Thoma.s, clerk., bds. 387 State. 
Braun & Scherer, (Geo. Braun and Geo. Chas. 

Scherer,) hairdressers, 69 Dearborn. 
Brauns Leopold (Hewes & Brauns,) 102 Indi- 
Brautigam August, (Brautigam & Adam,) b. 

62 N. Clark. 
Brautigam k Adam, (August Brautigam and 

Peter Adam,) barbers, 62 N. Clark. 
Bray Martin J., physician, room 11 Ewino; 

Brayman J. 0., printer, h. 116 State. 
Bray ton Hardin B., (Bray ton & Young,) bds. 

cor. Ann and Fulton. 
Brayton Ilezekiah A., bds. Tremont House. 
Brayton & Young, (Hardin B. Brayton & 

Joshua P.Young,) com. mer., 5 Wigwam. 
Braystpraak Eli H., conveyancer John G. 

Shortall k Co., h. s. vv. cor. Oak and 

Brazeau Stephen, barber, 65 W. Kinzie, h. 

Brazie Mary M., wid. Austin, boarding, 147 N. 

Breakey B. A., bookkeeper, W. Blair & Co., 

bds. 453 Wabash av. 
Brearten Bridget, wid. Christopher, h. e. s. 

S. Haisted, bet. Harrison & Mather. 
Breath Abraham, (Breath & Roberts,) h. 185 

4th av. 
Breath AYalter F., elk., Jones, Perdue & Small, 

bds. 185 4th av. 
Breath k Roberts, (Abraham Breath and John 

L. Roberts,) prod. com. mer., 12 LaSalle. 
Brech L uis, shoemaker, bds. 529 Clark. 
Breck James, lawyer, 20 Telegraph bldg., h. 

75 Monroe. 
Brecken Mrs. Margaret, wid. Thomas, h. 191 

S. Jefferson. 
Breckenridge James., (Breckenridge & Pratt,) 

h. 101 S. Haisted. 
Breckenridge & Pratt, (J. Breckenridge and 

J. W. Pratt,) grocers, 101 S. Halstsd. 
Breckley E., cleaner, I. C. R. R. machine shop. 
Breckmann Ernst, butcher, h. 306 Milwaukee 

Bredburg James, (Rev.) Pastor Swedish P. E. 

church, h. 99 Ohio. 
Bredeen David F., salesman at Strvker & Co., 

bds. 250 West Madison. 
Bredinitz Albert, limeburner, h. Haisted n r 

Breed Charles, G., (Breed &May,) h. 501 Wa- 
bash av. 
Breed Joshua, moulder, h. 442 N. Market. 
Breed Louis, h. 398 State. 

Breed & Nav, (Charles G. Breed, Thomas L. 

Nay,) lumber, W. 12th bet. Beach & River. 

Breen Bridget, wid. John h. 14 N. Desplaines. 

Breen John, sealer weights and measures, h. 

S. Clinton cor. Taylor. 
Breen John, lab., h. 2 4th av. 
Breen Michael, grocer, cor. Sampson k Blue 

Island av., h. same. 
Breen Michael, porter, Hempstead &. Co. 
Breen Patrick, lab., bds. 149 W. Randolph. 
Breen Phillip, teamster, h. Ellis av. 
Br'jese Robert B., carpenter, h. 273 4th av. 
Breese Robert B. jr., carpenter, bds 473 4th 

Breed Henry, carpenter, h. n. s. Loewe w. N. 

Wells. Adam, lab., h. 103 Green Bay rd. 
Breidenbend Hubert, pedler, h. 10 Gurley. 
Breidenstein F., physician and surgeon, 20S 

N. Clark, h. same. 
Breider August, lab., h. Commercial, nr. W. 

Clybourn av. 
Breidrick August, carpenter, h. n. s. Division, 

nr. Pleasant. 
Breidt Julius, watches and jewelry, 31 W.Ran- 
dolph, h. same. 
Breier Charles, gashtter, h. 129 Union. 
Breit John, tailor, h. w. s. Sedgwick nr. Me- 
Breitbaith Frederick, cabinetmaker, h. W. 

Liberty nr. Jefferson. 
Breitung William, h. 209 Randolph. 
Brekenridge William, grocer, 449 S. C.mal. 
Brekm Matthew, bricklayer, h. William nr. 

Brell Matias, lab., h. 5th nr. Front. 
Bremer Anthony, moulder, Lange, Brown & Co. 
Bremer Peter, h. 188 Sherman. 
Bremner David F., merchant tailor, 27 Market. 
Breraner James, mason, h. cor. Front and Car- 
Bremner James A., grocer, 107 W. Polk. 
Bremner John, dravman, h. Carpenter nr. 

Bremner Morris, foreman 0. Kendall's Sons k 
Co., State St. bakery, h. s. s. Kramer, nr. 
Bremner Robert, carpenter, h. 143 3d. 
Bremner Robert, clothing store. Market, h. 

s.s. O'Brieii, nr. Haisted. 
Brenniff John, sailor, h. Broadway pi. 
Brenn Nellie, saleswoman, J. B. Shay, bds. S. 

Water cor. Michigan av. 
Brennan Andrew, teamster, h. n e. cor. Evans 

and Rucker. 
Brennan Charles H., painter, h. 70 Mather. 
Brennan James, lab., h. e. s. Wright, bet. Ca- 
rnal and Stewart av. 
Brennan James, driver, H. Cooke, 12 Clark. 
Biennan James, head porter, Briggs House. 
Brennan James, lab., h. w. s. Jefferson, nr. Ca 

nalport av. 
Brennan James, teamster, bds. n e. cor. Erans 

and Rucker. 
Brennan John, soldier, h. 234 W. 12th. 
Brennan John H., with H. T. Merrill, 113 Ran- 
Brennan Joseph, lab., h. 124 Ewing. 
Brennan Louis, engineer Evening Journal, 50 





Brennaii Matthew G., shoemaker, 519 S. Canal. 
Breniian Michael, engineer I. C. R. R. 
Brennan Michael, lab., bds. 168 Van Buren. 
Brennan Michael, mason, h. Ib^ W. Kinzie. 
Brennan Michael, saloon, 14 N. Wells, h. same. 
Brennan Michael, shoemaker, h. 68 Polk. 
Brennan Patrick, grocer, 52'7.S. Canal, h. same. 
Brennan Patrick, lab., h. w. s. Jefferson, nr. 

Canalport av. 
Brennan Patrick, (Martin & Brennan,) bds. 

cor. Kinzie and N. Dearborn. 
Brennan Patrick, stonecutter, W. & A. B. 

Brennan Patrick, boots and shoes, 26S Madi- 
son, h. same. 
Brennan Philip, blacksmith, h. s e. cor. Michi- 
gan and Erie. 
Brennan Philip, saloon, 204 Kinzie. 
Brennan William, lab., h. w. s. Edgar, bet. 

Ridgeley pi. and Douglas pi. 
Brennan William, machinist, Marine Engine 

Works, bds. 109 Michigan. 
Brennauer Louis, watchmaker, h. n. s. Rees, 

nr. Clj'bourn av. 
Brenner Frederick, blacksmith, h. 246 Michi- 
Brenner George, carpenter, 130 Huron. 
Brennick Edward, carpenter, h. n. s. O'Brien, 

nr. Halsted. 
Brenock John, grocer, h. s e. cor. S. Halsted 

and Forqner. 
BRENTANO L., ed. and prop'r Illinois Staats 

Zeitung, 55 LaSalle, h. 812 N. LaSalle. 
Bressler John S., com. mer., h. 131 Superior. 
Brenzel Jacob, carpenter, h. 140 N. Union. 
Breslau James C, sign painter, h. 263 Chica- 
go av. 
Bresso Peter Z., bookkeeper, h. 109 Wabash 

Brest Philip, teamster, Goss & Phillips. 
Brethauer George W., salesman, 166 Lake, 

bds. N. Y. House. 
Brets P., helper I. C. R. R. Machine Shop. 
Bretschneider Julius A., soldier 65th III, h. 

238 3d av. 
Brettar John, butcher, bds. 83 Wells. 
Brettauer Henry, bookkeeper, IGO Randolph, 
Breuer Fredrick, teacher, St. Peter's school, 

h. school house. 
Breuer John M., confectioner, h. 355 Superior. 
Ereunig John, grocer, 206 W. 12th, h. same 
Brewer' Arnold, grocer, 359 Chicago av. 
BREVOORT INS. CO. of N. Y., L. C. Hall, 

agt., 160 S. Water. 
Brew Thomas, saloon, 123 Market, h. same. 
Brewer Charles, salesman, Webster & Gage. 
Brewer Harriet M., milliner, bds. 296 State. 
Brewer John, Ub., h. 101 Milwaukee av. 
Brewer John S., purchasing agt, G. & C. U. 

R. R., h 251 Ohio. 
Brewer Theresa, wid. Henry, h. 355 Superior. 
Brewer Thomas, gardener, h. 47 Harmon ct. 
Brewer W. K., engineer, h. 122 N. Carpenter. 
Brewer W. M., (C. W. Castle, & Co.) 
Brewster Benjamin, (Stiles, Brewster & Co.,) 

bds 186 Wabash av. 
Brewster Charles F;, printer, bds. 11 Judd. 
Brewster Edward W., h. 416 W. Madison. 
Brewster Frank E., bookkeeper, bds. 49 Van 
- Buren. 

Brewster Henrj', baggageman, G. k, C. U. R. R, 

bds 144 Madison. 
Brewster Hiram L., soldier, h. 264 Kinzie. 
Brewster James P., hats, caps and furs, 62' 

Clark, h. 50 Van Buren. 
Brewster Jester, engineer, bds. 127 Halsted. 
Brewster Oscar, h. 134 3rd av. 
Brewster W. B., banker, h, 353 N. La Salle. 
Brewster William, sec. Board of Trade war 

fund committee, bds. 65 Wabash av. 
Breyer Henry, lab., li. Milwaukee av., nr. Reu- 
Breytspraak Charles, music teacher, h. s. w. c. 

Oak and K. Wells. 
Briar William, lab., h. Livingston, nr. cor. N. 

Brice , engineer, bds. 134 N. Carpenter. 

Brick Peter, lab., h. n. s. Pearce 

Brickhvson Frederick, stonecutter, W. & A. 

Brickley Amos, conductor, C. A. & St. L. R. 

R., h. 52 S. Green. 
Brickley J., oil mnfr., L C. R. R. 
Brickner Henry, shoemaker, h. 16 Wesson. 
Brickwood William, mason, bds. 151 Market. 
Bridel Mac, (col'd.,) tanner, bds. Sherman. 
Bridell J., blacksmith, h. Indiana, nr. Leavitt. 
Bridge Chas., bds. Briggs House. 
Bridges Nicholas, baker, h. 82 Sherman. 
Bridges Thomas B., constable, h. 299 W. Lake. 
Bridgeman J. W., bookkeeper, h. N. Clark, 

n. w. cor. Goethe. 
Bridgman Henry, clerk, bds. Wabash av., nr. 

Bridgman James, carpenter, h. 407 W. Polk. 
Bridgman John W., clerk, J. W. Sykes, h. 

N. Clark, n. w. cor. Goethe. 
Bridson Thomas, ship and house joiner, h. Jef- 
ferson, nr. Jackson. 
Briggs Amos H., builder, h 256 S. Desplaines. 
Briggs Arthur R., biokkeeper, Wiliard & 

Child, bds. 1 Dearborn pi. 
Briggs C. C, lab., h. 238 N. Wells. 
Brignrs Clinton, (Ewing, Briggs & Co.,) bds. 

Tremont House. 
Briggs Ellis, patternmaker, bds 61 Judd. 
Briggs George W., machinist, h. 61 Judd. 
Briggs Hannibal B., assist, bookkeeper, H. W. 

Wethereil, bds. 191 Clark. 
Briggs Harvey D., clerk, general passenger 
office, I. C. R. R., bds. cor. State and 
Briggs House, W. F. Tucker & Co.. proprs., 

Randolph, n. e. cor. Wells. 
Briggs Jeremiah B., whol. grocer, 127 S Water 

h 186 W. Washington. 
Briggs Joel, carpenter, h. Cottage Grove av., 

nr. city limits. 
Briggs Martin V., lumber inspector, bds. 

Anderson House. 
Briggs Morris W., bookkeeper, Sturges' bank, 

h. 455 W. Lake. 
Briggs Patrick, machinist, h. 119 Halsted. 
Briggs Sarah, music teacher, bds. e. s. Sanga- 
mon, nr. Randolph. 
BRIGGS S. ANNA, hair jewelry, 60 State, bds. 

Dr. Warren. 
Briggs Samuel A., principal Mosley school, h. 
e. s. Wabash av. bet. 24th. and 25th. 




Briggs Seidell D., baggageman K W. R. R, 

bds. 455 W. Lake. 
Briggs Theodore, carpenter, I. C. R. R., bds. 

567 State. 
Brigham Charles B., president Union Dispatch 

Co., h. 41 N. Carpenter. 
Bright Mrs. C, h. 236 Superior. 
Bright John, barkeeper, bds. Nell's Hotel. 
Brirer John, teamster, h. s. e. cor. Western 

av. and Hase. 
Brill George, C. H. McCormick & Bros. 
Brimstone Washington, lab., h. Division bet. 

N. Franklin and N. Market. 
Brimard Orrin, drayman, h. 72 W. Madison. 
Brinckerhoff Walter, sausagemaker, h. 167 

3rd av. 
Brine George J., (W. Brine & Co.) bds. 338 

W. Madison. 
Brine William, (W. Brine & Co.) h. Xew York 

Brine William & Co., (William and George J. 

Brine), com. mer. 182 S. Water. 
Brinenant Knut, bridgeturner, h. 81 ord av. 
Briner D. 0., bds. X. Y. House. 
Brintnall, Sylvan J., (C. B. Hurd & Co.) h. 63 

Brink Washington P., expressman h. 215 Kin- 

Brinker Henry, merchant tailor, 62 Clark, h. 

Brinker William, hib., h. Coolidge, bet. 

Loomis and Laflin. 
Brinkerhoff J., bds. Sherman House. 
Brinkham Christian, lab., h. 78 Sherman. 
Binkman Christopher, tanner, h. n.s. Maxwell, 

nr. Union. 
Binkman Michael, lab., h. 93 W. Liberty. _ 
Brinkmeier Christian, (Kruger & Brinkmeier,) 

h. 150 Illinois. 
BRIXEWORTH HENRY, provisions, 133 

Clark, h. same. 
Brisch Jolin, lab., h. 5 N. Sedgwick. 
Brisco Nathan A., policeman, h. 474 Clark. 
Brislein Henry, engineer, h. Hinsdale, nr. 

Green Bay. 
Brislin Patrick lab., h. 96 Forquer. 
BRISMAN JOHN, saloon, 58 S. Canal, h. 

Bristol Charles, salesman. Turner & Sidwav, h. 

248 W. Randolph. 
Bristol Henry, blacksmith, h. 441 N. Clark. 
Bristol Henry L., supt. North City R. R., bds. 

252 N. Clark. 
Bristol Howard G., patent envelopes, h. 115 

S. Throop. 
Bristol M. J. N., boarding, h. 163 N. Dearborn. 
Bristol Mrs. Theodosia, boarding, 220 Madi- 

, son. 
Bristol Walter, clerk, (E. Hollister & Co.) bds. 

176 Adams. 
Britley Amos, conductor, h. 152 S. Green. 
Britt Orin E., (M. S. Nichols & Co.,) 188 S. 

Brittan Benton, machinist, 120 N. Halsted. 
Britton Frand, (col'd) lab., W. Taylor, nr. 

BRITTAN NATHAN, manufacturer and deal- 

OR COPPER. Not liable to rust, and 
having EIGHT TIMES the conducting ca- 
pacitv of iron. Being constructed of 
sired lent,nh, breadth and thickness; PUT 
REPAIR. Circulars containing recom- 
mendations from Chemists and Scientific 
Men of all parts of the Union, regarding 
their efficiency, will be furnished when 
desired. Single Conductors, with full in- 
structions for putting them up and apply- 
ing them to any buihling, vrill be careful- 
ly packed and forwarded to any part of 
the country, and a suitable reduction will 
be made in the cost. Good inducements 
offered to reliable parties engaging in the ■ 
trade, wholesale or retail. Conductors ' 
are furnished in large or small quantities 
on short notice. OFFICE— NO. 9 HILL- 
lARD'S BLOCK, (North-east corner of 
Clark and S. Water, Chicago,) Address 
N. BRITTAN, P. 0. Box 283, Chicago. 

Britten Michael, clerk, bds. 195 W. Lake. 

Britten Peter, lab. e. s. Clybourn av. nr. Lar- 

Britton Susan, wid. Arthur, h. n. s. Smith, w. 

Bviziilaro Auguato, cigarmaker, li. 231 Huron. 

Biitzmann Fritz, with Peshtigo Co. 

Broadbanli John, carpenter, h. 277 4th av. 

Broadbeut James, machinist, h. e. s. 4th av. 
bet. 1 2th and 14th. 

Broadbent John H., machinist,^ h. 330 N. 
R acker. 

BROADWAY CHARLES F., market, 135 
State, h. 133 State. 

Broadway Daniel D., 135 State. 

Broadway Lucy, milliner, h. 133 State. 

Broadway Morris D., billposter, cor. 12th and 
3d av. 

Broadwell J. W., salesman 37 Lake, bds. La- 
Salle, u. of Chicago av. 

Brobach Joseph, machinist, h. s. s. W. Kinzie, 
nr. N. Desplaines. 

Brabston Daniel, house painter, h. 132 Union. 

Brobach August, carpenter, bds. 346 Weils. 

Broch Charles, lab., h. Front, nr. 2d. 

Brochart Henry, carpenter, bds. 173 W. Lake. 

Brock Elizabeth, wid. Thomas, h. 143 Monroe. 

Brock George, carpenter, bds. Rucker, bet. 
Taylor and 12th. 

Brock Seth B., salesman Castle's liquor store, 
b. 116 N. Market. 

Brock Thomas, boarding, h. 143 Monroe. 

Brocklin Joseph, lab., h. s. s. Black Hawk, 
bet. Larrabee and Mohawk. 

Brockman Henry, salesman, 52 Lake, h. 89 

Brocknore John, lab., h. w. s. 4th av. nr. 14th. 

Brockschmitd William, cooper, h. 137 Illinois. 

Broderick Edward, lab. Elisha Eldred. 

Broderick Michael, lab., h. w. s. O'Neil, bet. 
Brown and Halsted. 





BroJie Edward, lab., h. cor. Clark and Iflth. 
BRODIE JOHN, com. mer., 13 La Salic, h. 

Whitney, nr. Green Bay. 
Brodie Robert, patternmkr, bds. 230 W. Polk. 
Brodwell Johu, (col'd.,) barber, h. 376 State. 
Brogan Bernard, lab., h. w. s. Arnold, bet. 

19th and 2i)tb. 
Brogan John, brassfinisher, Hubbard, cor. 

Brogan Michael, expressman, h. 211 Rush. 
Brohaska Thomas, woodsawer, h. r. 249 Clark. 
Brohl Christian, lab., h. al., bet. North av. 

and Black Hawk. 
Brohl John, lab., h. al., bet. North av. and 

Black Hawk. 
Brohn John, tailor, h. 144 Ontario. 
BROHN LISETTE, midwife, 144 Ontario. 
Bromtieid James, bookkeeper J. Y. Seammon, 

h. 148 Chicago av. 
Bromilow Edward E., who), fish dealer, 80 S. 

Water, h. Elston Lodge, cor. Curtis. 
Bromley Aniarilla, wid. Henry, h. 211 4ih av. 
Bromley Henry, fur dealer, h. 211 4th av. 
Bromlt-y Samuel, printer, h. 269 N. Morgan. 
Bromley, Thomas, woodturner, cor. 3d and 

Bromley William, baker, h. 201 Van Buren. 
Brone Michael, kerosene and burning fluid, 

Indiana, bet. Leavitt and Hoyne, h. same. 
Bronncr James, lab.. Hall & Winch. 
Bronold Hi'nry, drugs and medicines, 208 N. 

Chu-k, li. same. 
Bronsoii George W., lab., h. Douglas av., nr. 

Cottage Grove av. 
Bronson Jann-s, carpenter, h. 19 Ohio. 
Bronson Martin, wheelwright, bds. 1.56 W. 

Bronson Tracy J., (Walker, Bronson & Co.,) 

h. 446 Wabash av. 
Brouswick John, cooper, bds. cor. Archer rd. 

ami Halsted. 
Broocks Joseph, cooper, h. s. s. Kramer, nr. 

Brookbanks Charlotte, wid. Charles, h. 441 

Brookes Ilf'nry, notary public, 5.5 Clark, h. 

Brookes Theophilus J., clerk, 24.5 Lake. 
Brookfield B. F., 672 State, h. w. s. Indiana 

av., bet. 2oth and 26th. 
BrookfieM Joseph C, (Brookfield & Lawson,) 

h. 87 4th. 
Brookfield & Lawson, (Joseph C. Brookfield 

and A. C. Lawson,) painters, 87 4t,h. 
Brooks Alfred, (col'd.,) tanner, h. Erie, nr. 

Brooks Asahel L., (Rev.,) pastor Edwards 

presliyterian church, h. 360 S. Halsted. 
Brooks A. S., lawyer, 246 N. Clark. 
Brooks Austin, clerk, bds. 476 W. Adams. 
Brooks Bernard, gardener, bds. cor. 31st and 

Stewart av. 
Brooks Charles A., clerk, P. 0., h. 474 W. 

Brooks Erastus, painter, bds. 24 Pearson. 
Brooks George H., confectioner, 77 Randolph, 

h. 53 3d av. 
Brooks H. S., clerk, Robert Law, h. n. s. Wa- 
bash av., nr. 18th. 
Brooks Henry, painter, h. 287 S. Jefferson, 

Brooks James C, clerk, Mears & Co., bds. 

Metropolitan Hotel. 
Brooks Jonathan W.', phvsician and surgeon, 

55 Clark, h. 744 Wa))ash av. 
Brooks John, Custom House, bds. Briggs 

Brooks Joseph, R. R. conductor, h. 262 W. 

Brooks Joseph P., office 9 Larmon's bile, bds. 

Sherman House. 
Brooks Manuel, (col'd.,) whitewasher, h. Clark, 

nr. Harrison. 
Brooks Peter, -saloon, 501 State. 
Brooks Samuel, bookkeeper, Wheeler & Wil- 
son, h. 41 Adams. 
Brooks Sidney, (jol'd.,) plasterer, bds. 135 

Brooks William, carpenter, Hope, bet. Blue I. 

av. and Morgan. 
Brooks AYilliam H., bookkeeper, H. B. & A. 

M. Lewis, bds. s. s. Park av., nr. Reuben. 
Brooksbank Joseph, painter, Court House pi., 

h. 1»*0 W. Curtis. 
Broom Edward P. L., hats, caps and furs, whol., 

50 Lake, bds. 8 Van Buren. 
Broomell Georee D., principal Dearborn st. 

school, h. '425 W. Randolph. 
Brophv Daniel, engineer, G. &. C. U. R. R., 

bds. 183 W. Kinzie. 
Brophv James, lab., h. n. w. cor. Halsted and 

26 th. 
Brophy Mary T., second-hand store, 87 Wells, 

h. same. 
Brophy Michael, teamster, h. n. s. Division, e. 

Brophy Ralph, carpenter, h. 80 Ohio. 
Brophy Thomas, lab., h. s. s. 0. St. L. & A. R. 

R,. bet. Lime and Halsted. 
Brophy William, cooper, h. n. s. C. St. L. & 

A. R R., bet. Halsted and Lime. 
Brosche Joseph, grocer, n. s. Clybourn av., nr. 

Mohawk, h. same. 
Brosnan Tnnothy, lab., h. 56 Bremer 
Brosonberg Charles, carpenter, h. 23 Bremer 

Bross John, brewer, P.usch & Brisn^ . 
Bross JosiahH., cashier. Board Pub x Works, 

h. 9 S. May. 
Bross William, grinder, h. 162 Kinzi.^. 
Bross William, (Tribune Co.,) h. 202 Michigan 

Brossean Peter, clerk, J. McDonald. 
Brossin Garrstt, lab., h. s. w. cor. May and 

Brothers Charles T., clerk, wiih T. A. Howe, 

Jr., bds 215 State. 
Brothers James E., carpenter, h. r. 4 51 S. Clark. 
Brough Thomas, lab.. Converse >Si Voung. 
Broughton John, (Broughton k Uathman,) h. 

Paulina, cor. W. Kinzie. 
Broughton & Rathman, (John Broughton and 
George Rathman,) brass founders, 53 N. 
Brounder John, lab., h. 22 S. Alexander. 
BROWER H. CHARLES, lumber, Beach, nr. 

12th, h. 267 W. Taylor. 
Browmiller Coonrod, lab., h. cor. Green and 

W. Jackson. 
Brown — — carpenter, bds. w. a. State, nr. 





Brown Abraham B., conductor, h. 175 W. 

Brown A. F., clerk, Lorenzo Freeman, h. 603 

Brown Albert, (col'd.,) soldier, h. 124 Sher- 
Brown Albert, tinner, bds. cor. Jackson and 

Brown Andrew, h. 143 Erie. 
Brown Andrew, provisions, 107 S. Water, h. 

329 Michigan av. 
Brown Andrew, wood carver, 143 Ontario, h. 

Brown Andrew J., lawyer, 51 Clark, h. 125 

Brown Arza (Rev.,) h. I.j3 W. Indiana. 
Brown Ati, tinsmith, H. Hartman, bds. 244 

Wells. ■ 
Brown Ciiroline Mrs., h. 23 Bremer. 
Brown Benjamin, bds. Sam. Patrick's Hotel. 
Brown Burnliard, with Peshtigo Co. 
Brown Catharine, wid. William, h. 222 Sher- 
Brown Celia, wid. Frank, dressmaker, 442i 

State, h. same. 
Brown Charles, agent for John Hill & Co., h. 

90 Van Buren. 
Brown Charles, blacksmith, h. 133 3rd. 
Brown Chailes, cooper, bds. r. 47 W. Adams. 
Brown Charles, lab., h. Green, nr. Sedgwick. 
Brown Charles, lab., h. s. w. cor. Brown and 

Canal port a v. 
Brown Charles, painter, bds. e. s. Indiana av. 

bet. 23d and 24th. 
Brown Charles, sailor, h. r. 125 Ontario. 
Brown Charles B., (C. B. Brown & Co.,) and 
(Lange, Brown & Co.,) h. 259 Michigan av. 
Brown Charles H., law student, 151 Randolph, 

bds. 352 Clark. 
Brown Charles T., fireman steamer Island 
Queen, 8U \V . Lake, bds.W. Madison, bet. 
Jeft'erson and Clinton. 
Brown Christian, express, h. 50 N. Curtis. 
Brown Christian, sailor, h. 201 Green. 
Brown Daniel, clerk, h. W. Wilson, bet. Clin- 
ton and Jclferson. 
Brown Daniel, lab., bds. s. s. Mary, nr. Arch- 
er rd. 
Brown Daniel H., clerk Daniel M. Eldred, h. s. 

s. Wilson, bet. Jefferson and Clinton. 
Brown David, lub., h. 45 N. Jefferson. 
Brown Dexter G., bds. Briggs House. 
Brown E., bds. VVaverlv House. 
Brown E. H., bookkeeper Duffield & Hilton, 

h. 18th, nr. State. 
BROWN EDGAR F., sec. and treae. Chicago 
Hide and liCatht r Co., 45 Wabash av., 
iO)m 87 Cl:..k. 
Brown f^dward porter, Whitney & Coit. 
Brown Edward, lab., ii. n. s. Eagle, nr. Union. 
Brown Edward C, gilder, H. Wigger. 
Brown Edward E., thrl;, bds. s. e. cor. Ran- 
dolph and Green. 
Brown Edward W., poultry nier., h. w. s. N. 

Clark, 8. North av. 
Brown Edwin, (Brown Bros.,) bds. Clifton 

Brown Edwin R., h. 413 W. Mudison. 
Brown, Eliza Mrs., wid. George, h. 99 N. 

Brown Enos S., office room 4, 119 D arborn. 
Brown F, C, broomniaker, bds. 9 Hills. 
Brown F. Marion, clerk F, Dodd, bds. 79 Mich- 
igan av. 
Brown Francis C, asst. assessor, n. e. cor. 

Walnut ana Robey. 
Brown Franklin B., (Brown Bros.,) bds. Clif- 
ton House. 
Brown Franklin H., attorney and councillor, 

n. s. Walnut, third h. e.'of Wood. 
Brown Frederick, flour inspector, h. 1U(5 Hub- 
Brown Frederick, lab., h. n. s. 14th, nr. 

Brown Frederick W., co. G. Irish Legion, h. 

s. s. Walnut, bet. Wood and Paulina. 
Brown George, cifv fireman, h. 117 S. Canal. 
BROWN GEORGE, pork and beef packer 
and provision dealer, 107 S. Water, and 
750 State, h. S29 Michigan st. (packing 
house, S. Branch.) 
Brown George lab., h. 442 Clark. 
Brown George, salesman Scott, Keen & Co. 
Brown George A., barber, h. 119 Illinois. 
Brown George E., grocer, h. 113 S. Jefferson. 
Brown George E., printer, h. 113 S. Jefferson. 
Brown George H., clerk Scott, Keen & Co., h. 

62 W. Harrison. 
Brown George H., fireman, 85 W. Madison. 
Brown George T. with B. F. Quimby & Co., 

bds. Sam. Patrick's Hotel. 
Brown George W., carpenter, h. 16 Griswold. 
Brown Gottfried, lab., h. 177 W. Polk. 
Brown Harriett, wid. Servell, bis. n. s. Wal- 
nut, e. Wood. 
Brown Miss Harriett W., boarding, 240 Madi- 
Brown Harvey C, American Express Co., h. 

n. s. Park av. w. Hoyne. 
Brown Henry, barber, h. s. s. Green, w. X 

Brown Hrnry, lab., h. 104 W. Polk. 
Brown Henry, m.ichinist, bds. 99 N. Union. 
Brown Henry, lake capt., h. n. s. 14th nr 

Brown Henry C, clerk Chase Brothers, h. 

Lake View. 
BROWN HENRY D., baggagemaster M. S. &. 

N. I. R. R., bds. Metropolitan Hotel. 
Brown H. D., bookkeeper C. W. Sanford, bds. 

77 Adams. 
Brown H. E., salesman Boweti Bros., bds. 

Adams House. 
Brown Henry 11., insurance solicitor L D, 

Olmsted & Co., h. 187 W. Washington. 
Brown Henry W., iron foundrv, S. Clinton, 

cor. W. Van Buren, h. 253 "S. Clinton. 
Brown Hubbard, painter, bds. 177 N. Clark. 
Brown Hubert, plasterer, ii. e. s. 4th av., bet. 

12th and 14th. 
Brown Hugh, carpenter Stevenson & Crabb. 
Biown Hugh, plasterer, h. Sholto, nr. Polk. 
Browu Ida, bds. 211 Michigan. 
Brown Ira, books, etc., 61 W. Kinzie. 
Brown Isaac 0., clerk, 126 Randolph. 
Brown Isaac J., clerk, h. 181 Indiana. 
B;own James, carriagerakr., h. 164 W. Van 

Brown James, engineer, h. s. e. cor. 31st. 
and Benton. 





^11 -work for the "beauty and. preservation 
of tlie natural Teeth, or for their replacement 
■when absent, by dental substitutes, executed 
in the most skillful and pex-manent m.anner, 
and at reasonable prices. 






And eyerything required in a Printing Office. 

Agency for HOE'S and RUGGLE'S Celebrated Presses. 

A large assortment of Presses always on hand. 

Our type is fully equal in quality to any made in the country. The leading papers of this 
city and vicinity are printed with type of our manufacture. 


Electrotyping in our Foundry, executed in a superior manner. 
Connor's Celebrated German Type. The "craft" are invited to call. 

H. A. PORTER, Agt. 




Brown James, machinist, h. cor. 29 ih and 
KMnkalvee a v. 

Brown J., carpenter Lill & Diversy, h. Pine. 

Brown J. II., carpenter, h. 799 State. 

Ero«n J. Henry, expressman, h. n. s. Michi- 
gan, nr. Franklin, 

Brown James, lab., bds. 12*7 Illinois. 

Brown James, patternmaker, h. 260 W. Har- 

Brown James W., capt, h. 1!70 S. Clinton. 

Brown Jedcdiah, prest. Iowa Land Co., 2 
Cobb'.s bldg.. Dearborn. 

Brown Johanna, wid. Roach, h. 45 X. Dear- 

Brown John, carpenter, h. Rucker, nr. Polk. 

Brown John, carpenter, bds. 471 S. Wells. 

Brown John, with C. H. McComiick & Bros. 

Brown John, carpenter. 111 Market, h. same. 

Brown John, cooper, n. s. Chicago av., bet. 
Rucker and Elizabeth, h. same. 

Brown John, grease renderer, h. s. s. Mary, nr. 
Archer rd. 
. Brown John, lab., li, 60 Pearce. 

Brown John, machinist, bds. 99 X. Union. 

Brown John, sash and doormaker, r. ITS W. 
Randolph, h. 180 W. Ramlolph. 

Brown John, saddler, bds. n. s. Archer rd., 
bet. Hal^ted and Lime. 

Brown John, sailor, bds. 124 Kinzie. 

Brown John, teamster, h. 3.56 S. Clinton. 

Brown John, wagonmaker, h. 261 3rd av. 

Brown John, watchman R. I. R. R. Depot, h. 
14th, bet. Clark and State. 

Brown John A., painter, h. 23 Bremer. 

Brown Johi E., broker, 3 Hilliard's bik., h. 
115 Wabash av. 

Brown John J., h. cor. S. Morgan and Taylor. 

Brown John W., li. n. s. Chicago av., bet 
Rucker and Elizabeth, 

Brown John N., engineer, h, 180 Wells. 

Brown John T., bds. Sam. Patrick's Hotel. 

Brown Joseph, blacksmith, h. 115 N. Carpen- 

Brown Joseph, carpenter, h, s. s. Barber, bet. 
Jefferson and Canal. 

Brown Joseph, clerk James Duffy, bds. Matte- 
son House. 

Brown Joseph, engineer, h. n. ?. Front, bet. 
Elizabeth and Rucker. 

Brown Joseph E., surveyor, Chicago Fire Ins. 
Co- h. 254 Clark. 

Brown Mrs. Josephine, millinery, 28 W. Ran- 
dolph, h. same. 

Brown Julia, wid. Joseph, h. 311 Clark. 

Brown Julius, (col'd,) barkeeper, bds. "183 

Brown Lacellus, clerk, h. 31 Elm. 

Brown Lemuel, bds. 71 3d av. 

Brown Lewis A., (Brown & Schairer,) h. Lake 

Brown Luke S., mason, bds, 240 Madison. 

Brown Lyman, clerk, Clough Brothers, h. 374 
«■ Brown Margaret, wid. Conrad, h. 132 W Tav- 
I lor. 

' Brown Martha, wid. Stephen, (col'd,) h. 91 

Brown Martin T., teamster, h, 57 Michigan av. 

Brown Mary, wid. Sidney, h. ludiana, nr. N. 
, Market, 


Brown Mary A., wid. John J., h. 191 Michigan 

Brown Mary, wid. William, h. 441 State. 
Brown Mary Ann, wid, John J., h. 259 State. 
Brown Mrs. Mary H., h. 115 N. Carpenter. 
Brown Matthew, wagonmaker, bds. W. Water, 

cor. Cook, 
Eiown Maurice, lab., h. nr.Cutting, McClelland 

& Co's brick yard. 
Brown Michael, lab., h. n, s. 26th, nr. Stewarc 

Brown Michael, lab., bds. n. s. Evans, nr. 

Brown Michael, miller, h. 201 Wells. 
Brown Mons A., tinner, h. 59 4th. 
Brown Morse, (Kostlevy & Brown,) h. 59 4th, 

w, s. 
Brown Moses D., lawyer, 126-t Dearborn, h. ?. 

s. Park av, nr. Robey. 
Brown Newton C, liquor, 492 State. 
Brown Oscar, cigars :^nd tobacco, 92 N.Wells. 
Brown P., salesman, Cooley, Furwell & Co. 
Brown Patrick, bricklayer, h. 148 W. Kinzie. 
Brown Peter, sailor, h. 190 Cass. 
Brown R. B,. bds. 352 Clark. 
Brown Richaid, grease renderer. h. s. s. Mary, 

nr. Archer rd. 
Brown Robert, teamster, h. Franklin, nr. Quin- 

j Brown Robert, bookbinder, h. Emilv, nr. Kin- 
Brown Robert, shoemaker, bds. 248 Randolph. 
Brown Rufus S., salesman, 27 Lake. 
Brown S. A., salesman, J, B. Shav. 
Brown Samuel, salesman, h, 16 Willard pi. 
Brown Samuel, shirt manufacturer, 7 Trcmont 

block, h. Ann, bet. Randolph and L;'k'^. 
Brown Samuel E., lumber merchant, h. 3 Judd. 
Brown School, cor. Warren and Page. 
Brown Sherman W., clerk, C. B. & Q. R. R., 

bds. Canal, s w. cor. North. 
Brown Stilltiian P., engineer, I. C. R. R., h. 54 

Hiirmon ct. 
Brown T. D., clerk, 13 Metropolitan blk. 
Brown Thomas, barber, W. Water, nr. Kmzie, 

h. 172 W. Indiana. 
Brown Thomas, lab., h. n. s. Evans, nr. Rucker. 
Brown Thomas, lab., h. 215 N. Carpenter. 
Brown Thomas, (Slater & Browr,) h. 288 W 

Brown Thomas B., lawyer and Justice of the 

P'-ace, cor. Clark and Randolph, h. n. s. 

Park av,, bet. Hoyne and Leavitt. 
Brown Thomis H., ast. Noveltv Carriage work-, 

44 Adams, h. 288 W. Hariison. 
Brown Thomas S., clerk, C. & R. L R. R., 

room 25 Calhoun bhlg. 
Brown Thomas W., h. 28 W. Randolph. 
Brown W. Paul, artist, 113 Lake, h. s.s.Wash- 

ing'on av. bet. Wood and Paulina. 
Brown W. Z., carriagemaker, h. 213 Superior. 
Brown Warren M., painter, h. cor. aud 

W. Adams. 
Brown Walter, (col'd,) lab., h. s.s. Washington 

av. lii't. Reuben and Paulina. 
Brown William, bds. N. Y. House. 
Brown Willi. im, brass founder, h. 139 Ki-izie. 
Brown William, (col'd,) driver, h. 284 3d av. 
Brown William, lab., h. w. s. Main, nr. Green. 
Brown William, painter, h. 515 ts. Canal. 



Nos. 74, 76 AND 78 EANDOLPH STEEET, 


E, BRUNSWI€R, |te. -' ^--^^^^^t' Post Office Box, 

Proprietor. ^^-^^-7:;^.^^ -^ji^j ^18 2, 


Cue leathers, French Chalk, Brushes, Cue Cement, Billiard ClothS;, 
Bflliard Balls,, Bagatelle Tables & Balls, 


Orders Proraptly Attended to 


Manufacturers of Gay''s PatenS . 


Office No. 220 West Lake St., Chicago. 111. 

The cheapest and most durable roofing in use, sent to any part of the country with printed 
directions for application ; costing; only one-third that of tin and much less tFran shingles. 

Liquid Gutta Percha is the best Preservative known for tin and iron roofs. Leaky metal 
roofs easily made tight by a single application. For sale in any quantrtres to suit piirchasers. 

Also Gay's Black Varnish and Ship pairvt. Specimens and references can be seen and • 
ai>y desired information obtained by applying to the undersigned, ■ 

D. B. THOIVIAS, Agt. for Ul. 

p. 0. Box, 4521. No. 220 West Lake st. 

ISTo. 161 Dearborn St., opposite I^ost Office, 

p. 0. BOX, 2493. CHICAGFa, ILL. 

PLUMBING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. Water Closets, Baths, Fountains, Hydrants,. Pumps, 
etc., fitted up in the best manner. Prompt attention given to Orders. 


134 South A\^ens St., Chicago. 





Brown William, lab., h. n. s. Michigan, nr. 

Erown William, tai'lor, h. 196 S, Desplaines. 
Brown William, teamster, bds. Michigan Lake 

.Brown William, .trav. agt., h, 857 State, 
Brown William B., (col'd,) h. 221 Wells. 
Brown William ¥., Inh. h. 179 N. Market. 
Brown William F., teamster, h. 198 S. Jeffer- 

Brown Willianj F., cattle dealer, bds. Cass 

Hoyse, n. e. cor. S. Canal and Mitchel. 
Brown William G., clerk M. S. &, K. I. R. R., 
h. 155 Washington. 

Brown William H., lawyer, 41 Clark, h. 150 
Michigan a.v.. 

Brown William J., carriage mkr., h. 161 W. 
Van Buren. 

Brown William S., messenger Am. E.k. Ca, 
h. 46 S. Morgan. 

Brown W. Watson, clerk, bds. 35 Quincv. 

BROWIv^ BROS., (Franklin B. and Edwin 
Brown,) Hyatt's patent sidewalk lights, 
20 LaSalle, up stairs. {See advt.) 

BROWN CHAS. B. & CO., (Charles B. Brown 
Eli L. Canfield,) iron and steel, 86 Lake. 

Brown & Sehairer. (Lewis A. Brown and Mat- 
thew Schairer,) clothing, 38 Kinzie. 

Brownberry Charles, caj-penter, C. & N. W. 
R. R. shop, b. Bremer av. nr. ChicafiO av. 

Browne Allien M., dressmkr., h. 78 W. In- 

Browne L S., clerk C. k K W. E. R. shop, 
bds. 278 AV. Randolph. 

BROWNE SAMUEL A., lumber broker and 
inspector, and general commission, h, 
Judd, bet. Clinton and Canal. 

Browning Hamlin, clerlv, bds. 78 Michigan. 

Browning Myron, broonimkr., 126 S. Green. 

.Browning Jenny, wid. Frank, h. 208 Jackson. 

Browning Potter, brakesman, bds. 289 W. 

Browning William H., trav. C. S. Hutchins & 
Co., bds. .Sam. Patrick's Hotel. 

Browning William W., foreman C. B. k Q. R. 
R. elevator, h. n. s. Mitchel, bet. Jeffer- 
son and Canal. 

.Brownell Alfred S., machine shop office G. & 
C. U. R. R., bds. 10 N. Clark. 

Brownell B., tinsmith, A. R. & G. H. Miller. 

•Brownell Benjamin, clerk, bds. 103 Harrison. 

Brownley James, blacksmith, h. Wayman, nr. 

Brownlow Albert, telegraph operator, h. 289 

Brubaker David, student, bds. 352 Clark.^ 

Bruce Charles T., clerk, bds. 2^1 Blue L av. 

BRUCE ELIJAH KL, com. mer. and ins. agt, 
'148^.8. Water,, bds. Treraont House. 

Bruce Ethan A., marine inspector Etna Ins. 
Co., h. 2<)9 Halsted. 

Bruce James C, shoemaker, 91 S. Canal, bds. 
Eagle House. 

Bruce Joseph H., jeweLry whol., 166 Lake, up 
stairs, h. 55 N. Halsted. 

Bruce Peter, lumber, h. r. Van Buren, bet. 
Throop and Rucker. 

Bruce Robert, ship carpenter, h. cor. Supe- 
rior and N. Market 

Bruce Robert, shoemaker, bds. Z02 W. Polk. 

Brucegold Kasper, lab. h. e. s. LaSalle, bet. 

19th and 20th. 
Bruch Mina, wid. Frederick, h. 28 AV. Van 

Bruchlacher Louis,-cutler and grinder, 133^ 

N. Clark, h. sama 
Bruckmann Phillip, saloon, w. s. Clark, bet. 

1.6th and l7th, h. same. 
Brucks Feli.x, lab. h. w. s. Larrabee, nr. Wis- 
Brudenell John, porter A. E. Goodrich & Co., 
h. e. s. Sedgwick, bet Granger and Go- 
Brueck Henry, tailor, h. Qedar, nr. Green Bay. 
Brueck AViliiam A., confectioner, 389^ Clark, 

h. same. 
Bruekner Henry, shoemaker, h. 16 Neighbor. 
Brugar John A., teamster, h. 53 W. Lake. 
Brumiey Henry, lab. Hall & AVinch. 
Brun Gotthold, harnessmaker, h. n. s. Gran- 
ger, nr. N. Wells. 
Biundage B. N., cooper, h. 195 N. LaSalle. 
Brundies John, niouldei, Eagle Foundry. 
Brunt-ll John, porter, h. e. s. Sedgwick, nr. 

Brunet Emily, dressmaker, wid. Eugene, h. 

140 Griswold. 
Brunhober, Friedrich, blacksmith, L n. s. Cly- 

bourn av., nr Larrabee. 
Bruning Augustus, h. 241 Superior. 
Bruiiing E. .Mrs., h. 237 Superior. 
Brunk John, carpenter, h. s. s. North av., nr. 

Brunk John, lab., E. K. Hubbard. 
Brunner C^trl, lab., ii91 3rd av. 
Brunner Peter, with C. H. McCormick k Bros. 
Brunnerman Benjamin, dry goods, 204 N. 

Bruno Ernest, gi-ocer, 153 W. Lake, h same. 
Bruns B. H., U. S. ass't assessor, h. 118 K 

Bruns Heury, lab., bds. Farmer's Hotel, State. 
BrunsAVilhilm, shoemaker, h. Pearl, nr. Pratt. 
Bruns AViliiam H. (AV. H. Bruns & Co.,) and 

shirt mnfr., 180 Randolph, h same. 
Bruns W. H. & Co., (AViliiam H. Bruns and 

Charles AVachsmuth,) com. raers., State, 

s. w. cor. S. Water. 
Brunson Anson, lawyer, h. Ellis av., cor. Pier. 
BRUNSAVICK E., billiard tables, 74, 76 & 78 

Randolph, h 96 VanBuren. {See advlp. 69.) 
Brunswick John M., (J. M. Brunswick & Bro.,j 

h. Cincinnati, 0. 
Brunswick Joseph, (J. M. Brunswick & Bro.,) 

h. Cinncinati, 0. 
BRUNSWICK J. M. & Bro., (John M. t 

Joseph Brunswick,) billiard hall, e. Clark 

and Washington. {See advt.) 
Brush John, lab., Haynes al., bet Green & 

Brusli D. H., saloon, 152 N. Clark, h. same. 
Brush Jonas, grocer, 318 Clark, h. same 
Brusie Erastus, boarding, h. 670 State. 
Bruson Willard C, bds. 474 AV. Lake. 
BRYAN ALEXANDER B., apothecary, 80 

AV. Madison, h. same. 
Bryan Archibald, drayman, bds., 81 S. Green. 
Bryan Daniel, lab., h. n. s. Meagher, bet. Jef- 
ferson & Canal. 
Bryan Enos G., sailor, h. 203 Superior. 





Bryan Frederick A., druggist, 2 Tremont blk., 
h. Union park, n. e. cor. Randolph. 

Bryan Hall, entrance 89 Clark. 

Bryan J. Franklin, lab., bds. 47 W. Lake. 

Bryan James, bl icksniith, li. Coolidge, bet. 
Throop and Ki;ck'>r. 

Bryan John, lab. h. Maxwell,, nr. Halsted. ■ 

Bryan Thomas, bds. Union park, n. e cor. 

Bryan Thomas B., real estate attorney, h Bryan 
Hall, and Cottage Hill, Du Page Co. 

Bryan William B., h. W. Van Buren, cor. S. 

Bryan William H., (Bryan & Collett,) h. 
Reuben, nr. Taylor. 

Bryan & Collett, (William H. Bryan and John 
Collett,) provision dealers and com. mer., 
126 Dearborn. 

Brvant Addison, market, 8 Monroe, h 126 S. 

Bryant Anna Mrs., wjd. Michael, h 305 W. 

Bryant Benson, brickmaker, C. &N. W. R. Yf., 
h. 65 Third. 

Bryant Daniel, millwright, h. 251 4th av. 

Bryant Daniel K., (Blanks & Bryant,) office, 
Marine bank bldg., 

Bryant Edwin W., constructing engineer, 16 
Custom House pL, bds. 172 W. Washing- 

Bryant Frank T. E., porkpacker, office 19 
Wells, bds. Briggs House. 

Bryant George, carpenter, h. 194 J'ulton. 

Bryant George, printer, h. 305 ^V. Lake. 

Bryant George T., (J. 0. Bryant & Co.,) bds. 
Mrs. Forest's. 

Bryant Harriet Mr., h. 310 W. Adams. 

Bryant Henry B., (Pryant & Stratton,) b. e. s. 
Michigan av,, bet. Ringgold pi. and 23d. 

Bryant James D., salesman, Hollisterand Wil- 
kins, bds. Metropolitan Hotel. 

■gryant Jesse, bricklayer, h. 226 Desplaines. 
ryant J. 0., (J. 0. Bryant & Co.,) bds. Mrs. 

Bryant John Q. A., engineer, h. 214 3rd av. 

Biyant AV. K., weigh master, h. 253 Hubb-ard. 

BRYANT J. 0. & CO., (J. Ogden and George 
T. Bryant..) Gen. Agts. Howe's Sewing 
machine, 54 Clark. 

BRYANT & STRATTON, (Henry B.Bryant 
and Henry D. Stratton,) Commercial Col- 
lege, Larmon blk. 

Bryer Conrad, carpenter, h. 317 W. Lake. 

Brypon Charles, cutter, 212 W. Randolph. 

Brysnn George, clerk W. R. Keen, h. 334 W. 

Bryson William, asst. engineer Board Public 
Works, h. 334 W. Madison. 

Bryson William J., draughtsman, bds. 224 

Buchanan Alexander, painter, bds. 224 Madi- 

Buchanan Alexander, sailor, h. 147 W. Har- 

Buchanan Ellen M., wid. Nelson, h. cor. Ful- 
ton and Reuben. 

Buchanan James, bds. Waverly House. 

Buchanan James, (R. M. Cannon & Co.,) bds. 
17 Dearborn. 

Buchti'.ian John S., (Buchanan, Ailing & Co.,) 
h. w. s. Michigan av., bet. 18th and 21st. 

Buchanan John R., clerk, Buchanan, Ailing & 
Co., bds. Michigan av., bet. 18th and 

Buchanan Milford D., bds. 381 W. Washing- 

Buchanan Sarah J., teacher Foster school, bds. 
13 Price pL 

Buchanan, John Ailing, and Edward M> 
Eadicott,) hardware and cutlery whol., 
51 Lake. 

Buchan in, Richards & Co., (Milford D. Bu- 
chanan, Lernuel Richard-, jr., George L. 
Howe, Hardenberg and Williams,) Chica- 
go Tanning Co., tannery, Bridgeport, of- 
fice 231 Lake. 

Buchel Michael, tailor, h. Larrabee, nr. Cly- 
bourn av. 

Buchely John U., lab., h. 241 Michigan. 

Buchen Joseph, sash and doorSj h. 171 W. 

Bueher John, (Bucher & Hiller,) h. Green 
Biy, n. w. cor. Franklin. 

Bucher & Hiller, (John Bucher and George 
Hiller,) brewers. Green Bay, n. w. cor. 

Bucholz Christian, housemover.h.r. 236 3rdav. 

Buchholz John, clerk, 78 W. Randolph. 

Buchman Arnold, mechanic, r. Handoli)h,.bet. 
Wells and Franklin, h. 202 Van Rur-n. 

Buchner Charles, shoemaker, 190 Sherman. 

Buchspies Frederick, saloon, 353 State, h. 

Buck Anson H., (Buck & Andrews,) bds. 
Union House. 

Buck Ernst, carpenter, h. e. s. N. Rucker, bet. 
Milwaukee av. and Chicago av. 

Buck Franci-i, bookkeeper, bds. e. s. N. Rucker, 
bet. Milwaukee av. and Chicago av. 

Buck George, (Buck & Rayner,) h. 44 S. Pe- 

Buck H. A., physician, 63 Clark, h. 151 West 

Buck John L., plasterer, bds., 102 S. Des 

Buck Louis, carpenter, h. w. s. Chicago av., 
bet. Rucker and Elizabeth. 

Buck Stephen clerk, 61 Dearborn. 

Buck & Andrews (Anson H. Buck and Au- 
gustus A. Andrews,) proprietors Union 
House, Canal, s. w. cor. Madison. 

BUCK & RAYNER, (George Buck and James 
B. Rayner.) apothecaries, 93 Clark. 

Buckhardt Frederick, meat market, s. s. W. 
Lake, nr. Reuben, h. same. 

Buckie John, pressman, h. 351 Ohio. 
! Buckingham Alvah, (Sturges, Buckingham & 
I Co.,) h. 316 Michigan av. 

I Buckingham Benjamin H., h. 164 Rush. 
I Buckingham Ebenezer, (Sturges, Buckingham 

>t Co.,) h. cor. Huron and Pine. 
' Buckingham Francis W., h. 268 Ontario. 
i Buckingham John, supt. Sturges, Buckinham 
(.S: ('o., bds. n. e. cor. Pine and Huron. 

Buckingham Washington, capt., h. lake shore,, 
foot of Thorn. 

Buckinghajn Wellington, bookkeeper, Sturges, 
' Buckinjiham & Co., bds. 816 Michigan av. 





Buckingham John H., shoemaker, h. 112 W. 

Buckler Aaron C, (col'd.,) barber, b. 376 

Buckley Charles, lab., h. 3rd, nr. Front. 
Buckley Georp;e, vervatim reporter, cor. Reu- 
ben and Washington av., P. 0. box 4590. 
Buckley James, drayman, h. 161 Townsend. 
Buckley James, lab., h. 3d, nr. W. Halsted. 
Buckley Jeremiah, tailor, h. 312 Wells. 
Buckley Johanna, wid. Robert, h. 312 Wells. 
Buckley John, painter, h. 3.51 Ohio. 
Buckley John, printer, h. 396 Dearborn. 
Buckley Julia, wid. Dennis, h. 192 W. Taylor. 
Buckley Mrs. Kate, h. 78 Sedgwick. 
Buckley Mary, wid. John, h. cor. S. Franklin 

and Tvler. 
Buckley Michael, R. R., flagman, h. 3d, nr. 

Buckley Thomas, boots and shoes, 69 Dear- 
born, h. 396 N. Dearborn. 
Buckley Thomas, insurance and lightning rods, 

h. 194 W. Taylor. 
Buckley Timothy, grocer, 193 Market, h. same. 
Buckley Timothy, lab., h. 4.54 S. Clinton. 
Buckley William H., clerk, "J. B. Shay, bds. 

148 N. LaSalle. 
Bucklew James machinist, h. s. s. Maxwell, nr. 

Buckmeister Horace, confectioner, 246 State. 
Buckuell Richard, saloon, 171 Dearborn, cor. 

Buckner A»ron C, barber, h. 376 Clark. 
Buckner James, (.col'd,) housecleaner, 54 El- 

dridge ct. 
Budde Frederick W., woodcaryer, 11 X. Jef- 
ferson, h. same. 
Bude William, furniture, 477 State. 
Buderbach Peter, blacksmith, 392 State, h. 

382 State. 
Buderbach William, musician, h. 212 N. Green. 
Budlet Archibald, sailor, h. 141 S. Green. 
Buechel Joseph, (Roelle &Bueche],)h. 171 W. 

Buecher Anton, woodcarver, h. w. s. Mav, nr. 

Buechner August, chemist, J. Roemhold, bds. 

129 Erie. 
Buehler John, grocer, 320 Milwaukee ay., li. 

Buehler John, (John Nibbe & Co.,) h. Chicago 

ay. cor. Rucker. 
Buehler Michael, clerk, bds. 320 Milwaukee ay. 
Buehrle Erhard, boots and shoes, 181 N. Clark, 

h. same. 
Buehrly Luke, grocer, 131 Townsend, hi-^ame. 
Buel David, (Jos. H. Tucker & Co.,) h. 61 W. 

Buel Henry K., salesman. Gore, Wilson & Co., 

h. 714 ^V' abash ay. 
Buel James M., h. Indiana av. s. 26th. 
Euell Ira W., (Buell & Hopkins,) h. 184 Erie. 
Buell Mrs. Mary, h. 125 X. Green. 
Buell Richard jf glazier, h. 5. s. Diyision, nr. 

N. Wells. 
Buell Samuel W., salesman, G. T. Belding & 

Co., bds. 219 W. Adams. 
Buell & Hopkins, (Ira W. Buell and William 

Hopkins,) lawyers, 151 Randolph. 
Buerk Christian, butcher, h. 51 Chicago av. 

Buesse Albert, wines and liquors, h. X. Clark, 

bet. Goethe and Division. 
Buethe Adolf, painter, bds. 193 W. Randolph. 
Buettner Wi'iliam 0., salesman, 99 S. Water. 

S. A. Howe, jr., agt, L C. R. R. Dock. 
Buffham James, poultry, 77 W. Kinzie, h. same. 
Bulfham John, painter, bds. X. Y. House. 
Buffin James, plumber, J. O'Callahau. 
Bufl'um Stephen S., boots and shoes, 73 Ran- 
dolph, h. 150 4th av. 
Bugbee Lucius H. (Rev.,) pastor Indiana st. 

M. E. Church, bds. 220 Indiana. 
Buhl Joseph, barber, h. s.s. Division, nr. Cly- 

bourn av. 
Buhler George, meats, s. s. Xorth av. nr. X. 

BUHLER JOHX, grocer, 320 Milwaukee av. 
Buker Charles, lab., T. W. Baxter & Co. 
Bukke John, lab., h. n. s. Rees, nr. Clybourn. 
Bukstaller Martin, peddler, n. s. 22d, bet. Ar- 
nold and LaSalle. 
Bulger Daniel, soap mnfr, h. cor. Loomis aiad 

Bulger Martin, teacher, h. nr. s w. cor. W.Polk 

and S. Clinton. 
Bulhel Charles, brewer, h. e. s. Wolcott, nr. 

Bulkeley Calvin F., undertaker and sexton, 207 

Washington, cor. Franklin, h. same. 
Bull Cliarles, law reporter, bds. 17 X. Wells. 
Bull J. Preston, bookkeeper, 51 Lake, h. w. s. 

Walnut, between Wood and Lincoln. 
Bullard L. S., railroad contractor, bds 17 S. 

Bulleve William H., receiving teller, S. Stur- 

ges & Sons, bds., 187 W. Washington, 
Buller Jacob, shoemaker, h. e. s. Reuben, nr. 

Chicago av. 
Bullen John jr., salesman, bds. Sherman 

Bullingham Charles, helper, Sherman House, 

h. 15 X. Halsted. 
Bullis Elizabeth A. Mrs., wid. Robert E., 

boarding, 86 S. Jefferson. 
Bullis Robert J., foreman stonecutter, h. 113 

W. Van Buren, 
Bullock George S., (Bullock Brothers,) h. 78 

Bullock Joseph C, (Bullock Brothers,) h. 

78 Jackson. 
Bullock Loomis E., salesman, h. 78 Jackson. 
Bullock Thomas 0., clerk, G. C. Cook & Co., City Hotel. 
Bullock Brothers, (Joseph C. and George S. 

Bullock,) boots and shoes, 43 Clark. 
BuUvvinkle Charles T., butcher, s. e. cor. San- 
gamon and Madison, h. same. 
Bullwinkle Richard, plumber, bds. Rock Island 

Bulon William, cigarmaker, bds. n. w. cor. 

Clark and Indiana. 
Bulow F. W., cigarmaker, bds. Meisinger's 

Bully Paul, lab., h, 146 W. Lake. 
Bumside Theodore, lab., h. 278 F. Wells. 
Bunbury Patrick, machinist, h. 27 S. Halsted. 
Bunce Joseph A., clerk, general passenger 

office, L C. R. R., bds. Adams House. 





Bunce Robert, draughtsman with E. Burling, 

bds. 21 Hubbard. 
Bunch John, tailor, h. s. \v. cor. Green and 

Buncombe F. H., teacher, h. 121 Pearson. 
Bund}' Henry, sailor, h. 89 Randolph. 
Bune John lab., h. e. s. Franklin, bet. Tyler 

and Van Buren. 
Buneng George, plasterer, h. e. s. Goethe, w. 

N. Wells. 
Bunge ChristofF, saloon, 101 Milwaukee av., h. 

Bunger Theodore, piano teacher, h. S. May, 

bet. 11th and 12th. 
Bunje August, painter, bds. Ill Sedgwick. 
Bunker William H., bookkeeper, h. 97 S. San- 
Bunker Wright, foreman Hiram Wheeler. 
Bunny James, sailor, 398 W. Polk. 
Buntin Leonard, machinist, G. & N. W. R. R. 

shop, h. 127 N. Green. 
Bunzon Christopher, lab., bds. Hastings, bet. 

Blue Island ay. and Throop. 
Buob Louis, porter, 97 S. Water. 
Burbank A. J., supt. Chicago Scale Co., 206 

Burbank Edward A., bookkeeper, S. C. Griggs 

& Co., bds 90 3d av. 
Burbank Pitkin W., (Ball, Burbank & Co.,) 

bds. 83 Michigan av., 
Burbank William B., bookkeeper, h. 90 3d av. 
Burbeck Thomas, mechanical bakery, h. 37 N. 

Burch Charles, (col'd) minister Quinn Chapel 

African Methodist Episcopal, h. 7. 3d av. 
Burch Isaac H., room 23 Portland blk., bds. 

Sherman House. 
Burch Thomas, farmer, h. 124 Wells. 
Burch William, cutter, Tolle & Degonhardt. 
Burchaid Eli. machinist, h. 177 Superior. 
Burciiard Orrin B., saloon, cor. Cottage Grove 

av. and 29 th, h. same. 
Burchard William H., bookkeeper, Doggett, 

Bassett & Hills, 29 Lake. 
Burkhardt Christoph, tailor, h. w. s. Larrabee 
Burchett Frank, brass finisher, T. C. Smith & 

Co., Burch'^ blk. 
Burchett John C, reaper factory, h. 250 Mich- 
Burcksy Frederick, baker, 86 Wells, h. same. 
Burden Peter, lab., h. 79 Wesson. 
Burdick Edgar L., city fireman, h. 9 Marion. 
Burdick George, painter, h. 151 3d av. 

Budick bds. 310 State. 

Burdick Hiram G., painter, 220 Madison. 
Burdick J. foreman, William R. Burdick, h. 

w. s. Dearborn, nr. 18th. 
Burdick Joseph M., salesman Grey, Marshall 

& Co., h. 229 Huron. 
Burdick Justus, carpenter, bds. 41 S. Canal. 
Burdick Samuel G., flouring mill, h. 414 W. 

Burdick Miss Lucinda, milliner, bds. 220 

Burdick M. L., carpenter, bds. Gage House. 
Burdick N. L., printer, 46 Stale. 
Burdick William R., lumber dealer, w. s. 

Clark, bet. 14lh and 16th, h. Wabash av., 

nr. 14th. 

salesman R. B. Appleby, 134 

Burdsall E. H. 

Burdsall John W., clerk Durand, Bros. & 

Powers, bds. 296^ State. 
Bure Jacob, lab., Pearson, Avery & Co. 
Burer Henry, lab., h. 227 Rush. 
Buretzkey Adam, with Peshtigo Co. 
Burg Ole," lab. C. H. McCormick & Bro. 
Burgee John, machinist, h. 69 Rucker. 

Burges , mason, bds. 181 Michigan. 

Burges Albert F., (Burges & Wilson,) 41 N. 

Burges & Wilson, (Albert F. Burges and Hen- 
Wilson,) carriage builders, 81 Franklin. 
Burgess B. W. W., candy maker, h. 385 N. 

Burgess Charles E., mail clerk Times ofiSce, h. 

297 W. Madison. 
Burgess Henry, collector, Chicago Times, h. 

101 N. Carpenter. 
Burgess Mrs. Jennett, wid. John, h. 75 W. 

Burgess John, fish and oysters, h. nr. c. School 

and S. Desplaines. 
Burgess John F., machinist, 66 N. Rucker. 
Burgess John S., collector, 128 Lake, h. 242 

S. Desplaines. 
Burgess Thomas, master mechanic, G. & C. U. 

R. R. shop, h. 371 W. Lake. 
Burgess William, h. 154 Sangamon. 
Burgess William, mail clerk, Times oflSce, h. 

297 W. Madison. 
Burgess William T., lawyer, 128 Lake, h. 325 

Chicago av. 
Burgh John, lab., h. 61 4ih. 
Burghardt William, musician, h. 148 Sedg- 
Burgheim Casper, hats and caps, 53^ Kinzie, 

h. same. 
Burgher Ophelia, Mrs, dressmaker, 316 S. 

Clark, h. same. 
Burghoffer John, carpenter, h. cor. Sangamon 

and Pratt. 
Burgie Henry C, (Collins & Burgle,) h. W. 

Washington, nr. Peoria. 
Burgwaldt John, lab., h. Bauwans, nr. Milwau- 
kee av. 
BurhoD Henry, billiard table maker, h. 222 

Burhop Henry, saddler, 74 Randolph. 
Burhoss Henry, carpenter, h. 99 3rd. 
Burk Andrew, lake captain, h. 226 W. Indiana. 
Burk Anthony, lab., h. Huron, w. of Kinzie. 
Burk Christopher, lab., bds. 391 Michigan av. 
Burk Edwin, traveling agt., h. 239 Superior. 
Burk Henry, cooper, h. 17 Cook. 
Burk Henry, wagonmaker, h. 16 N. Union. 
Burk James, h. cor. Indiana and Paulina. 
Burk James, heater, h. 4 Waubansia av. 
Burk James, lab., h. 156 Ohio. 
Burk James M., shocmker, h. 61 Milwaukee av. 
Burk John, baker, cor. Sedgwick and Elm. 
Burk John, lab., h. n. s. 15th, bet. Clark and 

State. * 

Burk John, shoemaker, h. Cherry, s. Division. 
Burk Louis S., publisher, room 26 Dole's bldg. 
Burk Mrs. Margaret, wid. Christian, h. 198 

Burk Mrs. Mary, h. 91 Wesson. 
Burk Michael, fireman, h. 53 Carrol. 





Burk Michael, lab., li. n.s. luth, nr. Clark. 
Burk Michael, tailor J. P. Neill, bds. Garden 

City House. 
Burk Nels, sailor, h. 97 Townsend. 
Burk Richard, porter, 72 Randolph, h. 46 W. 

Burk Richard, stonecutter, h. 46 W. Harrison. 
Burk Thomas, shoemaker, 181 W. Madison, h. 

Burk William, cutter Tolle & Degenhardt, 

bos. Wells, cor. Washington. 
Burk William, lab., h. n. s. Sebor, nr. Ells- 
Burke Anthony, driver, bds. 10 Sherman. 
Burke Catherine, wid. Richard, h. r. 204 Cass. 
Burke David, butcher, 116 Madison. 
Burke Edward, sailniaker, w. s. Bridge, bet. 

Archer rd. and Church. 
Burke Edward P., h. 368 State. 
Burke Ellen, wid. Patrick, h. e. s. 4tii av., nr. 

Burke Edmund, jr., (C. M. Henderson & Co.,) 

bds. 24 Washington. 
Burke James, cabinetmalcer, h. al. nr. 119 

Burke J., cleaner I. C. R. R. macliine shop. 
Burke James, lab. h. 175 S. Desplaines. 
Burke James, physician, bds. 159 Wells. 
Burke James, plasterer, h. e. s. N. Wells, nr. 

North av. 
Burke James, porter Sherman House. 
Burke James, sailor, h. 113 Fulton. 
Burke John, carpenter, h. e. of cor. Halsted 

and Wr'ght. 
Burke John, foreman Sands' Brewing Co., h. 

cor. Whitney and Wolcoit. 
Burke John, gardener, b. 124 S. Jefferson. 
Buike John, lab., bds. 30 N. Dearborn. 
Burke John, lab. h. r. e. s. Michigan av. bet. 

12th and 14th. 
Burke John, h. n. s. Smith, w. Reuben. 
Burke John, soldier, h. w. .,. Union, nr. 

Burke John, tin and hardware dealer, 165 W. 

Madison, h. same. 
Burke Maria, wid. John, h. 375 S. Desplaines. 
Burke Martin, tailor, h. 187 Illinois. 
Burke Mary, wid. James, h. Sebor, nr. Canal. 
Burke Matthew, hackman, h. 340 S. Clinton. 
Burke Mitthew, teamster, s. w. cor. Wells and 

Van Buren. 
Burke Michael, dining saloon, 15 Clark. 
Burke Michael, expressman, h. Coolidge, bet. 

Rucker and Throop. 
Burke Michael, expressman, h. 73 Ewing. 
Burke Patrick, cooper, h. e. s. 4th ^av. bet. 

12th and 14th. 
Burke Patrick, lab. T. C. Smith k Co. 
Burke Patrick, saloon, 272 Madison, bds. Gar- 
den City House. 
Burke Richard M., (Burke & Kennady,) h. n. 

s. Division, w. N. Wells. 
Barke Theodore, musician, h. 154 Wendell. 
Burke Thomas, soldier, h. Wentworth av. nr. 

Burke Thomas, stonemason, bds. cor. Rucker 

and Sampson. 
Burke William, clerk, bds. 131 W. Jackson. 
Burke William, grocer, 124 S. Jefferson, h. 


'Burke William, instrument maker, bds. cor. 
) Well* and Washington. 

Burke William, lab. bds. 100 Kinzie. 
Burke/& Kennady, (Richard M. Burke and 

John Kennady,) grocers, n. s. Division, 

nr. N. W.lls. 
Burketl John, lab. h. Hastings, nr. Throop. 
Burkett Joseph, moulder, Wentworth, nr. 

Burkhardt Augusta, wid. Frederick, h. 194 3J 

Burkhardt Edward, supt. Chicago Marble Co. 
Burkhardt Gust.av., tinner, bds. 194 3d av. 
Burkhardt Frederick, h. 461 S. Clinton. 
Burkitt Joseph R., bookkeeper H. W. Adams 

& Hitchcock, h. 891 W. Lake. 
Burkitt Thomas M., (Sutton & Burkitt,1 h. 

203 W. Wa.-hington. 
Burkler John, lab., h. cor. LaSalle and Archer 

Burklin Ole, carpenter, h. 140 W. Indiana. 
Burkman John, lab., h. X. Branch, s. of Divis- 
Burley Arthur G., (Barley & Tyrrell,) h. 369 

Wabash av. 
Burley Augusta H., b. 204 Huron. 
Burley Luther, saloon, 133 W. Randolph, h. 

BURLEY & TYRRELL, (A, G. Burlev and 

John Tyrrell, crockery,) 48 Lake. 
Burlin John, mason, Maiger, Armour & Co., 
Burling Edward, architect, 50 Dearborn, h. 

168 Rush. 
Burlingarae Edward, engineer, I. C. R. R., bds. 

Gage House. 
Burlington House, (Mohr & Cassidy,) Canal, s. 

e. cor. 16th. 
Burlock David, salesman, J. B. Bassett, bds. 

100 Madison. 
Burlock W. E., bds. Tremont House. 
Burmeister Heiu-y, baker, h. s. s. Schiller, nr. 

Burmingham Jolin, shoemaker, h. 205 N. Hal- 
Burmeister William, coppersmith, Sedgwick, 

n. of Elm. 
Burraister William H., salesman, D. B. Fisk, 

bds 71 Wabash av. 
Burn Charles, shoemaker, h. Front, nr. cor. 

Burn Charles M., bds. 66 W. Washington. 
Burnam Anil)rose, h. 186 Wabash av. 
Barnaul Arthur, Taylor's battery, h. 186 Wa- 
bash av. 
Burnam Lorin, carpenter, h. 190 S. Desplaines. 
iiurnam William, carpenter, h. cor. Cottage 

Grove and 25th. 
Burnap John, w. s. Elizabeth, bet. Lake and 

Burne Luke, hatter, J A. Smith & Co. 
Burne Peter, lab., h. State. 
BURNELL J. A , museum, Custom House pi., 

bds. Ill Monroe. 
Burnes James, h. n. s. Washington av., bet. 

Wood and Lincoln. 
Burnes James, grocer, bds. Elston rd., nr. 

North av. 
Burnes James, lab., h. Stewart av., bet. Max- 
well and 14th. 
Burnes James, moulder, Collins & Burgie. 





Burnes John, moulder, Collins & Burgie. 
Burnet Alexander, (col'd.,) (Lawrence & Bur- 
net,) bds. nr. cor. Griswold and Harrison. 
Burnet Thomas, boilermaker, h. Hubbard, bet. 

Elizabeth and Rucker. 
Burnett Benjamin, sailor, bds. 27 Kinzie. 
Burnett George, lab.. 111. Stone Co. 
Burnett James, barkeeper, bds. Hatch House. 
Burnett James, teamster, h. 13 N. Halsted. 
Burnett John, (Burnett & Stockton,) h. 313 

Burnett John B., n. s. Fulton, bet. Elizabeth 

and Ann. 
Burnett Stephen, carpenter, h. 1*79 W. Madi- 
Burnett & Stockton, (.John Burnett and Joseph 

Stockton,) trucks and drays, 231 Market. 
Burnham Dyer N., (Burnhani & Martin,) h. 

623 State. 
Burnham Edwin, (Burnham & Smith,) h. 13 

od av. 
Burnham Edwin R., bookkeeper, 16 Lake, h. 

Myrick av., one s. of 29th. 
Burnham Frederick W., clerk, Briggs House. 
Burnliam John, U. S. windmill and pumping 

Co., h. Monroe, bet. S. Sangamon and S. 

Burnham L. T., clerk, 16 Lake. 
Burnham Nathan Clark, physician, h. 70 3d 

Burnham Paul, carpenter, h. s. s. 2.5tb, bet. 

Calumet and Douglas av. 
Burnham Telford, student at law, bds. 70 3d 

Burnham & Martin, (Dyer N. Burnham and 

Edward Martin,) lawyers, 65 Randolph. 
BURNHAM & SMITH, (Edwin Burnham and 

Charles G. Smith,) whol. druggists, 16 

Burnhardt Christophus, architect, 113 Madison 
Burns , lab., h. w. s. Butterfield, bet. 16th 

and 17th. 
Burns Ann, wid. Daniel, h. 674 State. 
.Burns Abraham, h. 244 Superior. 
Burns Charles, lab., h. 9 Hope. 
Burns Dennis, tailor, e. s. VV"eIls, bet. Wash- 
ington & Randolph, bds 168 Van Buren. 
Rums Edward, blacksmith, h. s- s. Canal, nr. 

Burns Edward, butcher, h. s. e. cor. Green and 

Burus Edward, carpenter, bds. Cornelius Gar- 

Burns Edward, lab., h. 07 N. Market. 
Burns Eliza, wid. Samuel, h. s. s. AV. Lake, nr. 

Burns George, lab., h. Hickory, bet. Archer rd. 

and the bridge. 
Burns James, sailor, h. 158^ N. Desplaines. 
Burns James, carpenter, bds. 141 S. Canal. 
Burns James, clerk, h. 58 W. Jackson. 
Burns James, lab., h. vv. s. Jefferson, n. w. cor. 

Burns James, lab., (col'd.,) h. 142 4th av. 
Burns James, lab., h. 125 Hubbard. 
Burns James, machinist, h. cor. Halsted and 

Burns James, painter, bds. 105 Miceigrn. 
Burns James, .shoemaker, F. C. Piunev's, 256 


Burns James, teamster, h. 360 Clinton. 
Burns Jav C, salesman, Wright & Beebe., h. 

128 4th av. 
Burns John, blacksmith, bds. Sholto, bet. 

Polk and Taylor. 
Burns John, drayman, h. W. 12th., nr. Throop. 
Burns John, flourpacker, Ionic Mills, h. 172 

Micliigan st. 
Burns John, foreman, Henry F. Eldred, h. u ! 

Sebor, bet. A. & St. L. R. R. and Canal. 
Burns John, plasterer, h. w s. Franklin, nr. 

Burns John, finisher, h. 3 Wabansia av. 
Burns John, soldier, h. r. 292 Wells. 
Burns John, tailor, h. 445 State. 
Burns Luke, carpenter, h. 230 W. Washing- 
Burns Michael, h. 801 Chicago av. 
Burns Michael, drayman, h. e. s. Wolcott, nr. , 

Grand Haven Slip. I 

Burns Michael, gardener, h. w. s. Sedgwick, nr. ■ a 

Twomey. ^ 

Burns Michael, lab., h. Division, nr. the lake. 
Burns Moses, lab., h. 423 Canal. ;, 

Burns Peter, carpenter, bds. 243 Canal. ; 

Burns Owen, lamplighter, h. 239 Monroe. i 

Burns Patrick, h. Indiana av., n. s. R. R. 

Burns Patrick, fireman, bds 674 State. 
Burns Patrick, lab., h. n. s. Hickory, nr. 

Burns Patrick, lab., h. N. Market, cor. Illi- 
Burns Peter, carpenter, bds. 241 Canal. 
Burns Peter, grocer, 670 State, h same. 
Burns Peter, lab., b. 475 Wells. 
Burns Richard, lab., h. Sampson, bet. Throop 

arid Loomis. 
Burns Vincent, grocer, 68 Nevins. 
Burns William, gardener, h 10 Green Bay. 
Burns William, lab., R. I. R. R. depot, h." s. s. ' ' 

Kramer, nr. Halsted. 
Burns William, teamster, b. cor. Cottage 

Grove av. and 25th. 
Burns William, tinsmith, bds. s. s. W. Lake, 

nr. Lincoln. 
Burr David, clerk, Cooley, Farwell & Co., h. 

388 Clark. 
Rurr Jonathan, h. 287 Michigan av. 
Burr Michael P., clerk, C. B. & Q. R. R., bds. 

Burlington Hotel. 
Birr Murdock, clerk, bds. 700 State. 
Burr 0. B. Mrs., h. 65 Wabash av. 
Burras Mary A., h. 165 Dearborn. 
Burrell William, police, Sherman House. 
Burres Edward A., clerk, telegraph co., h 165 

Burritt Lewis, student, bds. 186 Superior 
Barrett Martin, porter, R. Hanson k Co. 
Burrett Ann W., wid. Elijah H., h. Indiana av, 

i!r. 26th. 
Burroughs Charles J., printer, h. w. s. 3rd. av., 

nr. 15th. 
Burroughs George, salesman. Bicker & Kopsell 

li. 6 Foster. 
Burroughs James, mason, bds., 181 Michigan. 
Burroughs JohnC, (Rev.,) pres. b'iiiver.<ity of 

Chicago., h same. 
Burrows Mrs. Mary A., wid. Jared, 105 Dear- 


crrr directory. 



Burrv Charles, bds. 18 Jefferson. 

Burs" Bernard, P. 0. clerk, h. 162 W. Kinzie. 

Burt Augustus S., (Freeman, Burt & Co.) bds. 

Eagle Hotel. 
Burt Caroliae E., wid. Joseph G., h. 122 3rd 

Burt Catharine, wid. h. s. s. 18th w. State. 
Burt F. Francis (F. F. Burt & Co.,) h. cor. In- 
diana av. and 29th. 
Burt Fred N., engineer, h. 207 X. Dearborn. 
Burt Louis, lab. bds. 190 W. Randolph. 
Burt Robert, lab. rolling mills, h. Division nr. 

N. Clark. 
Burt William, salesman, Gray, Phelps & Co., 

bds. Matteson House. 
Burt F. F. & Co. (F. F. Burt and Z. Bakely,) 

grocers, cor. 16th and State. 
Burtell Frank, silversmith, h.- 398 State. 
Burth John, h. 15 N. Halsted. 
Burtis Ciiarles K. clerk Gas Co., h. 608 Wa- 
bash av. 
Burtis James K., secretary Chicago Gas Light 

& Coke Co., h. Wabash av. s. North. 
Burtis Peter T., superintendent Gas Co., h. 

32-2 W. Madison. 
Burtis Thomas B., flour and feed, 836 State, 

bds. 862 State. 
Burton Allen, (Carpenter & Burton,) h. 69 N. 

Burton Elizabeth, wid. Elisha, n. w. cor. Ful- 
ton and Paulina. 
Burton H., bootmaker, 206 W. Lake, h. same. 
Burton Horace, (Burtou & Wright,) h. Wau- 

Burton Henry, carpenter, h. 142 Halsted. 
Burton L, h. 168 Harrison. 
Burtou Isaac, peddler, h. 385 Clark. 
Burton John, gardener, w. s. N. Dearborn, nr. 

Catliolic Cemetery. 
Burton Moses, cigar mnfr. 297 Clark, h. same. 
Burton Robert, mason, h. 48 Wesson. 
Burton Siiles, h. 229 Michigan av. 
Burton Thomas S., (Burton & Adams,) bds 26 

Burton William, clerk, Doggett & Easson, bds. 

203 Ontario. 
Burton V. J., teamster, h. 263 W. Kinzie. 
Burton & Adams, (Thomas S. Burton & James 

H. Adams,) com. mer. 140 N. Jefferson. 
Burton & Wright, (Horace Burton and Abner 

M. W'right,) com. mer., N. Jefferson, cor. 

W. Indiana. 
BURWELL HENRY, merchant tailor, 8 Tre- 

mont block, h. 16 Van Buren. 
Bury H. R., conductor, R. L R. R., bds. Pres- 

cott House. 
Busack Charles, carpenter, h. W. Taylor, nr. 

Busay John, teamster, h. Hasting.^, bet. Loomis 

and Throop. 
Busby Charles, builder, h. 188 4th av. 
Busch Cornelius, blacksmith, h. s. s. Wash- 
ington av. bet. Wood and Paulina. 
Busch Francis, soap manufacturer 227 and 

229 VV. Lake, h. 45 Harrison. 
Busch Francis, wagonmaker, 32 DuPuyster. 
Busch H., housepainter, 213 N. Dearborn. 
Busch Hiram, brewer, h. 119 Hills. 
Busch Jal., carpenter, cor. Prairie and Ann. 
Busch JohnB., h. 30d State. 

Busch John V., printer, 55 LaSille. 

Busch Lammart, porter, H. W. Austin, h. 

North av., bet. Prairie and Fulton. 
Busch Valentine, (Busch & Brand,) h. Cedar 

nr. Wolcott. 
Bnsch & Brand, (Valentine Busch and Michael 

Brand,) brewers, n. s. Cedar, bet. Green 

Bay and lake shore. 
Buscher Anton, woodcarver, h. S. May bet. 

nth and 12th. 
Buscbick August F., machinist, bds. 93 S. Jef- 
Buschick Gustuvus K, (Steinraetz & Co.,) h. 

93 S. Jefferson. 
Buschman L. W., h. 237 Huron. 
Buschwah Joseph, cigarmaker, bds. W. 14th 

bet. Jeffersou and Union. 
Buschwah Nieholas, carpenter, h. s. s. Eugene, 

w. N. Wells. 
Buschwah Nieholas, jr., clerk, Chase Bros., 

bds 221 Madison. 
Buse Christian, lab., h. s. s. Loewe, w. N. 

Buse Frederick, lab., h. Dayton, bet. Willow 

and Clay. 
Busfierre Antoine, shoemaker, h. 239 Wells. 
Bush C, cigars, 252 Clark, h. same. 
Bush Isaac S., hide com. mer., 163 Kinzie, h. 

882 Ontario. 
Bush Lorenzo, dentist, 136 Clark, bds. 382 

Bush Peter, carpenter, h. e. s. N. Clark, nr. Di- 
Bush Peter, tailor, 364 Clark. 
Bush Sarah M., wid. George, h. 4 Chip. 
Bush William Henry, (Fahs & Bush,) h. Hu- 
ron, bet. Sedgwick aud Townsend. 
BUSH & NOBLE, (Lorenzo Bush, Samuel B. 

Noble,) dentists, 136 Clark, cor. Madison.- 
Buahing Hugh L., apothecary, 575 Canal. 
Bushmeyer Henry, cabinet maker, h. 276 S. 

Bushnell Anson, h. 89 W. Jackson. 
Buslmell Chester, teamster, h. s. s. 14th, nr. 

Bushnell H. P., bds. 243 Superior. 
Bushnell Hezekiah, (Bushnell & Annin,) bds. 

215 State. 
Bushnell Joseph II., cleik, bds. 193 Market. 
Bushnell John W., (J. W. Bushnell & Bro.,) 

h. 70 S. Morgan. 
Bushnell Louis, clerk P. 0., bds. 231 AV. Ran- 
Bushnell Omer, lumber inspector, bds. 231 W. 

Bushnell Sidney S., (J. W. Bushnell & Bro.,) 

h. Tyler, n. w. c. Throop. 
Bushnell'W. Richard, machinist, h. 76 Hunt. 
Bushnell Winslow, (Reed and Bushnell,) bds. 

Metropolitan Hotel. 
Bushnell J. W. & Bro., (John W. and Sidney 

S. Bushnell,) com. mer. 243 S. Water. 
BUSHNELL & ANNIN, (Hezekiah Bushnell 

and William H. Annin.) grocers,192 State. 
Bushter George William, tailor, h. Maple, nr. 

N. Clark. 
Busick Christian, cabinet maker, h. William, 

nr. Throop. 
Busing Maurice, saloon, n. e. cor. S. Canal 

and Barber. 





Bussa Henry, teamster, h. S. Halsted, bet. 

Maxwell and Mitchell. 
Bu?se Christian, mason, h. 206 Blue Island av. 
Basse Frederick, saloon, cor. Market and Quin- 

cy, h. same. 
Basse Henry, lab., h. n. s. Johnson nr. Division. 
Basse Henry, teamster Chicago mills, h. Max- 
well, nr Halsted. 
Basse John, lab., h. 221 N. Carpenter. 
Basse Matilda, grocer, 82 N. Clark, h. same. 
Bassmin Joseph, blacksmith, bds. 66 Blue 

Island av. 
Butchart William, grocer, 336 W. Van Buren. 
Butcher Louis, h. second e. of W. Chicago av. 

nr. tlie river. 
Buther John, lab., n. s. Schiller, nr. N. Wells. 
Butler Abram G., agent, 5 Pardee's bldg., S. 

Water, bds. Hyde Park. 
Butler Benjamin P., custom house, h. 217 W. 

Butler Charles, saloon, 113 W. Madison. 
BUTLER EDWIN C, agent Buffalo Scale 

Works Co., 200 Lake, h. Harlem. 
Butler Elara, carpenter, bds. cor. W. Clybourn 

av., and Wheeling av. 
Butler Mrs. Ellen, h. Joseph, nr Hickor y. 
Butler Ellen, teacher, bds. 324 W. Rundolph. 
Butler Elizabeth, h. 28Y Clark. 
Butler Frank S., capt. steamer, A. B. Ward, 

h, 82 4ih av. 
Butler Frederick A., clerk, 12 Randolph, h. 

Clybourn av., bet. Larraoee and Black 

Butler F. F., clerk H. New hall & Co., h. 82 

4th av. 
Butler George S., bookkeeper, h. 82 4th av. 
Butler Hrizen, carpenter, bds. 75 W. Adams. 
Butler Henry, teamster, h. n. e. cor. Canal 

and North. 
Butler Henry H., bookkeeper, 38 Lake, bds. 

243 Wabash a v. 
Butler Hilliard, barber Sampson V. Underdue, 

bds. 127 Clark. 
Butler Hugh, lawyer, 10 and 11 Cobb's bldg. 

Dearborn, bds. 130 Pine. 
Butler James, clerk, 134 Lake. 
Butler James F., clerk, bds. 223 4th av. 
Butler John, lab. C. H. McCoimick & Bros. 
Butler John, lab. h. 221 3d av. 
Butler John, policeman, h. 7 Hope. 
Butler John, police, h. 337 W. Randolph. 
Butler John H., h. 327 Clark. 
Butler John W., drayman, h. al. bet. Oak 

and Hickory. 
Butler Joseph, gunmaker, 226 Clark, h. same. 
Butler Josiiih R., accountant, 235 S. Water, 

h. W. Washington, cor. O.ikley. 
Butler Julius W., treasurer Butler & Hunt, h. 

459 W. Washington. 
Butler Leander H., grocer, 51 W. Madison, h. 

Butler M. A., engineer, bds. Eagle Hotel. 
Butler Mac, (col'd,) blacksmith, h. 365 Wells. 
Butler Mary, wid. Thomas, h. 152 Quiucy. 
Butler Michael, switchman, h. North av. nr. 

Butler Oliver M., (Butler & Hunt,) residence 

St. Charles, 111. 
Butler Oliver R., (Jewett & Butler,) h. 568 W. 


Butler Patrick, tailor, h. 118 N. Clinton. 
Butler Sylvester H., h. 285 Michigan av. 
Butler Rev. T. J., D. D., pastor Church of the 

Immaculate Conception, h. N. Franklin, 

nr. Schiller. 
Butler Thomas, lab. h. 120 Forquer. 
Butler William, machinist, h. 81 Milwaukee 

Butler William, moulder, bds. 152 Quincy. 
Butler William H., salesman, h. 73 Cass. 
Butler William H., h. Centre blk. bet. Robey 

and Leavitt, nr. Fulton. 
Butler W. J., salf^sman, 44 Lake. 
Butler & Hunt, (Oliver M. Butler and Joseph 

Hunt,) piiper warehouse and paper mnfrs., 

48 State. 
Butner Peter, lab., h. 519 State. 
Butt George, mnfr. of excelsior liniment, 393 

Butt George, stonecutter, h. 14 Wesson. 
Butt Wilhelm, drayman, h. n. s. Vedder, nr. 

Butter Thomas B , h. 203 Adams. 
Butterback Jacob, blacksmith, bds. w. s. Hal- 
sted, bet. 12th and 14th. 
Buttfield John S., salesman, 37 Lake, bds. 41 

Butterfield Bhiranda, grain broker, h. 24 N. 

Butterfield Samuel W., clerk A. A. Putnam, 

bds. cor. 4th av. and 12th. 
Butterfield William, captain, h. 282 Illinois. 
Butters Isaac A., (William A. Butters & Co.,) 

bds. Stewart House. 
Butters W. Henrv, (William A. Butters & Co.) 

bds. 26 Washington. 
Butters William A., (Wi'liam A. Butters & 

Co.,) h. 26 Washington. 
BUTTERS WILLIAM A. & CO., (William A , 

Isaac H., and W. Henry Butters,) auc- 
tioneers and commission, 103, 105 and 

107 Dearborn. 
Butterworth Edmund S., machinist, 106 Lake, 

h. 113 W. Monroe. 
Buttger John, lab., h. 3d, n. s. of Front. 
Buttleman John, cooper, b. s. s. Archer rd. 

nr. Green. 
Buttuer William, clerk, h . 97 N. Wells. 
Button Edward, proprietor Button's Hotel, s. 

e. cor. Washington and Wells. 
Button Peter, mason, h. 392 W. Van Buren. 
Button's Hotel, Button Edward, proprietor, s. 

e. cor. Washington and W^ells. 
Butts Marie A., wid. Shadrach, boarding, h. 

379 State. 
Butts Owen, grocer, flour and feed. h. 35 

Butz Caspar, deputy clerk Superior Court, h. 

127 N. LaSalle." 
Butz Matthias, butcher, cor. Clark and Archer 

rd., h. same. 
Butz Owen, (H. B. Hosier & Co.,) h. 33 Prai- 
Butzer Joseph, lab. C. H. McCormick & Bros. 
Butzer Peter, blacksmith, C. H. McCormick 

& Bros. 
Butzer Peter, jr., lab. C. H. McCormick & 

Butzow Christian, cabinetmaker, h. 440 S. 






Butzow Joel, cabinetmaker, 442 S. Jefferson. 
Byer Charles, cooper, h. Divigion, s. e. cor. 

N. Franklin. 
Byers William, blacksmith, h. Ill Ohio. 
Byer William, fireman h. n. s. Mitchel, 

nr Union. 
Byford William H., physician, 62 State, h. 194 

Michigan av. 
Bvington Henry H., traveling agent, h. 122 S. 

Byington Sidney S., salesman, 197 Lake, h. 

63 Price pi. 
By] Nicholas, carpenter, h. 181 Ontario. 
Byles Thomas J., agt. Florence sewing ma- 
chine Co., 124 Luke, bds. 79 Michigan av. 
Bynall E., lab., h. 179 N. Market. 
Byrd George V., broker, 101 Dearborn, bds. 

Sherman House. 
Byrne Thomas P., crockery, etc., 170 Lake, 

h. 146 State. 
Byrne Ellen Miss., dressmaker, 115 Madison. 
Byrne J^imes, messenger, C. &R. L R. R., In 

freight office, h. cor. 12th and Waller. 
Byrne John, collar and harnessmaker, 147 X. 

Clark, h. same. 
Byrne Joseph, butcher, h. Forquer, bet. Hal- 

stedand Blue Island av. 
Byrne Luke, carpenttr, h. ISO W. Division 
Byrne Michael, lab., h. 458 S. Jefferson. 
Byrne Michael 0., harnessmaker, bds. N. Y. 

Byrne Nicholas, Chicago lee Co., h. 74 Hunt. 
Byrne Owen, lab., h. n. s. Bunker, w. Des- 

Bvrne Patrick, lab., h. May, bet. Gurlev and 

Byrne Peter, plasterer, b. Wabash av., cor. 

Byrne Patrick, tailor, li. 15 Judd. 
Byrne T., cleaner, I. C. R. R. machine shop. 
Byrne Terence, boots and shoes, s. s. W. 

Lake, e. Robey, b. cor. Wood and Indiana. 
Byrne Thomas, mason, h. s. s. AV. Harrison. 

w. Leavitt. 
Byrne William, drayman, h. 142 Ontario. 
Byrnes Daniel, oil mnt'r., I. C. R. R. 
Byrnes J. 0., telegraph operator, Clark, cor. 

Lake. h. 118 Ei-ie. 
Byrnes Michael, drayman, h. e. s. Wolcott, 

n. Scott. 
Byron Dennis, builder, h. 175 Wabash av. 
Byron James, bds. 184 Madison. 
Byron John, engineer, B. & Q. elevator. 
Byron Winfield Scott, clerk, bds. w. s. Lime 

nr. C. A. & St. L. R. R. 

r' ABEEN David, butcher, bds. 328 Madison, 
; cor. Monroe. 

Caber turner, n. s. 12th, nr. cor. 12th 

av. and 3d av. 

CABEREY HARVEY R., military goods and 
regalia, 60 State, h. 22nd St., bet. Wa- 
bash and Michigan av. 

Cach Robert, (col'd,) cook European Hotel, 
h. 264 3d av. 

Cackwark Martin, mer. tailor, h. 19 3d av. 

Caddigan Daniel, carpenter, h. cor. Cottage 
Grove av. and 25th. 

Cadman William S.. (Jones & Cadman,). bds. 
Garden City Hotel. 

Cadwell William, travelint; agt., h. 61 4th av. 
Cady Alice Mrs., wid. h. room 88 Townsemi 

Cady Asa C, freisht agt. C A. & St. L. R. 

'R., h. 118 S. Halsted. 
Cady Charity, wid. Lyman, h. Sebor, nr. 

Cady Chauncey M., (Root & Cady,) h. 138 W. 

Cady David, flourdealer, h. 10 N. Sangamon. 
Cady Henry, mechanic, bds, Elston rd., nr. 

Cadv Henry, salesman, G. & C. W. Church, b. 

'178 Erie. 
Cady Harum W., clerk, bds. Seneca Wright. 
Cady Robert P., com. mer., cor. Clark and 

Randolph, bds. 8 Eldridge ct. 
Caesar Julius, (col'd,) whitewasher, h. 190 S. 

Caffell James, lab, h. Ellis av., nr. Pier st. 
Cagney Cornelius, grocer, 242 S. Clinton, h. 

Cagney Edmond, teamster, h. Gurlev, nr. May. 
Cagney Richard, teamster, h. W. Wilson, bet. 

Canal and Stewart av. 
Cagnin Patrick, grocer, S. Canal, bet. Barber 

and Mitchel, h. same. 
Cagwin Thomas P., com. mer., bds. 48 S.Miy. 
Cahill Edmond, lab., cor. Butler and 25th. 
Caidll Edward, lab.. 111. Stone Co. 
Cahill Frank, (J. & F. Cahill,) h. 165 State. 
Cahill J. A., teamster, bds. State, nr. C. B. R. 

R. crossing. 
Cahill John, lab., h. n w. cor Fisk and South. 
Cahill John, lab., h. 56 Prairie. 
Cahill Joseph, (J. & F. Cahill,) h. 165 State. 
Cahill Joseph, liquor, 363 Clark, h. same. 
Cahill Kerean, collector, M. S. R. R., h. 6S 

Cahill Michael, lab., h. 120 Monroe. 
Cahill Michael, lab., h. 53 W. Polk. 
Cahill Mich.ael H., stonecutter, h. 194 Adams. 
Cahill Patrick, carpenter, h. 1!9 Townsend. 
Cahill Philip, lab., h. 54 Prairie. 
Cahill Walter, coppersmith, h. 254 S. Clinton. 
Cahill J. & F., (Joseph and Francis Cahill,) li- 
quor dealers, 363 Clark. 
Cahler Katie, wid. Christian, h. 10 Sherman. 
Cahn Aaron, (Cahn & Co.,) h. 118 3d av. 
Cahn Bernard, (A. Cahn & Co.,) h. 114 Madi- 
Cahii Charles, clerk, Rosenfeld & Rosenberg, 

bds. 114 Madison. 
Cahn Davis, cigarmaker, Adolph Danziger, h. 

293 Wells. 
Cahn Jacob L., bookkeeper, A. Cahn & Co., 

bds. 114 Madison 
Cahn Jacob W., bookkeeper. Foreman Bros., 

b. 118 3d av. 
Cahn Joseph, salesman, A. Cahn & Co., h. IIS 

3d av. 
Calm Leopold, h. 114 Madison. 
CAHN A. & CO., (Aaron and Bernard Cahn,) 

cloths, cassimeres and veslings, whol., 6t> 

Cain Catharine, wid. William, h. e. s. Arnold, 

bet.«Oth and 21st. 
Cain Ellen, h. r. 57 Indiana. 
Cain John, lab., h. 82 Forquer, 
Cain Maurice, lab., h. 116 Erie. 





Cain Patrick, lab., h. 344 W. Polk. 

Cain Thomas, butcher, b. w. s. Arnold, bet. 
19th and 20th. 
\' Calabesley Jacob, tailor, h. 253 S. Canal. 

Calahan John, lab., b. Shornian cor. Taylor. 

Calcord Jesse, watchman Wright's Hotel. 

Calder John, butcher, 51 Chicago av„ h. same. 

Caldwell F-ank, (Caldwell & Bro.,) h. Ill Mon- 

Caldwell Eliza, wid. N. C, h. 149 N. Dearborn. 

Caldwell James C. machinist, bds. 76 W. Mad 

Caldwell John K., machinist, bds. 229 W. Lake. 

Caldwell James L., speculator, h. 257 Cass. 

Caldwell Little, grocer, n. s. W. Lake, bet. 
Hovne and Robev, h. same. 

Caldwell P , with M. S. & N. L R. R. 

Caldwell Patrick, (Caldwell & Bro.,) h. Ill 

Caldwell Peter, (Caldwell &Bro.,) h. Ill Mon- 

Caldwell William H., clerk, h. Gl -1th av. 

CALDWELL &BROS., (Peter Caldwell,Frank 
Caldwell and Patrick Caldwell,) saloon, 
111 Monroe, 1st door w. post office. 

Calhoun Amelia C, wid. John, h. 116 State. 

Calhoun bldg., e. s. Clark, bet. Washington 
and Miidi.son. 

Calhoun Charles, lab. h. May, bet. Kinzie and 

Calhoun Frank C. S.,(Hyatt & Calhoun,)h. 5S. 

Calhoun John B., collector Land Department, 
> L C. R. R., h. 172 Wolcott. 

Calhoun John, lab., M. S. & N. I R. R. 

Calhoun Panielia C, wid. John, h. 116 State. 

Calhoun Robert H., clerk, bds. 449 S. CanaL 

Calhoun Richard, painter, h. Green Bav. 

California House, 419 State, Augustus Pentzel, 

Calkins Allen, (Holt & Calkins,) h. w. s. Prai- 
rie av. bet. 16th and 18th 

Calkins Benjamin C, blacksmith, h. 184 Supe- 

Calkins Charles C, (Holt & Calkins,) h. Prai- 
rie av. bet. 16ih and 18th. 

Calkins George W., bookkeeper H. B. Taylor, 
bds. Garden City House. 

Call Charles, driver, street cars, h. 190 N. 

Callaglian Catharine, wid. Thomas, h. 7 Cass. 

Callaghan Ellen, wid. Cori.ehus, h. 145 W. 

Callaghan Mrs. J., h. n. s. Goethe, nr. N. 

Callaghan John, cooper, h. Kinzie, nr. Wells. 

Callaghan John, (Sells & Callaghan,) bds. nr. 
cor. Randolph and Wabash av. 

Callaghan John, tailor, h. 18 Meridian. 

Callaghan Richard, cooper, 57 S. Water, h. 

Callaghan S. A. Capt., 102d Reg. HI. Vol., h. 
207 N. Market. 

Callahan Daniel, lab., h. 98 4th. 

Callahan John, machinist, I. C. R. R. 

Callahan Jeremiah, saloon, 95 W. Kinzie, h. 
same. • 

Callahan John, tailor, 162 Indiana, h. same. 

Callahan John, teamster, h. Calumet av., nr. 

Callahan Patrick, lab., h. w. s. Jefterson av., 

nr 12th. 
Callahan Michael, stonecutter, W.&A.B. Cook. 
Callahan Samuel, lab.. Cutler, Ball & Co. 
Callahan Thomas, shipping clerk, h, 115 Ohio. 
Callan Thomas, sailor, bds. 137 Pine. 
Callcn David, clerk, bds. 33 Quincy. 
Callender William H., trav.eling agent, Arm- 
strong & McCormick. 
Ca'lin Margaret, seamstress, bds. US. Green. 
Calling John, blacksmith. Wolf & Sproehnle. 
Callory Edward, lab., h. 67 N. Market. 
Callow James capt., h. e. s. Sedgwick, nr. 

Calnan Patrick, switchman, C. k St. L. R. R., 

bds. Arctic House. 
Cals Charles, cooper, h. w. s. Dearborn, bet. 

16th and 17th. 
Calvert Ellen, wid. Nathan, h. nr. cor. W. 

Jackson and S. Desplaiues. 
Calvert Frederick, salesman, 139 Lake, h. 

Washington av. cor. Paulina. 
Calvert James, stonemason, bds. 79 Blue L av. 
Calvert William U., (Bates, Stone & Co.,) bds. 

Orient House. 
Camberg Charles J., tailor, h. 162 N. Green. 
Cambridge House, (Thomas R. Jones, propr.,) 

Carroll, cor. N. Desplaines. 
Cameron Andrew C, printer, h. 213 Washing- 
Cameron Miss Elizabeth, fancy goods, 201 

State, h. same. 
Cameron Frank, sailor, h. 45 Price pi. 
Cameron William P., clerk, general passen- 
ger office, I. C. R. R., bds. 204 State. 
Cameron William R., (Parker & Cameron,) 

bds. 117 Indiana. 
Camley John, cooper, NIorth av., bet. Cly- 

bourn and Sheffield. 
Campbell A., bds. Sherman House. 
Campbell A. H., attorney, 77 Dearborn. 
Campbell Adeline A., wid. George, h. 144 X. 

Campbell Alexander, (Campbell & Woodruff,) 

h. 166 N. Wells. 
Campbell Ancel St. John, (Hill, Campbell & 

Co.,) h. 714 Wabash av. 
Campbell Ann M., wid. Hugh, teacher, h. 152 

W. Adams. 
Campbell Annie, wid. Robert, h. e. s. State, 

bet. 21st and 22d. 
Campbell Archibald, carpenter, h. 205 X. 

Campbell Arthur, lab., h. Archer rd., nr. 

Campbell Celia, h. N. Sangamon nr. Kinzie. 
Campbell -Christopher, expressman, h. 375 S. 

Campbrll Daniel, blacksmith, bds. cor. Hal- 

sted and Kinzie. 
Campbell Daniel, sailor, h. n. s. Division, nr. 

N. Wells. 
Campbell Edward, miller, State Mills, bds. 

Button's Hotel. 
Campbell George, ostler, Wright & Currirr. 
Campbell George H., (Hill, Campbell & Co.,) 

h. 705 Wabash av. 
Campbell Horace, (col'd.) barber, 69 Randolph. 

h. same. 
Campbell James, h. 97 3d av. 




Campbell .Tames, printer, h. 218 S. Desplaines- 
Campbell James, A., tailor, bds. 151 Market- 
Campbell James, supt. omnibus line, bds. Me- 
tropolitan Hotel. 
Campbell James, wooddealer, h. 264 S. Des- 
Campbell James B., printer, Evening Journal^ 

b. 218 Desplaines. 
Campbell Jane, washwoman, h. N. Dearborn, 

nr Huron. 
Campbell John, b. 225 Madison. 
Campbfll John, (Campbell & Gillespie,) h. 226 

N. Clark. 
Campbell John, carpenter, h. Hubbard, nr. 

Campbell John, machinist, h. 340 W. Madison. 
CAMPBELL JOHN, plumber, 161 Dearborn, 

h 201 4th av. {See advt. p. 68.) 
Campbell John, whitewasher, h. 178 Ohio. 
Cam{)bell John McA., bookkeeper, J. H. 
Wicker & Co., h. Clybourn, nr. North av. 
Campbell John, blacksmith, h. 201 N. Halsted. 
Campbell John, machinist, C. k. N. W. R. W. 

shop, h. 240 W. Adams. 
Campbell John P., broker, 54 Clark, h. 705 

Wabash av. 
Cimpbell Julia M. Mrs., b, 337 W. Randolph. 
Campbell Leonand W., baggagcra aster, C. & R. 

I. R. R., bds. Hamilton House. 
CAMPBP:LL MARK, hair jeweller, 81 Clark, 

h. same. 
Campbell Murdock, carpenter, bds. 205 N. 

Campbell Patrick, clerk, bds. Foster, bet. W. 

Harrison and Van Buren. 
Campbell Peter, clerk, European Hotel. 
Campbell Richard D., (Kennedy & Campbell,) 

bds. 62 Pearce. 
Campbell Robert John, clerk, h. 263 State. 
Campbell Rowland B., packer, 0. Kendall's 

Sons & Co., State st. bakery. 
Campbell Thomas, h. 448 Jefferson. 
Campbell Washington, h. 555 Harrison. 
Campbi li William, carnenter, h. Mitchel nr. 

Blue I. av. 
Campbell William, distiller, h. cor. Clybourn 

av. and Commercial. 
Campbell William, sailor, h. 80 Ohio. 
Campbell William, shipcarpenter, h. 102 Clin- 
Campbell William, (col'd.) cook, h. w. s. 3rd. 

av., nr. 12th. 
Campbell & Gillespie, (John Campbell and 
John Gillespie,) importers and dealers of 
Irish and Scotch linen., 226 N. Clark, h. 
Campbell & Woodruif, (Alexander Campell & 
Eber Woodruff,) general com. mer. 177 
. Campe William, machinist, Bolter & Cheno- 
Camphield Frederick, capt. schr. Pariaha. h. 

301 Halsted. 
Campion Julia, wid. Michael, bds. Stewart av. 

nr. Maxwell. 
Campion Robert W. salesman, Edwin Hunt, h. 

236 N. Dearborn. 
Cana Edward, lab., h. r. 265 4th av. 
Canan Bridget, wid. Tobias, h. 60 W, Jackson. 
Canaugh John, lab., h. 202 3rd av. 

Canavan Francis W., clerk, 78 Randolph, bds. 

86 State. 
Canavan Peter, sailor, h. w. s. Union s. of 

Canavan Wilh;im, sailor, h 343 Illinois. 
Canda Ben. F., contractor, h. Pearson, nr. 

Canda Florimond, teacher, h. N. Wells, n. w 

cor. Engine. 
Canida Felix, gardener, h. s. s. Florimond, 

w. N. Wells. 
Candee Calvin C, painter, h. 103 Wells, 
Candler Adolph, watchmaker, 385 State, h. 

Cane Mary, wid., h. 315 W. Madison. 
Canfield Edmond, clerk, bds. 10 Aberdeen. 
Cantield Jane, dressmaker, 146 Chirk. 
Canfield Eli L., (C. B. Brown & Co.,). and 

(Lange Brown & Co.,) h. 457 W. Wash- 
Canfield Frederick, captain, sch'r. Para Hana, 

h. 301 Halsted. 
Canfield John, lab., bds. 73 Blue I. av. 
Canfield Thomas, inspector, grain. Board of 

Trade, h. 202 Jackson. 
Canfield William, lab., bds. 202 Jackson. 
Canfield William, foreman. Walker, Bronsen 

& Co. 
Cange John, lab., h. q. e. cor. 4th and Union. 
Cangley Patrick, lab., h. Hope, bet. Blue Is- 

av. and Morgan. 
Cann Joseph, teamster, h. Cass, cor. Pearson. 
Canner Frederick, painter, h. 147 W. Ran- 
Cannev Dennis, engineer, h. w. s. Arnold, nr. 

16 th. 
Cannon James, lab., h. Ill Wesson. 
Cannon James, upholsterer, h. 107 Halsted. 
Cannon John, lab., h. 167 Ewing. 
Cannon James, salesman W. M. Ross & Co., 

bds. New York House. 
Cannon Joseph W., plow finisher, h. s. s. W. 

Lake, w. Robey. 
Cannon Peter, drayman, h, n. s. Division, w. 

N. Wells. 
Cannon Robert M., (R. M. Cannon & Co.,) bds. 

17 Dearborn. 
Cannon Thomas, painter, Vint & Schuster. 
Cannon R. M. & Co., (Robert M. Cannon and 

James Buchanan,) prod, com., 179 S. 

Canop William, lab., s. s. 21st, bet. Clark and 

Cantacuzene Alexander, clerk Land Dep't. L 

C. R. R., bds. 8 Rush. 
Canter Edward, (col'd,) lab., h. Jackson, nr 

CANTERBURY HALL, 123 and 125 Dear 

Cantey Thomss, lab., h. w. s. Foster, s. Harri 

Cantine G. W., lumber inspector,, h. 220 ludi 

Cantine Joseph, contable, h. 246 Wolcott. 
Canzler Frederick, clerk, h. 182 W. Lake. 
Caper Frederick, lab., h. William, nr. Throop. 
Caper Joseph, lab., h. 236 3d av. 
Capeway William, lamplighter, h. 263 N. La- 

Cappell George, baker, 357 State, h. same. 



Capps Richard fiitler, li. 2u:i ForquiT. 
Capron Lab in, tUkrt agt., li. 107 Wi-ll?. 
Car Jumes, lab., li;9 Forquer. 
Canibino Jticliael, h. w. s. Green, bet. C. A. 

i St. L. R. R., and Archer id. 
Caraher Ami, wid. Henry, h. Carroll, cor. X. 

Caraher Patrick, grocer. 80 Blue Island av. 
Carbed William, lub., C. & X. W. R, \V. shop, 

h. cd, nr Milwaukee av. 
Carberrv John, fraidener, h. Clvbourn av., 

bet.'Halsted and Willi.iin. 
Carberrv John, l.ib-, h. s. s. Archer rd., nr. 

Caiberv Margaret, wid. Michael, h. 6; N. 

Carb.'irv Patrick, lab. and saloon keeper, 31 

W.'Madisoii, h. same. 
Carberrv Richard, lake captain, h. n. s. Pierce 

pi., bet. Stewart av. and Grove. 
Carbine James, lab., u. w. cor. Archer rd and 

Carbine John, shoemaker, li. 61 Desphiines. 
Carbine Thomas, carpenter, h. IGO N. Des- 



CAl:l;i IT .;''ll\, - .,. ;.>. ,.;/,,,■ .; :-;, ;:.l 

Lake, h. s;une. 
Card Albert, carriageniaker, 138 and 140 Kin- 

zie, h. 130N. LaSalle. 
Card Mi^s Amanda M., millinerv, l.j.j Lake, 

h. 8(10 Michigan av. 
Card John ].., surveyor L. C. Hull, h. 305 W. 

Cardnell William P., saloon, cor. Madison and 

Maiket, h. Cardwell House. 
C.irdv Charles, cleik, 4'J Clark, h. S'.il X. 

Carcw, John, lab..h. X. 51arket, nr. X. Water. 
Carey Annie, wid., 'iolh, nr. Butler. 
Carey Annie M., dressmaker, h. 213 Randolph. 
Carey Edward, machinist, h. lo« Hubbard. 
Carey Elijah, (col'd,) h. r. -218 4th av. 
Carey Horace S,. (Carey 4; Twokey,) cor. Mi!- 

av. and Kinzie. 
Carev Janus, lab., h. s. .s. Barber, bet. Jef- 

feisoii and Canal. 
Carey James, trucks and drays, h. 2'.i3 4th av. 
Carey Julin, baker, h, 3(i I'carce. 
Carey John, lab. C. B. & t^. R. R. 
Carey John, lab. h. s. e. cor. Stewart av. 
Carev Kinnedv A., medical student, bds. 3. w. 

cor. and Dearborn. 
Carey Lewi.s, (col'd.) bd.s. r. 218 4th av. 
(larey Robert, steward, h. liii Monroe. 
Carey Mrs. Robert, boarding, '.Hi Monroe. 
Carev Thomae, drayman, li. 81 Ewing. 
Carey Thomas, lab. li. Miichel, bet. Canal 

and Stewart nv. 
Carey William, lab. h. e. s. M.iin, b.t. Archer 

rd. and Ridgley |il. 
Cargen Timothy, lab. h. 1 1 .McHenry, nr. Wa- 

bnneia av. 
Cargill A. F.. traveling agt. lloyt, I'ierce & 

Co., 147 S. Water. 
Carhart Richard 1... K.iih, Puxon i 
Co., bds. City Hotel. 

bailey's car 

Carigan Edmund, bds. 293 State. 

Carl Andrew, tailor, h. 406 State. 

Carl Joseph, carpenter, h. n. s. Rees, nr. Clv- 
bourn ay. 

Carl Mico, lab. h. Hayne's alley, bet. Green 
and Twomev. 

Carl Robert, lab., h. Dearborn, nr. C. B. i Q. 
R. R. crossing. 

Carlan Phillip, blacksmith, 53 Franklin, h. 

Carle Frank, painter, 247 W. Randolph, h. 

Carlen J.imes, grocer, Elizabeth, cor. W. In- 

Carlen John, h. Hubbard, bet. Elizabeth and 

Carlev Francis D., lawyer, 36 Dearborn, bda. 
Hvde Park House. 

Carley' James, lab. h. 167 W. Taylor. 

Car'.ile James H., bartender, with G. B. Man- 

Carlin Fredolin, melodeon mnfr., h. 234 Wells. 

Carlin George, l.ib. Liidd & Holmes. 

Carlin Jane, wid. Patrick, saloon, DeKoven, 

Carlin I'liillip, horseshoeing, 31 Franklin, b. 

' i: ; [ II lis. clerk Barclay Bros. 
' II I. ilriick, gilder, h." 116 S. Green. 
I li - II II vi.-y, printer, bds. XewYorkHouse. 
Cai lisle Robert, moulding mill. Beach, bet. 

Polk and Ewing, h. Dearborn, bet. 20th 

and 21st. 
Carlo Phillip, candy store, 20 Milwaukee av. 
Carlon Jol n, lab. bds. W. Wilson, bet. Canal 

and Stewart av. 
Carlsen Eiland, (Rev.,) office 192 Superior, h. 

194 Superior. 
Carlsen Lauritz, sexton 1st Norwegian Lu- 
theran church, h. n. w. cor. Franklin and 

Carlson Auguste, tailor Brown & Schairer, h. 

33 Kinzie. 
Carl-on Godfrey, fireman, bds. lOG Indiana. 
Carlton Charles J., soluier, h. 82 W. Tan 

Carlton Mollie, hds. 209 Michigan St. 
Carly Peter, switchtender, h. 127 W. Kinzie. 
Carlyll William, sailor, h. e. s. Church, nr. 

Xortli av. 
Carmack John ¥.. tailor, h. 46 Pearson. 
Caiman William H., police, h. cor. Wells and 

Carmanv Simon G., salesman G. W. Flanders 

Carmichael Archibald, .sailor, h. 189 Illinois. 
CarmichncI Elias, carpenter, h. 110 Wendell. 
Carniiehael (leorgc S., (Phillips & Bro ,) h. 

3,V.i Ohio. 
Carmody Jolm. lab. h. 67 X. Market. 
Carmody Patrick, bartender, 11 Clark. 
Carmody Patrick, lab.- h. n. s. O'Xeil, nr. Hal- 

Cormody Thomas, lab. Elisha Eldred, h. n. s. 

O'Brien, nr. Halsted. 
Carncs James, carpenter, w. s. 3d ay. rr. 14th. 
Carney Ann, wid. Jame.s, h. cor. Cottage 

Grove av. and Southern av. 
Carnev C.therinc, wid. John, h. 67 X. Mar- 





Carney Hoiiora, h. 2i;7 N. Franklin. 

Carney James, moulder, h. S. Halited, nv. 

Carney John, barkeeper, 51 Dearborn. 

(barney Jolm, driver Chicago city railway, h. 
n. s. Smith, w. Reuben. 

Carney John, hib. h. e. s. N. Market, bet. In- 
diana and Ohio. 

Carney John, teamster, bds. r. Maxwell, nr. 

Carney Margaret, wid. Patrick, h. Ewing, bet. 
May and Sholto. 

Carney Michael, lab. P. Taylor, h. Market, 
cor. Van Buren. 

Carney Patrick, lab. h. w. s. Halsted, nr. Lum- 

Carney Thomas, grocer, 75 Indiana. 

('arnev William, farmer, h. 358 Indiana. 

Carolan Edward, h. s. s. High, e. N. Wells. 

Carpenstein William, clerk, h. 73 S. Green. 

Carpenter Armenius, apothecary, 381 S. Ca- 

('arpenter Benjumin, h. 275 Indiana. 

Carpenter Charles, carpenter, bds. 143 W. 

Carpenter Cyril D., conductor, h. 1.33 Lake. 

Carpenter Cyril D. Mrs., dressmaker, h. 133 

Carpenter Dewitt C, bookkeeper Kimball & 
Wolcott, h. Walnut, nr. c. Robey. 

i^ARPEXTER EDGAR R. E., dentist, 66 
Lake, h. 12 Van Buren. 

Carpenter E^lward, lab., h. White, bet. Green 
Bay and the lake. 

Carpenter George, ship charterer, h. Ontario, 
nr. Dearborn. 

Carpenter George B., (Gilbert Hubbard & 
Co.,) h. «.-.] (Infario. 

Carpenter (J,...:^.- \\'., (Carpenter & Burton,) 

CARPENTEi; C. W . IRVING, teacher, bJs. 
109 S. Sangamon. 

• 'arpenter Henry, lab., Busch & Brand. 

I'arpenterJ. L., shoemaker, bds. 297 Michi- 

Carpenter J. M., engineer, 260 N. Well?. 

Clarpenter Jerome M., artist, 204 N. La Salle. 

Carpenter Job, 554 W. Lake. , 

Carpenter Jo.=epli, 187 State. 

Carpenter Mrs. Louisa, dressmaker, 133 Lake, 
h. same. 

Carpenter M.hlon, businessagentHaas & Pow- 
ell, h. cor. Throop and Tyler. 

Carpenter Moses, pumpmaker, b. 174 S. Clin- 

Carpenter Philo, ofiSce 203 Randolph, h. 292 
W. Randolph. 

Carpenter Theodore B., bds. 292 W. Randolph. 

Carpenter William, S., h. w. s. Uoyne, s. W. 

Carpenter William, h. n. e. cor. Fulton and 

Carpenter & Burton, (George W. Carpenter 
and Allen Burton,) grocers, 84 N. Peoria. 

Carps William carpenter, h. 73 Polk. 

Carqueville Otto, printer, cor. Kinzie and Hub. 

Carqueville Rudolph, billiard table maker, 14 
Randolph, h. cor. Sangamon and Kinzie. 

Carr , cornmi.^ion, bds. 285 Clark. 

Carr A. J., teamster, h. 53 Kinzie. 

Carr Ann, h. 237 Cass. 

Carr Elisha E., bookkeeper G. II. Scriven, 
bds. 319 W. Madisnu. 

Carr Charles, lab., h. W. Front, bet. Carpen- 
ter and 5th. 

Carr George, (eol'd.,) cook, h. 12'J 3rd av. 

Carr J. A., carpenter, bds. 512 State. 

Carr J. D. M., (Carr Bros.,) h. n. w. c. Curtis 
and Madison. 

Carr James, mason, b. 129 Forquer. 

Carr John, bootcrimper, h. 259 State. 

Carr John D. M., physician, 15 and 16 Cobb's 
bldg., 126f Dearborn, h. 319 VV. Madison. 

Carr Michael, lab., h. Hastings, nr. Loomis. 

Carr Moody, clerk, h. 139 S. Clinton. ' 

Carr Orlando 0., clerk general freight office 
I. C. R. R., bds. Metropolitan Hotel. 

Carr Patrick, barkeeper, 51 Dearborn. 

Carr Patrick, lab., h. u. s. W. Taylor, nr. Jef- 

Carr Samuel, h. State, nr. Bond. 

Carr Samuel P., grocer, 381 W. Lake, h. 

Carr Samuel T., salesman A. G. Downs & Co., 
bds. 20 Quincy. 

Carr Watson, physician, 126 Dearborn, h. 319 
W. Madison. 

Carr William, second hand store, 315 Clark, 
h. same. 

Carr William F., clerk, C. H. M'Gormick, bds. 
381 W. Lake. 

Carr William W., (A. G. Downs & Co.,) h. 48 

CARR BROS., (J. D. M. Carr,) real est. bro- 
kers, 15 and 16 Cobb's bldg., 12BJ Dear- 

Carrell Daniel, broom maker, h. 105 W. Polk. 

Carrick F., teamster, h. e. s. St. Clair, bet. 
Ohio and Ontario. 

Carrigan James, lab., 226 Sangamon. 

Carrigan James, cooper, e. s. C'jnfield, nr. 
Archer rd. 

Carrigan Patrick, h. n. e. cor. Rucker and 

Carrington Abner, lab., h. Division, nr. X. La 

Carrigue John, lumber, 242 S. Water, h. 114 
W. Harrison. 

Carritt William J., clerk, general freight agt's 
office, C. B. & Q. R. R., h. 170 Ohio. 

Carroll Charles E., (Crawford & Carroll,) bds. 
Wabash av., nr. 22d. 

Carroll Daniel, baker, Sherman House. 

Carroll David, moulder, bds. Illinois, bet. N. 
Wells and LaSalle. 

Carroll Dennis, baker, Sherman House. 

Carroll Dennis, blacksmith, h. 194 S. Canal. 

Carroll Edmund, h. Milwaukee av. nr. Hol- 
stein av. 

Carroll Edward, porter, Wright k Beebe. 

Carroll Frederick, clerk, bds. Prescott House. 

Carroll George, packer, Morris, Clay & Co., 
h. Harrison cor. DesPlainea. 

Carroll James, lab., 193 W. Lake. 

Carroll Jeremiah, lab., h. n. s. Mather nr. 

Carroll John, blacksmith, bds. 34 Kinzie. 

Carroll John, lab., h. 131 Forquer. 

Carroll John, lab., Elisha Eldred. 





Carroll John, lab., h. s.s. Clayton, nr. Stenson. 

Carroll John, shoemaker, h. Franklin, nr. 

Carroll John, soldier, h. 161 Wells. 

Carroll John, porter. Fuller, Finch & Fuller, 
h. cor. Forquer and Jefferson. 

Carroll Martin, lab., h. s. s. Clayton, nr. Sten- 

Carroll Michael, carpenter, h. 425 Wells. 

Carroll Michael, printer, h. 138 Huron. 

Carroll Owen, lab., h. 71 N. Market. 

Carroll Patrick, lab., h. n. s. Mather, nr. 

Carroll Patrick, plasterer, h. Halsted, nr. Cly- 
bourn av. 

Carroll Patrick, soldier, h. r. 287 S. Des- 

Carroll Philip, headwaiter, Briggs House. 

Carroll Thomas, carpenter, h. e.s. Clinton, bet. 
Van Buren and Harrison. 

Carroll Thomas, carpenter, 43 Foster. 

Carroll Thomas, carriage painter, bds. 45 Ran- 

Carroll Thomas, soldier, h. n. s. al., r. 287 S. 

Carroll Timothy, lab., bds. 259 Canal. 

Carroll Timothy, lab., h. n. w. cor. Halsted 
and Lumber. 

Carroll William, lab., h. 229 S. DesPlaines. 

Carrothers John, shoemaker, bds. 89 Franklin. 

Carrothers Margaret Mrs., dressmaker, 89 
Franklin, h. same. 

CARSE ROBERT, glass stainer, 164 Clark, h. 
Pearce, nr. Hidsted. 

Carstead Carl, lab., h. 325 Wells. 

Carstens Hermann, flour and feed, 331 Mil- 
waukee av., h. same. 

Carstens M. Henry, saloon, 467 State, h. same. 

Carson Cornelia, wid. David, h. 118 LaSalle. 

Carson David I., bookkeeper, 28 Lake, bds. 
77 Deaibovn. 

Carson George W., sbipcarpenter, h. 106 4th 

Carson Thomas, teamster, bds. 299 Wells. 

Carter Abiah, li. 52 16th. 

Carter Abiel H., supt. City Hospital, ISth, h. 

CARTER ARTEMAS, general commission and 
lumber dealer, basement 15 and 17 Wells, 
h. Wiimetka. 

CARTER ASIIER, architect, 97 Washington, 
bds. 81 Michigan av. 

Carter Christian, harnessmaker, 537 S. Canal. 

Carter Consider B., mason, h. 397 W. Adams. 

Carter Everel, clerk, R. & S. P. Carter, bds. 
54 Wolcott. 

Carter Frank H., asst. bookkeeper, H. M. 
Thompson, bds. 217 Wabash av. 

Carter George E., (J. T. Carter &Bro.,) bds. 
s. ?. Park av. nr. Reuben. 

Carter George T., salesman, Cooley, Farwell 
& Co., h. 217 Wabash av. 

Carter Henry S., cabinet maker, h. 401 Michi- 
gan av. 

Carter James, h. 155 Wabash av. 

Carter James S., bookkeeper, Phillip Wads- 
worth <'c Co. 

Carter John B., teamster, h. 208 Huron. 

Carter John F., (H. & R. B. Whitteraore & Co.) 
h. 330 Wabash av. 

Carter J. Thomas, (J. T. Carter & Bro.,) bds. 

Park av., nr. Reuben. 
Carter Marshal W., mason, bds. 397 W. Adams. 
Carter Norris M., produce dealer, 26 N. Clark, 

bds. Wavcrley House. 
Carter Robert R., painter, h. 314 N. Franklin. 
Carter Roswell, (R. & S. P. Carter,) sheep and 

woo! dealer, 242 S. Water, h. 243 Erie. 
CARTER SAMUEL P., (R. & S. P. Carter,) 

agent Corn Exchange Ins. Co. N. Y., h. 

54 Wolcott. 
Carter Thomas, dealer in wood, office e. s. 

Rush, nr. Michigan, h. 410 N. Water. 
Carter Thomas B., clerk Superior Court, office, 

9 Court House, h. 217 Wabash av. 
Carter Thomas J., 231 S. Water, bds. s. s. 

Park av., nr. Reuben. 
Carter William H., builder, h. 46 Van Buren. 
Carter J. T. & Bro. (J. Thomas and George E. 

Carter,) com. mer., 231 S. Water, up 

Carter R. & S. P., (Roswell and Samuel P.,) 

com. mer., 8 Board Trade blk. 
Carthaw Richard, h. 286 W. Madison. 
Cartle John, lab., h. N. Branch Water, g. of 

Carvay Patrick, lab., h. 31 W. Madison. 
Carver Addis M., printer, h. 234 Madison. 
Carver Benjamin F., h. 306 Michigan av. 
Carver David, boilermaker, Devine Bros. 
Carver Elias, traveling agent for Fairbanks, 

Greenleaf & Co., h. 236 Desplaines. 
Carver William H., cUrk, J. F. Srabrook. 
Carwell Joseph, file cutter, 40 Rucker, bet. 

Indiana and Hubbard. 
Cary Henry, sailor, h. w. s. Wood, nr. Divis- 
Gary Horace, grocery and dry goods, 2, 4 and 

6 Milwaukee av., and Kinzie. 
Cary J. H., pedler, h. 244 N. Wells. 
Cary James, cooper, h. Ill N. Sangamon. 
Cary James, teamster, h. 293 4th av. 
Cary Jane Mrs., h. 23 N. Curtis. 
Cary John E., (Willey & Gary,) bds. Sherman 

Cary John N., felt, composition and iron roof- 
ing 55 Clark. 
Cary Margaret, wid. Patrick, h. 8 N. Des- 
Cary Mary, saloon, 256 Wells, h. same. 
Cary Michael, soldier, h. 120 Ewing. 
Cary 0. M., machinist, bds. 352 Clark. 
GARY QUINCY A. Mrs., whol. and retail milli- 
nery goods, 90 Lake, h. 249 Ohio, {see 

acIvH 96.) 
Caryl Henry G., clerk, Buffalo & Lake Huron 

R. R. fine, bds 194 State. 
Casby Frank, cooper, h. nr. cor. Meagher, s. 

s. S. Jefferson. 
Gasci Louis, statuary, 168 Clark, h. same. 
Case Abijab B., music printer, h. 156 Quincy. 
Case C. D., carpenter, bds 352 Clark. 
Case Elisha W., baker, Chicago Mechanical 

bakery, h. Park av., bet. Htyne and Lea- 

Case Geoi'ge W., (Case k McGrath,) bds, 138 

4th av. 
Case Ira W., lamps, oil, etc., 70 Randolph. 
Case John R., 65 Clark, h. Cottage Hill. 
Case Lvman. cabiuetmaUer, h. 134 W.Taylor, 




Case Peter, grocer, e. s. 4th av., nr. 12th, h. 

Case Peter, lab., h. 204 W. 12th. 

Case Rufas G., clerk, h. 247 W. Lake. 

Case Salmon M., salesman, G. W. Flanders & 
Co., h. w. s. Wabash av., bet. 21st and 

Case Samuel G., (S. S. Case & Co ,) h. Wind- 

Case Thomas L., (Bissell k Case,) bds. Metro- 
politan Hotel. 

Case William, carriage trimmer, h. 15 S. 

CASE S. S. & CO., cigars and tobacco, Cus- 
tom House pi., and 96 Madison. 

Case & McGrath, (George W. Case and Philip 
McGrath,) com. mer., 408 Clark. 

Casey , carpenter, h. n. s. Rumsey, e. of 


Casey David, lab., bds. 223 Washington, 

Casey Dennis, lab., h, s. w. cor. Lime and Ar- 
cher rd. 

Casey Edward, carpenter, h. s. s. Mather, nr. 

Casey Edward, soldier, h. 190 Ewing. 

Casey Edward, undertaker, 223 Washington. 

Casey Honora, wid. Dennis, h. 313 S. Des- 

Casey J., shoemaker, h. N. Reuben, bet. Hub- 
bard and Indiana. 

Casey James, (P. & J. Casey,) h. 223 Washing- 

Casey James, lab., h. 12th, nr. Blue Island av. 

Casey Jeremiah, carpenter, h. 31 Wolcott. 

Casey John, h. 185 Forquer. 

Casey John, blacksmith, bds. Cottage Grove 
av. nr. 25th. 

Casey John, blacksmith, h. 229 Kinzie. 

Casey John, lab., bds. Aberdeen, bet. Taylor 
and 11th. 

Casey John, lab., h. DeKoven, nr. Beach. 

Casey John, lab., h. w, s. Jefferson, nr. Barber. 

Casey John, lab., bds. Mitcliel, bet. Canal and 
Stewart av. 

Casey John, lab., h. s. s. Mather, nr. Halsted. 

Casey John, porter, Adams House. 

Casey John J., clerk, C. Hogan, bds. S. Hal- 
sted, cor. Mather. 

CASEY JOHN W., com. mer. room 2, 242 S. 

Casey M., tinner, I. C. R. R. machine shop. 

Casey Michael, grave digger. Catholic Ceme- 
tery, bds. w. s. N. Clark, s. North av. 

Casey Michael, fruit dealer, h. 133 Ontarie. 

Casey Michael, lab., h. W. Taylor, nr. Jeffer- 

Casey "M'chael, lab. h. s. s. DeKoven, nr. Beach. 

Casey Michael, planer with Wills & Co., h. 61 
Blue Island av. 

Casey Michael, tinsmith, I. C. R. R., h. e. s. 
State, bet 15th and 16th. 

Casey Morris, R. R. flagman, h. 173 S. Halsted. 

Casey Owen, engineer, h. 212 N. Dearborn. 

Casey Owen, sailor, h. 212 N. Dearborn. 

Casey Patrick, lab., h. DeKoven, bet. Canal 
and Clinton. 

Casey Patrick, ( P. & J. Casey,) h. 79 Monroe. 

Casey Patrick, clothing, h. 79 W. Monroe. 

Casey Patrick, cooper, s e. cor. Joseph and 
JBickory, h. same. 

Casey Patrick, lab., h. n. s. DeKoven, nr. Ca- 

Casey Patrick, saloon, cor. Dearborn and Mad- 
ison, h. same. 

Casey Patrick, shoemaker, 315 S. Desplaiaes, 
h. same. 

Casey Peter, soldier, b. 189 Forquer. 

Casey Samuel, lab., h. 307 S. Desplaines. 

Casey Thomas, dry goods, 141 Blue Island av., 
h. same. 

Casey Thomas, steward. Gage House. 

Casey William, lab., 76 N. Market. 

Casey William, saloon, 299 S. Canal, h. Math- 
er, cor. Halsted. 

Casev P. & J., (Patrick and James,) nawnbro- 
kers, 41 and 43 Wells. 

Cash Kerin, butcher, cor. Wentworth av. and 
27 th. 

Cash Margaret, wid. Peter, h. 481 Wells. 

Cash Patrick, cattle dealer, h. 11 S. Alexan- 

Cashion Mrs., h. r. 137 W. Adams. 

Cashman David A., foreman press room, Tri- 
bune, h. w. 8. Hovne, nr. Madison. 

Cashman Isaac, lab., h. Pine, nr. Pearson. 

Casho John, blacksmith, h. Indiana av. nr. 12th 

Cashwitz George, sailor, h. e. s. Beach, bet. 
Sebor and Mather. 

Casler Richard N., boarding, 183 State. 

Casley Thomas, lab., h. n. s. Ewing, nr. Des- 

Caspar Nicholas, blacksmith, h. w. s. S. Jef- 
ferson, nr. DeKoven. 

Caspar W. G., piano tuuer, h. Hubbard, bet. 
N. Reuben and Paulina. 

Cass Benjamin, boots and shoes, 24 W. Ran- 
dolph, h. same. 

Cass House,(Ebenezer Stevens, propr.,) Canal, 
s e. cor. Mitchel. 

Cass Joseph, fruit dealer, 115 W. Randolph. 

Cass Margaret, wid. Peter, h. 481 S. Wells. 

Cass Mary A., wid. Richard, h. 75 N. Market. 

Cassagrande Bertolomee, (B. Cassagrande & 
Co.,) h. 39 Chicago av. 

Cassagrande B. H., (Bertolomee Cassagrande 
& Loreuz Occello,) saloon, Kingsbury, cor. 

Cassell Charles, printer, h. 148 Illinois. 

Cassell Henry C, baker, h. 291 W. Polk. 

Cassely Patrick, lab., h. 164 Ewing. 

Cassidy Bernard, Lib., h. 147 Forquer. 

Cassidy D. E., (Mohr& Cassidy,) h. s. e. -cor. 
Canal and North. 

Cassidy Edward, lab. h. s. s. Union, nr. Ca 
nalport a v. 

Cassidy Hugh, hack driver, h. Newbury, bet 
12th and Taylor. 

Cassidy James E., marble works, 269 State, 

Casrfidv John, drayman. Shores, Tator & Co. 
h. 260 N. Franklin. 

Cassidy John, flour and feed, 348 S. Jeffjrsoa 
h. 346 S. Jefferson. 

Cassidy John, lab., h. s. s. Archer rd., nr. Jo 

Cassidy MacDonald, plasterer, h. 316 S. Jeffer- 

Cassidy Patrick, Iab.,h. e. s. Union, nr. Clay- 





Cassidv Peter, carpenter, bds. 12 4th av. 

Cassidy Thomas, hvb, 111. Stone Co. 

Cassitt Marietta, wid. of Ranna, bds. 562 W. 

Cassleman Christian, morocco dresser, h. n. 
s. Chicago av., bet. Reuben and Eliza- 
Cassleman Conrad, tanner, h. s. w. cor. Kin- 

zie and Green. 
Castbaum Charles, lab., h. D. s. Labar, nr. 

Castelo James, lab., b, Clybourn av., nr. Haw- 
Casten Alfred, clerk, Rawson, bds. 299 Indiana, 
Castino John, fruit, 307 Clark, h. same. 
Castle Alfred H., bookkeeper, Chicago distil- 
ling Co., 265 Kiiizie, bds. 299 Indiana. 
Castle Charles W., (C. W. Castle & Co.,) h. 

W. Lake, s. w. cor. Paulina. 
Castle Edward H. Col., supervisor of railroads 
U. S. army, h. W. Lake, s. w. cor. Pau- 
CASTLE C. TV. & CO., (Charles W. Castle, 
W. M. Brewer,) wholesale liquor, 155 
Caston Pearce, carpenter, h. Myrick av., nr. 

Hardin pi. 
Castor William H., millwright, h. 53 S May. 
Casty Mary, wid. Edward, h. 4th av., bet 12th 

and 14th. 
Caswell Nelson, mechanic, h. 6 Charles. 
Catani Martin, trapmaker, h. 308 Wells. . 
Cater Jacob S., carpenter, h. Sholto, bet. Tay- 
lor and Polk. 
Cater Joseph, sawyer, h. n. s. Pratt, nr. Plank 

Cathedral of the Holy Name, Wolcott, cor. 

Cather Solon L., clerk, W. Y. Daniels, h. e. 

s. Ann, bet. Lake and Randolph. 
Catholic Journal, 47 LaSalle. 
Catlin Edward, tailor, bds. 22 Hinsdale. 
Catlin David, gardner, h. 339 Wolcott. 
Caton Daniel, lab., h. 27 Hubbard. 
Caton Honora, wid. Michael, h. 394 S. Des- 

Caton Patrick, soldier, h. 296 S. Desplaines. 
Caton Pat^rick, soldier, h. r. 150 W. Polk. 
Caton William, lab., h. Coinmercial, bet. N. 

Clybourn av., and Armitage rd. 
Caugherty William, foreman Munger, Armour 

& Co., bds. Hatch House. 
Caughlin Peter, ship carpenter, h. w. s. Church, 

bet. Archer rd. and bridge. 
Cauley Thomas, lab., h. n. s. Water, bet. 

Green and Bridge. 
Gaulfield William, painter, h. cor. Kingsbury 

and Erie. 
Causick John, lab., h. 53 Wesson. 
Cavanagh Daniel, harnessmaker, bds. 147 N. 

Cavanagh James, tailor, bds. 234 Clark. 
Cavanagh John, cutter Scott, Keen & Co. 
Cavanagh Mary J., dressmaker, 218 Lake. 
Cavan.iugh Micha- 1, harnessmker, 147 N Clark. 
Cavan lugh Sylvester, soldier, h. 71 N. LaSalle. 
Cavanaugb Thomas, sailor, h. 10 Price pi. 
Cavanaugh Charles, foreman stone yard, bds. 
267 Clinton, 

Cavanaugh Bryan, hackdriver; h. n. s. Polk, 

nr. Beach. 
Cavanaugh Daniel, carpenter, h. Taylor, nr. 

Sherman. i 

C.ivaaaugh J., teamster, h. 155 Indiana. 
Cavanaugh James, lab., h. 32 Wolcott. 
Cavanaugh Thomas, h. n. s. De Koven, w. 

Cavanaugh James, shoemaker, h. n. a. Goethe, 

w. N. Wells. 
Cavanna Eugene, upholsterer, Hollister & 

Wilkins, h. 151 State. 
Cavanaa Madame Rosalie laces and embroi- 
dery, 151 State, h. same. 
Caveney James A , barkeeper, bds. 165 State. 
Cavner Dennis, lab., D. W. Jaynes. 
Cech John, lab., h. Front, nr. 2d. 
Cediux Felix, cooper, h. cor. Chicago av. and 

Ceimmerman Henry, harnessmaker, 210 Sher 

man, h. same. 
CeirndofF Henry, shoemaker, 90 N. LaSalle. 
Ceis Orin knifeniaker, h. N. Franklin, nr. Chi- 
cago av. 
Cella Louis, confectioner and fruit dealer, 

215 Clark, h. same. 
Cella Paolo, confectionerv, 278 Clark. 

Hall agt., 160 S. Water. 
Central Skating Park, 375 Michigfin av. 
Cerey Thomas, lab., h. al., r. 43 Hubbard ct. 
Cerf Jacob, physician, h. 306 Clark. 
Chacksfield George, grocer, 242 W. Randolph, 

h. 210 Fulton. 
Chacksfield Mary, wid. Thomas, h. n. s. W. 

Madison, w. Wood. 
Chadsev Benjamin L., barkeeper J. M. Bruns- 
wick & Bro, bds. 285 Clark. 
Chadwick Charles M., passenger agt. M. C. R. 

R., h. Lind's blk. 
Chadwick Charles M., saloon, 161 Dearborn, 
and 261 Randolph, h. Randolph, nr, 
Chadwick David, clerk, bds. 196 N. Carpenter. 
Chadwick J. S., (Rev.,) pastor M. E. Church, 
Sedgwick, bet. Black Hawk and North av. 
Chadwick James S., city missionary, 16 Metho- 
dist Church blk. 
Chadwick Samuel, machinist, h. 425 Canal. 
Chadwick William J., saloon, 197 State, bds. 

State, bet. Jackson and VanBuren. 
Chaffey George, musician, 93 Randolph. 
Chagny John, hackman, h. 19 N. Canal. 
Chalbeck Ephraim, furniture repairer, h. 196 

N. Carpenter. 
Chalifou John, shipcarpenter, h. 2d, e. W. 

Chicago av., nr. river. 
Chalker Summer, salesman, 174 Lake. 
Chalmers Henry, artist, bds. Prescott House. 
Chalmers Thomas, machinist, h. 110 W. 

Chaloner James, lake captain, h. 38 W. In- 
Chamber Martin, switchman, cor, Finnel and 

Chamber William, bookpeddler, h. Tyler, bet. 

Ruckcr and Aberdeen. 
Chamberlain Bayard L., com. mer., bds. 13& 
W. Washington. 





Chamberlain Charles,salesmaii Fedeieiiu Colin 
& Co., h. 126 LaSalle. 

Chamberlain Charles, derk, bds. New York 

Chamberlain Elizabeth, dressmaker, h. 161 "W. 

Chamberlain Harriet, wid. Stearns, h. 83 Aber- 

Chamberlain Henry, (Woodruff k Chamber- 

Chamberlain Henry W., dry goods, 844 State. 

Chamberlain Hubbard, mechanic, h. e. s. 
Biitterfield, bet. 18th and 19th. 

Chamberlin Charles, U. S. A., h. 42 Jefferson. 

Chamberlain J. K., plumber, h. 211 N. Clark. 

Chamberlain Mrs. J. S., h. 191 Kinzie. 

Chamberlain Mrs. Jane A., h. 138 Peoria. 

Chamberlain Laura, h. 267 W. Madison, 

Chamberlain Mrs. Mary, wid. David, boarding, 
100 Monroe. 

Chamberlain Mary E., eating saloon, Milwau- 
kee depot, N. Canal, cor. W. Kinzie, h. 
42 S. Jefferson. 

Chambers Archibald E,., express" messenger, 
bds. 15 William. 

Chambers Bennett B., broker, 121 Lake, h. 95 
Indiana av. 

Chambers Beverly R., h. 201 W. Madison. 

Chambers George E., builder, h. n. s. Whit- 
ing, nr. the lake. 

Chambers George A., cleik C. S. Dole k Co., 
bds. 95 Lidiana av. 

Chambers Jerome B., auctioneer, h. 201 W. 

Chambers John, sailor, h. 289 S. Jefferson. 

Chambers Joseph R., lab. h. 401 N. Market. 

Chambers Joseph T., (Chambers & Regan,) h, 
196 Clark. 

Chambers Joseph F., plumber, h. 15 William. 

Chambers Herbert 0., bookkeeper Jesup, Ken- 
nedy & Co., bds. 75 3d iv. 

Chambers Robert M., h. 15 Williams. 

Chambers William, sailor, h. 169 Market. 

Chambers & Regan, (Joseph T. Chambers and 
Lawrence Regan,) sign painters, 116 

Chambler J. M., painter, 189 W. Kinzie. 

Champion Henry C, (McCuUough, Champion 
& Co.,) bds. Tremont House. 

Champlin De Los W., clerk J. B. Champlin, 
bds. 190 N. Dearborn. 

Champlin De Witt C, produce dealer, bds. 
Foster House, 

Champlin George W., grain dealer, 205 and 
207 Kinzie, bds. Foster House. 

CHAMPLIN JEROME B., general com. mer. 
205 and 207 Kinzie, h. 190 N. Dearborn. 

Champlin Robert A., saloon and horse dealer, 
236 Clark, h. 8 3d av. 

Champlin Staats F., clerk Leonard & Jenni- 

Champion William W., liquor whol.,, 282 Mad- 
ison, bds. Button's Hotel. 
Chancey Joseph, lab. h. Coolidge, bet. Rucker 

and Throop. 
Channon Henrv, sailor, h. 80 Halsted. 
Chandler Albert F., clerk S. S. Williamson & 

Co., bds. 113 Michigan av. 
Chandler Alvah, carpenter, h. 41 Chicago av. 

Chandler Charles R., (C. R. Chandler & Co.,) 

h. s. s. Fulton, bet. Peck & Sheldon. 
Chandler Ellen, teacher, h. 114 Chicago av. 
Chandler Elwin, carpenter, h. 41 Chicago av. 
Chandler Francis, clerk C. & R. I. R. R., bds. 

Chandler Frank, scale repairer, 172 Lake. 
Chandler Frank R., paving teller S. Sturges 

& Sons, h. 560 W. Lake. 
Chandler Henry, boatman, h. 191 S. Jefferson. 
Chandler Henry B., Chicago Times, h. 88 S. 

Chandler Horace, scale repairer, 172 Lake. 
Chandler John, lab. C. H. McCormick & 

Chandler John McGlashen, waiter Adams 

Chandler 0. W., salesman A. H. Miller. 
Chandler Peyton R., commercial broker, 6 

McCormick's bldg., h. 560 W. Lake. 
Chandler Timothy E., supt.'s clerk C. & N. 

W. R. W., h."lS2 Ontario. 
Chandler Victor L. L., (Bond k Chandler,) 

bds. 229 Ohio. 
Chandler 0. R. & Co., (Charles R. Chandler 

and Thomas B. King,) com. mer., 274 S, 

Chant Henry W., 122 Lake, h. 366 W. Lake, 

cor. Ann. 
Chapel Joseph, lab. h. n. s. Bunker, nr. Jeffer- 
Chapel Peter A., teamster, h. «. s. Dearborn, 

bet. ISth and 19th. 
Chapin Amasa, (A. & R. Chapin,) h. 253 Illi. 

Chapin Eber J., (Chapin, Marsh & Foss,) h 

274 Michigan av. 
Chapin Henry C, bookkeeper N. White, bds. 

15 Randolph. 
Chapin John P., com. freighting, 4 Pardee's 

Ijldg., h. 15 Randolph. 
Chapin Lyman R., carpenter, h. 353 W. Jack- 
Chapin Newton, contractor and bridge builder, 

86 Dearborn, bds. 12th, s. w. cor. State. 
Chapin Rufus, bootmaker, h. 41 Pine. 
Chapin Ulysse, jeweler, 59 W. Kinzie. 
Chapin Volney, (Jones, Chapin & Co.,) h. 

Ann Arbor. Mich, 
Chapin Volney jr., (Jones, Chapin & Co.,) h. 

e. s. Wabash av., nr. ISth, 
Chapin, Marsh & Foss, (Eber J. Chapin, Alex- 

andey Marsh, Samuel T. Foss,) lumber, 

S. Canal, cor. W. Van Buren. 
Chapman Almira, wid. Allen, h. 148 W. Lake. 
Chapman Albert F., machinist, h. 176 N. 

Chapman C. D., agt, bds. cor. Linden and 

Chapman, Dennis, grain iusp.. Board of Trade, 

h. 73 Pine. 
Chapman Earl H., soldier, h. 805 State. 
Chapman Edward, brushmaker, 42 Wells, h. 

24 W. Quincy. 
Chapman Foster M., h. cor. Linden and Hul- 
Chapman Fredrick A., h 536 Wabash av. 
Chapman George, bds. 303 Wolcott. 
Chapman George C, with J. L. Chapman, bds. 
10 Rusli. 


HALPIX & bailey's 


Chapman Harvey H., clerk, Hawkins & Chap- 
man, bds. Tremont House. 

Chapman Henry, trav. agt., bds. 10 Aberdeen. 

Chapman Horatio Wilson, watchman, e. s. 
Mary, nr. Archer rd. 

Chapman Isaac, foreman, -cattle barns, h. 
North av., nr. bridge. 

Chapman James G-., w. s. Oakle^, nr. Lake. 

Chapman James L., hide dealer, 22 River,^ h. 
10 Rush. 

Chapman Jerome M., purchasing and com. agt, 
84 Lake, bds. 338 W. Lake. 

Chapman Jesse, tailor, h. Maple, nr. X. La- 

Chapman John E., (Hawkins & Chapman,) bds. 
Tremont House. 

Chapman Leander R, h. 278 State. 

Chapman Milton, machinist, bds Y6 W. Madi- 

Chapman Orville D., (Vaughan & Co.,) bds. 
240 Lake. 

CHAPMAN S. W., gen. freight agt., C. & C. 
A. L. R. R., Dearborn, cor. Randolph, 
h. 74 Sangamon. 

Chapman Stephen S., engineer, C. & R. L R. 
R., h. 272 4th av. 

Chapman Sydney, 803 Hubbard. 

Chapman T. M., custom feed mill and grain 
dryer, 265 N. Water. 

Chapoton Augustus B., (Sproule & Chapoton,) 
h. 266 Wabash av. 

Chappel Delos N., ginger pop., 14.5 Adams, h. 

Chappell Richard W., agt., h. 170 4th av. 

Chappel William, police, h. 178 W. Lake. 

Chapror Vincent, gardener, h. s. s. W. Madi- 
son, s. w. cor. Wood. 

Charity Dispensary, s. e. cor. Dearborn and 

Chai'less Andrew, dry goods, 82 Blue L av. 

Charleston Charle.«, grocer, 206 N. Clark. 

Charleston Charles W.. clerk, Charles Char- 
leston, bds. 206 N. Clark. 

Charlesworth John, boilermaker, h. 102 Clin- 

Charlett Thomas, clerk, h. 229 W. Lake. 

Charlett Anthony, clerk, bds. 313 State. 

Cbarlson John Gottfreid, fire department, bds. 
106 Indiana. 

Charlton Henry T., salesman, bds. 223 Rush. 

Charlton William, machinist, h. 7 Hill. 

ford, B. W. Phillips & Co.. agts., Clark, 
n. e. c. Lake. {See advt.) 

Chartres Charles A. L., lab., h. 112 Adams. 

CHASE B. F., painting and paper hanging, 
109 Randolph, h. 73 Van Buren. 

Chase Charles C, chief clerk, city comptro- 
ler's office, h. n. s. W. Washington, nr. 

Chase Charles E., (Gibson & Chase,) h. 54 
S. Curtis. 

Chase David F., (Howard & Chase,) bds. Me- 
tropolitan Hote', 

Chase Edward C, student, bds. cor, Monroe 
and S. Morgan. 

Chase Frank B., student, bds. cor. Monroe 
and S. Morgan. 

Chase George N., bds.. 229 Indiana. 

Chase George S., printer, bds. 236 Madison. 

Chase Horace G., (Rees, Chase & Co.,) bds, 

401 W. Lake. 
Chase Hiram M., (Chase & Munson,) h. 147 

W. Washington. 
Chase J. J., collecting clerk, h. 58 North 

Chase Mary, wid. George, millinery, 266^ 

Chase Orin P., (0. P. Chase & Co.,) h. 

Lake View. 
Chase Wilson W., carpenter Goss & Phillips, 

h. 251 4th av. 
CHASE BROTHERS, (Samuel B. and Horace 

G. Chase,) (successors to Rees, Chase <fc 

Co.,) conveyancers, 46 LaSalle, 
CHASE & MUNSON, (Hiram M. Chase, Hen- 
ry S. Munson,) attorneys, 102 Washing- 
Chase 0. P. & Co., (Orin P. Chase,) tack 

mnfrs. 15 N. Canal. 
Chatfield John, boarding, 48 Van Buren. 
Chatfield A., engineer, bds. 125 Michigan; 
Chatterton Leonard, carpenter and builder, h. 

19 S. Green, 
Chatterton William A., printer, h. 19 S. 

Chauncey Orange, h. 274 S. Clinton. 

Chauncey , clerk, bds. 285 Clark. 

Chavers George, (col'd.,) porter G. C. Cook & 

Co., h. 510 State. 
Chavett Franklin, physician, office and h. 118 

W, Van Buren. 
Chawm Thomas, bds. Uhlich's Hotel. 
Cheal Thomas, saddler, h. r. 162 S. Des 

Cheder John, woodsawer, h. 46 Harrison. 
Cheeler David, lab., h. cor. Arnold and 20th. 
Cheeney AVilliam. IL, carpenter, bds. Gage 

Cheever Simon, teamster, h. cor. Jackson and 

Cheffer Felix, stonecutter, h. r. 178 Ohio. 
Cheffer Louis, stonecutter, h. r. 178 Ohio. 
Chemye Joseph, dry goods, 97 Blue Island 


Cheney , bookkeeper, bds. 146 Madison. 

Cheney Charles Edward (Rev.,) rector Christ 

church, bds. 60 Jackson. 
Cheney Cyrus F., moulder, h. 52 W. Jackson. 
Cheney George, waiter, 79 Dearborn. 
Cheney John S., paper hanger, h. 47 N. Clark. 
Cheney Lucien P., (Cheney & Shumway,) h. 

105 S. Sangamon. 
Cheney Mary B., bds. 166 S. Jefferson. 
Cheney Wm. H., bookkeeper, R. R. Landon, 

bds. 100 Madison. 
Cheney & Shumway, (Lucien P. Cheney, and 

Charles W. Shumway,) physicians, 59 W. 

Cherbons Joseph, blacksmith, h. 54 3rd. 
Cherrie Robert M., with Walter & Rogers^ 

bds. 12 N. Carpenter. 
Cherry Alexander, h. 203 Van Buren. 
Cherry Henrie,. salesman, h. 12 N. Car- 
Cheshrough Ellis S., citv engineer Public 

Works, office, 15 Court House, h. 817 N. 

La Salle. 
Cheshire Anne, wid. William, dry goods, 5S1 

S. Canal, h. same. 




Chessman Charles F., bds. 562 W. Lake. 
Chester Henry W., baker, 85 State, h. same. 
Chester Richard, lampmaker, 37 Franklin, h. 

Chevot Charles, lab., C. H. McCormick & 

Chenvin William, bootmaker, h. Sampson, 

bet. Throop and Loomis. 
Chicago Academy, 218 Wabash av. 
Chicago Academy of Medical Science, 95 

Chicago Academy of Sciences, museum rooms, 

s. e. c. Lake and Clark. 

and building at Cleaverville, office No. 5 

Loomis' bldg. 
Chicago Arbeiter Halle, 56 Wells. 
Chicago Assay office, 187 Lake. 
Chicago Bank Note List office, 24 Clark. 
Chicago Blaetter, 47 Li Salle. 
MISSION, 66 Madison. 

194 S. Water. 
Chicago, B. k Q. R. R. freight depot, cor. Ca- 
nal and Nor h, office foot of Lake, op. I. 

C. R. R. depot. 
Chicago, B. & Q. R. R. Grain Elevator, S. 

Branch, nr. R. R. bridge. 
Chicago Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary, 

Ewing's blk., cor. Clark and N. Water. 
Chicago Chess Club, rooms Portland blk. 
Chicago City Dispensary, Lind's blk., Market, 

bet. Lake and Randolph. 
Chicago City Hospital, cor. Lake and 18th. 
Chicago City Railway Co. office, 67 and 69 

Chicago College of Pharmacy, 18 Rice's bldg. 
CHICAGO DAILY POST, 82 Dearborn, {See 

Chicago Distillery Co., office 365 Kinzie. 
CHICAGO DIRECTORY, office 130 Clark, up 


Dearborn, {See advt.) 
Chicago Firemen's Insurance Co., 128 Lake. 
Chicago Gas Light and Coke Co., office 40 

Dearborn, works, Monroe apd Market. 
Chicago Gruettli Associ'tion, 164 Lake. 

Wells, office 45 Wabash av. 
Chicago High School, Monroe, bet. Halsted 

and Desplaines. 
Chicago Historical Society Library, 111 Kinzie, 

cor. N. Wells. 
Chicago Insurance and Railway Register, 7 

Masonic Temple. 
Chicago Iron Works, 84 to 92 Franklin. 
Chicago Law Institute, rooms 3d floor Court 

Chicago Lead and Oil Works, E. W. Blatch- 

ford, propr., N. Clinton, cor. Fulton. 
Chicago Ice Company, 8 Custom House pi. 
Chicago InSrmarv and Healing Institute, 

LEWIS BASCOM & CO., proprs., 139 S. 

Rucker, cor. W. Van Buren, {See advt.) 
CHICAGO MA.RBLE CO., cor. State and 

Chicago Mechancs Listitute, 77 and 79 Dear- 

Chicago Mechanical Bakery, Henry C. Childs, 
supt., N. Clinton, bet. Rindnlph and Lake. 

Chicago Medical Ezaminer, office cor. State 
and Monroe. 

Chicago Medical Journal, office 45 Clark. 

Chicago Medical Society, 95 Wiisliington. 

fice 130 Clark. 

CHICAGO MILLS, (Gage & Heartt,) 56 and 
58 S. Water. 

Chicago Musical Union, 3d floor Methodist 
Church blk. 

Chicago Mutual Life Insurance Co., 128 Lake. 

Chicago and Milwaukee R. R. Co., office Lake, 
s e. cor. Clark, depot N. Branch, u w. cor. 
Kinzie, round house 3d, cor. Union. 

Chicago & North Western Riilway Offices, 3d 
story Exchange Bank bldg. 

Chicago & Rock Island Railroad, general of- 
fices. Dearborn, s w. cor. Lake. 

Chicago Audubon Club, Link's blk. 

Chicago, Milwaukee, Sheboygan and Two Riv- 
ers Steamboat Line, office 6 and 8 River. 

Chicago, New York and Boston Fast Freight 
Line, office 7 Tremont bik, Dearborn. 

Chicago Nursery or Half Orphan Asylum, 297 

Chicago Orphan Asylum, Michigan av. s. Ran- 
dolph pi. 

CHICAGO PLATING CO , (J. B. Storey and 
John H. Farwell,) 94 Washington. 

CHICAGO POST OFFICE, cor. Eearborn and 

Chicago Rock Oil Refining Co., (Lewis, Page 
& Co.,) office 103 S. Wa'er. 

CHICAGO SCALE CO., Canal, cor. Washing- 
ton, A. J. Burbank, supt., office, 206 Lake. 

Chicago Seminary for Young Ladies, w. s. Cass, 
bet. Ohio and Ontario. , 


Chicago Steam Boiler Works, (Roissig & Co., 
proprs.,) W. Jackson, nr. Riv( r. 

Chicago Steam Engine Works, Christian S. 
Engle, agt., W. Polk, cor. Beach. 

Chicago Steam Sugar Refinery, N. Water, e. of 

Chicago Society of the New Jerusalem, Swe- 
denborgian, Adams, bet. Wabash and 
Michigan av. 

Chicago, St. Joseph and Kalamazoo Trans. 
Line, office 242 S. Water. 

Chicago Stave Works, r. 498 and 500 State. 

Chicago Tanning Co., Bridgepori, office 231 
Lake. * ' 

Chicago Theological Seminary, ITnion pk. 

CHICAGO TIMES, 74 Randolph. 

Chicago Tribune Co., 51 Clark. 

agt., 90 Washington, {See a/hip GG.) 

Chicago Typographical Union meets in Larmon 

CHICAGO UNION, daily and weekly German 
paper, 233 Randolph. 

Robinson, agt., 234 Lake, {See advt.) 

Chicago Water Works, bet. Chicago av. and 
Pearson, next to the lake. 





Chicago, "Waukejran & Grand ITaven steamboat 

line, 6 and 8 River. 
Cliicago & Grand Iviipids propeller line, office 
W, Water, s. of Randolph st. bridge. 

Chicago & Green Bay steamboat line, office 
6 & 8 River. 

Chicago & Milwaukee Passenger Depot, N.Ca- 
nal, cor. W. Kinzie. 

Chicago & Muskegon propeller line, N. Branch, 
foot of Indiana. 

senger and Freigiit Depot, Kinzie, cor.W. 
Water, generiil office. Exchange Bank 
bldg., 3d floor. 

Chicago & Port Sarnia propeller line, office 6 
and 8 River. 

Chicago & Rock Inland R. R. Co., office in 
Dickev's bldg. 

office Masonic Temple, 85 Dearborn, {See 
cidvt back cord fill leaf.) 

Chickering John W., lawyer, 6 Masonic Tem- 
ple, bds. 296 Chicago av. 

Chidester William, bds. 152 Madison. 

Chief Engineer Fire Department, office Long 
John Engine House, La Salle. 

Chift' Abraham, com. mer., h. IVl 3d av. 

Chilcote Greenbury G., constable and collec- 
tor, h. cor. Franklhi and Washington. 

Child Albert A. , grocer, h. 224 W. Monroe. 

Children's Nursery and Daily Home, 184 Ohio. 

Childs Charles, lake capt., b. 13 Price pi. 

Childs Eugene, grocer, 82 and 84 W. Madison, 
h. 304 W. Madison. 

Childs George T., stencil cutter, with S. D. 
Childs, h. Green Bay, cor. Dyer. 

Childs Henry, butcher, h. cor. Ontario and N. 

Childs Orson C, h. 326 W. Madison. 

Childs Shubael D., engraver, 117 Randolph, h. 
Green Bay rd. s w. cor. Dyer. 

Childs Shubael D., jun., engraver, 117^ Ran- 
dolph, h. 216 Superior. 

Childs W. H.. jun., clerk, h. 18 S. Clinton. 

CHILSON CHARLES F., lawyer, 48 Clark, 
bds. 125 Wells. 

Chilson Charles N., machinist, h. 198 Fulton. 

Chilvers William, lab., h. Miller, bet. Tavlor 
and Polk. 

Chiperowsky Maximilian, patternmaker, h. 
124 Ohio. 

Chipn John, butcher, h. 287 W. Polk. 

Chirle Frediick, carpenter, bds. 471 State. 

CHITTENDEN GEORGE R., agt. Wheeler & 
Wilson's Sewing Machines, 106 Lake, h. 
410 Wabaii av, {Sm cidvt front cover.) 

Chivers John, lab., T. C. Smith & Co. 

Chivers Stephen, blacksmith, h. 46 N. Dear- 

Chivill Albert, finisher, bds. e. s. Sedgwick, s. 
North av. 

Chivill George, machinist, bds. e. 8. Sedgwick, 
s. North av. 

Chivill John, tinner, bds. e. 9. Sedgwick, s. 
North av. 

Chivill Mis. Mary, h. e. s. Sedgwick s. 
North av. 

Choate J., engineer, I. C. R. R. 

Chorcher Augustus, machinist, h. 151 W. 

Chorcher William, machinist, h. 151 W. Wash- 

Chowan Charles, lab., C. H. McCormick & 

Chriften Ludwich, tailor, h. George, nr. Els- 
ton rd. 

Chrimos John J., tailor cutter, 113 Lake, h. e. 
s. Clark, bet. 18th and 19th. 

Christ Adam J., carpenter, h. 89 Wells. 

Christ Church, Episcopal, Carville. 

Christenson John, lab., 75 Bremer. 

Christensen Soren, sbipcarpenter, bds. 199 N. 

Christian , lab., h. c. 26th and Dyer av. 

Christian Brothers Convent, 12 S. Desplaiues. 

Christian Ch".rch, n. s. W. Monroe. 

Christian Frank, saloon, 349 Wells, h. same. 

Christian D. W., 51st reg. 111. vols., inf., h. 40 

Christian G. H., bookkeeper, bde. 73 Pine. 

Christian John, carpenter, h. 150 Sangamon. 

CHRISTIAN TIMES office 51 LaSalle,(Ghurch 
& Goodman, props.) 

Christie David R., lab., h. 151 N. MArket. 

Ciiristie Thomas, cartender, h. 61 Water. 

Chrir^tman Nicholas, soldier, h. Kinzie, bet. 
May and Ann. 

Christopher Alice, wid. Abner, h. r. 18 Sher- 

Christopherson Mrs. Emily, N. Hubbard, e. of 

Christopher Willis R., tailor, h. 373 N. Wells. 

Christophson M., tailor, h. 29 Bremer av. 

Christy Thomas, saloon, 13 N. Wells, bds. 
Farmers' Hotel. 

Chroeder H., lab. Pearson, Avery & Co. 

Chuebert Frank, carpenter, bds. Stewart av., 
bet. Mitchel and Barber. 

Chultz Charles, lab., h. r. 182 Griswold. 

Church of the Ascension, Episcopal, Oak, cor. 

Church Alonzo W., (Church & Lindley,) h. 
126 Rush. 

Church Benjamin, grocer, 272|- W. Randolph. 

Church Charles, jeweler, h. 202 Michigan. 

Church Charles H., watchmaker, n. 203 Michi- 

Church Charles, W., (G. & C. W. Church,) 
h. 213 Wabash av. 

Church George, h. 602 Wabash av. 

Church George, jr., (G. & C. W. Church,) bds. 
213 Wabash av 

Church Henry W., bookkeeper, Waud& Sack- 
ett, bds. Clifton House. 

Church James E., clerk C. & R. L R. R.,h. %9 

Church John G., h. cor. Fulton and Leavitt. 

Church John E., clerk, 69 Judd. 

Church Leroy, (Church & Goodman,) h. 602 
Wabash av. 

Church Luther W., patternmaker, h. 143 Blue 
Island, av. 

Church Larom, night clerk, Sam. Patrick's 

Church of the Immaculate Concept/on, Catho- 
lic, N. Franklin, cor. Schiller 

Church of the Holy Communioy, Episcopal, 
cor. Wabash av. and Randolph. 

Church of the Holy Family, W. Twelfth, n. e. 
cor. May. 





Church Silas C, flour and feed, 175 Blue I. av. 
Church Susan E., teacher, Foster School, bds. 

110 Chirkr 
Church Thomas, pres. Firemen's Ins. Co., h. 

149 Wabash av. 
Church William L., clerk Circuit Court, h. 610 

Wabash av. 
Church G. & C. W., (George jr., and Charles 

W. Church,) whol. grocers, 41 S. Water. 

Church. Edward Goodman and Charles 

H. Cusliins:!,) printers, 51 and 53 LaSalle. 
CHURCH & GOODMAN, (Leroy Church and 

Edward Goodman,) publishers and book- 
sellers, 51 LaSalle. 
Church & Liiidley, (Alonzo W. Church and 

James J. Lindley,) attorneys, 10 Masonic 

Churchill Absalom, farmer, h. 272 N. Wells. 
Churchill Jesse, lab , h. 33 W. Washington. 
Churchill Sophia, wid. John, bds. 169 4th av. 
Churchill Worthy L., traveler, George, Dudley 

& Turemau. 
Chnrchwell Lucy, ladies' hair drct^ser, h. 119 

4th av. 
Churchwell Matthew, (col'd,) cook, h. 119 4th 

Churchwood John E., police, 91 Prairie. 
Cidt Louis, cabinetmaker, h. 249 Milwaukee av. 
Cigrang Jacob, salesman, 32 Lake, bds. City 

Cilkin Patrick, lab., h. Second, nr. the river. 

office Randolph, cor. Dearborn. (See 

advt. cord, froat page). 
CITIZEN'S FIRE INS. CO., of New York, 

Miller & Wilmarth, agts., 150 S. Water. 

(See add. page). 
Citridge George, conductor street cars, bds. 51 

4th av. 
City Armory, Adams, s. w. cor. Franklin. 
City Attorney's office, 48 Clark. 
City Bridewell, Wells, cor. Polk. 
City Clerk's office, room 1 Court House. 
City Collector's office, room 14 Court House. 
City Comptroller's office, room 1 Court House. 
City Counsel's office, Court House. 
City Hospital, w. s. Arnold, bet. Old and Cross. 
City Hotel, Richard Somers, prop.. Lake, s. e. 

cor. State. 
City Mills, D. Jerome, agt., W. Kinzie, bet. N. 

Desplaines and Jefferson. 
City Mission and Church Home, Protestant 

Episcopal, cor. Indiana and Franklin. 
City Surveyor's office, room 2 Court House. 
City Treasurer's office, room 2 Court House. 
Cladding Charles, mason, h. 34 Hickory. 
Clafiin Alexander, cooper, h. Foiquer, bet. 

Halsted and Blue* Island av. 
Claflin Isaac, (Claflin & Fav,) h. 185 4th av. 
Clafiin & Fay, (Isaac Claflin and J. Edwards 

Fay,) lawvers, 63 Clark. 
Clagett Alfred Y., jr., clerk, C. S. Dole & Co., 

bds. 34 Washington. 
Clague John E., carpenter, bds. 104 W. Wash- 
Clahane John, stonecutter, h. 209 Jackson. 
Clair James, saloon, 280 Wells. 
Clair John, blacksmith, Sycamore, nr. Went- 


Clancey Bridget, wid. Martin, h. n. s. W. Har- 
rison, w. Robey. 

Clancey Cornelius, bds. s. s. Walnut, bet. 
Wood and Paulina. 

Clancey Daniel, drayman, h. 3.3 S. Union. 

Clancey Dennis, conductor, h. s. s. Walnut, 
bet. Wood and Paulina. 

Clancey Matthew C, pawnbroker, 178 Ran- 
dolph, h. same. 

Clancey Patrick, lab., h. s. s. DeKoven, nr. 

Clancey Thomas, h. 34 Mather. 

Clancey William, teamsti^r, bds. s. s. Walnut, 
bet. Wood and Paulina. 

Clancy Cornelius C, soloon, s. s. W. Madison, 
cor. Plank rd., h. same. 

Clancy Daniel, lab., b. Twtlftb, bet. Morgan 
and Waller. 

Clancy George, cabinetrakr., b. 103 N. Car- 

Clancy Mark B., h. 79 Van Euren. 

Clancy Patrick, drayman, h. n. s. Charles, bet. 
Wells and Franklin. 

Clancy Patrick, lab., h. n. s. Smith, nr. Park. 

Clancy Thomas, clothing, n. e. cor. S. Canal 
and Wright. 

Clankor Charles, cabinetmkr., h. 136 N.Wells. 

Clausing Auguste, locksmith, h. Division, bet. 
N. Clark and Wokott. 

Clapier John, tailor, h. 231 N. Clark. 

Clapp C. H., lab., h. 109 Wells. 

Clapp James, lawyer, h. 95 Pine. 

Clapp Nicholas D., banker, n. w. cor. Lake 
and Clark, h. 95 Pine. 

Clapp Ozro W., (0. W. Clapp & Co.,) h. 15 

CLAPP 0. W. & CO., (Ozro W. Clapp and — 
— '■ — ,) com. mers. and salt dealers, 20 S. 

Clappard Frank, machinist, I. C. R.R. Machine 

Clarborne James, clerk. North Market, h. 250 

Clarendon House, 232 Randolph. 

Clarendon James, tailor, h. 207 N. Clark. 

Clarey James, h. s. w. cor Church and Bridge. 

Clark , bds. 334 Indiana. 

Clark , clerk. Ransom &, Co., bds. 64 

Wabash av. 

Clark A. M., mnfr. gents' collars, &c., 13 
State, up stairs, h. Johnstown, N. Y. 

Clark Aaron B., carriagenikr., Shelton & Tut- 
tle, bds. LaSalle, cor. Madison. 

Clark Abraham H., me.-senger, American Ex- 
press Co. 

Clark Abraham H., agt., 3 McCorraick's bldg. 

Clark Albert, elerk, J. B. Lyon, bds. S. 

Clark Alexander, chairmaker, h. n. s. Front, 
bet. Elizabeth and Rucker. 

Clark Alexander, machinist, h. Hubbard, bet. 
Desplaines and Halsted. 

Clark Allen, carpenter, h. 9 S. Rucker. 
Clark Augustus B., bookkeeper, W.W. Strong, 

h. 183 Fulton. 
Clark Austin, clerk, bds. 312 State. 
Clark Benjamin F., bookkeeper, h. 89 W. Har- 
Clark Burton E., (Hart, Asten & Co.,) h. New- 
York city. 





Clark Charles, wcighman, ena Elevator, 
bds. Lake Ilouse. 

Clark Charles, clerk, 29'? L la. 

Clark Charles C, police, h. ; W. Randolph. 

Clark Charles F., cleik Joh )iill & Co., bds. 
Metropolitan Hotel. 

Clark Charles G., fireman, 1:. 1 18 ST. Green. 

Clark Charles H., carpeut- i- nd builder, h. 
18 W. QuincT. 

Clark Charles M,, livery anu un.irding stables, 
159 Dearborn, h. same 

Clark Cvrus A., messenger ^ m. Ex. Co. 

Clark David W., builder, h. l:; S. Union. 

Clark David "W., jr., bookkr.per N. Snow, 
bds. 13 Union. 

Clark E. Mrs., h, 183 Fultoi: 

Clark E. G., clerk C. & C. A. L. R. R. freight 
depot, bds. 17 Deiirhom. 

Clark Edward, carpenter, o4o Wells. 

Clark Edward D., clerk Am. Express Co., 
bds. e. s. Michigan a v. bet, 16th and 
18 th. 

Clark Edward Piatt, agt, h. 144 Washington. 

Clark Eugene D., bds. 82 Micln^fan av. 

Clark Frank, bookkeeper, h. Harrison, bet. 
Canal and Clinton. 

Clark Frank C, weighman C. B. & Q. R. R. 

Clark Frederick A., h. 221 N. LaSalle. 

Clark George, ostler, bds. D m mw House. 

Clark George, machinist, li. :i44 Ohio. 

Clark George H., (col'd,) bui ber with W. A. 

Clark George H., (Clark & \U-.xn,) h. cor. Cot- 
tage Grove and Calumi-t ;iv. 

Clark George W. S., bnnkki eper, bds. s. s. 
W. Washington, w. W. o I. 

Clark H., waich mnfr., Douglas pi. nr. Stew- 
art av. 

CLARK H. E. A., boxmnker, 344 Wells, h. 
343 Wells. 

Clark H. K, watch mnfr., bd-;. e. s. Prairie 
av., bet. 24th and 25tli. 

Clark Henian, drover, bds. Avi-rj House. 

Clark Henry, clerk G. E. Staii'ton, h. 20 N. 

Clark Henry, engineer, h. n. s. Wright, bet. 
Canal and Stewart av. 

Clark Henry, machinist, h. 97 8d. 

Clark Henry A., lawyer, h. 13 Adam. 

Clark Henry C, clerk, h. 22 N. Green. 

Clark Heury 0., (Harvey, Cl.rk & Co.) 5 Par- 
dee's bldg. 

Clark Horace'E., clerk, b. 853 State. 

Clark Hubbard, watch mnfr., h. e. s. Prairie 
av., bet. 24t.h and 2.5tli. 

Clark Hugh, drayman, h. e, s. St. Clair, bet. 
Hlinois and Indiana. 

Clark Hugh G., sailmaker, h. e. s. Rose, bet. 
Chicago av. and Cornell. 

Clark J., blacksmith, h. 117 Illinois. 

Clark J. A., moulder J. Letz 

Clark J. H., clerk Matteson House. 

Clark J. H., messenger U. S. Ex. Co; 

Clark J. L., clerk, h. 249 N. W. lis. 

Clark J.imes, baggage master, bds. 80 S. Jef- 

Clark James, carpenter, bds. Waverly House. 

Clark James, lali., h. s. s. Illinois, e. St. Clair. 
Clark James, second hand furniture, h. 18 S. 

Claik James B., druggist, h. n. s. W. Wash- 
ington, e. Western av. 
Clark James H., salesman W. B. Fowler, h. 

18 Jefferson. 
Clark James N., shipbuilder, h. 49 4th. 
Clark James P., clerk, 119 Clark, bds. 57 S. 

Clark James W., carpenter, bds. Waverley 

Clark Jane P., carpet weaver, bds. 35 Peoria. 
Clark J. Barlow, bookkeeper Emerson & 

Thomas, h. W. Washington, nr. Oakley. 
Clark Jonathan, builder, h. 258 S. Jefferson. 
Clark John, (John Clark & Son,) h. 117 Illi- 
Clark John, (Clark & Winslow,) h. Marengo. 
Clark John, boilermaker, h. 196 S. Desplaines. 
Clark John, coopei-, h. n. s. Mitchel, nr, Hal- 

Clark John, engineer AValker, Bronson & 

Clark John, engineer, h. s. s. Front, bet. 

Elizabeth and Rucker. 
Clark John, painter, h. Hastings, nr. Loomis. 
Clark John, painter, bds. Waverlv House, 
Clark John, saloon, 399 W. Polkj h. same, 
Clark Johu, tailor, 399 W. Polk. 
Clark John, teamster, h. 110 W. Adams. 
Clark John L., h. 208 Michigan av. 
Clark John S., physician, h."333 N. Wells. 
Clark Jonathan, carpenter, 258 S. Jefferson, 

h. same. 
Clark Joseph, clerk, C. & R. L R. R., bds. 209 

4th av. 
Clark Julius H., express messenger, bds. 118 

Clark Leverett H., chief engineer, I. C. R. R. 

bds. Adams House. 
Clark Leander, drover, h. w. s. Dearborn, bet. 

21st and 22nd. 
Clark Lewis, whitewasher, h. r. 274 State. 
Clark Lincoln, (Clark, Cornell & Norton,) b. 

e. s. Green Bay rd., nr. Dyer. 
Clark Lincoln E., clerk, G. & C. U. R. R., h. 

K Clark, nr. Centre. 
Clark Lucian D., physician, bds. 312 State. 
Clark Mathias, salesman, Kraefft & Co., h. N. 

Market nr. Illinois. 
Clark Marvin C, conductor, R. I. R. R., bds, 

Prescott House. 
Clark Mary, 112 N. Wells. 
Clark Mary, wid. George, washerwoman, h. r. 

193 Van Buren. 
Clark Michael, lab., h. 56 Judd. 
Clark Michael, soldier, h. 172 W. Polk, 
Clark Michael, teamster, h. 164 N. Dearborn, 
Clark P. C, tailor, h. 265 Clark. 
Clark Patrick, lab., h. 252 Wolcott, 
Clark Patrick, machinist, h, 33 4th. 
Clark Parick C, h. alley, r. 153 Wells, 
Clark Philip, lab., h. Norton, bet. Rucker and 

Clark Richard, alderman, h. 378 W. Polk. 
Clark Richard, constable, h. n. e. cor. S. Hal- 

sted and 14th. 
Clark R. Martelle, piano tuner, Root & Cady, 

bds. 97 Washington. 





Clark Robert, (John Clark & Son,) h. 99 Erie. 

Clark Robert, carpenter, h. w. s. Sedgwick,nr. 
Little Fort rd. 

Clark Robert, clerk, 91 S. Water, bds. Front, 
nr. Elizabeth. 

Clark Robert, machinist, 99 Erie. 

Clark Robert G., h. e. s. Michigan av. bet. 
16th and 18th. ■ 

Clark Seymour, brakesman, M. S. & X. I. R. 
R., bds. I'rescott House. 

Clark Sophronia P., wid. William, h. 1 Wa- 
bansia av. 

Clark Street M. E. Church, Methodist Church 
blk., cor. Washington and Clark. 

Clark Sylvester A., steward, Jervis House, h. 
32 Sherman. 

Clark T. D. Mrs., h. 198 av. 

Clark Thomas, carpenter, h. 12*7 W. Harrison. 

Clark Thomas, sailor, h. 14th, nr. cor. Clark. 

Clark Thomas A., physician, 134 S. DesPlaines. 

Clark Thomas H., carpenter, h." r. 331 S. Des- 

Clark Thomas J., h. 851 State. 

Clark Thomas R., wood and coal, W. Charles, 
nr. Van Buren Bridge, h. Lake Forest. 

Clark Timothy D., h. 198 Wabash av, 

CLARK WATSON, tin roofer and general job- 
ber, 143 Lake, h. 38 Franklin. 

Clark William, lab., C. H. McCormick & Bros. 

Clark William, sailor, h. 124 Forquer. 

Clark William, shoemaker, h. 120 N. Clinton. 

Clark William, surveyor, h. 80 N. Halsted. 

Clark William A., peddlar, h. 90 Halsted. 

Clark William H., American Express, bds. 118 

Clark William Hyde, soldier, h. 338 W. Adams. 

Clark William W., bookkeeper, M. Graff, h. 
108 Van Buren. 

Clark, Cornell & Norton, (Lincoln Clark, Paul 
Cornell and Charles A. Norton,) lawyers, 
• 65 Clark. 

CLARK JOHN & SON, (John Clark and Rob- 
ert Clark,) machine and blacksmith 
shop, r. 70 N. Clark. {See advt. p. 42.) 

CLARK & BEAN, (Geo. K. Clark and Edwin 
Bean,) lawyers, 128 Dearborn. 

Clark & Winslow, (John Clark and Charles 
W. Winslow,) com. mer. Pardee's bldg. 

Clarke A. A., shipping clerk, Parker, Mellen & 
Co., bds. cor. Monroe and State." 

Clarke Austin E., salesman, Barnum Brothers, 
room 312 State. 

Clarke Benjamin F., bookkeeper, h. 89 W. Har- 
/ Clarke Bryan, coUarmaker, h. 152 Ohio. 

Clarke Charles C, policeman, h. 33*7 W. Ran- 

Clarke Charles H., carpenter, h. 18 W. 

Clarke Charles J., (Clark & Co.,)h. Pittsburg. 

Clarke Charles S., (H. H. Powell & Co.,)h. 509 
W. Lake. 

Clarke David W., jr., (Randall & Clarke,) h. 
A 13 S. Union. 

P Clarke Edwin, boxmaker, h. 343 Wells. 

*■ Clarke E. D., money deliverer American Ex- 

press Co., bds. Michigan av., nr. 16. 

Clarke Francis N.. (Clarke & Hatch,) h. 221 
N. La Salle. ' 

Clarke Frederick M., bookkeeper W. Little & 

Co., bds. 221 N. La Salle. 
Clarke Frederick, weighman, h. s. s. Max- 
well, bet. Canal and Clinton. 
Clarke George C, teacher high school, h. 384 

Clarke Henry, machinist, h. 156 N. Peoria. 
CLARKE GEORGE Vv^., land office, 44 Clark, 

bds. Tremont House. 
Clarke Henry W., attorney and life insurance 

agt., 2 Methodist Church blk., h. Michi- 
gan av., second door s. 16th. 
Clarke Henry W., expressman, h. W. Tyler, 

bet. Throop and Loomis. 
Clarke J. H. bookkeeper George Brown, bds. 

219 Clark. 
Clarke J. H. messenger Am. Ex. Col, bds. 48 

Clarke James, drayman, h, 9 Cass. 
Clarke James F., clerk AYilliam Clark, bds. 

221 N. La Salle. 
Clarke Jane, wid. Thomas, h. r. 44 W. Mon^ 

Clarke John, salesman L. Read, h. 76 Wolcott. 
Clarke John, stonecutter, h. 4 85 State. 
Clarke John T., machinist Chicago Steam 

Engine Works, h. Canal, cor. Mather. 
Clarke Joseph 0., clerk C. & R. L R. R., bds. 

209 4th av. 
Clarke M. G., (Clarke & Co ,) h. Indiana av., 

second h. s. 18th. 
Clarke P. R., musician, h. 431 N. Clark. 
Clarke R. D., machinist Savage & Bro. 
Clarke R. G., messenger Am. Ex. Co., bdsi 

48 Washington. 
Clarke Richard, butcher, cor. S. Halsted and 

Clarke Robert R., real est., 65 Randolph, h. 

Halsted, cor. Green Bay rd. 
Clarke Samuel B., h. 57 Hin>dale. 
CLARKE SAMUEL D., lumber, W. 12th, cor. 

Beach, bds. 1 Van Buren. 
Clarke Thomas S., (Claike & Co.,) h. Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 
CLARKE WILLIAM, grocer and com. mer., 

(successors to Clarke & Dater,) 73 S. 

Water, h. 227 N. La Swllc. 
Clarke William C , (Clarke & Co.,) h. w. s. 

Indiana av., nr. ISth. 
Clarke William H., a=st. engineer Board Pub- 
lic Works, h. 57 Hinsdale. 
Clarke William H., way bill clerk, American 

Ex. Co. 
Clarke William W., bookkeeper M. Graff, h. 

108 Van Buren. 
CLARKE & CO., (M. G. and William Clarke,) 

whol. books and stationers, 196 Lake. 
CLARKE & CO.,) Thomas S Claike, William 

Thaw, Charles J. Clarke and George P." 

McBride,) freight agts. Pennsylvania R. 

R., 72 Dearborn. 
Clarke & Hatch, (Francis N. Clarke, John M. 

Hatch,) soap factory, 178 N Water. 
Clarkson Joseph P., (Clarkson & Tree,) h. 199 

Clarkson J. Thorne, lawyer, 81 Clark, h. 279 

Clarkson Robert H., rector St. James church, 

h. 326 Huron. 





Clarkson & Tree, (Joseph P. Clarkson and 
Lambert Tree,) lawyers, 82 Dearborn. 

Clary John, machinist, h. 194 Fulton. 

Clary Stephen, (Mather, Clary & Co.,) h. 339 

Clasper John, iireman, h. 222 Wolcott. 

Classpill George B. machinist, bds. 435 Clark. 

Claucr Henry, cutter Eberbardt & Klett, bds. 
Central House. 

Clausen John, boarding, 157 Indianal 

Clauseng Frederick lab., h. s. s. 12th, bet. 
Canal and Clinton. 

Claussen Andrius, bootmaker, h. Franklin, nr. 

Clautsbaugh H. J., gardener, h. Division, nr. 
N. Wells. 

CIautsb:uvj;h J., painter, h. Division, nr. X. 
La Salle. 

Claver John, carpenter, h. r. 123 Foster. 

Clay Bissel H mry, (cprd.,)lab., h. 142 4th av. 

Clay George A., blacksmith, h. n. s. Canal- 
port av., bet. Union and Jefferson. 

Clayburgh Martin, clothing, 185 Lake, h. 19 
4th av. 

Claydsden George, h. 11 Scbor. 

Clayne John, carpenter, bds. 143 W. Kinzie. 

Clayson George, photopraphist, bds. 30 W. 

Clayton Charles W., real estate agt., h. 868 
" State. 

Clayton James, tailor, bds. 53 La Salle. 

Clayton Peter, plumber, bds. 205 Van Buren. 

Clayton Thomas L., sergeant police, h. 175 

Cleares James B., maltster, h. s. e. c. Wolcott 
and Church. 

Cleary John, car repairer, I. C. R. R. depot. 

Cleary John, drayman, h. 370 Indiana. 

Cleary John, lab., b. Dussoldt, nr. Halsted. 

ClearV Patrick M., h. 123 W.Jackson'. 

CLEAVER CHARLES, agt., lard oil and pork 
packing, cor. Archer rd. and Grove and 
245 Lake. 

CLEAVER EDWARD C, real estate broker, 
55 Clark, h. Michigan av., nr. Ringgold pi. 

Cleaver Frederick, cabinet maker, h. s. s. Em- 
ily nr. Michigan av. 

Cleaver William, grocer, cor. Pier and Ellis 
av., h. same. 

Cleaves George H., bookkeeper Jones & 
Laughtim's, bds. 65 Wabash av. 

Cleaves Miss Celia M., teacher, Dearborn 
school, !)ds. 68 4th av. 

Clegg John, boilermaker, h. 258 4th av. 

Clegg James, watchmaker, bds. Merchants 

Clegg Samuel, blacksmith, h. 152 W. Jackson. 

Cleghorn Robert, blacksmith, Munson, Skin- 
ner & Co. 

Cleland James, lab., h. 310 Illinois. 

Cleland John, ship carpenter, h. 123 Ontario. 

Cleland Mathew, lab., h. Illinois, nr. cor. St. 

Clelland Robert, lab., C. H. McCormick & 

Clellend William, sailor, b. 93 Forquer. 

Clemence William, cabinetmaker, h. cor. 

Green Biy and Oak- 
Clemens Melville, civil engineer, bds. 69 Madi- 

Clemens Michael, pumpmaker, h. 29 Blue I. 

Clemens Stillmnn A., superintendent Flax 

Mills, with Walworth, Hubbard & Co. 
Clement James, tailor, 249 Slate, h. 63 4th 

Clement Stephen, agent Chicago Rolling Mills 

junction Nurtii Branch and Wabansia av., 

office 6 and 8 River. 
Clement S. A., wines and liquors, 47 Clark, h. 

292 W. Adums. 
Clements Augustus R., engineer, I. C. R. R., 

bds. Gflge House. , 
Clements Henry J., flour and feed, 369 S. 

Clements James, fireman, I. C. R. R., bds. 

Giige House. 
Clements John, saloon, 41 W. Kinzie, h. same. 
Clemorth Felix, carpenter, b. Gurley, bet. 

Blue I. av. and Morgan. 
Clemow James, com. mer. and vessel agent, 

7 Steele's bidg., h. 267 Indiana. 
Clendening James, bookkeeper, E. Birney & 

Co., bds. n. s. Warren, vv. of Lincoln. 
Cleukunbromer Exaverious. builder, bds. Gage 

Clettenberg Frank M., painter, h, N. Halsted, 

bet. Rees and Blackhawk. 
Clettenberg Wilbam, sign painter, 42 W. Lake, 

h. N. Halsted, bet. Blackhawk and Rees. 
Clettenberg William M., painter, 42 W. Lake. 
Cleveland , engineer, bds. 134 N. Car- 
Cleveland Charles J., h. 105 Wells. 
Cleveland David T.. clerk P. 0., L. 122 N. 

Cleveland George S., clerk, Cleveland & As- 

pell, bds. 401 W. Lake. 
Cleveland Jacob, lab., McGlashen, nr. Archer 

rd. , 

Cleveland James 0., clerk, Cooley, Far well & 

Co., bds. 100 Madison. 
Cleveland Joseph H., (Cleveland & Aspell,) h. 

401 W. Lake. 
Cleveland Robert, builder, b. 122 N. Peoria. 
Cleveland S. E., carpenter, h. 132 N. Morgan. 
Cleveland & Aspell, (J. H. Cleveland and 

Charles J. Aspell,) prod. com. 165 S. 

Cleveland & Pittsburg R. R. Line, Richmond 

&L Hancock, agents, office S. Water, foot 

of State. 
Claxton Mathew, tanner, h. 85 4th. 
Cliborn Ignatz, with Peshtigo Co. 
Clidesdell Robert, lake capt., h. 134 S. Peoria. 
Clifford Charles, clerk, Cornelius Shaver, bds, 

330 Clark. 
Clifford Charles A., mason, h. 189 N. LaSalle. 
Clifford Charles H., (C. H. Clifford & Co.,) h. 

330 Clark. 
Clifford Edmund, lab., h. s. s. Sebor, nr. Des- 

Clifford Edward, brewer, h. S. Desplaines, nr. 

Clifford John, lab., h. White, west of Market. 
Clifford Margaret, wid. John, h. 154 W. Tay- 
Clifford Mark, stonecutter, h. 72 Ewing. 
Clifford Martin, h. 15 Michigan av. 





Clifford Mrs. Mary, wid. John, h. n. s. Granger, 

e. Sedgwick. 
Clifford Maurice, grocer, 222 N. Market. 
Clifford Patrick, carpenter, h. s. s. Granger, e. 

Clifford Patrick, lab., h. N. Halsted, nr. 3d. 
Clifford Tiiomas, clerk, bds. 10.5 N. Water. 
Cliff"ord Thomas, lab., h. Siiol'o, nr. Polk. 

Clifford Timothy, lab., h. 15 Wolcott. 

Clifford C. H. & Co., (C. H. Clifford, L. T. 
DeWolf,) meatniarket, 414 Clark. 

Clift Benjamin, salesman, 139 Lake, bds. 
Central House. 

Clifton Ilouse, Elijah W. Herrick, propr., SO 
and 32 Madison. 

Cline August, farmer, bds. 150 W. Randolph. 

Cline George F., land office, room 12, 162 
Lake, bds. 68 Monroe. 

Cline Jacob, porter, H. W. Austin, h. Catha- 
rine, nr. Jefferson. 

Cl'ne John, lab., h. Stewart av., nr. Mitchel. 

Cline John F., painter, h. r. 238 Sherman. 

Cline John W., shoemaker, h. 112 Townsend. 

Cline Levi, merchant tailor, 231 Taylor, h 231 
3rd. av. 

Cline Martin, lab, h. W. Charles, nr. Van 

Cline Peter, clerk, bds. 353 Superior. 

Cline William H. brakesman, G. & C. U. R. R. 

Clines Michael, boot and shoemaker, h. 37 St. 

Cling Elizabeth, wid. Lewis, h. 185 W. Max- 

dinger Christine, h. n. w. cor. Halsted and 

Clingraan Kate, bds. 468 N. Dearborn. 

CLINGMAN WILLIAM, merchant tailor, 183 
Lake, h. 855 Wabash av. 

Clinton Mark, clerk. Sleeper & Co., 51 State. 

Cliats A., engineer, L C. II. K 

Clisber Adaliue, wid. Francis D„ bds. 14 3rd. 

Clocher Francis P., tailor, h. 212 W. Randolph. 

Clogan William, cooper, u. s. Kinzie, nr. Mor- 
gan, h. 129 N. Carpenter. 

Clogher Patrick F., tailor, h.'212 W. Randolph. 

Closter Andrew, porter, Poll.ird & Doane. 

Clooman Henry, lab. , h. s. s. Archer rd., nr. 

Cloonan Antony, lab., h. n. s. O'Neil, nr. Hal- 

Cloonan Edward, lab., h.28'7 Desplaines. 

Close James, blacksmith, h Hubbard, nr. Reu- 

Clostmi Horace, scenic painter, h. 241 Huron. 

Closson J. Johnson, bookkeeper. Biainard & 
Mather, bds. 138 4th a v. 

Clough Freeman, (Clough & Bro ,) h. s. s. 24th, 
nr. Calumet av. 

Clough John, (John Clough & Co.,) h Evan- 

Clough John H., (Clough & Bro,,) h. w. s. 
Michigan av., nr. 24th. 

Clough Robert, stonecutter, h. 851 W. Jack- 

CLOUGH BROS., (Freeman and John H. 
Clough,) com. mers., 54 State. 

Clough John & Co., (D. W. Tillinghast and 
John Clough,) hides, fur^ and wool, 161 

Clow Lester H., bookkeeper, John H. Walker, 

bds. 346 W. Monroe. 
Clowry James, grocer, Sampson, nr. Tliroop, 
Clowry Jeremiah, grocer. Canal, nr. Mitchel. 
Clowry Patrick, lab., h. s. s. Maxwell, nr. Hal- 
sted . 
Clowry Patrick M., clerk post office., h. 97 W. 

Clowry Thomas, lawyer. County Treasurer's 

office, h. s. s. Maxwell, nr. Union. 
Clowry William, lab., h. n. w'. cor. Archer rd. 
and 20tli. 

Cloyde Mrs. Margaret, dressmaker, 112 Mon- 

Cloyes Charles, (Morns, Cloyes & Co.,) h. n. s. 
W. Lake, and Hoyne. 

Cloyes Henry, (Morris, Cloyes & Co.,) bds. Me- 
tropolitan Hotel. 

Clue Edward, lab., h. r. 287 S. Desplaines, 
nr. al. 

Cluett Elizabeth, h. W. Wafhington, cor. Ann. 

Clumpha William, drayman, h. 187 Erie. 

Clutas Joseph, shoemaker, 206 Van Buren, 
bds. same. 

Clutter John, painter, h. 253 Cass. 

Clybourn Archibald, (Clybourii & Co.,)h. e. s. 
Elston rd., nr. Clybourn bridge. 

Clybourn James A.. (Clybourn & Co.,) h. 250 

Clybourn Henry C. C, bds. Elston rd., nr. Red- 

Clybourn William IL, bds. Elston rd. nr. Red- 

CLYBOURN & CO., (Archibald and James A. 
Clybourn,) meats, 1 & 3 North Market. 

Clyde John W., (Smith, Hart & Clyde,) h. 126 
Michigan av. 

Clydsell George, sailor, h. 1 Sebor. 

Coady Patrick, lab., h. Cutting, McClelland & 
Go's brick yard. 

Coakley Cornelius, machinist, h. N. Union, 
bet. Randolph and Lake. 

Coale Isaac, wood and coal, 96 Madison, h. w. 
s. Wabash av., bet. 23rd and 21th. 

Coan Cyrus, billiard saloon, r. Kingsbury blk., 
h. 51 Dearborn. 

Coan Douglas W., (Coan & Ten Broeke,) h. 37 

Coan James, lab., h. 60 W. Harrison. 

Coan & Ton Broeke, (Douglas W. Coan and 
Charles 0. Ten Broeke,) carriagebuilders, 
41 and 43 Randolph. 

Coari Antonio, 287 Clark, information re.funed. 

Coates Robert P., bookkeeper, Kendall's Bak- 
ery, h. 22 W. Washington, w. Reuben. 

Coates William, helper, A. F. Croskey, h. For- 
quer, nr. Canal. 

Coathe Mrs. Mary Ann, wid. Gerard, h. n. s, 
Prairie, nr. Green. 

Coats William, lab., h. 85 Forquer. 

Cobb Algernon S., carpenter, h. cor. 29th and 
Myrick av. 

Cobb Cyrus B., telegraph office, h. 6 Peoria. 

Cobb Emory, supt. Western Union Telegraph 
Co., bds. Tremont House. 

Cobb George D., bds. 178 3rd av. 

Cobb George W., bookkeeper, Magill & La- 
tham, h. 178 3rd av. 

Cobb James W., foundry and machine shop, h. 
134 Hubbard. 





Cobb Lucius B., boxmaker, h. 155 W. Van 

Cobb Mills S., clerk, bds. 155 "W. Van Buren. 
Cobb Silas B., Cobb's bldg., Dearborn, h. 148 

Michif:i;an av. 
Cobb Walter V., bookkeeper, C. S. Hutchins 

& Co., bds. 178 3rd av. 
Cobb W>ilter W., bookkeeper. Chicago Gas 

Lij:!;ht & Coke Co., h. 148 Michigan av. 
Cobb William H., clerk, American Express 

Cobb William Wallace, clerk, Cooley, Farwell 

& Co., bds. 22iid, nr. Calumet av. 
Cobb Zenas, bJ>. Briggs House. 
Coblitz August, clerk,"h. 152 N. Wells. 
Cobrist John, lab., b. w. s. Purple, nr. 20th. 
Coburn George, salesman, Kimball & Wolcott, 

h. 258 Ohio. 
Coburn Lewis L , (Coburn & Marrs,) capt. 

13th Regt. Vermont Vol. 
COBURN & MARRS, (Lewis L. Coburn and 

William E Marrs,) lawyers and patent 

solicitors, 11 Larmonblk. {Sceadvt.) 
Cochran Alexander, porkpacker, bds. 116 3rd 

Cochran George C, clerk, freight office L C. 

R. R., bds. 1*7 Dearborn. 
Cochran John C, bookkeeper, 0. W. Clapp & 

Co., b-ls. 15 26th. 
Cochrane Dennis, lab., h. 181 N. Dearborn. 
Cochrane John, Arctic House, S. Canal, bet. 

W. Madison and W. Monroe. 
Cochrane Samuel D., telegrapher, bds. 114 

Cochrane William B., boots and shoes, 37 

State, bds. Adams House. 
Cochu Francis X., woodturner, h. 245 S. Des- 

Cockroft Joseph, printer, h. Lincoln, cor. Ful- 
Codding Harriet F., wid. Erastus, h. 213 

Cody David, lab., h. r. 6 Sherman. 
Cody Edward, lah., h. 129 Foster. 
Cody James, lab., J. Peacock. 
Cody James, saloon, 228 Sherman, h. same. 
Cody John, lab., h. 153 Forquer. 
Cody Moses, dyer, h. 368 N. Wells. 
Cody Patrick, lab., h. s. s. Kramer, w. Union. 
Cody Williini, lab., h. n. s. Mitchel, nr. Jef- 
Coe- John C, clerk, 45 Wabash av., h. 8 Rush. 
Coe Watson V., com. mer., 44 LaSalle, h. 

Monroe, s. w. cor. Aberdeen. 
Coey David, carpenter, k. 590 State. 
Coeiler William, wagonmaker, Franks & Co., 

bds. 185 Ohio. 
Coffey Jeremiah, expressman, h. N. Branch, s. 

Coffey John, lab., h. 11th, bet. Blue Island av. 

and May. 
Coffey Mary Ann, wid. John, h. s. s. Qaincy, e. 

Coffey Timothy, lab., 5 Whiting. 
Coffield James, lab., h. Ellis av., nr. Doug- 
las pi. 
Coffin Frederick W., (Neal & Coffin,) h. 63 

N. Wells. 
Coffin Thomas, (col'd.,) diiver, h. Sands, nr. 


Coffin Warner C, clerk Root & Cady, bds. 91 

N. Wells. 
Coffler John, salesman, h. 53 W. Madison. 
Coffmau Henry, h. al. r. 153 Wells. 
Coffman Peter, h. 235 3rd av. 
Coffy Michael, salesman Wadham, Willard & 

Co., bds. 557 State. 
Cogan Edmund, lab., h. Taylor, nr. Wells. 
Cogan John, grocer, 144 W. Madison, h. 

Cogan Lawrence, Jab., Joseph Peacock. 
Cogan Michael, lab., h. 51 W. Jackson. 
Cogan Thomas, weighraaster, h. 154 Indiana. 
Cogger Henry, grain speculator, h. 5 Judd. 
Coggeshall Samuel P., h. nr. cor. Rucker and 

W. Monroe. 
Coghan Thomas, clerk, h. 76 Indiana. 
Coghlan Ann, wid. Peter, boarding, 194 

Coghlan Daniel, tailor, h. 112 Wayman. 
Coghlan Thomas, bricklayer, bds. 194 Adams. 
Cogwin Jesse, farmer, h. 326 N. Wells. 
Cogswell George, bookkeeper T. J. Byles, bds. 

16 S. Clinton. 
Cohagen Charles, tailor, h. s. s. Loewe, w. N. 

Cohart Mary, wid. Frederick, h. Aberdeen, 

bet. Taylor and 11th. 
Cohen Charles, mer. tailor, 173 Clark. 
Cohen David, (Cohen Brothers,) h. 69 Kinzie. 
COHEN JACOB, importer of cigars, wines 

and liquors, 253 S. Water, h. 177* La 

Salle. _ 
Cohen Lewis, clerk, h. 79 Pearson. 
Cohen Lewis M., salesman I. Herzog, bds. 

Franklin House. 
Cohen Louis, tailor, h. 85 N. Chirk; 
Cohen Marcus, (Cohen Brothers,) h. Lockport. 
Cohen Mark, dry goods, 196 N. Clark, h. same. 
Cohen Michael, teamster, h. w. s. N. Wells, 

nr. Schiller. 
Cohen Moses, expressman, h. e. s. Sedgwick, 

nr. Granger. 
Cohen Solomon, (Cohen Brothers,) h. 69 

Cohen Brothers, (Solomon, David and Marcus 

Cohen,) 69 Kinzie. 
Cohn Arnold, clerk C. Summerfield. 
Cohn Jacob, (Frederick Cohn & Co.,) bds. 

Metropolitan Hotel. 
Cohn Herrman, clerk, bds. 347 Clark. 
COHN LOUIS, cigars and tobacco, 163 Clark, 

h. same. 
Cohn Louis, saloon, 119 Wells, h. same. 
Cohn Mark, fancy goods, 196 N. Clark, h. 

Cohn Samuel, (L. Mendelsohn & Co.,) bds. U9 

N. Clark. 
Coho Squire, porter W. B. Fowler. 
Coid John, lab., h. 84 Hubbard. 

French, h. 178 Adams. 
Coil James, stonecutter, h. r. 96 W. Polk. 
Coile Peter, M. S. & N. L R. R- 
Coin Henry, merchant tailor, 109 W. Ran- 
dolph, h. same. 
Coin Mary J., teache'r Brown school, bds. cor. 

Monroe and Throop. 
Colt Augustus B., (Whitney & Colt,) h. 369 

Wabash av. 






Coit Georse M., clerk S. Sturges & Son, 

194 Wolcott. 
Coker Ctiailes, bds. 61 S. Clinton. 
Coker Samuel, gardener Samu! 1 Hoard. 
Coker William, (R. M. Graves & Co.,) h. 50 N. 

Colbert David, carpenter, h. n. s. Larrabee, nr. 

North av. 
COLBERT ELIAS, phonographer Chicago 

Times, bds. 71 N. Ann. 
Colbert William, carpenter, h. n. s. al., s. 287 

S. Des Plaines. 
Colberts Bridget, wid. Thomas, w. s. 4th av. 

nr. I'ith. 
Colborn E. D., salesman, h. w. s. N. Clark, nr. 

Colborn Charles, sawyer for Biteham, bds. S. 

Canal, cor. Harrison. 
Colburn Ellis D., clerk R. Ban.ber. 
Colburn Julius P., grain dealt r, h. 79 W. In- 
Colburn Levi J., ship chandirr and grocer, 

134 and 136 S. Water, h. Wabash av.,nr. 

Colby Andrew J., (A. J. Colb\ & Co.,) h. 220 

W. Lake. 
Colby Eben F. (Ellis & Coli.y,) h. 624 W. 

Colby Enoch, carpenter, h. 85.") State. 
Colby George, gardener, h. 17'.i W. Polk. 
Colby George J., salesman Philip Wadsworth 

& Co., bds. 44 4th av. 
Colby John, barkeeper, 51 De: iborn. 
Colby Lucien B., salesman, 15 .aid 17 Lake, 

bds. Adams House. 
Colby Osmond Y., h. 44 4th av. 
Colby Oven, lab., h. Coolidge, 'lOt. Laflin and 

Reuben. ^ 

Colby Peter, moulder, n. 233 S. .Jefferson. 
Colby A. J. & Co., (Andre V. J. Colby and 

Barnabas Bradt,) com. m- r. 137 Kinzie. 
Coldoneuz R. D., h. w. s. Li ;iana av., bet. 

24th and 25th. 
Cole Albert C, (J. Beers &Ct..,) bds. Briggs 

ir. Main. 
M. S. R. 

Cole C. A., salesman, h. 281 >'. Lasalle. 

Cole Caspar, baker, h. 223 N. C ; rk. 

Cole Ellen, wid. Thomas, h. 48 Michigan av 

Cole Festus B., h. 247 Huron. 

Cole Frederick W., clerk Cu.-om House h 

256 W. Randolph. 
Cole Gregory, h. s. s. Archer nl 
Cole George H., police, C. R, I. 

R., h. 82 Griswold. 
Cole Henrj', clothing, 239 Clark, h. lQ^4th av. 
Cole Henry, cooper, bds. s. s. Archer fd., nr. 

Cole Henry S., traveling agt. Gi ly, Phelps &. 

Co., bds. 114 Monroe. 
Cole James W., blacksmith, 2i. Washington, 

h. 31 W. Washington. 
COLE JIRAH D. jr., propr. I mic Mills, 64 

and 66 N. Dearborn, h. 251 Indiana. 
Cole Merritt T., collector. Telegraph bldg., h. 

s. s. 22ud, bet. Prairie an i Calumet av. 
Cole Michael, hack driver, h. '6o:> State. 
Cole Richard, cooper, h. Archer rd., nr. Main. 
Cole Samuel, h. 18 3d avenue. 
Cole Samuel jr, medical student, bds. 18 3d 


Cole Walter, ( 

Colehour Char 
h. 287 Hli 
Colehour Edw 
Coleman Albe 
Coleman Edwa 
Coleman GeorL 
Coleman Geori: 
Coleman H., lal 
Coleman John, 
Coleman John, 

. bet. 20th : 
Coleman John 
Coleman Mich;, 
Coleman Willie 

worth and 
Coles George, \ 
Coles W^illiam, 
Coley Peter, h\ 

ana and 0! 
Colfax Eben, oil 

Colford Joseph, 
Colfore Michael 
Colgate Harvc 

bds. 221 M 
Colich Austin, ( 
Coligan Lawren 
Coligan Thomas 
Colines Willian. 
Collasky John 

Clark and 4 
CollePeter J.,g 
Colleson James, 
Collett Austin, 
CoUett John, (I 
Colligan Lawrei 
CoUigan Thorn- 

Colling John, bl 
Colling Paulus, 

bet. Cass ai 
Collings John, d 
Collins Ann, h. 
Collins Barzilla, 

Collins C. R., 

2621- S. Clai 
Collins Corneliu: 

Collins Coruerav 

and Morgan 
Collins Daniel, I 
Collins Dennis, L 
Collins Elizabelli 
Collins Elizabcti; 

Collins Francis, g 

Collins Frederick 
Collins George, c 

Collins George C 

R., h. 241 3i 
Collins Isaac S., 

Wright, bds 
Collins James, l;i 
Collins James A 

bds. Briggs 1 

:) lab., h. n. s. Cook, nr, N. 

v., lawyer, 9 Dickey's bldg., 

lawyer, bds. 287 Illinois. 
'j., policeman, b. 32 School, 
•lerk, bds. 315 W^ Madison, 
ilor, J. P. Frey. 
., (Adams & Coleman.) 
;iu!l & Winch. 
, h. 119 Wesson. 
1 Ciirpenter, h. w. s. Church 
.\rcher rd. 

itchman h. 121 S. CanaL 
■lerk, bds. 315 W. Madison, 
lab., h. 22nd, bet. Went- 

imanR. R., h. 94 W. Polk. 
. er, bds. 199 W. Randolph. 
I. r. X. Market, bet. Indi- 

114 Dearborn, bds. Clifton 

Miecutter, Singer & Talcott. 
lieksmich, h. 93 Townsend. 
'., salesman Edwin Hunt, 
I on. 

■nter, bds. 35 Prairie. 
lab.,h. 13 Hubbard. 

cer, 235 S. Canal, h. same, 
i-on, h. 359 Fulton. 
b., h. r. n. s. 14th, bet. 

r, h. 21 Miller. 
vjer, h. 282 Wells. 
ver, bds. 35 Prairie. 
:i & Collett,) h. Elgin, 111. 
lib., h. 13 Hubbard. 
grocer, 235 S. Canal, h. 

;-<'T)ith, h. Sebor, nr. Canal, 
•r. h. 3 Fisher's blk. White 
.-, h. 182 Huron. 
S. DesPlaines. 
.lie mason, h. 70 N. Frank- 

i. Thomas, confectioner, 

ii. same. 

grocer, 121 S. Canal, h. 

b., h. Fisk, bet. Allen's 
, 0. li. & Q. R. depot. 

:i. 128 N. Jefferson. 
;d. Stephen, h. 761 State. 
ad. William, h. 206 Mich- 

jy:, 'j cor. Washington and 

1 , plumber, 230 Monroe. 
leatei, I. C. R. R. machine 

arpeuter, M. S. & X. L R. 

s't bookkeeper. Burton & 
. S. Warner, Hickory. 
\i. Adams & Co. 
• Iiysician, 107 Randolph, 




Manufacturers and Dealers In 


II 1/ 




Done to Order at Short Notice. 


P.O - )x 4039. CHICAGO, ILL. 

Importer of 


Wholesale and Retail Dealer in 

Mi'"' fiery, Stiaw md Fancy Soods, 




Will atte 

Skirts, Corsett Clasps, Pads, &c., Head Dresses, Hair 
Gapes, Lace Sleeves, also, Dress Caps, always on hand, 
i,e assortment of Bonnets, Hats, Flowers, Laces, 
tvets, Silks, and every thing in the Millinery 
line, at reasonable prices. 

terns in every variety for Ladies and 

^d, and Satisfaction Warranted, at No. 90 Lake St. 
opposite Tremont House. 

950. CHICAG-O, ILL. 

E & iQlililSilOi MEBiHJIIIT, 

No. 237 and 239 Kinzie Street, 

^olcott St. [P. O. Box 5593] CHICAGO, ILILi. 


omptly to the selling of Grain, Seeds, Flour, Feed, 
oultrv Lard, Butter, Eggs, Hides, &c., &c. 





Collins James L., (Collins & Burgie,) h. 168 

W. Madison. 
Collins Joseph W., messenger, U. S. Ex. Co. 
Collins John, drayman, h. 7 Pearson. 
Collins John, express, h. e. s. Larrabee, nr. 

North av. 
Collins John, lab., h. n. s. Archer rd. bet. 

Beers and Long John. 
Collins John, lab., h. s. s. Charles, bet. Wells 

and Franklin. 
Collins John, lab., h. e. s. Grove, bet." iTth 

and 18th. 
Collins John, lab., h. 173 W. Taylor. 
Collins John, (col'd,) painter, h. r. 218 4th av. 
Collins John, paver, h. s. s. Sebor, nr. Hal- 

Collins John, printer, h. 66 White. 
Collins Jolin, stonecutter, h. Wells, bet. Tyler 

and Van Buren. 
Collins John, teamster, Chicago Mills, bds. s. 

s. Maxwell, e. Ilalsted. 
Collins John H., (col'd,) orderly sergeant, Co. 

A. 55th Mass. (col'd) Regt! 
Collins Lewis B., Secretary Iowa Land C 

Cobb's bldg., bds. Peoria, n. w. cor. Ful- 
Collins Lindsey, engineer. Hall k Winch, bds. 

229 4th av. 
Collins Mary, wid., n. s. 17th nr. the river 
Collin* Mary R., wid. John, h. Kankakee av., 

nr. 2ijth. 
Collins Mary, wid. Michael, h. 182Ewing. 
Collins Michael, lab., h. n. s. Mitchel, nr. Jef- 
Collins P., lab., h. 247 S. Clark. 
Collins Patrick, blacksmith, h. 503 S. Clark. 
Collins Patrick, clerk, M. C. R. R., h. 176 

Collins Patrick, R. R. flagman, h. 6 May. 
Collins Patrick, lab., h. s.s. Dussold, nr. Jeffer- 
Collins Patrick, lab., h. w. s. Main, bet. Hick- 

. ory and AVater. 
Collins Patrick, lab., h. May, nr. Polk. 
Collins Richard, drayman, h. 140 K Des- 

Collins Richard, paper hanger, bds. 206 Mich- 
Collins Richard P., tailor, h. 11 Foster. 
Collins Robert, lab., h. G S. May, nr. 11th. 
Collins Thomas, blacksmith, h. 38 Pearce. 
Collins Thomas, blacksmith, h. DesPlaines, nr. 

Van Buren. 
Collins Timothy, h. n. s. 14th, bet. Jefferson 

and Canal. 
Collins Thomas lab. C. B. & Q. R. R. depot. 
Collins Williams, barkeeper, 87 and 89 De'ar- 

born, bds. same. 
Collins William, blacksmith, h. 114 3d. 
Collins William, (Murray & Coliins,) h. 14 3d. 
Collins William, lab. h. 125 Union. 
Collins William, lab. h. al. r. 119 Wells. 
Collins George F. & Co., (George F. Collins 
and John Elliott,) agt. sewing machines, 
120 Lake. 
Collins William, mason, h. 357 Fulton. 
COLLINS & BURGIE, (James L. Collins and 
Henry G. Burgie,) stove works, S. Jefter- 
son, s, w. cor. Van Buren. {See advt. op. 

Collmann John, revolver maker, w. s. Eagle, 

nr. Union, h. 34 W. Randolph. 
Collman Henry, carpenter, h. N. Green, bet. 

Lake and Fulton. 
Collyer Rev. Robert, pastor Unity church, h. 

295 Chicago av. 
Colyer Robert L. Rev., pastor Wabash av. M. 

E. church, h. 43 Harrison. 
Colman Conrad, stonecutt'r Wolf & Sproehnle. 
i Coleman Henry, machinist I. C. R. R. machine 
I shop. 

I Coleman James, carpenter, h. s. s. North, nr. 

; Coleman Nellie, dressmaker, 166 Clark, h. 
Colne John P., jr., h. 182 Indiana. 
Colonvale John, lab. h. 2d, e. of W. Chicago 

av., nr. the river. 
Colopy John, sailor, h. 10 Cass. 
Colson Allen Rev., Swedish Lutheran church, 

h. 194 Superior. 
Colson Charles W., (Colson &,) h. War- 
ren, bet. Wood and Lincoln. 
Colson Frederick, sailor, h. 141 3d. 
Colson John, lab. h. 27 Bremw' av. 
Colson Knude, sailor, h. 20 W. Indiana. 
Colson Olarvis, carpenter, h. 18 W. Indiana. 
I COLSON & ORXE, (Charles W. Colson and 
I Edward T. Orne,) locksmiths and bell- 

hangers, 160 Clark. {See advt) 
Colsten John, bookkeeper R. Law, bds. 17 W. 

Colt (ieorge P., (Ball, Burbank & Co.,) h. 

37i Pine. 
Coltbraner Augustus, lab. Blanks & Bryant, 

bds. cor. Clark & Taylor. 
Colterjahn Frederick, barber, 379 S. Canal, h. 

Colton Alexander M. Fisher, builder, N. 
Franklin, bet. Kinzie and Michigan, h. 
239 Ontario. 
Colton D., Alphonzo, physician, 136 Clark, h. 

579 State. 
Colton Edwurd, bookkeeper D. Stewart & Co. 

bds. 196 W. Lake. 
Colton James, engineer Tribune, h. Calhoun 

pi., nr. Clark. 
Colton John, a:iilor, h. 89 N. LaSalle. 
Y., B. W. Phillips & Co., agts., Clark, n. 
e. cor. Lake. 

N. Y., L. C. Hall, agt, 160 S. Water. 
Columbian Iron Works, Elmes & Webster, 65 

and 67 S. Clinton. 
Colver Darius P., cabinetmaker, 169 State, h. 

Colver Hirara W., lawyer, 116 Randolph, bds. 

18 N. Sangamon. 
Colver Michael, blacksmith, h. 93 Townsend. 
Colver Nathaniel Rev., Tabernacle Church, 

h. 18 N. Carpenter. 
Colvin Daniel, teamster, h. 215 Forquer. 
Colvin George P., clerk U. S. Ex., bds. 531 

Wabash a v. 
COLVIN HARVEY D., 3upt. U. S. Ex; Co., 

h. 531 Wabash av. 
Colvin Horatio J., clerk U. S. Ex., bds. 531 

Wabash av. 
Colvin Madison, butcher, h. 845 State 





Colvin Thaddeus W., lab. h. 168 3d av. 
Collwell Dennis, foreman Burnett & Stockton, 

h. 2'i7 Market. 
Coman A. B., printer, h. 135 N. Clark. 
Comans T. S., sexton St. Joseph's R. 0. Church, 

h. s. s. Division, nr. N. Wells. 
Comar Bridget, wid. Patrick, grocer, n. e. c. 

Market and Indiana, h. same. 
Comas Peter, lab. h. Sands, nr. Erie. 
Combs Andrew, whol. liquors, 20 State, h. 

Wabash av. s. w. c. 23d. 
Combs Anne, wii'. Andrew, h. cor. 23d and 

Wabash av. 
Comen William, hack driver, bds. 99 W. Polk. 
Comerford Edward, sailor, h. 230 N. Halsted. 
Comerfort William, lab., h. Aberdeen, bet. 

Taylor and 11th. 
Comfort John, constable, bds. Rock I. House. 
Comfort Mary, wid. Michael, h. 297 S. Canal. 
Comitti Lewis, physician, 143 Wells, h. N. 

Dearborn, bet. Schiller and Goethe. 
Comiskev Hugo, clerk, M. S. & X. I. R. R. h. 

237'W. Taylor. 
Comiskey John", alderman 7th ward, clerk R. 

I. E. R. freight depot, h. e. s. Union, nr. 

COMLY EDWARD L., gas fitting and fixtures, 

146 State, h. same. 
Comly Richard H., gas fitter, E. L. Comly, h. 

cor. La Salle and Madison 
Commercial Advertiser, W. S. Spencer, pub- 
lisher, .55 Clark. 
Commercial Express, Clark, s e. cor. S. Water. 
Coromerfort Michael, lab, C. H. McCormick & 

Commertbrt Thomas, lab, C. H. McCormick & 

Committi Eugene, printer, h. 185 N. Clark. 
Commons Henry, blacksmtih, h. 128 Morgan. 
Commons James, sawyer, h. 80 N. Green. 
Commons James, tinsmith, h. 28 Prairie. 
Commons Michael, lab., h. 90 Forquer. 
Commons William, brass finisher, bds. 23 


Hall, agt., 160 S. Water. 
Compton WiUiam H., salesman, bds 23 Michi- 

igan av. 
Comstock Charles, (C. Comstock & Co.,) bds. 

Evanston, 111. 
Comstock Charles H., paymaster I. C. R. R., 

h. 318 W. Monroe. 
Comstock H. F., clerk. 64 Dearborn, bds. 51 

4th av. 
Comstock Harriet M., wid. Charles, h. 174 

Comstock Luke, expressman, h. s. s. Park av. 

nr. Hoyne. 
Comsto'ck S. F., merchant tailor, 64 Dearborn, 

bds. Matteson House. 
Comstock Sullivan D., teamster, h. 354 S. Ca- 
Comstock William E., h. Calumet av. nr. 31st. 
Comstock C. & Co., (C. Comstock and E. S. 

Wheeler,) salt dealers, 128 S. Water. 
Conahan John, stercotyper, 47 Clark. 
Conbis Edwin A., traveler, H. M. Thompson, 

"bds. Sherman House. 
Conden Bridget, wid. Joseph, h. 184 S. Clin- 

Conden Patrick, lab., h. e. s. Lime, nr. C. A.. 

& St L. R. R. 
Conder Honora, wid. John, h, n. s. Wright,nr. 

Condict Stephen H.,(Condict, Woolley & Co.,) 

h. Newark, N. J. 
Condict, Woolley & Co., (Stephen H. Condict, 

John C. Woolley and Frederick King,) 

carriage trimmings, 52 Lake. 
Condon Frederick, (Condon & Co.,) h. 80 N. 

Condon John, lab., h. 26 Green Bay. 
Condon Mary, wid. Richard, h. 80 N. Jefferson. 
Condon Morris S., teacher, 252 Sherman. 
Condon Thomas, with Gas Co., h, Desplaines, 

nr. Jackson. 
Condon & Co., (Fred. Condon and Jeremiah 

Dacey,) saloon, 7 N. Wells. 
Cctidoin .John, carpenter, h. 306 Milwaukee av. 
Condroy Ann, wid. Michael, h. 220 Wells. 
Condroy Nancy, wid., h. e. s. S. Halsted, bet. 

Harrison and Mather. 
Cone Albert, drover, h. n w- cor. Maxwell and 

Cone F. S., clerk, P. 0., bds. 594 Wabash av. 
Cone Garnood, h. 258 S. Clinton. 
Cone Hubbcl B., (Cone & O'Brien,) h. 594 

Wabash av. 
Cone John, carpenter, h. Spring, nr. Went- 

worth av. 
Cone .John E., lawyer, 79 Dearborn, b. 243 

Cone Mrs. J. E., homeopathic physician, h. 243 

Cone Philip, machinist, h. 14th, bet. Clark and 

Cone Pinckney fe., Mercantile B-Jttery, bds. 594 

Wabash av. 
Cone Russell J., with A. Officer, h. 216 Madi- 
Cone S. F., clerk, P. 0. 
Conelly Dennis, h. 48 Pearce. 
Conely Owen, engineer, h. 136 W. Adams. . 
Conerton Joseph, sailor, h. 39 N. Union. 
Conerty Patrick, boilermaker, h. Mav, bet. 

Taylor and Polk. 
Confalee Eddy, lab., h. 280 W. 12th. 
Conford Thomas, lab., McCormick & Co., h. 

47 Green Bay. 
Congdon B. P., painter, h. 122 Franklin. 
Congdon Enfus, clerk, bds. 117 Cook. 
Conger John S., bookkeeper, bds. 159 Jeffer- 
Conger L. P., cattle dealer, h. w. s. Michican 

av., bet. 23d and 24lli. 
Conger M., cattle dealer, h. w. s. Michigan av., 

bet. 23d and 24th. 
Conger R. P., cattle deiiler, h. w. s. Michigan 

av., bet. 23d and 24th. 
Coughlin Dennis, saloon, 137 W. Polk,h. same. 
Congregational Church, Union Park, cor. S. 

Reuben and W. Washington. 
Conkalim James Edward, foreman brick yard, 

9 N Branch. 
Conkey Charles G., h. e. s. Michigan av., bet. 

18th and 21st. 
Conkey William H., clerk, h. w. s. Indiana av., 

bet. 24th and 25th. 
Conklin A. J., brickmaker, h. s. s. South, bet. 

Brown and Halsted. 





Conklin Christopher, drayman, h. n. s. Front, 

bet. Elizabeth and Rueker. 
Conklin Daniel, carpenter, h. 19 White. 
Conklin Edwin, tailor, h. 287 N. LaSalle. 
Conklin Jeremiah, bds. 194 Michigan av. 
Conklin John, lab., h. SY Larrabee. 
Conklin Julia, saleswoman, Grover & Baker, 

115 Lake, 
Conlan John, lab., h. w, s. Foster, ?, Ilarrisor.. 
Conlan John, lab., h Jefferson, s. Maxwell. 
Conlan Patrick, carpenter, C. B. & *Q- R- R-, 

h. s. a. Kramer, nr. Halsted. 
Conlan Patrick, expressman, Wheeler & Wil- 
son, h. 106 Lake, 
Conlan Peter, grocer, s. w. cor. Ohio and Mar- 
Conley Arthur, plasterer, h. 406 W. Polk. 
Conley Bernard, teamster, h. 99 Indiana. 
Conlev Catharine, wid. Edward, boarding, 260 

Conley Francis, carpenter, h. 170 Halsted. 
Conley Henry, butcher, h. cor, Douglas pi. 

and Wentworth av. 
•Conley .James, bricklayer, h. r, 1.50 Quincy. 
Conley James, lab., h, n. s. O'Brien, nr. Hal- 
Conley James, moulder, h. 231 S. Jefferson. 
Conley John, lab., M. S. & N. L R. R, 
Conley John, porter Am, Ex. Co., bds. Girard 

Conley John, shoemaker, h. s. s. Kinzie, bet. 

Wood and Lincoln. 
Conlev John, teamster, h. w. s. L^nion, s. i2th. 
Conley Patrick, h. 124 Ontario, 
Conley Peter, h. 179 Indiana. 
Conlev Pet'cr, lab., Hiram Wheeler. 
Conlev Philip, (Philip Conley & Co.,) h. 149 

Conley Stephen, carpenter, bds. n, a Sigel, 

nr. N. Franklin. 
.'Conley William, lab., h. 4th av., bet. 12th 

and 14th. 
CONLEY PHILIP & CO., (John A. Duffy,) 

com. mer., 17 Clark. 
Conlin Thomas, porter. Hatch's Hotel. 
Conli>k Thomas, cigar mufr,, bds, Prescott 

Conlun James, wood and coal, 98 Washington, 

h. 80 Chicago av. 
Conlv Michael, lab,, h. L^nion, nr. 4th, 
Conly Patrick, lab., h. 278 S, Clinton. 
Conn Michael, lab., h. cor. Halsted and Rees. 
Conn Priscella, restaurant, 286 Clark, h. same. 
Conn William, foreman. Deal & Tavlor, h. w. 

s. S, Jefferson, s. O'Brien. 
Connable Ralph, (Wadhams, Willard & Co.,) h. 

127 4th av- 
Clonnaushton Bridget, wid, Peter, h.. 121 Ohio. 
L. D. Olmsted & Co., agts., 162 Lake. 

. Connel , carpenter, h. 12 4th av. 

Connel James, soldier, b. 14th., nr. State. 
I Connel John, lab., h. nr. cor, Tyler and 
I Aberdeen. 

I Connel Michael, capt., schooner Lumberman, 
'^:. h. n. s. Division, nr. Pleasant. 

Connel James, clerk, bds. 95 N. Wells. 
Connell Ann, h. 108 N. Desplaines. 
Connell Daniel, plasterer, h. 127 Forquer. 
Cozmell James, clerk, bds. 86 N. LaSalle. 

Connell James, clerk., 76 Randolph, bds. 95 

N. Wells. 
Connell James, cooper, h. 14th., nr. State. 
Ceimell James, lab., h. 24th, nr. Wentworth 

Connell James, bds., n. s. Wright, nr. Canal. 
Connell Jeremiah, grocer, h. 275 Milwaukee av. 
Connell John, laij., h. n, s. Bunker, nr. Des- 
Connell John, lab., h. al., bet. White and 

Connell John, lab., h. William, nr. Loomis. 
Connell John, lab., h. Hubbard, nr Robey. 
Connell Julia, wid. Peter, saloon, 450 Clark. 
Connell Margaret, wid. Patrick, h. e. s. Ar- 
nold, nr. 18th. 
Connell Mathew, moulder, Barnum & Rich- 
Connell Martin, blacksmith, h. Beach, cor. 

Connell Mary, wid. Patrick, h. Beach, nr. 

Connell Michael, lab., h. Gurley, nr. Blue I. 

Connell Micfeael, lab., h. N. Desplaines, cor. 

Way man. 
Connell Morris, lab., h. 133 W. Washington. 
Connell Nellie, saleswoman, J. B. Shay, bds. 

205 Indiana. 
Connell Patrick, butcher, 17 Alexander. 
Connell Timothy 0., liquors, 38 W. Harrison 
Connelley John, lab., h. Samps(»n, cor. Reuben. 
Connelly Cornelius, clerk, h. 115 Desplaines. 
Connelly Hugh, lab., cor. Archt-r rd., and 

Connelly Henry, soldier, U. S, A,, li. s. s. W. 

Quincy nr, Clinton. 
Connelly John, plasterer, h. 26th, nr. Dver av 
Connelly Michael, lab., h. 118 W. Indiana. 
Connelly Thomas, lab., h. s. w. cor. Kinzie and 

Conner Edward, hackman, h, 99 W. Polk. 
Conner James H., blacksmith, bds. Cambridge 

Conner Oscar T,, bookkeeper, h cor. 18th and 

Indiana av. 
Connor Patrick, marble polisher, h. Tyler, ni-. 

Connor Patrick, lab., h. Cook, nr. W. Water. 
Conners Edward, lab., Elisha Eldred. 
Conners Daniel, lab., h. 118 N. Clinton. 
ConntTS John, bds. 99 W. Polk. 
Conners John, plasterer, h. r. 150 W. Polk. 
Conners M., tailor, bds. New York House. 
Connors Patrick, lab., h, al., s. s, 20th, nr. 

Connerty Patrick, boilermaker, Wm. Barag- 

Connett John W., capt., h, 409 W. Jackson. 
Conners Patrick, clerk, bds. n. e. cor. Halsted 

and Ewing. .' 

Connis Eliza Mrs., wid., h. 38 Pearce. 
Connoll Myles, lab., s. s. Hickory, nr. 20th. 
Connolly Christopher, engineer, h. 490 W. 

ConnoUey Cornelius, salesman. Pollard & 

Doane, h. 92 Desplaines. 
Connolly C. F., clerk, Hardenberg k Williams, 

bds. 288 State. 
Connolly James, lab., h 87 Bremer. 





Ooauolly John, lab., h. n. s. South, nr. Hal- 

Connolly John, lab., h. Ewing, nr. May. 
Connolly Michael, lab., h. w.s. Green, m: Arch- 
er id. 
Connolly Patrick, revenue iusp., Custom 

House, h. 215 Superior. 
Connolly Peter, lab., h. w, s. Halsted, bet. 

South and Lumber. 
Connolly Peter, lab., h. n. s. Hicko^v, nr. 

Connolly Peter J., sailor, bds. 490 W. L^ike. 
Connolly Stephen, lab., h. w. s. Halsted, bet. 

Douglas and 31st. 
Connolly Thomas, jeweler, 101 Washington, h. 

302 Chicago av. 
Connolly Thomas, lab., h. n. s. Hickory, nr. 

Connoly James, bricklayer, bds. 814 Wells. 
Connoly Thomas, h. nr. cor. School and S. 

Connor Frank, cleik, bds. Drovers' Hotel, e. s. 

S. Canal, nr. Mitchel. 
Connor James, h. n. s. Mitchel, nr. Jefferson. 
Connor James, clerk, 68 Randolph. 
Connor James, lab., h. May, nr, lllh. 
Connor J. B., police, h. 17'.» Market. 
Connor Jeremiah, furniture, 132 Wells, h. 

Connor John, helper, I. C. R.R. Machine shop. 
Connor M. D., bds. New York House, 
Connor Michael, lab., bds. S. Jefferson, bet. 

Meagher and Catherine. 
Connor Michael, teamster, h. Hope, bet. Blue 

Island av. and Morgan. 
Connor Mortimer B., tailor, bds. New York 

Connor 0. T., bookkeeper, C. H. Beckwith, h. 

Indiana av., n. e. c. 18th. 
Connor Patrick, sailor, h. n. e. cor. Halsted 

and Polk. 
Connor William, painter, h. s. s. Green, nr. 

Connors Daniel, brakesman, G. & C U. R. R., 

bds, 122 Ontario. 
Connors Dennis, lab., h. C. Charles. 
Connors Ellen, wid. John, h. s. s. Barber, nr. 

Connors Mary, wid. Thomas, h, 11.5 Forquer. 
Connors Patrick, driver, E. Price's livery, r. 

Tremont House. 
Connors Patrick, lab., h. Gurley, bet. Blue 

Island av. and Morgan. 
Connors Patrick, lab., h. Hope, bet. Blue 

Island av. and Morgan. 
Connors Simon, lab., h. Sebor, nr. Jefferson. 
Connors William, lab., h. n. s. Kramer, nr. 

Connory Thomas, lab., bds. n. e. cor. Tyler 

and Franklin. 
Conomey John, tailor, 14 W. Randolph, bds. 

Conover Jonathan, weighmaster, Walker & 

Brunson, h. s. s, W. Washington, w. 

Couow Wilhelm, finisher, F. Letz, h. 3. s. 

Catherine, nr. Halsted. 
Conrad Adam, wagonmaker, h. 439 N. Clark. 
Conrad Anton, h. 147 Kinzie. 
Conrad Andrew, carpenter, h. 135 Green Bay. 

Conrad Geis, furniture dealer, 301 Blue Island' 
av., h. same. 

Conrad George, ship carpenter, h. e. s. Sedg- 
wick, nr. Schiller. 

Conrad George V., bookkeeper, N, K. Fair- 
bank k Co., bds. 109 Wabash av. 

Conrad Jacob, carpenter, h. 186 N. Dearborn. 

Conrad Jacob G., banker, 47 Clark, h. 244 
Wabash ar. 

Conrad Vincent, with Merchant's Savings Loan 
& Trust Co., bds. 48 Van Biiren. 

Conrad William, tailor, h. 38 Wesson. 

CoiiraShs Aaron, expres.sman, h 446 N. Clark. 

Conraths Peter J., porter, Byron,. Rice & Co., 
h. 71 G-reen Bay rd. 

Conro Albert, (L A. Hasbrouck k Co.,)h. Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Conrov Ann, wid. Michael, drvgoods, 302 S, 

Conroy James, confectioner, 87 Clark. 

Conroy James P., baker, h, 395 S. Canal. 

Cc^nroy John A., pedler, h. S. Canal, nr. Polk, 

Conroy Joseph, tailor, 1(»4 N. Water, h. same, 

Conroyd James engineer, h. 63 W. Kinzie. 

Consedine Mrs. J., h. 203 Michigan st. 

Conscdine William, lab., h. 719 Michigan 

Considine Michael, salesman Frisbie Bro.=!., 
h. cor. Rucker and Sampson. 

Consor Frederick, express, h. s. s. Front, betl 
Noble and Reuben. 

Consor Joachim, lab., h. 319 Milwaukee av. 

Constance William I., builder, h. 313: La Salle, 

Constantino Dennis H., brush maker, h: May 
cor. W. Indiana. 

Constantine James, nightwatcbman, bds. Me- 
tropolitan Hotel. 

Constantine John, wagon maker, bds. 233 Blue 
Island av, 

Constine Mary Miss, tailoress, h, s. 3 W. Mad- 

A. Hoffman, 47 La Salle. 

Contillio .iohn, lab., C. H. McCormick & Bros. 

Continental Hotel, Robert V. Vickers, 16 N, 

Pliillips & Co., Clark, n. e, c. Lake. 

Contlay John, lab., h. W. Halsted, bet. Indi- 
diana and Hubbard, 

Convay Thomas, lab., N. Division. 

Convent and Academy of St. Francis Xavier, 
Wabash av., s. of St. Mary's Church. 

Convent and Academy of St. Agatha, Michi- 
gan av., bet. 25th and 26th. 

Convent and Academy of the Sacred Hearty 
Tyler, cor. Rucker. 

Convent of the Benedictine Fathers, Chicago 
av., n. e. c, Cass. 

Convent of the Benedictine Nuns, r. 340 Chi- 
cago av. 

Convent of the Cliristian Brothers, S. Des 
Plaines, op. St. Patrick's Church. 

Convent of the School Sisters, adjoining St, 
Michael's Church. 

Convent of the Sisters of Charity, op. Cathe- 
dral of the Holy name. 

Convent of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd 
N. Market, cor. Division. 

Convese Barrett, police, h, 102 S. Dea Plaines, 





^ConversR Eliab, A., (Converse & Young,) h. 

StaffordviUe, Ct. 
Converse James (Rev.,) Church Holy Fami- 
ly, W. 12tli, nr. Blue Isbind, h. same. 
•Converse & Young, (E. A. Converse and J. C. 

Young,) car wheel founders, 3rd av. nr. 

12 th. 
•Conway Charles, lab., h. 241 Munroe. 
Conway Charles, porter, Pollard & Doan«. 
€onway Daniel, teamster, h. Market, cor. Van 

■Conway Dennis, lab., h. r. 5th av., bet. •12th 

and 14th. 
■Conwav Edward, (Fleming & Conway,) bd.-^. 

1()7 W. Adams. 
"COXWAY FIREIXS. CO. of Boston, Miller & 

Willmarth agts., 150 S. Water. {See 

advt. p. ) 
Conway James, drayman, h.cor. Sampson and 

Conway Jaines, grocer, h. 134 Fulton. 
Conway James, (James Conway &Bro.,) h. 134 

•Conway James, lab., h. w. s. Union, s. 

Conway James J., lieut., 113th 111. Vol., h. 5 S. 

May, nr. 11th. 
Conway James V., trader, h. ■248 N. Wells. 
•Conway John, lab., h. 22(5 Monroe. 
Conway John, shoemaker, 729 Clark, h. same. 
Conway John, wireworker, 51 Lake, bds. 158 

Conway Michael, lab., 13^ Monroe. 
Conway Owen, expressman, h, Sampson bet. 

Rncker and Throop. 
Conway Patrick, blacksmith, h. Douglas av., 

nr. S6ih. 
Conway Patrick, foreman John S. Buchanan, 

51 Lake. 
Conway Patrick, lab., C. B. & Q. R. YL depot. 
Conway Patrick, lab., h. n. s. Meagher, 

bet Jefferson and Canal. 
Conway Patrick, wireworker, 51 Lake, h. 15S 

Conway Richard, carpenter, h. Egan av., bet. 

Cottage Grove av. and Vincennes rd. 
Conway Richard F., (James Conwav & Bro-,) 

h. 136 Fulton. 
Conway Lawrence J., com. mer., IIX. CanalM 

h. 107 W. Adams. V 

Conway Stephen lab., h. e. s. 4th av., nr. 14'h. 
Conway Thomas, brass moulder, bds. 37 W. 

Conway Thomas, lab., h. s. s. nr. Dearborn. 
Conway Walter, lab., n. s. 22d, nr. Grov^e. 
Conwas James & Bro., (James and Richard F. 

Conway,) grain and com. mer., 65 and 67 

W. Lake. 
Conwager John, lab., M. S. &N. L R. R. 
Coogan Laurence, lab., h. Tyler, cor. Wells. 
Coiigan Thomas, lab., Chicago Hide andLealh- 

er Co. 
Coogin Edmund, lab,, Tavlor, cor. Wells. 
Cook A., soldier, h. 385 Wells. 
Cook Alexander, (Cook & McLain,) bds. Lake 

View House. 
Cook Alfred, confectionery, 135 N. Wells, h. 

Cook Mrs. Amanda S... boarding, 229 Michigan. 

Cook Mrs. Amelia, h. s. s. Green, w. N. Wells. 
Cook Andrew, drover, h. Kankakee, nr. 29th. 
Cook Ansell B., (W. & A. B. Cook,) h. 43 

Cook Aporionius, cooper, h. 30 Chicago av. 
Cook Arlon M,., agt. Vant, Cook & Vezey, bds. 

67 N. Peoria. 
Cook C. N., salesman, h. Division, s. w. cor, 

N. Clark. 
Cook Charles, machinist, h. 56 Foster. 
Cook Carlos A.., general agt., h. 158 W. Adams. 
Cook Cailos A., bds. Stewart House. 
Cook Charles E., builder, h. n. s. Washington 

av., bet. Wood and Paulina. 
Cook Charles, lab., h. William, nr. Throop. 
Cook Charles W., wood and coal, cor. Market 

and Adams, h. 14 Willard pi. 
Cook Christian, sailor, h. 12th, nr. Blue Island 

Cook County Agricultural Society, office 204 

Cook Edward, paperpedler, h. n. e. cor. Green 

and W. Jackson. 
Cook Edward, salesman, 39 Lake, bds. 219 

Cook Edwin, shipping clerk, George W. King 

& Co., bds. 260 W. Adams. 
Cook George, carpenter, bds. 135 N. Wells. 
Cook George C, (G. C. Cook & Co.,) h. 29S 

Wabash av. 
Cook George D., bookkeeper, J. E. Ingersoll, 

bds. 229 Michigan. 
Cook Gporge M. , traveler George W. King & 

Co., h. 22 Pearce. 
Cook George T., bookkeeper Reed & Bushnell. 
Cook George W., bookkeeper, bds. 140 W. 

Cook Gerry G., traveling agt., M. S. R. R., h. 

89 Aberbeen. 
Cook Mrs. Gustavus, h. e. s. Lock, nr. 20th. 
Cook H. D., traveling agt. H. W. Adams & 

Hitchcock, 65 S. Water. 
Cook Henry, bds. 293 Wabash av. 
Cook Henry, bookkeeper, Rosenfeld & Rosen- 
berg, bds. 89 Van Buren. 
Cook Henry W. (G. C. Cook & Co.,) bds. 293 

Wabash av. 
Cook Homer, lawver and war clnim attorney, 

12 and 13 Dickey's bldg., h. Waukegan. 
Cook Horace, (Vant, Cook & Vezey,) h Woon- 

socket, R. I. 
Cook Isaac, bds. 143 Monroe. 
Cook Jacob, meat market, 226^- Clark, h. 

Cook J. F„ bookkeeper, W. B. Keen. 
Cook Jacob, shoemaker, bds. n. s. Archer rd,, 

bet. Bonfield and Main. 
Cook James, dyer, Cook & McLain, h. 123 

Cook Jesse, boarding, 23 Michigan av. 
Cook Joel, boots and shoes, 141 Milwaukee av., 

h. sam"e. 
Cook John, carpenter, bds. n. s. Meagher, nr. 

Cook John, cigars and tobacco, 181 3d av., h. 

Cook John H., conductor M. C. R. K, h. 547 

Cook John, lab., h. Coolidsre, nr. Loomis 





Cook John, soldiL-r, h. 131 N. Market. 
Cook John G., c;rocer, Clybourn av., co:-. Mo- 
hawk, h. same. 
Cook Joseph, h. S14 W. Madison. 
Cook Josi'ih P., livery stable, 140 W. Madison, 

h. 140 W. Mojiioe. 
Cook Julius, housemover, h. 198 Milwaukee av. 
Cook Lafayette, veal estate, h. 33*7 W. Ran- 
Cook Lewis, barber, h 100 Indiana. « 

Cook Margaret, wid. Edward D., dressmaker, 

46Y State. 
Cook Margaret, wid. Theodore, h. 208 Ewing, 
Cook Maria, wid. George, shirtiuaker, 12.5 Van 

Buren, h. same. 
Cook Mark R., carpenter, h. 199 State. 
Cook Meredith, porter, Mead- & Johnson, h. 

43 Nevins, 
Cook Moses, sailor, bds. Cass, cor. White. 
Cook Orestes P., housemover, h. 109 3d. 
Cook P. H., shoemaker, bds. n. s. Archer rd., 

bet. Bonfield and M 'in. 
Cook Thomas, miller, h. s. e. cor. Desplaines 

.and North. 
Cook Thomas, lab., h. Sampson, nr. Loomis. 
Cook Thomas, miller Rickard & Beierlein. 
Cook Thomas E., cigar manfr., 407^ S. Clark. 
Cook Thomas F., saloon 94 Wells, h. same. 
Cook Tovisah, boarding, 161 Sedgwick. 
Cook Willard, (W. and A. B. Cook,) h. 385 

W. Adams. 
Cook. G. C. & Co., (George C. Cook, Fred- 
erick Fischer, Henry W. Cook and Leioy 
Swormstedt,) whol. grocers, 1(5 and 18 
COOK, HOMER & CO., (Homer Cook and 
Charles E. Simmons,) bounty and war 
claim and collection agts., Dickey's 
bldg.. Dearborn cor. Lake. 
COOK & McLAIN, (Alexander Cook, William 
MeLain,) tailors and dyers, 98 Dearborn 
and 123 Clark. 
Cook W. & A. B., (Willard and Ansel B. 
Cook,) stonecutters, cor. Market and 
Cooke A., lab., h. nr. Sand's Brewery. 
Cooke Ghar]#s C, -lass stainer, h. 313 State. 
COOKE D. B., American Express Co., office, 

h. 343 Michigan av. 
Cooke E. T., salesman, Kraefft & Co., bds. 

Foster House. 
Cooke Elias, glass stainer, 313 State, h. 32G 


Cooke Elias Mr^, milliner, 326 State. 
COOKE HENRY, oyster and fish packer, 12 

Claik, bds. Tremont House. 
COOKE NICHOLAS F., (Cooke & Floto,) 
homcEpathic physician, 4 and 6 Methodist 
church blk., bds. Sherman House. 
COOKE & FLOTO, (Nicholas F. Cooke and 
John H. Flotd,) homoepathic physicians, 
4 and 6 Methodist church blk. 
Cookson Charles, clerk recorder's office, h. 

Lake View. 
Coolbaugh W. F., (W. F. Coolbaugh & Co.,) 

h. 381 Ontario. 
Coolbaugh W. F. & Co., (William F. Cool- 
baugh and Francis W. Brooks,) bankers, 
n. w. cor. Lake and LaSalle. 

Cooley Albert, (col'd) waiter, 8*7 Clark. 
Cooley Asahel, (Cooley & Brother,) bds. Stew- 
art House. 
Cooley C. G., (Sherman, Cooley & Co.,) bds. 

Briggs House. 
Cooley Francis B., (Cooley, Farwcll & Co..) 

h. Hartford ct. ' " 

Cooley Gilbert M., (Cooley & Ilosmer,) bds. 

288 State. 
Cooley John C, bartender, h. s. o. cor. S. 

lialsted and Meagher. 
Cooley Martin, lab., Elston rd.,nr. Clybourn 

Cooley M. F., carpenter, h. 1st., bet. Curtis 

and Carpenter. 
Coolev P. F.,, (Cooley & Bro.,) room Stewart 

Cooley Roland, moulder, h. 23 W. Washing- 
Cooley Silas P., lab., h. s. e. cor. S. Ualsted 

and Meagher. 
Cooley William M., clerk Ewing, Briggs & Co. 
COOLEY, FARWELL & CO., (Francis B. 
Cooley, John V. Farwell and Marshall 
Field,) dry goods, 42, 44 and 46 Wabash 
COOLEY & BROTHER (Asahel Cooley and 
Pulaski J. Cooley,) mufrs. Cooley's anti 
freezing pump, 55 and 67 Clark. {See 
culvf. coVdJiy leaf.) 
Cooley & Hosni^r, (G. M. Cooley, Stephen T. 
Hosmer and Elliot Bradley,) com. mers., 
229 S. Water, up stairs. 
Coombs Eliza J., teacher, Foster school, bds. 

S3 Sangaraon. 
Coolman Elias, waiter, (col'd) h. 67 Sherman. 
Coombs George, clerk, h. 186 W. Monroe. 
Coombs George, grocer, 316 Milwaukee av. 
Coombs James, foreman Henry M. Coombs, 

h, 83 S. Sangomon. 
Coombs Jane Mrs., wid. George, h. 186 Mon- 


Coombs Henry M., sash, door and blinds, 

Mather, cor. Beach, h. 83 S. Sangamon. 
Coomer Thomas, distiller, h. Blanche, ur. El- 

ston rd. 
Coon A, tailor, 406 Clark, h. same. 
Coon Rennselaer, clerk E. Holiistcr & Co.j, 

bds. 176 Adams, 
ooney Annie, wid. Michael, h. 16 N. Peoria, 
-looney Daniel, bds. Illinois, bet. Dearborn 

and Wolcott. 
Cooney Edward, stonecutter, h. cor Wells 

and Van Ruren. 
Cooney J. fireman I. C. R. R. 
Cooney John, fireman R. R., h. 47 Polk. 
Cooney James, lab. h. s. s. Forquer, nr. Jeffer- 

Cooney James, lab. h. 257 W. Kinzie. 
Cooney Matthew, moulder, h. 30 Foster. 
Cooney Patrick, lab. h. cor. Coolidge and 

Cooney Thomas, M. S. & N. L R. R. 
Coonrod E. A. lab. M. S. & N. L R. R. 
Cooper AHred, shoemaker, h. s. s. Division.. 

'nr. N. LaSalle. 
Cooper Anna M., asst. teacher Franklin school, 

bds. 95 Oak. 
Cooper Charles, sailor, h. 80 Ewing. 
Cooper Charles, stonecutter, h. 327 Wells. 





Cooper E. Mason, cashier Am. Ex. Co., bds. 

Briggs House. 
Cooper George, police, h. cor. Randolph and 

Cooper G'.'Orge A., printer, h. 268 State. 
<!!ooper Hugh, jr., tailor Frank Kellv, bds. 23-t 

Cooper James F., carpenter, h. 118 Fulton. 
Cooper James H., shoemaker, h. 149 Quincy. 
Cooper John, painter, h. 93 Pearson. 
Cooper 0. A., messenger Am. Ex. Co. 
Cooper Ft. M., trunkmaker, bds. 852 Clark. 
Cooper Richard, drayman J. L. Chapman. 
Cooper Thomas B., clerk P. O. 
Cooper Thomas C, engineer, h. w.s. Clark, bet. 

I'Zth and 18"h. 
Cooper Tli^mas W,, printer, bds. '76 Quincy. 
Cooper William F., salesman, 16-4 Lake, h. 76 

Cooper Wdliam, grocer, h. 751 Wabash av. 
Cooper William, trav. agt., h. Clybourn av., 

nr. distillery, N. Branch. 
Coots Henry H., clerk S. C. Griggs, bds. 240 

Coots William A., fruit dealer, 1 Pomeroy 

bldg., bds. Clifton House. 
Co03ier Samuel M., lab. bds. 12'h, ni-. 4th av. 
Cope Marcus, butcher, h. 230 3d av. 
Cope Matthias, h. 436 3d av. 
Copeland Charles C, lawyer, 11 McCormick 

Copelin Thomas, packer F. P. Thayer, 130 

Lake, h. s. s. Park av. w. Leavitt, 
Copner James, moulder, bds. Cottage Grove 

av. nr. 25th. 
Copp VVMlliam, teamster, h. Cottage Grove av. 

nr. 29th. 
Copp Amasa C, conductor N. W. R. R., h. 156 

Copp Seth, engineer, h. 590 State. 
Copson Henry C, (Mooers k. Copson,) bds. 

Alliance House. 
Coquillard Alexis T., room 12, Ewing's blk. 
Corbet James, sailor, h. 39 Wolcott. 
Corbet Patrick, fireman, h. N. Desplaines, nr. 

Corbet William, lab. h. Pearl, nr. Pratt. 
Corbett Edward H., sailor, h. 80 Sedgwick. 
Corbett James, clerk 153 S. Water, h. 43 

Corbett John, lab. h. 334 S. Clinton. 
Corbett John T., clerk, h. 58 Pearce. 
Corbett Michael, lab. h. nr. cor. Ringgold pi. 

and State. 
Corbett William, lab. C. & X. W. R. W., h. 

3d, nr. Milwaukee av. 
Corbett Wallace W., (Emery & Co.,) bds. 375 

Wabash av. 
Corbidge John, h. cor. Wood and IJinzie. 
Corbidge John E.. clerk E. H. Sargent, bds. 

SB and 40 Franklin. 
Corbin Calvin R., trav. agt. J. W. Doane & 

Co., bds. 226 Ontario. 
Corbin Daniel W., agt. for Peter Corbin, to- 
bacconist, 65 Clark, bds. Sherman House. 
Corbit Franklin, carpenter, bds. cor. Sherman 

and Polk. 
Corbit Michael Rev., Church of Holy Family, 

w. 12th, nr. Blue L av. 

Corbit Owen, lab., h. Williams, bet. Rucker 

and Aberdeen. 
Corblev Peter, foreman Collins & Burgle, h. 

233 S. Jefferson. 
Corbry Richard, sailor, n. s. Pearc^e pi, 
Corck' William, U. S. army-, h. 113 Wesson. 
Corckery Miss Catharine, seamstress, bds. n e. 

cor. Lime and Archer rd. 
Corckery Daniel, cooper, bds. n e. cor. Lime 

and Archer rd. 
Corckery Mrs. J., wid. John, h. n e. cor. Lime 

and Archer rd. 
Corcoran Daniel, cooper, bds. cor. Archer rd. 

and Lime. 
Corcoran Dennis, lab., h. s. s. DeKoven, nr. 

Corcoran Ellen, wid. John, h. 194 Forquer. 
Corcoran Frank, lab., h. 110 W. Taylor. 
Corcoran Henry, blacksmith, h. n e. cor. W. 

Jackson and Halsted. 
Corcoran James, saloon, cor. Cottage Grove 

and 30th, h. same. 
Corcoran John T., propr. Hatch's Hotel, 29 N. 

Corcoran Margaret, wid. Patrick, h. s. s. W. 

Kinzie, nr. Desplaines. 
Corcoran Matthew, cooper, bds. 110 W. Tav- 

Corcoran Michael, h. w. s. 4th av. nr. r2th. 
Corcoran Peter, carpenter, h. e. s. Green Bay 

rd., nr. Dyer. 
Corcoran Peter (Rev.), St. James' R. C. Church, 

h. Calumet av. nr. 26th. 
Corcoran Robert, soldier, h. n. s. 19th, nr. 

Cord Thomas, lab., cor. X. Market and Whi- 
Cordelia Frank, pianist, Arlington, Leon & 

Donniker's Minstrels, bdS Hamilton House. 
Cordes Henrv, lab., h. 87 8d. 
Cordes Henry, lab. R. I. R. R., h. 14th, bet. 

Clark and State. 
CORDES GUSTAYUS, bottling establishment, 

and saloon, 174 and 176 Illinois, h. same. 
Cordes Lewis, clerk, bds. 127 X. Wells. 
Cordingly Thomas, sailor, h. 11 Cass. 
Cordon Hickman, clerk, bds. 2G0 W. Adams. 
Cordwell Robert, butcher, h. Myrick av. nr. 

Corel William L., carpenter, h. 180 X. Jeffer- 
Cory Charles W., carpenter, h. 93 Peoria. 
Corey David A., salesman, D. B. Fisk, bds 614 

Wabash av. 
Corey Francis E., (Corey & Dwight,) h. 426 

W. Lake. 
Corey Milo, carpenter, bds. r. 738 State. 
Corey Patrick, teamster, h. 124 Sedgwick. 
Corey & Dwight, (Francis E. Corey and Ama- 
sa F. Dwight,) lumber dealers. Canal, bet. 

Lake and Randolph. 
Corgan Xicholas, lab., h. w. s. Arnold, bet. 

19th and 20th. 
Corigan James, blacksmith, bds. 25 W. Lake. 
Corigan Richard, blacksmith, 293 State, h. 339 

Corigan Thomas, G. & C. U. R. R. 
Coriston John T., car painter, bds. s yv. cor. 

Market and Madison. 






Paper of Every Description. 



Rialed und Flaisi Paper, 
Colored Print Paper, Mediums, &c., &s. 



k» ^'^^ ^ ^ u isj ^) i] ^li m w isj ® 

l¥©r jtMittf la the FapeF Liae« 






Corker John H., bookkeeper, C. H. McGor- 
miek & Bros., bds. 12 Rush. 

Corkner George, teamster, h. 304 S. Clark. 

Corkney David, blacksmith, P. W. Gates & 

Coi'kren James, harnessmaker, h. Michigan, s 
w. cor. Wolcott. 

Corl Cornelias, machinist, bds. 318 S. Clark. 

Corler Redmond, mason, h. Indiana, cor. 

Corlett Cffisar D., engineer Chicago Mills, h. 
133 Huron. 

Corlett Robert, engineer, h. 71 J- Indiana. 

Corley Denni<, h. 191 Market. 

Corlin Joh;), drayman, b. 17o X. Desplaines. 

Corlis Patrick C.', lab., h. 147 Hubbard. 

Corliss Patrick, tailor, h. 4 Franklin. 

Corliss Patrick C, moulder, h. 88 X. Green. 

Corman Henry, carpenter, h. Cottage Grove 
av. nr. 26 th. 

Cormany S. G., travelinf agt., h. 341 Indiana. 

Cornelius August, harnessmaker, h. 13 X. Des- 

P. Carter, atrt., 8 Board of Trade bldg. 

Cornell John, M.' S. & N. I. R. R. 

Cornell Morris, M. S. & X. I. R. R. 

Cornell A. W., musician, h. 183 X. Wells. 
• Cornell David D., late conductor, I. C. R. R., 
h. 72 X. Sangamon. 

Cornell J. L., fruit store, 144 X. Clark, h. 

Cornell James W., conductor, h. 49 Prairie. 

(orncll Lewis, (L. Cornell i: Co.,) h. C'.lumet 
av. bet. 25th and 2tjih. 

Cornell Paul, (Clark, Cornell .t Xorton,) h. 
171 Michigan av. 

Cornell L. & Co. (Lewis Cornell and TuUy C. 
Estee,) sewing machines, 133 Lake. 

Cornes Charles, lab., h. 44 W. Indiana. 

CORXIXG JOHX S., agt. X. Y. C. R. R. h. 99 

Cornish Xicholas, blacksmith, bds. 41 S. Canal. 

Cornisky Hugh, clerk, M. S. R. R. depot, h. 
237 W. Taylor. 

Cornstalk Henry, clerk, bds. 31 4th av. 

Cornway Patrick, wire worker, h. 158 Sedg- 

Cornway Patrick, jr., butcher, h. 138 Sedg- 

Cornwell Benjamin, carpenter, h. Cottage 
Grove av., nr. city limits. 

Cornwell Clark, (Cornwells & Elliott,) bds. 285 

Cornwell Cornelius, (Cornwells k Elliott,) 
h. Ypsilanti Mich. 

Cornwell Harvey, (Cornwells &;Eliott,) h. Ann 
Arbor. Mich. 

Cornwell Henry, (Coruv^'ells & Elliott,) h. Ann 
Arbor, Mich. 

Cornwell Thoujas K., weighmaster, bds. Myr- 
ick House. 

Cornwell William J., (Wood, Lawrence and 
Cornwell,) h. Newaygo, Mich. 

CORNWELLS & ELLIOTT, (Cornelius Corn- 
well, Harvey Cornwell, Henry Cornwell, 
Clark Cornwell and Frank L. Elliott,) 
paper warehouse, 86 Dearborn, (See adv. 

Corps Frederick W., cabinetmaker, li. 73 Polk. 

Carr Robert, lab., h. Clybouru av. nr. distillery, 

N. Bianch. 
Corrigan James, drayman, b. 226 X.\- 

Corrigan James, saloon, e. s. Lime, bet. C. A. 

& St. L. R. R..and Archer rd. 
Corry Charles W., h. 521 Clarl-. 
Corrigan Andrew J., packer, h. cor. 18th and 

Corrigan Ludwig, lab, h. r. 515 State. • 
Cor'Vigan Michael, cor. Green and Monroe. 
Corrigan Patrick, carpenter, h. cor. 2'Jtli 

and Prairie av. 
Corrigan Patrick, drayman, h. Mitchel, n. w. 

cor. Canal. 
Corris Ease, merchant, h. 42 X. Franklin. 
Corson William S., dealer in wrapping papjr, 

h. Sedgwick, n. e. cor. Dyer. 
Corter William, mason, h. Indiana av. cor. 

Corthell Elmer, clerk, 118 Lake, bds. Michi- 
Corthell John L., salesman, Pearson & Dana, 

h. 113 Michigan av. 
Corthy D. AV'-, cleaner, I. C. R. R. machine 

Corthy Thomas, car repairer, T. C. R. R. depot. 
Cortis John, lumber inspector, Franklin Eme- 
ry, h. 18 14th. 
Cortz Michael, tailor, h. cor. Ar.-her rd. and 

Cory David, lab., h. r. 6 Sherman. 
Cory David C, salesman. Smith & Dwyer, 94 

Cory Patrick, teamster, B. Adams & Co. 
Coryell Charles, (Day, Allen & Co.) h. 328 

Wabash av. 
Cosban Charles G., carpenter, h. n. s. Loewe, 

w. N. Wells. 
Cosgrove Honora, wid. Patrick, h. 326 S. Des- 

Cosgrove John, lab., h. Coolidge, bet. L.ifiia 

and Reuben. 
Cosgrove John, lab., h. 314 S. DesPiaines. 
Cosgrove Nora, wid., Barclay, h. 326 S. Des- 

Cosgrove Patrick, sailor, h. n. s. Barber, nr. 

Cosgrove R. B., bookkeeper, h. 406 X. Mar- - 

Cosman Charles, butcher, h. 153 Archer rd. 
Cossen Henry, (col'd,) lab., h. 279 4th av. 
Cossette William W., painter, bds. 30 and 32 

W. Madison. 
Cossev William, lab., h. w. s. Larrabee, nr. , 

Black Hawk. 
Cossitt Frank D., h. 562 W. Lake. 
Costello Bridget, wid. John, h. 113 X. Market. 
Costello John, pedler, M. A Devine, bds. 221 

Costello Patrick, lab., s. s. Water, bet. 20th. 

and Sigel. 
Costello Richard, carpenter, h. 152 Quincy. 
Costello Thomas, machinist, I. C. R.- R. ma- 
chine shop. 
Coster John, h. w. s X. Wells, nr. Green. 
Coter Charles, groeer, h. 339 Clark. 
Cottage Grove Seminary, w. s. Indiana a.'., nr. 




HALPIN^ & bailey's 


Cottar Jolm, lab., h. in-, cor. W. Jackson, and 

S. Halsie.l. 
COTTELL THOMAS G. LI., com. mer., 6 

Looinis bMg. 
Cotter P., machinist, "h. 185 N. Clark. 
Cottino; E. Francis, bookkeeper, H. & R. B. 

Wluttemoio, bds. 11 Willard pi. 
COTTLE WALTER P. agent.. Virtue, Yorston 

&Co., 14 Callioun bldg., 117 Clark, bds. 

24 Washington. 
CottreU Charles, propr. Xew York IIouse,*cor. 

Market and Madison. 
Cottrcll AVilliam S., trav. agent., E. Richard. 

sou, h. Amboy, 111. 
["ouch John, blac'ksmitb, bds 223 S. Canal. 
Couch Oliver T., agent, U. S. Ex. Co.. Rock I, 

depot, h 459 S. Clark. 
Couch Theodore S., brakeman, C. &R. L R. R. 

bds. 459 Clark. 
Coucher Richard M., com. mer., h. 136 

S. Peoria. 
Coughlan S. John, lab., h. 139 W. Adams. 
Coughlan Thomas, housoraiser, h. ^7 W. 

Couglin Bryan, drayman, h. 106 AV. Adams. 
Coughlin Christopher, drayman, Cupples & 

Marston, h. Front, nr. Rucker., 
Coughlin James, varnislier, bds. 174 W. Polk. 
Coughlin Julia, h. lUO Kinzie. 
Coughlin Mai-y, wid. Michael, h. s. s. Washing- 
ton av., nr. Lincoln. 
Coughlin Michael, grocer, 425 Wells, h. same. 
Coughlin Tlionias, saloon, 292 State. 
Coughlin William, drayman, C. H. Beckwith, 

h 292 Statt-. 
Coughlin William II., meatmarkct, 243 W. 

Randolph, h 241 W. Randolph. 
Coughrai; Washington, carpenter, h. 322 

Couihan Cornelius, currier, h. Ogden Slip, 

nr. Archer rd. ' 
Couit Catharine, wid. William, h. 80 Mather. 
Coulson Henry (j., tailor, h. n. s. Milwaukee 

av., nr. Jane. 
Coulton A. M. F., builder, h. 230 Ontario. 
Counsel John, sailor, h 1 Chip. 
Countiss R. II., -rocer and tea dealer, 805 

State, h. \\';il,:)^h av., nr. 18th. 
County Agents OHieo, 55 State. 
County clerk's Office, 4 Court House. 
County Coroner's Office, 11 Court House. 
County Court-room, 5 Court House. 
County Supervisors' room, 3 Court House. 
County Surveyor's Office, 14 Court House. 
County Trea^urer's Office, 13 Court House. 
Couper Edward, bookkeeper, William Aitchi- 

son, jr 
Coursen Abram P., foreman, N. W. Elevator, 

bds. 139 Adams. 
CGTRT HOUSE, Randolph, bet. Clark and La 

Court Louis, helper, A. F. Croskey, h. W. Chi- 
cago av., nr. the river. 
Courtright Jeremiah, collector, h. 12th nr. 

Courtney Thonnis, bricklayer, h. Sholto, bet. 
Taylor and lltli., bds. Clark, nr. Van 
Courvoisier Ulysse, 216 Randolph. 

Cousselle Joseph, clerk, L. C. Hall, 160 S. 

Cousins Gustavus A., canal inspector, h. 17 S. 

Covel E G. Mrs., boarding, 66 Monroe, 
Covel Zenas, tailor, h. 61 W. Kinzie. 
Covell Charles, lab,, h. Finnel nr. Stewart av. 
Covell Charles. (Kellogg & Covell,) h. 474 Wa- 
bash av 
Coventry Alexander C, (Coventry & Rouu- 

tree,) h. Cass cor. Erie. 
Coventry & Rountree, (A. C. Coventry and 

John M. Rountree,) lawyers, 4 Exchange 

Bank bldg. 
Cover Jerome, shoemaker, h. 19 Hinsdale. 
Coveit Abraham H., com. mer., 182 S. Water, 

bds. Orient House. 
Covert H. H., publisher, bds. Metropolitan 

Covev Francis- E., lumber, 16 C.mal, h. 426 

W. Lake. 
Covey James, conductor, C. & R. I. R. R., h. 

221 Griswold. 
Cowan Albert C. receiver, W. Union, HI. 

and Miss. Telegraph Co., bds. Metropoli- 
tan Hotel. 
Cowan Charles H., (C. H. Cowan & Co.,) bds. 

Briggs House. 
Cowan George, 18 La Salle. 
Cowan John F., h. w. s. Robey, bet. Jackson 

and VanBuren. 
Cowan John S., bookkeeper, J. Farr, jr., bds. 

489 Wabash av. 
Cowan C. H. & Co., (Charles H. Cowan,) com. 

mers., 241 Lake. 
Cowdery A. A., lieutenant, U. S. A., h 143 

Cowdery Hiram C. W., carpenter, h. 256 

Cowc Mrs., washwoman, Halsted, bet. Wash- 
ington and Madison. 
Cowen Henry, butcher, h. u. s. Archer rd., bet. 

20th. and Bonfield. 
Cowen John, carpenter, bds. 204 S. Desplaines. 
Cowin Patiick, lab., h. 5 Franklin. 
C^'wen Thomas, carpenter, bds. 9 S. Rucker. 
Cowen Thomas, lab., h. Douglas av., nr. 30th. 
Cowen William, machinist, h. 29th, nr. 

Calumet av. 
Cowen William H., mnfr. and dealer in hair 

work, 185^ Clark, h. same. 
Cowen Mrs. Margaret, b. 84 N. Peoria. 

Cowies , lawyer, bds. 64 Wabash av. 

Cowles Alfred, (Tribune Co.,) h. 570 W. Lake. 
Cowli'S James A., clerk, Goodwin, Lamed & 

Cowles Jonathan A., notions whol., 133 S. ' 

Water, h. 95 Jack.-^on. 
Cowles William, lumber, W. Lake, cor. N. 

Canal, bds. W. Randolph, c. Halsted. 
Cowley Edmund, lab , bds. W. Wilson, bet. 

Canal and Stewart av. 
Cowjier George, carriagemaker. Hicks, 132 

W. Lak^'. 
Cox A. J., (Cox & Donohue,) h. 4th, s. w. cor. 

Cox George, miller, h. Clybourn av., nr. dis- 
tillery, N. Branch. 
Cox J. W., clerk, 16 Lake. 





"ox Jes?e, capt., h. 198 Michigan. 

Jox Louis, (Johu M. Green & Co.,) h. 24(3 X. 

• Wells. 
Cox Thomas, cooper, h. 131 Hubbard. 
Cox William, clerk gen'l freight agts. office, 

C. B. & Q. R. R., h. 198 Superior. 
Cox William, distiller, h. cor. Blanche and 

Cox William, harnessmaker, h. 207 W. Har- 
COX WILLIAM, proprietor Girard House, op. 

L C. R. R. Depot. 
Cox & Donohue, (A.. J. Cox and Michael A. 

Donohue,) bookbinders, 25 Clark. 
Coy Frank D., foreman H. A. Pitts & Co., bds 

23 S. Jefferson. 
Coy John Bertram, piano forte mnfr., Lyman 

Phelps, bds. City Hotel. 
Coy Miller, carpenter, bds. 23 S. Jefferson. 
Covle Michael, mason, h. 14th, nr. State. 
Coyle P., engineer, L C. R. R. 
Coyle P., cleaner, I. C. R. R. machine shop. 
Coyle Patrick, engineer h. e. s. Michigan av., 

bet, 12th and^l4th. 
Coyle James, lab.. 111. Stone Co. 
Coyle James, lab., h. 90 W. Polk. 
Coyle Patrick, lab., h. 5 Waubansia av. 
Coyle Peter, engineer, I. C. R. R., h. e. s. 

Michigan av., bet. 12th and 14th. 
Coyle Thomas, saloon and boarding, 183 X. 

Coyne Boss, pedler, h. 22 Union. 
Coyne Frank, engineer, 181 S. Jefferson. 
Coyne Luke, lab., h. s. s. South, bet. Brown 

and Halsted. 
Coyne Owen, lab., h. 108 Ontario. 
Coys Urbid, lab., C. H. McCormick & Bros. 
Crabb X., (Stevenson & Crabb.) 
Cradshaw Brad, porter, h. 3 Hinsdale. 
Ciaft George A., h. c. W. Adams and Hitch- 
Crafts E., physician, b. 151 3d. 
Crage William, carpenter C. k X. W. R. R. 

shop, bds. n. e. cor. Kinzie and Halsted. 
Cragin George D., (Cragin & Co.,) h. X. Y. 

Cragin Henry B., soliciter L. D. Olmsted & 

Co., bds. Ellis av., nr. Douglas pi. 
Cragin John, head waiter. Garden City House. 
Gragin & Co., (George D. Cragin, Edward 

Martin, jr., and John L, Hancock,) pack- 
ing house, office 19 Weils. 
Craig Charles, painter, h, 99 X. Carpenter. 
Craig Christopher W., miil agent, h. 132 S. 

Craig Eva, seamstress, 12 Rush, P, 0. box 

Craig J. H., h. 121 Rush. 
Craig Lewis, conductor, C. A. & St. L. E. 

R., bds. 218 Madison. 
Craig Samuel, grocer and provisions, 129 On- 
tario, h. same, 
Craig Theodore F., (Craig & McMaster,) bds. 

Tremont House. 
Craig Winafrad Mrs., wid. James, grocer, 97 

Chicago av., h. same. 
Craig & McMaster, (Theodore F. Craig and 

Charles McMaster,) com. mcrs., 120 S. 

Water, up stairs. 

Craigan John, butcher, h. Kossuth, nr. Dyer 

Crain J. A., lawyer, 121 Lake cor. Clark, 
room 9 Telegraph bldg., h. Harh'in, 

Craine John, shoemaker, h. n. s. South, nr. 

Crains Levi,"h. 289 State. 

Crainwell Wesley, cooper, h. 238 Huron. 

Crakard Xicholas, lab., h. 225 Franklin. 

Cram Charles H. with Doggett, Bassett & 
Hills, h. 85 Hinsdale. 

Cram Jacob A., lawyer, 4 Portland blk., h. 

Cram John S., clerk, 29 Lake, h. Whitney, nr. 
the lake. 

Cramb Isabella G., vest maker, 89 Ran- 

Cramer Adolph, clerk J. M. Stein, h. 150 3rd 

Cramer Daniel, stonecutter, h. s. s. Wil- 
liams, nr. Loomis. 

Cramer John, carpenter, s. s. 21st, bet. Clark 
and Arnold. 

Cramer John W., drover, w. s. State, bet. 2l3t 
and 22nd. 

Cramer Peter, carpenter, h. 15 Fisher's blk., 

Cramer Timothy, 153 S. Water. 

Cramew Edward, stomach bitters, h. 262 

Crandell I. E., clerk W. Van Fleet. 

Crandell E. J., cashier Am. Ex. Co., bds. 
Biiggs House. 

Crandell W. R., messenger Am. Ex. Co., bds. 
Briggs House. 

Crandel Alfred, hackman, 225 Madison. 

Crane Archibald M., billiards, 79 Dearborn, h. 

Crane Arza, (D. E. & A. Crane,) bds. 65 Wa- 
bash av. 

Crane Augusta, com. mer., h. 45 S. Jef- 

Crane Charles S., (R. T. Crane & Bro.,) h. 
Fulton, w. of Wood. 

Crane Danford E., (D. E. & A. Crane,) bds. 77 
Michigan av. 

Crane Frank, miller, h. 50 Prairie. 

Crane George W., steam fitter, bds. n. s. Ful- 
ton, bet. Lincoln and Wood. 

Crane Isaac A., merchant, h. 45 S. Jeffer- 

Crane Jane E., h. 167 W. Jackson. 

Crane John teamster, h. lo5 W. Clinton. 

Crane Heniy, silver plater, bds. 22S Clark. 

Crane Michael, blacksmith, h. 354 S. Clin- 

Crane Richard T., (R. T. Crane & Bro.,) h. 363 
W. Lake. 

Crane Samuel, boarding, 100 State. 

Crane Smith, brakesman I. C. R. R. h. 169 
4th av. 

Crane D. E. & A., (Danford E. and Arza 
Crane,) cheese and com. mer., 151 S. Wa- 

Crane R. T. & Bro., (Richard T., Charles S. 
Crane,) gas and steam pipe works, 102, 
and 104 and 106 W. Lake. 

Cranembreck Joseph, cook Sherman House. 

Crarey Janie.s, lab., h. s. s. Catherine, nr. 





(Jrannel Alfred, driver Francis Yott, h. cor. 

Madison and Franklin. 
Cranney James, policeman, h. 181 S. Halsted. 
Cranton John, head waiter Sam. Patrick's 

Cr^iny John, sailor, h. SOI Wells. 
Crapka Frederick, wafxonmaker Nick Kiihnen. 
Crapsar Stephen, painter, bd.-^. 57 N. Wells. 
Orary Judsoii R., bookkeeper, 109 Lake, bds. 

43 Michigan a v. 
Crary Nathan 0., yardmaster M. C. R. K., h. 

21)0 Ontario. 
Crarv Oliv-T A . (0. A. Crarv & Co.,) h, 861 

• W. Madison. 
Crary 0. A. & C, (Oliver A. Crary and David 

Mclntofh,) retail grocers, 3C''J W. Madi- 
CRATER ISAAC, photographic, 55 

Crause Ilein-y, shneniaker, h. 3;]7 Clark. 
Craut E. J., soldier, 411 Michigan av. 
Cravens William, job printer, 110 Lake, h. 

177 Ontario. 
Crawford Alexander M., lake captain, h. 132 

Crawford Arvilla, teacher Foster School. 
Crawford J. F., h. s. s. Division, nr. N. Frank- 
Crawford James, (Crawford & Carroll,) h. Wa- 
bash av. nr. 22d. 
Crawford Jason, painter, h. 335 Wolcott. 
Crawford Julin. dravman, h. 396 Indiana. 
Crawford Patrick, lab. h. 61 W. Indiana. 
Crawford Thomas, lab. h. 202 Indiana. 
Crawford William, Inn ber dealer, Chicago av.;e, h. 85 Chicago av. 
CRAWFORD & CAKOLL, (James Crawford, 

Cluirles E. Caroll,) bee palace lunfrs., 394 

Crawley Edwin, cooper, h. 30 Elm. 
Crayman Sarah, wid. Silas, h. nr. cor. Peoria 

and Monroe. 
Crayton S. T., physician, h. e. .s, Wabash av., 

"nr. 16th. 
Creagli Franci-^, porter Hubbard, Patteison k 

Co., bds. 265 Chicago av. 
Creagh Julin, cabinetmaker,!!. Coolidge, bet. 

Thi'oop and Loomis. 
Creagli Maiia Mrs., h. 275 Chicago av. 
Creagh Pierce, grocer, 196 W. Harrison, h. 

Creamer Charles, butcher, h. e. s. Lime, nr. 

C. A. & St. L. R. R. 
Crean Napoleon, junitor Bryan Hall, h. same. 
Crede Charles, tanner, h. s. s. Maxwell, bet. 

Canal and Jefferson. 
Creed Catherine, h. 143 W. Randolph. 
Creed Patrick, lab. h. Sebor, nr. Canal. 
Creed William, carpenter, h. Sampson, bet. 

Rucker :.nd Throop. 
Creedon Patrick, carpenter, bds. W. Maxwell, 

bet. Caniil and Stewart av. 
Creen Chiirles, check clerk Darand & Hyde, 

h. Selah, cor. Vedder. 
Cregier DeWitt, engineer Chicago Water 

Works,, h. 204 Pearson. 
Crego David R., (S. J. Hughes & Co.,) h. State 

2d door s. of 18th. 
Cregor Albert, lampmaker Jesup, Kennedy & 


CreiglTton M., teamster I. C. R. R. machine 

Creighton Williitn W., bookkeeper II. W. 
Wethercll, bds. City Hotel. 

Crcll Julius, pianoniiiker, h. 119 Townsend. 

Cremer Anton, tanner Chicago Hyde and 
Leather Co., h. 238 Sherman. 

Cremerius Caspar, shoemaker, 49 Chicago av. 
h. same. 

Cremier George, carpenter, h. Wells, nr. Tay- 

Cremieux Samuel, h. 312 State. 

Crench John, engineer, h. 99 Larrabeo. 

Creote Joseph, h. 540 W. Lake. 

Crepps Biss, lab. h. Northern av. nr. Cottage 
Grove a v. 

Crerar John, (Jesup, Kennedy & Co.,) bds. 
Sherman House. 

Cressey Russell M., photograpber, 127 Mon- 
roe, h. 130 W. Randolph. 

Cresswell Stephen, asst. bookkeeper Lill & 
Diversy, bds. same. 

Creswent Jane, h. 12 Ruckor. 

Crete Charles, lab. Chicago Hide and Leather 
Co., h. w. s. Maxwell, nr. Canal. 

Creton Patrick, lab. h. n. s. Washington, bet. 
Lincoln and Robey. 

Crickard Nicholas, (James C. Hennegen k 

Criderman George, farmer, h. 12 Fisher's blk. 

Creighton Samuel T., dentist, 32 Washington, 
h. Wabash av. nr. 16th. 

Crighton John, (Crighton & Rathborne,) h. 221 
W. Indiana. 

Crighton & Rathliorne, (John Crighton, R. W. 
Rathborne,) flour inspectors, 215 S. Wa- 

Crimerius Joseph, lab. h. Front, nr. Carpen- 

Crimmes Patiick, lab., h. 81 W. Indiana. 

Crimmins James, lab., 242 W. Market. 

Crinmen John, second engineer, Sherman 

Ciinncn Francis, h. Southern av., nr. Cottage 
Grove av. 

Crist William, cigars and tobacco, \v. s. N. 
Wells, nr. Schiller. 

Crisup John A., (coi'd.,) porter, bds. 149 4th 

Critol Jacob, mechanic, h. 25 Coventry. 

Crittenden Franklin, prod, and com. mer., 46 
N. Dearborn, h. 183 Fulton. 

Crittenden Harlo M., bookkeeper, Graves k 
Irvine, bds. 69 Michinan av. 

Croak John, carpenter, 550 State. 

Croak John, lab.. Hall & Winch. 

Croak William, butcher, h. s. s. Front, bet. 
Elizabeth and Rucker. 

Croake Philip, h. 203 Van Buren. 

Crocker William, (Leedora & Co.,) h. 56 Dear- 

Crocker William, traveling agent, 31 Michi- 
gan av. 

Crocker W. H. & Co., (William H. Crocker,) 
com. mer, 186| S. Water. 

Crockett Francis, carpenter, h s. s. 24th, bet. 
Calumet av. and Kankakee av. 

Croden Thomas, marble cutter, Schureman & 
Melick, bds. 141 Monroe. 





Crodek Michael, lab., James S. Kirk k Co. 
Crofert Patrick, lab., h. 61 VV. Indiana. 
Crofoot Benjamin, com. mer,, h. S. Halsted, 

bt't O'Brien and Maxwell. 
Crofoot Simon C, clerk, 119 S. Clark, bds. 

11-5 State. 
Croi Jacob, broommakir, Canal, r. w. cor. 

Croissant Phillip, Canterbury Hall, h. same. 
Ciok John, carpenter, h. 19(5 Fulton. 
Croley Michael, lab., h. W. Halsted, bet. 3d 

and 4th. 
Croll Bridget, wid. Thomas, h. 92 X. LaSalle. 
Crolly Michael, lab., h. s. s. Archer rd., bet. 

Green and Broad. 
Cromby Darius, gardener, h. 192 W. Polk. 
t Cromby George, barkeeper, bds. 126Ran(lolph. 
Cronan Daniel, Ub., C. B. & Q. R. K. Depot. 
Cronan Michael, lab., C. B, & Q. E. R. 
Cronan Michael, lab-, h. 127 Townscnd. 
Cronan Patrick K.. lab., h. 10 Cass. 
Crone Julius, (Bevans & Crone,) h. 16 X. 

Crone Nancy Mrs., h. 47 Bremer. 
Crone Phillip, lab., h. 138 Hubbard. 
Cronemevcr Frederick, meat market, 157 W. 

Lake, h. 114 W. Lake. 
Cronen John, lab., h. Goethe, w. X. Wells. 
Cronen Michael, teamster, h. Blue L av. bet. 

Henry and Wilson. 
Croney James, h. nr. cor. W. Adams and Hal- 
Cronin James, gardener, h. 171 W. Adams. 
Cronin John, bai keeper, bds. Garden City 

Cronin John, lab., h. S. Jefferson, cor. Barber. 
Cronin Michiel, blacksmith, h. 212 Michigan. 
Croniy Michael, lab. h. 480 S. Canal. 
Cronin Patrick, lab., h. e. s. LaSalle, bet. 17th 

and 18th. 
Cronise H. W. R., broker, h. 137 Wendel. • 
Cronkhite Eli P., with 0. Cronkhite, h. X. , 

Clark, beyond city limits. 
Cronkhite Orville, life ins. agent, 6 Clark, h. ' 

337 W. Washington. 
Cronkright William G., junk dealer, 40 Mar- 
Cronmyer Frederick, butcher, h. 114 W. Lake. 
Cronnon Jeremiah, niachini-t marme engine 

works, bds. Cleveland House. 
Cronsive Svante, clerk, P. 0. 
Cronson Henry, liquor store, 72.5 State. 
Crook D. C, student, bds 335 Wolcott. 
Crook George, turner, h. Union, nr. Max- 
Crooker Kate, milliner, 192 Clark, h. same. 
Crooker Philip, blacksmith, bds. 505 State. 
Crooker William, lightningrods, h. 192 Clark. 
Crookman Henry L., lab., Busch & Brand. 
Crooms Dempsv, (col'd.), waiter, h. 262i 

Croonan John, lab., h. Rucker, nr. Douglas pi. 
Gropsey Charles, conductor. P., Ft. W. & C. 

R. R., bds. Cass House. 
Crosby Benjamin F., with Dewey & Co , h. 305 

Crosby Charles, clerk, bds. 48 S. Jeiferson. 
Crosby C. S., bds. Briggs House. 
Crosby Charles S., soap manfr., 118 Michi- 

Crosby Francis, com. mer., Kinzie, nr. Clark, 

bds. 280 Illinois. 
Crosby Henry C, with Dewey <k Co., h. 337 

Crosby I. Francis, clerk, Samuel M. Xickcr- 

son & Co. 
Crosby Isaac, (Samuel M. Xickerson & Co ,) 

h. Massachusetts. 
Crosby James W., conductor, G. & C. U. R. 

R., b. n. e. cor. N. Halsted and 4th. 
Crosby Long P., railroad hreman, bds. 174 W. 

Crosby Luther Y. H., insurance agt., room 3*7 

Stewart House. 
Crosby Maria, wid. Thomas, h. 174 W. Mon- 
Crosby Mary E., bds 230 Michigan av. 
Crosby Uranus H., distiller, Xorth Branch, 
cor. Larrabee and Chicago a v., office 16 7 
S. Water, bds. Sherman House. 
Croscup George W., engraver, bds. 66 W. 

Crosch Jacob, blacksmith, Xick Kuhnen. 
CROSKEY A. y., alcohol, spirits, etc., 51 and 
53 S. Water, h. 97 Indiana av. {See adi't. 
on back cover.) 

Cross , 209 W. Randolph. ' 

Cross Adolph, (J. M. Angus & Co.) 
Cross Alfred J., h. 26th, v.r. Prairie av. 
Cross Anna Mrs., h. 113 W. Van Buren. 
Cross Frederick, lab., h. w. s. Stewart av., bet. 

21st and 22nd. 
Cross George F., clerk, Moulton & Co., bds. 

542 W. Lake. 
Cross Holumch, lab., h. cor. Loomis and 12th. 
CROSS JAMES E., stoves, tinware and lan- 
terns, 5U State, h. 54 3rd av. 
Cross John, coffeeroaster, 104 Indiana. 
Cross Moses D., farmer, h. 131 X. Morgan. 
Cross Richard, millwright, h. 142 W. Jackson. 
Cross Samuel, salesman, 149 S. Water. 
Crossfield Edmund, soldier, h. 158 W. Polk. 
Grossman George H., clerk, general ticket 
agent's office C. B. & Q. R. R. bds. 4 
Crosson A., machinist, Richards' Manufactur- 
ing C'o. 
Crosson Dennis, saloon, 231 State, h. same. 
Crosten William, sailor, h. 144 Sedgwick. 
Crouch George, h. ?. s. Barbf^r, nr. Halsted. 
Crouch Thomas, h. w. s. Calumet av.,nr. 23rd. 
Crouse Charles J., night clerk. Button's Hotel. 
Grouse Elijah, student, h. 119 Whiting. 
Crout Eliza, wid. Henry, h. 411 Michigan av, 
Croven Xicholas, lab., h. W. 12th, nr. Union. 
Crow Benjamin F., clerk, S. Xickerson, h. 155 

Crow Henry A., printer, bds. 11 Desplaines. 
Crow James, housemover, h. 154 X. Peoria. 
Crow LeGrand B., bonnetbleacher, bds. 155 

Crow Martin, blacksmith, h. n. s. Carrol, bet. 

X. Jefferson and X^. Clinton. 
Crow Martin, grocer, 57 W. Indiana, h. 58 

Crow Martin, lab., h. 65 W. Indiana. 
Crowder Samuel, lab., Van Buren, nr. Wells, 
Crowdy James, sailor, h. 90 Ohio. 
Crowe Michael, housemover, h. 83 W.Indiana, 
Crowe Richard R., carpenter, h. 244 Clark. 





Crowe Timothv, blacksmith, h. 218 Wells. 
Crowell Henrv A., printer, IN orlh western 

Cliurcli, bds. 17 S. DesPlaines. 
Crowell Jon:)]i, conductor, M. S. & X. I. R. R., 

bds. Metropolitan Hotel. 
Crowell Michael, lab., h. 2U 
Crowell Samuel B., machinist, bds. 12 Foster. 
Crowen William, lab., h. 30 N. Market. 
Crowfoot Abel, engineer, h. 262| S. Clinton. 
Crowley Cornelius, lab., h. Union, nr. 3rd. 
Crowlev George, barkeeper, Sherman House. 
Crowley John, lab., b. 310 S. DesPlaines. 
Crowley John, lab., h. 156 Ewing. 
Crowley John, lab., b. ii. s. South, bet. 

and Riicker. 
Crowley Mary, Ewing, nr. Canal.- 
Crowley Mary Ann, wid. Patrick, h. 16 Math- 
Crowlev Mary, wid. Timothy, h. s. s. Sebor, nr. 

Crowley Michael, lab., h. Commercial, nr. Cly- 

bourn a v. 
Crowley Michael, lab., h. n. s. Dussold, nr. Un- 
Crowley Michael, lab., h. Front, nr. X. Hal- 

Crowley Patrick, blacksmith, h. ?. s. Sigel, nr. 

Crowlev Stephen, clerk, Briggs House. 
Crowlev William, lab., b. s. s. al., s. 287 S. 

Crowley & Kelly, (James B. Crowley and John 

Kelly,) grocers, ?A W. Madison, h. same. 
Crownan John, lab., Elisha Eldred. 
Croxon Henry T,, liquors, whol. and retail, 

725 State, h. same. 
Cruel Margaiet, wid. George, h. 88 S. Jeffer- 

Cruise Joseph, sailor, h. w. s. X. Wells, s. 

North av. 
Cruikshank Alexander, carpenter, bds. 207 

Cruingham William, lab., h. lOlh. bet. State 

and Butterfield, 
Crumb Hiram, h.b., h. Sands, bet. Erie and 

Crumb Silas P., lumber inspector, cor. W. 

Lake and X. Water, h. 129 S. Clinton. 
Crumbangh Frederick. (Richard, Crumbaugh 

& Sha«,) h. 207 Erie. 
Cubley E. D., bds. 60 Congress. 
Cuckoo Henrv, lab., bds. Coolidge, nr. Blue 

I. av. 
Cuddihy Jiiiia, wid. Sephen, h. SO W. Van 

Cuddy J<ihn,lab., h. s. s. Wright, bet. Union 

and H dsted. 
Cuddv Thomas, sailor, h, w. s, S. Jcifcrson, 

cor. 12th. 
Cudmore Augustine, carpenter, h. s. s. Gran- 


N. Well- 

Cudmore Patrick, printer, h. W. 12tb bet. 
Loomis and Throop. 

Culbertson Charles M., (Jones, Culbertson & 
Co.,) h, Indiana av., s. w. cor. 21st. 

Culhane John, lab., h. Indiana, nr. X. Market. 

Culhanc John, lab., h. s. s. Sebor, nr. Jeffer- 

Culhane Ji lin, mail driver, h. Mitchel, bet. 
Jefferson and Canal. 

Culhane Patrick, lab., h. nr. cor. W. Jackson 

and Halsted. 
Culigen Mary, wid. Simon, h. 381 Indiana. 
Culken Patrick, lab., h. 1st, e. W. Chicago 

av., nr. the river. 
Culkin James, bookkeeper, h. 83 Illinois. 
Cull James, marble polisher, h. 33 Pe;irce. 
Cull John, marble polisher, h. 115 Fulton. 
Cull Patrick, lab., h. s. s. al., s. 287 S. Des- 
CuHen Patrick, drayman, 48 Foster. 
Cullen Patrick, lab., b. w. s. Union, nr. 

Cullen Walter J., sailor, h. 2 Foster. 
Cullerton James W., grocery, e. s. S. Des- 
Plaines, s. e. cor. Forqutr, h. same. 
Culleton Joseph, sailor, h. e. X. Union, nr. W. 

Cullcy James, carpenter, 192 Sherman, h. same. 
CuUigan Edward, butcher, Ellis & Gallagher. 
Culliu John, blacksmith, h. W. 14th, bet. 

Canal and Stewart av. 
Cullinane John, teamster, h. n. s. Mitchel, 

bet. Jefferson and Canal. 
Cnlliton John, porter, Sherman Housa, h. n. s. 

Washington av., bet. Wood and Paulina. 
Culliton Michael, lake capt., h. nr. cor. Wil- 
liams and Aberdeen. 
Culn James, stonecutter, bds. 286 Wells. 
Culpin F., lab. Pearson, Avery & Co. 
Culton John W., h. 326 W. VanBuren. 
Culver Belden F., (Culver et Co.,) h. n. s. 

Hulburt av., nr. Green Bay rd. 
Culver Charles E., (Culver & Co ,) h. Loomis, 

bet. Jackson and VanBuren. 
Culver Miss Helen, siudent, C. J. Hull, 162 

Lake, bds. 335 Halsted. 
Culver Howard Z., (Culver, Page & Hoyne,") 

h. Loomis, bet. Tyler and W. Van Buren. 
Culver John, clerk, L. D. Olmsted & Co., bds. 

160 X. LaSalle. 
Culver John, bookkeeper, h. 160 X. Peoria. 
Culver JohnB., cooper, bds. 114 X. Ha'sted, 
Culver John B., lake capt., h. 160 X. Peoria. 
Culver Joseph, salesman Ba-ssett & Hammond, 

bds. 80 Wells. 
Culver Mrs. Margaret A., h. 160 X. Peoria. 
Culver Morton, clerk, 12 S. Water, h. 160 X. 

Cn'vei AVilliailT, teamster, Laflins, Smith k 

Culver & Co., (Belden F., and Charles E. Cul» 

ver,) com. mers., 212 S. Water. 
Culver, Page & Hoyne, (Howard Z. Culver, 

Daniel W. Page, and Michael A. Hoyne,) 

bookbinders and stationers, l28 and 130 

Cumberland Xorman, carpenter, h. Coolidge, 

bet. Rucker and Throop. 
Cumberland William, ornamental carver, h. 

207 3d av. 
Cumins Solomon C, bookkeeper, Cumins & 

King, bds. Stewart House. 
Cumins Solon, (Cumins & King,) bds. Tremont 

Cumins & King, (Solon Cumins and William 

D. King,) com. mers., 16 S. Water. 
Cummer John, engineer, h. Sholto, nr. Taylor. 
Cummin John, foreman Sherman House, h. 

346 X. Franklin. 





Cunimincc Thoma?, grocer, Clinton, cor. De- 

Kovoii, h. snme. 
CUMMIXGS JOHN T., printer, bds. 68 Adams. 
Cumminjrs Augustus G., carriagemaker, h. 213 

Cummings Ephraim H., real estate dealer, 132 

Curamings Ethel, carpenter, h. 113 TV. Madison 
Cummings Gilbert W., Col. 51st 111. vols., bds. 

289 Illinois. 
Cummings J-^mes, lab., bds. 189 W. Maxwell. 
Cummings James, tailor, bds. 173 W. 12th. 
Cummings John, bds. S. Clinton, c. DeKoven. 
Cumnimins Lucius, bds. 26th, nr. Calumet av. 
Cummings Lucius, bds. 136 La Salle'. 
Cummings Patrick, lab., h. n. s. O'Brien, nr. 

Cummings Solon, h. 9 Stewart House. 
Cumminss Tliomas, cit? police, h. w. s. Union, 

s. W.'ight. 

Cummins , bds. 289 Illinoi=. 

Cummins Mrs. Bridget, h. Townsend, n. Chi- 
j caoo av. 
Cummins Charles, cooper, William, nr. Loomis. 
Cummins David, drayman, G. & C. W. Church. 
Cummins Henry, blacksmith, b. 128 N. Morgan. 
Cummins John, haruessmaker, bds. Niagara 

Cummins John, h. N. Market, c. Illinois. 
Cundell William, gardener, h. s. s. Washington 

av., bet. Reuben and Paulina. 
Cunigan Nicholas, lab., C. B. & Q. E. R. 

Cunniff Michael, lab., h. e. s. St. Clair, bet. 

Hiinois and Indiana. 
Cunningham Andrew, lab., bds. T3 Blue Is- 
land av. 
Cunningham Anthony, cooper, cor. Archer rd. 

and Lime. 
Cunningham Antony, cooper, h. s. w. cor. 

Main and Water. 
Cunningham B., fireman, I. C. R. R. 
Cunningham Mrs. Ellen, pawn broker, 116 

Wells, h. sani''. 
CUNNINGHAM FRANK, saddler and collar 

maker, 167 W. Randolph, h. same. 
Cunningham George, porter. Garden City 

Cunningham Henry, constable, h. 101 Indiana. 
Cunningham James, engineer, h. Cottage Grove 

Cunningham James, lab., h. 140 Huron. 
Cunningham John, lab., h. n. s. Chic igo av., 

bet. Robey and Hoyne. 
Cunningham J. C, h. 52 Price pi. 
Cunningham Margaret, wid., h. 173 W. M^adi- 

Cunningham Martin, horsedealer, h. 173 S. 

Cunningham Michael, lab. 111. Stone Co. 
Cunningham Michael, lab., h. Sholto, bet. Tay- 
lor and Polk. 
Cunningham Michael, lab., h. n. s. Division, 

w. N. Clark. 
Cunningham Owen, (Cunningham & Newkirk,) 

b. 115 N. Water. 
Cunningham Robert, photographic artist, 145 

Cunningham. Samuel, carpenter, h. e. s. State, 

bet. 19th and 20ih. 

Cunningham Silas, carpenter, h. Whiting, cor, 

N. Market. 
Cunningham William, carpenter, h. r. 399 W 

Cunningham William, shipping clerk, Yandei 

voort, Dickerson & Co. 
Cunningham William, tinsmith, h. 25 N. Hal 

Cunningham William, watchman S. B. Black 

Cunningham William H., bookkeeper, Josepl: 

R. Payson. 
Cunningham & Newkirk, (Owen Cunningham 

and Charles Newkirk,) copper and sheet 

iron, 115 N. Water. 
Cupples Samuel, (Cupples & Marston,) h. St. 

CUPPLES & MARSTON, (Samuel Cupples 

and Thomas Marston, jr.,) cordage and 

wooden ware, 106 S. Water. 
Cupps John, carpenter, h. 60 Bremer. 
Curbury William, lab., C. H. McCormick k 

Curdes Louis, clerk, bds. 127 N. Wells. 
Curdrop Knute, tailor, h. 55 Milwaukee av. 
Cure Barbara, wid. Peter, h. 639 Wabash av. 
Cure Frederick, h. 639 Wabash av. 
Cureton Isaac, machinist, h. 2u0 N. Green. 
Cureton William, lab., C. H. McCormick & 

Curley John, h. r. 225 Jackson. 
Curly" John S., clerk, bds. 114 LaSaile. 
Curmv George, lab., C. H. McCormick & Bros. 
Curran Bridget, h. r. 74 Ewing. 
Curran Daniel, carpenter, h. r. 200 W. Polk. 
Curran Daniel, grocer, 197 VanBuren, h. same. 
Curran David, lab., h. n. s. Emily, nr. Milwau- 
kee av. 
Curran James, lab., h. W. Chicago av. nr. 

Curran Michael, carpenter, h. cor. Ruckerand 

Curran Thomas, farmer h. n. s. Smith, w. Reu- 
Curran Wesley P., sailor, h. 180 W. Polk. 
Curran William, grocer, 120 ililwa ikee av, h. 

Curran William, tailor, bds.- Franklin, nr. 

Currer John, carpenter, h 8 DePuyster. 
Currier Amos B., traveling agt., b. 101 S. San- 
Currier David P., (James Gallagher & Co.,) 

bds. 82 State. 
Currier L. W., conductor C. B. & Q. R. R., h. 

241 Indiana. 
Currier Lemuel W.. (Wright & Currier,) h. 241 

Currin A., fireman, L C. E. R. 
Currin Hugh, lab., h. W. Polk, nr. Rucker. 
Curry Alonzo J., bookkeeper, bds. 159 W.For- 

Currv Augustus, bookkeeper, Warren House, 

bds. 200 Randolph. 
Curry James, lab., h. 226 S. Jefferson. 
Curry James, lab., h. 107 Sedgwick. 
Curry James, lab., h. Taylor, nr. cor. Sanga- 
Curry Mary,, wid. James, saloon, W. Desplaines 
nr. Indiana, h. same. 





Curry Miclia.'l, sailor, b. 179 W. Taylor. 

Currv Patrick, teamster, h. 15 Fisher's blk., 
White St. 

Curry Peter, with M. B Francis & Co. 

Curry Sevmour, clerk, 144 Lake, bds. 20 Des- 

Curry William, carpenter, h. 159 W. Forquer. 

Curtii Nicholas, drugi^ist, Horatio Hitchcock, 
bds. Orient House. 

Curtin Michael, lab., h. n. s. al. v. 287 S. Des- 

Curtin P., grocer, 184 Hlinois, h. same. 

Curtin Patrick, dravinan, li. Newberrv, bet. 
r2th and Taylor." 

Curtis , clerk, bds. 199 W. Randolph. 

CURTIS A. E., wood and coal, W. Randolph 
bridfiC, bds. Button's Hotel. 

Curtis Anna M., millinery, 128 Clark, h. same. 

Curt:s David B., baggageman, N. W 11. W, h. 
144 N. Jefferson. 

Curtis EIi>lia G., salesman, Cooler, Farwell & 
Co., bds. 100 Monroe. 

Curl is George, drover, bds. Avery House. 

Curtis George S., reaper and mower nuker, 
h. 728 State. 

Cuitiss ll-'ury, bill clerk Henry Cooke, bds. 
5t»(; Wabash av. 

Curtiss Henry, lumber, h. 143 S. Jefferson. 

Curtis Henry, mechanic, h. w. s. Dearborn, 
l>et. 20th and 21st. 

Curtis Henry, (Curtis & Nelson,) h. 143 S. 

Curtis James H., 199 W. Randolph** 

Curtis James H., clerk John Clot^h k Co., 
bds. Central Plouse. 

Curtis J. H., packer-, 16 Lake. 

Curtis John M., dyer Mutchler & Co., bds. 29 
W. Randoliih. 

Curtis Lawrence, h. 7 Judd. 

Curtis Peter, porkpacker, h. 143 S. Jefferson. 

Curtis Samuel, brickmaker, h. 365 N. LaSalle. 

Curtis Samuel C, (S. Curtis & Co.,) h. Indi- 
ana av., n. w. c. 24th. 

Curtis S. H., shipping clerk Smith Bros., bds. 
fil5 Wabash av. 

Curtis Steward, drover, bds. Avery House. 

Curtis William D., (S. Curtis & Co.,) h. Indi- 
ana av. n. w. c. 24th. 

Curtis Will. H., with Johnson, Flagg & Mc- 
Farland, bds. 186 Wolcott. 

Curtis & Nelson, (Henry Curtis, Robert H. 
Nelson,) lumber dealers, 91 N. Canal. 

Curtis Samuel & Co., (Sainuel C. and William 
D. Curtis,) butchers, 57 and 59 Ran- 

Curtiss Jacob S., (late Day & Curti.s,) h. 148 W. 

Curiiss Mary, wid. Frederick, h. r. 124 S. Jef- 

Curtiss William W., horse dealer, r. 124 S. 

Curval D., cooper, h. s. e. c. Kinzie and Car- 

Curwin William H., clerk, h. Wendell, nr. 

Curry Alonzo J., bookkeepei Simeon Mayo, 
bds. 159 W. Forquer. 

Cusack Martin, watchman C. & N. W. R. W„ 
h. Desplaines, nr. W. Indiana. 

Cusuck Martin, h. 291 Fulton, cor. Curtis. 

Cusack Patrick, teamster Hale & Ayer, h. 172 
S. linton. 

Cusack Robert, saloon, 12 Cass, h. same. 

Cusbert Edward II., cooper, 178 N. Dearborn, 

Cushing Alice, wid. John, grocer, Damen, cor. 

Cushing Charles H., (Church, Goodwin & 
ushing,) h. Park av., s. e. c. Lincoln. 

Cushing Charles S., bo -kkeeper Thompson, 
Billings & Co., h, 84 Van Buren. 

Cushing E. T., clerk N. S. Bouton & Co., 58 
4th av. 

Cushing (ieorge, engineer machinist C. & N. 
W. R. W. shop, h. 125 N. Market. 

Cushing George H., (Quinlan & Cushins,) h. 
319 N. LaSalle. 

Cushing Henrv, h. w. s. Green, nr. Archer 

Cushing John, lab. h, vv. s. Grove, bet. 19th 
and 20th. 

Cushing Michael, lab. Hall, Kimbark k Co. 
h. 12th, nr. Rucker. 

Cushing Nathaniel S., (Barry & Cushing,) h. 
58 4th av. 

Cushman George, lab. h. 201 Ewing. 

Cushman Matthias, moulder, h. 327 S. Jeffer- 

Cusiek Patrick, drayman, h. 16 and 18 Wells. 

Cuson Mitchell, boat builder, s. s. N. Water, 
nr. Wells, h. 324 Hubbard. 

Cu.ster George G., bookkeeper, h. 115 Carroll. 

CUSTOM HOUSE, w. s. Dearborn, bet. Madi- 
son and Monroe. 

Cute John, lab. h. Green, n. Kinzie. 

Cuthbert Edward II., cooper, ii. 178 N. Dear- 

Cathbertson John, justice of the peace, h. 
132 Huron. 

Cuthbert John, merchant, h. 791 AVabash av. 

Cuthbert Madam, piofcssor of languages, and 
music, h. 791 Wabash av. 

Cuthbert William, engineer, h. 89 3d. 

Cutler Alonzo, Sec. Home Mutual Fire Insu- 
rance Co., h. 231 Wabash av. 

Cutler AsaE., (Cutler, Witbeck & Co.,) bds. 
383 Washington. 

Cutler Azro C, wooddealer, bds. 402 W. Jack- 

Cutler James J., h. 261 Ontario. 

Cutler James M., bookkeeper. Home Mutual 
Fire Insurance Co., bds. 231 Wabash av. 

Cutler Jasper Y., wooddealer, 171 S. Canal, 
h. 402 W. Jackson. 

Cutler Joseph A,, h. 87 Randolph. 

Cutler Josiah N., (Cutler, Ball & Co.,) h. nr. 
W. Washington, bet. Reuben and Pau- 

Cutler Louisa L., wid. L. G., boarding, 244i 

Cutler William H., bookkeeper, Ladd, Will- 
iams & Yonng, bds- 261 Oniario. 

Cutler, Ball & Co., (Josiah N. Cutler, John 
VV. Bali and Obadiah Huse,) lightning 
rod mnfrs., 23 Kinzie. 

Cutler, Witbeck & Co., (John S. Reed, Asa 
E. Cutler and George Witbeck,) lumber, 
Kingsbury, e. end G. & C. U. R. R., N. 
Branch Bridge. 

Cutler John A., bookkeeper Ogden, Fleetwood 
& Co., h. 277 Ontario. 





CUTLER EDWARD P., ticket agt. C. & N. 
W. R. \V., Exchange Bank bldg. 

Cutliu John, C. H. McCormick & Bros. 

Cutmore Henry, taxidermist, h. s. s. Wash- 
incton, bst. Reuben and Paulina. 

Cutter Elijah B., carpenter, llu W. Madison. 

Cutter Margaret, wid. Mivtthew, h. 475 Wells. 

Cutter V. R., teacher, bds. 199 W. Ran- 

Cutting Franklin H., room Walker's blk., h. 
5U4 W. Lake. 

Cutting Guy H., (Walker & Cutting,) h. nr. 
Brighton House. 

Cutting John T., clerk Charles Sassaman, bds. 
64 Wabash av. 

Cutting, McClelland k Co., (Guv H. Cutting, 
Robert McClelland, M. 0." Walker and 
Solomon Waite,) brickmakers and con- 
tractors lor dredging and docking, room 
No. 2 Walker's bldg. 

Cuttle Alonzo, ins. agt., h, 231 Wabash av. 

Cuyler Edward B., bookkeeper Cooley Far- 
well & Co., bds. 340 W. Lake. 

Cuyler Stephen T.. clerk J. H. Reed & Co., 
bds. 77 Michigan av. 

Czhisyky Clurles, blacksmith, h. s. e. c. Brown 
and Hulsted. 

Czmock Joseph, actor, h. e. Oak, bet. Green 
Bay aud the lake shore. 

h 191 


DAAB Hilbrundt 

Dable John, carpenter, h. w. s. Jefferson, ur. 

Dacey Jeremiah, (Condon & Co.,) h. Des- 
plaines, cor Wayman. 

Dacey John, drayman, h. Wayman, n. w c. 

Dackwer Ernest, teamster, Furst & Bradley, 
h. Paulina, cor. Walnut. 

Daegger John, tanner and currier, h. s. s. Cor- 
nell, nr. Milwaukee av. 

Daegling Charles, mason, h. 130 Drie. 

Daeniicke L. C, clerk, 107 S. Water, bds. 207 

Daemmerich Gottleib, shoemaker, h. s. s. Di- 
vision, nr. Clybourn av. 

Daer Edmund, drayman, h. 161 Halsted. 

Dagan Svlvester, lab. C. H. McCormick & Bros. 

Dagentield Frank, lab., h. 292 Wells. 

Dagenhart John, broomniaker, h. Chestnut, 
bet N. Clark and N. La Salle. 

Daggett WillardE., soldier, h. .52 4th av. 

DAGGY PETER, see. land department, L C. 
R. R., h. 183 Jefferson. 

Dagnan Thomas, lab., h. s. s. Fulton, nr. Wood. 

Dahlihg Otto, clerk, 81 W. Randolph. 

Dahn lleinrich, cooper, h. Throop, nr Catharine. 

Daig John, messenger, bds. 336 W. Adams. 

Dailey Jeremiah, carriagemaker, bds. 57 Canal. 

Dailey John, lab., h. Hubbard, nr. Noble. 

Dailey Thomas, sailor, h. 8 Hubbard. 

Daily Bryan, drayman, h. w. s.. May, nr. Polk. 

Daily Commercial Letter, published bv H. R. 
Hurlbert, 10 k 12 Tremont Ex. Bldg. 

Daily John, butcher, h. w. s. Cass, nr. Indiana. 

Daily John, lab., h. 31 Wesson. 

Daily John, mail agt. C. B. & Q. R. R., h. 172 
N. Dearborn. 

D.iiiv Ju.iii ji., lali., h. Ilur'jn, v,-. of Il'a '.-'ki;.r--. 

Daily Margaret, wid. Michael, h. s. 8. Carroll, 

nr N. Clinton. 
Daily Margaret, wid. Miles, b. 136 Carroll. 
Daily Mary, wid. John, washing, h. 247 4th av. 
Daily Patrick, driver, U. S. Ex. Co., h. Wil. 

son nr. Clinton. 
Daily Simon, lab., h. North av., nr. Elston rd. 
Daily Thomas, shoemaker, bds. Clark, nr. 

Dake Daniel W., butter dealer & com. mer. 

49 S. Water, bds. 42 Monroe. 
Dake Joseph M., (0. Kendall's Sons & Co.,) 

bds. Page's blk., Washington st. 
Dakeman Philip, butcher, h. e s. Michigan av., 

nr. 24th. 
Dakin George W.B., (Dakin & Co.,) bds. Clin- 
ton House. 
Dakin R. L., banker, bds. Clifton House. 
Dakin & Co., ((.eorge W. B. Dakin and Ed- 
ward P. Harris,) exchange brokers, ^ 

Dale Helen, wid. Henry, h. 86 Halsted. 
Dale John, carpenter, h. O'Brien, cor. Jeffer- 
Dale Samuel, h. 78 N. Peoria. 
Dale Stephen A., watchmaker, 65 Kinzie. 
Dale William, cooper, bds. 78 N. Peoria. 
Daleiden Henry, grocer, 306 4th av., h. same. 
Dales Edgar V., clerk, P. 0. 
Dales Fannie, wid. Dr., h. 431 W. Jackson. 
Dales Stephen H., h. 49 N. Sangamon. 
Daley Anthony C, painter, h. 305 Halsted. 
Daley Francis, drayman, h. n. s. Bunker, ar. 

Daley J. R., clerk, P. 0. 
Dahy Jacob, lab., h. 14 Pearson. 
Daley James, cooper, h. Lime, 8. e. cor. 

Archer rd. 
Daley James, tailor, h. 163 Market. 
Dailey John, lab., h. 169 W. Taylor. 
Daley John, lab., h. e. s. Main, nr. Hickory. 
Daley John, sailor, h. 69 N. La Salle. 
Daley John, tailor, h. 185 Monroe 
Daley Thomas, lab., h. n. s. DeKoven, nr. . 

Dalgreen Charles, tailor, 10 S. Desplaines, h. 

•Dall David, cape, brig Merrimac, h. 153 N. Lsk- 

Dallin Morris, carpenter, h. nr. cor. W. Adanu 

and Halstead. 
Dallon Miles, lab., h. 162 Halsted. 
Dallon Richard, lab., h. e. s. Clark, bet. I4tb. 

and 16th. 
Dalton Catharine, wid. Levi, sewing, h. 12 W. 

Dalton James, carpenter, h. n. s. De Koveu, 

nr. Clinton. 
Dalton James P., stoves and haidware, 71' 

Lake, h. 1 Knight's blk, Harrison. 
Dalton John, crockery pedlar, h. s. 8. W. 

Washington, ur. Hoyne. 
Dalton John, grocer, 702 State, h. same. 
Dalton Joseph M., (Joseph M. Dalton & Bro.J 

bds. Metropolitan Hotel. 
Dalton Leonard, lab., bds. 535 S. Clark. 
Dalton M., h. 173 Indiana. 
Dalton Mary, wid. Patrick, h. 12 W. Lake. 
Dalton Michael, flagman P. Ft. & C. R. R., h. 

lis Ewintr. 





Dalton Patrick, Lb., h. cor. Wabansia av. 

and McHenry. 
Dalton T-omas, h. De Koven, cor. Des Plaines. 
Dalton William, lab., h. 377 Des Plaines. 
Dalvin John, carriage painter, H. & G., N. 

W 11 lets. 
Daly Drnnis, clerk, bds. 146 N. Morgan. ; 

Daly Frank, h. r. 11 5 N. Market. i 

Daly James, clerk E. Richardson, h. 61 Pear- 
Daly Jerevniah S., carriage maker, h. 22 Vaa. 

Buren. i 

Daly Joim, carpenter, bds. Fulton, cor. Des 
Pliiines. I 

Dal V John, drayman, b. 69 La Salle. 
Daly Micliael, lab., h. S. May, bet. Taylor and 

11th. I 

Daly Michael, porter Turner & Sidway. ' 

Daly Patrick, lab., h. May, bet. Taylor and 
Polk. " 1 

Daly Richard H., h. 9.o Wayraan. I 

Daly Timothy, h. S. Canal, nr. Sebor. i 

Dalv William, car works, bds. Michigan Lake 
' House. i 

Daly William, switchman, h. 252 Kinzie. j 

Daly William, saloon, 129 S. Canal, h. same. 
Damaire William, soldier, h. 8. s. Fulton, bet. : 

Reuben and Paulina. 
Damars John, plasterer, h. 33S S. Des Plaines. 
Damen Arnold (Very Rev.,) pastor Church 
Holv Family, W. 12lh, nr. Blue Island av. 
Damis B trnard, chair maker, h. 72 N. La Salle. 
Damm Peter, moulder, h. Morgan, bet. Tay- 
lor and Polk. 
Daraond James, h. n. s. Milwaukee av., bet. 

Jane and Emily. 
Dana Ezia 0., fireman I. C. R. R. 
Dana George, carver, h. s. s. Division, nr. 

Dana James, engineer, h. Indiana, nr. 14th. 
Dana L. fireman, I. C. R. R. 
Dana William V., (Pearson & Dana,) bds. 139 

Danahey Morris, boarding, 238 Michigan. 
Danahv Dennis, drayman, h. W. Water, nr. 

W. Lake. 
Danenbaum Lyman, cigar maker, 39 W. Kin- 
zie, h. s ime. 
■Dane James F., clerk J. E. Cross, h. 324 Ran- 
Dane Patrick, lab., h. 110 Ewing. 
Danenhower Joseph L., entry clerk Graves & 

Irvine, bds., 100 Madison. 
Dauey Michael, coffee packer Morris, Cloyes & 

Co., h. 45 Polk. 
Danforth George P., bds., 226 Washington. 
Danforth H. M., b )okkeeper, 80 Washington. 
Danforth J. H., cooper, h. 251 N. La Salle. 
Daniel Joseph, lab., h. Carpentei-, nr. George. 
Danitl Louis, bats and caps, 323^ Clark, h. 

Daniel Louisa A., wid., h. 185 W. Monroe. 
Daniels A. G., (A. G. & C. A. Daniels,) h. 48 

Chicago av. 
Daniels C. A., (A. G. & C. A. Daniels,) h. 48 

Chicago av. 
Daniels Elias, lawyer, h. 494 W. Lake. 
Daniels F. A., clerk, John Loop & Co., room 

75 Lake House. 
Daniels J., helper, I. C. R. R- machine shop. 

Daniels J. A., (John Loop & Co.,) bds. Sher- 
man House. 
Daniels John 0., conductor, I. C. R. R., bds. 

Metropolitan Hotel. 
Daniels John W., carpenter, h. 212 Michigan. 
Daniels Joseph A., com. mer., h. 72 N. Peoriai 
Daniels William Y., tobacconist, 60 Clark, h. 

112 Michigan av. 
Daniels & Bro., (A. G. and C. A. Daniels,) 

flour" and feed, 48 Chicago av., 
Danninger Lorenz, cabinetmaker, h. e. P. 

Larrabee, nr. Clybourne, av. 
Danke Frederick, lab., h.e.s. Hulbert,nr. North 

Danken John, tailor, h. 47 N. Dearborn. 
Danks Albert, carpenter, h. e. s. State, bet. 

19th and 20th. 
Danks H. P., h. w. s. Indiana av., bet. 24th 

and 25th. 
Danks Harvey, U. S. ass't. assessor 3d Divis- 
ion, 167 Randolph, h. 103 Jackson. 
Danks Peter, clerk, h. al., bet. Hickory and 

Danks W. M., h. 103 Jackson. 
Dankwardt Otto L. F., tailor, h. 38 Market. 
Danley George L., carpenter, 561 State, h. 

Dana William 0., painter, h. 20 N. Carpenter. 
Dannaher John, stableman, U. S. Mail stables, 

bet. W.ishington and Randolph. 
Daniels William, clerk Tobias Maypole, bds. 

419 Canal. 
Danolds David IL, propr. Orient Hotel. 
Danson Alfred, lumber dealer, CarrolJ, cor. 

Canal, h. 81 Hubbard. 
DANSON BENJAMIN F., ship broker, and 

com. agt., 4 Wheeler's bldg., h. 194 N. 
• Carpenter. 
Danson Edward, bookkeeper, 197 Lake, h. 84 

S. Halsted. 
Dantz Auiiustus S.,prin ipal Dantz's Commer- 
cial College, 44 and 46 LaSalle, h. 493 

N. Clark. 
Danz Jacob, meat market, 267 W. Lake, h. 

Danz John, butcher, bds. S. Desplaines, cor. 

! Danz Michael, meat market, S. Desplaines, 
[ cor. W. Monroe, h. same. 

Danz Thomas, carpenter, h. s. s, O'Brien, nr. 
! Union. 

,. Danzer Jacob, shoemaker, h. s. s. Blackhawk, 
I nr. Larabee. 

, DANZIGER ADOLPH, cigars and tobacco, 
I 189 Clark, h. 50 4th av 

I Dapp Richey, grainer, h 228 Hubbard. 
i Darby Taylor, student, St. Mary's University, 

bds. 237 Cass. 

Darby Thomas, (Darby, Manson & Jones,) h. 
123 W. Harrison.' 

DARBY, MANSON & JONES, (Thomas Dar- 
by, Robert Manson and Henry Jones,) 
brass founders,n.e.cor.Franklin and Wash- 

Darcey George, drover, 23d, cor. Wentworth. 

Darcy John R.,, h w. s. William, 
nr. Chicago av. 

Dargan John, salesman, William E. Johnson 
& Co., h. S. Canal, cor. Adams. 





Dargin John, driver, h. White, nr. Green Bay. 
Daring Andrew, lab., h. Aberdeen, bet. Tay- 
lor and 1 1 tli. 
Daring Frederick, soldier, h. 14 Polk. 
Darkin Michael, lab., li. 200 \V. Harri&en. 
Darley Jerenjiah, carpenter, h. Cedar, nr. the 

Darley Jonathan, hotel, 47 W. Lake. 
Darling George, blacksmith, Douglas pi., cor. 

Cottage Grove. 
Darling Lorou, contractor, h. six miles out on 

Darlitig Ruel D., trader, bds. 221 Madison. 
D.irling Stephen, foreman, P. Ft. W. & C. 

R. R. Depot, bds. Arctic House. 
Darrah Elizi, (E. Dairah & C.,) h. 39 Kinzie. 
Darrah E. & Co., (E. Darrah,) 39 Kinzie. 
Darrington Alice, h. 95 Pearson. 
Darro William H., (col'd.,) lab., h. 60 Meridian. 
Darrow Eiiieline, school teacher, bds. Wabash 

av., nr. 29th. 
Darrow George W., bookkeeper, 172 Lake, h. 

91 Jackson. 
Darrow Huuse, (W. B. Smith, propr.,) State, 

Darrow Sydney L., shipcarpenter, h. Wabash 

av., nr. 29th. 
Darsey John, machinist, C. & R. I. R. R., 

h. 17 Miller. 
Darst Marvel, plasterer, h. 129 S. Canal. 
Dartey Patrick, lab., h. Third, nr, N. Halsted. 
Darikampf Friedrich, clerk, h. n. s. Larrabee, 

nr. Clybouru av. 
Darts Anthony, bds. Whitney, nr. Green Bay. 
Darwin Racine M., prop. Warren House, 200, 

202, 204 and 206 Randolph. 
Dassler Gustavus, stocking mnfr., 5l}£ N. 

Clark, h. same. 
Dasso John, h. 68 N. Desplaines, 
Dater Philip W,, (Hoyt, Whaling & Co.,) h. 

383 OntHrio. 
Daubach Joseph, ironfounder, h. 32 Green Bay. 
Daubaugh Charles M., h. 32 Green Bay. 
Daube Aaron, stockshipper, h. 13 Alexander. 
Dauber Frederick, carpenter, h. 446 N. Clark. 
Drtubman John, grocer, Pleasant, cor. Vedder, 

h. same. 
Daufen Theodore, lab., h. s. s. Starr, e. Sedg- 
Daum Leonard, carpenter, al. bet. Twomey 

and Green. 
Daum Nicholas, saloon, n. s. North av., nr. 

Sedgwick, h. same. 
Daus Henry, switcher, G. & C. U. R. R., h. 

127 W. Kinzie. 
Dausch Peter, barber, 38 N. Clark, h. 246 N. 

Dausch Philip P., barber, 38 N. Clark, h. 246 

N. Friinklin. 
Dause Peter, bds. n. s. Kinzie, nr. Halsted. 
Darel Martin, engineer, bds. 189 W. Kinzie. 
Davellin Mrs. Rosanna, wid, Edward," h. 48 N, 

Davenport B. Major, law student with A. Van- 

Buren, bds. 156 Madison. 
Davenport Charles B., carpenter, bds. Eagle 

Davenport Davis, painter, b. Cottage Grove> 

nr. Southern av. 

Davenport George, sexton, Grace Church, h. 

42 Monroe. 
Davenport Gideon W., banker, bds. Orient 

Davenport Mary L., musicfolder, H. M. Hig- 

gins, bds. 243 Huron. 
Davenport L-a, actor, bds. 276 Clark, 
Davenport Mis. S. J., bds. 243 Huron. 
David Henry, carpenter, with C. H. McCor- 

miek & Bros. 
David William, grocer, h. s. s. Archer rd., bet. 

Lime and H:dsted. 
Davids Abrani S., photographer, n. s. W. 

Lake, nr. Paulina. 
Davids Abrabam, (Fordney & Davids,) h. W. 

Lake, nr. Paulina. 
Davids Chailes, hib., C. H. McCormick & Co., 

h. 35 Gieen Bay, 
Davidson Abner L , patternmaker, N. S. Bou- 

ton, bds. 172 Clark. 
Davidson Daniel, insurance agt, h. nr. cor, 

Halsted and W. Monroe, 
Davidson James, watchman, C. S. S. Refinery. 
Davidson James Nutt, (James N. Davidson & 

Co.,) h. 189 Kinzie. 
Davidson Jusepb, teacher, h. 24 Pearson. 
Davidson William, carpenter, bds. 370 State. 
Davidsnn William P., carpenter, h. 342 W. 

Van Baren. 
Davidson James N. & Co., (James N. Davidson 

and George J. Stenson,) com. mers., 189 

Davies Ann H , Mrs , boarding, 137 LaSalle. 
DAVIES JOHN, physician, 59 Clark, h. 219 

W. Madison. 
Davies William, lab,, h. n. s. DeKoven, nr. 

Devine M. A., milkdealer, h. 221 Illinois. 
Davis A. M., salesman, 57 Luke, bds. 22 Like. 
Davis Aaron W.. salesman, Gould & Bio., bds. 

6 Van Buren. 
Davis Alexander, plasterer, h. Pearson, cor. 

N. Wells. 
Davis Ann, wid. William, grocery, 194 N. Des- 
plaines, h. same, 
Davis Benj .min F., bookbinder, h. 83 W. 

Davis C. C, bookkeeper, I. F. Farnum, bds. 

22 Liike. 
Davis C. W., major 51st Regt. Illinois Vol., 

bds. 48 Van Buren. 
Davis Chauncy, (Loomis & Davis,) h. Wiscon- 
Davis Charles, saloon, 116 Dearborn, h. same. 
Davis Charles B., gardener, h. 345 State. 
Davis Charles J., (Davis, Pope & Co.,) h. 225 

Davis Charles W., clerk, infreight office M. C. 

R.R., bd-. cor. VanBurpn and Peoria. 
Davis D. G., machinist, h. 139 W. Kinzie. 
Davis Daniel, carpenter, h. 15 N. Carpenter. 
Davis David, lab. h. 26 Mather. 
D ivis Dominick, printer, h. 94' N. Desplaines. 
Davis E., fireman I. C. R. R. 
Davis Garret W., tinner M. W. Lester, h. 219 

Davis Geo. Mrs., wid., h. cor. Peoria .ind Van 

Davis George B., Morgan gardens, cor. Centre 

and Racine rd. 


-^^^^ '^ Co 

^ Wholesale Dealers in ^j 




SAM'Ij C. DAVIS & CO., St. LouU,) PTJT P A P O ' 

DAVIS, SAWYEK, & CO.. Chicago j \J Xll VJXXVJU* 1 


ISTo. 7 TSTorth- Main Street, St. Louis, 



(^0r4tjgn and g0mesti{[ Jip^i;^. : 



No. 33 S. Water St., 

©IJliA©®, ILL. 


P. 0. Box, 134, <©1II'S.^€'1^... 





Davis George G., enfrineer Baldwin & Co., h. 

20H N. Clark. '^ 
Davis George H., clerk Corbin & Co. 
Davi? Geo. S., collector, h. 18 Pierce. 
Davis George M., fitter, 86 Randolph. 
Davis Henry, li. 207 Ohio. 
Davis Henry A., salesman Keith, Faxon & Co,, 

bds. 180 Stale. 
Davis J. B., h. 219 Lake. 
Davis James, (col'd,) porter, h. 151 Griswold. 
Davi? James H., clerk Seavey & Co., h. 225 

Davis Jefferson, butcher, bds. Cottage Grove 

av. nr. 25th. 
Davis Jefferson, (col'd,) driver, h. al. bet. Rush 

and Cass. 
Davis Jerome, watchman, h. 146 N. Green. 
Davis John, lab., h. s. s. Sigel, nr. Sedgwick. 
Davis John, dry goods, h. 210 W. Lake. 
Davis John, birds and variety store, 107 W. 

Randolph, h. same. 
Davis John, lab. h. 109 Ewing. 
Davis John, lab. h. N. Wells, nr. Schiller. 
Davis John, physician, h. 217 W. Madison. 
Davis John, saloon, 41 Green Bay, h. same. 
Davis John, sashmaker, h. Ciybourn av. nr. 

Davis John, (col'd,) cook, h. 167 Jackson. 
Davis John, (col'd,) lab. 243 Wells. 
Davis John C, ship carpenter, h, 101 S. Peo- 
Davis John F.. boots and shoes, h, 104 N. 

Davis John F., foreman J. H. Lynch, h. 117 

Davis John L., salesa^an, h. Division, n. e. c. 

Davis John M., bookkeeper 55 Lake. 
Davi= Josiah B., traveler Fairbanks, Greenleaf 

Davis Ledden, salesman G. C. Pearson & Co., 

h. 277 State. 
Davis ijcander, brakesman, bds. 125 Michigan. 
Davis Lewis, butcher, h. s. s. Aicher rd. nr. 

Davis Lewis H., (Davis & Schuyler,) h. 585 

Wabash av. 
Davis Mary Mrs., h. 80 Bremer. 
Davis Maurice, clerk, h. LaSalle, bet. Quincy 

and Monroe. 
DAVIS NATHAN S., physician, 166 State, h. 

23 Washington. 
Davis Peter, carpenter, h. 8. 8. Archer rd. nr. 

Davis Phillip, lab. h. 202 Sherman. 
Davis Price, boilermaker, h. 44 Elizabeth. 
Davis Reuben P., (W. H. Davis & Co.,) h. cor. 

Monroe and Madison. 
Davis Robert, clerk, h. 121 S. Jefferson. 
Davi~ Robert, lab., h. w. s. Green Bay rd. nr. 

North av. 
Davis Robert, lab. h. N. Wells, nr. Schiller. 
Davis Robert, printer, bds. 103 Harrison. 
Davis Robert, lab. h. w. s. Rucker, nr. Peo- 
ple's Gas Works. 
Davis Robert, lab., bds. McGlashen. 
Davis Robert W., bookkeeper G. G. Pope, bds. 

79 Micliigan av. 
Davis Samuel, lampmaker Jesup, Kennedy & 


Davis Samuel, tinner, bds. 113 S. Jefferson. 

Davis Samuel, traveler Fairbanks, Greenleaf 
& Co. 

Davis S;imuel C, (Davis, Sawyer & Co.,) h. St. 

Davis Simon S., clerk J. D. & F. B. Gardener, 
bds. 12lh, nr. like shore. 

Davis T. G., manufacturers' agt., bds. Prescott 

Davis Walter W., bookkeeper N. B. Bradley, 
h. 437 Halsted. 

Davis William, barber, 119 Clark, h. 3d av. 
nr. Polk. 

Davis William, (col'd,) barber, 155 3d av. 

Davis William, sailor, 18 Foster. 

Davis William, (W. H. Davis & Bro.,) h. Mon- 
roe, cor. Madison. 

Davis William H., (Sayrs & Davis,) h. 207 

Davis, Pope & Co., (Charles J. Davis, Charles 
B. Pope and Edmund Aiken,) prod. com. 
mer., 1 Board of Trade bidg. 

DAVIS, SAWYER & CO., (Samuel C. Davis, 
of St. Louis, Nathan W. Perkins, of St. 
Louis, ar.d Cliarles B. Sawyer,) whol. dea- 
lers in dry goods, and jobbers in boots 
and shoe-, 40 and 42 Lake, (Sceadv. op. p.) 

Davis W. H. & Bro., (William H. and Reuben 
P. Davis,) butchers, 297 W. Madison. 

Davis & Schuyler, (Lewis H. Davis and Daniel 
J. Schuyicr,) lawyers, 48 Clark. 

Davison Benjamin F., ins. agt, h. 194 N. Car- 

Davison John, saloon, cor. Randolph and Mar- 
ket, h. same. 

Davol Joseph A., clerk, bds. 198 Michigan av. 

Davy Richard, jr., cashier, J. B. Shay, bds. 
Matteson House. 

Daw Samu€l W. L., 286 W. Harrison. 

Dawald John, peddler, h. Cedar, nr. Wolcott. 

Dawninger Lorens, cabinetmaker, F. Porter 

Dawson James, maltster, bds. 201 W. Harri- 

Dawson John, (Dawson & Miller,) bds. 73 Jack- 

Dawson John, (col'd,) barber, h. 147 Harrisoi'; 

Dawson John, lab., h. 87 N. M.irket. 

Dawson Martin, clerk, bds. 177 Indiana. 

D.iwson^hilip, (col'd,) barber.Bennett & Dyer. 

Dawson Philip D., barber, Sampson & Under- 
due, bds. Harrison, nr. Clark. 

Dawson Thomas, maltster, h. 201 W. Harrison. 

Dawson & Miller, (John Dawson and Thomas 
H. Miller,) butcher-s 278 State. 

Day Andrew J. agt.. New York & Erie R. W., 
h. 20 S. Clinton. 

Day Andy, lab., h. 169 Market. 

Day C. Atwater, bookkeeper, C. G. Wi(.'ker & 
Co., bds. 83 Adams. 

Day Charles, bandboxmaker, h. Chicago av. 
nr. the lake. 

Day Charles 0., (Wiswall & Day,) bds. 45 
Michigan av. 

Dav Charles W., (R. R. & C. W. Day,) h. 203 
Wabash a v. 

Day Dewiit C, (Day & Co.,) h. 274 State. 

Day E. B., clerk, John Loop & Co., bds. Sher- 
man Eouse. 





Day Edward, Jab., li. Tyler, bet. Aberdeen and 

Day Elijah N., printer, 2imes, bds. 218 Madi- 

Day F. 0., (Derby & Day,) res., St. Louis, Mo. 

DAY FRED S , com. mer. and a^t. 111. Starch 
Co., 10 Dearborn, h. 82 3d av. 

Day Isaac C, (Day, Allen & Co.,) h. 21 Wash- 

Day J. George, (G. H. & L. Laflin,) bds. Sher- 
man House. 

Day James, engineer, h. 348 ,W. VanBuren. 

Day Jane, wid. Dennis, h. u. s. W. Taylor, nr. 

Day Margaret J., wiil. Elijah, h. 91 S. Sanga- 

Day Mary, wid., h. Williams, bet. Rucker and 

Day Mary, wid. William, h. 124 N. Wells. 

Day Michael, lab., h. n. s. Lydia, nr. Union. 

Day 0. A., auctioneer, h. 283 N. LaSalle. 

Day Patrick, lab., h. 90 Forqner. 

Day Ralph R.,(R. R.& C. W. Day,) h 52 Stale. 

Day Thomas, lab., h. n. s. Chicago av. nr. Reu- 

DAY THOMAS J., general engraver, 40 Dear- 
born, h. 8 VanBuren. 

DAY, ALLEN & CO., (Isaac C. Dav, William 
T. Allen, Samuel P. Farrington and Chas. 
Coryell,) whol. grocers, 44 and 46 S. Wa- 

DAY R. R. & C. W., (Ralph R. and Charles 
W. Dav,) -stoves and tinware, 52 State. 

Day & Co , (DewittC. D.iv,) grocers, 274 State. 

Dayman Engle, lab., C. H. McCormick & Bros. 

Dayment James, carriagemaker, 16 N. Des- 

Dayment Thomas, miller, h. n. s. Smith, w. 

Dayton Sarah S., wid. Henry, bds. 104 

Deacon George, engineer, h. 75 Mather. 

Deacon James, porter, C. W. Cushle & Co. 

Deahan Olto, upholsterer, h. n. s. Eagle, nr. 

Deakir Ediom, artist, 81 Clark. 

Deakin Harry, printer W. Cravens & Co., h. 
306 Weils. 

Deakin Robert, clerk, h. 306 Wells. 

Deakiii Sylvester, moulder, li. s. s. Sebor, nr. 

Deakin Walter, printer, W. Cravens & Co., h. 
306 Wells. 

Deakman William C, (Deakman & Bolden- 
weck,) h. Clinton, s. e. cor. Jiidd. 

Deakman & Boldenweck, (William C. Deak- 
man and Lt^wia Boldenweck,) stonecutters, 
389 Wells. 

Dea Henry, bailiff, h. 80 Wells. 

Deal Henry, shoemaker, bds. 413 State. 

Dealv Patrick, sailor, bds. 151 Market. 

Dealv William, tailor, h. 347 Wells. 

Dean Benjamin F., (W. 0. Dean & Co.,) h. 
Kane Station, III 

Dean Charles W., (Higgins, Dean & Co.,) h. 
174 S. DesPlaines. 

Dean Mrs. Eloise, wid. Clark, h. 12 N". Sanga- 

DEAN JAMES C, dentist, 41 Clark, bds. 
Dearborn Seminary, Wabash av. 

Dean Jav, ink and blacking mnfr. 316 State, 
h. 187 Wabash av. 

DEAN JOHN W., job printer, 24 Clark, bds. 
Walnut, n. e. cor. Paulina. 

Dean Marshal, ship carpenter, h. 98 N. Curtia. 

Dean Messer C, (Dean & Sraeal,) h. 67 W. 

Dean Orrin, cattle dealer, bds. Mvrick House. 

Dean Mrs. Philip, boarding, 236 Madiaon. 

Dean Royal L., ink and blacking mnfr. 514 
aud 316 State, h. 309 State. 

Dean Siimuel, military mail route agent, h. 
122 Clark. 

Dean Silas T., musician, h. 137 State, 

Dean Wallace R., bookkeeper, Ferry & Son. 

Dean William H. B., com. mer., bds. 12 N. 

Dean Worcester C, (W. C.Dean & Bro.,) Ful- 
ton, n. e. cor. N. S ingamon. 

Dean W. C. & Bro., (Worcester C. Dean and 
Benjamin F. Dean,) com. mer., 47 W. 

Dean & Sineal, (Messer C. Dean, and James 
G. Sineal,) blank book mnfis. 148 Lake. 

Deane Charles, h. n. s. 14th, nr. H. listed. 

De Anguera Antonio, piano forte tuner, b. 
Park av., n. e. cor. Hoyne. 

Dearborn House, (Joseph VV. Towne, propr.) 
Lake, n. e. cor. Mich. av. 

Dearborn MilN. 12, and 14 N. Canal. 

Dearborn Seminary, 79 and 81 Wabash av. 

Dearborn school, Madison, nr. DearborTi, 

liam Van Fleet and Charles M. Chadwick 
propr?., 115 and 17 Dea i born. 

Dearing Edwin, fireman, I. C. R. R., h. 217 

Dearing William, baggageman, bds. 217 Wol- 

Deater P. 0. 0., miller. Market, cor. Quincy, 
h. 383 Ontario. 

Debos John, l.b., KraefFt & Co. 

Debos Mary, wid. Michael, h. 5th, nr. Front. 

Debus Christopher, shoemaker, Jacob Weyer. 

Debus Henry, tailor, 144^ Clark, h. 202 Sher- 

Debus John, blacksmith, Chicago av., s. e. c. 
N. Clark, h. Dearborn, s. w. cor. Chicago 

Decata Eliza, wid. Eleazer Y., h. 127 N. 

Debus Phillip, h. 202 Sherman. 

Dech Frederick, carpenter, h. Rucker, nr. 

Dechanet Constantino, (Dechanet & Co.,) h. 
2H9i- Wells. 

Dechanet & Co., (Constantine Dechanet and 
Emile Aze.) saloon, 239^ Wells. 

Deckart Henry, clerk, h. Hubbard, bet N. Reu- 
ben and Paulina. 

Decker H., lab., M. S. & N. L R. R. 

Dicker Henry S., printer, h. 206 N. Clark. 

Decker Jacob, graindealer, h. 74 N. Green. 

Decker William A., tobacconist. Custom House 
pi., h. IS S. DesPlaine.s. 

Deckerman John, blacksmith, h. 14 Foster. 

DeCiercq Augustus H., (DeClercq & Bro.,) b. 
50 N. Halsted. 

DeClerq Colette, artificial flower mnfr. 130 N.. 
Wells, h. same. 





DeClercq G.vsbert, (DeClercq & Bio.,) h. 51- 

DeClercq & Bro., (G. & A. H. DeClercq,") wood 

dealers, w. s. State, nr. R. R. crossing, 

and 220 Market. 
DeClerqne Henry, musician, h. 127 Indiana. 
DkCOUDRES JACOB P., wood yard, e. end 

Lake st. bridge, h. Evanston. 
DeCoudres Louis C, bds. J. P. DeCoudrcs. 
DeCourrev Josephus, musician, h. 217 Cass. 
Dedrich Frederick, sasb and door maker, h. 

64 W. Hiirrison. 
Dedly Cluistopher, lab., b. William, nr. 

Dedrickson Christian, cooper, W. Indiana, c. 

N. Desplaines. bds. 173 N. Desplaines. 
Dedrick John, lab., h. n. s. Meagher, nr. Jef- 
Dedro James, farmer, h. 218 Huron. 
Dedsali Martin, salesman, bds. 108 W. Har- 
Dee Matthew M., meat and vegetables, 485 

State, bds. 495 State. 
DeePatiick, sailor, b. Coolidge, bet. Throop 

and Loomis. 
Dee William M., saloon, 163 Desplaines, h. 

Deehan John J., teacher, of penmanship and 

bookkeeping, Bryant & Stratton's com. 

col., h. 134 S. Morgan. 
Deeknau John, stonecutter, Wolf & Sproehnle. 
Deering Christopher, prod, com., h. 112 W. 

Deering George W., bookkeeper, Board Pub- 
lic Works, h 510 Wabish nv. 
Defley Frank, lab., h. 342 W. Polk. 
DeForrest Charles H., (C. H. DeForrest & Co.,) 

h. Connecticut. 
DeForrest Hubert W., com. mer., h. 297 W. 

DeForrest Limone, carpenter, h. Vincennes 

rd. , nr. city limits. 
DeFORREST C. H. & CO., (Charles H. De- 

Eurrest, and Charles T. Morse,) hoop skirt 

mnfrs., 74 Lake and Birmingham, Conn. 
Defrain Joseph, cooper, bds. 62 Prairie. 
Defrain Peter, cooper, h. 107 N. S mgamon. 
Degaii John, lab., h. Huron, e. Lariabee. 
Degi'n Francis, teamster, h. Halsced,c. O'Brien. 
Degen Ferdinand, shoemaker,'^l74 Van Buren, 

h. same. 
Degen Jacob, machinist, h. n. s. Chicago av., 

bet. Noble and Reuben. 
Degenhadt Charles, (Tolle &Degenhardt,) sur- 

giciil instrument makers, h. 311 W. 

Degnon J. F., salesman Keith, Faxon & Co., 

bds. Wabash av., s. e. cor. Randolph. 
DeGolyer David L., b. w. s. Prairie av., bet. 

24th and 25th. 
DeGraff L., (DeGrafif & Poole,) h. 132 W. 

DeGraff & Poole, (L. DeGraff and Sheridan 

Poole.) clothiers, 66 Randolph and 66 and 

68 State. 
Degreet J. D., h. e. s. Prairie av., bet. 24th 

and 25th. 
Dehez Godfrey, clerk, h. 203 Illinois. 
Dehme Henry, carnenter, h. n. s. High, w. N. 

La Salle. 

Deichhoch John, lab.,h. s. s. Sigol, nr. Sedg- 

Deicbo John, foreman A. Ballard. & Co. 

Deiderich Mathias, porter, h. w. s. N. Clark, n. 

Deidrich B., shoemaker, 222 N. Clark. 

Deidrich George, bds. 520 Clark. 

Deidrich Nicholas, teamster, h. S. Wells, nr. 
Chicago Hide and Leather Co. 

t)einzner Wolfgang, lab., h. e. s. Orchard, n. 
North av. 

Deircks Friderich, carpenter, h. 208 N. Green. 

Deisleafler Charles, hairdresser, bds. 265 

Deist.Godfrey, lab., n. s. 22d, bet. Clark and 

Deitz Frank, cigarmaker, h. 78 Mather. 

Deitz John, carpenter, h. n. s. Kramer nr. 

Deitz J. W., carpenter, h. 109 N. Clark. 

Deitz P. W., carpenter, h. 109 N. Clark. 

Deiz Adolph, cooper, h. w. s. Arnold, bet. 16th 
and 17th. 

DeKirk , lab., bds. Cottage Grove av., 

nr. 26th. 

DeKoven John, cashier, C. B. Blair, h. 326 
Michigan av. 

DeLacy John, teamster, h. w. s. Church, bet. 
Archer rd. and Bridge. 

Dalahanty James, carpenter, Fulton Elevator, 
h. same, 

Delemater George W., soldier, h. n. s. Sebor, 
w. Desplaines. 

Delaray Alfred, jo.ner, h. w. s. Foster, s. Har- 

Delaney Bridget, wid. Matthew, bds. 388 

Delaney Edward, Lab., h. W. Polk, n. Sholto. 

Delaney James, broommaker, h. Sedgwick, a. 
e. cor Granger. 

Delaney Martin, miller, h. 31 Hills. 

Delanev Patrick, lab., b. s. s. Archer rd., nr. 

Delaney Patrick, lab., h. Michigan, nr. Mar- 

Delang Anton, engineer, h. 120 Sedgwick. 

Delano Edward C, prof.ssor high schoo , h. 
139 S. Sano-amon. 

Delano James E., carpenter, h. 61 W. Jack- 

Delano Martha A. P., h. 63 W. Jackson. 

Delany Edward, lab., h. 123 N. Wells. 

Delany James, lab., h. Cooledge, bet. Throop 
and Loomis. 

Delany John, lab., h. 58 Indiana. 

Delanv John, lamoHghter, h. 20 Monroe. 

Delany Luke, lab.,'h. s. s. Fulton, bet. N. Clin- 
ton, N. Jefferson. 

Delany P., carpenter, h. 65 Wesson. 

Delany Peter, sailor, Sedgwick, cor. Division. 

De Lap John, machinist, I. C. R. R., h. 546 

Delatour J. A., cooper, h. 400 N. Market. 

Delaway Joseph, wooden shoes, h. n. s. Dus- 
sold, nr. Union. 

Delay Mary, wid. John, h. 71 Indiana. 

Delerbeck Caspar, tailor, b. w. s. Sedgwick 8. 

Delfer Thomas, machinist, h. Wayman, bet. 
Union and Halsted. 





Delfs Henry, lab., h. 5th, nr. Front. 

Delivan Thomas, machinist, h. Indiana av. , 

nr. R. R. crossing. 
Dell Joseph, agt. Armenius, Carpenter, 381 S. 

Canal, h. same. 
Dellain Michael, lab., n. s. South, bet. Fisk 

and Rucker. 
Delnstein Francis, lab., h. n. s. Kramer, nr. 

DeLon Julia B. Mrs., wid. William, h. Ill S. 

DeLong Charles C, cashier U. S. express, 

bds. 16 VanBuren. 
De Long George A., messenger U. S. express, 

bds. 16 Van- Buren. 
De Long John, cooper, h. Illinois, nr. n. w. 

cor. N. Market. 
De Long Joseph H., engineer Home mills, h. 

168 3d. 
De Long R., bds. N. Y. House. 
Delonge William, printer, h. 204J N. Clark. 
De Lora Maggie, h. 207 Jackson. 
De Loynes George, importer French wines and 

brandies, office, 18 Dearborn, h. 375 Wa- 
bash av. 
Delph George, match factory, e. e. N. Wells, 

8. North av., h. same. 
Delphenich John, lab., h. 312 S. Jefferson. 
Delsing John, brush maker, h. Ma}', bet. Har- 
rison anc Gurley. 
Delskey John, lab., h. r. 80 Ewing. 
Delton James, lab., Peshtigo Co. 
De Luce James, steam fitter, bds. 205 Ontario. 
De Luce Otis C, engineer, Tremont House. 
De Luce W. T., engineer, Tremont House. 
Delwo Peter, teamster, h. n. s. Little Fort 

DeMaas Louis, bookbinder C. J. Ward. 
De Maeyer Charles A., shipping clerk, Chica- 
go Steam Sugar refinery. 
De Mary Thomas C, salesman, 135 S. Water, 

h. W. Lake, s. w. c. Hoyne. 
Demarest William C, clerk Adams & Cole 

Demier Margaret, h. 131 Michigan. 
Deming Cbailes, bookkeeper, h. s. s 17th w. 

Demmenger Charles, lab., w. s. Dearborn, bet. 

I7th and 18th. 
Demming Elias, freight conductor C. & G. U. 

R. R. 
Democratic Club rooms, 15 and 16 Kingsbury 

Demont S. H., lab., h. 374 Claik. 
Dempsey Edward, driver, Wright & Currier. 
Dempsey Daniel, salesman, h. 121 Townsend. 
Dempsey Jeremiah, lab., h. n. s. Goethe, w. 

N. Wells. 
Dempsey John, liquors, h. 218 N. Union. 
Dempsey John, machinist, bds. Douglas av., 

nr. Cottage Grove av. 
Dempsey Mary, wid. John, h. 97 Indiana. 
Dempsey Price, (Dempsey & Smith,) 384 W. 

Dempster William, engineer, I. C. R. R., h. 

677 State. 
Dempsy John, lab., h. e. s. Dearborn, nr. 16th. 
Dempsy William, blacksmith, bds. Douglas av., 

nr. Cottage Grove. 
Demuth Charles, messenger Am. Ex. Co. 

Denchfield John, miller, h. 86 Hubbard. 
Denchfield John, miller, bds. Anderson House. 
Dening George, lab., Siep & Lehmann. 
Denis Joseph, jeweler, 119 Lake, h. 144 On- 
Dcnisun Andrew J., (Jones, Culbertson & Co..) 

h. n. s. Park av., nr. N. Robey. 
Denison Edmund F., 481 S. Wells. 
Denison Ephriam H.. bookkeeper, Ludington 

& Co-, h. 857 Wabash av. 
Denison William G., conductor, bds. Briggs 


Denman , mail agent, h. 63 3d av. 

Denman Enoch, mail agent, C. A. & St. L. R., 

h. 121 3d av. 
Denman Theodore A., foreman, Munn k 

Scott, bds. 116 S. Sangamon„ 
Dennahay Charles, (David Horan & Co..) h. 

Kinzie, cor. Franklin. 
Dennback Louis, teamster, h. w. s. Milwaukee 

av., nr. Jane. 
Dennehy Charles, grocer, 79 Kinzie, h. same. 
Dennin Michael, butcher, bds. Steward av., 

bet. Barber and Mitchel. 
Dennin Michael, (Dennin & O'Herin,) h. Bars 

ber, nr. S. Halsted. 
Dennigie Daniel, drayman, h. 365 Kinzie. 
Dennin & O'Herin, (Michael Denin and Thoma- 

O'Heiin,) blacksmiths, S. Canal, nr. 

Denning William, drayman, h. s. s. Sebor, nr. 

Dennis Christopher, lab., h. Quarry, bet. 

Hickory and Archer rd. 
Dennis Cyrns C, (D. M. Osborne & Co.,) h. 

Auburn, N. Y. 
Dennis Elizabeth, wid., bds. 153 Rush. 
Dennis George, goldsmith, h. 144 Ontario. 
Dennis Henry A., check clerk, I. C. R. R., h. 

46 Congress st. 
Dennis John, tailor, 136 W. Lake, h. Fulton, 

bet. Erie and Lake. 
Dennis John, machinist, bds. cor. Fulton and 

St. Johns pi. 
Dennis John Michael, tailor, 136 W. Lake, h. 

Fulton, cor. St. Johns pi. 
Dennis Joseph S., with Davis, Sawyer & Co., 

h. Indiana av., s. e. c. 25th. 
Dennis Joseph D., photographer, 54 W. Ran- 
dolph", h. 124 W. Jackson. 
Dennis Peter, carworks, h. e. s. State, bet. 

23d and 24th. 
Dennis W. Robert, tailor, h. n. s. W. Tyler, 

nr. Robey. 
Dennison Frederick, h. 481 Wells. 
Dennison Joseph L., conductor, bds. 141 W. 

Dennison William, shoemaker, h. 181 Huron. 
Denniston John, real estate broker, bds. 71 

Densinger Robert, cigar maker, h. 50 4th av. 
Densmo-e Eleazer W., 251 S. Water, bds. 331 

Michigan av. 
Dent Thomas, (Arrington & Dent,) h. Sheldon, 

bet.. Madison and Washington. 
Dent William H., student, Arlington & Dent, 

bds. Sheldon, bet. Madison and Washing- 





Denvir William, blacksmith, n. e. cor. Judd 

and Jefferson. 
Denvir William, bootmaker, 208 Lake, h. 

Sampson, nr. Blue I. av. 
Deogoiell Louis F., machinist, h. 110 Carroll. 
DePelgrom Miss Ida, music teacher, bds. 227 

Depou Louis, barber, bds. N. Y. House. 
Depoy Martin, lab., h. 157 Wells. 
Depp John, shoemaker, F. Hattinger. 
Depp John, lab., w. s. Larrabee, nr. Wisconsin. 
Deppe George, lab., h. n. s. Augusta, nr. Noble. 
DePuy George, clerk, Strong, h. 78 Wolcolt. 
DePuv James, teamster, h. 1.57 Huron. 
Derb John, carpenter, h. 362 N. Weils. 

Debuch , lab., h. n. s. Maxwell, w. Union. 

Derby Charles, (Derby & Day,) bds. Tremont 

Derby W. H., h. e. s. Michigan av , cor. 18th. 
DERBY & DAY, (Charles Derbv, and F. 0. 

Dav,) whol. liquor, 33 S. Water. {See advt. 

p. 116.) 
Derker Henrv, bootmaker, h. Waller, nr 

Wright. " 
Derkes George, carpenter, h. W. Chicago av., 

nr Milwaukee av. 
Dernbek Helena, wid. Henry, b. n. s Granger, 

w. N. Wells. 
Derocher Peter, saloon, 35 Mi.waukee av. h. 

De Roo Aaron, mason, h. 40 Pearce. 
Derow Cornelius, bricklayer, h. 194 W. Polk. 
Der Peter, cooper, h. Clybourn av., nr. distil- 
lery, N. Branch. 
Derr Jacob, butcher, bds. Wells, nr. Monroe. 
Derr John, h. 224 Wells. 
Derr John W., clerk, h. 86 Hinsdale, 
Derr Wesley J., wooddealer, h. N. Wells, cor. 

DerrXavier, 18 North Market, h. 178 Ontario. 
Derricks James, cooper, h. Division, cor. N. 

La Salle. 
Derrschaid Christian, expressman, h. William, 

nr. Loomis. 
Derton , lab., h. w. s. N. Clark, nr. 

Derwin James, lab., h. r. 152 Quincy. 
Deryea Olwas, carpenter, s. s. 21st, bet. Ar- 
nold and La Salle. 
Desamus John A., painter, h. 108 S. San- 

Deschauer Joseph, dentist, 189 Lake. h. 254 

N. Wells. 
Deschauer Sebastian, watchmaker, h 256 N. 

Deschauer Stephen, tinsmith, 88 Blue I. av., 

h. same. 
Descher Christian, lab., h. n. s. Lincoln, nr. 

Desenis Henry, lab., h. r. 266 W. Harrison 
Deoesh Peter" lab., h. 234 W. 12th. 
Deshire Philip, teamster, h. Catherine, nr. 

Deshon Charles, bds. Sam Patrick's Hotel. 
Deshon Charles B., conductor, C. &C. A. L. R. 

R., bds. hotel De Lura. 
Desire Courval, cooper, h. W. Kinzie, nr. 

Desmond Cornelius, lab., C. A R. L R. R., h. 

Clark, 8. of 14th. 

Desmond John, printer, h. 164 S. Jefferson. 

Desmond Thomas, printer, bds. 164 S. Jeffer- 

Detchke John, blacksmith, h. 296 Milwaukee 

Deterbeck Sophia, fancy goods, w. s. Sedg- 
wick, nr. Green, h. same. 

Dethke John, blacksmith, 696 Milwaukee av. 

Detman H.. lab., C. H. McCormick & Bros. 

Detmer Anthonv, lab., h. 384 Milwaukee av. 

Detrich ,' bds. 352 Clark. 

Dettes Phillip, shoemaker, h. 185 3rd av. 

Detwiler S. M., miller, h. 3.59 N. La Salle. 

Detz Casper, machinist, Forquer, bet. Blue L 
av. and Halsted. 

Detz Henry, tanner, h. w. s. S. Jefferson, s. 

Detz Jacob, lab, h. Waller, nr. Wright. 

Deuchfield Joel, engineer, bds. 162 S. Des- 

Deutsch Henry, cooper, h. 29 Larrabee. 

Deutsch Petei J., lab., h. w. s. Larrabee, nr. 
Black Hawk. 

Deutsche Friedrich, grocer, Division, cor. 
Larrabee, h. same. 

Deutschman Carl., cutter, h. e. s. Burling, nr. 

DEVELIN JOHN, h. 47 W. Jackson. 

Develin Levi C , cleik, bds. Massasoit. 

Dcvereux James, lab., h. n. s. Cornell, bet. 
Reuben and Noble. 

Dc vermann Henry, grocer, 74 N. La Salle, h. 

Devers Antony, gardener, h. n. s. Archer rd., 
nr. Blue I. av. 

D'EVERS HENRY G., apothecary, 151 W. 
Madison, h. same. 

Devett Patrick, lab. , h. n. s. Quincy, nr. La 

Devin John, plasterer, h. 153 W. Monroe, nr. 
La Salle. 

Devine Arthur, (Devine Bro's.,) bds. 340 S. 

Devine David, sailor, bds. 151 Market. 

Devine Isabella, seamstress, h. 155 W. Mon- 

Devine James, lab. bds. State, cor. Van Bu- 

Devine John R., h. 199 N. Dearborn. 

Devine Joseph, lab. h. 5 River. 

Devine Luke, porter I. C. R. R. machine shop. 

Devine Patrick, I', s. s. Archer rd. bet. Ben- 
ton and Pitney pi. 

Devine Patrick, hib. bds. s. s. 21st. bet. Clark 
and Arnold. 

Devine Peter, porter Button's Hotel. 

Devine Peter, (Devine Brothers,) bds. 340 S' 

Devine S. R., photographer, 113 Lake. 

•Devine Terrence, lab. h. Archer rd. nr. Broad. 

Devine William, lab. h. Broad, cor. Archer 

DEVINE BROTHERS, (Peter and Arthur De- 
vine,) boilermakers, W. Polk, bet. Beach 
and Canal. {See advt p. 38.) 

DeVinney James, restaurant, 274 Madison, h. 

Devitt John, cabinetmaker, h. 16 S. Halsted. 

Devitt John, street com'r, h. Ontario, n. e. c. 
St. Clair. 





Dcvitt Putrick, hackdriver, h. n. s. Eagle, bet. 

Union and Halsted. 
Devitt Thomas, expressman, h. 12th, nr. Blue 

I. av. 
Devitt William, hackman, h. IS'y W. Indiana. 
Devlin Joint, porter Day, Allen & Go. 
Devlin Loui«a A., milliner, 186 Clark. 
Devorn John, shoemaker, bds. Water, nr. 

Rush St. biidge. 
Devolto Joseph, saloon, S. Desplaines, cor. 

Van Buren. 
Devoy Eli/a Miss, millinery, 113 Clark, h. 117 

Devoy Paul, stairbuilder, h. 117 Madison. 
Devov Thomas, clerk Miss E. Devoy, 113 

Clark, h. 117 Madison. 
Devoy William, fancy goods, 72 Blue I. av. h. 

Dewald Gustavus, porter Munson, Skinner & 

Co., h. Kinzie, n. e. c. Wells. 
Dewiild John, painter, 232 N. Clark, h. same. 
Dewald MatthiMs, blacksmith, h. N. Wells. 
Dewald Michael, clerk, bds. cor. Washington 

and Wells. 
Dewald John, painter, h. n. s. Loewe, nr. N. 

Dewar James, patternmaker, h. 147 S. Clin- 
Dewar John, distiller, bds. W"averly House. 
Dewasse John, brewer, h. Division, ur. the 

Dewest William, cooper, bds. Farmer's Hotel. 
Dewey Adolphus, carpenter M. C. R. R., bds. 

86 Michigan av. 
Dewev Charles S., (C. S. Dewey & Co.,) bd.-;. 

W. Harrison, nr. Blue I. av. 
Dewev Edward W., salesman 27 Lake, bds. 

Tren)ont House. 
Dewey Edward, clerk E. A. Mears, bds. 20 N. 

Dewey Elijah F., reporter Times. 
Dewev Horace P., prod. com. mer. 3^ Clark. 

li. 103 S. Jefferson. 
Dewey James R., teacher High School, h. 139 

S. Sangamon. 
Dewey Joseph, cooper, h. 118 N. Franklin. 
Dewey Louisa M., wid. William H., h. 337 In 

Dewey R. W., painter, h. 420 N. Wells. 
Dewey Rebecca Mrs., wid. Eliab, h. cor. S- 

Green and W. Jackson. 
Dewev Solomon P., express messenger L C. R, 

W., h. 277 W. Randolph. 
Dewey Welles, (Dewey & Smith.) h. S. Green, 

cor. W. Jac'i^son. 
DEWEY E. S. & CO., (Charles S. Dewey, Al 

len J. Stephens,) dry goods, 138 W. Har 

DEWEY & CO., coal, pig iron and nails, 27 

King.-ibury, e. s. N. Branch, op. C. & N, 

W. R. W. passenger depot. 
Dewey & Smith, (Wells Dewey, George I 

Smith,) grocers and provisions, 181 W 

DeWilds Jerome, shoemaker, h. 297 N. La 

Dewire Michael, butcher, 146 N. Dearborn. 
Dewire Michael, grocer, Wright, s. e. cor, 

Union, h. same. 
DeWitt Nicholas, carpenter, h. 44 Mather 

DeWitt Nicholas, lab., Hall & Winch. 
DeWolf Calvin, justice of feace, cor. Clark 

and Randolph, h. 143 Adams. 
DeWolf Elisha, agt. Uhlich's Hotel, State, 

cor. 22nd. 
DeWolt Henry, clerk. Superintendent's OflSce, 

L C. R. R., bds. 226 N. Dearborn. 
DeWolf Henrv, bds. 112 3rd av. 
DeWolf W. F,, mail agt., R. L R. R. Co., h. 

226 N. Dearborn. 
Dewoolf Lewis T., (C. H. Clifford & Co.,) meat 

market, bds. Hanison, s. w. cor. Clark. 
Dexlei' George, gardener, h. N. Wells, s. w. c. 

Dexler John, lab., h. s. e. c. Goethe and N. 

Dexter Abraham, expressman, h. 429 N.Clark. 
Dexter D. P., bds. Orient House. 
Dexter Frederick, teamster, h. Prairie, s. e. c. 

Dexter Wirt, (Walker & Dexter,) h. Prairie 

av., bet. Old and North. 
Deyo Henry, printer, Tribune, bds. Lake 

DeYoung Peter, teamster, h. 33 Pearce. 
De/otelle Louis ¥., machinist, h. 110 Carroll. 
Dhies Frederick, porter, 23 Lake, h. Green, c. 

Dhild Wilhelm, mason, h. w. s. Halsted, nr. 

Diamond Abraham, secondhand clothing, 38 

W. Randolph, h. same. 
Diamond Aml)ro=e, engineer, C. & R. L R. R., 

h. 258 4th av. 
Diamond Dennis H., carpenter, Monroe, cor. 

Diamond P'rank G., com. mer., h. Park av., s. 

e. c. Hoyne. 
Dibblee Ricliard H., (Livingston & Dibblee,) 

bds. n. s. Division, w. N. Weils. 
Dice Frank, station baggageman, G. & C. U. R. 

R., h. State, nr. Van Buren. 
Dickelmann Fritz, h. al., bet. Twomey and 

Sigel, nr. Sedgwick. 
Dickens Augustus, h. 494 N. Clark. 
Dickens Augustus N., clerk, I. C. R. R. Land 

Department, h. e. s. Clark, bet. Goethe 

and Schiller. 
Dickerman Amos, machinist, C. & R. I. R. R., 

h. 270 4'hav. 
Dickermin Emma, asst. teacher Franklin 

School, h. 377 N. Wells. 
Dickerman George, fireman, C. & R. L R. R., 

bds. 473 4th av. 
Dickerman John, fireman, C. & R. L R. R., 

bds. 273 4th av. 
Dickerson John 0., lumber insp., bds. 141 N. 

Dickerson John, saloon, 150 Clark, h. same. 
Dickerson Joseph, tanner, h. 246 Huron. 
Dickerson Thomas S., (Vandervoort, Dicker- 
son & Co.,) 600 Wabash av. 
Dickev Edmund L., marine collector. 
Dickey Edward L., (Waite k, Dickey,) bds. 

Lake House. 
Dickey Hugh T., lawyer and pres. C. G. L. & 

C. Co., 50 Dearborn, h. 206 Michigan av. 
Dickey James V., agt. Ferry & Son, h. 559 

Wabash av. 





Diclihaut Henry, clerk, 66 Wasliington, h. 

Hubbai'd, bet. Paulina and Reuben. 
Dickiman Frederick, painter, h. Waller, cor. 

Dickinson Albert F., (Dickinson & Hosmer,) 

h. 139 Wabash av. 
Dickinson Annie, milliner, bd?. 47 Michigan. 
Dickinson Arab P., brewer, Kinzie, n. w. c. 

Cass. h. 49 N. Clark. 
Dickinson Augustus, saloon, 177 Clark, b. 99 

Dickinson C, grocer, Clark, cor. North av., h. 

Elston rd., nr. North av. 
Dickinson Charles, grain mer., h. 288 Huron. 
Dickinson Charles E., clerk, J. H. Dunham, 

bds. 153 4th av. 
Dickinon Edmund F., (Rev.) h. 1.53 4th av. 
Dickinson Edward, vessel owner, 10 Norton 

blk., 186 S. Water, bd-. 288 Huron. 
Dickinson Frederick, (Dickinson & Nudd,) bds. 

94 LaSalle. 
Dickinson Frederick, (Dickinson & Bradley,) h. 

w. s. Michigan av., bet. 16th and 18th. 
Dickinson George, bds. Ohio, nr. Dearborn. 
Dickinson Gideon D., com. mer., 161 S. Water, 

up stairs, h. 303 Wabash av. 
Dickinson Hannah, teacher, Moselev School, 

h. 139 Wabash av. 
Dickinson Sophronia, n-id. Silas, h. 217 4th av. 
Dickinson William, bds. 288 Huron. 
DICKINSON WILLIAM P., com. mer., 44 N. 

Wells, h. Maple, nr. Dearborn. 
Dickinson & Bradley, tFrederick Dickinson 

and Cliailes Bradley.) com. mers., 1 Poni- 

eroy's bldg. 
Dickinson & Hosmer, (Albert F. Dickinson and 

0. Ellsworth Hosmer,) com. mers., office 

139 S. Water, waverooms 218 Kinzie. 
Dickinson & Nudd, (Frederick Dickinson and 

Ira P. Nudd,) Ibrwd. com. mer., 1 Pome- 

roy's bldg. 
Dickison Christo, (col'd,) bds. 115 3d av. 
Dickley Peter, saloon, 22nd, cor. Archer rd.,h. 

Dickman William C, stonecutter, h. 9 Judd. 
Dicks Charles P., merchant, h. 259 Cass. 
Dicks H. W., cleik, Shoenfeld Bros., 184 N. 

Dickson Andrew, clerk, 47 State, h. 22 Adams. 
Dickson David, soap and candle mnfr., h. 20 

W. Quincy. 
Dickson Edward, engineer, bds. 370 S. CanaL 
Dick?on Henry, engineer, h. 47 Michigan. 
Dickson J., machinist, I. C. R. R. machine 

Dickson James E., machinist, I. C. R. R.- h. 

241 3d av. 
Dickson James P., drayman, h. 106 Carroll. 
DICKSON JOHN H., grocer, 132 Dearborn, 

bds. 156 State. 
Dickson Virginia, wid. George, h. 155 

Dickson William B., h. e. s. May, bet. Lake 

and R mdolph. 
Dickson William W., clerk C. & R. L R. R 

de[)0t, h. w. s. S. Jefferson, s. Bunker. 
Dieben Charles, painter, h. 50 N. Curti?. 
Dieboss Johann, shoemaker, h. e. s. Church, 

nr. North av. 
Diecher Peter, grocer, 137 W. Washington. 

Dieckman Charles, news carrier, bds. n. s. Reu- 
ben, nr. Front. 

Dieden Anthony, (Dieden Bros. & Herting,) 
bds. 29 Chicago av. 

Dieden John, (Dieden Bros. & Hertiiig,) h. r. 
471 Chicago av. 

Dieden John, salesman, J. B. Shay. 

Dieden Niclu>las, (Dieden Bros. & Herting,) h. 
e. s. Green B ly, nr. Pearson. 

Dieden Bros. <fe Heiting, (John, Nicholas and 
Anthony Dieden, and John Herting,) gro- 
cers, 29 Chicago av. 

Diederieh Anton, expressman, h. 477 N. Clark. 

Diederieh Buning, h. s. s. Eagle, bet. Uuioa 
and Halsted. 

Diederieh Leonard, boots and shoes, n. s. Di- 
vision, e. N. Wells, h. same. 

Diedrich Friedrieb, tailor, h. n. s. Rees, nr. 
Clybourn av. 

Diedrich John, lab., h. 3d, nr. Front. 

Diedrich John, shoemaker, bds. 160 Milwau- 
kee av. 

Diedrich Mathias, bricklayer, h. w. s, Mohawk 
nr. Clybourn av. 

Diefcnbach Peter, milkman, h. Noble, nr. W. 

Diefenbacher Augustus, farmer, h. 411 N. La- 

Diefendorf Robert, bookkeeper, N. J. Howe. 

Diehal Valentine, barber, 229 Randolph, h. 61 

Diehl Charles, tailor, h. 409| Clark. 

Diehl Christian, hardware, 413 State, h. same. 

Diehl Conrad L., justice of the peace and no- 
tary public, 151 Randolph, h. same. 

Diercks Frederick, carpenter, C. & N. W. R. 
W. shop, h. 208 Green. 

Diercks Henry, private Co. C, 89th HI. Vol, 
h. s. s. Sigel, nr. Sedgwick. 

Diesenfeld Peter, lab., h. w. s. North av. nr. 
Black Hawk. 

Diesher Frank, saddler, bds. s. e. cor. Clark 
and Division. 

Diest Charles, cooper, 17 State, h. Dearborn, 
bet. 17th and 18th. 

Dietcher Anton, lab., h. w. s. Larrabee, nr. 
Clybourn av. 

Dietel Frederick, shoemaker, h. w. s. Clark, 
bet. 17th and 18th. 

Dietel John, shoemaker, n. s. Archer rd. bet. 
Arnold and LaSalle, h. same. 

Dietrich Charles, bartender, h. 120 N. Wells. 

Dietrich George, baker, bds. 125 N. Clark. 

Dietrich John, (Kretsinger, Starrett & Die- 
trich,) h. Lake View. 

Dietrich Peter, tinner, h. 273 State. 

Dietz Adolph, cooper, h. w. s. Arnold, bet. 
16th and l7th. 

Dietz Andrew, cooper, h. Clybourn av. nr. dis- 

Dietz Charles, blacksmith, h. N. Carpenter, 
bet. 2d and 3d. 

Dietz Frank, cigarmaker, h. 78 Mather. 

Dietz John, carpenter, h. 118 N. Carpenter. 

Dietze Bernhard, bookkeeper, 0. S. Dole & 
Co., h. 252 N. Wells. 

Dietzsch Emil, apothecary, 192 Blue Island 

av., h. same. 
Diez Leonard, carpenter, h. 317 Illinois. 
Digby Theodore, (R. Hanson & Co.,) 





Digging H. W., conductor, C. & N. W. R. W., 

h. 220 N. Green. 
Digna Cliiisla, lab., h. Indiana, nr. hike shore. 
Dignan Grat, lab., b^is. \v. s. 3d av. nr. 14th. 
Dignan John, saloon, 717 Clark, h. same. 
Dignen Patrick, shoemaker, h. 471 Clark. 
Dike Francis E., clerk, bds. Indiana av., nr. 

Dike Henry B., (Morey & Dike,) h. 69 N. San- 
Dike Luther, carpenter, h. cor. Blue Island av. 

and Hope. 
Dikemon Christian, lab., h. n. s. Reuben, nr. 

Dikehart Conrad, lab., h. William, bet. Throop 

and Blue Island av. 
Diller Julius, printer, h. 182 Indiana. 
Dillingliam John, accountant Furst & Bradley, 

b. 227 W. Lake. 
Dillingham William H., druggist, 281 State, b. 

156 3d av. 
Dillon Daniel, h. 34 Pearce. 
Dillon James, sailor, h. S. Jefferson, cor. De- 

Dillon James, foreman, C. L Woodman, h. 

81 Dearborn. 
Dillon John, driver E. Price's livery, r. Tre- 

niont House. 
Dillon John R. captain, bds. 33 Blue Island av. 
Dillon Mary, dressmaker, h. s. s. W. Lake, bet. 

Paulina and Wood. 
Dillon Maurice, carpenter, h. 163 W. Adams. 
Dillon Michael, blacksmith, bds. 293 State. 
Dillon Michael, boots and shoes, h. 72 W. 

Dillon Patrick, h. Kossuth, nr. Dyer av. 
Dillon Patrick, musician, h. s. s. Water, nr. 

Dillon Patrick, drayman, h. 8 Coolidge. 
Dillon Thomas, lab!, h. W. Polk, nr. Miller. 
Dillon William, teamster, h. Cottage Grove 

av., bet. 22d and 23d. 
Dimick Henry, carpenter, P. W. Gates & Co. 
Dimick Mrs. Mnrv, h. 297 Kinzie. 
DIMOCK JOHN H., lawyer, n. w. cor. Dear- 
born and Madison, h. 71 Jackson. 
Dimon William, h. Sebor, nr. Canal. 
Diraond Alfied S., printer, h. 59 S. Jefferson. 
Dimond F. M., bds. Button's Hotel. 
Dimond Philip F., clerk W. Y. Daniels, bds. 

155 Washington. 
Dinand Patrick, hackraan, bds. 121 Clark. 
Dinen Peter, marblecutter, bds. 104 Harrison. 
Dinet Joseph, h. 387 Milwaukee av. 
Dingman Ann, wid. Hiram, h. 363 Clark. 
Dingman Henry C, painter, 418 State, h. 75 

Dingess R. S., bds. Briggs House. 
Dingle Peter, helper, I. C. R. R. machine shop. 
Dinnen Michael, news depot and stationery, 54 

N. Clark, h. 129 Fulton. 
Dinnevan James, h. 9 Cass. 
Dinon Ellen, h. 116 Illinois. 
Dintes Albert, lab., h. 14tli, s. w. c. Jefferson. 
Dippe August, hainessmaker, h. 15 N. Clinton. 
Dippe Henry, saihiiaker, bds. 15 N. Clinton. 
Dippe William, carpenter, bds. Rucker, bet. 

Taylor and 12th. 
Dirkin C. C, miller Oriental Mills, h. 307 N. 


Disch William, tailor, Hodgson & Perry, h. 

Disher Peter, grocer, 137 W. Washington. 
Diterle Christian, machinist, h. Williams cor. 

Ditewig Andrew, grocer, 282 Wells. 
Ditraars A. W., salesman, 27 Lake. 
Ditmars Henrv, (Ditmars & Good,) h. 25 N. 

Ditmars & Good, (Henrv Ditmars and Edward 

G. Good,) machinists, 23, 25 and 27 N, 

Ditscher John H., porter C. F. Grey. 
Ditt John, cabinetmaker, h. 73 W. Lake. 
Ditt Sebiistian, lab., h. s. s. Cornell, bet. Eliza- 
beth and Rucker. 
Dittig Philip, shoemaker, h. 185 3d av. 
Dittman Adam, tailor, 130 Kinzie. 
Dittman Henrv, tailor, b. Newberry, bet. Max- 
well and Mitehel. 
Di^en Alexandi-r, bookkeeper Robert Law, h. 

44 and 45 Portland blk. 
Diversy John, wagonmaker Lill & Diversy, h. 

Gree-. Bay rd. 
DIVERSY MICHAEL, (Lill & Diversy,) h. 

Green Bay rd., cor. Chicago av. 
Dix Charles E., com. mer., h. 129 Chicago av. 
Dix George P., clerk, Loomis & Wliiltaker, 

bds. 180 Madison. 
Dix Joel H., salesman, Sprague & Warner, h. 

Douglas av., nr. 26th. 
Dix Richard, carpenter, h. May, nr. Kinzie. 
Dixheimer Adam, shoemaker, h. e. s. Clybourn 

av., nr. Larrabee. 
Dixheimer Jacob, barber, 69 Dearborn. 
Dixon Albert, painter, bds. 86 Deaiburn. 
Dixon Arthur, drayman, h. 299 Wells. 
Dixon Davis, soapmaker, h. 20 W. Quincy. 
Dixon Giles, painter, h. 64 Bremer av. 
Dixon James, (Rev.,) pastor Union Park Bap- 
tist chuich, h. 30 Peck. 
Dixon Joseph, policeman, h. 245 Chicago av. 
Dixon Samuel J., turner, h. 384 N. Market. 
Dixon W. H., com. mer., 176 W. Lake, h. 178 

W. Lake. 
Dixon William, boarding, 74 Dearborn. 
Dixon William, (col'd,) lab., h. 181 Monroe. 
Diyer Catharine, dressmaker, 98 Ohio. 
Doan Peter, cigarmaker, h. 312 Wolcott. 
Doane George D., (Pollard & Doane,) bds. 

Tremont House. 
Doane John B., rihysician, 176 N. Wells, h. 

Doane J. W., (J. W. Doane & Co.) h. 564 Wa- 
bash a v. 
Doane Rebecca E., drug store 176 N. Wells. 
Doane J. W. & Co., (John W. Doane and John 

P. Babcock,) whol. grocers, 12 and 14 

Doane Thomas H., bookkeeper. Pollard St 

Doane, bds. 81 and 83 Michigan av. 
Doarr John F., saloon, 525 State, h. same. 
Dobey Lewis, drover, h. Cottage Grove av., 

cor. Northern av. 
Dobler John, (Dobler & B tt,) h. Albany, 

N. Y. 
Dobler & Bott, (John Dobler and Arthur Bott,) 

stationers, 91 Lake. 
Dobson William H., salesman, Harding & Hall, 

h. Fulton, bet. Lincoln and Wood. 





Dobusli Thomas, lab., d. s. North, bet. Canal 

and .lufferson. 
Docev Mr.-., 169 N. Water. 
DoclieK Lewis A., clerk, auditors office, I. C. 

R. R. Co. h. 230 Michigan. 
DockiiT Beinhard, plasterer, h. n. s. Schiller, 

nr. N. Wells. 
Dockt' r Niuholas, cabinetmaker, h. e. 3. Sedg- 
wick, nr. Sigel. 
Dockst:ider C, comedian, Canterbury Hall, h. 

63 Adams. 
Docter John, carpenter, h. 287 3rd &v. 
Docter Josepli, carpenter, R. S. Galloway, h. 

2S7 3rd av. 
Docterman Gottlieb, saloon, 354 Clark, h. 

Dodd Frank, boots and shoes, 104 Randolph, 

h. 992 Wabash av. 
Dodd Rithard W., cutter for W. Lock, h. 

Michigan av., bet. 29th and 3Uth. 
Doddridge Phillip B. clerk, Bowen Bros., bds. 

183 Washington. 
Dodgy Absalom, bartender, h. 248 S. Des- 

Dodge CtiarU^s H., bookkeeper, M. S. & N. L 

R. R., h. 302 Wabash av. 
Dodge David, physician, 113 Harrison. 
Dodge Mrs. Elizabeth, wid. William S., hoop 

skirt, 125 Clark, h. same. 
Dodge Mrs. Elizabeth C, milliner, b. 269 

Dudge Frank, clerk, bds. 435 Clark. 
Dodge Fiederick, clerk. Fuller, Finch & Fuller. 
Dodg • George, (George Dodge & Co.,) h. 60 

N. Sangamon. 
Dodge H. Halsey, bookkeeper, 58 Dearborn. 
Dodge Jacob, lab., C. H. McCormick & Bros. 
Dodge J uie Mrn., saloon, 242 Wells. 
Dodge John, lab., h. 207 N. Clark. 
Dodge John A. nailmaker, bds., 30 and 32 W. 

Doige Loring, clerk, bds. Orient House. 
Dodge Lucius A., nailmaker, bds. 30 and 32 

W. Madison. 
Dodge Luthe-r A., nailmaker, bds. 30 and 32 

W. MaJison. 
Dodge Mary, wid. Norman, h. 22 Hubbard. 
Dodge Simon, sash and blind, e. s. Dearborn, 

bet. 20th and 21st. 
Dodge Theodore B., sailor, h. s. s. Front, nr. 

Dodge William, lab., Hall & Winch. 
Dodge V.'illiam, (George Dodge & Co.,) h. 35 

W. Washington. 
Dodge George & Co., (George and Wi.liam 

Dodge,) whol. liquors, 11 Franklin. 
Dodges C, (.arpenter, h. 267 W. Randolph. 
Dodrion Hi-nrv, mason, h. 7 Hills, 
Dod.soii John, mason, h. 17 Townsend. 
Dodson Nathan B., salesman, 176 Lake. 
Dodson Wa.'siiington, painter, h. 14 White. 
Dod.son, William, lab., h. 14 White. 
Doeblcr John, rooper, h. s. .s. Water, nr. Green. 
Doeffler John, draviiian, h. 57 Lirrabee. 
DOEHLER JOHN W., furniture repairer, 127 

Dearborn, h. 11(5 Chicago av. 
Doel Jo.-^eph, hib., h. n. s. Dussold, nr. Union. 
Doerr Adam, musician, h. 110 Sedgwick. 
Do.-r Adrn. s' ce lalvr, li. 0.", S.j.lgTi.I;. ] 

Do. IT J c • , butcher, h. 224 W ells. [ 

Doerr John, meat and vegetables, 029 State. 
Doerr Joseph, druggist, 193 Wells, h. same. 
Doerrfeld Clirisiopher, tin and coppersmith, 

174 Randolpl), h. same. 
Doffenmuehle Frederick, tailor, h. 31 4th. 
Dogffan John, shoemaker, h. 75 Wesson. 
Doggendorf John, lab., h. e. s. Hurlbert, nr. 

North av. 
Doggett Joseph B., (Doggett & Easson,) h. 210 

Doggett William C, (Doggett, Bassett & Hills,) 

and (Doggett & Eas:-on,) h. 383 Superior, 

E. Doggett, Henry D. Bassett and D. Ho- 

"bert Hills,) boots and shoes, whol. and 

retail, 29 and 31 Lake. 
Doggett & Easson, (William E. Doggett and 

John W. Easson,) grocers, 20 N. Clark. 
Dogherty Edward, blacksmitli, h. Johnson, nr. 

Dogherty Patrick, carpenter, McGregor, cor. 

Aicher rd. 
Dohen Michael G., painter, h. Washington, a. 

w. cor. Paulina. 
Doherly Dennis, lab., h. s. s. DeKoven, nr. 

Doherty Francis, soldier, h. Larrabee, e. 

of Erie st. bridge. 
Doherty James, tailor, h. S. Jefferson, nr. 

Doherty Mary, saleswoman, J. B. Shay, bda. 

176 State. 
Doherty Michael, carpenter, h. 198 W. Harri- 
Doherty Philip, lab., h. 451 S. Halsted. 
Doherty Thoniis, marine capt, s. s. Charles, 

bet. Wells and Franklin. 
Doherty William L., carpenter, h. 202 W. 

Doherty William, house mover, h. 158 N. Dea- 

Dohl Joh:i, clerk, h. 113 Townsend. 
Dohn Adolph W., clerk, J. H. Duuham, bds. 

38 LaSalle. 
Dohn John, tailor, h. 314 Wolcott. 
Doig Georjjc, machinist, h. 334 W. Adams. 
Doil Michael, h. Pearl, bet. 3d and Pratt 
Dolan Bernard, waiter, h. 18 W. Lake. 
Dolan Edward, lab., h. e. s., bet. Illinois 

and Indiani. 
Dolan Francis, lab., h. 44 Cass. 
Dolan James, watchmaker, 291 N. Water. 
Dolan James, lab., h. White, 14 Fisher's blk. 
Dolan James, tinsmith, bds. 44 Cass. 
Dolan John, lab., h. 168 Indiana. 
Dolan Mathew, gardener, ii. 3fcU Ohio. 
Dolan Patrick, shoemaker, h. 169 N. Dearborn. 
Dolan Patrick, lab., h. n. s. Sedgwick, nr. 

Dolan Patrick, pressman, bds. n. s. DeKoven, 

bet. Canal and Clinton. 
Dolan Pierce, moulder, h. S. Morgan, bet. 

Taylor and Polk. 
Dolan Thomas, lab., bds. Cottage Grove av., 

nr. 25th. 
Dole Charles S., (C. S. Dole & Co.,) and (Ar- 
mour, Dole & Co.,) h. 329 Superior. 
Dole E. P., clerk, P. 0., h. 161 W. Van Buren. 
Dul • James IL, (C. S. Dolj i Co.,) 1:. 12J U.:.- 






Dole Timothv, lab., h. 50 Eldridae ct. 

Dole W. H., "mill and feed, 23 and 25 S. Canal, 
h. 95 AbfrdfCii. 

Dole G. S, & Co., (Charles S. and James H. 
Dole,) com. mer., 158 S. Water. 

Doler Arfhibald, ma.son, h. Maple, s. w. cor. 
N. Wells. 

Dolev Patiic-k, cooper, h. s. s. South, bet. 
Brown and Halsted. 

Dolestan Simon, shipmaster, h. 322 Hubbard. 

Dolieden Mathias, lab., h. Dayton, bet. Willow 
and Clay. 

Doll Jacob, lab., h. e. s. Clybourne av., nr. 

Dollani Martin, carpenter, h. 74 N. Dearborn. 

DoUay Thomas, foreman, Flint & Thompson, 
li. Clark, nr Flint & Thompson's elevator. 

Dnlle Timothy, lab., h. 199 Sherman. 

DolliuLjer Frank, grocer, 196 Van Buren. 

Dolph Anson J., carpenter, h. Cottage Grove 
av., nr. 21th. 

Dolph Sylvester, engineer, bds. cor. Wood and 

Dolvous John, blacksmith, bds. 3rd av., nr. 

Dome Henrv, carpenter, h. 4 16th. 

Domer Henry, miller, h. Hinsdale, nr. Wol- 

Dominick J., confectionery and saloon, 72 N. 
Chirk, h. same. 

Don John, hib., h. 55 Chicago av. 

Donaghy John, treas. Union Oil and Candle 
works, h. Michigan av., nr. 12th. 

Donaiioe Edward, gvocer, 53 Chicago av. 

Donahoe James, mason, h. 283 S. Desplaines. 

Donahoe Junes, lab., C. B. & Q. R. R. depot. 

Donahoe Jeffrv, lab., h. Forquer, nr. Jefferson. 

Donahoe Mary, wid. Patrick, h. 306 W. Har- 

Donahoe Micliael, lab., h. w. s. Jefferson, nr. 

Donahoe Timothy, lab., h. r. 289 S. Desplaines. 

Donahoe Tlioma:^, M. S. & N. I. R., 

Donahue David, lah., h. 232 S. Desplaines. 

Donahue Daniel, tail <r, h. 128 Franklin. 

Donahue Michael, lab., h. Sanger, nr. Archer 

Donahue Michael, lab., h. 165 Market. 

Donahue Owen, lab., h. r. 60 N. Franklin. 

Donahue Patrick, lab., h. 4th. av., nr. 14th. 

D(mahue William, carpenter, h. 409 N. Wells. 

Donald M., wid., h. w. s. Green, nr. Archer rd. 

Donaldson Alexander R., ale peddler, li. Hins- 
dale, cor. Pine. 

Donaldson Robert, (Donaldson & Bro.,) bds. 
322 Hubbard. 

Donaldson Samuel, (Donaldson & Bro.,) h. 322 

Donaldson & Bro., (Robert & Samuel,) ship- 
smiths, 113 N. Water. 

Donalsin Patrick, shoemaker, h. W. DeKoven, 
cor. S. Clinton. 

Donderdonk John, bookkeeper. Cutler, Wit- 
beck & Co., bds. 75 W. Washington. 

Done Eli D., tailor, h. 275 Wolcott. 

Done Josepli, carpenter, h 209 Sherman. 
Donegan Ann, wid. James, h. 335 Ohio. 
Doni-gan Daniel, grocer, 247 N. Franklin. 
Donegan Edward, drayman, Jcwett & Root, h. 
18th, cor. Dearborn. 

Donegan Thomas, fireman, Franklin, n. w. c. 

Van Buren. 
Doney Jacob, ship carpenter, h. 366 N. Wells. 
Doney Thomas, cooper, h. 181 W. Harri.son. 
Doney Thomas, jr., bookkeeper, Sayrs & 

Davis, bds. 6 Rush. 
Dong D. G., lab., M. S. & N. I. R. R. 
Doniker James, cooper, h. 53 Pearson. 
Dunivan Timothy, carpenter, h. n. s. Emily, nr. 

Milwiiukee av. 
Donivan John, lab., h. 14 Mather. 
Don vin James, lab., h. e. s. Purple, nr. 20th. 
Donkerd Fred., blacksmith, H. A. Pitts & Co. 
Dohley Michael, cooper, h. Blanche, cor. El- 

ston rd. 
Donnahoe James, mason, 266 3rd av. 
Donnall Simon 0., police, h. 176 Madison. 
Do n illy Lemuel L., conductor, C. & F. A. L. 

R. R., h. n. s. Pai'k av. e. Hoyne. 
Donnally Obien, varnisher, h. n. s. Chicago av, 

nr. Elizabeth. 
Donnell James, Lib., h. 226 S. Jefferson. 
DonnellanDaniel, carpenter, h. s. s. DeKoven, 

nr. Clinton. 
DonneUan Michael, lab., h. DeKoven, nr. 

Donnellan Patrick, bootmaker, bds. DeKoven, 

nr Clinton. 
Donnellan Patrick M., propr. Rock L House, 

52 Sherman. 
Donnelly Charles, lab., bds. 287 W. Pofk. 
Donnelly Charles, painter and paper hanger, 

91 S. Jefferson, h. same. 
Donnelly Hugh, boarding, 285 N. Water. 
Donnelly Mary, wid. Christopher, h. al., r. 43 

Hubbard ct. 
Donnelly L. J., actor, bd.. Prescott House. 
Donnely Mic'naol, boilermaker Devine & Bros. 
Donniker J. B., bds. Sam. Patrick's Hotel. 
Don lohue Julia Mrs. cor. Oak and Market. 
Donnolly Joseph, teamster, h. e. s. Rueker, 

bet. South and Lumber. 
Donnovan Phincas, brewer, h. 88 Indiana. 
Donoghu Peter, maltster, h. Grand Haven 

Donoher Matthew C, saloon, 105 W. 12ih, h. 

Donohoe Francis, lab. h. s. s. Archer rd. bet. 

Green and Broad. 
Donohoe Jeremiah, h. 11 Dunn. 
Donohoe John, lab. h. e. s. Elizabeth, nr. Hal- 
Donohoe John, lab. bds. Water, s. e. c. Main. 
Donohoe John, lab. h. 262 S. Clinton. 
Donohoe Michael, lab. h. s. s. Elizabeth, nr. 

Donohoe Patrick, lab. h. w. s. Hickory, nr. 

Donohoe Patrick, lab. h. Coolidge, bet. Throop 

and Lnomis. 
Donohoe Thomas, lab. bds. n. s. Cook, nr. N. 

Donohoe Thomas, baker, h. 262 S. Clinton. 
Donohoe Timothy, lab. h. e. s. Rjcker, bet. 

Springer and Douglas pi. 
Donohoe William, carpenter, h. Prairie av. 

nr. 26th. 
Donohue David, tailor, h. 144 W. Randolph. 
Donohue John, blacksmith, h. 454 S. Jeflfer- 





Donohue Michnel, lab. h. r. 119 Ontario. 
Donohue Michael A., (Cox & Donohue,) h. W. 

Taylor, bet. Hulsted and Blue I. av. 
Donovan Bartholomew, bricklayer, h. 82 W. 

Donovan Catherine, wid. Jeremiah, bds. 266 

W. Harrison. 
Donovan D. H., agt. R. B. Appleby, 117 Lake. 
Donovan John, lab. h. Sampson, nr. Reuben. 
Donovan John, lab. h. W. Taylor, bet. Rucker 

and Polk. 
Donovan John, printer, bds. 178 W. 12th. 
Donovan Mrs. Margaret, saloon, 183 State, h. 

Donovan Maurice, expressman, h. 13 S. Ann. 
Donovan Morgan J., lab. h. 114 W. Indiana. 
Donovan Patrick, lab. h. r. s. Tvvomey, nr. 

Donovan Peter W., clerk Scanlan & Bro. 
Donovan Timothy, porter G. & C. W. Church. 
Donovan William H., h. Wheeling av. bet. 

W. Clybourn av. and Armitage rd. 
Doody John, lab. h. e. s. Elizabeth, nr. Hal- 

Doogen John, h. 7-5 Wesson. 
Doogks Robert, gardener, h. cor. Hoyne and 

Park pi. 
Doogue Jane, wid., h. 230 W. Washington. 
Doohiu Catherine, wid. William, washing and 

ironing, li. bet. Randolph and Lake, nr. 

Michigan av. 
Dooley Biidget, wid. James, h. W. Taylor, nr. 

Dooley Hamlet, packer Burley & Tyrrell, bds. 

Monroe, op. P. 0. 
Dooley Ellen, h. 376 Indiana. 
Dooley Jamt s, engineer, h. 98 Ohio. 
Dooley John, blacksmith, h. '284 S. Clinton. 
Dooley Martin, lab. h. Elston rd. nr. Clybourn 

Dooley M 'ry, wid. Jeremiah, h. 86 N. LaSalle. 
Dooley Michael, butcher, h. cor. Polk and 

Dooley Patrick, baker, h. 43^ Wells. 
Dooley Patrick, porter, b. Michigan av. nr. C. 

B. & Q. R. R. crossing. 
Dooley Thomas, J., bookkeeper, h. 376 In- 
Dooley William, butcher, bd.s. cor. Polk and 

Doolin John, lab. h. 68 Sherman. 
Dooling Miss Anna, boarding, 19 Dearborn. 
Doolittle Edgar M., (Doolittle & Olcott,) h. 

113 S. Sangamon. 
Doolittle Ezra A., teamster Am. Ex. Co., h. 

Frinklin, n. w. c. Van Buren. 
Doolittle Harvey, banker, 40 Clark, h. 17 Con- 

Doolittle L. A., lawyer, 2 Lind's blk. 
Doolittle & Olcott," (Edgar M. Doolittle, Or- 

ville Olcott,) ship yard and dry dock, 384 

Dooly Cicely, wid. Edward, h. 53 Carroll. 
Dopan Frederick, lab., h. e. s. Canal, bet. 18ih 

and Nonh. 
DORAN JOHN L., lawyer, 9 Kingsbury blk., 

h. 470 W. Jackson. 
Doran P., lab., h. 94 4th. 
Doran Thomas, lab., h. e. s. Fisk, bet Allen's 

and Morgan's canals. 

Doran William, painter, h. 355 Indiana. 
Dorathy Azel,, real est., 80 Dearborn, h. s. s. 

W. Madison, w. Reuben. 
Dorcey Patrick, lab., h. 372 W. VanBuren. 
Dorchester John, ins. agt., 6 Board of Trade 

bldg., h. 595 W. Lake. 
Dore John C, (Xeweli & Dore,) and U. S. 

insp. of liquors, h. Wabash av., s. e. cor. 

Doren Michael, painter, h. r. 353 Indiana. 
Doren Nicholas, lab., Douglas av. nr. 2'Jth. 
Dorenburg Rodolph, druggist, 307 W. Lake, h. 

Dorend Mary, wid. Henry, h. 343 Clark. 
Dorgan John, plasterer, bds. lOo N. Water. 
Dorgan Mary, wid. William, seamstiess, h. 106 

Dorian Patrick, lab., h. 319 S. Jefferson. 
Dorigan Mrs. Ellen, h. Tyler, cor. S. San- 
Doiigan Patrick, lab., bds. S. Sangamon, cor. 

Dorington Elizabeth, wid., h. Throop, cor. W. 

Dority Patrick, expressman, h. Williams, nr. 

Dorkan , lab., h. w. s. Dearborn, bet. 16th 

and 17th. 
Dortpan Francis, cooper, h. e. s. Union, s. 12th 
Dermerd Michael, lab., h. 79 W. Indiana. 
Dome Pears, helder, h. W. H ilst-d, nr. 3d. 
Dornev John, lumber insp., h. Piairie av. nr. 

26 th 
Dorney Michael, sailor, h. 101 S. Prentiss. 
Dorney Michael, teamster, h. 252 Michigan. 
Dorney William, Lib., h. n. s. 26th, bet. Wa- 
bash and Michigan av. 
Dorothy Michael, ship carpenter, h. 146 N. 

Dorr G. J., (DeClerck & Dorr,) h. e. s. Prairie 

av., bet. 24th and 25th. 
Dorr John, butcher, 529 State. 
Dorr Washington J., contractor, h. 317 N. La- 
Dorrance Nehemiah, lumber broker, h. 231 N. 

Dorrigan Dennis, gardener, h. w. s. Rucker, 

bet. 15th and Douglas pi. 
Dorrigan John, h. 244 S. Clinton. 
Dorringion George E., bookkeeper McCabe & 

Hughe.«, bd.s. 113 Deaiborn. 
Dorsan John, lab., h. 177 Indiana. 
Dorscheild Clemens, b-niler maker, h. n. s. 

North av. e. Sedgwick. 
Dorsett William, salesman, h. 94 N. Morgan. 
Do"sey Mary, wid. Michael, h. 372 W. VanBu- 
Dorsner Charles, carpenter, h. Elston rd. nr. 

Dorson Philip, barber, h. 145 Harrison. 
Dosth Jacob, watchman M. S. R. R. depot, h. 

s. s. Kramer, nr. Jeffdrson. 
Dortkampf Friedrich, clerk, h. w. s. Larrabee, 

nr. Clybourn av. 
Dortland Henry, porter, Hale & Ayer, bds. 

Washinirton, cor. Wells. 
Dorv;:l Edward, machinist, h. 222 W. Polk. 
Dorval John, blacksmith, b. n. s. Mitchel, nr. 

Dorvia John, lab., h. 723 Clark. 





Dory Edward, lab., h. 2d, e. W. Chicago av. 

nr. the river. 
Dosh Jolin, cooper, h. w. s. Main, nr. Hickory. 
Dotterer Davis H., mechanical and civil engi- 
neer, h. 847 State. 
Doty H. C, billiard saloon, 74 and 76 Ran- 
dolph, h. 83 Randolph. 
Doty Payson M., student at law, Waite & 

Towne, bds. 48 VanBuren. 
Doty Theodoras, h. 163 State. 
Dotzler Jacob, tanner, h. 199 Ontario. 
Doud Thomas, lab., h. 204 Adams. 
Doudy John, sailor, h. 701 Clark. 
Dougall Naomi, teacher, bds. Cedar, nr. lake. 
Dougall Thomas, soapman, h. Cedar, nr. lake 

Dougan Michael, lab.. P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. 

Dougard A. F., hairdresser, 135 Milwaukee 

av., h. same. 
Dougherty Henry F., traveler. Gore, Willson 

& Co"., bds Sam. Patrick's Hotel. 
Dougherty James, teacher, h. 254 Market. 
Dougherty Michael, lab., h. 25t> N. Weils. 
Dougherty Mrs., wid. Patrick, h. 290 N. Frank- 
lin St. 
Dougherty Owen, policeman, h. 300 N. Wells. 
Dougherty Patrick, carpenter, h. 290 N. 

Dougherty Patrick, teamster, h. Williams, bet. 

Rucker and Aberdeen. 
Dougherty Philip, drayman, h. 452 Halsted. 
Dougherty Thomas, lab., h. W. Taylor, "cor. 

Dougherty William, housemover, h. 158 N. 

Doughty Calvin M., gunsmith, E. Woods. 
Doughty Charles L,, clerk G. C. Cook & Co., 

bds 632 Wabash av. 
Doughty William M., agt. Methodist Book De- 
pository, h. 636 Wabash av. 
Douglas John, miller, h. 47 N. Dearborn. 
Douglas John, miller, h. bet. Fullerton and 

Clybourn av., nr. distillery, N. Branch. 
Douglas John M., attorney and resident 

director I. C. R. R., h. Cass, cor. Erie. 
Douglas Joseph C, (Akhurst & Douglas,) h. 

Wabash av., nr. 12th. 
Dou'^las Jos(-ph C., boatbuilder. 839 State. 
Douglas L. A , physician, h. 157 S. Clinton. 
Douglas Monument Association office, n. e. c. 

Washington and State. 
Douglas Samuel, bunker, 166 Lake, bds. Union 

Park House. 
Douglas Samuel, lab., b. n. s. W, Tyler, w. 

Douglas ThomBS P., (T. P. Douglas & Co.,) h. 

256 Ewing. 
Douglas T. P. & Co., (Thomas P. Douglas, 
Hiram W. Pearee and Julius F. Kellogg,) 
com. and flour, 240 Lake. 
Douglass James, lab., h. W. Taylor, nr. 

Douglass Lewis, (col'd,) barber, cor. Randolph 

"and Dearborn, h. 218 4th av. 
Douglas Michael, gardener, h. 101 S. Morgan. 
Douglass William M., county constable, 73 

Clark, h. 80 Quincy. 
DoMDui r., lll;u•^iul^t I. C. v.. R. rnnrhiiif sl.o. . 
Doutel John, capm^krr, 75 Blue L-iaiid »-. 

Dourtey Martin, carpenter, h 146 N. Desplainea 
Douson Ole, shoemaker, h. 39 4th. 
Dovenmuehle Henry F. C, shoemaker, h. Wol- 

cott, s. Cnurch. 
Dovenmuhle Christopher, shoemaker, h. w. 8. 

Wolcott, s. Church. 
Dow Asa, (Pow, Quirk & Co.,) bds. Tremont 

Dow Bogart, stonemason, h. W. Indiana, bet. 

Paulina and Wood. 
Dow George, slate rooter, h. 101 N. Sanram 
Dow Insley C, (Dow & Co.,) h. JaneaviUe, 

Dow John H., with Jesup, Kennedy & Co., 

bds. Sherman House. 
Dow Joseph L., livery, h. 278 W. Lake. 
Dow Quirk & Co., (Asa Dow, D;iyid L. Quirk, 

John H. Dwight, and Henry Botsford,) 

com. mers., 156 S. Water. 
Dow Samuel K., attorney, 1 Methodist Church 

blk., h. cor. Peoria and W. Harrison. 
Dew William C, real estate broker, 51 Clark, 

bds. Clifton House. 
Dow William K., liquor dealer, h. 174^ W. 

Dow & Co., (I. C. Dow and P. Moran,) com. 

mers., 199 S. Water. 
Dowal Edward, sealemaker, h. Curtis, bet. 

Kinzie and Hubbard. 
Dowd Edward, shoemaker, 156 Superior. 
Dowd James, lab., h. Commercial, nr. Armi- 

tage rd. 
Dowe Frederick, grocer, 310 W. Randolph. 
Dowe Thomas, butcher, h. n. s. Archer rd., nr. 

Dowling J. fi., clerk, bds. 235 Cass. 
Dowling Martin, grocer, W. Lake, s. w. cor. 

Pauliha. h. same. 
Dowling Patrick, lab., h. n. s. W. 12th, nr. 

Dowling Stephen, clerk P. Ft. W. & C. R. R. 

depot, bds. Arctic House. 
Dowling Thomas, lab., C.H. McCormick & Bro. 
Dowling Thomas, carpenter, h. 124 3d av. 
Down Henry, butcher, h. c. Grove and 19th. 
Downer Andrew N., foreman J. Farr, jr., bds. 

Anderson House. 
Downer B. S., bookkeeper, 63 S. Water, bds. 

Sam. Patrick's Hotel. 
Downer Corydon E., (Downer, Bemis & Co.,) 

bds. Cottage Grove av. 
Downer Joshua, (Downer & Co.,) bds. Sam Pat- 
rick's Hotel. 
Downer Samuel A., (Downer & Co.,) h. Hyde 

Downer W. B., bds. Sam. Patrick's Hotel. 
DOWNER & CO., (Samuel A. and Joshua 

Downer,) coffee and spices, 63 S. Water. 
DOWNER, BEMIS & CO., (Corydon E. Dow- 
ner, Edwin C. Bemis and Harvey Smith,) 
brewers and maltsters, 4 Kingsbury blk. 
Downey James, clerk, s. w. c. William and 

Downey James, ostler, h. Michigan av., nr. 

Downey John, lab., McGlashen, nr. 22nd. 
Downey Maurice, lab , h. w. s. Rucker, nr. 

People's gas works. 
D'.nv;'.ev Mich.acl, lab., h. n. ?. South, bet 
I F'iiA and Ru^'ker. 





Downey Michael, lab.,h. Sebor, nr. Desplaines. 
Downey Thomas, nail maker, h. Kinzie, n. 

e. c. N. Jefferson. 
Downey William, tanner, h. 126 Halsted. 
Downning Beiijaniin F., broker, S Clark, h. 

393 Ontario. 
Downing E. B., teacher St. Mary's University. 
Downing Edward, bartender, bd.-=. 76 N. Wells. 
Downing John, com. mer. 116 W. Randolph, 

h. same. 
Downing John, lake captain, h. 56 Bremer. 
Downing WUliam W., baggage a & R. I. R. 

R., bds. ST N. Wells. 
Downs A. Sidney, sec. and treas. C. & M. 

R. R., Lake, cor. Clark, h. 240 Indiana. 
Downs Augustus G., (A. G. Downs & Co.,) h. 

559 Wabash av. 
Downs E. Allen, clerk, h. 155 Washington. 
Downs Frederick R., turner, h. 43 W. Wash- 
Downs James, drayman, h. 1S2 N. Market. 
Downs John, lab., h. n. e. cor. Evans and 

Downs Myron D., dealer in wood, n. w. end 

Rush St. bridge, h. 155 W, Washington. 
Downs Myron D. jr., clerk J. G. Conrad, bds. 

155 W. Washington. 
Downs Patrick, lab., Blackwell's planing mill. 
Downs Theodore W., messei^gerU. S. Express 

Co., bd.'J. s, s. W. Lake, \v. Reuben. 
Downs William, butcher, bds. cor. Grove and 

Downs William R., (Rev.,) h. lODuPuyster. 
Downs William S., salesman 113 Lake, bds. 

95 Van Buren. 
Downs A. G. & Co., (Augustus G. Downs, 

John Harvey and William W, Carr,) dry 

goods whol. and retail, 150 Lake. 
Dox Andrew J., plumber, h. SI W. Randolph. 
Dox Hamilton B„ with J. W. Drexel & Co. 
Dox Henry B., chief elerk U. S. mustering 

office, bds. Sherman House. 
Dox Peter, plumber, h. Wells, cor. Polk. 
Doxin John, contractor, h. 196 Huron. 
Doyal Nicholas, lab., h, Wheeliug, bet. Armi- 

tage rd. andw. Clybourn av. 
Doyle Catherine, wid. John, h. 14th, nr. State. 
Dovle Christopher, clerk Bates, Stone & Co., 

' bds. 104 N. LaSalle. 
Doyle Dennis, h. n. s. Mitchel, nr. Jeiferson. 
Doyle Frank, carpenter, h. n. s. DeKoven, nr. 

Doyle Garrett, lab. C. H. McCormick &. Bros. 
Doyle Honora, wid. Michael, h. 2S1 Kinzie. 
Doyle Hugh, fruit dealer, 148 W. Randolph, 

h. same. 
Dovle J., fireman I. C. R. R., 
DOYLE J. E. PARKER, city editor Chicago 

Post, bds. 84 Randolph. 
Doyle James, soldier, h. 120 S. Jefferson. 
Doyle James, teamster, h. e. s. Wolcott, n. 

Doyle James, inspector lumber, Beach, bet. 

DeKoven and Bunker, h. 454 S. Canal. 
Doyle James, plasterer, h. 218 Van Buren. 
Doyle James, lab., h. bet. State and Clark nr. 

' C. B. & Q. R. R. crossing. 
Doyle John, cook Hyde Park House. 
Doyle John, lumber inspector, h. 454 S. Canal. 
Doyle John, sailor, h. 135 W. Tayior. 

Doyle John J., (Kimman, Malefyt & Doyle,) h. 

505 W. Madison. 
Doyle Lawrence, com. mer., h. 56 3d av. 
Doyle Lorenzo, hairdresser, h. 110 4th. 
Doyle Maria Mrs., h. 135 Foster. 
Doyle Mary, wid. Peter, h. 186 Superior. 
Doyle Martin, lab., h, Sampson, nr. Laflin. 
Doyle Martin, lab, h. w. s. Lime, bet. Archer 

rd. and C. A. & St. L. R. R. 
Doyle Michael, expressman, h. 12 Sherman. 
Doyle Michael, lab., HI Stone Co. 
Doyle Michael, stonecutter, Wolf k Sproehnle. 
Doyle' Michael, lab., C. H. McCormick & Bros. 
Doyle Michael, lab., h. 94 Forquer. 
Doyle Michael, lab., h. 4 ■dth. 
Doyle Owen, h. 139 Griswoid. 
Doyle Patrick, clerk, bds. S. Canal, nr. Taylor. 
Doyle Patrick, dealer in fancy goods, bds. 87 

Doyle Patrick, lab., h. 202 W. Polk. 
Doyle Patrick, stonecutter. Singer & Talcott. 
Doyle Robert, law student, 128 W. Randolph. 
Doyle Simon, farmer, h. 4 Hill. 
Doyle Thomas, blacksmith, bds. State, nr. Van 

Doyle Thomas, carriagemaker, 72 N. LaSalle. 
Doyle William, h. al., bet. Division and Ved- 

Doyle William, sailor, h. 226 S. Jefferson. 
Doyles Jeremiah, dyer, h. 205 N. Market. 
Drach Anthony, tanner, h. 208 W. Taylor. 
Drach William, musician, h. n. s. Granger, m". 

X. Wells. 
Draaer Frank, drayman, h. William, nr. Blue 

L av. 
Draghton John, clothing inspector, h. 221 W. 

Draheim August, harnessmaker, h. 14 X. Union. 
Draher John, blacksmith, h. 134 W. Harrison. 
Drailey George, woodsawyer, h. 485 Wells. 
Drake Alexander, (Drake & Bro.,) h. 203 S. 

Drake Cornelius G., bookkeeper, h. 400 W. 

Van Buren. 
Drake F. H., agent, Finkle & Lyon sewing 

machine, 102 Lake. 
Drake Francis, (Drake & Bebee,) bds. 100 

Drake George, bookkeeper, h. 185 Curtis. 
Drake George, painter, Murray & Watson. 
Drake George B., ticket agent, C. A. & St. L. 

R. R., bds. Briggs House. 
Drake George V., (Drake & Bro.,) bds. 143 

Drake Harlow N., telegraph operator, h. 21 

Drake James, carpenter, 75 S. Green, h. same. 
Drake James Mrs., h. 185 Curtis. 
Drake John, painter, h. 125 W. Jackson. 
Drake John B., (Gage & Drake,) h. Tremont 

Drake Joseph, music teacher, 190 N. Clark,. 

up stairs. 
Drake Joseph L., painter, h. 30 Quincy. 
Drake Landson, h. 185 Curtis. 
Drake Manly, clerk, Davis, Sawyer & Co., bds. 

45 Michigan av. 
Drake William, painter, Murray & Watson. 
Drake William H., architect, h. 125 W. Jack- 





Drake & Bebee, (Francis Drake and Charles 

S. Bebee,) fiuit dealers. 126 Dearborn. 
DRAKE & BRO., (Alexander and George V. 
Drake,) painters and paper hangers, 184 
Dranan John, lab., h. Taylor, cor. Wells. 
Drandorff Charles, clerk, h. 159 Ontario. 
Brannan John, driver, h. 84 N. LaSalle. 
Drante Carl, lab., h. 185 Huron. 
Draper Asa, salesman, 153 S. Water, bds, 

Adams House. 
Draper Charles, engineer I. C. R. R., h. e. s. 

State, bet. 21st and 22d. 
DRAPER JAMES F., agent Vinegar Factory, 

146 Kinzic, h. Evanston. 
Drauzburg John, lab., h. n. s. Blackhawk, nr. 

Drauzburg Robert, wagonmaker, 264 Chicago 

Dreawink Christopher, h. n. s. Johnson, nr. 

Dreckman Augustus, h. cor. Emily and Mil- 
waukee ^v. 
Dreckman Frederick, carpenter, h. n. s. Schil- 
ler, e. Sedgwick. 
Dreckmann Henry, expressman, h. s. s. Front, 

bet. Rucker and Elizabeth. 
Drees Edward, tailor, h. w. s. Mohawk, nr. 

Dregel Henry, plasterer, h. s. s. Centre, nr. 

Dreher George, lab., h. 3Y3 S. Clinton. 
Dreher Nicholas, teacher, "W. Chicago av., nr. 

Carpenter, h. 132 W. Harrison. 
Dreher Stephen, saloon, s. s. Twelfth, nr. 

Clark, h. same. 
Dreies E., druggist, 145 Milwaukee av., h. 

Dreiske William, h. s. e. cor. William and Di- 
Dreistge Ferdinand, carpenter, h. 121 Town- 
Dres Jacob, carpenter, h. s. s. Blackhawk, bet. 

Larrabee and Mohawk. 
Drescher Casper, Ciirpenter, h. 176 Griswold. 
Dresher John, cigarmnfr., 90 W. Van Buren, 

h. same. 
Dreshfield Lewis, (Goldsmith & Co.,) h. 134 

Dreslan Jacob, lab., h. N. Wells, s. e. cor. 

Dreslcr Andrew, grocer, W. Lake, cor. N. 

Dresler Henry, mason, h. Carpenter, nr. W. 

Dressel Louis, foreman, Kraefft & Co., h. 329 

N. Wells. 
Dresser George T., carpenter, bds. 65 Sebor. 
Dressier Andrew, teamster, h. 317 W. Lake. 
Dressier John, bookkeeper, Chicago Glue 
works, 60 Wells. 
■ Dressier Peter, lab., h. w. s. Mohawk, nr. 
Dreaslin Charles, bookkeeper, C. H. McCor- 

mick & Bros., h. 34 Hickory. 
Drevs Fritz, lab., h. 5th, nr. Front. 
Drew George C, contracting freight agt. M. C. 

R. R., bds. Tremont House. 
Drew J. G., clerk, 2 Metropolitan Hall, h. 295 

Drew H., carpenter, bds. Gage House. 

Drew John, lab., h. 72 N. Franklin. 

Drewer Ferdinand, woodturner, h. Clybourn 

av., nr. Rees. 
Drewes Carl, blacksmith, h. n. s. w. Grove, 

nr. Front. 
Drewist August, h. 363 Chicago av. 
Drews Charles, porter, J. P. Dalton, h. Elston 

rd. nr. Milwaukee av. 
Drews Frederick, lab., h. 18 White. 
DREXEL J. W. & CO., (Joseph W. Drexel,} 

bankers, 42 Clark, h. 404 Erie. 
Dreyer David, grocer, 359 S. Canal, h. same. 
Driddlev Michael, distillers, S. M, Nickerson 

Driefaldigkerts Church, Lutheran, Indiana, 

bet. N. Wella and Franklin. 
Driekhawrt Henry, salesman, h. s. s. Hubbard 

bet. N. Paulina and Reuben. 
Driesslein Charles L., bookkeeper, G. C. Pear- 
son, h. 34 Hickory. 
Driggs Seth W., printer, h. s. s. Fulton, nr 

Driher John, city fireman, h. 134 W. Harri 

Drink Wetter George, h. s. s. Front, bet. Eliz- 
abeth and Rucker. 
DristoU Daniel D., lawver, 16 Metropolitan 

blk., h. 247 Hubbard. 
DriscoU Dennis, lab., h. 180 W. Harrison. 
Driscoll Mary, wid. John, h. 77 N. Market. 
DriscoU Timothy, ship carpenter, h, 20th nr. 

Drisdyal Thomas, lab., h. 220 Wells. 
Drissen Constantine, merchant, bds. 152 Indi- 
Driver George, carpenter, h. 22 Gurley. 
Droege Henry, clerk, Mears & Co., 1 Kinzie. 
Droege William, cabinetmaker, 205 W. Lake 
Droeger Andreas, lab., r. 483 Wells. 
Drognets Gottleib, h. Schiller, nr. Milwaukee 

Droemper Paul, sailor, h. n. s. Clybourn av., nr. 

Droom Jacob, lab., h. e. s. Halsted, nr. Ved- 

Drorller Frederick, mason, h. n. s. Front, bet. 

Reuben and Noble. 
Droughburg Robert, blacksmith, 264 Chicago 

Drover F., machinist, I. C. R. R. machine 

Drovers' Hotel, S. Canal, nr. Mitchel. 
Drugan John, lab., h. Beach nr. Harrison. 
Druckker Morris, watchmaker, 341 Clark. 
Drukker Samuel S., pawn broker, 222 Clark, 

h. 154 3rd av. 
Drum Adam, packer, Bowen Bros., e. s. 

Orchard, nr. Willow. 
Drummer Henry, tailor, bds. Schall's House. 
Drummond Andrew, physician, 91 Randolph. 
Drummond Edward A., asst. clerk U. S. Dis- 
trict Court, h. 48 Van Buren. 
Drummond Frank, student, bds, 155 N. Dear- 
Drummond Thomas, judge U. S. District Court, 

h. 154 N. Dearborn. 
Drummond William W., att'y and counsellor, 
room 17 Metropolitan blk., h, n. s. Wal- 
nut, bet. Wood and Paulina. 





DrustJohn, wagonmaker, h. 261 3rd av. 
Dryer Daniel, plasterer, h. 27 Pearson. 
Dver John P., stock dealer, h. 11 S. Halsted. 
Drysdale Andrew, (G. W. Priekett & Co.,) h. 

158 State. 
Duaue Tinklepaugh, leadworker, bds. 41 S. 

Dubach John G., carpenter, bds. 170 Wash- 
Dubbell Clay D., wood carver, h. 253 X. 

Dubbert Mrs. E, h. N. Wells, n. e, e. Divis- 
Dube Andrew, carpenter, h. \v. s. Lo Salle, bet 

19th and 20th, 
Dubitz Samuel, grocer, S75 State, h. same. 
Dubner Christopher, barber, 476 State. 
Dubois Anson, cooper, h. Ill X. Sangamon. 
Dubois Charles, tinsmith, h. Division, nr. X. 

Dubois Charles L., house, sign and ornamental 

painter, Custom House pi., Dearborn. 
Dubois Hannah L. Mrs,, gentlemen's furnish- 
ing goods. Custom House pi. 
Dubois John, boatman, h. 128 Ewing. 
Dubrock August, receiving teller A. C. Badger 

& Co., h. n. w. c. Wells and Goethe. 
Ducat Arthur C,, Col. U. S. A., h, n. s. Park 

av. w. Robey. 
Ducat Dorcas, wid. ilungo, bds. n. s. Park av. 

w. Robey. 
Ducham Richard, carpenter, h. Meridian, bet. 

Union and Halsted. 
Duchea Michael, boatbuilder, bds. 115 X. 

DuCharm X'^arcius, fireman, h. 105 X. Carpen- 
Duck Charles H., physician, Clark, s. w. cor. 

Ducke Michael, lab. bds. s. s. Archer rd. nr. 

Docker George^ salesman W. M. Ross & Co., 

bds. 35 Wabash av, 
Duckham Richard, carpenter,, h. Lafiin, nr. W. 

Ducrow Crouney, actor, h. Shinbone al. 
Duddles Anthony, gardener, h. Asylum pi. nr. 

Southport av. 
Dudley Charles H., 62 W. Randolph, h. 134 

Dudley Edwin E., clerk, bds. 46 Green Bay. 
Dudley James G., ,George, Dudley & Ture- 

man,) \x 308 Indiana. 
Dudley Sarah Mrs., Townsend, w. of Chicago 

Dueigan Thomas, teamster, h. 110 Mather. 
Duel Jacob, h. e. s. X. Wells, nr. High. 
Duensing Charles H., saloon, 274 Milwaukee 

av. h. same. 
Duensing H,, lab. C. H. McCormick & Bros. 
Duer John H., carpenter, h. 205 Griswold. 
Duerling George, distiller, h. 448 X. Clark. 
Duesman William, carpenter, h. cor. Linden 

and Church. 
Duff David, sailor, bds. 117 Market. 
Duff James S., railroad man, h, e. s. William, 

nr. Chicago av. 
Duff Jane, ivid. Robert, variety monger, h, w. 
s. N. Market, bet. Indiana and Ohio. 

Duff Robert, lab. h. 3 X. Market. 

Duff Theodore, barber, h. 135 Archer rd. 

Duffet William, meat market, W. Market 

Hall, h. 158 Fulton, 
Duffield Charles, (Duffield & Hilton,) h. 843 
Wabash av. 

Dufiield Edward, plasterer, bds. e. s. State, 
bet. 15th and 16th, 

DUFFIELD & HILTOX, (C. Duffield and J. 
C. Hilton,) beef and pork packers, Grove, 
nr. Archer rd., office Badger & Co.'s 

Duffin John, (col'd,) barber, h. 151 Griswold. 

Duffy Anna M. Miss, teacher, bds. 69 X. Dear- 

Duffv B. J., bds. X. Y. House, 

Duffy Barney, lab. h. 220 W. Taylor, 

Duffy Edward, moulder Barnuui & Richard- 

Duffy Edward, saloon, 173 X. Water, 

Duff7 Francis, lab. h. 342 W. Polk. 

Duffy James, cigars and tobacco, 37 Clark and 
3 Tremont blk, h. 59 Rush. 

Duffy James, com. mer., h. 353 Ohio. 

Duffy James, lab. h. 73 Huron. 

Duffv James, lab. h. 223 W. Tavlor. 

Duffy James H., clerk, H. Hitchcock, bds. 129 

Duffy John, h. 129 Griswold, 

Duffy John, blacksmith, h. al., bet. Indiana 
and Michigan av., n.-. 12th. 

Duffy John, lab., h. 12 Hickory. 

Duffy John, foreman, h. 193 S. Jefferson. 

Duffy John, lab.,h. 109 Wesson. 

Duffy John mason, h. n. s. O'Brien, nr. S. 

Duffy John A., (Philip Conley & Co.,) bds. 69 
X. Dearborn. 

Ihiffy Margarel, wid. Michael, grocer, 195 
W. Taylor, h. same. 

Duffy Martin, lab., h. al,, bet. Division and 

Duffy Mary S., h. 69 X. Dearborn. 

Duffy Mary, wid., saloon, Archer rd,, cor. 

Duffy Mary, wid, George, saloon, 173 X. Water. 

Duffv Patrick, salesman, h. 77 W. Kiniie. 

Duffy Patrick, lab., 53 W. Madison. 

Duffy Patrick, gardener, h. State, nr. Egan 

Duffv Ross, h. 220 W. Tavlor. 

Duffy T. H., saloon, 148 W. Randolph. 

Duffy Thomas iM., salesman, Artemas Carter, 
bds., 79 Erie. 

Duffy William, carpenter, bds. 137 Michigan. 

Duffy William, lab., h. X. Market, nr. Ohio. 

Dugal P. Edward, lumber insp., h. s. s. 23rd., 
nr. Stewart av. 

Dugan Anna, wid. Stephen, h. Dearborn, nr. 
0. B. & Q. R. R. crossing. 

Dugan Patrick, lab., cor. S. Alexander and 

Dugan William, clerk, h. 116 W. Jackson. 

Dugemond John, blacksmith, h. Milwaukee 
av., nr. Schrader's House. 

Duggan James, (Right Rev.,) Bishop of Chi- 
cago, h. Madison, s. w. cor. Michigan av. 

DUGGAX JOHX, veterinary surgeon, 47 Wa- 
bash av., h. 208 Cass. 

Duggan Martin, drayman, h. 129 Hubbard. 





Duggan Mat-hew G., drayman, h. 129 Hubbard. 
Duggan Michael, h. n. s. Sebor, nr. Clinton. 
Duggan Patrick, lab., b. n. s. Sebor, nr. 

Duggan Patrick, tinsmith, h. 208 K Des- 

Duland Mathew, gardener, h. 360 Ohio. 
Duliar Mary, wid. Patrick, h. 14 Mather. 
Dullard John, M. S. R. R. depot, h, s. a. 14., 

nr. Union, 
Dullard Michael, lab., h. n. s. DeKoven, nr. 

Dulmage George A., carpenter, I. C. R. R., 

bds. 557 State. 
Duraoulin Mark., stone cutter, "W. & A. B. 

Dun R. Graham, (R. G. Dun & Co.,) b. New 

York city. 
DUN R. G. & Co., (R. Graham Dun and Rob- 
ert R. Boyd,) mercantile agency, 96 Ran- 
Dunbar George, (Geo. Dunbar & Co.,) h. 92 

La Salle. 
DONBAR GEORGE & CO., (George Dun- 
bar & Henry L. Simons,) R. R. supplies, 

19 & 21 Dearborn. 
Dunbar James, soldier, h. r. 12 Bremer. 
Dunbar John, sailor, h. w. s. Cljburn av., nr. 

Duncan Charles, salesman, HoUister & Wil- 

kins, h. 106 S. Peoria. 
Duncan House, 34 Kiu/.ie. 
Duncan J. D., salesman, 45 Lake, 
Duncan John T., bookkeeper, C. B. & Q. R. R. 

freight office, bds. 85 4th av. 
Duncan Joseph, (col'd.,) porter, h. ISV 4th av. 
Duncan Robert, boarding, 34 Kinzie. 
Duncan Robert, capt., h. 152 N. Carpenter. 
Duncan Samuel, lawyer, 48 Clark, bds. 10 

Duncan Sylvester F., bookkeeper, Sherwood 

& Co., bds. 45 Michigan av. 
Duncan Thomas, restaurant, 9 N. Wells. 
Dunder Thomas, drayman, h Hastings, nr. 

Duuderdahl Carl, shoemaker, cor. Desplaines 

and Milwaukee av., h. 167 Desplaines. 
Dundtrman E,, gardener, h. Thorn, nr. Wol- 

Dunderman Ernst, lab., h. 46 Green Bay. 
Dundon John, tailor, h. 170 Lidiana. 
Dundon John, tailor, h. 147 W. Jackson. 
Dunegan John, lab., b. r. s. e. cor. 15th and 

Dunovan Timothy, lab., h. al., s. 311 S. Des- 
plaines, 6th h. n. Desplaines. 
Dunovan William, lab., w. s. S. Jeiferson, 

1st h. s. Forquer. 
Dunham Catharine C, dressmaker, 145 W. 

Randolph, h. same. 
Dunham Charles H., h. 282 Indiana. 
Dunham Frank R., mail agent, bds. 54 3d av. 
Dunham George B., salesman Purington & 

Scranton, bds. 383 N. La Salle. 
Dunham James, sailor, bds. 179 S. Market. 
Dunham James D., plasterer, h. cor. Lincoln 

and Kinzie. 
DUNHAM JOHN A., sugar com. house. 81 

and 83 S. Water, h. 233 Wabash av. 
Dunham Julius P., clerk, 151 S. Water. 

Dunham Margaret, wid. Alfred, h. 328 State. 
Dunham N., ins. solicitor, 6 Clark. 
Dunham Oscar M., bookkeeper, h. 155 S. Jef- 
Dunham R. W., bookkeeper Walker, BronFon 

& Co., bds. 51 Jackson. 
Dunham Warren N., music teacher, h. Indiana 

av., nr. 26th. 
Dunham William C, Tprintev Uvenhig Jotirnal, 

h. 244 Madison. 
Dunhecker Lawrence, grocery, n. s. Archer 

rd., bet. Mary and Main. 
Dunican Patrick, lab., h. e. s. Lime, nr. Archer 

Dunk Robert, baker. La Salle, cor. Madison, h. 

Dunkison Daniel, lab., M. S. R. R. depot, h. 

298 Wells. 
Dunklee William A., clerk Huntington & Bros. 

bds. 17 Dearborn. 
Dunlan E., engineer I. C. R. R. 
Dunlap Michael, h, 158 Kinzie. 
Dunlap S. W., (Dunlap & Gwathmey,) h 384 N 

Dunlap George L., supt. C. & N. W. R. W. 

Clark, cor. Lake, Exchange bldg., h. 27:J 

Dunlap Gibson, tailor, bds. 249 Huron. 
Dunlap John, saloon, 9 N. Clark, h. same. 
Dunlap & Gwathmey, (G. W. Dunlap and B 

H, Gwathmey,) brick makers, Halsted, 

bet. Division and Rees. 
Dunlap William, carpenter, h. 69 3d. 
Dunlop Clark W., clerk J. G. Conrad, bds. 244 

Wabash av. 
Dunlop Hugh, carpenter, b. 303 W. Monroe. 
Dunlop Samuel, (Dunlop, Sewell & Spalding,} 

h. Harlem. 
Dunlop, Sewell & Spalding, (Samuel Dunlop, 

Alfred Sewell and J. J. Spalding,) printers 

and stationers, 40 Clark. 
Dunn A. K., salesman Davis, Sawyer & Co., 

bds. Tremont House. 
Dunn Anthonv, plasterer, h. 264 Wolcott. 
Dunn C. M., (C. M. Dunn & Co.,) h. Cincinnat?, 

Dunn D., shipowner, bds. Waverly House, 
Dunn Daniel, lab., M. S. & N. L R. R. 
Dunn Edward, carpenter, 105 W. Adams. 
Dunn Ellen, wid. James, h. 293 S. Desplaines 
Dunn George, bds. cor. W. Harrison and Des- 
Dunn James, cooper, h. w. s. Lime, nr. Arch- 
er rd. 
Dunn John, lab., h. Sampson, nr. Loomis. 
Dunn John, boilermaker, h. s. s. Walnut, bet 

Wood and Paulina. 
Dunn John, (Dunn & Co.,) h. Pearson, bet. 

Pine and Green Bay. 
Dunn John. h. 160 W. Harrison. 
Dunn John, carpenter. Van Buren, nr. Weils, 
Dunn John H., lab., h. 55 Chicago av. 
Dunn Miss Julia, bds. n. s. Archer rd., nr. 

Dunn Mrs. Julia, fruit and confectionery, 149 

Randolph, h. same. 
Dunn Lawrence, lab., h. 549 S. Clark. 
Dunn Lyman, carpenter, bds. 370 State. 
Dunn Margaret, wid. John, h. 142 Ontario, 
Dunn Michael, lab., h. 67 N. Market. 





Dnnn Michael, lali., b. o9 Woloott. 

Dunn Patrick, saloon, 13S N. Water, h. same. 

Dunn Patrick, tanner, bds. McGlashen 

Dunn Patrick C, b. 88 Indiana. 

Dunn Peter, lab., h. William, nr. Blue I. av. 

Dunn Peter, lab., h. f. s. Catharine, nr. Union. 

Dunn Mrs. Peter, h. 149 Randolph. 

Dunn Philip, baker, 0. Kendall's Sons & Co., 

State St. bakery. 
Dunn Richard C, carpenter, bds. Rucker, bet. 

Coolidge and Sampson. 
Dunn Robert, painter, h. 164 Wells. 
Dunn Sam L., (Sam Dunn & Co.,) bds. Briggs 

Dunn Thomas, carpenter, h. 263 N. Market. 
Dunn Thomas, lab., h. e. s. Arnold, bet. 19th 

and 20th. 
Dunn Thomas, lab., h. 289 3d av. 
Dunn Thomas, masoa, h. 112 Sherman. 
Dunn Thomi\s, porter, D. B. Fisk. 
Dunn Thomas 0., (Hutchinson & Co.,) h. May, 

n e. cor. Washington. 
Dunn William, carpenter, h. 270 W. Harrison. 
Dunn William M., U. S. mail agt,, h. 69 Aber- 
Dunn C. M. & Co., stationers, 184 Clark. 
Dunn Sam & Co., (Sam L. Dunn and David 
F. Haskell,) hats and caps, 101 Randolph. 
DUNN & CO., (John Dunn and Mathias Kreu- 

ser,) confectionery. Custom House pi. 
Dunnavan Christian, lab., h. s. s. Barber, nr. 

cor. S. Jefferson. 
Dunnavan David H., salesman, 245 W. Ran- 
Dunnavan Julius P., clerk, 221 W. Randolpk 
Dunne Dennis, (Very Rev.,) D. D., pastor St. 
Patrick's Church, h. Desplaines, nr. Ad- 
Dunne Edward, carpenter, h. 105 W. Adams. 
Dunne James, carpenter, h. 134 W. Adams. 
Dunne M. J., attorney, 28 W. Randolph, bds. 

Anderson House. 
Dunne Maurice, grocer, 173 Michigan, h. same. 
Dunne Nicholas, tailor, h. 24 W. Madison. 
Dunne Peter, carpenter, h. 109 W. Adams. 
Dunne Philip, h. e. s. Sedgwick, nr. Granger. 
Dunne William, carpenter, h. 149 S. Desplaines 
Dunne William J., bds. 97 Adams. 
Dunnigan Patrick, lab., h. W. Taylor, nr. Laf- 

Dunning Amelia, musie teacher, h. 203 Onta- 
Dunning Cyrus A., com. mer.,46N. Dearborn. 
Dunnirg Eustace, carpenter, bds. Green Bay, 

nr. Cedar. 
Dunning Mrs. F. L., musie teacher, h. 203 On- 
Dunning 0., physician, 89 Randolph, h. same. 
Dunning Seth M., lawyer, 76 Dearborn. 
Dunnivan Daniel, !ab., h. n. s. Meagher, nr. 

©unnivan James, lab., h. n. g. O'Brien, nr. 

Dunnivan Richard, lab., h. n. s. Barber, nr. 

Dunnivan Timothy, lab., h. w. s. Union, nr. 

Dunnivan William, lab., h. s. s. Forquer, nr. 

Duunovan Thomas, (McMahon, Dunnovan & 

Co.,) h. cor. Market and Indiana. 
Dunor Mark, lab., h. 224 W. Taylor. 
Dunphy George W., engineer, h. 235 W. Lake. 
Dunseath William, collector, h. 243 Cass. 
Dunsing Frederick, h. s. w. Plank rd., s. Har- 
Dunton Thomas F., agt. R. Bamber, 133 Lake, 

h. 125 W. Washington. 
DuPage House, Philip Dieter & Bro., proprs., 

190 and 192 W. Randolph. 
Dupee Charles A., lawyer, 19 Portland blk., 

h. same. 
Dupee Charles B., (C. B. Dupee & Co.,) h. w.s. 

Michigan av., bet. 24th and 25th. 
Dupee Horace M., whol. provision dealer, 104 
S. Water, h. cor. Washington and Wa- 
bash av. 
Dupee John, jr., salesman, T. M. Turlav & Co., 

bds. 31 Washington. 
Dupee C. B. & Co., (Charles B. Dupee and Asa 

Wooster,) provisions, 104 S. Water. 
Dupley John, plasterer, h. Union, nr. 4th. 
Dupont George, saloon, cor. Wells and Mon- 
roe, h. same. 
Dupre Eugene, lab., h. op. Chicago Hide and 

Leather Co. 
Dupuy Henry, conveyancer, Fernando Jones & 

€o., h. "129 Michigan. 
Duran Edward, lab.. Division, nr. Sedgwick. 
Duran Hugh B., grocer, 116 W. Harrison, h. 

Durand , architect, bds. Waverley House. 

Durand Charles E., (Durand & Hyde,) bds. u. 

s. Warren, e. Robey. 
Durand Henry C, (Durand Bros, cfe Powers,) 

li. Michigan av., s. 12th, 
Durand John M., (Durand Bros. & Powers,) h. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Durand Levi W., bookkeeper, bds. 46 Van 

Durand Mary, wid. Henry, h. 343 Clark. 
Durand William R., clerk, bds. 343 Clark. 
Durand Bros. & Powers, (John M. Durand, of 
Milwaukee, Henry C. Durand and Heman 
G. Powers,) whol. grocers, 131 S. Water. 
Durand & Hyde, (Charles E. Durand and Hi- 
ram Hyde,) whol. grocers, 237 and 239 S. 
Durant Henry W., salesman, Gould & Bro. 
Durant Levi AY., cashier, Stryker & Co., 141 

Lake, bds. 46 Van Buren. 
Durfee S. S., contractor, h. 36 Michigan. 
Durfee William A., engineer Little Giant, 97 

Durham James, salesman, E. G. L. Faxon, bds. 

40 Quincy. 
Durham William, lab., bds. 646 Wabash av. 
Durkee George B., pianomaker, 133| W. Madi- 
Durkin John, blacksmith, h. e. s. Rucker, nr. 

Durkin Michael, lab., h. 200 W. Harrison. 
Durkin Michael, lab., bds. 223 Washington. 
Durstock William, painter, h. 226 Rush. 
Duryae Jervis, ship carpenter, h. 82 W. 14th. 
Duryae William, carriagepainter, h. e. s. State, 

bet. 14th and 16th. 
Duscher Jacob, carpenter, bds. s. s. Kinzie, tv. 



Tlie lercliaets, Farmers and Mechanics 





Counsel.— WM. C. GOUDY, VicE-PREsinENT.— P. R. WE3TFALL, 

Cashier.— SYDNEY MYERS. 


J. C. FARGD, American Express Co. 

J. R. JONES, United Staees Marshal. 

J. REHM, Brewer. 

E. H. WILLIAMS, Ass't Sup't Galena and 
Chicago Uuion K. R. 

EDWARD HEMPSTEAD, Hempstead, Nor- 
ton & Co. 

Rev. H. N. BISHOP, D. D. 

J. M. W. JONES, Jones, Perdue & Small. 


THOMAS J. HHILLIPS, Phillips & Bro. 

Very Rev. D. DUNNE, V. G. 

JOHN G. GINDELE, Board of Pub. Works. 

THOMAS H. BEEBE, Pres. Peshtigo Lum- 
ber Co. 

DAVID A. GAGE, Sherman House. 

AV. E. DOGGETT, Pres. Merchant's Associa- 

MARTIN LEWIS, Sheffield Nursery, 

S. S. HAYES, City Comptroller. 

C. S. DOLE, C. S. Dole & Co.,— Armour, 
Dole & Co. 

A. H. BURLEY, Esq 

WALTER B. SCATES, U. S. A., late Justice 
of the Supreme Court. 


Interest at the rate of G per cent, per annum paid on the first Wednesday in January 
and July on all savings that have remained three or sis months. 



Eooms 10 & 11 Tremont Excliange Buildings, 


P, O. Box, 2404. CHICAGO. 

Office of tlie Daily ComiTiercial Letter. 


Manufacturers of, and Dealers in 


Office and Yard North Water Street, North Pier. 

E^Lumber loaded on Cars in Y'ard. Address, THOS H. BEEBE, PreS- 





Dusenbury AVjsolom T., physician, 112 Wells, 
h. 298 3rd a v. 

Dusham John, brakesman, M. S. & N. I. R. R., 
h. s. s. North, nr. Jeiferson. 

Duscharu Narcius, fireman, h. 105 N. Carpen- 

Duske Julius F., bookkeeper, bds. 194 W. 

Diisold John, grocer, 170 W. 12th, h. same. 

Dusold John, foreman, Turner & Mitchell, h. 
13 Dussold. 

Dusold Joseph, painter, h. 1*7 Pearce. 

Dussmann William, whol. liquors, cor. Church 
and Linden. 

Dustin James C, lab., nr. Water Works. 

Dutch Alfred, clerk, P. 0., bds. Stewart House. 

Dutch Joseph, h. e. s. 4th av., nr. 12th. 

Dutcher Daniel, lawyer, 48 Dearborn, h. 45 
Portland blk. 

Dutcher James H., hay dealer, bds. Gage 

Dutrow Lewis, wagonmaker, h. 122 Hills. 

Dutschke Ferdinand, carpenter, h. W. Indiana, 
bet. Paulina and Wood. 

Dutton Hartwin R., salesman, C. W. Castle & 
Co., h. 155 Dearborn. 

DUTTON Mrs. JENNIE, clairvoyant physi- 
cian, Chicago Infirmary and Healing In- 
stitute, 139 S. Rucker," cor. W. Van Bu- 
ren. [See advt. p. 38.) 

Dutton Lewis, livery. Couch pi., bet. Dearborn 
and Clark, bds. Sherman House. 

Dutton Michael, lab., h. 230 W. Polk. 

Dutton Silas, livery, sale and boarding stable, 
13 Franklin, bds. Briggs House. 

Dutty William, cabinetmaker, 215 W. Ran- 
dolph, h. same. 

Duve Leopold, (Duve & Nohr,) h. 66 N. Clark. 

Duve & Nohr, (Leopold Duve and Francis 
Nohr,) saloon, 66 N. Clark. 

DuWeiss Jacob, cattle broker, h. Michigan 
av. nr. Bond. 

Duwire John, lab. h. 5 Price pi. 

Duyer Dennis, blacksmith, h. 40*7 State. 

Dwen James G., Evening Journal, 50 Dear- 
born, h. 460 Wabash av. 

Dwight Alanson, salesman 45 Wabash av., h. 
48 S. Desplaines. 

Dwight Amasa F., (Corey & Dwight.) h. 197 
W. Washington. 

Dwight Edward C, clerk Giles, Bros. & Co. 

Dwight John H., (Dow, Quirk & Co.,) bds. 
Tremont House. 

Dwight John, com. mer., S. Water, bet. La- 
Salle & Clark, bds. 1 Dearborn pi. 

Dwight William H„ clerk Cooley, Farwell & 
Co., 42 Wabash av. 

Dwin James, lab., C. H. McCormick &; Bros. 

Dwire M. D., meats, 9 N. Market, h. 245 N. 

D'Wolf Calvin, justice of the peace, 126 Ran- 
dolph, h. 143 Adams. 

Dworack Joseph, harnessmaker, 104 Milwau- 
kee av. b. same. 

Dwyer Dennis, lab. h. Hastings, nr. Loomis. 

Dwyer Edward 0., carpenter, h. 113 Foster. 

Dwyer Edwin F., salesman, 37 Lake. 

Dwyer Edward G.. (Smith & Dwyer,) h. 350 
Wabash av. 

Dwyer James, clerk, Blue I. av. bet. Homer 

and William. 
Dwvcr Michael, clothino:, cor. 4th av. and 

' 12 th. 
Dwyer Patrick, lab. 111. Stone Co. 
Dwver Patrick H., clerk, bds. 75 and 77 

' Wells. 
Dwyer Richard, lab. h. cor. Sangamon and 

Dwyer Thomas, lab. Henry R. Eldrcd, h. s. s. 

W. 14th, bet. Jefferson and Union. 
Dwyer John, lab. Sampson, nr. Reuben. 
Dwyer Timothy, lab. h. Huron, e. Larrabee, 

nr. Hart. 
Dyas Joseph E., law student, 102 Randolph, 

bds. 95 Washington. 
Dyas W. Godfrey, physician, 95 Washington, 

bds. McCarty's bldg. 
Dyas William G., jr., professor of classics in 

St. Mary's University, bds. St. Marys of 

the Lake. 
Dyche Geo. F., (Mann & Dyche,) h. 108 Hub- 
Dye Nathan, music teacher, h. s. s. W.Lake, 

w. Oakley. 
Dye Nathan, lumber inspector, h. cor. Judd 

and Clinton. 
Dye Norman, machinist, h. Maple, s. e. c. N. 

Dyer Charles, tailor J. P. Neill, 111 Clark. 
Dyer Dominick, carpenter, h. 103 Mather. 
Dyer E. H., conductor, h. 110 Hubbard. 
Dyer Frederick M., railroad man, bds. 110 

Dyer James L., law student, bds. 48 Ran- 

Dyer John, clerk general ticket oflace C. B. & 

Q. R. R., h. Rucker, bet. Adams and 

Dyer John G., (Bennett & Dyer,) bds. 40 

Dyer Leighton W., h. 152 S. Halsted. 
Dyer Lizen, confectioner, Custom House pL 
Dver William, lab. Hiram Wheeler. 
DYRENFURTH JULIUS, principal School of 

Trade, 192 Lake. {See advt. p. 26) 
Dyke E. F., salesman Davis, Sawyer & Co., 

bds. Indiana av. s. of 26th. 
Dykema John, blacksmith, h. 14 Foster. 
Dvkeman John W., machinist, h. 290 N. 

Dyks Edwin, mechanic G. & C. U. R. R., h. 

44 Rucker. 
Dynen John, navy, h. 59 W. Jackson. 
Dyrupt Frederick, lab. h. 264 W. 12th. 

EAGAN James, lab., h. 48 Mather. 
Eagan John, passenger agent, C. & R. I. 
R. R.,h. 115 S. Clinton. 

Eagan Mary, wid. Thomas, h. 110 W. Taylor. 

Eagan Michael, sailor, h. 183 W. Taylor. 

Eagan Patrick, drayman, h. s. s. Carroll, bet. 
Clinton and Jefferson. 

Eagan Thomas, sailor, h. n. s. Bunker, nr. Des- 

Eagen James, lab., h. w. s. Edgar, bet. 31st. 
and Douglas pi. 

Eagen James, printer, h. 207 N. Clark. 

Eagen John, lab., n. s. Hickory, bet. 20th 
and Green. 





Steaiii EEgiiee or Boilers ? 

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.-~^<^ ^ ^srSJ.*,^;- 


oj A« cz-zcACP 






P. W. GATES, President. 

N. B.— Agents wanted everywhere. 





Eagen John, lab., n. s. Mary, nr. Archer rd. 
Eagen Thomas, liquor dealer, e. s. Mary, nr 

Archer rd., h. same. 
Eager George W., moulder, h. W. Van Buren, 

ur. Canal. 
Eagle Brewery, John A. Huck, propr., s. e. 
cor., \Volcott and N. Division. 

Eagle Hotel, Edson Moore, propr., \Y. Water, 
bet. Kiuzie and Cook. 

Eagle Mil's, Lacon, Thayer Bros., proprs., 79 
S. Water. 

Philetus W. Gates, pres., S. Canal, cor 
W. Washington, {see adv't. op. p.) 

Eakiu George, (Healey & Eakiu,) h. 24 New- 

Eames James H., h. 228 3d av. 

Eames Lester H., (Stearns & Co.,) h. Ottawa, 

Eames H. F., bds. Sherman House. 

Eames Melville C, circulator Evening Journal, 
h. 26th, nr. Prairie av. 

Eames Samuel O., assessor for the town of S. 
Chicago, 107 Randolph, bds. B. F. Crow. 

Eanche Henry, shoemakei', h. Sedgwick, cor. 

Eapclding Nicholas, h. n. s. Division, e. Wells. 

Earl George, passenger agent, M. C. R. R., 
bds. Girard House. 

Earl H. C, teamster, h. 169 N. Market. 

Earl 0.sman 0., police, bds. 156 W. Monroe. 

Earl Otis B, h. 82 Michigan av. 

Earle C. D. V., clerk, J. H. Reed & Co. 

Earle Wesley J., miller, h. 130 Wendel. 

Earley Maria, wid. Joseph, h. 395 State. 

Earll Charles, office 112 handolph, room 4. 

Early John, (col'd.,) h. 275 3d av. 

Early Thomas, baker, 0. Kendall's Sons & Co. 
State St. Bakery. 

Earnshaw Emanuil, stone yard, 203 Griswold, 
h. 221 Griswold. 

Easley Isaac, lab., h. Market, cor. Adams. 

Easley Samuel, (col'd.,) expressman, h. 140 

Easson John W., (Doggett & Easson,) h. Pear- 
son, bet. Wells and Franklin. 

East George, butcher, bds 359 State. 

Easter John D., (Easter & Gammon,) h. St- 
Charles, 111. 

Easter & Gammon, (John D. E.ister and Elijah 
H. Gammon,) agricultural depot, 46, 48 
and 50 W. Lake. 

Easterbrook Amos, clerk, J. McDonald. 

Eastham James, cabinet maker, h. Calumet 
av., nr. Douglas pi. 

Eastman Christian, h. Milwaukee av., s. e. cor. 

Eastman Ezra H., student, bds. 104 W. Wash- 

Eastman Francis A., editor, bds. 239 Erie. 

Eastman Galen, lumber dealer and agt. pro- 
peller J. Barber, foot W. Washington, h. 
Eastmanville, Mich. 

Eastman John, engineer, P. W. Gates & Co. 

Eastman N., clerk, bds. Anderson House. 

Eastman S., bds. Prescott House. 

Eastwood Jacob, bookkeeper, 105 Lake, bds. 
100 Madison. 

Eaton Alonzo, lieut. U. S. army, h. w.~ s. Michi- 
gan av., bet. 24th and 25th. 

Eaton Charles A., 180 Lake, h. Peck, cor. Ful- 
Eaton James M., carbuilder, h. 8 26th. 
p]aton Joseph H., clerk, bds. 157 S. Jefferson. 
Eaton Joseph W., jr., clerk, 18 Lake, h. 157 

S. Jeffcrsen. 
Eaton Mary, h. 66 Bremer. 
Eaton William, blacksmith, 259 Kinzie, h. 

261 Kinzie. 
Eav J. T., (col'd.,) wid., George, h. 14th., bet. 

Clark and State. 
Ebbering Frederick, gunsmith, h. 42 Chest- 
Ebbers Bernhard, lab., h. s. s. Linden, w. N. 

Ebbert Albert, locksmiih, h. 19 Pearson. 
Ebbert Peter S., master mechanic, h. 70 N. 

Ebberts Frank, tinsmith, A. R. & G. H. 

Ebberts Joht, tinsmith, A. R. & G. H. Miller. 
Ebeling Philip, carpenter, h. 88 3rd 
Fiber Franz, tailor, h. Erie, nr. Sedgwick. 
Eherhardt Henry, lab., h. 291 3rd av. 
Eberhardt Jacob, (Eberhardt & Klett,) h. 133 

N. Wells. 
EBERHARDT & KLETT, (Jacob Eberhardt, 

Caf^per Klett,) inercliant tailors, 196 Lake. 
EBERHART JOHN F., school commissioner, 

16 and 17 Calhoun bklg., 117 Clark, bds. 

51 Park av. 
Eberle William H., flour and feed, Cottage 

Grove, nr. 26th, h. same. 
Ebeleng Charles, lab., h 53 Harmon ct. 
Ebersteen Christian, caniage trimmer, h. n. s. 

14th., bet. Canal and Siewart av. 
Eberston Christopher, lab., bds. Stewart av., 

nr. 14th. 
Ebert Albert E., clerk, bds. 387 State. 
Ebert Gottleib, stone cultei, Wolf &Sproehnle. 
Ebert George, lab., h. 30th, nr. Kankake av. 
Ebert Michael, lab., h. e. s. Blackwell, bet ISth 

and 19th. 
Ebert Peter S., mechanic, h. 70 N. Peoria. 
Eberts Benjamin, saloon, W. Charles ur. Van 

Buren, h. same. 
Ebleng Conrad, lab., h. Milwaukee av., nr. 

E?k Martin, blacksmith, h. Finnell, nr. Brad- 
Ecker Peter, carpenter, h. N. Halsted, bet. 

Third and Pratt. 
Eckerhardt Louis, carpenter, h. Chicago av. > 

nr. Hoyne. 
Eckert George, salesman, 27 Lake, bds. Adams 

Eckert Henry, baker, h. 30 W. Monroe. 
Eckett Michael, lab., h. Donglaspl., nr. Went- 

worth av. 
Eckhard William, teamster, 449 N. Green. 
Eckhart Nicholas, city fireman, h. 73 W. Lake. 

Eckland , lab., Baldwin & Co. 

Eckles John, lab., h. 41 Wesson. 

Eckman Winfield Scott, bhicksmith, h. 134 

Eckner Andrew, mason, bds. 427 State. 
Eddy Augustus N., clerk, Preston, Willard 

andKean, bds. Indiana av., nr. 21st, 
Eddy D. C, lawyer, h. 298 Huron. 





Eddy Edward, foreman, J. H. Williamson, h. 

87 Randolph. 
Eddy Jonas, lidlor, h. 113 4th av. 

Eddy Sarah Mrs., bds. 65 Washington. 

EddV Thomas C, clerk. Fuller, Finch, & Ful- 
ler, bds. 100 Madison. 

Eddy Thomas M. (Rev.,) Ed. iV. W. 0. Advo- 
■ cate, h. e. s. Indiana av., nr. 2l8t. 

Eddy William H., h. w. s. State, nr. loth. 

Edelin August, machinist, h. Ill Townsend. 

Edelujon Carl, teacher, h. e. s. Church, nr. 
Xorth av. 

Eden John, barber, 31 W. Lake, h same. 

Eden John, lab., with C. H. McCormick & 

Eden Thomas, lab., C. H. McCormick k Bros. 

Ederer Edward, mnfr. fi'inoes, cords, tassels, 
67 Lake, h. w. s. La Salle, nr. Goethe. 

Edgall J. Henrv, soldier, 19th reg. Mo. vol., h. 
72 K. May: 

Edgar Archibald, lab., h. w. s. Wells, nr. 

Edgecomb James L., (Edgccomb & Sibley,) 
bds. 227 W.Madison. 

Edgecomb & Sihley, (James L. Edgecomb and 
Henry .J. Sibley,) brokers, 214 Randolph. 

Edgerton Austin H., grocer, h. 145 W. Wash- 

Edges Joseph, lab., h. 14th, bet. Clark and 

Edgeworth Thomas, carpenter, h. 307 S. Jef- 

Edina place Baptist church, 3rd av. cor. Har- 

Edler Frederick, grocer, 103 3rd, h. same. 

Edles Houora, wid. Garen, h. Quincy, cor. 

Edmonds George, clerk, bds. 101 Blue L av. 

Edmonds George, com. mer., cor. Market and 
Indiana, h. same. 

Edmonds William, miller, h. 90 S. 'DesPlaines. 

Edmondson David, furrier, h. Cedar, nr, lake 

Edmunds William, painter, h. 6 3rd av. 

Edsall Barton, bookkeeper, J. H. Reed & Co. 
bd.-i. 363 N. LaSalle. 

Edson John M., printer, h. 191 W. Madison. 

Edson Ovid, h. 191 W. Madison. 

Edson Robert, 212 N. Clark, h. Lake View. 

Edward John, blacksmith, h. 4 Foster, s. Har- 

Edwards Abram, salesman G. T. Belding & Co. 
bds. 100 Madison. 

Edwards Alfred, h. 249 N. LaSalle. 

Edwards Alfred R., accountant Hubbard & 
Hunt, h. 333 N. Wells. 

Edwards church, Presbyterian, S. Halsted, nr. 
n. w. cor. W. Harrison. 

Edwards Charles, printer, Tribune office, h. 10 

Edwards Edward, steward, h. 73 Larrabee. 

Edwards Edward M., watchmaker, h. 86 3rd 

Edwards Edward N., (Johnson, Edwards & 
Co.,) brt<. Metropolitan Hotel. 

EDWARDS EDWARD W., physician, 4 Cal- 
houn bldg. 119 Clark, h. 70 Adams. 

Edwards Edwin, com. mer., h. 151 S. Canal. 

Edwards Fannie, wid. William, h. 491 Wabash 

Edwards Frederick, Babbitt's saleratus, potash 
and soap, 146 S. Water, h. Cottage Grove 
av. cor. 24th. 
Edwards George, saloon and confectioner, 74 

Clark, h. same. 
Edwards George, mason, h. n. s. Dearborn, 

bet. 17th and 18th. 
Edwards George W., machinist, h. Johnson, 

bet. 12th and Maxwell. 
Edwards Hannah, wid. Francis, h. Cottage 

Grove av., bet. 25th and 26th. 
Edwards Henrv J., paymaster, G. «fe C. U. R. 

R., h. Ill' Washington. 
Edwards Hugh, mason, h. n. s. Maxwell, w. 

Edwards James, boarding, h. 145 Ontario. 
Edwards Jane, wid., boarding, 36 W. Wash- 
Edwards John T., jeweler, Clark, n. e. cor. 
Washington, h. Cottage Grove av. nr. 
Edwards Mary, dressmaker, h. 417 S. Canal. 
Edwards Oliver, (Edwards & Anderson,) 33 

Stewart House. 
Edwards Peter, 511 State, h. same. 
Edwards R., student, bds. Eagle Hotel. 
Edwards Richard, publisher, bds. Metropoli- 
tan Hotel. 
Edwards Rosetta, wid. James, b. 193 S. Canal. 
Edwards Tom 0., physician, 4 Calhoun bldg., 

h. 335 W. Adam's. 
Edwards William J., mechanic, h. cor. Polk 

and DesPlaines. 
Edwards & Anderson, (Oliver Edwards and 
Gideon Anderson,) saloon, basement 
Board of Trade bldg. 
Edwood Philip, lab., C. B. & Q. R. R. 
Effct John, lab., h. 131 Townsend. 
Egamen Antony, drygoods, s. s. North, bet. 

Jefferson and DesPlaines. 
Egan Daniel, boarding, 247 Van Buren. 
Egan Eugene, bookkeeper, H. H. Shufeldt, 

bds. Van Buren, s. w. cor. Sangamon. 
Egan James, express, h. s. s. W. Taylor, nr. 

Egan James, liquors 173 Washington and 58 

X. Clark. 
Egan John, lab., C. H. McCormick & Bros. 
Egan John, painter, h. 239 Cass. 
Egan John, boiler maker, h. 16 Hubbard. 
Egan John, saloon, W. Van Buren, cor. Canal 

h. same. 
Egan John, shoemaker, h. 167 Wells. 
Egrn Michael, car repairer, I. C. R. R. depot. 
Egan Michael, lab., h. N. Divison, nr. Sedgwick. 
Egan Patrick, liquor dealer, 445 State, h. 

Egan Samuel C, clerk, bds. Van Buren, bet. 

Sangamon and Morgan. 
Egan Sarah, h. 83 S. Halsted. 
Egan Thomas, carpenter, h. Ellis av., nr. 

Douglas pi. 
Egan Thomas, lab., h. Bridgeport. 
Egan Thomas, lab., h. lOS'Polk. 
Egan Wiley M., (Wiley M. Egan k Co.,) h. n. 

s. Washington bet. Paulina and Page. 
Egan William, lab., h. Jackson, cor. Market. 
Egan William C, bookkeeper H. H. Shufeldt, 

bds. Van Buren, s. w. c. Sangamon. 
Egan William E., clerk, h. 83 S. Halsted. 





Egan W. M. & Co., (Wiley M. Egan and Am- 

nii Bennett,) vessel agts. and com. mers. 

162 S. "Water. 
Egbert Z. L., captain U. S. A., 112th Regt. 

Ills, vols., h. 286 N. Wells. 
Egel I., lab., h. e. s. Sedgwick, n. Wisconsin. 
Egelen Swen, lab., h. r. 380 N. Market. 
Egen Catherine, wid. John, h. Indiana nr. 

12 th. 
Egeuhofer Anton, gardener, h. w. s. Larrabee, 

nr. e. Willard. 
Eggeling Henry, lab., bds. 498 N. Clark. 
Eggers John, bds. Clinton, s. e. c. Lancaster. 
Eggert Albert, tailor, h. 43 Market. 
Eggert Henrv, tailor, h. s. s. Loewe w. Wells. 
Eggleston Francis F., (F. F. & H. Eggleston.,) 

h. s. s. 24th, bet. Calumet and Douglas av. 
Eggleston Henrv, (F. F. & H. Eggleston, ) h. 

71 Randolph. 
Eggleston Surrial G., clerk P. 0., bds. Hotel 

De Lum. 
Eggleston W. G., lab.. Hiram Wheeler. 
Eggleston F. F. & H., (Francis F. & Henry,) 

furniture dealers 71 Randolph. 
Egleston William C, (Furbish & Egleston,) 

bds. Trenaont House. 
EGLESTON WILLIAM W., veterinary sur- 
geon Price's livery stable, h. 65 Wabash 

Egner Charles, butcher, 192 Wells, bds. Wash- 
ington House. 
Egold John, stonecutter, W. & A. B. Cook. 
Eheraan Frank, brickmaiver, X. Branch. 
Ehinger Herman, glovemaker, 20 Harmon ct. 
Ehlen Damian, wheelwright, h. w. s. Larrabee, 

nr. Black Hawk. 
Ehlen Henry, (Ehlen H., & Co.,) h. 166 S. 

EHLEN H. & CO., (Henry Ehlen and Ernst 

Stahl,) hide and leather, 247 Lake. 
♦ Ehlers Henry, h. Hastings, cor. Loomis. 
Ehret Jacob, lab., h. w. s. Wolcott, s. Elm. 
Ehret Joseph, (Whilt & Ehret,) h. 248 Indi- 
Ehrhardt Julius, cigar store 53 Kinzie, h. same. 
Ehring Louis, sewing machine niaufr , h. 438 

N. Clark. 
Ehrit Jacob, soapmkr., h. Wolcott, nr. Green 

Ehrling Barnhart, brewer J. J. Sands. 
Ehrmann Jacob, miller Ionic mills, h. 383 

Ehrsam John, trunk maker Phillip Becker. 
Eiberger Charles, hat and cap maker, h. r. 146 

Eibert Henry, tailor, h. 152 Quincy. 
Eich Mathias, shoemaker, h. n. s. Blackhawk, 

nr. Larrabee. 
Eich Peter, shoemaker, 435 State, h. same. 
Eichelberger George J., lab., G. & C. U. R. R., 

h. 51 Chestnut. 
Eichenseher Simon, saloon, w. s. Larrabee, nr. 

Willow, h. same. 
Eichhammer George, lab., h. 217 Washington. 
Eichler Charles, tailor, h. 28 W. Van Buren. 
Eichner Frederick, barber, 364 S. Canal, h. 

Eichnisur Adam, lab., C. H. McCormick & 

Eiding Jacob, painter, 108 Milwaukee av. 

Eidieman Sylvester, candymaker, Scanlan & 

Eierdam Conrad, shoemaker, 731 Clark, h. 

Eikelberg Franz, h. w. s. Burling, nr. Xorth av. 
Eiken William, clerk, h. n. e. s. Wright, bet. 

Canal and Stewart av. 
Eikenberg Conrad, tailor, h. 62 Indiana. 
Eikenberg Henry, h. w. s. Milwaukee av., nr. 

Eikenberg Henry, tailor, h. 62 Indiana. 
Eil Wilhelm, machinist, h. n. s. Rees, nr. Hal- 

Eiler Rnpert, cabinetmaker, W. B. Fowler. 
Eilers Henry, bds. 274 W. 12th. 
Eilers Henry, jr., moulder, h. 274 W. 12th. 
Eiles Conrad, distiller, h. Armitage rd., nr. 

Fill John, cooper, h. n. s. Front, nr. Reuben. 
Eiiibecher George, saloon, 471 S. Wells, h. 

Einglish Richard, cigarmaker, bds. Xew York 

Einhorn Joseph, carpenter, h. 464 State. 
Einhorn Michael, carpenter, h. 186 Sherman. 
Einstein Joseph, h. 49 3rd av. 
Einwalter John, bds. 479 Wells. 
Eisenbarth Stephen, lab., h. 11 Larrabee. 
Eisenberg John, tailor, h. w. s. Orchard, nr. 

EISEXDRATH XATHAX, successor to A. L. 

Jaescbke, fruit and firework dealers, 114 

Dearborn, and (T. Kraefttt & Co.,) h. 124 

Chicago ay. 
Eisenmann Andrew, carpenter, h. 11 Hickory. 
Eiserman Charles, bds. n. s. Goethe, w. N. 

Eising Walpurga, wid. Joseph, h. 253 Wol- 
Eistman August, soldier, h. n. s. Archer rd., 

nr. Butterfield. 
Eiszner John, cooper, h. 14 Hubbard. 
Eiterman John F., grocer, w. s. N. Wells, nr. 

Eiterman Lambert H., (Rev.) h. s. s. Cornell, 

bet. Johnson and William. 
Eizinger Mrs. Franciska, milliner, h. Sedgwiek, 

s. w. c. Twomey. 
Eizinger John, tailor, h. Sedgwick, s. e. c. 

Ek Olaus, carpenter, h. 42 Hubbard. 
Ekart Henry, carpenter, h. James, nr. Fox. 
Eking George, carpenter, Court pL, h. X'ew- 

berry, bet. 12th and Taylor. 
Ekman Augustus S., surveyor, bds. 116 In- 
Ekstrom Samuel, goldsmith, h. 66 W. Indiana. 
Ekolt John, lab., h. N. Halsted, nr. AVillow. 
Elam Rachel, wid. William, h. 217 3rd av. 
Elben Christian, saloon, 380 W. Lake, h. same. 
Elbridge G. Keith, salesman, Keith, Faxon & 

Co., bds. e.s. Indiana av., nr. 21st. 
Eldred Daniel M., woodyard, 12th, nr. river, 

bds. Orient House. 
Eldred Elisha, agt. St. Clair gang sawed lum- 
ber, 426 Wells, bds. Adams House. 
Eldred Henry F., lumber, 566 Clark, h. 734 

Wabash av. 
Eldred Henry Jay, (Eldred & Kempton,) h 

250 State. 





Eldred Norman J., tinsmith, 176 Clark, h. 

230 Madison. 
Eldred & Kernpton, (Henry Jay Eldred and 

Jesse C. Kernpton,) confectioners, 250 

Eldredge John, physician, h. 297 Michigan av. 
Eldredge Charles, caulker, h. 175 W. Harri- 
Eldridge Charles, cooper, h. w. s. Elston rd. 

cor. North av. 
Eldridge George M., sailor, Aberdeen, cor.Wil- 

Eldridge Hamilton N., (Eldridge & Tourtel- 

lotte,) Col. U. S. A. 
Eldridge Isaac, carpenter, h. 315 Illinois. 
Eldridge James W., conductor C. & C. A. L. 

R. R., h. Hubbard, bet. Lincoln and Ro- 

Eldridge Joseph H., carpenter, bds. 181 Mich- 
Eldridge Josephine, bds. 211 Michigan. 
Eldridge Matliias, lab., C. H. McCormick & 

Eldridge Thomas, painter, h. room 63 Lake 

Eldridge William, lab., C. H. McCormick & 

Elfring Lambert, lab., h. s. s. Front, nr. Reu- 
Elgerson Samuel, lab., h. 24 Coventry. 
Eli Daniel, drover, bds. 22 White. 
Elich Samuel, cooper, h. w. s. Clark, bet. 18th 

and 19th. 
Elickson Thomas P., sailmaker, Purington and 

Elicott Thomas, h. Stewart av. bet. Maxwell 

and 14lh. 
Elicson Robert, JJ. S. army, h. Hubbard, e. 

Elipson Fred, machinist, h. 136 Carroll. 
El kins John G., grocers, h. 47 W. Madison. 
Elkins Henry K., (Elkins & Merrill,) h. 662 

Wabash av. 
Elkins & Merrill, (Henry K. Elkins and Joseph 

P. Merrill,) lumber, Clark, nr. R. R. bridge 
Ell Frederick,* lab., C. G. E. Prussing. 
Ell Lorenz, tinsmith, 686 State, "h. same. 
Ellacott Eliza, wid. William, h. e. s. Paulina, 

bet. Lake and Walnut. 
Ellacott George, waterman, h. Randolph, cor. 

Ellacott Joseph B., machinist, h. Paulina, bet. 

Lake and Walnut. 
Ellenwood Warren J., salesman Hooker & 

Jones, h. 56 Park av. 
Eller Edmond, salesmai., h. 337 Wolcott. 
Ellery Benjamin, bookkeeper, bds. 109 Michi- 
Ellett John, sailor, h. 115 Market. 
Eiletts John, p .inter, bds. Wells, bet. Monroe 

and Adams. 
Ellickson John, lab., h. 126 Forquer. 
EllicottMary L., saleswoman J. B. Shay, bds. 

104 Monroe. 
Ellinger Horace W., furrier, b. Cedar, nr. 

Green Bay. 
Ellinwood Miss ArdeliaJ., teacher Newbury 

Ellinwood Justis, salesman Barrett & Co. 
Elliot Anthony, sailor, h. 107 Erie. 

Elliot Frederick, cigarmaker, bds. 117 Michi- 
Elliot John, (Branson & Elliot,) h. Cottage 

Grove av. cor. 26th. 
Elliot Richard, news depot, 150 W. Lake. 
Elliot William H., painter. 169 State, h. same. 
Elliott Ann, wid. James, h. Polk, nr. Rucker. 
Elliott Charles C, foreman C. & N. W. R. W. 

machine shops, h. 206 Union. 
Elliott Charles F., orakesman I. C. R. R., bds. 

148 4th av. 
Elliott Daniel, conductor C. & G. U. R. R., 

bds. &7 Michigan av. 
Elliott Elisha, miller, h. Indiana av. nr. 18th. 
Elliott Frank P., (Cornwells & Elliott,) bds. 

86 Dearborn. ' 

Elliott George E., (Elliott & Higgins,) bds. 

Union House. 
Elliott George P., conductor I, C. R. R., bds. 

148 4th av. 
Elliott George T., com. mer., 178 S. Water, h. 

Indiana av. cor. 18th. 
Elliott llattie A., h. 263 W. Taylor. 
Elliott James, ship carpenter, h. n. s. Fulton, 

bet. Leavitt and Hoyne. 
Elliolt James F. D., h. s.s. 23d, bet. Michigan 

and Wabash av. 
I^lliot John, porter Girard House. 
Elliott Justus, brewer Busch & Brand. 
Elliott Julia, wid. Joseph, h. 167 Madison. 
Elliott Michael, h. 148 4th av. 
Elliott Robert, (Elliott & Graves,) h. 150 

Elliott & Graves, (Robert Elliott and James 

D. Graves,) painters, 150 Washington. 
Elliott & Higgins, (George E, Elliott and John 

Higgins,) merchant tailors, 89 W. Ran- 
Ellis Alfred, hackman, h. 237 Wells. 
Ellis Amos J., miller, bds. 87 Lake. 
Ellis Benjamin \V., (Ellis & Colbv,) bds. 624 

W. Lake. 
Ellis Boham, machinist C. H. McCormick & 

Ellis Charles B., boarding, 159 Washington. 
Ellis David, h. 223 4th av. 
Ellis Henry, bds. 151 Market. 
Ellis J. A., bds. 332 Indiana. 
Ellis James, agt. N. W. R. W., h. 41 Bremer. 
Ellis James M., (J. S. Sharp & Co.,) h. Syra- 
cuse, N. y. 
Ellis J. Ward, dentist, 13 Portland blk. h. 

31st, bet. Calumet and Prairie av. 
Ellis Joel, (Ellis & Gallagher,) h. 267 State. 
Ellis Nathan B., drover, bds. 864 State. 
Ellis Oliver, mechanic, h. 128 Ewing. 
Ellis Samuel, police, h. cor. Green Bay and 

Ellis W. B., atty. and counselor, Lind's blk., 

bds. n. s. W. Lake, 1 door e. Paulina. 
Ellis Wilbur, lab. Sturges, Buckingham & Co. 
Ellis William, lab. C. H. McCormick & Bros. 
Ellis J. A. & Co., (J. Alder Ellis,) bankers, 

Lake, ar. cor. Clark, bds. 332 Indiana. 
Ellis & Colby, (Benjamin W. Ellis and Eben 

F. Colbv,) lawvers, 1 Lind's blk. 
Ellis & Gailagher" (Joel Ellis and William 

Gallagher,) butchers, 4 N. Clark. 
Ellison George, (George Ellison & Co.,) h. 

163 W. Washington. 






niers., 5 Dole's 

Ellison Geor 

Ellithorpe Albert, major, h. 44 N. Morgin. 
Ellitborpe Elizabeth, wid. John, h. 40 N. 

Ellmer John, bds. Washington House. 
Ellsworth Frederick B., h. 34 Washington. 
Ellsworth John J., printer, h. Evanston. 
Ellsworth Joseph, carpenter, h. 1-38 Ewing. 
Ellsworth Joseph, lab. C. II. McCormicK & 

Ellsworth L. E.. soldier 104th 111. vols., h. 26S 

X. La Salle. 
Ellsworth Lemuel L., ins. agt, eA Clark, h. 34 

Ellsworth Lewis, banker, bds. 156 W. Adams. 

Ellsworth Lewis E., teller Rutter, Endicott ^ 
Co., h. 34 Washington. 

Elmers Andrew, mason, h. Wabash av. cor. 

Elmquist John, carpenter, h. r. 169 N. Des- 

Elmes Carleton D., (Elmes & Webster,) h. 
26S S. Jefferson. 

Elmes Charles F., engineer, h. 268 S. Jeffer- 

Elmes & Webster, (Carlton D. Elmes. Bjron 
G. Webster.) Columbian Iron Works, 65 
and 6*7 S. Clinton. 

Elmore John, shoemaker, h. s. s. Division, nr. 
X. Wells. 

Elmore Lewis, blacksmith, h. 323 X. Wells. 

Elmster Knut, sailor, h. 63 Larrabee. 

Elphicke Charles, clerk T. L. Farker, bds. 240 
X. Dearborn. 

Elridge Frederick, lab. h. Second, s. e. c. Cor- 

Els Peter, lab. h. w. 8. Clark, bet. ISth and 

Elsasar Jacob F, cigarmaker, 200 X. Clark, h. 
n s. Granger, w. X. Wells. 

Elsaser John, lab. h. w. s. Lincoln, bet. Wash- 
ington av. and Kinzie. 

Elsasser Fred, machinist, h. 136 Carroll. 

Elsbacher , com. mer., bds. X. Y. House. 

Elskens Mrs., h. 57 Townsend. 

Elskin Peter, lab., h. 175 Townsend. 

Elson Peter, cooper, h. 69 X, Ann. 

Elson Theodore J,, cooper, 76 X. May, h. same. 

Elson Thomas, blacksmith, Mitchel,"bet. Canal 
and Jefferson. 

Elson William, bookbinder Munson, Skinner 

Elston Alfred, machinist, h. 94 Ohio. 

Elting Henry, carpenter, h. e. s. Wolcott, nr. 

Elward Anastatia, wid. Edmund, h. r. 454 S. 

Elwin Ludwig, lab., h. e. s. Halsted, nr. Centre 

Ely David J., (D. J. Ely & Co.,) h. 3 Wash- 

Ely Douglas, bookkeeper Edward Ely, h. Reu- 
ben, s. Lake. 

Ely Douglas, tailor with Edward Ely, h. 270 
S. Jefferson. 

Bly Edward, merchant tailor, 9 Tremont blk., 
h. 107 3d av. 

Ely Israel, (Ely & Smith,) h. 589 Wabash av. 

Ely James T., lawyer, 16 Dearborn, h. town of 

Ely John A., (D. J. Ely & Co.,) bds. S.") Michi- 
gan av. 
Ely Mary, milliner, 339 Clark, h. same. 
Ely Xicholas, blacksmith, bds. Cottage Grove 

av., nr. 25th. 
Ely Zebulpn S., (D. J. Ely & Co.,) h. X. Y. 

Ely D. J. & Co., (David J. Ely, Zebulon S. 
Elv and John A. Ely,) whol. grocers, 20 
S. "Water. 
Ely & Smith, ^srael C. Ely and Stephen X. 
Smith,) building raisers, Jackson, cor. 
Embarg George, tailor, h. Pearl, bet. 3d and 

Emder Albert, shoemaker, h. 232 Huron. 
Emerich Michael, lab., h. 78 Mather. 
Emeroad Albert, butcher, h. 246 X. Clark. 
Emers Darius F.. (Anderson House,) W". Ran- 
dolph, cor Canal. 
Emer.jon A. K., traveler II. M. Thompson, bds 

City Houl. 
Emerson AdiBson, (S. & A. Emerson,) h. 132 

Emerson Mrs. Cora M., milliner, 239 W. Ran- 
EMERSON EDWARD, hats, caps and furs, 

85 Lake, bds Tremont House. 
Emerson John, saloon, 121 X. Canal, h. same. 
Emerson Lyman M., pattern maker, h. 116 

Emerson Ozias P., (Emerson & Thomas,) h. 

n. s. Burnside av., w. Clark. 
Emer.*on Sereno, (S. & A. Emerson,) h. 275 

W. Randolph. 
Emerson Thomas, salesman, 101 Randolph, bds 

44 4th av. 
Emerson William, b. 208 W. Lake. 
Emerson S & A., ( Sereno and Addison Emer- 
son.) job printers, 132 Clark. 
EMERSOX & THOMAS, (0. P. Emerson and 
Richard Thomas,) com. mers., 163 Kinzie 
Emery Albert T.. agricultural implement and 
seed store, 204 Lake, bds. 375 Wabash 
av. * 

Emerv F. S., bricklaver, h. 98 Wells. 
EMERY FRAXKLIX, lumber inspector, W. 
Water, cor. W. Lake, h. 182 W. Monroe. 
EMERY HEXRY D., (Emery & Co.,) editor 

Prairie Farmer, h. 46 X'. Ann. 
Emery Lewis, jr., bds. 144 X^. Wells. 
Emery & Co., (Henry D. Emery, Albert D. 
Emery, and Wallace W. Corbett,) pub- 
lishers of Prairie Farmer, 204 Lake.- 
Emigh A., bds. Adams House. 
Emking William, printer, bds. 371 State. 
Emmel Peter, painter, h. n. s. Green, w. N. 

Emmer Xicholas, lab., h. w. s. Sedgwick, nr. 

Emmet Thomas A., sailor, h. 133 W. Washing- 
Emmons Francis X"., music teacher, bds. Dr. 

Emmons William, (Emmons & Olds,) h. 69 

Emmons & Olds, (William L. Emmons and 

Orrin D. Olds,) grocers, 169 4th av. 
Emory F. A., steamboat agt. Randolph, cor. 
Clark, bds. Clifton House. 



o-i- SoTitli Clmton Street Chicago. 


Manufactures a good variety of 



Till, Cepper, him! Slieet Iron M Work 


Sole agent for the maiiiifactiire of tlie Winship Refrig- 
erator for the States of Illinois, Wisconsin and 
Iowa, also Ice Boxes, of all G-rades, 

from the cheapest to the best in the Market. 

Water Filters, tiie best to be found, 


on hand or made to order and Ornamented and Lettered to suit. 

^ Particular attention is called to our facilities for 
f Manufacturing 


^~We Finish and Ornament to please. ,_^J 


Set up and WARRANTED. Registers, Ventilators, &c., for sale. 

Cooking Ranges put np and Wananted. 

Particular Attention paid to Repairing every- 
thing in our line, and 


As onr expenses will be lighter than ever — we intend to Work cheaper 

than ever. Don't think it too much trouble to go a little off 

Lake Street, when you can save money by it. 

No. 54: South Olinton, between "Wasliington and 
Madison Streets. 





Emory George, machinist, h. 329 Wplcott. 
Emory George F., tailor, h. Oak, nr. Green 

Empey Minnie, dressmaker, bds. 110 4th av. I 
Emraths Phillip, machinist, h. Chicago av., n. 

e. c. William. j 

Endehnann Charles, decorator R. Lampe, h ' 

443 N. Dearborn. 
Enderis Ilenrv, land oflBce, 66 Michigan av. 
Enderle Christian, lab., C. S. S. refinery, j 

Enders Jacob, saloon, 15 Chicago av., h. same. ; 
Endersen John, machinist, h. Sangamon, nr. | 

Milwaukee av. 1 

Endholz Christoph, tailor, h. al. bet. Black 

Hawk and North av. 
Endicott Edward M., (Buchanan, Ailing & 

Co.,) h. 172 Michigan av. 
Endicott William F., Butter, Endicott & Co., 

bds. 1*72 Michigan av. 
Ei<dinger Welch, lab., h. Wolcott, nr. Thorn. 
Endry Shepherd, carpenter, h. d. s. Dearborn, 

bet. 17th and 18th. 
Endson Nels, carpenter, h. 24 Bremer. 
Engals Xiclau?, lake captain, h. 81 Bremer. 
Engel Christian A., jewelry, 133 N. Clark, 

h. same. 
Engcl Henrietta, h. 89 Ohio. 
Engel Isaac, h. S"J Ohio. 

Engel John, billiard table maker, 74 Ran- 
dolph, h. 97 Market. 
Engel Nicklas, chairraaker, h. W. Chicago av. 

cor. Carpenter, 
Engel Peter, painter, h. Front, nr. Carpenter. 
Engel Robert, grocer, n. s. Rees, nr. Halsted, 

h. same. 
Edgelbach Maria, wid. Frederick, h. 480 State. 
Engelbach Theodore, saloon, 97 N. Clark, h. 

181 Ohio. 
Engelbarzen Anton, shoemaker, h. 38 4th. 
Euglehard M., midwife, h. w. s. Dearborn, bet. 

17th and ISth. 
Engelhardt George, harnessmaker, bds. 57 W. 

Engelka John H., clerk, bds^, 1G6 N. LaSalle. 
Engleman Henry, h. 130 Indiana. 
Engeln John M., scale repairer, h. 75 Illinois. 
Engemann Mrs. Ann, dressmaker, h. 25 Pear- 
Engenbacher Andrew, lab., h. 97 Ewing. 
England Adam, lab., h. 121 Foster. 
Engle Christian S., agt., Chicago steam engine 

Works, h. 76 Huron. 
Engle Emery, lab., h. alley, bet. Oak and 

Engle John, cleaner I. C. R. R. 
Engle Julius, clerk, h. 16 White. 
Engle Maihias, scale maker, h. 7 6 X Wells. 
Engle Powell, tailor, h. 6. Fisher's blk.. White 
Englehart H. F. cabinet maker, h. 272 Wol- 
Engleraan Henry, lab. C. H. McCormick k Bros 
Englin Edward, "lab.. Fort W. depot, bds. 129 

S. Canal. 
English Alexander, sailor, h. 3 Whiting. 
English Bernard, lab., h. 248 3dav. 
English Jacob E., bridge builder, h. N. Wa- 
ter, cor. S. Division. 
English James, cooper, h. McHenry, nr. North. 
English James M., bookkeeper, 53 Lake, h. 
146 S. Jefterson. 

English John lab., h. s. w. cor. Kinzie and 

English Patrick, lamplighter, h. s. s. Granger, 

w Wells. 
English Richard, cigars, bds. X. T. House. 
English Theodore, tinsmith, h. 229 Rush. 
English Thomas, bootm'aker, l53 Kinzie, h. 

English Thomas, moulder, h. n. s. Indiana, nr. 

the lake shore. 
English Thomas, painter, h. s. s. Do Koven nr. 

English Turrey, h. w. s. X. Wells, nr. Linden. 
Engnall Alonzo, wood carver, h. 203 X. Wells. 
Engs William. (Hutchinson & Engs,) bds. 473 

Wabash av. 
Engstler John, lab., C. H. McCormick &Bro3. 
Engstler Matt, with C. H. McCormick & Bros. 
Engstrom F. T., (McKenzie & Engstrom,) h. 

96 Ontario. 
Enk Barney, stove moulder, h. 420 S. Halsted. 
Ennesser Louis, cabinet maker, h. 369 S. 

Ennis James, lawyer, 126 Randolph, h. vr. s. 

Larrabee, nr. Division. 
Enoch Benjamin F., maciiinist, h. Madison, 

bet. Sangamon and Peoria. 
Enoch Jacob, lab., h. Finnel, nr. Stewart av. 
Enoch Lavina, photographs, Madison, bet. 

Sangamon and Peoria, h. same. 
Enochsot/ Jacob, cabinet maker, h. Hubbard, 

nr. Union. 
Enos Alonsou W., lawyer, bds. 187 X. Wells. 
Enos Charles, teamstar, Juhn Ranker, bds. 

Wells, cor. Sherman. 
Enos Hough, carpenter, h. 59 W. Madison. 
Enos Joseph, lab., h- 155 Indiana. 
Enright Edmond, butcher, h. w.s. Butterfield, 

bet. 21st and 22d. 
Enright Ellen, dressmaker, 14 S. Dhsplaines. 
Enright J., engineer, h. Indiana av„ nr. 14th. 
Enright James, lab , h. 152 S. Canal. 
Enright John, confectioner, (Sc inlin & Bros.,) 

h. 135 X. Franklin. 
Enright Patrick, lab., h. nr. C. B. & Q. R. R. 

crossing, nr. State. 
Entenger f., lab., Lill & Diversy. 

John Loyd,J stove mnfrs. and dealers, 

Thomas George, agt., 54 Clinton, {see advt. 

op. p.) 
Enthof Henry, blacksmith, h. s. s. Kramer, 

nr. Union. 
Entwistle John, pop corn, 477 S. Clark, h. 

Enwright Honora F., wid. John, h. 406 State. 
Enwright James, stove jointer, with. D. W. 

Enyart John P., tailor, h. Fulton, bet. Reuben 

and Paulina. 
Enyart John P., tailor and cutter, h. 86 S. 

Enzenbacker Joseph, h. 441 S. Jefferson. 
Enzenbacker Joseph, jr., saloon, .437 S. Jeffer- 
son, h. same. 
Epler Myron, lawyer, bds. 41 Adams. 
Epp Louis, lab., h. n. s. Loewe, e. Sedgwick. 
Epps Charles L., with B. F. Quimby & Co., 

bds. Briggs House. 
Epps Lewis, with C. U, McCormick & Bros, 





Epstein Emanuel, clerk, Silverniaas Bank, 
bds. 16 3d av. 

Epstein Nathan, (Reiss & Co.,) h. 104 N". Wells. 

C. Hall agt., 160 S. Water. 

Erb Henry, grocer, 187 S. Canal, h. same. 

Elbe Frederick L., carpenter, h. 56 S. Canal. 

Erbe John, tailor, h. 156 N. Dearborn. 

Erbe Martin, painter, h. 189 Wells. 

Erbe Philip, cooper, h. 142 N. LaSalle. 

Erbstein Joseph, peddler, h. 70 Quincy. 

Erby Frederick W., clerk, Thomas B. Mor- 
risie, bds. 77 W. Randolph. 

Erby John, baker, h. 76 W. Randolph. 

Erby William, carriage maker, with A. Card. 

Erenhouse John R., shoemaker, s. s. Washing- 
ton, bet. Wood and Paulina, h. same. 

Eraman John, miller, bds. 383 State. 

Erhart Nicholas, tailor, h. Hinsdale, bet. Cass 
and Green Bay. 

Erhardt Jacob, night scavenger, h. 50 W. 
Chicago av. 

Erickson , carpenter, h. 25 S. Alexander. 

Erickson Alick, blacksmith, h. 3d, bet. Rucker 
and MM.V. 

Erickson George, (Erickson & Kirkebj',) boots 
and shoes, h. w. s. Sangamon, nr.. Mil- 
waukee av. 

Erickson Jonas, (J. Erickson & Co.,) bds. 
Adams House. 

Erickson Jacob, blacksmith, h. 131 W. Indi- 

Erickson Jacob, pattern filer, h. 113 W. Polk. 

Erickson Jacob, sailor, h. 50 Bremer. 

Erickson Martin, machinist H. A. Pitts & Co. 

Erickson N., lab. h. 18 Rucker. 

Erickson Peter, clerk Yehon & Higer, bds. 
219 Washington. 

Erickson Paul, carpenter, h. 71 Bremer av. 

Erickson Peter, tailor, h. 60 4th. 

Erickson J. & Co., (Jonas Eiickson,) prod, 
com. mer., 4 Wheeler's bldg. 

Erickson & Kirkeby, (George Eiickson, John 
Kirkebv,) boots and shoes, 135 Clark. 

GER OFFICE, 64 Clark. 

Erkson John, lab. h. Division, nr. N. Branch. 

Erley & White, (James P. Erley, John and Y. 
White,) billiaid hall, 178 Clark. 

Ermeter Peter, saloon, 105 N. Clark, h. sam?. 

Ermintinger John, bricklayer, h. 103 N. Clark. 

Ernich Charles, blacksmith, bds. nr. cor. Cot- 
tage Grove av. and 25th. 

Ernst Charles, fireman on fire steamer, bds. 
343 State. 

Ernst George, fireman, h. 209 W. Taylor. 

Ernst Henry, newspaper carrier, h. 185 3d av. 

Ernst Jacob, saloon, 391 S. Clinton, h. same. 

Ernst John, gardener, h. Linden, nr. N.Wells. 

Ernst John, soldier, h. 723 Clark. 

Ernst Joseph, gravedigger Chicago Cemetery, 
h. e. s. LaSalle, nr. High. 

Erpelding Lambert, machinist, h. 116 Town- 

Erpilding Jacob, lab. C. H. McCormick & 

Erpilding John, lab. C. H. McCormick & 

Erpilding Nicholas, lab. C. H. McCormick & 

Err Joseph L., tailor, h. 321 Wolcott, up 

Errickson Edward M., clerk Knowles & Bro., 

h. 41 Kinzie. 
Errickson Jacob, h. 131 N. Indiana 
Errickson Jacob, cooper, h. nr. W. Chicago 

av. bridge. 
Errickson Turbean, joiner, h. 183 N. Union. 
Erskine Willitm, salesman, bds. Division, s. 

w. c. N. Franklin. 
Erter Barny, lab. h. 380 S. Clinton. 
Ertz John, lab. h. n. s. Front, nr. Rose. 
Ertz John, porter L. Barber & Son, h. Chicago 

av. nr. Front. 
Erwel Henry, ship carpenter, h. 454 S. Hal- 

Erwin George C, salesman W. M. Ross& Co., 

bds. Clarendon House. 
Erwm James, salesman Smith & Dwyer, bds. 

223 Indiana av. 
Esau Charles, lab. h. 4th, n. .s. Front. 
Esbjorn Lawrence Rev., piofessor of theolo- 
gy, h. 194 Superior. 
Esch John, carpenter, h. cor. Hasting and 

Esch Theodore, h. North av. s. e. c. Franklin. 
Esche Gasloff, butcher, h. e. s. Canal, bet. Ir- 
win and 14th. 
Eschenbramer John, shoemaker, L. n. s. Cly- 

bourn av. nr. Larrabee. 
Eschenburg Hermann, asst. city collector, and 

justice of the peace, 14 Court House, h. 

129 W. Kinzie. 
Eschenburg J. William, exchange and passage 

office,"88 LaSalle, h. 242 W. Randolph. 
Escher Sebastian, gardener W. L. Newberry. 
Escherick August, engineer, 404 Clark. 
Esclierich WilliAiii A., wireworker, 304 Clark, 

h. same. 
Esche Thomas, lab. h. 26 Coventry. 
Esher George, plasterer, h. 367 S. Canal. 
Esling Joseph J., com. mcr., h. 12 4th av. 
Eslinger Andrew, painter, h. n. s. Rees, nr. 

Esmay A. S., bookkeeper Bennett Pieters & 

Co., bds. 100 Monroe. 
Esmay J. P., trav. agt. Bennett Pieters & Co. 
Esmiw^' Maggie, saleswoman J. B. Shay, bds. 

11© N. Peoria. 
Espert Conrad, h. 561 Wabash av. 
Espil A., machinist L C. R. R. 
Estabrook Theron W., bds. 482 State. 
Estee Tully C.,(L. Cornell & Co.,) h. Kankakee 

av. nr. 29th. 
Esterbury Magnus, lab., h. 73 Bremer. 
Esterbrook A., bookkeeper, bds. 119 W.Jack- 
Esterbrook Ambrose, mason, h. 104 N. Morgan. 
Estey Willis A., (Hoyt, Pierce & Co.,) h. 222 

W. Monroe. 
Estis Ezra, bds. Ulich's Hotel. 
Eten Daniel W., trunkmaker, Philip Becker. 
Ethridge Robert, engineer, h. 179 S. Canal. 
Ettler Julius, lab., h. n. s. 22d, bet. Arnold 

and LaSalle. 
Ettlinger Sussman, grocer, w. s. Clark, bet. 

18th and 19th, h. same. 
Etyen Benjamin, machinist I. C. R. R. 
Etzel J., machinist L C. R. R. 
Euzen John, plasterer, h. 222 Wolcott. 





Eul Willi;im, boileimkr., h. Reos, nr. Halsted. 
Europe House, S. Canal, op. P., Ft. W. & C. 

R. R. depot. 
European Hotel, Thomas Andrews, propr. , 38 

Eustice Orin E., lab., h. 18 White. 
Evans Adam H., conductor I. C. R. R., bds. 

Treinont House. 
Evans Charles, lab., b. e. s. Arnold, bet. l'7th 

Evans Charles H., salesman Davis, Sawyer & 

Evans Daniel D., carpenter, h. 1*76 W. Monroe. 
Evans David D., whol. fruit, 114 Clark. 
Evans Enoch W., lawyer, 17 Metropolitan blk, 

h. Washington, cor. Page. 
Evans Evan W., carpenter, h. s. s. Mitchel, nr. 

Union. • 
Evans George, machinist, h. Curtis, bet. Kin- 

zie and Hubbard. 
Evans J., engineer, h. 380 K Wells. 
Evans James, lab., h. w. s. 4th av. nr. 14th. 
Evans James H., carpenter, h. 143^W. Harri- 
Evans John, blacksmith, h. 112 Wells. 
Evans Michael, whol. and retail liquors, 559 

Clark, h. same. 
Evans Laura, wid. David, h. 26*7 W. Madison. 
Evans Mary, milliner, 400 Clark, h. same. 
Evans Patrick, soldier, h. w. s. Blackwell, bet. 

• 18th and I9th. 
Evans Richard, carbenter, h. 86 S. Green. 
Evans Richard M., carpenter, h. N. Curtis, nr. 

Evans Thomas C, carpenter, b. Silver, bet. 

Gurley and Harrison. 
Evans William, carpenter, bds. 143 W. Harri- 
Evans William D., bricklayer, h. 64 Madison. 
Evarts Edward S., lab., Gallup & Hitchcock, 

h. 296J State. 
Evarts George M., clerk, 0. H. McCormick & 

Bros., h. 4 Rush. 
EVARTS HENRY H., shingle mill mnfr., 300 

and 302 State, h. same. 
Evarts John, farmer, h. s. s. Emily, nr. Milwau- 

EYENING'jOURNAL, John L. Wilson, propr, 
50 Dearborn, {See advt p. ) 

Everart Frederick, carpenter, h. 274 W. Mon- 

Evcnlen Edward, teamster, h. s. s. 14th, w. 

Everets Charles E., trainmaster C. & R. I. R. 
R., h. 848 State. 

Everett Frank D., salesman, 32 Lake, h. Wood- 

Everett John S., bailiff, Court House. 

Evers Robert, capt., h. 47 N. Dearborn. 

Everson Henry L. D., cabinetmaker and up- 
holsterer, 180 Clark, bds. 322 Clark. 

Everts William W. (Rev.,) pastor first Baptist 
Church, cor. LaSallc and Washington, h. 
608 Wabash av. 

Every 0., carpenter, bds. Gage House. 

Evins Frank, (col'd.,) wood sawyer, b. 285 Srd 

Evitt Joseph, blacksmith, C. & X. W. R. W. 
shop, bds. n. e. cor. Market, nr. Monroe. 

Ewcor John, plowmaker, h. 92 S Desplaines. 


Ewers Charles, h. 128 Ohio. 

Ewing Auguste B., (Ewing, Brigg & Co.,) bds. 
Tremont House. 

Ewing Elwopd, carpenter, bds., n. w. cor. 
Union and Fulton 

Ewing William, machinist, h. 128 W. Ran- 

Ewing William L. (Ewing, Briggs & Co.,) h. 
St. Lewis. 

Ewing, Briggs & Co., (William L. Ewing, of 
St. Levis, Clinton Briggs and Thomas 
Heermans,) whol. grocers, 75 S. Water. 

Ewings William, salesman, h. Broadway pi. 

Ewrick Joseph, bakery, 186 Indiana, h. same . 

Excell Robert, architect and builder, h. Cot- 
tage Grove av., nr. city limits. 

Excell Robert, saloon. Cottage Grove av., nr 
Smith pi., h. same. 

Excell Isaac, barkeeper, bds. Cottage Grove, 
cor. Douglas pi. 

Excelsior Brewery, Fleming & Conway, proprs. 
Wolcott, n. e. cor. N. Division. 

Exchange Bank bldg., s. w. cor. Lake and 

Exeur Theodore, cabinetmaker, h. 344 N, 

Exenor Harriet, -wid. James, h. 253 Wells. 

Evberger Charles, capmaker, 167 Clark, h 
146 Wells. 

Eyen Frederick, machinist, h. 263 N. Des- 

Eylers Henry, moulder, h. 274 W. 12th. 

Eyster Ben, (Ben Eyster & Co.,) h. 54 W. 

Eyster Ben & Co., (Benjamin Eyster and Wm. 
Banta,) shipbuilders, W. Charles, cor. W.- 

}7^AA Michael, drayman, bds,, Ontario, cor.. 
' Wells. 
Faber Charles D., carpenter, h. Gurley, bet. 

Blue I. av. and Morgan. 
Faber E., tailor, h. 393 S. Clinton. 
FABER GUSTAV, boarding, 163 Van Buren . 
Faber Nicholas, hardware, 109 N. Clark, h. 

101 N. Clark. 
Faber Peter, lab., h. DeKoven, nr. Jefferson. 
Faber William, painter, w. s. S. Jefferson, s. 

Taylor, h. same. 
Fabian Robert L., merchandize broker, 7 

Clark, h. Lake Forrest. 
Each Tlieodore, bds. 48 Sherman. 
Fack Theodore, runner, Union Hotel,, h. S. 

Canal, cor. W. Madison. 
Packer John, express, h. 77 3rd. 
Faeen James, baker, h. 454 S. Jefferson. 
Faegan Fredrick, lab., h. e. s. 4th av., bet. 

12th and 14t!'. 
Pagan Alexander, engineer, h. 71 Ewing. 
Pagan John, tailoi , bds. Carrol, nr. Desplaines. 
Pagan Luke, lab., h. 251 W. Tavlor. 
Pagan Nicholas, csrpenter, h. 220 W. Taylor. 
Pagan Patrick, h;'j., h. n. s. DeKoven, nr. 

Pagan Patrick, la' ., s. s. W. Quincy, nr. Des- 
Pagan Patrick S., (Pagan & Masterson,) h. 32i; 

Pagan Thomas, bartender, James Egan. 
Pagan Thomas, lab., h. Beach, nr Harrison. 



HALPIN & bailey's 


Fagan William, conductor, C. & G. U. R. R., 

bds. 209 Hubbard. 
Fagan & Masterson, (Patrick S. Fagan and Ber- 
nard Masterson,) second-hand store, 321 

Fagen Nicholas, expressman, h. s. s. Evans, 

nr. Rucker. 
Fagen Patrick, lab., h. Newberry, n. w. cor. 

Fager Adam, lab., h. 256 4th av. 
Fagin Matthew, boilermaker, P. W. Gates & 

Fagle John, drayman, h. Hubbard, cor. "Wood. 
Fagler August, switchman, h. e. s. Clark, nr. 

Faher Daniel, brass finisher, bds. 121 S. Ca- 
Fahey William, mason, h. 230 W. Polk. 
Fahian Miles, lab., bds. 203 Van Buren. 
Fahlbush Frederick, bricklayer, h. 460 State. 
Fahlbush Sophia, wid. Frederick, sr., bds. 460 

Fahrner Valentine, physician, h. e.s. Sedgwick, 

nr. Schiller. 
Fahs Arnold Richard, (Fahs & Bush,) h. Ada, 

bet. Randolph and Lake. 
JFahs & Bush, (Arnold R. Fahs and William H. 

Bush,) lumber., Kingsbury, bet. Ohio 

and Ontario. 
]Tahy Daniel, lab., h. W. Chicago av., nr. Hal- 

Fair Bernard, foreman car department, M. C. 

R. R., h. 54 Michigan av. 
Fair .James, blacksmith, h. 248 Madison. 
Fair Milton, carpenter, h. w. s. Jefferson, s. 

Fairbank Nathaniel K., (N. K. Fairbank & 

Co.,) and (Smedley, Peck & Co.,) bds. 367 

^Fairbank N. K. & Co., (Nathaniel K. Fairbank 

and William H. Murray,) com. mer., 5 

Board of Trade blk. 
■Fairbanks Erastus, (Fairbanks, Greenleaf & 

Co.,) h. St. Johnsbury, Vermont. 
Fairbanjvs Franklin, (Fairbanks, Greenleaf & 

Co.,) h. St. Johnsbury, Vermont. 
.Fairbai.ks Horace, (Fairbanks, Greenleaf & 

Co.,) h. St. Johnsbury, Vermont. 
Fairbanks John, sailor, bds. 179 Market. 
■Fairbanks Thaddeus. (Fairbanksi Greenleaf & 

Co.,) h.St. Johnsbury, Vermont. 

Thaddeus, Horace, Charles and Franklin 

.Fairbanks, of St. Johnsbury, Vermont, 

Luther iL. Greenleaf and Charles H. 

Morse,) scales, trucks, etc., 172 Lake. 

{See card (»i back cover.) 
Faircbilds Asa, pattern and model maker. Court 

pi., bet. State and Dearborn, h. same. 
Fahfoot George, M. S.,&N. L R. R. 
Fairfoot George, lab., h. n. s. Archer rd. nr. 

.Fairman DaniclB., defk freight oflSce L C. 

R. R., h. Kankakee av., cor. Wahpanseh. 
Fairman Franklin, chief clerk general freight 

office L C. R. R., h. Quarles, nr. Wah- 
Fairman Henry W., lab., l.C. R. R., bds. 148 

Fairman Jamei, clerk freight-ofEce L C. R. R. 

Faith Henrv, sailor, h. 7 Hinsdale. 

Fake Frederick L., C. B. & Q. R. R., h. Michi- 
gan av., nr. 18th. 

Fake Henry, U. S. A., h. W. Adams, nr. Ab- 

Faker Ludwig, shoemaker, h. 76 N. Wells. 

Falann Patrick, bds. e. s. Michigan av. bet. 
12th and 14th. 

Falch Charles H., jeweler, 51 N. Clark, h. 

FALCONER WILLIAM, com. mer. 13 La- 
Salle, h. 330 N. Wells. 

Faldman Valentine, lab., h. Chicago av., nr. 

Fales Henry D., salesman, Fargo & Bill, h. 15 

Ealing Barton, la")., C. H. McCormick & Bros. 

Falk John A., German teacher, h. 120 Town- 

Falk Leonard, lab., h. n. s. Labar, nr. Larra- 

Falk Michael, cigarma.ker, h. 123 Indiana. 

Falk Phillip, cigarmaker, h. 68 Griswold. 

Falk Solomon, cigars and tobacco, 140 S. Wa- 
ter, h. 186 3rd av. 

Falk Theodore, blacksmith, h. n. s. Labar, nr. 

Falk Theodore, lab., James S. Kirk & Co. 

Falk Theodore, German teacher, bds. 12U 

Falkenberg Anthony, (Falkenberg li: Weber,) 
h. 12th, nr. 4th av. 

Falkenberg Hubart, shoemaker, h. s.s, Augusta, 
nr. Noble. 

Falkenberg John P., clerk, bds. n. s. 12th, bet. 
3rd and 4ih av. 

Falkenberg & Weber, (Anthony Falkenberg and 
Jacob Weber,) carpenters, 425 State. 

Falkentales Carl, soldier, h. 187 Sherman. 

Falkenthall Charles, lab., Chicago, Hide & 
Leather Co., h. 187 Sherman. "" 

Fall Mary, wid. George, h. 352 Indiana. 

Fallcheer John, saloon, 30 N. Dearborn. 

Fallen Mallachi, lab., h. e.s. LaSalle, bet. 19th 
and 20th. 

Fallen Mrs. Patrick, h. Townsend, nr. Chicago 
av. ■ 

Fallin John, lab., h. William, cor. Loomis. 

Fallis S. W., wood engraver, bds. with W. D. 

Fallon Michael, lab., h. Carroll, bet. DesPlaines 
and Jefferson. 

Fallon Thomas, blacksmith, h. 159 N. Hal- 

Falsburk Peter, driver, h. 33 Congress. j 

Falvey John, soldier, h. 182 W. Harrison. 

Famulla Stephen, porter, C. & R. L R. R., h. j 
128 Quincy. i 

Faning Fred, broommaker, h. Franklin, n. e. - 
c. Sigel. 

Fannan James, real estate agt.,. 99 Chicago av., 
h. same. 

Fanning George, carpenter, h. e. s. State, bet. 
23rd and 24th. ! 

Fanning Martin E., carpenter, h. e. s. Indiana i 
av., nr. 18th. i 

Fanning Patrick, builder, h. 251 Franklin. j 

Fanvon Joseph, physician, 6 Kingsbury blk., I 
"h. 181 Ohio. ' 





Fardon Frank, lab., h. s. s. Cornell, ur. Mil- 
waukee av. 

Farell Lawrence, lab., bJs. e. s. Sedgwick, nr. 

Farell William, cooper, b. 62 W. Indiana. • 

Farer Andrew, machinist, bds. 139 W. Kinzie. 

Farerman Lucas M., dravman, h. 19b N. La- 

Fargo Charles H., (Fargo & Bill,) h. 593 Wa- 
bash av. 

FARGO JAMES C, supt. American Express 
Co., h. Michigan av., bet. 16th and ISth. 

Fargo James L., bookkeeper, Eagle Works, 
bds. 33 W. Washington. 

Fargo Samuel M., salesman, Fargo & Bill, bds. 
City Hotel. 

FARGO & BILL, (Charles H. Fargo and Wil- 
liam A. Bill,) boot and shoe warehouse, 
43 Lake. 

Fargu}' William, clerk, h. li Wolcott. 

Farhnar John, P. Ft. W. & C. R. W. depot, 
bds. 106 Folk. 

Fariton James, stonecutter, h. 141 Griswold. 

Farlan Michael, lab., h. 58 Kingsbury. 

Farland C. D., lab., h. lake shore, bet. Hins- 
dale and Pearson. 

Farland Michael, lab., h. W. Monroe, nr. S. 

Farlev Frank, clerk, Patrick Casey, h. Dear- 
born, nr. Madison. 

Farley George, dyer, Cook & McLain, h. 123 

Farley Joseph, clerk, A. Booth, bds. 155 Hu- 

Farley Philip, drayman, h. W. Taylor, cor. May. 

Farley Philip, lab., h. e. s. 4th aV., nr. 12th. 

Farley Z. W., farmer, h. Division, nr. X. Clark. 

Farraen John, with Walker & Atkinson, 244 

Farmer Bernard, lab., h. Tyler, nr. Rucker. 

Farmer G. Eugene, teller, 'Bank of Montreal, 
bds. Briggs House, 

Farmer Gilbert, bds. e. s. Prairie av., bet. 
24th and 25th. 

Farmer Jefferson, h. 46 N. Carpenter. 

Farmer Lewis, (col'd.) lab., h. 279 4th av. 

Farmer Louis, confectioner, e. s. State, bet. 
15th and C. B. & Q. R. R. crossing. 

Farmer James, h. Michigan av., bet. Lake and 

Farmers' Hotel, Jonas Johnson, propr., 59 AV. 
Lake. * 

Farmers' Hotel, Niemann & Frecker, proprs., 
16th, cor. State. 

Farmers' Hotel, William Sellers, propr, 103 N. 

Farnam Henry, h. 163 Michigan av. 

Farnham Amelia, wid. George, boardmg, 109 
Wabash av. 

Farnham William B., dentist, 93 Randolph, 
bds. 110 Madison. 

Farnham William H., clerk, S. J. Learned, 
bds. Garden City House. 

Farnsworth Elihu, lab., h. 92 Whiting. 

Farnsworth George, cattlebroker, h. Kankakee 
av., nr. 30th. 

Farnsworth George S., machinist, h. 136 N. 

Farnsworth Henry, (col'd.) lab., h. Pearson, 
nr. Wolcott. 

Farnsworth J. B., People's Gas Light & Coke 

Co., bds. 199 W. Randolph. 
Farnsworth J. D., cooper, h. 331 Wolcott. 
Farnsworth J. Orton, dentist, 116 Randolph, 

bds. Orient House. 
Farnsworth John, cattlebroker, h. Cottage 

Grove av., cor. 31st. 
FARNUM EDWIN J., chief clerk Quarter- 
master's office U. S. A., h. 179 W. Adams. 
Farnum Ithiel P., whol, boots and shoes, 57 

Lake, bds, 100 Madison. 
Farnum Louis J., tailor, h. 245 N. LaSalle. 
Farr Mrs. Electa C, wid, Celatia, h. 20 S. 

Farr Frederick W., clerk N. W. R. W., bds. 

Eagle Hotel. 
Farr George, clerk Bayard L. Chamberlain, 

bds. 136 W. Washington. 
Farr James jr., lumber. Beach, nr. Polk, h. 

Beloit, Wis, 
Farr Reuben, clerk J. Farr, jr., h. nr. Carville. 
Farr Reuben, lumber merchant, h, 26th nr. 

^ Calumet av. 
Farral Garnett, blacksmith, bds. 679 State. 
Farrall John, fireman, h. 338 Ohio. 
Farrall Timothy, lab., h. 181 Sherman, 
Farrar Adaline Mrs., h. 112 W. Indiana. 
Farrar George, conductor C. & R. I. R. R., bds. 

116 3dav. 
FARRAR GEORGE B , agt. for Farrar's plan- 
ing machines, and dealers in machinery, 

116 and 118 Franklin, h. 18th, bet. Prairie 
. and Indiana av. {See adv't p. 26.) 
Farrar John, sailor, h. 385 Wells. 
Farrar John M., agt., office 118 Franklin, bds. 

n. s. 18th, bet. Prairie and Indiana av. 
Farrell Charles, lab.,C. H, McCormick & Bros, 
Farrell David, carpenter", h. n. s. W. 14th, nr. 

Farrell Edward, lab., h. e. s. Halsted, nr. Black- 
FARRELL JAMES, agt. Herring's Champion 

safes, 40 State, bds, Matteson House. 

{See advt, front inside cover.) 
Farrell James, soldier, h. 120 Ewing. 
Farrell James, clerk, bds. Michigan, cor. N. 

Farrell James, lab,, bds. Halsted, cor. 16th. 
Farrell John, lab., h. Archer rd., n. w. cor. 

Farrall John, lab., h. s, s. Archer rd., nr. Mary, 
Farrell John, watchman engine Liberty, h Ohio 

nr. Pine, 
Farrell Lawrence, porter A. E. Goodrich & Co., 

bds, e, 6. Sedgwick, bet. Granger and 

FARRELL M.4.RTIX, grocer, e. s. 4th av., bet. 

12th and 13th, h. same. 
Farrell Michael, switchman I. C. R. R., h. 

Park station. 
Farrell Patrick, carpenter, h. n. s. Forquer, nr 

Farrell Peter, lab., h. Hastings, nr. Throop. 
Farrell Thomas, h. 259 State. 
Farrell William, clerk, bds. 163 W. Washing- 
Farrell William, cooper, J. H. Lathrop, h. 62 

W. Indiana. 
Farrell William B., physician, h. n. s. Lake, 

bet, Leavitt and .Oakley. 





Farren John, blacksmith, h. 86 N. Peoria. 
Farren William H., stonecutter, h. 381 S. 

Farrigar John, sboemker, 172 Well?, bds. 151 

Farrington Samuel P., (Day, Allen & Co.,) h. 

48 Jackson. 
Farwell Charles B., (Farwell & Co.,) h. Wa- 
bash av., s. w. cor. 12th. 
Farwell Frank W., bookkeeper G. C. Cook & 

Co., bds. 172 Michigan av. 
Farwell Henry, with Cooler, Farwell & Co., 

bds. 579 "Wabash av. 
Farwell John A., bookkeeper J. M. Adsit. 
Farwell John H., silver plater, bds. 114 La- 

Farwell John V., (Cooley, Farwell & Co.,) h. 

376 Wabash av. 
Farwell Marcus A., (Gilman, Grannis & Far- 
well,) h. 278 Wabash av. 
Farwell Simeon, (Farwell & Co.) and (Parmelee 

& Co.,) h. 19 N. Sangamon. 
Farwell Stephen T., clerk A. G. Garfield, bds. 

92 LaSalle. 
Farwell William W., (Farwell & Smith,) 81 

Clark, h 171 W. Washington. 
Farwell & Smith, (William W. Farwell and 

Sydney Smith,) lawyers, 81 Clark. 
FAPtWELL & CO,, (Charles B., and Simeon 

Farwell,) com. mers., 139 S. Water. 
Fassakas Andreas, furrier J. Jackson, 149 

Lake, h. Franklin, 1st from Armory. 
Fassot George M., (Fassett & Newton,) h. 98 

Fassett Samuel M., photographer, 122 and 124 

Chirk, h. Hyde Park. 
Fassett William J., clerk I. A. Hasbrouck & 

Co., bds. 32 W. Madison. 
Fassett & Newton, (George Fassett and Wm. 

Newton,) boarding and sale stables, alley, 

bet. State and Clark. 
Faucett William, nailmaker, h. 32 W. Madison 

Fauf , blacksmith, h. 329 S. Jefferson. 

Fxiuf Conrad, clerk, h. 153 Indiana. 
Faughnian Catharine, wid. John, h. 106 W. 

Faul Frederick, clerk, h. Fulton, cor. N. Hals- 

Faulhaber Oscar, teacher German and French, 

101 Washington. 
Faulkner J. B., sailor, h. 377 S. Jefferson. 
Faulkner John, lab.,h. Kankakee av., nr. 29th. 
FAULKNER SAMUEL, (Satterlee, Wells & 

Fiulkner,) h. 301 State. 
Faulsich Henry, plasterer, bds. 185 Ohio. 
Fauntleroy Sanuiel S., with Thomas B. Bryan, 

h. 208 State. 
Fauntleroy Thomas F., teller Saving's Bank, 

52 Clark, h. 208 State. 
Fausett John, gardener, h. Kankakee av. cor. 

Egan av. 
Faust Ernst, saloon, 3 W. Lake, h. same. 
Faux Adam, car wheel maker, h. W. Wash- 
FAVARGER A. A., teacher Frencli and Span- 
ish, office 101 Washington. 
Favor Benjamin, h. W. Taylor, nr. Joffer.son. 
Favor Frederick J., repairer P. Ft. W. & C. 

R. W., h. S. Halsted, bet. Maxwell and 


Favor Zebulon C, camp bedstead, h. 148 W. 

Favorite Calvin M., (S. Favorite & Son,) h. 
246 W. Lake. 

favorite Gilbert M., bookkeeper S. Favorite 
& Son, bds. Briggs House. 

Favorite Samuel, (S. Favorite & Son,) h. La- 
fayette, Ind. 

Favorite S. & Son, (Samuel and Calvin W.,) 
packers, office 17 Wells. 

Fawcett F. W., carpenter L C. R. W. machine 

.Faxon Albert E., (Keith, Faxon & Co.,) h. 
Michigan av. nr. cor. 18th. 

Faxon Ellis G. L., wall paper and bedding, 70 
Lake, bds. 121 LaSalle. 

Fay Albert R., (Fay & Bro.,)h. 97 4th av. 

Fay Augustus A., tavern, 80 W. 12th. 

Fay Benjamin, h. 520 Wabash av. 

Fav C, cellarman Lill & Diversy, h. Green 
■ Bayrd. 

Fay James, lab. C. H. McCormick & Bros. 

Fav James, cooper, h. 263 W. Lake. 

Fay J. Edwards, (Claflin & Fay,) bds. 135 S. 

Fay James G., internal revenue clerk, bds. S. 
Sangamon, cor. Van Biiren. 

Fay Rice, (Rice, Fay & Co.,) h. 109 4th av. 

Fay, Rice & Co., (Rice Fay, James H. Went- 
worth and Frank P. Hawkins,) com. mers. 
12 LaSalle. 

Fav Thomas, bookbinder, bds. 136 Lake. 

FAY TIMOTHY, dentist, 131 Lak^e, h. same. 

Fay William, foreman W. W.'.W^shburn & 
Co., bds. W. Taylor, bet. Clinton and Jef- 
. fersoii. 

FAY & CO., (Caleb B. Rogers and Edward 
Joslin,) machinery depot, 132 S. Clark. 

Fayon Hobart, lab. C. H. McCormick & Bros. 

Fazii Lazaro, cigarmaker, h. 53 Chestnut. 

Feabergh Julius, carpenter, h. n. s. Sigel, w. 
N. Wells. 

Feakes Thomas, butcher, h. Kankakee, nr. 

Feathercock Henry, newsdealer, 245 W. Ran- 
dolph, h. same. 

Fecher Lawrence, crockery, e. s. S. Halsted, 
nr. Maxwell, h. same. 

Feehter Pet>'r, moulder, h. s. s. North a v. nr. 

Fcder Frederick A , boots and shoes, 43 N. 
Clark, h. 81 Ohio. 

FEDERLEIN, COHN & CO., whol. millinery 
and straw goods, 107 Lake. 

Federschmidt Gottlieb, cabinetmaker, b. 470 

Fedigan James, lab. h. e. s. Pleasant, nr. Di- 

Fcdler Fred, cigarmaker, h. Union, s. w. cor. 

Feeley Ann, wid. John, h. s. s. Sebor, nr. Ells- 

Feeley Hugh, sailor, bds. 34 Kinzic. 

Feeley John, butcher, h. s. 9. Water, bet. 
Green and Main. 

Feenders Harm, machinist, h. 34 W. Ran- 

Fccnev Charlotte, wid. Patrick, boarding, 257 





Feeney John, stonecutter, h. 382 W. Taylor. 

Feeny Kate Mrs., h. 166 Townsend. 

Feeney Patrick, h. Ewing, bet. Sholto and 

Feeney Peter, lab. h. 166 Townsend. 
Feerick John, drayiuan, h. 95 Sedgwick. 
Feery Dennis, drayman, h. s. Dussold, nr. 

, Union. 
Feese Phillip, maeliinist, h. Carroll, bet. Des- 

plaines and Union. 
Fegan William, conductor C. & G. U. R. R., 

h. 209 Hubbard. 
Fegan Thomas, sailor, h. e. s. Wolcott, nr. 

Feger Lewis, bootmaker, 75 Dearborn, h. Illi- 
nois, cor. Wells. 
Feheley George W., auctioneer, h. 119 Illinois. 
Fehey John, carpenter, h. 178 W. Harrison. 
Fehlhaber Herman, carpenter, h. W. Grove, 

nr. George. 
Fehn John, saloon, 141 Randolph, h. san.e. 
Felds Frank, lab., C. S. S. Refinery. 
Fell Henry, grocer, 696 State, h. same. 
Fell John, blacksmith, h. 114 W. Randolph. 
Feilen Christopher, carpenter, h. s. s. Church, 

e. N. Dearborn. 
Feirdtman Frederick, lab., bds. Benton, s. e. 

cor. Sand. 
Feitch John, tanner, h. s. s. Catharine, nr. 

Felch S. Herbert, engineer, h; Armitage rd., 

bet. Henshaw and Bradwell av. 
Feld Philip, carpenter, h. 171 Green Bay. 
Feldhaus Charles P., tobacconist, h. 293 Clark. 
Feldkemp John, saloon, 48 Wells, h. same. 
Feldman Heimon G., grocer, Wolcott, s. e. c. 

Michigan, h. 36 Wolcott. 
Feldmann Louis, sashmaker, h. 112 W. Polk. 
Felix Benjamin, clerk, Warner & Gould, bds. 

City Hotel. 
Felk Feidinand, sawyer, h. e. s. S. Halsted, 

nr. Wright. 
Felk John, lab., h. n. s. North av., nr. Orchard. 
Felk John, h. e. s. S. Halsted, nr. Baibcr. 
Felken Miss Myra S., teacher Dearborn school, 

bds. 185 Michigan av. 
Feiker Samuel M., lawver, 134 Clark, h. 136 

W. Randolph, op. Market 
Feiker SteplK-n, student, bds. 136 AV. Randolph 

op. Market. 
Fellger John, printer, h. e. s. X. Clark, nr. 

Fellows John, blacksmith, 130 N. LaSalle. 
Fellows Leander D., salesman, Cooley, Farwell 

& Co., bds. 124 LiiSalle. 
Fellows Oliver, bds. 232 4th av. 
Fels Maihias, blacksmith, h. s. s. Division, nr. 

Felsenihal Abrahnra, clerk, bds. 303 Clark. 
Felseatlial BornliarJ, (Rev.,) Sinai Congregati 

450 State. 
Felsenthal Hermann, (Felsenthal Bros.,) h. 200 

Milwaukee av. 
Felsenthal Michael, (Felsenthal Bros.,) 200 

Milwaukee av., h. same. 
Felsenthal Bros., (Hermann and Michael Fell 

senthal,) wines and liquors, 200 Milwau- 
kee av. 
Felske Christian, lab., h. Pearl, bet. 3d and 


Felten Michael, tailor, h. s. s. Goethe, e. Sedg- 
Felton Fredrich, lab., h. e. s. Halsted, nr.- 

Felton George W., telegraph operator, Clark, 

cor. Lake, bds. 62 4th av. 
Felton Henry, wagonmal^er, 23 Milwaukee av. 

bds. s. w. cor. Desplaines and Keenon. 
Felton Joseph 0., lawyer, 16 Metropolitan blk. 

b. 219 W. Randolph. 
Felton R. K., (col'd.,) ambrotypes. Canal, cor. 

W. Madison, bds. same. 
Felton William M., com. mer., 23 Dole's bldg. 
Feltz Nicholas, wagonmaker, Reuben, s. w. c. 

Female Orphan Asylum, Sisters of Mercy, 267 

Wabash av. 
Fenck Michael, shoemaker, h. 174 Van Buren. 
Fendler Claude, h. 286 3d av. 
Fendley Horace G., carpenter, h. Elm, nr. N. 

Fenimore Richard, carriagemaker, h. 613 S. 

Fenimore William, bds. S. Canal, bet. 12th 

and Maxwell. 
Fenimore William, bootmaker, 96 Dearborn, 

h. cor. Butler and 25th. 
Fenlon Charles, machinist, bds. e. s. Indiada 

av., nr. 18th. 
Fenlon George P., engineer, bds. 90 N. Green. 
Fenlon Mrs. Rachel, wid. John G.. h. 90 N. 

Fenn Christian, cooper, h. 79 Larrabee. 
Feun George, clerk, Randolph, cor. State. 
Fenn Margaret, wid. Charles, h. 329 S. Jeffer- 
Fenn William, U. S. array, h. 160 N. Curtis. 
Fennel Lyman, h. 261 Cass. 
Fennell Patrick, lab., h. 134 Coolidge. 
Fenner Philip, mechanic, h. 841 State. 
Fenner Philip M., (Fenner & Merry,) h. S41 

Fenner W., carpenter, h. Hubbard cor. May. 
Fenner & Merry, (Philip M. Fenner and J. H. 

Merr}-,) planing mill, sa^h, door and blinds, 

State", bet. 16th and 18th. 
Fenton Ann, wid. Henry, h. s. s. 23d, bet. 

Prairie and Calumet av. 
Fenton Thomas, lab., h. 230 N. Market. 
Fent^i Thomas, printer. Evening Jour')cal, bd?. 

To 3d av. 
Feokerer , brewer, bds. Green Bay rd, ni-. 

Ferchen George, lab., h. 53 Polk. 
Ferdinand Anton, salesman, bds. 383 S. Canal. 
FERDINAND JOSEPH, meatmarket, 383 S. 

Canal, h. same. 
Fei'gast Ignatz, lab., h. e. s. State, bet. Harri- 
son and Polk. 
FERGUS GEORGE H., book and job printer, 

179 State, h. same. 
Fergus John B., printer, George II. Fergus, 

179 State. 
Fergus Joseph, lab., h. 391 State. 
Fergus Robert, printer, 179 State, h. same. 
Fergus Thomas, carpenter, h. 188 Ewing. 
Ferguson Andrew, drayman, h. 114 Mather. 
Ferguson Bernard L., (B L. Ferguson & Co.,) 

bds. Sherman House. 





FERGUSON DANIEL C, lawyer, 44 Clark, h. 

s e. cor. Halsted and DeKoven. 
Ferguson James, jeweler, J. H. Hoes, 117 Lake. 
Ferguson James N., lab., Wm. Renne, h. 

Adams, cor. Throop. 
Ferguson John, lab., h. e. s. Clark, bet. 14tb 

and 16th. 
Ferguson Owen, bookkeeper Gilbert & Co., 

bds. 172 W. Washington. 
Ferguson Stuart M., h. 99 W. Adams. 
Ferguson B. L. & Co., (Bernard L. Ferguson,) 
whol. clothing, 37 Lake, 41 and 43 Wa- 
bash av. 
Ferguy William, salesman, Smith & Dwyer. 
Fernow Frederick, watchman, h. Front, nr. Sd. 
Fernow Louis, (Fernow & Koenig,) h. 371 N. 

Fernow Ludwig, druggist, h. 393 N. Wells. 
Fernow & Koenig, (Louis Fernow and Joseph 

A. Koenig,) dry goods, 22 N. Clark. 
Ferns John P., fireman,- Little Giant, h. 16 

Ferora John, shoemaker, 616 W. Lake, h. e. 

s. Walnut, bet. Wood and Paulina. 
Ferrah John, carpenter, h. 113 Mather. 
FERRELL JOHN H.,(H. B. Smith & Co.,) and 
town clerk, S. Chicago, 16 Dearborn, h. 
21st, n w. cor. Burnside av. 
Ferrier Helen, wid. Thomas,- h. 17 W. Ran- 
Ferrier Thomas E., bds. 17 W. Randolph. 
Ferrill Timothy, lab., h. 3d av. cor. 21st. 
Ferris Annie, wid., h. Grove, nr. Archer rd. 
Ferris E. L., messenger Am. Exp. Co., bds. 

Briggs House. 
Ferris James 0., carpenter, h. e. s. State, bet. 

24th and 25th. 
Ferris Patrick, lab., h. s. s. Sigel, nr. Sedg- 
FERRY A. DICKINSON, agt. broom mnfr., 

337 W. Adams, h. same. 
Ferry A. H., wid. James, h. 286 W. Washing- 
Ferry Elisha P., lawyer, 12 and 13 Dickey's 

bldg., h. Waukegan. 
Ferry J. H., h. 286 W. Washington. 
Ferry Thomas W., (Ferry & Son,) h. Grand 

Haven, Mich. 
Ferry William M., (Ferry & Son,) h. Grand 

Haven, Mich. '^ 

FERRY & SON, (William M. and Thomas W.,) 
lumber dealers, e. end 12th st. bridge, and 
w; end of 18th st. bridge. 
Fertig Cyrus, barber, h. 46 W. Randolph. 
Fessel Christian H., physician, h. 446 State. 
Fessel Henry E., repairing sewing machines, 

85 W. Randolph, h. same. 
Fessenden William, machinist, bds. 285 Clark. 
Fest Charles H., bds. New York House. 
Fetch Jacob, carpenter, h. 403 N. Dearborn. 
Feuchtinger George, foreman, Illinois Staats 

Zeilwuj, h 128 Michigan. 
Feuerstack'e G. Adolph, clerk., bds. Lake st. 

Feurstein John, tailor, h. 347 Wells. 
Feulmer Joseph, nmsical instrument mkr., 454 

Clark, h. same. 
Feurstin Henry, carpenter, h. 215 Wells. 
Feusier August, lithographer, h. 131 N. Wells. 
Feyrer Albert, cigarmaker, h. Sedgwick. 

Fiarney Bridget, wid. James, washing, h. e. s. 

k 4th av., bet. 10th and 14th. 

Fichropp Frederick, shoemaker, h. 108 Gris- 

Fichter Frederich, watchmaker, h. 185 N. 

Fichter John, moulder, h. n. s. Sedgwick, nr. 

North av. 
Fichter Nicholas, moulder, h. n. s. Starr, e. 

Fideke Dedrick, lab., bds. 16th, cor. State. 
Fieberity Fred., tailor, bds. 100 Wells. 
Ficburgh William, carpenter, Jesup Kennedy 

Fiedler Julius, tailor, 209 W. Randolph. 
Fiedler Louis, carpenter, h. e. s. Canal, nr. 

Fiedler William, carpenter, h. e. s. Orchard, 

nr. Willow. 
Field A. F., conductor, C. & St. L. R, R., bds. 

Sherman House. 
Field Benjamin, 200 Washington, h. Albion, 

Field Benjamin M., (Field, Benedict & Co.,) h. 

X. Y. 
Field Charles P., (A. J. Steele & Co.,) h. e. s. 

Wabash av., nr. 25th. 
Field Cornelius R., chief asst. assessor inter- 
nal revenue, 11 Dickey's bldg., h 71 W. 

Field Henry, salesman, Cooley, Farwell k Co. 
Field James, lab., h. n. s. Sigel, w. 

FIELD JAMES H., local editor Evening Jour- 
nal, 50 Dearborn, h. 251 S. Jefferson. 
Field Marshal], (Cooley, Farwell & Co.,) bds. 

Sherman House. 
Field Nathan, Darrow House, State, cor. 29th. 
Field Peter W., (Field, Benedict & Co.,) h. 34 

Field Richard I., salesman, 34 Lake, bds. Il3 

Michigan av. 
FIELD BENEDICT & CO., (Benjamin M. 

Field, New York, Amzi Benedict and 

Peter W. Field,) cloths, cassimeres and 

vestings, 34 & 36 Lake. 
Fielding William, (W. Fielding & Co.,) h. 308 

Fielding William & Co., (William Fielding, 

James Hollingsworth,) agricultural imple- 
ments, 56, 58, 60 W. Lake. 
Fields Michael, carpenter, h. Sampson, nr. 

Fiene Louis, clerk, bds., 210 W. Randolph. 
Fierstein Nicholas, ostler, Garden City House. 
Fifer A., lab., Lill & Diversy. 
Fifer Francis, cooper, h e. s. Main, nr. Hickory. 
Fifer Jacob, painter, h. 82 DuPuyster. 
Fige Henry, lab., h. s. s. Goethe, e.. Sedgwick. 
Figg James J., shoemal<er, h. 362 Clark. 
Filba John, boxmaker, H. Mickel. 
FiJburn John, lab , h. N. Market, cor. Ontario. 
File Nicholas, lab., h. 393 S. Clinton. 
Filger Frank, lab., h. Spring, nr. Wentworth 

:Fillen Patrick, lab., h. 3rd., nr. Halsted. 
Filloy Louis B., weighman, bds Tear House. 
Fills Matthew, blacksmith, b. Wood, cor. 

Filsing James, shoemaker, 266 Clark, h. same. 





Filsinger Martin, boots and sboes, 266J Clark. 
Filson Jacob M., R. R. despatcher, h. n. s. 

Meagher, bet. Canal and Stewart av. 
Filson James M., yardmaster, P. & Ft, W. R. 

R., bds. Meagher, bet. Canal and R. R. 
Filton Charles, bridge builder, bds. 100 State. 
Finau James, plasterer, h. 230 W. Polk. 
Fiuan Michael, plasterer, h. 236 N. Market. 
Finch James, h. 59 W. Jackson. 
Finch Edward B., (Fuller, Finch & Fuller,) 

residence N. Y. City. 
Finch E. R., conductor M. S. & K I. R. R. 

bds. Metropolitan Hotel. 
Findley Davis L., telegraph operator and tick- 
et clerk, cor. Randolph, bds. 285 Clark. 
Findley Michael, carpenter, h. 50 Mather. 
Finegan Christopher, stonecutter, n. s. "W. 

Harrison, nr. Canal. 
Finegan Patrick, car repairer, I. C. R. R. depot. 
Finehardt Joseph, machinist, C. & N. W. R. 

"W. shop, bds. Van Buren, n. e. c. Clark. 
Finehart Joseph, machinist, bds. Prescott 

Fingerhuth Edward, soldier, h. 4 Pearce. 
Finis E. L., bds. Briggs House. 
Fink Arnold, cigars and tobacco, 14^ N. 

Fink Frederick, lab., h. Clybourn av. 
Fink Fritz, lab. h. n. s. Rees, nr. Clybourn av. 
Fink Henry, furniture, h. 45 Price pi. 
Fink John, lab., h. s. s. Archer rd. nr. Mary. 
Fink Lambert, teamster, h. 93 S. Peoria. 
Fink Lewis, (Rev.) pastor St. Joseph Church, 

h. 349 Chicago av. 
Fiuke Henry, furniture dealer, h. 45 Price pi. 
Finlayson Alexander, salesman, W. M. Ross & 

Co. bds.' Anderson House. 
Finkler Peter, h. 37 Chicago av. 
Finley Dennis, ship carpenter, h. 335 S. Jeff- 
Finley J. T., cashier M. S. R. R., cor. 22nd, 

nr. stock yard. 
Finley William, clerk, bds. 38 W. Washing- 
Finley William J. J., salesman George Dodge 

& Co., bds. 3.^ W. Washington. 
Finley James W., com. mer. 13 LaSalle, h. 

396 Michigan av. 
Finley James W. jr., (W. L. & J. W. Finley,) 

bds. 3Y6 Michigan av. 
Finley Wm. L., (W. L. & J. W. Finley,) h. 

878 Michigan av. 
Finley W. L. & J. W., (William L. fr James 

W. jr.,) druggists, 418 Clark. 
Finlon C, machinist, I. C. R. R. machine shop. 
Finlon John, lab., h. 18th, nr Clark. 

Finn barber, bds. 116 3d av. 

Finn Edward, sailor, h. 107 Wesson. 

Finn John, carpenter, h. Michigan, n. w. c. 

Finn Martin, tailor, 558 State, h. same. 
Finn Patrick, tailor, h. Mitchel. 
Finn Thesan, clerk 0. Kendall's Sons, & Co. 

116 3d av. 
Finnan Thomas, carpenter, h. 3 Wabansia av. 

works, W. Polk cor. Canal, h. same. {See 

Finnegan James, lake captain, h. cor. 21st 

and Arnold. 

Finnegan William, stonecutter, Canal, n. e. c. 

Finnerty James B., clerk, 144 Lake, bds. 76 

Finnesy Thomas, butcher, h. e. s. Clark, bet. 

21st and 22nd. 
Finney Mary E. wid. Andi-ew, h. 237 Clark, 
Fmnigan Patrick, lab, Hiram Wheeler. 
Finnigan John, cooper, h. Aberdeen, bet 

Taylor and 11th. 
Finnerty Rebecca, wid. Patrick, h. n. s. Ful 

ton, bet. Wood and Paulina. 
Finucane Michael, saloon, Archer rd., s. e. c 

Firber Frank, trunk maker E. Semple, bds 

W. 14th bet. Canal and Jefferson, 
Firnhaber Christian, h. W. Madison, n. w. c. 

Fireman's Benevolent Association, rooms Dear- 
born St., Engine house No. 1. 
First Baptist Church, AVashington, cor. S. La 

First Christian Church, W. Monroe, bet. Ab 

erdeen and Rucker. 
First Church, German Evangelical, Polk cor. 

Third av. 
First Church, (Hollanders), Dutch Reformed, 

Foster, bet. Polk and Harrison. 
First Church, Presbyterian New School, 

Wabash ay., nr. Congress. 
First Congregational Church, S. Green, n. w. 

cor. W. Washington. 
First German M. E. Church, Clybourn av., bet. 

Division and Larrabee. 
First Norwegian Lutheran Church, n. w. cor. 

Franklin and Erie. 
First Presbyterian Church, Wabasli nv., bet. 

Congress and VanBuren. 
First Unitarian Church, Washington, bet. S. 

Clark and Dearborn. 
First Universalist Church, cor. Wabash av. 

and VanBuren. 
Firstenberg Adolph, salesman W. M. Ross & 

Co., h. 231 Pearson. 
Firstid Ole, shoemaker, h. 22 W. Indiana. 
Firth Thomas J., brooramaker, h. al., bet. N. 

Franklin and N. Wells. 
Fischbach Caspar, grocer, w. s. Sedgwick, nr. 

Fischbich J-icol), lab., h. e. h. Lirrabee, i.r. 

Bhu-k Havvk. 
Fischback Frederick, harnessuMkcr, 40 W. 

Lake, h. same. 
Fischbeck F. A. L., (Spangenburg & Co.) 
Fischer Adolph, shoemaker, h. Larrabee, n. w. 

c. Division. 
Fischer Anton, carriagetrimmer, h. e. s. Larra- 
bee, nr. Centre. * 
Fischer August, deputy sheriff, h. N. Wells, n. 

w. cor. Loewe. 
Fischer Charles, blacksmith, h. W. Grove, c. 

Fischer Charles, bootmaker, h. r. 171 Indiana. 
Fischer Christian, telegraph operator, h. 61 

Fischer Christoph, miller, h. e. s. Mohawk, nr. 

Clybourn av. 
Fischer Francis, salesman, 93 S. Water. 
Fischer Frederick, (G. C. Cook & Co.,) h. Van 

Buren, nr. Loomis. 





Fischer Gotthold, musician, h. n. s. Granger, 

nr. N. Wells. 
Fischer Plenrv, h. 61 Huron. 
Fischer Henry, brickmason, bds. 157 Indiana. 
Fischer Henry, mason, h. s. s. Starr, e. Sedg 

Fischer Jacob, mason, h. w. s. Church, nr. 

Fischer Jacob, carpenter, h. 18th. 
Fischer John, lab., h. Elston rd., cor. Front. 
Fischer Jacob, miller, h. 85 3d. 
Fischer Joseph, bartender, 141 S. Water. 
Fischer Joseph, gardener, h. w. s. Orchard, nr 

Fischer Lemuel, clerk, h. Chestnut, bet. N. 

Clark and N. LaSalle. 
Fischer Tervatius, tailor, 519 State, h. same. 
Fischer Theodore, blacksmith, h. 3d, n. s. 

Fischer Theodore, musician, b. 341 Wolcott. 
Fischle John, lab., h. s. s. Rees, nr. Clybourn 

Fischter George, lab., C. H. McCormick & Bros. 
Pischter Nicholas, lab., C. H. McCormick & 

Fish Andrew W., prod, com., 17 Wells, bds. 

Sherman House. 
Fish Archibald, tailor, 172 Madison, h. same. 
Fish Archibald, jr., tailor, 123 Wells, h. same. 
FISH DAVID, secondhand furniture, 113 

Wells, h. same. 
Fish Frank, lab. Newaygo Co. 
Fish J;ime.«, electrotypist, h. 189 Lake. 
FISH JAMES E., liverv and sale stables, 241 

Clark, h. 97 Adams. 
Fish John, clerk, h. 134 Clark. 
Fish Jonas, clerk, bds. 208 Wells. 
Fish Jonathan G., carpenter, h. 65 Larrabee. 
Fish Mary J., bds. Reuben, n. w. c. Division. 
Fish Peter, lumber iusp., W. Water, cor. W. 

Lake, h. 117 N. Desplaines. 
Fish Philip, h. 117 N. Desplaines, next to R. R. 
Fish Robert H., teamster, h. 30 S. Tki-oop. 
Fish Roswell P., bds. Clifton House. 
Fish Sarah C, h. Reuben, n. w. c. Division. 
Fish Seth, bookkeeper, 85 R.mdolph, h. 204 

N. Dearborn. 
Fish Liebrnan, grocer, 401 Clark, h. same. 
Fish T. M., telegraph operator G. & C. U. R. 

R., bds. 216 Madison. 
Fishedick Herman, shoemaker, h. 28 W. 


Fisher, , lavryer, bds 42 3d. av. 

Fisher Adam, painter, h. Claik, bet. 20th and 

Fisher Alexander, physician, 59 Clark, h. 60 

Fisher Archibald J., with J. K. Fisher, 184 S. 

Fisher August, tailor, 102 Randolph, h. 358 

La Salle. 
Fisher C, lab., E. R. Hubbard. 
Fisher Charles, blacksmith, !i. n. s. Maxwell, 

w. Jefferson. 
Fisher Charles, shoemaker, h. 171 W. Indiana 
Fisher Charles J., watchmaker, 39 N. Wells, 

h. Slime. 
Fisher D. C, shipping clerk F. S. Day. 
Fisher David, carpenter and joiner, h. 295 W. 


Fisher Elijah J., clerk, h, 293 S. Jefferson. 
Fisher Francis, expressman, h. 89 N. Jefferson. 
Fisher Flora S., boarding, h. 44 S. Peoria. 
Fisher Frank, saddler, h. Canal, bet. Harrison 

and Van Buren. 
Fisher Frank, soldier, h. r. 383 S. Canal. 
Fisher Frederick, lab., Sholto, bet. Taylor and 


Fisher Frederick, mail driver, bds. 185 State. 

Fisher Frederick, tinsmith, h. 104 Clark. 

Fisher Frederick P., cashier, L. D. Olmsted 
& Co., bds. 83 Michigan av. 

Fisher Gustavus, sheriff's clerk, h. N. Wells 
cor. Loewe. 

Fisher George, carpenter, bds. 1 97 W. Max- 

Fisher George, lab., h. 359 S. Canal. 

Fisher George, lab., 16th, cor. Arnold. 

Fisher George Henry, teacher, h. r. 127 Indi- 

Fisher H. Dewey, bookkeeper, A. G. Downs & 
Co., bds. 60 Jackson. 

Fisher Henrv, clerk, h. 171 Indiana. 

Fisher J. C.,'lab., B. Adams & Co. 

Fisher J. F., carpenter, bds. 214 Wolcott. 

Fisher Jacob, lab., B. Adams & Co. 

Fisher Jacob, stonecutter. Wolf & Sproehnle. 

Fisher James, blacksmith, h. 97 N. Sangamon. 

Fisher James A., salesman, Williams, Smith & 
Co., bds. City Hotel. 

Fisher James K., com. mer., 184 S. Water, 
bds. Sherman House. 

Fisher John, cooper, bds. McHenry, nr. North 

Fisher John, shoemaker, bds. 149 W. Ran- 

Fisher Joseph, (Fisher & Loeser,) h. 290 S. 

Fisher Joseph, tailor, h. Norton, bet. Rucker 
and May. 

Fisher Joseph, baker, h. 282 S. Canal. 

Fisher Julius, grocer, 170 W. Polk, h. same. 

Fisher Lawrence, shoemaker, h. 456 Clark. 

Fisher Louis, tinsmith. Archer rd. cor. 22d. 

Fisher Lyman, carpenter, h. 10 DuPuyster. 

Fisher Mrs. Mary, wid. William, h. 208 Fulton. 

Fishei' Pascal, bds. 303 State. 

Fisher Peter H., h. 160 Illinois. | 

Fisher Solomon, iiats and caps, 389 Clark. 

Fisher Thomas, messenger Am. Exp. Co., h. 
47 4th av. 

Fisher Wenzel, lab., h. 110 Mather. 

Fisher William, salesman, 139 Lake, bd;^. Gar- 
den City Hotel. 

Fi.sher William, cabinetmaker, h. n. s. Emily, 
nr. Milwaukee av. 

Fisher William, clerk, J. C. Henry, h. 127 

Fisher & Loeser, (Joseph Fisher, and John 
Loeser,) grocers. 290 S. Canal. 

Fisher's block. White, bet. Cass and Wolcott. 

Fishman John, lab., h. r. 446 S. Jefferson. 

Fishrer Adam, tailor, h. Division nr. Franklin. 

Fisk A. A., printer, bds. 17 Dearborn. 

Fisk Aaron W., conductor, h. 95 Prairie. 

Fisk Adam, lab., h. 312 N. Wells. 

Fi.-:ik Charles E., printer, bds. N. Y. House. 

Fisk Daniel M., salesman, D. B. Fisk, bds. 614 
Wabash av. 





FISK DAVID B., bonnets, and millinery goods 
whol. 53 and 55 Lake, h. 614 Wabash 

Fisk David E., milk dealer, 91 Market, h. 

Fisk Franklin TV., Frof. Cong'l Tiieo. Semina- 
ry, b. 387 W. Adams. 

Fisk is'eweomb, machinist, bds. 24 X. Carpen- 

Fiske Amelia G., asst. teacher Franklin school, 
bds. lY Dearborn. 

Fistler Herman A., propertynan Canterbury 
Hall, bds. Madison, nr. Dearborn. 

Fitch Asa, maltster, h. 368 W. Lake. 

FITCH CALVm M. physician, 122 Monroe, 
bds. 132 W. Walhington. 

Fitch Charles, lab., h. n. s. C. A. & St. L. R. 
R., bet. Lime and Halsted. 

Fitch Charles B., lab. h. Van Buren, nr. cor. 

Fitch Edward M., (Sanborn, Childs & Co.,) h. 
142 Chicago av. 

Fitch Giles, contractor, bds. Hotel De Lum. 

Fitch James, bds. Briggs House. 

Fitch Mary L., music teacher, 145 Ontario. 

Fitch Nathan T., (Fitch & Hayes,) bds. Orient 

Fitch Thomas, h. s. s. W. Washington, nr. 

Fitch Thomas B., (J. S. Sharp & Co.,) h. Syra- 
cuse, N. Y. 

Fitch Timothy S., lawyer, h. Carpenter, s. c. 
c. Fulton. 

Fitch Timothy L., stage manager Canterbury 
Hall, h. same. 

Fitch Timothy S., (Rucker, Page & Fitch,) h. 
Fulton, cor. Carpenter. 

Fitch -William A., (Weber, Williams & Fitch,) 
h. Michigan av. nr. 18th. 

Fitch Wolf, with G. & C. U. R. R., bds. 
Wright's Hotel. 

FITCH & HAYES, (Nathan T. Fitch and 
John W. Hayes,)* attorneys, 12S Dear- 

Fite Job, lab. h. w. s. Clark, bet. 21st and 

Fite John, blacksmith, h. 63 Green Bay. 

Fitsch Hermann, potato de.iler, h. Sangamon, 
nr. Pratt. 

Fitts Francis, trav. agt., h. 114 W. Monroe. 

Fittz Caleb D., (Fittz & Stannard,) h. 121 S. 

Fittz & Stannard, (Caleb D. Fittz and Wil- 
liam B. Stannard,) com. mer., 10 !iarket. 

Fitz Mrs. h. 224 Michigan. 

Fit/.enberger Henry, boarding, 259 S. Canal. 

Fitzgerald Ann, wid. John, h. s. s. Fulion, bet. 
Wood and Paulina 

Fitzgerald Ann, wid. Miehael, washing and 
itoning, h. 84 Monroe. 

Fitzgerald Catherine, wid. James, h. n. s. 
Wright, nr. Union. 

Fitzgerald Charles, cooper, h. cor. Archer rd. 
and Dyer av. 

Fitzgerald "Daniel, blacksmith, h. 98 N. Peo- 

Fitzgerald George, lab. C. B. & Q. R. R. de- 

Fitzgerald James, captain Merchant's police, 
li. u. s. MenomOnee, nr. Mohawk. 

Fitzgerald James, lab. h. N. Halsted, bet. In- 
diana and Hubbard. 

Fitzgerald James, meat market, Halsted, cor. 
Forquer, h. Forquer, cor. Blue I. av. 

Fitzgerald James, lab., h. 166 W. Taylor. 

Fitzgerald James, lab. I. C. R. R.', h. 300 

Fitzgerald James, lab. h. 271 Huron. 

Fitzgerald James, soldier, h. e. s. Arnold, bet; 
20th and 21st. 

Fitzgerald James, soldier, h. 256 Kiuzie. 

Fitzgerald James, stonecutter Singer & Tal- 

Fitzgerald James, tailor, h. n. s. Warren, cor. 

Fitzgerald Joanna, wid. h. nr. c. Bunker and 

Fitzgerald John, lab. C. H. McCormick & 

Fitzgerald John. lab. h. e. s. S. Halsted, nr. 

Fitzgerald John, plasterer, h. s. s. Sebor, nr. 

Fitzgerfild John, sawyer for Bateham, h. Cot- 
tage Grove a v. 

Fitzirerald Lawrence, porter Am. Ex. Co., h 
l56 Illinois. 

I'itzgerald Mary Mrs., wid. Edward, h. n. s. 
Lydia, nr. Union. 

Fitzgerald Mary, wid. John, bds. w. s. Max- 
well, bet. Canal and Clinton. 

Fitzgerald Mary, wid. Michael, h. r. 232 S. 

Fitzgerald Matthew, lab. h. 15th, nr. cor. 

Fitzgerald Michael, lab. h. Bunker, nr. Des- 

Fitzgerald Michael, lab. e. s. S. Halsted, nr. 

Fitzgerald Michael, lake capt liii, h. 121 Erie. 

Fitzgerald Michael, mason, li. 32 Price pi. 

Fitzgerald Michael, mer. tailor, 130 W. Harri- 
son, h. same. 

Fitzgerald Maurice, lab. h. N. Halsted, b;t. In- 
diana and Hubbard. 

Fitzgerald Morris, lab. h. 162 Indiana. 

Fitzgerald Patrick, h. s. s. Sebor, nr. Jeffer- 

prompter, G. W. B., h. 248 Wells. 

Fitzgerald Patrick, lab., h. Beach, nr. Harrison. 

Fitzgerald Patrick, lab., L C. R. R. machine 

Fitzgerald Peter, cooper, bds. Franklin. 

Fitzgerald Thomas, shingle packer for Bate- 
ham, h. Cottage Grove. 

Fitzgerald Thomas, lab., h. Myrick av., nr. 

Fitzgerald Thomas, lab., h. Johnson av. cor. 
Northern av. 

Fitzgerald William, marble poli.sher, h. Eliza- 
beth, bet. Kinzie and Hubbard. 

Fitzgerald AVilliam, h. s. s W. Lake, bet. Pau- 
lina and Wood. 

Fitzgibbon Edmond, teamster, h. 128 3d av. 

Fitzgibbori John, roller, h. Wabansia av. 

Fitzgibbon Michael, fruit dealer, h. 67 N. Hal- 

Fitzgibbous John, boarding, 131 Dearborn. 

154 HALPIN & bailey' 

"• '" inl 


JOHN L. WILSON, Proprietor. 

ISTo. 50 Dearl3om Street, Chicago. 


Daily to City Subscribers, per annum, $10 00 

Daily to City Subscribers, per quarter, 2 50 

Daily to City Subscribers, per week, 20 

Daily by Mail to Subscribers, per anaum, 9 00 

Daily by Mail to Subscribers, per quarter, 2 50 


Single Copies per annum, 5 00 


Single Copies per annum, 2 00 

To Clubs of Four to one address, 7 00 

To Clubs of Ten to one address, 15 00 

The Daily Chicago Journal being an EVENING PAPER, (the only one in Chicago,) 
is read more at the fireside than papers published in the morning, and hence is valuable as 
an advertising medium. 


«»^< » < » - • 

Connected with the Journal Establishment, is an 

Eitensi?e Job Prioting Oioe, 

Containing facilities for doing all kinds of Job Work at short notice, and in the best style. 



Execu^d in the best manner, at low rates, and in all colors. Particular attention paid to 


(fT^Orders received at the Counting Room, No. .50 Dearborn Street. „^^ 
Orders promptly attended to. Address 


CHICAGO, June, 1S63. 





Fitzgibbons John, lab., h. e. s. Blackwell, bet. 

19th and 20th. 
Fitzgibbons Patrick, weighman, h. S. Jeffer- 
son, cor. DeKoven. 
Fitzhenry Maggie, milliner, bds. 168 W. Lake. 
Fitzmiller Harrison, machinist, h. 209 N. Clark. 
Fitzmorris John, lab., h. s. s. 16th, nr. Clark. 
Fitzmorris Patrick, drayman, h. Clark, cor. 

Fitzmorris Thomas, salesman, J. B. Shay, bds. 

N. Y. House. 
Fitzpatrick Andrew, lab., h. 84 Forquer, 
Fitzpatrick Mrs. Ann, wid. John, h. 269 Hu- 
Fitzpatrick Anne, wid. Joseph, h. 60 Sherman. 

cor. Augusta. 
Fitzpatrick Dennis, with T. C. Smith & Co. 
Fitzpatrick Eliza J., wid, Michael, h. 112 For- 
Fitzpatrick Elizabeth, wid. John, h. n. s. Park 

av., nr. "Wood. 
Fitzpatrick James, carpenter, n. s. Park av., 

nr. Lincoln. 
Fitzpatrick James, carpenter, h. William, n. e. 
Fitzpatrick James, sailor, h. 77 W. Indiana. 
Fitzpatrick James, tailor, h. 98 W. Lake. 
Fitzpatrick James S., trunkmaker, h. Adams, 

nr. Wells. 
Fitzpatrick John, chagdler, S. Canal, s. e. cor. 

Forquer, h. same. 
Fitzpatrick Mary, wid. Terrence, h. DeKoven, 

cor. Beach. 
Fitzpatrick Mathew, bds. 153 Market. 
Fitzpatrick Michael, teamster, bds. 151 Mar- 
Fitzpatrick Moses, h. 60 Sherman. 
Fitzpatrick Patrick, bds. Green, n. w. cor. 

Fitzsimnions Alice, 561 State. 
Fitzsimnions James, saloon, 258 Wells. 
Fitzsimnions James, lab., h. Franklin, 1st door 

from Armory. 
Fitzsimnions James P., plasterer, h. Rucker, 

cor. Sampson. 
Fitzsimmons John, lab., h. s. s. Kinzic, bet. 

Wood and Lincoln. 
Fitz>immons Joseph, soldier, h. 32 Elm. 
Fitzsimmons Patrick, lab., h. W. Taylor, nr. 

Fitzsimmons Thomas, tailor, bds. Sampson, 

bet. Throop and Loomis. 
Fixline Jacob, lab., h. s. « Archet rd., nr. 

Flabbin Philip, stonecutter, W. & A.^B. Cook. 
Flag Mrs. Mary, wid. Gustavus C, 261 W. 

Flagg Benjamin L., carriage painter, bds. 1-i 

3d av. 
Flagg E. C, sailor, h. 212 N. Green. 
Flagg Ellis, machinist, h. 265 W. Randolph. 
Flagg H, jr., (Johnson, Flagg & McFarland,) 

bds. 319 W. Randolph. 
Flagg Henry J., boots and shoes, 189 Lake, h. 

319 W." Randolph. 
Flar-g LeanderP., boarding, 198 S. Canal. 
Flagg William H., conductor City R. W., bds. 

198 S. Canal. 
Flaggert George, miller, h. 69 Polk. 
Flagherty Martin, lab., h. May, s. w. cor. 

Flaher Patrick, lab., h. Sebor, nr. Desplaines. 
Flaherty Edward, porter, Stearns & Forsyth, 

h. 9 Burling. 
Flaherty James, lab., h. s. s. O'Brien, nr. S. 

Flaherty John, lab., h. 136 N. Market. 
Flaherty Patrick, teamster, h. 148 W.Jackson. 
Flaherty Thomas, lab., h. s. s. 21st, bet. Clark 

and Arnold. 
Flaith Patrick, lab., h. Wendell, n. Park. 
Flake George, carpenter, h. 200 VanBuren. 
FLAMMER CHRISTIAN, japaner, 134 Wells, 

h. same, {See advt j)- 168.) 
Flammer Johanna, children's ready made clo- 
thing, 134 Wells, h. same. 
Flanagan Cornelus, lab., h. S. Sangamon, cor. 

Flanagan Jeremiah, lab., bds. n. s. DeKoven, 

nr. Clinton. 
Flanagan Jerry, blacksmith, bds. 215 State. 
Flanagan Patrick, police, h. 138 State. 
Flanders Charles, shinglemaker, bds. 277 W. 

Flanders Enos J., grocer, 248 Clark, h. same. 
Flanders George W., (G. W. Flanders & Co.,) 

bds. 31 Washington. 
Flanders Hiram, engineer, Busch & Brand. 
FLANDERS SAMUEL, cistern builder, 231 

Lake, h. 34 3d, {See acbit. ) 
Flanders G.'W. & Co., (George W. Flanders 
and William Stewart,) whol. grocers, 49 
S. Water. 
Flanigan Catharine, wid. Michael, h. s. s. 

Barber, bet. Jefferson and Canal. 
Flanigan James, stonecutter. Singer &Talcott 
Flanigan John, butcher, h. S. Canal, bet. 14th 

and Mitchel. 
Flanigan John, sailor, h. 220 N. Market. 
Flanigan John, watchmaker, li. 2d, nr. Milwau- 
kee av. 
Flanigan Thomas, carpenter, bds. 519 S.Canal. 
Flanigan William, butcher, h. n s. 14th, 

bet. Jefferson and Canal. 
Flanigan Henry, h. 531 S. Clark. 
Flaniger Dominick, cooper, h. 97 Larrabee. 
Flannahan Christopher, drayman, h. s. s. Dus- 

sold, nr. Jefferson. 
Flannegan Elizabeth, clothing, 531 Clark. 
Flannegan Patrick, lab., h. Quarry, n. w. cor. 

Flannery Jeremiah, plumber, I. O'Callahan. 
Flannery John, lab., h. 74 Sedgwick. 
Flannery Michael, lab., h. N. Market, bet. In- 
diana and Ohio. 
Flannlgan Edward, h. n. s. Division, pr. Pine. 
Flannigan James, lab., h. 325 Desplaines. 
Flannigan John, lab., h. c. s. Main, bet. Archer 

rd. and 31st. 
Flannigan John, lab., h. 377 S. Jefferson. 
Flannigan John, teamster, h. s. s. O'Brien, nr. 

Flannigan Martin, lab., h. Franklin, cor. Illi- 
Flannigan Sarah, wid. Patrick, h. w. s. S. Jef- 
ferson, s Bunker. 
Flash P. F., hairdresser, h. 34 Elm. 
Flashco Yale, lab., h. 49 Harrison. 
Flaufer Jacob, lab , h. 205 Milwaukee av. 
Flavell George W., trunkmaker, bds. 83 N. 





Fleck Jacob, blacksmith, 22 1 Iluion, h. same. 
Fleetwood Charles, shipping clerk, Gould & 

Bio., bds. 188 Wabash av 
Fleetwood Stanlv H., (Ogden, Fleetwood & 

Co.,) h. 188 Wabash av. 
Fleetwood William F., cashier Ogden, Fleet- 
wood & Co., h. 281 Ontario. 
Fleischer Frederick A., tailor, b. W. Cli'bourn 

av., nr. Woodstock. 
Fleischer Robert, cigarniaker, bds. 100 Wells. 
Fleischman Julius, bookkeeper, E. Fraiikeu- 

thal & Co., bds. 65 4th av. 
Fleischman Samuel M., h. 114 Jackson. 
Fleming Mrs., h. 172 Indiana. 
Fleming Alexander, distiller, h. 22 N. Des- 

Fleming Christina, washing and ironing, h. N. 

Jefferson, cor. Carroll. 
Fleming Constant, blacksmith, h. Otis, nr. 

Fleming David, h. 18 N. Desplaines. 
Fleming James, h. 90 Tovvnsend. 
Fleming James, clerk, bds. 670 State. 
Fleming John, sailor, h. 121 Michigan. 
Fleming Matthew, bds. Maxwell, cor. Stewart 

Fleming Patrick, lata., h. 133 K Water. 
Fleming Robert, grocer, 258 Clark, h. same. 
Fleming William, mason, h. Peoria, cor. W. 

Van Buren. 
Fleming William, (Fleming & Conway,) h. s. s. 

Grand Haven slip, e. Wolcott. 
Fleming & Conway, (William Fleming and 

Edward Conway,) proprs. Excelsior Brew- 
ery, Wolcott, n. e. c. N. Division. 

Flemming , h. e. s. Canal, nr. Irwin. 

Flemming Conrad, blacksmith, h. al., bet. Di 

vision and Pine. 
Flemming Duvid, check clerk, G. & C. U. R. 

R., h. 154 Ohio. 
Flenmiing Edward, lab., h. s. s. al., s. of 2S7 

S. Desplaines. 
Flemming Ellen, wid. William, h. 172 Indiani. 
Flemming Helen M., saleswoman, J. B. Sliay, 

bds. 172 Indiana. 
Flemming Ileury, traveling agt., h. 76 LaSalle. 
Flemming Horatio, tailor, h. al., bet. N. Wells 

and N. LaSalle, nr. Huron. 
Flemming James F., medical student, 62 State, 

bds. 172 Indiana. 
Flemming Peter, lab., h. S5 Wesson. 
Fleuery John, lab., h. s. s. Illinois, e. St. Clair. 
Fleptye Henry, mer. tailor. 111 Kiiizie, h. 348 

N. LaSalie. 
Flershein Augustus, clerk, bds. 297 Indiana. 
Flershein Henry, bds. 2V)7 Indiann. 
Fleser John, hardware, 182 W. Randolph, h. 

Fletcher Frederick, painter, h. 238 S. Jeffer- 
Fletcher Martha, wid. John, h. 55 W. Jack-on. 
Fletcher Norman, clerk, bds 281 State. 
Fletclier Timothy R., exchange broker, 6j 

Clark, bds. Prairie av., s. 24th. 
Flick John, with P. W. Gates & Co. 
Flick Valentine, porter AVheeiev, Wallace & 

Flieger Wentworth, lawv<'r. Custom House 

bldg., h. 311^N. Wel'ls. 
Fliehmann George H., retail grocer, 209 Wells. 

Fling John, blacksmith, Hicks, 224 Lake, h. n. 

s. Tyler, nr. Franklin. 
Flinn Mrs. Ellen, h. 105 Sedgwick. 
Flinn Margaret, wid. Patrick, h. 72 N. Market. 
Flinn Michael, lab., h. Superior, nr. Sedgwick. 
Flinn Patrick, lab., h. 83 Illinois. 
Flinn Patrick, lab., h. n. s. O'Neil, nr. Brown. 
Flinn William, lab., h. Water, s. e. c. Hickory. 
Flint August, blacksmith, h. Newberry, bet. 

12th and Taylor. 
Flint Edward E., clerk, Flint & Thompson, 

bds. 479 Wabash av. 
Flint Douglas, provision mer., 100 Washing- 
ton, bds Tremont House. 
Flint Horatio S., agt. Hartford Fire Ins. Co., 

122 Clark, h. w. s. Indiana av., bet. 16th 

and 18th. 
Flint James L., clerk, Winans & Pierce, bds. 

479 Wabash av. 
Flint John, lab., h. 5 Wesson. 
Flint John R., asst. bookkeeper, Vandervoort, 

Dickerson & Co., bds. 74 Monroe. 
Flint Phineas C, clerk, bds. 309 State. 
Flint Phineas C, tinner, bds. 309 State. 
Flint William W., tinsmith, bds. Clarendon 

Flint Thompson J. S., (Flint & Thompson,) b. 

479 Wabash av. 
Flint & Thompson, (Thopipson J. S. Flint and 

Daniel Thompson,) porkpackers, w. s. 

Clark, nr. 12th. 
Flock Marion, salesman, bds. 187 Huron. 
Flood Andrew, cooper, h. Mary, n. w. c. Hick- 
Flood Edward, shipcarpentcr, h. s. s. Coolidge, 

bet. Throop and Rucker. 
Flood Edward F., wagonmaker, 190 S. Canal, 

li. s. s. Coolidge, nr. Rucker. 
Flood James, coal and wood, w. end Randolph 

bridge, h. 120 W. Madison. 
Flood Patrick, lab., Ii. n. s. 31st, nr. Lock. 
Flood Peter, lake capt., h. 93 S. Sangamon, 

cor. Monroe. 
Flood Thomas, car repairer, I. C. R. R. depot. 
Flood Tiiomas, engineer, bds. 205 Kinzie. 
Flood William J., fancy goods, 268 State, h. 

Floodgate Allen, drayman, G. & C. U. R. R. 

Floravelle , barber, h. 172 Halsted. 

Florence Charles W. photographer, 108 Lake, 

h. r. 371 N. Franklin. . 

Florence .Peter, clerk, bds. 125 Wells. * 

Florence Sewing Machine Co., office, 124 Lake. 
Florsheim Simon, surveyor. Miller & WiU- 

marth, h. 26'J Indiana. 
Florv Jacob, lab., h. s. s. 20th. nr. cor. LaSalle. 
FLOTO JOHN H., (Cooke & Floto,) homoo- 

pathic phvsician, 4 and 6 Methodist Church 

Flowers Alfred, bootmaker, bds. 1 River. 
Flowers Fannie E., teacher, Foster School, bds. 

139 W. Twclfih: 
Flowler William W., carpenter, h. W. Cly- 

bourne av., cor. Wheeling. 
Floyd Belle, saleswonuin, J. B. Shay, bds. 196 

N. Carpenter. 
Floyd E., fireman, L C. R. R. 
Floyd John R., U. S. A., h. 190 X. Carpenter. 
Flueckebaum Anton, lab., h. n. b. Kramer, e. 






Flugel Joseph, bricklayer, h. n. s. Clybourn 
av., nr. Mohawk. 

Fluger Joseph, porter, Ewing, Briggs and Co. 

Flum Eliza, wid., h. 259 Wells. 

Flu.ey John, baker, bds. 86 Well:^. 

Flurid John, tailor, h. Church, ur. North av. 

Fluster George, carpenter, h. State, nr. Boone. 

Flynn Ann, wid., Thomas, b. r, 152 W. Polk. 

Flynn Cornelius, boots and shoes, n. s. Wright, 
nr. Jefferson, h. same. 

Flvnn Daniel, lab. C. B. & Q. R. R. 

Flynn Edward, lab., C. B. & Q. R. K. depot. 

Flynn Edmond, lab., bds. S. Canal, bet. Bar- 
ber and Mitchel. 

Flynn Francis, lab., h. 64 N. Franklin. 

Flynn Horatio S., ins. agt., 122 Clark, h. w s. 
Indiana av. nr. Old. 

J'lynn James, lab., h. W. Harrison, bet;*Rucker 
and Throop. 

Flynn James, switchman, bds. 125 Mictiigan. 

Flynn James, teamster, h. 449 S. Clinton. 

Flyun James, wood carver, h 200 State. 

Flyun James T., collector. Tribune Co., li. w. 
s. Sodgewick, nr. Division. 

Flynn John, blacksmith, C. & N. W. R. W., h 
79 W. Indiana. 

Flynn John, harnessmaker, h. 195 Milwaukee 

* av. 

Flynn John, lab., h VanBuren, bet. Wells aud 

Flynn John, lab., h. s. s. Fulton, bet. K Clin- 
ton and ]Sr. Jeiferson. 

Flynn John, h. 200 N. Halsted. 

Flynn Margaret, wid. John, h. 53 4th av. 

Flynn Michael, drayman, h. 168 W. VanBuren. 

Flynn Morris, lab., h. 86 Forquer. 

Flynn Owen, lab.,h. W. Harrison, cor. Beach. 

Flynn Thomas, shoemaker, bds. 3*71 Clark. 

J'lynn William, lab., h. n. s. Wayman, nr. N. 

Foady Patrick, lab., h. Indiana, nr. Kings- 

F'obian Robert, merchandise broker, h. 7 

Foby James, foreman, Henry Holden, h. Lake 

Focht John, guilder, b. 31 Green Bar. 

l^ochs Michael, Wb., h. w. s. Mohawk, nr. Black 

Fochon Sebastian, wheelright, h. w. s. Sedg- 
wick, nr. Asylum pi. 

Fock Frederick C, shoemaker, h. s. s. 
Maxwell, nr. Clinton. 

Fock Nicholas, basketmaker, h. w. s. Mohawk, 
nr. Black Hawk. 

Fock Nicholas, lab., h. s. s. Archer rd., nr. 
■ LaSalle, 

F'ock William, stonecutter, h. Catherine, nr. 

Fodge Simon, lab., h. n. s. South, bet. New- 
berry and Halsted. 

Foeder Fredrick, boots and shoes, N. Clark, h. 
81 Ohio. 

Foerch John, carpenter, h. 113 Mather. 

F'oerster Theobold, liquors, 54 Wells, h. g. s. 
Hubbard, nr. Paulina. 

Fogarty Edward, bricklayer, h. s. «. Sebor, nr. 

Fn^arty John, lab., h. Indiana, nr. the lake 

Fogarty Patrick, watchman McCormick's fac- 
tory, h. o60 Indiana. 
Fogarty William, h. 29th, nr. Myrick av. 
Fogel Aldrich, cooper Flint & Thompson, bds. 

e. s. Clark, bet. 17th and 18th. 
Fogerty John, h. Indiana, nr. lake. 
Fogert'' John, teamster, h. e. s. Arnold, bet. 

16th and 17th. 
Fogg Jame.s P., seed dealer, 117 Kinzie, h. 

314 N. La Salle. 
Fogg Samuel L., clerk freight ofBee, C. & N. 

W. R. W. Co., bds. ^8 Washington. 
Foland Abraham S., machinist, h. s. s. Division 

nr. Clybourn av. 
Folc Joseph, lab., h. 207 Adams. 
Folett Adam, bds. Sam. Patrick's Hotel. 
Foley Charles H., engineer, h. 3 Rucker. 
Foley Cornelius, lab., h. 158 Ewing. 
Foley George, lab., h. 122 Ewing. 
Foley James, carpenter, h. e. s. 4lh av., bet. 

12th and 14th. 
Foley James, engineer, S. B. Black well's. 
Foley James, grocer, 234 Halsted, h. same. 
Foley James, lab., h. I'ranklin, cor. Jackson. 
Foley James, hib., h. N. Dearborn, nr. Chica- 
go av. 
Foley James, lab.. Hickory, s. e. c. Green. 
Foley James, ship carpenter, n. s. Archer rd , 

bet. Greeley and Lock. 
Foley James, lab., h. W. Polk. nr. Sholto. 
Foley Jerry J., messenger U. S. Express Co. 
Foley John, lab., h. s. s. AYayman, nr. Halsted 
Foley John, saloon, h. 193 Forquer. 
Foley John, teamster, h, Noble, nr. Milwau- 
kee av. 
Foley John, tailor, h. n. s. Goethe, w. N. Wells. 
Foley John, porter H. C. Livingston & Co. 
Foley John, lab., h. Mitchel, nr. Jefferson. 
Foley Lawrence, carpenter, h. 123 Illinois. 
Foley Michael J., shop walker W. M. Ross & 

Co., h. Huron, nr. Wolcott. 
Foley Mary, wid. Patrick, h. n. s. Mitchel, nr. 

Foley Patrick, carpenter, h. 76 Ewing. 
Foley Philip, porter, Rumsey, Bro. & Co. 
Foley Patrick, saloon, 113 N. Clark, h. same. 
Faley Patrick, lah.,h. Burnside av., bet. 18th 

and 19th. 
Foley Simon, draymm, h. 338 S. Clinton. 
Foley Thomas, h." Indiana, bet. Wells and La- 

Foley Thomas, gasfitter, h. W. Harrison, bet. 

Jefferson and Clinton. 
Foley Thomas, lab., h. 39 Wolcott. 
Foley Thomas, shoemaker, h. 312 N. Franklin. 
Foley Timothv, lab., h. n. e. Goethe, w. N. 

Foley William, clerk, bds. 180 W. 12th. 
Foley William, ship carpenter, h. e. s. Bridge, 

bet. Archer rd. and Hickory. 
Foley William, carpenter, h. cor. Dearborn and 

Foley William, lab., h. n. s. AV. Lake, bet. 

Hoyne and Robey. 
Folkon John, stonecutter, h. 20th, c. Clark. 
Follansbe Charles, h. cor. Wabash av. and 22d 
Follansbe Ebenozer, (Follansbe & Bro,) bda. 
Wabash av., e. 22d. 
I Follansbe Merrill C, (Follansbe k Bro,) bds. 
I c. Wabash av. and 22d. 





Follansbe William P., (M. C. Follansbe & Bro.) 
Follansoc M. C. & Bro., (Men-ill C. Follansbe, 
and William P. Follansbe,) ice dealers, c. 
Madison and Dearborn. 
Follen Patrick, lab., Chicago Hide and Leath- 
er Co. 
Follett Charles E., bds. Briggs House. 
Folley Thomas, moulder Barnum & Richardson. 
Folsom Horatio Q., confectioner, 178 W. Lake 

h. same. 
Folz John, sailor, b. 101 Clark. 
Folz Conrad, turnkey county jail, h. c. North 

av. and Larrabee. 
Fomhof Catharine, teacher Foster School, 

bds. Bunker, bet. Clinton and Jefferson. 
Fondara Matthias, carpenter, h. r. 33^ S. Des- 

Fondish Samuel, soldier, h. 735 State. 
Fontaine Daniel, cooper, h. Hinsdale, nr. 

the lake. 
Fooley John, lab. s. s. Evving, nr. Jefferson. 
Foot David A., bellhanger, 108 Randolph, h. 

73 Van Buren. 
Foot Frederick, shoefiiaker, h. 122 Wendell. 
Foot Ira, (Foot & Rice). 
Foot Richard R., cigai maker, h. 123 Ohio. 
Foot^Villiani, carpenter, h. 10 26th. 
Foote John, saddler, h. 40-t W. Adams. 
Foot & Rice, (L'a Foot and James- Rice,) build- 
ers, al. r. 89 State. 
Footner W. J., clerk European Hotel. 
Footner William, cider and ale bottler, 130 

Clark, b. 225 W. Randolph. 
Forall Thomas, lab. h. 110 Sherman. 
Forbes Alexander, carpenter, h. Coolidge, cor. 

Forbes Duncan, furniture, 59 W. Madison, h. 

Forbes Henry W., auctioneer, h. 349 W. Mar- 
FORBES JAMES, artist. Garret blk., cor. 

State and Randolph. 
Forbes Walter, carpenter, h. n s. DeKoven, 

bet. Cliuiou and Jefferson. 
Forbes William J., shoemaker, n. w. c. S. 

Desplaines and Ewing. 
Forbs George, sailor, h. 385 Wells. 
Forch Frederick W., h. 19 N. Desplaines. 
Ford Bridget, grocer, 83 Illinois, h. same. 
Ford David M., bookkeeper, bds. 173 Jeffer- 
Ford Edward, porter D. B. Fisk. 
Ford Elisiia M., clerk R. T. Crane & Bro., h. 

121 S. Clinton. 
Ford Eugene, carriagemaker, bds. 434 State. 
Ford Francis, (Marble & Ford,) bds. Adams 

Ford Henrie C, lundscape artist, Art bldg., 
State, cor. Washington, bds. Thompson's. 
Ford James, grocer, 117 N. Clark. 
Ford John, porter, 37 Lake. 
Ford John, machinist, 122 N. Carpenter. 
Ford John, clerk, h. 81 N. LaSalle. 
Ford John, engineer, h. 150 N. Jefferson. 
Ford John, felt and composition roofer, rooms 

1 and 7 Ewing's blk. 
Ford John N., clerk J. W. Norris. 
Ford John N., salesman H. M. Higgins, bds. 38 

Ford Mary Ann, nurse, h. 63 W. Madison. 

Ford Michael, grocer, 176 N. Desplaines. 

Ford Oliver, fruit dealer, 117 W. Madison. 

Ford Patrick, clerk P. 0. 

Ford Patrick, lab. h. 7 Whiting. 

Ford Samuel, tinsmith, h. Maple, n. e. cor. N. 

Ford Samuel A., (Ford, Whitney & Woodruff,) 

h. 161 W. Washington. 
Ford J. M., groceries and provisions, 117 N. 

Clark, h. same. 
Ford Thomas, carpenter, h. 303 S. Desplaines. 
Ford William, jr., mason, h. 7'J S. Halsted. 
Ford, Whitney & Woodruff, (Samuel A. Ford, 
Norman R. Whitney, and Walter K. 
Woodruff,) grain elevator. Market, bet. 
Lake and Randolph, office 216 S. Water. 
Foidham Jared, h. 168 S. Clinton. 
Fordham John, soldier, h. 178 S. Clinton. 
Fordham Oliver C, pressman S. P. Rounds, h. 

168 S. Clinton. 
Fordice John, sailor, h. r. 230 4th av. 
Fordney Adam, (Fordney & Davids,) bds. 211 

Fordney & Davids, (Adam Fordney and Abra- 
ham Davids,) photographers, 98 Dear- 
Fordy James, bricklayer, h. Ill Ontario. 
Foreman Benjimin, (Foreman Bros.,) h. Phila- 
Foreman Gerhard, (Greenebaum & Foreman,) 

h. 43 3rd a v. 
Foreman Henry, (Foreman Bros.,) h. Philadel- 
Foreman Henry, (col'd,) lab. h. 282 3rd av. 
Foreman Joseph, (Foreman Bros.,) h. 170 Ad- 
Foreman Rudolph, (Foreman Bros.,) res. Phil- 
Foreman Bros., (Henry, Benjamin, Joseph and 
Rudolph,) whol. clothing, 63 Lake, cor. 
Forest John, carpenter, h. Front, cor. Carpen- 
Forest Lewis L., with Mather, Clary & Co. 
Forester Edgar, machinist G. & C. U. R. R. 
Forkenburgh Powel, shoemaker, h. n. s. Chi 

cago av., bet. Rucker and Elizabeth. 
Forkitter Caroline, wid. August, h. W. Jack 

son, nr. Iloyne. 
Forn Francis, lab. h. s. s. Catharine, e. Union 
Forneky W., helper I. C. R. R. machine shop 
Forney Matthias A., draughtsman I. C. R. R. 
Fornhofif Catharine, school teacher, h. n. s, 

Bunker, nr. Clinton. 
Fornhoff Elizabeth, school teacher, h. n. s, 

Bunker, nr. Clinton. 
Fornhoff Louis, teamster, h. n. s. Granger, nr 

N. Wells. 
Forrest James A., carpenter, h. Armitage rd 

nr. 21st. 
Forrest Joseph K. C, h. 20 Congress. 
Forrest Mary C, wid. Henry L., boarding, 45 

Michigan av. 
Forrest Pliillip R., with J. T. Scammon, h. 40 

3rd av. 
Forrest William E., conductor h. e. s. N. Clark, 

nr. Division. 
Forrest William H., police, bds. 250 Madison. 
Forrester Peter C, machinist, h. 150 N. 





Fors William, shoemaker, h. 49 Chicago av. 
Forsaith Thomas W., clerk A. A. Putnam, h. 

176 Randolph. 
Forster Theobald, whol. liquors, h. Hubbard, 

bet. N. Reuben and Paulina. 
Forster George, wigmaker, 35 Clark, h. same. 
Forster Jacob, tailor, 131 W. Lake. 
Forsyth Robert, baker, h. 18 Indiana. 
Forsyth Robert, general freight agt. I. C. R. 

R., h. 13 Prairie av. 
Forsyth Andrew, clerk J. Y. Scammon. 
Forsyth David, railroad agt., 154^ S. Water, 

h. Indiana av., bet. 16th and 18th. 
Forsyth Hamilton R., (Grosvernor & Forsyth,) 

144 S. Water, bds. Sherman House. 
Forsyth Henry H., com. raer., 154^ S. Water, 

h. 353 Huron. 
FORSYTH JACOB, fast freight line via Buf- 
falo and the Erie Railway, 154|- S. Water, 
h. 103 Indiana. 
Forsyth James, (Stearns & Forsyth,) h. .388 

W. Van Buren. 
Forsyth James IL, clerk Stearns & Forsyth, 

bds. 388 W. Van Buren. 
Foisyth James, h. 191 W. Madison. 
Forsvth John D., upholsterer Hollister & Wil- 

kins, h. 191 AV. Madison. 
Forsyth Leopold, tailor, h. 94 Wells. 
For'^yth Mark, baker, 72 Milwaukee av. h. 

Forsyth Thomas, moulder, h. 191 W. Madison. 
Forsyth William, bds. 86 Michigan av. 
Fortin Paul, carpenter, h. 675 State. 
Fortman George, clerk S. Schacht. 
Fortman Joseph, carpenter, h. 489 S. Wells. 
Foitman Joseph, lab. Hall & Winch. 
Fortman Michael, lab. Hall & Winch. 
Fortmeller Otto, barber, h. 201 X. Clark. 
Fortuna Hotel, William Ahles, propr., 41 

Michigan av. 
Fortuna Peter, saloon, 123 W. Randolph, h. 

Fortuna William, bartender, Peter Fortuna. 

bds. 123 W. Randolph. 
Fortuna A., fireman, I. C. R. R. 
Fortune Peter, saloon, 1 Market. 
Foa William, lab., h. n. s. Xorth av, e. Sedg. 

Fosburg Charles, blacksmith, h. Vine, nr. 

Foskitt Pailey P., machinist, h. 26th., cor. 

Cottage Grove av. 
Fo^ar John, inspector of liquors, 457 State. 

Foss , bds., Lincoln, nr. c. W. Jackson 

Foss John, teamster, h. s. s. Kramer, nr. 

Foss John P., (Chapin, Marsh & Foss,) h. 469 

W. Monroe. 
Foss N. A., clerk, bds 240 Madison. 
Foss Robert H., (Chapin, Marsh & Foss,) h. 

W. Monroe, cor. Throop. 
Foss Samuel T., (Chapin, Marsh & Foss,) h. 

105 S. Green. 
Fossit Francis, carpenter, h. Indiana, av., nr. 

Fossum Severt, lab., C. H. McCormick &Bros. 
Foster Ambrose, lumber, 12th., nr. bridge, h. 

cor. 22nd and Calumet av. 
Foster Charles, bookkeeper, S. T. Atwater, h. 
249 Ohio. 

Foster Charles, sailor, h. n. s. Green w N 

FOSTER CHARLES A., physician, 16 and 17 

Calhoun bldg., 117 Clark, bds. 267 S. 

Foster Charles A., steward, City Hotel, h. 337 

State. • 

Foster Charles R., bookkeeper, bds. IS S. 

Foster Charlotte, wid. Charles, h. 42 Congress. 
Foster Daniel, carpenter, bds. 672 State. 
Foster Egbert W., saloon, 253 Madison, bds. 

Clarendon House. - 
Foster Frank, teacher of music, 216 Clark, 

bds. 256 State. 
Foster George F., (Foster & Ilardenbergh,) 

bds. Foster House. 
Foster George S., salesman, 172 Lake, h. 155 

4 th. av. 
Foster Halsey, printer. Times, h. 198 Michi- 
Foster Heman, cooperage, 167 S. Water, bds. 

39 N. Sangamon. 
Foster Henry A., with Foster & Hardenbergh, 

h. Evanston. 
Foster Henry A., (Foster, Jenkinson & Co.,) h. 

59 Halsted. 
Foster House, M. H. Baxter, propr., Kinzic, 

n. (!. cor. Clark. 
Foster Hugh, gardener, h. n. s. Fulton, nr. 

Foster James, jr., (James Foster, jr. & Co.,) h. 

Foster John IL, h. Green Bay road, n. e. cor. 

Foster J. IL, salesman, W. M. Ross & Co., bds. 

Metropolitan Hotel. 
Foster John W., C. A. & St. L. R. R., h. cor. 

12th and the lake shore. 
Foster M. P., bds. Briggs Hou.-ic. 
Foster Mntliias, lamplighter, h. 16 Green Bay. 
Foster Mission, 342 S. Jefferson. 
Foster Nathan R., (Foster & Anderson,) h. 

143 W. Adams. 
Foster Orlando, boarding, 845 Wab.ish av. 
Foster P., waiter, 165 W. Randolph. 
Foster Peter, machinist, h Hinsdale, nr. Cass. 
Foster William H., painter, h. 473 Clark, nr. 

FOSTER JAMES, JR., & CO., (James Foster, 

jr., Henry Twitchell & Louis Boerlin,) op- 
ticians, m;;thematical and philosophical 

instruments, 46 Clark. 
Foster, Jenkmson & Co., (Henry W. Foster, 

David W. Jenkinson and Joseph Keitz,) 

lookingglass and picture frames, 124 S. 

Foster & Anderson, (Nathan R. Foster and 

Charles M. Anderson,) com. mer., ISS N. 

Foster & Hardenbergh (George F. Foster and 

Charles Hardenbergh,) ship chandlers, 

217 S. Water. 
Foul Frederick, clerk, h 176 W Lake 
Foulenburgh Mrs., h. 180 W. Lake. 
Font Nicholas, painter, h. 20 Foster. 
Foute John J., soldier, h. Elizabeth, nr. Hub- 
Fowle Patrick J., trav. agt., J. W. Doane & 

Co., h. 149 S. Jefferson. 





Fowler Benjamin, farmer, h. e. s. Green Bay 
rd., s. Simon. 

Fowler Charles H., (Rev.,) pa.?tor Jefferson st. 
M. E. Church, bds. 65 W. Washington. 

Fowler George, drover, bds. Avery House. 

Fowler John, fireman, h. Clinton, bet. Madi- 
son and Washington.. 

Fowler Lemuel, agt. Great Western Despath, 
130 Lake, bd^. 34 Washington. 

Fowlei Reverdy. artist, h. 248 Rush. 

Fowler Robert's., telegraphic operator, G. & 
C. U. R. R. 

Fowler Rnu-er, h. 213* W. Randolph. 

FOWLER 'STANLEY G., editor Western R. 
R. Gazette, 128 Claik, room? 2 and 3 up 

Fowler William, cashier W. Trans. Co., h. 74 
N. Mav. 

FOWLER WILLIAM B., furniture, 125 Dear- 
burn, bds. Anderson 

Fowles Philip, cooper, bds. McHenry, nr. 
Wentworth av. 

Fox Almon F., engineer U. S. N.,h. 210 4th av 

Fox Ambrose, mer. tailor, 150 Lake, h. 13 

Fox Anson, bds Massasoit House. 

Fox Charles, driver Chicago Horse R. R., h. 
196 3d av. 

Fox Charles, machinist, h. 14th, bet. Clark 
and State. 

l^ox Charles H., lawyer, bds. Adam.s House. 

Fox E., lab., h. 116 "W. Randolph. 

Fox Emil, photograph artist, bds. 198 3d av. 

Fox Ernst, bds. 198 3d av. 

Fox Frank, bds. 198 3d av. 

Fox George, baker, h. n. s. Kramer, nr. Union. 

Fox George, C. S. S. Refinery. 

Fox H., machinist L C R. R. 

Fox Harrv, ^Fox & Howard,) h. 35 Pine. 

Fox James, grocer, 138 Ewing, h. same. 

Fox James E., salesman American & S'lMtli. 

Fox John, lab., h. al. r. 45 and 47 S. Jeifer- 

Fox Jolm, lab., h. 7 S. May, nr. 11th. 

Fox Johii, machinist, h. 119 Forquer. 

Fox John, salesman W. & D. J. Lake, -" Mar- 

Fox Joseph H., photographer, 142 Lake, bds. 
Chestnut, bet. Clark and LaSalle. 

Fox Joseph P., engineer G. & C. U. R. R., h. 
144 Halsted. 

Fox Julius, tanner, h. al. bet. N. Franklin and 
N. Wells, nr. Division. 

Fox Margaret, wid. Gottlieb, h. 282 AVel^. 

Fox Mary, wid. Robert, h. 81 Grisvvold. 

Fox Michael, lab., h. 68 Carroll. 

Fox Staats, Preseott House, h. 279 Clark. 

Fox Thomas D., Chirk st. bridgeteuder, h. Illi- 
nois, s e. cor. St. Clair. 

Fox Wilham, clerk Frank & Son, bds. 16 Ad- 

Foxlanger i.ewis, brieklayer, h. n s. Meag- 
her, bet. Canal and Stewart av. 

Foy Marcus M., harnessmaker, h. 225 4'li av. 

FoV Mrs. Mane, h. 118 Chicago av. 

Foy Kicholas, butcher, h. 26th, nr. Dyer av. 

Foy Thomas, clerk J. M. Ford, bds. 117 N. 

Fracd August, lab., h. Beach, nr. Jefferson. 

Fracis Louis, meatmarket, e. s. State, bet. 15th 
and 16th, h. same. 

Frader Frank, lab., h. W. 14th, bet. Canal 
and Stewart av. 

Fradrich Ernst, farmer, li. Hcnshaw, nr. Mil- 
waukee av. 

Fradriclis M. J., cooper, h. s. s. North av. w 

Fraekemeier Henry, upholsterer, h. 107 3d. 

Fraes , lab., h. Sigel, nr. Sedgwick. 

Fraher Patrick, lab., h. s. s. al. s. 287 S. Des- 

Frahm John, lab,, h. Front, nr. 3d. 

Frahme Henry, carpenter, h. 45 N. Dearborn. 

Praia David, drayman, h. 341 Illinois. 

Frame Daniel, grocer, 130 Ewing, h. same. 

Franbager Henry, packer H. Cooke, 12 Clark. 

Franc Lawrence, lab., h. Chestnut, e. Wolcott 

France Joseph, lab., n. s. Dussolt, nr. Union. 

Francen Antone, gardener, h. N. Wells, s. w. 
c. Goethe. 

FrancUere David, secondhand store, 147 W. 
Randolph, h. same. 

Francis D. J., salesman P. Palmer, bds. 51 
S. Carpenter. 

Francis Henry, drover, bds. 864 State. 

Francis Munson B., (M. B. Francis & Co.,) h. 
New York city. 

Francis M. B. & Co., (Munson B. Francis, and 
Peter Curry,) packers and provision deal- 
ers, 246 S. Water. 

Franck Herman, porter P. 0. 

FrancTibach Peter, saloon, 23 W. Madison, h. 

Francois Theodore, stonecutter, h. 65 W. Har- 

Franey Thomas, lab., h. 16 MeHenry, nr. Wa- 
bansia av. 

Franfrut Johann, cooper, h. s. s. Catharine, e. 

Frank Abraiiam M., h. 40 W. Randolph. 

Frank Adolph H., cigars, 328^ Clark, h. same. 

Frank Alexander J., bookkeeper Frank & Son. 

Frank August, tailor, h. 409 Clark. 

Frank Ckristian, Jab., h. e. s. Wood, nr. Divis- 

Frank Fdward G., grocer, h. 197 W. Indiana. 

Frank Eliza, wid. JSmanuel, h. 15 3d av. 

Frank Francis, mustard mnfr., 100 S. Des- 

Frank Francis A., street commissioner, Board 
Public Works, h. 423 Clark. 

Frank Frederick, teatnster, h. Ilaslings nr. 
Blue Island av. 

Frank Henry, h. 266 Clark. 

Frank Henry, cigars and tobacco, 14tN. Wells 

Frank Isaac M., (Frank & Son,) Alliance, 

Frank Jacob H., (Frank & Son,) h. 16 Adams. 

Frank Joseph, soap and candle maker, bds. 
14iN. Wells. 

Frank Joseph, (Lindlicim, Frank & Mover,) h. 
1 5 3d av. 

Frank Louis, h. w. s. Mohawk, nr. Black Hawk 

Frank Michael, bookkeeper bds. 166 Randolpli. 

Frank Matthew, news depot, 362i State. 

FRANK NATHAN A., soap and candle mnfr, 
14 and 14i N. Wells, h. same. 

Frank R. Lee, clerk, h. 291 N. LoSalle. 

Frank Samuel, h. 218 Illinois. 





Frank William, cabinetmaker, h, 170 N.Union. 
FRANK & SON, (Jacob and Isaac M. Frank,) 

clothing, 173 Lake. 
Frankenthal Emanuel, (E. Frankenthal & Co.) 
(Van Etta, Fiiedman& Co..) h. Michigan 
av., nr. 16th. 
FRANKENTHAL E. & CO., (Emanuel Frank- 
enthal, Henry Schuhart, Henry Friedman 
and Jacob Friedman,) importers and mnfrs. 
cigars, 1.57 S. Water. 
Frankenstein Samuel, b. 179 Monroe. 
FrankliiDo Alexander, lab., h. 2d e. W. Chi- 
cago av., nr. the river. 
Franklin Albert, machinist, bds. Whitney, nr. 

Green Bay. 
Franklin Andrew, lab., h. 298 S. Desplaines. 
Franklin Benjamin, lab., h. 800 S. Desplaines. 
Franklin Catharine H., wid. Walter, h. 8 Eld- 
ridge ct. . 
Franklin Edward, (F. Xewhall and Bro.,) h. 

Sedgwick cor Huron. 
Franklin Frederick, C. H. HcCormick & Bro. 
Franklin House, Charles Klein prop., 126 Van- 

Franklin House, 91 Franklin. 
Franklin House, Wm. Niemyer prop., 87 

Franklin James B., clerk, bds. 113 S. Jefferson 
Franklin John, lab. C. H. McCormick & Bros. 
Franklin Simon, tailor, 517 Clark, h. same. 
Franklin School, n. e. cor. Sedgwick and 

Franklin Mrs. W. E., boarding, h. 8 Eldridge 

Franklin Walter D., bookkeeper U. H. Crosbv, 

bds. 8 EldridL-e ct. 
Franks Christopher J., (C. J. Franks & Co.,) 

h. 120 N. Wells. 
Franks Edward G., bookkeeper, Hempstead, 
Norton & Co., h. N. Carpenter, n. e. cor. 
Franks Joseph W., printer, h. 139 W. Van- 

Franks Lawrence, iron finisher, h. w. s. Dear- 
born, bet. 17th and 18th; 
Franks Watson, hair jeweller, 123 Lake. 
Franks C. J. & Co., (C. J. Franks and J. F. 
Kolniar,) wagon makers and blacksmiths, 
120 N. Wells. 
Frantzen Michael, lab., h. w. s. Sedgwick, nr. 

Frantz Henry, mason, h. e. s. Clark, nr. 14tb. 
Franz Jacob, saloon, 700 State, h. same.^ 
Franz Lorenzo,grocer,Clark, cor. 14th, h.same. 
Franz S., basketmaktr, h. N. Wells, n w. cor. 

North av. 
Franz William, cooper, h. s. s. Goethe, e. N. 

Frarzen Mathias, plasterer, h. e. s. Larrabee, 

nr. Wisconsin. 
Franzen Mathias, lab., h. s. s. Catharine, nr. 

Franzis M. B., b. 219 N. Clark. 
Frarj Mary, wid. Alvin, h. 99 Indiana. 
Frasch Albeht, saloon and boarding, 12th, cor. 

3d av., h. same. 
Fraser David R., draughtsman Eagle Works b. 

191 W. Jackson. 
Fraser Edwin J., (Blanchard & Fraser,) h 
180 Clark. 


Fraser Samuel W., carpenter, bds. 657 State. 

Fraser Thomas, machinist Galena Work Shoo" 

h. 371 W. Lake. ^' 

Frasher John E. L., bookkeeper D. B. Fisk, h. 

402 Michigan av. 
Fraunberg Adam, h. s. s. Washington av. nr 

Fraunberg Fiederick W., clerk, 135 Lake, h. 

s. s. Washington, nr. Reuben. 
Frauenknecht Albert, saloon, Union, cor. 12th, 

h. same. 
Frauts Adam, lab.. Hall & Winch. 
Frawley Cornelius, tailor, h. 157 Market. 
Frawley John, lab., h. e. s. N. Jefferson nr 

Fulton. ' 

Frazee Isaac, Lieut. U. S. A., b. So Aberdeen 
Frazer Alexander, baker, 55 Blue L av. 
Frazer Alexander, lith. printer, h. 125 3d. 
Frazer James, lab., h. Superior, cor. Towns- 
Frazer Q., salesman, 139 Lake, bds. 17 Dear- 
Frazer Thomas, cabinetmaker, bds. Peoria s 

e. cor. Fulton. ' 

Frazier Edwin J., (Blanchard k Frazier,) h 

180 Clark. '' 

Frazier Walter S., h. n. s. Warren, bet. Wood 

and Lincoln. 
FrazzaJohn F., wig maker and hair cutter 

135 Randolph, h. 138 Madison. 
Frear George A., painter, 75 Slate, h. 701 

Wabash av. 
Freawer Caspar, grocer, c. s. Larrabee, nr. 

Centre, h. same. 
Freehs Adam, South Branch House, Irwin n c 

cor. Canal. ' 

Freeke Charles G., (Nieman & Frecke,) h cor 

16th and State. 
Frecker John, porter, Coolov, Farwell & Co 

h. Goethe, nr. Wells. 
Frecsh Frank, lab. Chicago Hide and Leather 

Co., h. Sherman, cor. Taylor. 
Frederick Antoine, clerk, 174 and 176 Ulinois. 

bds. same. 
Frederick Henry, dry goods, 214 Clark, bd? 

228 Clark. 
Frederick John, barkeeper, bds. 257 Clark. 
Frederick Joseph, cooper, h. s. s. North av. e 

Frederick Michael, cooper, h. s. s. Archer rd 

nr. Green. 
Frederick W. C, bds. Briggs House. 
Frederickson John, bds. 371 State. 
Frederickson John, lab., h. 179J N. Dearborr- 
Frederickson John, bricklayer, h. 104 Whit- 
Fredhuff Michael, baker, h. 428 Clark. 
Fredigke George, druggist, 472 State, b. same. 
Fredin August, rich furniture, 182 Lake, bd." 

227 Michigan. 
Fredrick Augus'c, lab. C. II. McCormick k 

Feedrick Charles, mnfr willow ware, 115 N. 

Clark, h. same. 
Fredricksen Christian, ship carpenter, h. 231! 

Free Jacob, carpenter, h. 232 3d av. 
Free Library, N. Reuben, nr. W. Chicago av. 
Freech J. B., whitewasher, h. 155 W, Ran- 




Freedman Josepli, (Freedraan & Goodkind,) 

res. New York City. 
FREEDMAX & GOODKIND, (Joseph Freed- 
man and Louis Goodkind,) dry goods, 139 
Freeka Joiin, baker, h. e. s. Reuben, nr. 

Freeland John, bartender, Belvidere House. 
Freelander Jacob, butcher, h. 132 N. Clark. 
Freeley Joseph, h. 275 Kinzie. 
Freeman A., baggase elk., G. & C. U. R. R. 
FREEMAN ANDREW W., dentist, 102 Wash- 
ington, h. 2UY 4th av. 
Freeman Charles, (Freeman, Burt & Co.,) h. 

Freeman Eliza, wid., Francis, washing, h. 261 

Freeman ElizurG., drover, h. n. w. c. Walnut 

and Lincoln. 
Freeman Emmonds S.. clerk, Merchant's Des- 
patch, h. 316 State. 
Freeman Harry, passenger agt., N. Y. C. R. R., 

bds. Hamilton House. 
Freeman Henry, baggageman, h. 44 Bremer. 
Freeman Hemy, salesman, 77 Lake, bds. 26 

4th av. 
Freeman Isaac, hats, caps and furs, 267 Clark, 

h. 271 Clark. . 
Freeman J. G., shoemaker, h. 208 Superior. 
Freeman James, (col'd.,) saloon, 58 Sherman, 

h. same. 
Freeman John, clerk, sanitary com., h. s. s. 
Washington av., bet. Wood and Paulina. 
Freeman Lafayette, engineer, h. 281 Michi- 
Freeman Lorenzo, grocer, G61 State bds. 603 

Freeman Louis, h 176 Adams. 
Freeman Luther P. M., com. mer., Hoyne, cor. 

Freeman Patrick, lab., h. r. 192 S. Desplaines. 
Freeman Peter, h. s. s. W. Lake, w. Hoyne., 
Freeman Phebe, wid., bds. 348 W. Randolph. 
Freeman Phineas G., salesman, Charles 

Beardslee k Bros., bds. 100 Madison. 
Freeman Thomas, real estate agt., h. 17 S. 

Freeman W. H., salesman, AV. M. Ross & Co., 

bds., 199 W. Randolph. 
Freeman William, h. 77 4th av. 
Freeman Winsor P., bookkeeper. Stiles, 
Brewster t Co.. h. s. s. W. Lake, w. 
Freeman, Burt & Co., (Charles Freeman, Au- 
gustus S. Burt and Calvin Snow,).packers, 
25 and 27 Indiana. 
Freer Cobul L. P., (Freer & Ingals,) h. 247 

Michigan av. 
Freer Fredrick, blacksmith, h. Sampson, nr. 

Blue I. av. 
Freer Joseph W., physician, 128 Lake, h. 

224 Ontario. 
Freer L. C. Paine, lawyer, 82 Randolph, h. 

247 Michigan av. 
Frcese Fiank, boarding, e. s. Clark, nr. 17th. 
Freestone Louis, blacksmith, h. 8. s. Cornell, 

rr. Milwaukee av. 
Freiberg Fredrich, boots and shoes, cor. 12th 

and 4th av. 
Freiberg Henry, shoemaker, 471 St!\te. 

Freiberg William, shoemaker, cor. 3rvl av. and 

Freiberger Leopold, shoe dealer, 373 Clark, 

h. same. 
Freiberger Leon H., grocer, 429 State, b. 

Freiboth George, carpenter, h. Milwaukee av., 

nr. Henshaw. 
Freidenberg Henry, lab., h. w. s. Desplaines, 

nr. Irwin. 
Freiderich Michael, blacksmith, h. e. s. N. 

Wells, nr. Division. 
Freight House, M. S. & N. I. R. R., Clark, nr. 

12 th. 
Freise S. W., lab., 380 N. Market. 
Freman Henry, secondhand store, 198 N. Clark. 
French Amos, builder, h. 174 Superior. 
French Consulate, 227 Michigan. 
French Elizabeth E., h. Meridian, nr. Union. 
French George, supt. Briggs House. 
French George W., mail clerk, Tribune office, 

h. n. s. Pari av., nr. Reuben. 
French Hattie, wid., boarding, h. 120 Gris- 

French Henry D., h. 234 4th av. 
French James, bartender, Adams House. 
French John, clerk, Adams House." 
French Josiah B., jr., (Wright & French,) bds. . 

276 Wabash av. 
French Lucius, porkpacker, h. 247 Indiana. 
French Robert, (Wilson & French,) bds. 54 

4th av. 
French Samuel M., moulder, bds. 32 W. Madi- 
French Thomas, painter, h. 263 Cass. 
Frenzel A. D., meat market, 114 N. Wells, h. 

Freres John P., lab. Hall & Winch. 
Frese Theodore, clerk III. Staats Zeitung, 55 

LaSalle, h. 14 S. Wells. 
Frese Henry, ropemaker, bds. N. Wells, n. w. 

c. Division. 
Fressler Louis, chief cook Tremont House, h. 

158 N. Market. 
Fretz Adam, carpenter, r. 515 State. 
Freund Adam, drayman, h. n- s. Mitchel, bet. 

Jefferson and Canal. 
Freund Jacob, baggage driver, h. 250 N. Mor- 
Freund Joseph, music teacher and Yankee no- 
tions, 214 W. Lake, h. same. 
Freund Ludwig, lab,, h. s. s. North av. nr. 

Freund Peter, baggage driver, h. 250 N. Mor- 
Freund Robert, printer, h. 100 Townsend. 
Freutenberger Frederick, cooper, h. 265 W. 

Frey Chas., painter, bds. 230 Huron. 
Frey Johann, teamster, h. s. s. Barber, nr. 

FREY JOHN F., merchant tailor, 136 Lake, 

h. May's Hotel. 
Frey Lucius, saloon, 338 State, h. same. 
Frey William, painter, h. Chestnut, nr. N. 

Friche Ernst, merchant tailor, 16 W. Ran- 
dolph, h. same. 
Fricher.-! John, carpenter, h. Rucker, bet. 
Coolidge and Sampson. 





Frick Matthias, shoemaker, h. 154 Quincy. 
Fricke Fritz, butcher, LaSalle, cor. Archer 

rd., h. same. 
Fricke Henry, clerk, h. 502 N. Clark. 
Fricker John, tailor, h. s. s. Goethe, rr. N. 

Fridell Charles, painter F. Porter Thayer. 
Fridman J., clerk C. k S, Stein. 
Friederich Adam, saloon, 141 S. Water, h. 146 

Friedle Thc'odore, baker, h. r, Sedgwick, nr. 

Friedman Henry, (E. Frankenthal & Co.,) h. 

New York 
Friedman Henry, second hand furniture, 288 

N. Clark, h, same. 
Friedman Jacob, (E. Frankenthal & Co.) (Van 

Etta, Friedman & Co.,) h. 64 4th av. 
Friedrich August, carpenter, h. s. s. Gteen, 

nr. Sedwick. 
Friedlitz William, shoemaker, h. Tyler, bet. 

Rucker and Aberdeen. 
Friend Theodore, harncssmaker, h. 243 Huron. 
Friendsteia Peter, boarding, Tith, g. e. c. 4th 

Fries Ferdinand, carpenter, h. 146 Ontario. 
Fries Peter, lab. h. c. s. Larrabec, nr. Wis- 
Friee William, tailor, h. 341 State. 
Friesliben Gustavus, stonecutter, h. "70 Ma- 
Friesleben Leopold, clerk B. Brunnerman, 204 

N. Clark, h. same. 
Friesleben Samuel, butcher, h. 223 Jackson. 
Frihage Franz, lab. h. c. s. Larrabee, nr. Cen- 
Frillmann Frederick, grocer, N. Wells, n. w. 

c. Division. 
Frillmann Henry, carpenter, bds. N. Wells, n. 

w. c. Division. 
Frillman Henry, clerk Goss & Hoag, 32 N. 

Frinier Oliver, saloon, s. w. c. Blue I. av. and 

FRINK CHARLES S., tailor and draper, 81 

Clark, h. 256 Wabash av. 
Frink Lucius, check clerk L C. R. R., bds. 

397 W. Lake. 
Frisbee 0. V., soapmaker, h. 270 N. Wells. 
Frisbie Alonzo, sailor, h. 197 S. Canal. 
Frisbie Augustus, agt. Massachusetts Mutual 

Life Insurance Co., 9 Larmon blk., h. 584 

Wabash av. 
Frisbie Henrv N., (Frisbie Bros.,) Lieut. Col. 

37 Ills. Vols. 
Frisbie Judson C, (Tuttle, Hibbard & Co.,) h. 

Wood, nr. cor. Washington. 
Frisbie Mortimer A., office 9 Larmon blk. h. 

584 Wabash av. 
Frisbie Mortimer L., (Frisbie Bros.,) h. 13 

FRISBIE ORTON, confectioner, basement 124 

Dearborn, h. 90 Hinsdale. 
Frisbie Brothers, (Mortimer L. and Henry N. 

Frisbie,) hay pressors and dealers, 45 

Friech Christian D., machinist, h. 305 Hub- 

Fristedt Mary L., school teacher, bds. 22 Hub- 

Fritman Nathan, peddler, h. 112 Sherman. 

Fritsch J. F., whitewasher and plasterer, h. 
182 Ohio. 

Fritz Fred, lab.,h. s. s. Sedgwick, nr. Division. 

FRITZ GEORGE, propr. New York House, 
227, 229 and 231 Randolph. 

Fritz Jiimes, lab., h. Grove, nr. Archer rd. 

Fritz Michael, cooper, h. s. s. Archer rd. nr. 

Fritz Nicholas, lab., h. e. s. Halsted, nr. Rees. 

Friy Lucas, saloon, h. 338 State. 

Friy William, private, Co. D, 58th 111., h. Cal- 
umet av. nr. Kankakee av. 

Frizell C. F., grain insp., R. L R. R. freight 

Frizinger Peter, lab. C. H. McCormick & Bro. 

Froehlich Max, bookkeeper J. M. Stine, h. 119 

Froeschel Frederick, shoemaker, F. Hettinger. 

Froesh John, pressman, h. 2d, bet. Reuben and 

Frohock Roscoe II., (VanWagener & Co.) 

Froideger Michael, h. 404 State. 

Fromhagen William, teamster, h. 218 Sherman 

Fromhold H. F., tin and stoves, 166 N. Clark, 
h. same. 

Fromma Charles, sailor, h, 41 Indiana. 

Frondman Eustis, lab., h. Wolcott, nr. Divis- 

Fronke Charles, lab., h. N. Halsted, bet. Wil- 
low and Clay. 

Froome Francis, painter, h. Franklin, s w. cor. 

Frosch Jacob, farmer, h. w. s. Milwaukee av. 
nr. North. 

Frost Daniel, constable, b. White, bet. Wol- 
cott and Hinsdale. 

Frost George, butcher, 76 State, bds. 85 State. 

Frost George P., druggist, 155 W. Madison, h. 
340 W. Lake. 

Frost Henrv D., shipping clerk, Keith, Faxon 
& Co.,"h. 243 W. Randolph. 

Frost J., wooddealer, SON. Wells, h. 193 Hu- 

Frost Jacob, clothier, 114 Randolph, h. 62 3d 

Frost John, candymaker, h. 193 Huron. 

Frost Silas, constable, h. 317 N. Wells, 

Frost Solomon, clerk, bds. M. Pieser. 

Frost William, lab., h. Loomis, bet. Sampson 
and Hastings. 

Frost _ William E., (Hall & Frost,) bds. Burn- 
side av. cor. 18th. 

Frothel Joseph, baker, h. 145 S. Jefferson. 

Frow J. W., bds. N. Y. House. 

Frowenberry Henrietta, wid. Adam, h. 132 N. 

Fruman Charles, lab. C. H. McCormick & Bro. 

Frundt Henry, lab., h. Front, nr. 5th. 

Frusher Alfred, gardener, h. 19th, bet. State 
and Butterfield. 

Frusher Edgar, lab., h. Dayton, cor. Erie. 

Fry Edward, stovedealer, 53 State, h. 353 W. 

Fry Henry, plasterer, h. e. s. Sedgwick, s. Lo- 

Fry John, pressman, Hart, Asten & Co., h. 
Rees, nr. Clybcuru av. 





Fry John E., (Rawleigh & Fry,) h. HON. 

Frv John W., soldier, h. Halsted, n e. cor. 

Fry John W., h. Rucker, bet. Polk and Harri- 
Fry Samuel, (cord.,) barkeeper, F. Scott, 135 

iind 137 Jackson. 
Fry William, lab., h. n. s. W. Taylor, nr. Jef- 
Fry WilliaTn, lab., Sturges, Buckingham & Co. 
Frye Francis, bookkeeper, bds. 252 N". Clark. 
Frve Jacob, drover, b. w. s. Michigan av., bet. 

2od and 24th. 
Frye Samuel R , fire and life ius. agt., 148 S. 

Water, h. 389 W. Lake. 
Fuchs Charles, printer, Chicago Telegraph, h. 

Lake View. 
Fuchs George, team.ster, h. G8 S. Jefferson. 
Fachs John, turner, h. al., bet. Blackhawk 

and North av. 
Fuchs Michael, lab., P. Schuttler. 
Fuhrerr Adam, tailor, h. n. s. Granger, e. 

Fulcher Fallendian, lab., h. s. 8. Archer rd., 

nr. Mary. 
Fullagar Henry, (Fullagar & Smeeth,) h.' W. 

Randolph, u. e. cor. Ann. 
FULLAGAR & SMEETH, (Henry Fullagar 
and Edward Smeeth,) coppersmiths, moul- 
ders, brass-finishers, tinsmiths, W. Ran- 
dolph, n.e. cor. Desplaiaos, (.see advH op. p.) 
Faller Alonzo M., salesman, W. M. Uoyt, bds. 

231 Huron. 
Fuller Charles C, com. mer., 48 State. 
Fuller Calvin W., h. 443 N. Dearborn. 
Fuller E. 0., traveling agt., A. M. Moor & Bro., 

59 S. Water. 
Fuller Mrs. George A., h. 24 N. Carpenter. 
Fuller George S., salesman, (Philip Wads- 
worth & Co.,) bds 69 Michigan av. 
Fuller George T., cooper, h. 37 Pearce. 
Fuller George W., sec. and treas. C. C. R. W. 
Co., b. Michigan av., bet. 24th and 25th. 
Fuller n. M., clerk. Sands' Ale brewery Co., 

h. 218 Pearson. 
Fuller Henry, Vice President, C. C. R. W. Co., 

h. Dearborn pL nr. Wsshington, 
Fuller Henry, (John G. Shortall & Co.,) bds. 

Clifton House. 
Fuller Henry W., (Fuller, Finch it Fuller,) h. 

lO'J Indiana av. 
Fuller Jacob P., dentist, 124 Clark, bds. same. 
Fuller John C, dentist, office 85 Clark, h. 10 

N. Carpenter. 
Fuller John F., foreman reaper factory, h. 259 

Fuller Joshua S., tobacconist, h. 249 W. Lake. 
Fuller Levi, 216 Pearson. 
Fuller Martha J., wid. Job, h. 98 N. Curtis. 
Fuller Mary, wid. Jacob, h. 19 3d av. 
Fuller Melville W., (Fuller & Ham,) h. 9 Eld- 
ridge ct. 
Fuller Moses N.. salesman, J. A. Smith & Co., 

h. 127 W. Jackson. 
Fuller N. W., bds. N. Y. House. 
Fuller Oliver F., (Fuller, Finch & Fuller,) bds. 

Briggs House. 
Faller P. G., lab. h. Rush, bet. Superior and 
Chicago av. 

Fuller Reuben, painter, h. Hubbard, bet. N, 

Reuben and Paulina. 
Fuller Riel, miller, h. 162 S. Despla'ines. 
Fuller Riel, teamster, 240 W. Randolph. 
Fuller Samuel W., (Scammon, McCagg & Ful- 
ler,) h. 575 Wabasli av. 
Fuller William M., (Hamilton & Fuller,) h. W. 

Washington, bet. Reuben and Paulina. 
Fuller Williard A., bookkeeper, Goss & Phil- 
lips, h. 989 Wabash av. 
FULLER WILLIAM H., saloon, Randolph, 

cor Dearborn. 
FULLER, FINCH & FULLER, (0. F. Fuller, 

Edward B. Finch and Henry W. Fuller,) 

whol. druggists, 21 and 26 Market. 
Fuller, Warren & Co., whol. dealers in stoves, 

(Fry & Holmes, gen. agts.,) 53 State. 
Fuller & Ham, (Melville W. Fuller and Charles 

II. Ham,) lawyers, 84 Dearborn. 
Fullerton Alexander N., lawver, 10 Portland 

blk., h. 180 Wabash av. " 
Fullerton Charles W., office 12 Portland blk. 

bds. 180 Waba«h av. 
Fullerton Neil, carpenter, h. 194 S. Halsted. 
Fullinwider Simuel N., h. 218 Clark. 
Fulner William, grocer, 198 Sherman, h. same. 
Fulton Elizabeth, wid. Robert M., dressmaker, 

52 Eldridge ct., h. same. 
Fulton Franklin, (F. Fulton & Co.,)h. 113 4th 

Fulton H. C, lake capt., bds. 135 W. Kinzie. 
Fulton Henry L., millwright, h. 113 4th av. 
Fulton I., boilermaker, I. C. R. R. machine 

FULTON INS. CO., of New York, L. C. Hall 

agt., 160 S. Water. 
Fulton John, blacksmith, h. Indiana av., nr. 

Fulton William H., agt. C. & R. I. R. R.. bds. 

Jervis House. 
Fulton F. & Co., (Franklin Fulton,) book and 

job printers and binders, 148 Lake. 
Funfle J., tiiilor, 113 N. Clark, h. same. 
Funk Abraham K.. clerk McMullen, Funk & 

Co., bds. 261 W. Washington. 
Funk Anton, shoemaker, h. n. s. Clybourn av., 

nr. Larrabee. 
Funk Charles, cooper, 316 Hubbard. • 
Funk Ernst, turner, bds. Ontario, cor. Wells. 
Funk Jacob, shipping clerk Kr.iifft k Co., h. 

21 S. Halsted. 
Funk John, lab., h. Aberdeen, bet. Taylor and 


Funk John, teamster, h. Coolidge, bet. Loomis 
and Laflin. 

Funk John F., (McMullen, Funk & Co.,) h. 261 
W. Washington. 

Funk John J., farmer, h. Oak, nr. Green Bay- 

Fnnkhouser R. M. & Co., (Robert M. Funk- 
houser of St. Louis, Mo., and Jonathan 
W. Pottle,) com. mers., 216^ S. Water. 

Funn Porter E., lab., C. H. McCormick & Bros. 

Furbeck John H., shoemaker. Union, ur. 

Furbeck Robert W., clerk, 142 W. Washing- 
ton, h. same. 

Furbish Clinton, (Furbish & Egleston,) h. 
266 Erie. 


Cor. W. Randolph & Des Flaines Sts., Chicago, 



And manufacturers of 

Tin and Sheet Iron Work, 


BABBITT METAL, etc, etc. 



Brass Castings done to order. 

Repairing Promptly Done. Cash for Old Metals. 


CisteiTLS, nectifiers, 


TUBS *»"" 

Seasoned Lumber always on hand. 

S. FLANDERS, Successor to E. SMALLEY, 
Old Stand, 231 West Lake St., Chicago, III. 

All kinds of brass work for Plumbers, Steam Fitters, Breweries and 
Distilleries, kept constantly on band. All kinds of Steam Fittinsx and Ma- 
chine work done to order. Manufacturers of H. H. Evarts' Shingle and 
Heading Mills. 

Manufactory 284 Madison Street near the Bridge, 

P. O. Box 4702. CHICAG-O, 111. 





FURBISH & EGLESTON, (Clinton Furbish, 

and William C. Egleston.) forwarding and 

com. mer;?., 24 River. 
Furey Thomas, drayman, h. 216 W. Taylor. 
Furey Thomas, furniture, h. 297 Desplaines. 
Furey William F., upholsterer, 295 Desplaines 
Furgerson Harmon, carriagemaker, bds. 434 

Furgerson James, travelling agt., h. 75 Throop 
Furgeson Lloyd, lab., h. 407 N. Wells. 
Furgeson Thomas, whitewasher, h. 13 Fisher 

blk., White st. 
Furlong Edward, with L. Button, Couch 

Furlong James, barkeeper, Briggs House. 
Furlong James, lab., h. 53 Carroll. 
Furlong James, painter, bds. 173 W. 12th. 
Furlong John, sailor, h. Judd, s. w. c. Canal. 
Furlong Lawrence, h. cor, 4th and Desplaines. 
Furlong Michael, foreman M. Keeley, h. 291 

S. Canal. 
Furlong Patrick, blacksmith, h. 151 N. Jeffer- 
Furlong William, h. 78 Indianak 
Furlong Robert, shoemaker, h. 82 Halsted. 
Furman John C, carpenter, h. 188 Indiana. 
Furness George M., machinist C. & N. W. R. 

W., shop, bds. Halsted, c. Milwaukee av. 
Furness Montague, blacksmith, h. Indiana av., 

bet. 12th and 14th. 
Furness William H., wood merchant, h. 846 

Furney James, rectifying distillerv, h. 470 

Furnner E., clerk P. 0. 
Furray Thomas, lab., h. 216 W. Taylor. 
Furring Ferdinand, druggist, 156 W, Randolph. 
Furse John, bookkeeper, Walwonh, Hubbard 

& Co., h. 120 Chicago av. 
Furst Christian, stonecutter, h. 12lh, nr. Mor- 
Furst Conrad, CFurst & Bradley,) h. 124 S 

Furst Henry, stonecutter, h. n. s. Mitchel, nr. 

Furst Jacob, stonecutter, h. n. s. Mitchel, nr. 

FURST & BRADLEY, (Conrad Furst and 

David Bradlev,) agricultural works,- 56 

and 58 N. Jefferson. {See aclv't p. 26.) 
Furstenberg Rudolph, salesman W. M. Ross 

& Co., h. 231 N.Franklin. 
Fuss John, lab., h. N. WelL-^, n. e. c. High. 
Fusse Frederick, lab., h. Benton, s. w. cor. 

Fustion Francis, shoemaker, h. 315 Wolcott. 
Futrom Henry, i)utcher, h. 18th, nr. Clark. 
Fyfe Alexander C, printer, h. 144 N.Curtis. 
Fyfe Mrs. Charlotte, dressmaker, h. 219 Rush. 
Fyfe George, bookkeeper, h. 92 N. Desplaines. 
Fyfe James, miller, h. 19th. cor. Butterfield. 
Fyfe William C, lumber insp., and com. mer., 

242 S. Water, up stairs, h. 113 Franklin. 

G\ ABERT Henry, teamster, h. e. s. Orchard, 
r nr. Willow. 
Gabialson Gabriel., cooper, bds. Milwaukee av. 

cor. Hubbard. 
Gabler Caroline, wid. A., confectioner, 126 S. 
Desplaines, h. same. 

Gabler Frederick, saddler, h. n. s. Clybourn 

av. nr. Larrabee. 
Gabler Gottfried, tailor, h. e. s. Burling, nr. 

Gabower John, grocer, w. s. Dearborn, bet. 

16th and I7th, h. same. 
Gabriel August, machinist, h. s. s. Lincoln, nr. 

Gabriel Henry, lab. h. n. s. Tedder, nr. Pleas- 
Gabriel John, clerk, bds. 81 N. Clark. 
Gabriel John, steward Tremont House, h. 45 

N. May. 
Gabriel Miss Kate, dressmaker, 54 Wells, h,. 

Gaddis Lewis P., artist, h. Chestnut, nr. N. 

Gadson Addison, tailor, h. 35S N. Market. 
Gaede Dorothea, wid. Charles, h. s. s. Maxwell, 

cor. Union. 
Gaede Johann, h. n. s. 14th, nr. Halsted. 
Gaeclicke John, lab. h. Mary, s. Chicago av. 
Gaedtz Daniel, barber, 35 Clark. 
Gaensslein M, (Schmidgal & Gaensslein,) bds. 

177 N. Clark. 
Gaffcott Joseph, nailmaker, 97 N. Clinton, b. 

Gaffney Esther E., wid, Bernard, boarding, 

104 W. Washington. 
Gaffney P., grocer, 150 N. Halsted, h. same. 
Gage A. S., salesman Webster & Gage. 
Gage David A., (F. Parmelee & Co.) bds. Sher- 
man House. 
Gage Eli A., planing mill, Van Buren, cor. 

Franklin, h. 157 W.Washington. 
Gage George W., (Gage & Drake,) h, Tremont 

Gage Henry H., (Scott & Gage,) h. n. s. Wash- 
ington av., 3rd h. e. Wood. 
Gage House, T. Andrew Jackson, proprietor. 

State, cor. 12th. 
Gage Jared, (Gage & Heartt,) h. Winnetka. 
Gage John L., clerk Recorder's office, bds. 110 

Gage John N., (Vfebster & Gage,) h. 78 3rd 

Gage L. J., cashier Merchants' Savings Life 

and Trust Co., h. 157 W. Washington. 
Gage David A., (Gage & Waite,) h. Shermau 

Gage & Drake, (George W. Gage and John B. 

Drake,) proprs. Tremont House. 
GAGE & HEARTT, (Jared Gage and Chaun- 
cey B. Heartt,) proprs. Chicago Mills, S. 
Water, s. w. c. River. 
Gage & Waite, (David A. Gage, Charles C. 

Waite,) proprs. Sherman House. 
Gager Heinrich, teamster, bds. 16th, c. State. 
Gabaran Patrick, lab. h. 388 Indiana. 
Gahbe Henry, lab. C. H. McCormick & Bros. 
Gahen Margaret, wid. Thomas, h. s. s. Barber, 

bet. Jefferson and Canal. 
Gagon Hugh, lab. h. 152 N. Green. 
Gaines Asa, druggist retail, 242 Clark, h. 278 J 

Gaines Erasmus D., clerk Prescott House. 
Gaines William, driver Am. Ex. Co., h. 278 

Gairns Andrew, h. 33 W. Indiana. 
Gairns Andrew, machinist, h. 184 Fulton. 





Gairns David, machinist, h. 78 N. Green. 

Gairns Robert, patternmaker, h. 210 N. Car- 

Galasha A. P., engineer, h. 22 W. Polk. 

Galbs El'jah, painter, h. al. bet. Huron and 
Superior, nr. N. Wells. 

Galdtwaldt Anton, tailor, h. 365 N. LaSalle. 

Gale C. Mrs. dressmaker, h. 38 Hills. 

Gale Daniel W., (Harmon, Gale & Co.,) h. 256 
W. Washington. 

Gale Edwin 0., (Gale Bros.,) h. 126 W. Wash- 

Gale Harriet S., wid., h. 236 W. Washington. 

Gale Matthew, stonecutter, h. s. s Sebor, nr. 
S. Desplaines. 

Gale Robert, tailor, h. 11 Pearce pi. 

Gale Samuel, carpenter, bds. 11 Pearce pi. 

Gale William H., (Gale Bros.,) quartermaster, 
44 Illinois. 

Gale Bros., (Edwin & William H.,) apothe- 
caries, 202 Randolph. 

Galeny John, stonecutter, Wclf & Sproshnle. 

Galena & Chicago Union R. R., office and pas- 
senger depot, n. w. cor. N. Wells and N. 

Gall John, stonecutter, h. 437 S. Jefferson. 

Gallaghan Mary, wid. John C, h 45 N. Dear- 

Gallaghan John, lab., h. e. s. Hulbert, nr. 

Gallaghar James, lab., h 5 Pearson. 

Gallaghar Owen, trucks and dravs, Taylor cor. 

Gallagher Henry, lab., h. Meridian, nr. Des 

Gallagher J., cleaner, I. C. R. R. machine shop. 

Gallagher James, (J.imes Gallagher & Go.,) h. 
82 State. 

Gallagher James, lab., h. Ill Quincy. 

Gallagher James, lab., h. S. Green, nr. Madison. 

Gallagher James, porter. Shores, Tator & Co., 
h. State, nr Monroe. 

Gallagher John, lab., h. s. s. Forquer, nr. Jef- 

Gallagher John, lab., h. r. S39 W. Randolph. 

Gallagher Michael, tailor. State, cor. Ran- 

Gallagher Patrick, lab., h. n. s. Dussold, nr. 

Gallagher Thomas, lab., h. w. s. Foster, s. 

Gallagher Thomas, wheelwright, h. Halsted, 
cor. Forquer. 

Gallagher William, lab., h. 188 Griswold. 

Gallaiher William, (Ellis t Gallagher,) h. 183 

Gallagher James & Co., (James Gallagher and 
David P. Currier,) saloon. Dearborn, . cor. 

Gallahar Patrick J., carpenter, bds. w. s. 
Griswold, bet. VanBuren and Jackson. 

Gallahar William, carpenter, Griswold, bet. 
VanBuren and Jackson. 

Gallahar Francis, bartender, James Egan. 

Gallahar Patrick, grocer, 119 Michigan, h. 

Gallaher Philip, cattledealer, h. 60 Carroll. 

Gallaher William, lab., h. 227 S. Desplaines. 

Gallandt Frederick, carpenter, h. 199 W. 

Gallangar James, carriage painter, h. 307 S. 

Galle Joseph W., cabinetmaker, 184 W. Polk, 

h. same. 
Gallenberger Martin, lab., h. w. s. Burling, nr. 

North av. 
Gallina Lucy, wid. Peter, saloon, 308 Clark, h. 

Galligan James, painter, h. n. s. Dussold, nr. 

Galligan John, lab., h. 199 Washington. 
Galligan Lawrence, lab. h. Hastings, bet. 

Loomis and Throop. 
Galligan Peter, lab., h. Hastings, bet. Blue L 

av. and Throop. 
Gallighar James, saloon, h. 82 State. 
Gallighe William, with M. S. & X. L R. R. 
Gallily Michael, bellowsmaker, 90i Kinzie. 
Gallina Ernest J., clerk, N. W. R.' W., h. 308 

Gallivan Michael, lab., h. e. s. Rucker, bet. 

Springer and Douglas pi. 
Gallock Charles, lab., bds. W. 14th, bet. 

Canal an4 Jefferson. 
Gallop William, boots and shoes, 157 W. Madi- 
son, h. same. 
GALLOWAY ANDREW J., real estate agt., 

189 Lake, h. w. s. Prairie av., nr. 18th. 

{See advL, p. 168.) 
Galloway George R., (Galloway & Co.,) bds. 

Andrew's Hotel. 
Galloway Henry, clerk., h. 180 W. 12th. 
Galloway John S., caipenter, al. r. 122 Wells. 
Galloway Richard, moulder, h. w. s. Sedgwick, 

nr. Linden. 
Galloway Robert S., carpenter, h. w. s. Purple, 

bet." 19th and 20th. 
Galloway Simon, tinner, h. n. s. Canalport av. 

nr. Berrv. 
GALLOWAY & CO., (George R. Galloway,) 

com. mer. and provision dealers, 292, 294 

and 296 Canal, and 190 S. Water, Board 

of Trade bldg. 
Gallop Cyrus, 89 Prairie. 
Gallup Benjamin E., (Gallup & Hitchcock,) h. 

Indiana av. nr. 18th. 
Gallup & Hitchcock, (Benjamin E. Gallup and 

Charles Hitchcock,) lawyers, 19 Portland 

Gallwey Madame Margaret J., Superioress 

Seminary of the Sacred Heart, W. Taylor 

nr. Rucker. 
Galpin Homer, deputy sheriff. Court House, h. 

700 W. Lake.. 
Gait Azariah T., (Hervey, Anthony & Galt,)h. 

77 Dearborn. 
Gaivin James, soldier, h. Ewing, s e. cor. Des- 
Galvin Thomas, engraver, h. Indiana, nr. 14th. 
Gamarch Alfred, cooper, h. s. s. Prairie, nr. 

Gamberr Michael, butcher, bds. 95 N. Clark. 
Gamble David, bookkeeper, C. B. "Blair, b. 331 

K La Salle. 
Gamin Washington, printer, h. 313 Wolcott. 
Gammel Frederick, tailor, 17 S. Canal, h. same. 
Gammerdinger Henry, varnisher,h. 155 Fultjpn. 
Gammon Elijah H.. (Easter & Gammon,) h. 

116 N. Carpenter. 
Gamur Charles, lab., 24th, nr. Hanover. 


Wlif laH K.A») A#M€¥, 


This office, established in 1855, has sold over Two Million Dollars' worth of Agricultural 
Lands in the State of Illinois alone, notwithstanding five years of the eight have been yeara 
of depression in the market for Real Estate throughout the West. 

OVER 250,000 AGEES 






Either for Cash or on Short or Long Credits, and 

Persons desiring information with a view to purchase anywhere in Illi- 
nois, would do well to call upon the undersigned, who is a practical 


and has had the advantage of twenty-five years' residence and active 
employment in the State. 

For particular inforixiatioii, ap^Dly personally or by 
letter, to 







Ganay Jeremiah, sailor, h. basement 1 W. 

Gande Henry, trunkmaker, bds. 262 Stiite. 
Gande Matthew W., auctioneer, h. 262 State. 
Ganderson Gabriel, sailor, h. 45 W. Indiana. 
Gannen M., iab. D. W. Jaynes. 
Gannon James, upholsterer, 57 Hubbard, h. 

Gannon Patrick, grocer, 116 W. Randolph, 

bds. 38 W. Washington. 
Gannon Patrick, grocer, 563 State, h. same. 
Gannon Patrick, lab., h. 38 W. Washington 
Gannon Richard C, bookkeeper, L. Trager, h. 

38 W. Washington. 
Gano Harry C, clerk M. S. R. R., h. 101 

Wabash av. 
Gano John S., pork mer., h. 707 Wabash av. 
Ganochio Stefuno, fruit dealer, 16 W. Lake,h. 

Ganschow William, clerk M. Busse, bds. Mil- 
waukee av., cor. May. 
Ganshow Charles, broommaker, h. Canal, n w. 

cor. 12 th. 
Gansman John, carpenter, h. 81 Wolcott. 
Gansman Madam, midwife and doctress, h. 81 

Garaty Thomas, lab., h. 14 Polk. 
Garber Christian C , grocer, 56 State, h. IS 

Garber William, clerk C. C. Garber, bds. 18 

Gard Emery R., photographer, 102 Lake, h. 

Garden City House, Robert Hill, propr., cor. 

Madison and Market. 
Garden City Mining Co., 4 Loomis bldg. 
Garden City Steam Engine and Boiler Work.-?, 

Market, cor. VanBuren. 
Gardener John B., tailor, bds. 31 2nd av. 
Gardiner Charles H., apothecary, 28 N. Clark, 

h. North av. s. w. c. La Salle. 
Gardiner Mrs. Ellen, wid. Charles, bds. 245 

W. Randolph. 
Gardiner Mrs., grocer, 241 W. Randolph, h. 

Gardner Albert, cooper, h. al. bet. Huron and 

Superior, nr. N. Wells. 
Gardner Daniel, plasterer, h. 831 S. Des- 

Gardner Elias, h. 343 Wolcott. 
Gardner Francis, grocer, W. Polk, cor. Fos- 
ter, h. same. 
Gardner Freeland B., lumber. Beach, cor. W. 

Taylor, h. 163 S. Sangamon. 
Gardner George, attorney, 79 Dearborn, bds. 

142 Wabash av. 
Gardner George, bookeeeper Loomis &-Davis, 

h. 69 Polk. 
Gardner George W., painter and glazier, h. n. 

•8. Wright, nr. Jefforson. 
Gardner Horatio H., bookkeeper T. B. Gard- 
ner, bds. 163 S. Sangamon. 
Gardner J. D., lumber, bds. Button's Hotel. 
Gardner James, engineer, h. 46 Larrabee. 
Gai-dner John P., milkman, h. 14 White. 
Gardner Joseph, jr., grocer, 126 N. Franklin. 
Gardner Kaspor, confectionery, bds. Rock 

Island R. R. House. 
Gardner Martha, wid., h. Leavitt, n. e. cor, 


Gardner R„ machinist to Richard's manufac- 
Gardner Robert, dentist, h. 364 Ohio. 
Gardner Robert A., cigarniaker, li. 400 State. 
Gardner Sam, Arlington, Leon & Donniker's 

Minstrels, bds. Hamilton House. 
Gardner Sturtevant, teamster, h. North av. 

nr. Elston rd. 
Gareis Martin, bakery, 125 N. Clarl/, h. same. 
Garett John C, master transportation G. & C. 

U. R. R., h. 289 W. Randolph. 
Garey Edward, carpenter, h. s. s. Clinton, bet. 

Harrison and Mather. 
Garey Elizabeth, wid, Patrick, h. Hastings, 

nr. Loomis. 
Garethy Michael, moulder, 89-^ Sedgwick. 
Garev Michael, lab. h. 141 Foster. 
GARFIELD ALBERT G., hardware, 39, 41, 

43 and 45 State, h. 140 Wabash av. 
Garfield Fred. H., ticket agt. C. B. & Q. R. R., 

h. 74 N. Sangamon. 
Garing John, baggage master M. C. R. R., b. 

308 State. 
Garing Nicholas, coppersmith, bds. 450 S. 

Garity Mary, wid. John, h. N. LaSalle, s. e. c. 

Garitv John, clerk, h. s. s. Illinois, e. St. 

Garity Patrick, teamster, h. 16 N. Clinton. 
Garland Andrew D., trunkmaker, h. 91 Town- 
Garland David D., (Garland & Holmes,) h. c. 

Van Buren and Halsted. 
Garland John, trunk mnfr., 188 Lake, h. Win- 

Garland Nathan, expressman, h. Hubbard, 

bet. Reuben and Paulina. 
GARLAND & HOLMES, (David A. Garland 

and David W. Holmes,) com. mors., 74 

Garlech John, clerk, h. 22 Sherman. 
Garlick Charles, salesman P. Peugeot, 108 

Garman James, driver, h. 8|- Sherman. 
Garmand Thomas C, millwright, h. Kinzie, w. 

Garmanus Henry, cooper, h. w. s. Main, bet. 

Hickory and Archer rd. 
Garner Jacob, carpenter, h. W. Taylor, bet. 

Loomis and Laflin. 
Garnett Christopher T., Co. B. 72nd Ills. vols. 

h. Michigan av. nr. 26th. 
Garnett Daniel, (col'd,) shoemaker, h. 136 4th 

Garnett William, (Barnum & Garnett,) h. 

Michigan av. nr. 26th. 
Garnsey Charles Alexander, physician, h. 42 

N. Peoria. 
Garnsey George 0., draughtsman 0. L. Whee- 

lock, bds. 44 Walker's blk. 
Garr Michael, soldier, h. n. s. O'Brien, nr. Jef- 
Garrabrant Robert C, (Scott, Kcim & Co.,) 

bds. Orient House. 
Garraghan Gilbert, bookkeeper, M. C. Follans- 

be & Bro., h. 118 Monroe. 
Garrahan Daniel J., lab., 458 S. Clark. 
Garratt David, lab., bds. 323 Illinois. 
Garrett James, h. e. s. Sedgwick, s. North av. 





Garrett John, carpenter, b; n. s. Mitchell, 
bet. Jefferson and Canal. 

Garrett John, shoemaker, bds. 37 Kinzie. 

Garrett}' Mrs., h. Sangamon, cor. Hubbard. 

Garrety Patrick, shoemaker, 55 N. Clark, bds. 
Michigan, bet. Franklin and Market. 

Garrick John, lumber broker, 242 S. Water, 
up stairs, h. 114 W. Harrison. 

Garrigan John, pedlar, h. s. s. John, nr. Ridg- 
ley pi. _ 

Garrigan Michael, pedlar, h. Kucker, nr. Doug- 
las pi. 

Garrigue John, lumber, h. 114 W. Harrison. , 

Garris John, harnessmaker, h. n. s. Archer rd., 
bet. Bonfield and Main. 

Garrison Andrew, lawyer, h. 139 Adams. 

Garrison Fred, lab., h. Tyler, n. w. cor. Frank- 

Garrison James, cavriagemaker, h. 194 Huron. 

Garrison Joshua, physician, h. 478 Clinton. 

Garrett Lawrence, sailor, h. n. s. Maxwell, nr. 

Garrity Dennis, porter,, 105 N. Water. 

Garrity Ellen, wid. James, h. e. s. Union, s. e. 
cor. Catharine. 

Garrity James, driver, Wright and Currier. 

Garrity John, h. 176 Ontario. 

Garrity John, lab. h. 42 N. Franklin. 

Garrity John, saloon, 335 Illinois, h. same. 

Garrity Patrick, h. 176 Ontario. 

Garrity Patrick L., (Seaulau & .Garrity,) h. 
335 Illinois. 

Garry Patrick, lab., h. s. s. Kramer, w. Union. 

Garside Benjamin, cooper, h. Ellis av., near 
the city limits. 

Garson Joshua, physician, h. 47 S. Curtis. 

Gart Peter, saloon, w. a. Green Bay rd. nr, 

Gartber John, stonecutter, h. s. s. Wright, 
bet. Jefferson and Canal. 

Garten Nicholas, whitewasher, h. s. s. North 
av. e. Sedgwick. 

Garth Michael, watchman, h. 87 Wesson. 

Garth William, lab., h. 146 W. Madison. 

Garth William, moulder, bds. 146 School. 

Gartleir Peter, lab., bds. Rucker, cor. Samp- 

Garver Hattie, h. 3G1 Clark. , 

Garvey Ellen, wid. Martin, h. 418 S. Des 

Garvey Honora, wid. Andrew, h. Harrison, 
cor. Morgan. 

Garvey Jeremiah, gasfitter, H. M. Wilmarth, 
h. Hastings, bet. Loomis and Laflin. 

Garvey Mrs., wid., h. Harrison, bet. Morgan 
and Sangamon. 

Garvey Patrick, cooper, bds. 577 S. Canal. 

Garvey Thomas, plumber, 86 N. Clark. 

Garver William, drayman, b. W. Jackson, bet. 
DesPlaines and Jefferson. 

Garvin Edward F., physician, 16 and 17 Cal- 
houn bldg., 117 Clark, bds. 73 Cass. 

Garvin James L., carpenter, bds. 104 W. Mad- 

Garvin John, carpenter, bds. r. 325 Clark. 

Garvin Thomas, carpenter, h. s. s. al., r. 287 

S. DesPlaines. 
Garvin Welcome, painter, h. 104 W. Madison. 
Carving Mrs. Martha, h. n. s. Division, w. N. 

Garvrant Ambrose, carpenter, h. s. s. 20th, 

bet. Arnold and LaSalle. 
Garvrant Cornelius, carpenter, h. a. s. 20th, 

bet. Arnold and LaSalle. 
Garvy Martin, lab., h. 26th, nr. Dyer av. 
Gary Joseph E., (Bailey, Gary & Williams,) 

39 Clark, h. 387 Ontaiio. " 
Ga'scoigne John, carpenter, h. 4th, cor. Hal- 
Gaspee Sebastian, cooper, h. n. s. Dussold, nr. 

Gass George, cabinetmaker, h. ,w. s. N. Wells, 

nr. Green. 
Gass Michael, shoemaker, 22nd, nr. Grove, h. 

Gassaway Daniel, h. 28 Pearson. 
Gasselnian Mrs. Catharine, h. n. s. Green, w. 

N. Wells. 
Gasser Jacob, lab., h. 276 Wolcott. 
Gassett John, hat presser, 143 Lake. 
Gassette Silas B., h. 224 4th av. 
Gassman Adam, carpenter, h. al., bet. Hal- 
sted and S. Union. 
Gastle Christian, lab., Peshtigo Co. 
Gastle Joseph, bds. cor. Canal and DeKoven. 
Gaston Edgar K., salesman, 46 Lake, bds. 215 

Gastreich Joseph, saloon, 143 Randolph, h. 

Gatchalk Nathan, expressman, h. 197 W. Madi- 
Gatchel Welcome D., clerk, R. B. Appleby, 

134 Clark, h. 77 Throop. 
Gate Henry, com. mer. 191 W. Randolph, h. 

Gates Adeline, h Hastings, bet. Blue I. av. 

and Tiiroop. 
Gates Aiding, bookkeeper, 180 Lake, h. 368 

W. Lake. 
Gates Avery, dealer in horses, room 14, Lake 

Gates Caleb F , cashier, Chicago Lead Works, 

h. e. 3, Calumet av., bet. 25th and 26th. 
Gates Charles, (col'd.,) drayman, with Daniel 

Gates Cyrus L., clerk, G. & C. U. R. R. de- 
pot, h. 99 S. Clinton. 
Gates D. S., messenger, Am. Ex. Co. 
Gates Frank A., bookkeeper, E. Woods, h. W. 

Lake, cor. Ann. 
Gates James L., salesman, 135 S. Water, h. 1 

Dearborn pi. 
Gates John, freight conductor, bds. s. e. cor. 

14th and Jetferson. 
Gates John, miller, C. E. Olmsted & Co., 

bds. 240 Madison. 
Gates Levila Mrs., h. 20 S. Jefferson. 
Gates Lucy, wid. Otis W., h. 8 Franklin. 
Gates Mahlon, lab., h. 211 N. Clark. 
GATES PHILETUS W., pres. Eagle Works 

Co., h. 73 Loomis {see advf. p. 136.) 
Gates Ralph, sec. and treas. Eagle Works Co., 

h. 73 Loomis. 
Gates Ralph I, moulder. Eagle Works, h. 64 

S. Jefferson. 
Gattier Joseph, saloon and boarding, 342 Wells 
Gabzert Joel, salesman, 3^ Clark, h. 135 4th 

Gaudtner Paul, clerk, A. Jaegar & Co., 103 






ISTo. 83 Dearborn Street, Chicago. 


Daily to City Subscribers, per week, 16 

Daily by Mail to Subscribers, per annum, 7 00 


Single Copies per annum, 4 OO 


Single Copies per annum, 1 50 

The Daily Chicago Post being a fearless and INDEPENDENT DEMOCP.ATIC PA- 
PER, is read by persons of all political parties, in the city and country, and is peculiarly 
reliable as an advertising medium. 


Connected with the Post Establishment, is an 

Extensive Job Frifltiag Oioe, 

Containing facilities for doing all kinds of Job Work at short notice, and in the best style. 




Executed in the best manner, at low rates, and in all colors. Particular attention paid to 


|^=Orders received at the Counting Room, No. 8'2 Dearborn Street. „^3 
Orders promptly attended to. Address 




Real Estate Broker, Goilection Agency and 


'5iiVAUAi..'Aii '^'^cfi.'XS \^JH "^s^jy s\ 

Lands, Houses and Lots, and Farms 


Al! classes of Property taken in charge fornon-residents & others. 

I ■will make personal examinations of property, and furnish reliable valuations, ex- 
amine and report upon titles, pay taxes and l.jcal assessments in Chicag->, attend to the 
leasing of houses and lands, and collection of rents, and everything attendant upon the 
business of a 

General Keal Istiite Brokerage. 

I will also furnish copies of any recorded maps of subdivison of property in Chicago, 
showing size of lots, relative situations, &c., and copies of all kinds of real estate docu- 
ments of record ia Chicago. 

I wiU pa3' taxes in any of the counties of 


and report upon the value and quality of such lands, to be obtained through reliable 
correspondents. Will also give special attention to the collection of 


Foreclosure of Mortgages, 




Real Estate Broker, &c,, 114 Dearborn St., 






Gauer Austin, gaidener, h. Green Bay, nr. 

Cedar. > 

Gauer John, h. Wolcott, nr. cor. Green Bay. 
Gauer Nicholas S., grocer, Green Bay, cor. 

Cedar, h. same. 
Gaugler Morri.*, carpenter, h. w. s. N. Clark, 

■nr. Schiller. 
Gauit John C, ^en. freight agt. G. & C. U. R. 

R., h. 289 W. Randolph. 
Gault Norris C, clerk Galena depot, h. w. s. 

Union, nr. 14th. 
Gaunder George, lab., e. s. Beers, bet. Dong- 
las pi. and Archer rd. 
Gaus Washington, sliocinaker, 13 Fisher's blk. 
Gaven John, lab., h. Franklin, cor. Quincy. ' 
Gavier Robert, carpenter, h. Ellis av., nr. Pier. 
Gavin Andrew, blacksmith, h. 39t) W. Polk. 
Gavin Edward, lab., h. Dearborn, n. w. cor. 

Gavin John, carpenter, bds. 86 N. Clark. 
Gavin John, undertaker, 77 Market, h. same. 
Gavin Peter, lab., h. r. 130 N. Jefferson. 
Gavin Thomas, teamster, b. Ellis av., 3d south 

Douglas pi. 
Gavin William, drayman, h. 284 S. Clinton. 
Gaw Alexander, sailor, h. 201 Van Biiren. 
Gaw John, (R. k, J. Gaw,) merchant, bds. 410 

Gaw Robert, (R. k J. Gaw,) merchant, bds. 

410 C.ark. 
Gaw Robert & John hats, hoopskirts, &c., 

410 Clark. 
Gay Charles S., carpenter, bds. Farmers Hotel, 

cor. 15rh and State. 
Gay James E , bookkeeper, Laflins, Smith & 

Boies, bds. 114 Monroe. 
Gay Victor, baiber, Bennett & Dyer. 
Gaydon Anthony, saloon, 128 Clark, h. cor. 

Clinton, nr. Madison. 
Galer Christopher, caulker, h. Bunker, s, w. 

cor. S. Jifferson. 
GAYLORD CATHARINE R., physician, h. 

194 Desplnines. {See card.) 
Gaylord Chailes A., bookkeeper, machinery 

depot., I. C. R. R., bds. 22nd., nr. Prairie 

Gaylord Ebenezer, painter, h. b. s. Park av., 

w. Robey. 
Gaylord Frederick, (Gray, Phelps & Co.,) bds. 

Sherman House. 
Gaylord Lucian F., (Stone & Gavlor.l.) bds. 

167 Clark. 
Gaylord Lucy M. S. C, teacher, h. s. s. Park 

av., w. Robey. 
Gaylord Oscar E., bookkeeper, bds. s. 3. Park 

av., w. Robey. 
Gaylord Pierce, physician, h. 194 De^pla'nes. 
Gaylord Sylvanus G., propr., Gaylord House, 

278 State. 
-Gaynor Patrick, h. al., r. 119 Wells! 
Gayuor Peter, lab., Eagle Works. 
Gazzolo Frank, saloon, 63 W. Madison, h. 

Gazzolo Peter, confectioner, 45 W. Kiuzie, 

h. same. 
Gear Henry, salesman, E. G. L. Faxon, bds. 

216 Madison. 
Gear William 0., clerk, Trego & Co., h. 76 

Oearn Edward, carpenter, h. 334 S. Clinton. 

Geary Andrew, tailor, h. 148 Sangamon. 

Geary Catharine, wid. Williiim, h. 199 Jackson. 

Geary David C, tailor, 128 Wells, h. same. 

Geary Edward, teamster, 160 Indiana. 

Geary James, teamster, 91 Chicago av. 

Geary John, second-hand clothing, 288 Wells, 
h. same. 

Geary Lawrence, blacksmith, George Boomer. 

Geary Patrick, boilermaker, h. 333 S. Clinton. 

Geary Patrick, painter, bd.s. Miller, bet. Polk 
and Taylor. 

Geason James, lab., h. s. s. Sobor, nr. Canal. 

Gebel Frederick, plasterer, h. 14 Green Bay. 

Gebel John, (Gebel & Nolting,) h. nr. cor. 
North ay. and Front. 

Gebel Michael, porter, Stryker & Co.,h. Hin.^- 
dale, nr. Pine. 

Gebel & Nolting', (John Gebel and Ernst Nol- 
ting.) blacksmiths, 26 Chicago av. 

r.ebert Henry, porter. Bowers & Co., h. Ar- 
nold, bet. 19th and 20th. 

Gebhart Jacob, teamster, h. Front, nr Car- 

Geek Philip, saloon, h. 85 Wells. 

GECMAN JOSEPH, brewery, w. s. Cly- 
bourne av., .nr. Larrabee. 

Geddes Peter, agt. , 17 Wells, h. 357 Ohio. 

Gee Charles W., medical student, bds. 9 Silver. 

Gee Francis, tailor, li. 95} N. Clark. 

Gee Frederick, tinsmith," 834 State, h. 95 N. 

Gee George W., (G. W. Gee & Co.,) bds. 
Michigan av., s. \y. cor. 24th. 

Gee John, drayman, h. 203 Jackson. 

Gee Rodman S., physician, h. Silver, bet. 
Gurley and Harrison. 

Gee G. W. & Co., (George W. Gee, D. C. 
Hough,) com. mers., 2 Wigwam bldg. 

Geelon Christian, lab., brick yard, N. Branch. 

Geer John, lab., B. Adams k Co. 

Geerlings John, moulder, h. 118 W. Polk. 

Geery Nathaniel, grocer, 198 State, h. same. 

Geesey Thomas, student, St. Mary's Univer- 
sity, bd.'?. same. 

Geesey Thomas W., cabinetmaker, h. 205 

Geffenger P.eter, mason, n. s. Reos, nr. Hal- 

Gegenwarth William, cooper, h. w. s. Wolcott, 
n. Division. 

GEHR SAMUEL, real estate agt., 114 Dear- 
born, h. .s. s. Wendell, nr. N. Wells. {See 
advt. op. p.) 

Gehring Henrick, wheelright, h. p. s. Vedder, 
nr. Pleasant. 

Gehrke Conrad, (Gerke& Co.,) h. 76 N. Wells. 

Gehrke & Co., (Conrad Gehrke and George 
Bruekman,) flour and feed, 76 ,V. Wells. 

Gehrke Henry, lab., C. & N. W. R. W. car 
shop, h. 121 Indiana. 

Geib Clark, deputy sheriff, h. n. s. North av., 
nr. Orchard. 

Geib Henry, tailor, h. s. s. North av., nr. 

Geib Jacob, lab., J. L. Chapman, h. Mich i 
gan, cor. Pine. 

Geick Henry, tailor, 1 1 N. Wells, h. same'. 

Geiger Herman, baker, 367 S. Canal, h. earns. 

Geiger Jacob, bookbinder, 136 Clark, h. 109 
N. Clark. 





Geigher Louis, agt., h. 187 S. Canal. 

Geil Henry, cutter, Foreman Bros., 63 Lake. 

Geinear George, carpenter, h. s. s. O'Brien, nr. 

Geis Frank, with Sandmeier & Klassen, bds. 
201 Blue Island av. 

Geise Edmund, carpenter, h. 171 N. Union. 

Geisen Henry, tailor, bds. A. Zeigler. 

Geisendorf Frederick, butcher, h. 105 Towns- 

Geiser Jules, watchmaker, Nowlin & McEhvain, 
h. 375 State. 

Geisler Frederick R., drover, h. w. s. Michigan 
av. bet. '24th and 25th. 

Geissler Ferdinand, tinsmith, h. 359 S. Canal. 

Geist Jacob, carriagemakei*, 28 Milwaukee av. 

Geist Michael, baker, bds. 125 N. Clark. 

Geist Henri, h. n. s. Chicago av. nr. Milwau- 
kee av. 

Gekisch Henry, lab., h. s. s. Rees, nr. Halsted. 

Gelscheimer Joseph, hide buyer, Howard & 
Brown, h. 158 Kinzie. 

Gelder Isaac, (L & J. Gelder,) h. 204 Wells. 

Gelder Jonas, (I &. J. Gelder,) h. 232 Adams. 

Gelder L & J., (Isaac Gelder and Jonas Gel- 
der,) second hand clothing, 204 Wells. 

Geldner Anton, tailor, h. n. s. North av. nr. 

Gclis Charles, saloon, Stewart av. n e. cor. 
Meagher, h. same. 

Gelis John, lub., Newaygo Co., li. S. Halsted. 

Geller Christian, h. 157 N. Clark. 

Geller Eva M., wid. Charles E., h. 76 N.Grecn. 

Gelo Frederick, lab., h. 15 Cliicago av. 

Gclpcke Henry, (Gelpcke & Thorne.) 

Gfjpcke 0t!O,''(Gelpcke & Co.,( h. 216 Ohio. 

Gelpcke & Co., (Oito Gelpcke,) com. mer., 4 
Loomis bldg. 

Gelpcke & Thorne, (Henry Gelpcke, and John 
R. and Alexander L. Thorne,) packers, of- 
fice 104 S. Water. 

Genapp Frederick, miller, Rickard & Beierlin, 
h. Butterfield, nr. 19th. 

Gender L. B., painter, h. 51 Chestnut. 

Genen Martin, blacksmith, h. 286 3d av. 

Gensh Christian, trunkmaker, Pliilip Becker, 
h. Union, cor. Dussold. 

Gensh William, tallow renderer, II. Goldsmith 

Gentner John, shoemaker, h. 205 Adam.s. 

Gentry Robert, supt. Service and Lamp Dept., 
Gas Light and Coke Co., h. 89 LaSalle. 

Gcnzon Louis, lab., h. Gardner, nr. Halsted. 

Geogliegan Margaret, wid. John, saloon, 482 

George Aristid, sailor, h. 29 Huron. 

George J. B., carpenter 1. C. R. R. machine 

George James, (H. A. Pitts & Co..) bds. Briggs 

George John B., coppersmith, h. s. s. Michigan 
av. bet. ISth and 21st. 

George John R., sailmaker, Purington & Scran- 

George Lorin F., carpenter, h. 94 3d av. 

George Mary E., wid., h. 50 Peoria. 

George Peter, drayman, h. 8. s. DeKoven, nr. 

George Simeon, cigar dealer, Briggs House, h. 
205 Illinois* 

George Stephen T., japanner. Enterprise 

Works, h. 294 W.Mndiana. 
GEORGE THOMAS, agt. Enterprise Works, 

54 S. Clinton, h. 294 W. Indiana, {See 

advtp. 142.) 
George Thomas S., upholsterer, h. 387 N.Clark. 
George William, saloon, Madison, cor. Wells, 

h. same. 
George William 0., (George, Dudley & Ture- 

man,) h. 262 Michigan. 

0. George, James G. Dudley, and William 

M. Tureman,) whol. grocers, 93 S. Water. 
Georges Jacob, baker, 244 Clark, h. same. 
Georges Paul, h. s. s. Division, nr. Wood. 
Georgey Joseph A., carpenter, h. n. s. 22d, 

nr. Grove. 
Georgien Matthew, porter, 44 Lake. 
Gepfal Frederick, lithographer, h. 13 S.Canal. 
Gepsinger Warpine, lab., h. al., nr. Grove, 

bet. 21st and 22d. 
Gerard John B., surveyor, Ogden, Fleetwood 

& Co., h. 203 Illinois. 
Gerardin Victor, (Grosset & Gerardin,) h. 175 

Geratz Martin, butcher, h. 313 Michigan. 
Gerber John, blacksmith. Front bet. Halsted 

and Carpenter. 
Gerber Edward, U. S. army, h. 126 W. Indi- 
Gerbert Jacob, shoemaker, h. 396 S. Jeiferson 
Gerbing Christian, carpenter, Wolcott, n. e. c. 

Gerew Francis, carpenter, h. n. s. Green, w. 

N. Wells. 
Gerge , gardener, h. Sedgwick, n. e. c. 

Gergen Frederick, lab., h. s. s. Granger, w. N. 

Gergen Herbert, h. 226 Wolcott. 
Gerhardt Mathias, tailor, h. 136 4th av. , 
Gerhardy & Nowak, hardware, 100 Milwaukee 

Gerhardt Charles, engineer, h. 142 Townsend. 
Goricke Christopher, h. 95 Forquer. 
Gericke, Henry, grocer, e. s. Halsted, nr. North 

av., h. same. 
Gerig William, lab., h. s. s. Sigel, nr. Sedgwick 
Gerike Friedrich, shoemaker, h w. s. Larrabee, 

nr. Chicago av. 
Germain George H., clerk, 97 S. Water, h. 

178 Ohio. 
German Con.sulate, 47 LaSalle. 
German Emigrant Aid Society, office 153 In- 
German Evangelical Lutheran Emanuel's 

Church, 12th, bet. Blue Island av., and 

German Fritz, lab., h. e. s. Orchard, nr. Wil- 
German House Association, German Hall, 

Wells, s. e. c. Indiana. 

Central R. R. Co., office 66 Michigan av. 
German Lutheran Church, 125 Indiana, Rev. 

Ileinrich Wunder, pastor. 
German Lutheran Church, 160 and 162 Ohio, 

Rev. Joseph Hartmann, pastor 
German Lutheran School, W. 12th, bet. Blue 

Island av. and May. 




German Society of the M. E. Church, W. Har- 
rison, cor. Aberdeen. 
German Workingmen's Association, rooms 5S 

GERMAMA FIRE INS. CO. of New Yorlc, 

Miller & Wilmarth agts., 150 S. Water. 

[See adt'H.) 
Germer A. H., (A. H. Germer & Co.,) h. 29G 

Chicago av. 
Germer John, watchmaker, h. Johnson, cor. 

Germer Michael, lab., h. 387 Wells. 
GERMER A. H. & CO., (Albert H. Germer 

and Martin Stande,) com. mers., 40 La- 

Gerr Henry, bds. s. s. 14th, nr. Union. 
Gerrigan Thomas, lab., s. s. Kramer, w. Union. 
Gerrison August A., tombstone maker, h. 

Rueker, bet. Van Buren and Tyler 
Gerstenberg Carl, bookkeeper H. Harbleicher, 

h. 162 N, Dearborn. 
Gerstenhauer Albin. h. n. s. Chicago av., nr. 

Gerstenhauer Robert, lab., h. Chicago av., bet 

Johnson and Reuben. 
GERSTETTER JOUANN, saloon, Louisville 

Hotel, 245 Kinzie. 
Gerstley Maximalian, h. 9 3d av. 
Gerts George E., (George E. Gerts & Co.,) h. 

Walnut, bet. Reuben anrl Paulina. 
Gerts George E. & Co., (George E. Gerts and 

Henry Luinbard,) brushmakers, 204 Ran- 
Gery Henry C, clerk 52 Jefiferson. 
Gery John, carpenter, n. r. 288 3d av. 
Gery John, clothing, 288 Wells. 
Geshner Henry, lab., h. 3 Fisher's blk.. 

White St. 
Gesky Julius, carpenter, b. 225 Griswold. 
Gess August, lab., h. Union, bet. W. Indiana 

and Hubbard. 
Gessenbeek Charles, com. mer,, h. 162 N. 

Gessner John H., teamster, h. n. s. Augusta, 

nr. Milwaukee av. 
Getswiller Henrj-, carpenter, h. Division nr. 

N. Wells. 
Gettins James F., (Gettins & Sullivan,) 262 

N. Clark. 
Gettins & Sullivan (James F. Gettins and 

James Sullivan,) painters, 264 N. Clark. 
Oetz Benjamin, butcher, h. nr. c. LaSalle and 

Arc'r^er rd. 
Getz James N., engineer R. I. R. R., li. Max- 
well nr. Halsted. 
Getzellniann Henry, carpenter, h e. s. N Wells 

nr. Schiller. 
Getzler Anthony J., printer, Evening Journal, 

h. 74 State. 
G^utzman Peter, painter, h. 267 Chicago av. 
Geweke Frederick, saloon, 18 W. Lake, h. 

Geva Edward, farmer, h. 'N. Desplaines cor. 

Geyer Henry, lab., h. W. 12th bet. Loomisand 

Geyerstangcr I. M., printer, 55 Lasalle, h. 

Lake view. 
Ghent John. h. 166 S. Desplaines. 
Qhibault Elisee, boat builder, bda. 250 Wells. 

Ghisling George, shoemaker, h. 142 Halstcd. 

Ghnochio .John G., confectiou'-r, 9 Kinzie. 

Gibb William, bakery, 68 Blue I. av.,h. same* 

Gibbons Patrick, lab., N. Branch Water s.Di- 

Gibbons Mjies, h. 97 Indiana. 

Gibbons John, butcher, h. 101 N. Market. 

Gibbons Joseph G., (Horne & Gibbons,) bds. 

Gibbons Miss Kate, clerk. Chase Brothers, bds. 
117 3dav. 

Gibbons Mrs. wid., h. 69 Chicago av. 

Gibbons Catharine, h. N. Water, S. Division. 

Gibbons Patrick, bds. 101 N. Market. 

Gibbons Theodore, pedler, Buseh & Brand. 

Gibbons Thomas, lab., h. 117 N. Market. 

Gibbons William, A. L. bookeeper, Walsh, 
Hutchinson, Sherwood & Co., bds. 131 

Gibbs Aaron, physician, room G Larmon blk. 
h. 40 Munroe. 

Gibbs Benjamin F., builder, h. 43 S. Des- 

Gibbs Charles C, engineer, h. r. e. s. 4th av. 
bet. 12th and 14th. 

Gibbs Francis S. (Leduc & Gibbs.) 

GIBBS GEORGE A.,(Joseph H. Tucker & Co.) 
and agent Washington Insurance Co. of 
N. York, h. foot of 12th on Lake shore. 
Marine Department. Washington Insur- 
ance Company of New York. Assets 
$523,521 51. G. C. Saterlee, President. 
Henry Weston, Vice President. Wm. 
K. Lothrop, Secretarj'. Risks taken 
for the above Company upon cargoes, 
freights and merchandise on the lakes, 
rivers and canals, against the perils of 
inland navigation. George A. Gibbs, 
Agent, No. 6 Board of Trade Building, 
Chicago, 111. Capt. J. Dorchester, In- 
spector. Losses promptly paid. 

Gibbs James J. cattle broker. Cottage Grove 
av. nr. Southern av. 

Gibbs James S., student. King & Scott, bds. In- 
diana av. 2d door S. 12th. 

Gibbs Orlando F., book publishing agent, 134 
Clark, room 6. 

Gibbs Orrin S., clerk, bds. 51 Van Biiren. 

Gibbs William S., bookkeeper, Joseph H.Tucker 
& Co., bds 12th nr. the lake shore. 

Gibney James, lab., h. e. s. Brown, bet. Lake 
and Canalport av. 

Gibson Charles, servant, E. K. Rogers, 375 

Gibson Charles W., (col'd) expressman, h. 165 

Gibson George H., (Gibson & Chase) h. 300 
W. Madison. 

Gibson John, lab., h. e. s. H,ilstead, nr. 

Gibson John, lab., h. Sherman, cor. Taylor. 

Gibson John, tinsmith, h. Maxwell, nr. Hal- 

Gibson John H., h. 143 4th av. 

Gibson Ned, lab., h. w. s. Pleasant, nr. Divis- 

Gibson Richard, merchant, bds. 228 Indiana. 

Gibson Robert, dentist, 144 Lake, bds. cor 
Wabash av. and Randolph. 

Gibson William, lab., h. 139 Sherman. 





Gibson William, machinist, bds. 173 W. 12th. 
Gibson William, teamster, h. r 16 W. Indiana. 
Gibson William J., (Hoyt & Gibson) h. 179 

Gibson & Chase, (George H. Gibson and 
Charles E. Chase,) forwd. com. and stor- 
age, Market bet. Madison and Washing- 
ton, and ins. trans, agts. 9 Dole's bldg. 
Gielon John, lab., h. e. s. Samuel, nr. Chi- 
cago av. 
Giese Carl, lab., h. s s. Rees. nr. Halsted. 
Giese Egmont, carpenter, h. Union, nr. W. In- 
Giese Gustave L.. h. 100 Indiana. 
Giese Julius H., printer, h. 100 Indiana. 
Gieselbracht Hermann, cigarmakcr, Math 

Schaub, h. 129 Michigan. 
Giesen Hermann, lab., h. cor. Halsted and 

Giesenschlay Charles, boots and shoos, h. 171 

Giezeu Peter, lab., h. n. S. Black Hawk, nr. 

GifFen Nathaniel, traveler, Clarke & Co. 
Gifford Geoi-ge, ostler L. Button, Couch pi. 
Gifford N. C, bds. 236 Madison. 
Giffro Mary, bd.s. 80 W. 12th. 
Gigler Henry, blacksmith, h. 69 Sherman. 
Giher Frederick, cabinetmaker, h. LaSalle, c. 

Archer rd. 
Gilbert Aaron, lab. h. s. s. Maxwell, nr. Union. 
Gilbert Ale.xander, lab. C. B. & Q. R. R. de- 
Gilbert Charles, salesman E. G. L. Faxon, bds. 

40 Quincv. 
Gilbert Charles E., conductor G. & C. U. R. 

R., h. 202 N. Peoria. 
Gilbert Charles J., (Gilbert, Updike k Co.,)h. 

12 Aberdeen. 
Gilbert Eugene, printer, bds. N. Y. House 
Gilbert George, (Gilbert & Thompson,) h. c. s. 

Wabash av. bet. 21sc and 22ud. 
Gilbert George T., h. 43 S. Curtis. 
Gilbert Henry, coppersmith, h. 232 Halsted. 
Gilbert J. B,, brakesman, h. 106 Milwaukee 

Gilbert John R., lab. h. S. Desplaines, bet. 

Adams & Monroe. 
Gilbert M., lawyer, h. 192 Superior. 
Gilbert Mary J., bds. 12 Aberdeen. 
Gilbert S. H., ins. agt., 2 Kingsbury blk., h. 

Gilbert Tillv, mechanical bakery, h. 24 Price 

Gilbert William, (Gilbert & Palmer,) h. S14 

W. Randolph. 
GILBE.?T HUBBARD k CO., (Gilbert Hub- 
bard, J. Spencer Turner, and George B. 
Carpenter,) shipchandlers and sailmakcrs, 
205 and 207 S. Water. {See advl. p.) 
Gilbert, Updike & Co., (Charles J. Gilbert, 
George W. Updike, and Edwin 0. Stan- 
ard,) com. mers., 20 LaSalle. 
Gilbert & Palmer, (William Gilbert and Frank 
S. Palmer,) paper and rag house, 14 La- 
GILBERT & SAMPSON, (George Gilbert and 
Joseph Sampson,) general auctioneers, 
46 and 48 Dearborn. 

Gilbransou Christian, hib. h. n. s. Bunker, nr. 

Gilchrist J. A., h. 387 N. Market. 
Gilchrist James M., salesman James McKind- 

lev & Co., bds. 45 Michigan av. 
GILCHRIST JAMES R., silver and bras3 

plater, 93 Kinzie, h. 144 N. Carpenter. 
Gilchrist John, engineer, h. Sebor, nr. Canal. 
Gilchrist John, h. 363 Indiana. 
Gilchrist Neal, sailor, h. 204 Indiana. 
Gilchrist Thomas, lab. h. n. s Sigel, nr. 

Gilcreest John, liquors, 392 State, h. same. 
Gilder John, lab. h. 85 Forquer. 
GHderay John, lab. C. H. McCormick & Bros. 
Gildersleeve L. I., Chicago purchase and sale 
pgencv, 8 Clark, bds. Metropolitan Hotel. 
Giles Charles R., (Giles, Bro. & Co ) 
Giles J. Bilton, salesman, h. 216 Madison. 
Giles John, boilermaker, h. 124 N. Market. 
Giles John J., tailor, h. Division, s. e. cor. N. 

Giles John V., with Stiles, Brewster & Co., k 

216 Madison. 
Giles 0. Henrj', bds. Madison, bet. Halsted 

and S. Desplaines. 
Giles Sarah Mrs. h. 124 N. Green. 
Giles William, contractor, h. 66 N. Green. 
GILES, BROS. & CO., (Wil'iam A. Giles, 
Charles K. Giles, James G. Harper,) im- 
porters and ninfrs. of fine watches, dia- 
monds and jewelry, American watcher, 
silver ware, silver plated ware, fancy 
goods, etc., 142 Lake. 
Gilfass Edward, carpenter, h. 308 Wells. 
Gilfoil Pierce, tailor, 205 Forquer, h. same. 
Gilkison Daniel, baker 0. Kendall, Sons & Co., 

h. Morgan, nr. Polk. 
Gill Andrew, basketraaker, h. 827 State. 
Gill Mrs. Ann, wid. Thomas, h. 136 Rush. 
Gill Edmund, propr. Gill's Hotel, 17 N. 

Gill James, lake captain, h. 118 W. Madisoit. 
Gill Samuel, bds. 288 State. 
Gill Stephen, lab. h. 158 Indiana. 
Gill Thomas, lab. h. 725 Clark. 
Gill Thomas, lab., h. Franklin, bet. Washing-' 

ton and Madison. 
Gill's Hotel, Edmund Gill propr., 17 N. Wells. 
Gillam C. H., barber, 79 Dearborn, bds. 174 

Gillan John, h. Arnold, nr. City Hospital. 
Gillan John, engineer, Atlantic Engjne No. 3, 

h. 212 Michigan. 
Gillard Thomas, varnisher, h. s. s. W. Lake, 

e. Hoyne. 
Gillen James, porter, C. S. Hutchins & Co., 

bds. Madison, cor. Market. 
Gillen James, teamster, h. 391 W. Polk. 
(Jillen John, porter. Hale & Ayer. 
Gillen Luke, carpenter, h. Mav, nr. Polk. 
Gillen Peter J., tailor, h. 417 State. 
Gillen Peter, lab., h. 475 S. Wells. 
Gillespie Alexander M., clerk, bds. 285 State, 
Gillespie Charles A., bds 238 W. 12th. 
Gillespie David, bookkeeper, h. 75 Throop. 
Gillespie James, (J. & J. Gillespie,) bds. 285 

Gillespie John, cabinetmaker, h. 238 W. 12th. 






W. 12th, nr. 

Gillespie John, clerk 

Gillespie John, (Campbell & Gillespie) h. 226 

N. Clark. 
Gillespie John J., fireman, h. Newbury, bet. 

12th and Taylor. 
Gillespie Joseph, (J. & J. Gillespie,) bds. 285 

Gillespie Judson J. C, clerk M. S. & N. I. E. 

R., bds. 223 -tth nv. 
Gillespie Malcolm, sailor, h. 13 Dunn. 
Gillespie Patrick, grocer, 483 State, h. 481 

Gillespie Walter G., packer, bds. Anderson 

Gillespie J. & J., (James and Joseph,) grocers. 

320 State. 
Gillet Daniel, drayman, 108 N. Desplaines. 
Gillet Egbert W., clerk, bds. 189 Madison. 
Gillet P.iul W., agt. flavoring extracts, 189 

Madison, h. same. 
Gillett Anson T., (Gillet, Titus & Co.,) h. New 

Gillett George W., h. 246 W. Randolph. 
GiJlett Robert H., (Gillett, Titus & Co.,) bds. 

287 Illinois. 
Gillett, Titus & Co., (Anson T. Gillett, Alfred 
C. Titus and Robert H. Gillett,) fancy 
goods, stationery, &c., 137 Lake. 
Gillette Horace C, (Gillette, Whitney & Co.,) 

h. 46 Lake. 
Gillette James F., (A. E. Kent & Co.,) h. w. s. 

Michigan av., 2d door s. 18th. 
Gillette, Charles A. Whitney, L. L. Whit- 
ney and James L. Watson,) who!, dealers 
and manfrs. boots and shoes, 46 Lake. 
Gillies Alexander, (Gillies & Ritchie,) h. Grand 

Haven slip. 
Gillies Thomas, porter, 55 Lake, h. 191 Supe- 
Gillies & Ritchie, (Alexander Gillies and John 

Ritchie,) carpenters, 55 S. Clinton. 
Gillig Paul, printer, 111. Staats Zdtung, h. 183 

N. Clark. 
Gilligliau Patrick, saloon, 52 W. Polk, h. same. 
Gillighan Thomas, carriage painter, h. 247 

Gilliland Theodore F., (Rew & Gilliland,) h. 

112 Blue L av. 
Gillend Theodore, h. 113 Blue L av. 
Gilliu Dennis, lab., h. Union, bet. W. Indiana 

and Hubbard. 
Gillinan Daniel, h. n. w. c. Stewart and Wright. 
Gillis James, carpenter, Stevenson & Crabb. 
Gillis James, engineer, h. 335 Clark. 
Gillis Sarah, wid. James, 124 N. Green. 
Gillman John, lab., h. 64 W. Harrison. 
Gillman William II., clerk, T. H. Moakley, 

bds. 90 State. 
Gillmore Christopher C, conveyancer, John 

G. Shortall & Co., h. 10 Hills. 
Gillmore Ephriam, clerk, Henrv F. Eldred, h. 

163 W. Taylor. 
Gillmore Sarah, wid. Freeman, h. 10 Hills. 
Gillow William, lab., h. w. s. N. Wells, nr. 

Gillston Everett, tailor, J. W. Litchfield, bds. 
112 N. Wells. 


Gillum Charles, (col'd,) barber, bds. 135 Jack- 
Gilman Charles E., blacksmith, 215 State. 
Gilman Frank M., clerk, J. S. Piatt, 65 Ran- 
dolph, bds. 64 Waba«h av. 
Gilman John, bookkeeper, bds. 153 4th av. 
Gilman Marcus D., (Gilman, Grannis & Far- 
well,) and (Savage, Keith & Co.,) h. 174 
Michigan av. 
Gilman Willis E., cashier and paymaster C. 

B. & Q. R. R., bds. 41 3rd av. ' 
D. Gilman, William C. D. Grannis, and 
Marcus A. Farwcll,) whol. grocers 15;; 
S. Water. 
Gilmar Henry, h. e. s. N. Wells, nr. North av. 
Gilmartin George, lab., h. 104 Kingsbury. 
Gilmartin Patrick, sailor, bds. Jefferso.n, n. e . 

cor. DeKoven. 
Gilmaster Alsbeta, wid. h. W. Front; bet. Car- 

penter and 5th. 
Gilmeister John, lab., Peshtigo Co. 
Gilmer Joseph Henrv, sailor, h. 170 N. Water. 
Gilmister Joseph, lab., C. H. McCormick A: 

Gilmore C, engineer, I C. R. R. 
Gilmore F., machinist, Richard's Mnfrg. Co. 
Gilmore Franklin, salesman, Sayrs & Davis, h. 

e. s. Michigan av., nr. 24th. 
Gilmore Henry, cigarmaker, bds. 158 N. Des- 

Gilmore Hugh J., clerk 87 S. Water, bds. 28 

Gilmore John, modelmaker, h. 186 N. Green. 
Gilmore Martin, h. 192 W. Harrison. 
Gilmore William, house agent, h. 23 Dunn. 
Gilos Henry, expressman, h. r. 291 Fulton. 
Gilsdorf Henry, carpenter, h. e. s. Little Fort 

rd., nr. Wisconsin. 
Gilsinn William, h. 14 Gurlej'. 
Gilson Albert, foreman, Doolittle & Olcott. 

bds. 6 Charles. 
Gilson Caroline Miss, dressmaker, 170 Clark, 

h. same. 
Gilson James, lab., bds. Langley, nr. the city 

Gilteman Daniel, sailor, Stewart av., bet. Bar 

ber and Wright, h. same. 
Gilz Louis, tailor, h. Twomey,»ur. Sedgwick. 
Gigdel Charles, porter 45 Lake. 
Gindele Geo. A., bookkeeper, A. G. Garfield 

bds. 342 State. 
Gindele John G., pres. Board Public Works. 

h. 342 State. 
Gindorf Peter, iron and tin ware, 473 State. 
GindorffBernhard, saloon and boardino- 130 

S. Water. 
Ginley Honora, wid. Michael, h. 95 Ontario. 
Ginn Alexander, lab., h. 44 Chestnut. 
Gipfried John, porter, Thomson & Alston, h. 

302 Wolcott. 
Gipsey Christopher, lab., h. W. Monroe, cor. 

GIRARD HOUSE, William Cox propr., op. 

L C. R. R. depot. 
Gisch Henry, blacksmith, bds. Chicago av. 

cor. N. Dearborn. 
Gittleson John, sailmaker, b. 166 N. Peoria. 
Giuseppe Cara, saloon and fruit store, 117 W 





Given Albert H., clerk, C. L. Woodman, bds. 

19 Illinois. 
Glade Henry, (Glade & Siever?,) h. 178 N. Hal- 

Glade Henry H., grocer, 155 W. Randolph, 

h. same. 
Glade Hdrman 0., liquor dealer, h. 178 Hal- 

Glade & Sievcrs, (Henry Glnde and Loais Sie- 

vers,) liquors wliol. 126 W. Lake. 
Glancy E. D., machinist, lOS N. Carpenter. 
Glane" Mrs. Bridgett, wid. Michael, h. n. s. 

Wayman, bet. DesPlaines and Union. 
■Glanville Jumes, watchman, Fulton elevator, 

h. 171 Wolcott. 
•Glasen John, lab., Swift pi., nr. Stewart av. 
Glaser Henrv, sailor, h. IGS Townseud. 
Glascoe Thomas, machinist, I. C. R. R., h. 245 

3rd av. 
Glaser Frederick, pattern niaker,W. F. Krause, 

h. 375 Wells. 
Glaser John, boot maker, 75 Dearborn, bds. 

near New York House. 
(Glazier Charles, brass finisher, bds. 353 Chi- 
cago av. 
Glass Alexander, lab., C. H. McCoimick & 

^ Glass Jas. E. printer, George H. Fergus, h. 

23 Quiney. 
■ Glassbrook Mrs. J., b. 186 Wolcott. 
Glassbrook Thomas H., salesman. Gore, Will- 
son & Co., h. 186 Wolcott. 
Glassen Joseph, lab., bd-. W. 12th cor. s. 

'Glassin John, lab., C. H. McCormlck & Bros. 
Glassmer George, h. 70 N. Desplaines. 
Glatres John, shoemaker, li. 8 Gurley. 
• Glaubitz Henry, saloon, n. s. Maxwell, n. Jef- 
ferson, h. same. 
tGlaubitz Louis, porter, Durand, Bros. & Pow- 
^Gleanier Mary, wid. Jacob, h. s. s. Taylor, nr. 

Gleamer Mrs. Kate, b. 312 Wolcott. 
>Gleany Frederick, lab., h. 12 N. Clark. 
(Gleason Andrew, driver city R. W., h. w. s. 

Leavitt s. W. Madison. 
'Gleason E., bds. Clilton House. 
•Gleason Ellep,«wid. Thomas, h. w. s. S. Des- 

nlaines, nr. Bunker. 
Gleai"-on John, upholsterer h. S. Clinton, bet. 

W. Washington and W. Madison. 
Gleason Margaret, dressmaker, 359 1- Clark, h. 

679 State. 
Gleason Mary, milliner, 359i Clark, h. 679 

Gleason Michael, chairmaker, bds. 141 K. 

Gleason Michael, h. Cottage Grove av. bet. 

22d and 23d. 
Gleason Mills B., teacher, bds. 285 Clark. 
Gleason Thomas, lab., h. n. s. Catharine, nr. 

Gleason William, clerk, Frank Harrington. 
Gleason James, foreman N. W. R. W. h. W. 

Chicago av. nr. Carpenter. 
Gleason James, lab., b. 189 W. Harrison. 
Gleason John, h. Commercial, h. bet. W. Cly- 

oourn av. and Armitnge road. 
Gl eson Michael, capt. 23d IlLVoLh. 1 8 Pearcc. 

Gleason Nancy, John, boarding, 679 

Gleeson Thomas, lab., h. W. Taylor, nr. La4'- 

Glenn George, (col'd) whitewasher, bds. 23-2 

Glenn Patrick, lab., h. Paulina, bet. Indiana 

and 4th. 
Glennen (Rev.) Patrick, b. nr. St. Patrick's 

Church, S. Desplaines, 
Glennen William, drayman, h. Sd av. nr. 14th, 
Gleniiin Patrick, teamster, h. nr. cor. Morgan 

and W. Munroe. 
Glennon Thomas, boilermaker, h. Ewing, n. 

w. c,;r. Desplaines. 
Gleser John, lab., h. Reuben, nr. Milwaukee av, 
Glett John* shoemaker, with F. Hettinger, 
Glick Phillip, miller, 39 Larabee. 
Glickauf Jacob, crockery, 85 N. Clark, h. 135 

Glickauf Samuel, h. 159 Hlinois. 
Glide Henry R., carpenter, Busch & Brand. 
Glisan John, stone cutter, bds. 110 Clinton. 
Glistiver Henry, lab., James S. Kirk & Co. 
Gloede John, iab., h. Reuben nr. Milwaukee av. 
GLOCKLER JOHN, wood carver, n. s. Gran- 
ger, nr. N. Wells h, same. 
Gloer i'rederick, tailor, h. ai. bet. LaSalle 

and Wells, nr. Quiney. 
Glogowsky Isaac, clerk, h. 52 Congress. 
Glogowsky Simon, b. 215 Wells. 
Glos Charles, carpenter, li. 148 Ontario. 
Glos Charles A., student, bds. Washington 

Glover Elias W., machinist, h. 409 State. 
Glover Samuel J., Cashier P. Ft. W. & C. R, 

W., bds. Shermiin House. 
Glover William W., grocer, 273 W. Madison, 

bds. 215 W. Madison. 
G^owe George, lab., h. Pearl, nr. Pratt. 
Glovd B. v., shipping clerk, H. W. Austin, 

" 221 S. Water. 
Gluck Henry, lab., h. n. s. Black Hawk, nr. 

Clybourn av. 
Gluck John, shoemaker, h.. c. s. Clybourn av.. 

nr. Black Hav^k. 
Glueck Adam, cigarniaker, h. e. s. Larrabee, nr 

Clybourn av. 
Gluke William, carpenter, h. n. s> Maxwell, nr 

Glynn Patrick, lab., h. nr. W. Chicago av. 

Goady H. W., painter, h. Rush, cor. Superior. 
Goan Michael, h. 56 Indiana. 
Gobel August, locksmith, bds. n. s. North av., 

w. N. Wells. 
Gobel George, carpenter, b. n. s. North av. w. 

N. Wells. 
Gobel Henry, cabinetmaker, bds.. n. s. Nortb 

av., w. N Wells. 
Goble Palmer C, bookkeeper H. C. Livingston, 

h. Judd. n. 6. cor. Jefferson. 
Goddard Henry, porter Kellogg & Covell, b. r. 

102 S. Clinton. 
Goddard William L., clerk J. H. Reed & Co., 

bds. 68 Monroe. 
Godee Seth, soldier, h. 185 N. Dearborn. 
Godfrey George IL, boarding, 864 Stale. 
Godfrey Henrv, witb F. A. Biyan, 2 Tremoni 






Godfrey N. P., deiuisr, 109 Lake, b. 23id. 
bet. State and Wabash av. 

Godlia John, lab., bds. 16!li, c. State. 

Godlub John, porter, h. r. 285 W. Adams. 

Godwit^e Ferdinand, japanner Enterprise 
Works, h. 186 Van Buren. 

Godwin Henry M., li. S. Morgan, c. Taylor. 

Goe Jacob, broominaker, h. n. s. Kramer, nr. 

Goebeck Albert, lab., h. Canal, nr. Forquer. 

Goebblesrieder Ferdinand, tailor, h. e. s. Hal- 
sted, nr. Kees. 

Goebel Carl, carrier, 111. Staats ZtiUmg, h. n. s. 
Rees, nr. Clybourn av, 

Goebel John, salesman, bds. Garden City 

Goebel Petor, h. 295 Cass. 

Goeller Andrew, saloon, 67 Kin^ie. 

Goelletz George, engineer Lill & Diversy, h. 

Goelzlin John, tailor, h, n. s. Granger, w. N. 

Goetz Wilhelm, physician, h. 338 N. Wells. 

Goettzsch Mathias, hatter, 19 Custom Housa 
pi. 151 Dearborn, h. 298 W. Jackson. 

Goennel Gottlieb, tinsmith, h. Reuben, nr. Mil- 
waukee av. 

Goerndt Charles, butcher, h. 206 Sangamon. 

Goerndt Charles, musician, h. s. s. Goethe, e. 

Goerndt William, carpenter, h. Miller, bet. 
Taylor and Polk. 

Goethe Conrad, porter land office 66 Michigan 

Goetschius John H., bds. 254 Michigan. 

Goetter Charles, grocer,^17^ Clark. 

Goetz George, whitewasher, w. s. N. Market, 
nr. Ohio. 

Goetze William, shoemr.ker, h. 213 N. Carpen- 

Goetsel John, tailor, h. 180 W. Polk. 

Goetzelman Henrv, carpenter, h. n. e. cor. 
Wells and Schiller. 

Goff Frederick C, traveling agt. Wood's reap- 
ers, 206 Lake, bds. Briggs House. 

GofFard Francis, street paver, h. 29 Huron. 

Goffe John L., clerk Lyman Phelps, bds. 80 

Gogan Frank, lab., h. al., r. 118 Jackson 

Goggin Thomas, boarding, 175 N. Water. 

Goggin William, grocer, 166 N. Franklin, h, 

Gogreve Charles, (Charles Gogreve & Co.,) 
bds. 501 S. Clark. 

Gogreve Charles & Co., (Charles Gogreve and 
Julius Berndt,) cigars, 501 Clark. 

Goitleng Julius, cabinetmaker, h. n. s. Gran- 
ger, w. N. Wells. 

Golard Ferdinand J. J., student, h. bet. Huron 
- and Superior, nr. Nevins. 

Golard Peter P., tailor, h. bet. Huron and Su- 
perior, nr. Nevins. 

Gold Jacob, shoemaker, 345^ Wells, h. same. 

Goldammer Aug .st, carpenter, h. 200 Wells. 

Goldberg Nathan D-., h. 112 Madison. 

Goldberger Lazar, grocer, 159 Milwaukee av. 
h. same. 

Golden Frank, (col'd,) waiter, h. Meridian, bet. 
Union and Desplaines. 

Golden John, mason, h. 82 Kinzie. 

Golden Michael, veterinary surgeon, h. School, 
bet. Madison an 1 Monroe. 

Goldenbaum Charljs, cabinetmaker, h. 296 
Milwaukee av. 

Goldenberg John, grocer. Union, n w. cor. 
Dussold, h. same, 

Goldie Edward, carpenter, h. 103 W. Monroe. 

Goldie William, h. 218 Monroe. 

Golding James, brass finisher, h. 226 W. Polk. 

Golding John, lab., T. C. Smith & Co. 

Goldman Jacob, salesman, U. Rohrback, bds. 
Charles House. 

Goldring William, h. cor. Wabash av. and La- 
fayette pi. 

Goldschmidt Tobias, (Goldschmidt, Morris & 

Goldschmidt, Morris & Co., (Tobias Gold- 
schmidt, Moritz Morris and David Melzer,) 
clothing, 279 Clark. 

Goldsmith Abram, mail clerk. Tribune, h. 9 

Goldsmith Alexander, fruit, 35 W. Kinzie, h. 

Goldsmith Hermann, (Goldsmith & Co.,) h. 134 

Goldsmith & Co., (Hermann Goldsmith and 
Louis Dreshfieli),) com. mer., and render- 
ers and dealers of tallow and grease, 120 

Goldstein Morris, furniture, 280 S. Clark, h. 

Goldstein Philip, furniture, 2r)l S. Clark. 

G(jldstein William, bricklayer, h. Hills, n. e'. 
cor. N. Wells. 

Goldsworthy Emanuel, boilermaker, h. 340 S. 

Goldthwaite Andrew, engineer, h. 91 N. Peo- 

Goll Adolph, (Brimo, Goll & Co.,) h. S. Canal, 
cor. r2th. 

Goll Frederick, butcher, 92 Milwaukee av. 

Goll Bruno, (Bruno Goll & Co.,) h. S. Canal, 
cor. 12th. 

Goll Bruno & Co , (Adolph Goll,) apothecaries, 
12th, n w. cor. Canal. 

Gollhart Liboreus. saloon, Cottage Grove, nr. 

Golsen William, clerk P. 0., h. 132 Griswold. 

Golson Erick, moulder, h. w..s. Dearborn, bet. 
16th and 17th. 

Gongeon Franz X., painter and paperhangcr, 
74 Monroe, h. same. 

Gonter John, watchman, h. 99 Elm. 

Good Edward G., (Ditmars & Good,) h. 71 W. 

Good Frank, meat market, h. 161 S. Jefferson. 

Good John N., clerk S. S. Drukker, bds. 154 
3d av. 

Good Martin, (H. B. Hosier & Co.,) h. 35 Prai- 
rie av. 

Good Martin P., clerk, bds. 35 Prairie. 

Good Thomas, lab., h. al. s. s. 20th, bet. Ar- 
nold and LaSalle. 

Goodale Edward, bookkeeper. Clou ■jh Bros., 
bds. Thompson's saloon. 

Goodall Andrew, (col'd,) porter, h. 131 4th av. 

Goodall George, machinist, h. e. s. Butterfield 
bet. 16th and 17th. 

Goode Thomas, conveyancer, Fernando Jones 
& Co., h. Fullerton, cor. Racine. 





Goodell James M., traveling agt., W.W.Cham- 

pioii, bds. Metropolitan Hotel. 
Goodfellow John, h. 87 Huron. 
Goodfellow Robert, bookkeeper, A. E. Good- 
rich, bds. 109 Wabash av. 
Goodfred Lott, bliicksmith, h. Centre. 
Goodgasill John, tailor, h. 180 W. Polk, 
(ioodiiouse Julius C, clerk, bds. 30 N. Wells. 
Goodhue Benjamin S., varnish mafr, h. s w. 

cor. Lincoln and Washington av. 
Goodhue Benjamin W., painter, h. n. s. W. 

Lake, bet. Lincoln and Robey. 
Goodhue Charles W., (Hart, Asten & Co.,)res. 

New York. 
GOODHUE INS. CO., of N. Y., B. W. Phil- 
lips & Co., agts., Clark, n e. cor. Lake. 
Gooding James B., bookkeeper, Loomis & 

Whitaker, bds. 81 Michigan av. 
Good joe John, lab., h. vr. s. Menominee, nr. 

Goodjohn Amos, teamster, h. 39 Pearce. 
Goodkind Elias, dry goods, h. 133 LaSalle. 
Goodkind Louis, (Freedman & Goodkind,) h. 

Ill Adams. 
Goodman Alexander, tailor, h. 198 Adams.' 
sistant Quartermaster, h. 471 W. Lake. 
Goodman Daniel, mason, h. 316 W. Madison. 
Goodman E. AVilliam, student University of 

Goodman Edward, (Church & Goodman,) h. 

13 Quincy. 
Goodman Epaphras (Rev.,) h. 15 S. Sangaftion. 
Goodman Ephraim, mason, h. 153 S. Des- 

Goodman Frank, blacksmith, h. Superior, bet. 

LaSaile and Wells. 
Goodman Harris H., tailor, h. 13 S. Canal. 
GOODMAN HENRY, dry goods, 229 Clark. 
Goodman H. M.j wid., h. 15 3. Sangamon. 
Goodman Hugo, 105 Lake, h. 186 3rd ar. 
(Joodman Jacob, grocer. Archer rd., cor 

Dearborn, h. same. 
Goodman Jane Mrs., wid. John, bakery, b. 

117 W. Adams. 
Goodman Joseph, blacksmith, h. 215 Forquer. 
Goodman Joseph D., bookkeeper, h. 61 3rd av. 
Goodman Joseph, carpenter, h. s. s. 18th. bet. 

Wabash av. and State. 
Goodman J. D., cashier, Silverman's bank, 50 

LaSalle, h. 61 3rd av. 
Goodman Louis, dry goods, 64 and 66 W. 

Randolph, bds. Wyman's Hotel. 
Goodman Moses, butcher, 40 W. Randolph, h. 

Goodman Thomas, ins. agt., 122 Clark, h. 295 

W. Adams. 
Goodman Thomas F., lab., b. 211 Carpenter. 
Goodno J. D., artificial leg maker, b. 112 Hub- 
Goodnow William H., com. mer. and vessel 

agt., 156 S. Water, bds. Clifton House. 
Goodrack RvB ell 0., clerk. C. B. & Q. R. R. 
Goodrich Ansel, cook, 176 Ohio. 
GOODRICH ALBERT E., agent, Goodrich 
line steamers, and (A. E. Goodrich & Cc ,) 
6 and 8 River, h. 353 Wabash av. 
Goodrich Charles A., salesman, Davis, Sawyer, 
& Co., bds. Matteson House. 

Goodrich David, gen. agt., and com. mer., 17 
LaSalle, h. 106 3d. av. 

Goodrich Daniel A., clerk, Jones & Laughlin, 
bds. 64 Wabash av. 

Goodrich Edward M., clerk, h. 156 W. Wash- 

Goodrich Franklin, h. 314 W. Randolph. 

Goodrich George O., messenger, Am. Ex. Co.. 
bds. 369 W. Lake. 

Goodricli Grunt, judge, Superior Court of Chi- 
cago, office, 81 Clark, h. 275 Illinois. 

Goodrich George, lawyer, 81 Clark, bds. 27- 

Goodrich Henry, bds. 199 W. Randolph. 

Goodrich Harry C, carpenter, h. n. s. Taylor, 
e. Hoyne. 

Goodrich James G,, office, 135 S. Water, up 
stairs, h. 156 W. Lake. 

Goodrich Jasper E., (A. E. Goodrich & Co..; 
h. 353 Wabash av. 

Howe, agt. 

Goodiich Peter, lab., h. Sigel, nr. Sedgwick. 

Goodrich William S., h. Mittesou House. 

GOODRICH A. E. & CO., (Albert E. and 
Jasper E. Goodrich.) mnfrs. and dealers 
in oils and kerosene lamps, 121 S. Water. 

GOODRICH & LAWSON, collar and shirt 
mnfrs., 78 Randolph, up stairs. 

Goodridge Charles L., (Shipman& Goodridge,) 
h. 471 Wabash av. 

Goodridge Edward, (H. & E. Goodridge,) h. 
N. Peoria, bet. Pearce and Kinzie. 

Goodridge Henrv, (II. & E. Goodridge,) bds. 
W. Randolph, cor. Halsted. 

Goodridge Henry W., machinist, C. & N. W. 
R. W. machine shop., h. 325 W. Indiana. 

Goodridge Lowell, grocer, w. s. State, bet. 
21st and 22nd, h. same. 

Goodridge H. & E., (Henry and Edward Good- 
ridge,) retail dry goods and groceries, 127 
and 129 N. Desplaines. 

Goodridte Edward, dry goods, h. 84 N. Peoria. 

Goodrow James, stonecutter, h. Franklin, 
nr. Charles. 

Goodrow Joseph, stonecutter, bds. Franklin, 
nr. Charles. 

Goodsell 0. M., tailor, h. 169 Superior. 

GOODSELL JAMES H., city ed. Times, bds. 
Tremont House. 

Goodshow John, carpenter, h. w. s. Johnson, 
nr. Chicago av. 

Goodshow Mary, h. n. s. Chicago ar., nr. 

Goodsmith William, agt. Chicago Sanitary 
Com., h. c. Paulina and Washington 

Goodwich Mary, wid., h. e. s. State, bet 16th 
and 17th. 

GOODWILLIE DAVID, mfnr. of all kindsof 
packing boxes, also, of flooring and sid- 
ing and all other kinds of planed lumber, 
112, 114, 116 and US Ohio, h. Green Bay 
rd, nr. Dyer. 

Goodwillie Douglas, foreman packing box fac- 
tory, h. n. s. Huron, bet. Market and 

Goodwillie James, boxraaker, h. 84 3rd. 

Goodwillie Robert G., boxmnfr., 98 N. Frank- 
lin, h. 100 Jackson. 





Goodwillie Thomas, boxmnfr., planing, saw 
ing, etc., pier foot N. Water, h. 319 N, 

Goodwillie William, boxmnfr. David Good 
Willie's factory, bds. n. s. Erie, bet, 
Franklin and Market. 

Goodwin Clement H., (E. Birney & Co.,) h. A.u 

Goodwin Daniel, jr., (Goodwin, Larned & 
Goodwin.) b. 281 Ontario. 

Goodwin Frederick C, lawyer, 22 McCorm- 
ick's bldg., bd?. 112 Wolcott. 

Goodwin John, horseshoer, 189 State, h. 

Goodwin John, lab. h. ii. e. c. W. Adams and 

Goodwin Joseph D., cashier, h. 01 3rd av. 

Goodwin Porter S., trav. agl. M. C. R. R., 
bd.-i. 163 Wabash av. 

Goodwin Samuel, director Richard's Manufac- 
turing Co., h. Rockton, 111. 

Goodwin Stephen A., (Goodvin, Larned & 
Goodwin,) h. 112 Wolcott. 

Goodwin William, boarding, 57 S. Canal. 

Goodwin William W., bookkeeper, h. 1*74 S. 

Goodwin, Larned & Goodwin, (Stephen A. 
Goodwin, Edward C. Larned, Daniel Good- 
win, jr.,) lawyers, 22 McCormick's bldg. 

Goodyear Calvin B., prod, dealer, 188 S. Wa- 
ter, h. 245 W. Lake. 

Goodyear Frederick, cabinetmaker, bds. 141 
N. Desplaines. 

Gooier J., teamster Lill & Diversy. 

Gooken James, saloon, Randolph, cor. Dear- 

Gookins Samuel B., (Gookins, Thomas & Rob- 
erts,) bds. 1Y2 Michigan. 

Gookins, Thomas & Roberts, (S. B. Gookins, 
Benjamin M. Thomas and James H. Rob- 
erts ) lawyers, 86 Washington. 

Goold S. Augusta, teacher Dearborn School, 
h. cor. Cottage Grove av. and 22nd. 

Goold Nathaniel, piano dealer, 115 Lake, h. 
Prairie av nr. 22iid. 

Goold William, moulder, h. 216 Forquer. 

Goovcr Benjamin F., grocer, 406 Clark, h. 

Gord Samuel F.. h. Fulton, cor. Sheldon. 

Gorden John Henry, carpenter, h. n. w. c. 
Twomey and Sedsrwiek 

Gordon Barkly M., clerk, h. 107 X. Carpen- 

Gordiner Lewis D., boarding, h. 211 Madison. 

Gordon Gabriel F., foreman Howard & Chase, 
h. Leavitt, cor. Washington. 

Gordon James M., agt. Dobler & Bott, 91 
Lake, bds. 288 State. 

Gor-doli James M., clerk, bds. 288 State. 

Gordon John, printer George H. Fergus, bds. 
Carpenter, cor. Front. 

Gordon Michael, carpenter, h. 46 W. Madi- 

Gordon Thomas, coachman G. P. Gore. 

Gore Chas. W., bookkeeper Gore, Willson & 
Co., bds. Ill Wabash av. 

Gore Edward M., bookkeeper Sturges & Sons, 
bds. Washington, nr. State. 

Gore George P., (Gore, Willson & Co.,) h. In- 
diana av., cor. 16th. 

Gore Joel R., physician, 14 Methodist Church 

Gore, Willson & Co., (George P. Gore and 

John Willson,) whol. boots and shoes, 54 

Goren Charles, shoemaker, h. Clark, nr. Polk. 
Gorey Patrick, teamster, h. 91 Chicago av. 
Gorger Matthias, saddler, h. nr. Lill's brewery, 

bet. Pine and Rush. 
Gore Anthony, h. 444 S. Halsted. 
Goeller Wilhelmina, milliner, h. 70 Hubbard. 
Gorman Alfred, West Chicago Hotel, Miller, 

nr. Western av. 
Gorman Daniel, cooper, h. n. s. Hickory, nr. 

Gorman Daniel, lab. h. e. s. 4th av. bet. 12th 

and 14th. 
Gorman James, lab. C. H. McCormick k 

Gorman James, e.xpressman, h. 8. Sherman. 
Gorman James, lab. h. 118 Ontario. 
Gorman James, moulder, h. Jackson, bet. 

Franklin and Market. 
Gorman Jeremiah, brass finisher, h. Jackson, 

bet. Wells and Sherman. 
Gorman .John, lab. h. Williams, nr. Aberdeen. 
Gorman John, saloon, W. Water, nr. W. Lake, 

h. same. 
Gorman John, teamster, h. Rucker, bet. Cool- 

idge and Sampson. • 

Gorman Michael, lab. h. 65 N. Desplaines. 
Gorman Michael, lab. h. r. 124 S. Jefferson. 
Gorman Michael, lab., h. 15 William. 
Gorman Michael, saloon, n. s. 12th, bet. 4th 

av. and Clark. 
Gorman Michael, moulder, h. s. s. Eagle, nr. 

Gorman Mrs., wid. bds. 480 State. 
Gorman Patrick, stone mason, b. 196 W. Polk. 
Gorman William, eigarmaker, bds. 480 State. 
Gorman William, sailor, h. 78 N. Halsted. 
Gorndt Louis C, clerk, 5 Wheeler's bldg., h. 

335 Milwaukee av. 
Gorr Henry jr., meat market, s. s. 14th, nr. 

Union, h. same. 
Gorshe John, gardener, h. 119 W. Van Buren. 
Gosh McKay, hat maker, h. AV. Jackson, bet. 

Morgan and Aberdeen. 
Gosman Peter, lab., h. 384 S. Desplaines. 
Goss Daniel (Goss & Phillips,) h. e. s. Wabash 

av. nr. 15th. 
Goss Edward, bookkeeper, bds. 736 Wabash av. 
Goss Edward S., bookkeeper, Henry F. Eld- 
red, bds. 724 Wabash av. 
Goss J. E., salesman, W. M. Ros.i & Co., bds. 

Central House. 
Goss J. S., carpenter, h. 132 W. Lake. 
Goss Joseph, carpenter, h. 136 W. Lake. 
Goss Morris, M. S. & N. I. R. R. 
Goss Oliver S., (Goss & Hoag,) h. 308 W. 

Goss Thomas, painter, h. Division, s. w. cor. 

N. Franklin. 
GOSS & HOAG, (Oliver S. Goss and Thomas 

C. Hoag,) grocers, 32 N. Clark. 
GOSS & PHILLIPS, (Daniel Goss and Wil- 
liam B. Phillips,) sash, doors and blind 

factory, c. Clark and 12th. {seeadv'i. op. p. 
Gossclin Stephen, ship carpenter, h. 2d e. of 

W. Chicago av., nr. the river. 



8 & PHItt, 

^^^ Late Wm. B. Pbillips, ^ 






^^ Catalogue and Price Lisf, containing deser'ipt'ion of worl\, sent by mail on apijlhation.^^ 





Particular attention given to Painting Blinds, and carefully boxed 
to ship by Railroad. 

Corner Clark and Twelfth Streets, 





Gossin William G., collar maker, h. 92 S. Des- 

Gotlie Conrad, messenger I. C. R. R. land de- 
partment, h. 66 Michigan av. 
Gothefred John, lab., Chicago Hide and Leather 

Co., h. 489 S. Wells. 
Gotlieb Henry, tailor, h. Wolcott, nr. Division. 
Gottler Joseph, saloon, 342 S. Wells. 
Gottlieb C. B., machinist, S. Desplaincs, cor. 

Gottlieb Wiihelm, lab., h. w. s. Burling, nr. 

Gottlof Gabriel, salesman, Foreman Bros., bds 

238 Madison. 
Gottlof John, porter, .5-3 Lake, h. r. 285 W. 

Gotto John, cooper, h. e. s. Halsted, nr. Wil- 
Gotto Peter, mason, h, c. s. Halsted, nr. North 

<TOttschalk Christian, lab., h. w. s. Mohawk 

nr. North a v. 
Gottstein Frederick, tailor, h w. s. N. Wells, 

n. Division. 
Gottze William, lab., bds. Benton, s. c. cor. 

(JOUDY WILLIAM C, lawyer, 10 and 11 

Cobb's bldir.. Dearborn, h. 130 Pine. 
GOUGH THOMAS, gold and silver plater, 

and dealer in silver plated war.\ 146 

Clark, h. 228 Chirk, {see adv't. p. 184) 
Gould Ann, wid. Ward A., 243 Wabash av. 
GouM C. B., messenger Am. Ex. Co., h. 90 

4 th av. 
Gould Caroline, physician, h. 126 W. Madison. 
Gould Frank A., bds. 49 4th av. 
Gould Hannah, wid. Nathaniel, bds. 216 For- 

Gould Henry, machinist, h. 112 Carroll. 
Gould John M., salesman, 51 Lake, bds. 146 

Gould John S., boots and shoes, 168 State, h. 

38 Mouroe. 
Gould John S., (Gould & Bro.,) h. 302 Michi- 
gan av. 
GOULD LEONARD, (Warner & Gould,) bds. 

92 LaSalle. 
Gould Philip N., gateke; per, h. Western, s. e. 

cor. Milwaukee av. 
Gould Weed N., com. raer. 56 Dearborn, h. 

314 Dearborn. 
(Jould William R., (Gould & Bro.,) h. 302 

Michigan a v. 
GOULD & BRO., (John S. and William R.,) 

whol. grocers, 159 S. V/ater. 
Goulding William, lab., bds. 236 Madison 
Gourlen John, carpenter, h. 21z|Pearce pi. 
Gourean Jules, artificial flower maker, 240 

Clark, h. same. 
Gowan Angus, baker, bJs. w. s. Franklin, n. 

<towen Edwin L., (E. L. Gowen & Co.) 
Gowen E. L. & Co., (Edwin L. Gowen and 
William T. Ripley) marble dealers, cor. 

W. Water and Lake. 
Gowling Patrick, lab. for Bateham. 
Goweiilock James, blacksmith, 4 Foster. 
Grabkofskey Albert, lab., Peshtigo & Co. 
Grabals Alfred, watchmaker, 85 W. Randolph. 

Graebe Phillip, tanner, h. Second, bet. Curtis 

and Carpenter. 
Grables Alfred, machinist, h. 15 Desplaines. 
Grace Church, (Episcopal) Wabash av., nr. 

Peck ct. 
Grace James, lab., h. 139 Griswold. 
Grace J. F. H., (Grace & Co.) h. 219 Ontario. 
Grace Martin, lab., h. 90 Forquer. 
Grace Maurice, carpenter, s. s. Charles, bet. 

Wells and the river. 
Grace Richard, stonecutter, h. Shinbone al. 
Gnlce Samuel, blacksmith, bds. 130 N. La- 

Grace Wesley, baggage master, C. &C. A. L. R. 

R. bds. 218 Madison. 
GRACE J. F. H. & CO., com. men, 163 

South Water. 
Grady Bridget, wid. James, h. n. s. W. Taylor, 

nr Jefferson. 
Grady Bridget, wid. John, h. 53 N. Market. 
Grady Henry, porter, Spruance, Preston & 

Co., h. Cass cor. Wolcott. 
Grady John, lab., h, 53 N. Franklin.* 
Grady Martin, butcher, n. s. Canal, bet. 

ilitchel and Maxwell. 
Grady Michael, lab., h. N. Market, nr. N. 

Grady Michael, teamster, h. Catharine, bet. 

Loomis and Blue Island av. 
Grady Patrick, cooper,bds. w. s. Lime, nr. Ar- 
cher rd. 
Grady Patrick, shoemaker, h. 3*71 Clark. 
Grady Stephen, clerk in freight office M. G. 

R. R., h. Mohawk, nr. North av. 
Grady Thomas, teamster, h. W. Lake, s. w. 

cor. Leavitt. 
Grady William, bricklayer, h. Sampson, cor. 

Gradv Winifred, wid. Thomas, washing, bds. 

s. s. Charles, bet. Wells and Franklin. 
Graef Jacob, furniture, w. s. N. Wells, nr. 

Graff Isaac N., com. mer., room 5, 209 S. 

Water, h. 162 N. Peoria. 
Graener Margaret, h. s. s. Goethe, nr. N.Clark. 
Graendler John, harness maker, h. 30l Jef- 
Graff Anton, carpenter, h. 99 Mather. 
Graff George R., druggist, b. s. s. W. Lake nr. 

Graff John P., (Graff- & Herbetz) h. 58 W. 

Graff J. P. C, conductor, bds. Briggs House. 
Graff Matthew, fruit dealer, 63 Dearborn, h. 

325 Clark. 
Graff & Herbertz, (John P. Graff, Charles ■ 

Herbertz,) wood dealers, Ellsworth, bet. 

Polk and Mather. 
Graffam William H., (N. M. Simonds & Co.,) 

h. W. Washingion,bet. Robeyand lloyne. 
Graffenhagn Frederick, p-.rter S. Niekerson. 
Grafton William R., prod, broker, 156 S. 

Water, h. 370 W. Madison. 
Graham Adam, turner, h. 19th, bet. Butter- 

fi?ld and Burnside. 
Graham Charle.<, conveyancer, John G. Short- 
all & Co., bd.-;. 38 Franklin. 
Graham Hannah, wid. Dennis, h. 190 E wing. 
Graham Henry, carpenter, bds. Madison, cor. 




TMOIVr^^^si <^OXT<^H, 


146 South. Clark Street, 3d door from Madison, Chicago. 

Having iucreascd facilitie.^ and the use of the latest improvements, I am prepared to execute 
all klnda of PLATING, of any required thickness, in the most approved manner, 
and at moderate prices. 

Carriage Lamps, Ice Pitchers, Castors, Spoons, Knives, Waiters, 

Forks, Vases, Sewing Machines, Communion Sets, Tea Sets, 

Etc., Etc., Plated, or Re-Plated at Short Notice. 

5^f°I plate STEKL, such as Knives, etc., in a superior manner, and shall keep on hand a 
good stock of NEW WARE, Illated and UnPlated. Country orders solicited. 





^Uey in lieax* of Sliennan House. 


;§» tit iltititii^ 





Graham I., wid Michael, h. vr. ?. State, bet. 

18th and 19th. 
Graham James, salesman, W. R. Wood. 
GRAHAM JAMES D., Lieut. Col. U. S. A., 
Supt of U. S. Harbor works, h. 290 
Graham John, bookseller, 13i S. Desplaines, 

h. same. 
Graham John, expressman, h. IIY W. Monroe. 
Graham John, driver. Am. Exp. Co., h. Mar- 
ket, •2d off Washington. 
Graham Josiah, ourpenter, h. 1G9 3d av. 
Graham Libbie, dressmaker, 26 W. Lake. 
Graham Mary, wid. Michael, h. w. s. N. Mar- 
ket, bet. Erie and Ontario. 
Grahaui Michael, lab., h. 198 N. Dearborn. 
Graham Oliver, painter, h. s. s. Oak, nr. Green 

Graham Patrck, cooper, h. e. s. Larrabee, nr. 

North av. 
Graham Richard, plasterer, h. r. 334 Clinton. 
Graham Robert H., salesman. Smith & Dwyer, 

94 Lake. 
Graham Sarah S. wid. Luke, h. 12 Price pi. 
Graham William M., ship carpenter, h. 68 W. 

Graham W., car repairer, I. C. R. R. depot. 
Gramann Charles, baker, 0. Kendall Sons & 

Co., bds. 95 Hrtrrison. 
Gramen Charles, butclier, h. 195 W. Harrison. 
Gramer John, lab., h. W, Chicago av., nr. Mil- 
waukee av. 
Gramer Peter, lab., h. 21st, bet. Cannon and 

Archer rd. 
Granbars; S., lab., h. 286 Clark. 
fice 56 Dearborn. 
Graney James, saloon, 118 N. Clinton. 
Granger A. Mather, salesman 133 S. Water, h. 

187 Wabash av. 
Granger Elihu, fa. 11*7 Indiana. 
Granger James, teamster, h. 23 Blue I. av. 
Granger John, (Sutherland & Granger,) h. 144 

, N. Halsted. 
Granger Gilbert L., salesman Fargo & Bill. h. 

187 Wabash av. 
Granger Ransom E., bookkeeper S. C. Roberts, 

h. 77 S. Green. 
Granger Sumner C, liquors, b. 165 Michigan 

Granger William J., clerk, h. 176 W. Polk. 
Granjean Nicholas, tailor, h. e. s. Larrabee, nr 

Cljbourn av. 
Grannis Amos, builder, 281 3d av., h. w. s. 

Indiana av., nr. 26th. 
Grannis James, carpenter Amos Grannis, bds. 

w. s. 3d av. nr. 14th. 
Grannis Robert N., carpenter, li. 72 Quincy. 
Grannis Rollin, carpenter, h. w. s. 3d av., ni\ 
- 14th. 

Grannis Samuel J., h. r. 180 W. Monroe. 
Grannis William C. D., (Oilman, Grannis & 
Farwell,) li. Wabash av. bet 21st and 22d 
Grant Alexander, sailor, h. Coolidge, bet. 

ThrooD and Loomis. 
Grant Andrew J., Co. B., Taylor's Batterv, h. 

618 W. Lake. 
Grant Constine, waiter, h. 100 Quincy. 
Grant Daniel, Jab., h. Chicago av., nr. Hoyne. 
Grant E. C, hog dealer, bds. Orient House. 

Grant George W., cooper, bds. 139 W. Kinzie. 
Grant Hiram, foreman, E. S. Alexander & Co. 

h. W. Madison, nr Clinton. 
Grant Isabella, wid. Andrew, boarding, 51 4th 

Grant James, fireman,' h. 152 3d av. 
Grant James, lab., h. 126 Ewing. 
Grant James, lake capt., h. W. Taylor, nr. 

Grant James C. mason builder, h. 109 Chica- 
go av. ^ 
Grant John, porter, Bellamy, Jacobs & Co. 
Grant Patrick, driver, h. 145 Quincy. 
Grant Russell H., fruit dealer and confectioner, 

133 Wells, h. 122 Wells. 
Grant Robert D., clerk W. P. Dickinson, bds. 

Hamilton House. 
Grant Thomas, grocer, 46 Blue Island av., h. 

Grant Thomas Jefferson, trucks and drays, M. 

S. & N. I. R. R. depot, h. 170 3d av. 
Grant William C, (Williams, Woodbridge & 

Grant,) bds. 11 Adams, nr. Michigan av. 
Grant William H., entry clerk, Bowen Bros., 

bds. 100 Madison. 
Grantham Mrs. M. F., h. 258 W. Lake. 
Gratkey Lewis, lab., h. 166 W. Polk. 
Granyort George, lab., h. w. s. Arnold, bet. 

21st and 22d. 
Granzow Fritz, blacksmith, h. w. s. Larrabee, 

nr. Willow. 
Greplin Frederick, cabinetmaker, 501 State. 
Gras Michael, carpenter, h. Chicago av., nr. 

Grass Albe". t, cabinetmaker, h. s. s. Cornel, nr. 

Grass E., waggonmaker, h. 205 W. Lake. 
Grass John, lab., h. n. s. Linden, nr. Hubbard. 
Grass Joseph A., picture frames, Clirk, cor. 
Lake, h. Wolcott, s. e. cor. Grand H wen. 
Grass Mathias, clerk, h. Wolcott, cor. Oak. 
Grasses John, painter, with D. Phillips. 
Grassly Louis, tailor, bds.. New York House. 
Grassman Benjamin, furniture dealer, 178 

State, h. same. 
Grastka Joseph, physician, 113 W. Madison. 
Grattan James, lab., Elislia Eldred. 
Grattling Frederick, tailor, h. 205 N. Wells. 
Graul Heinrich, 366 N. LaSalle. 
Graves Addison, (Grivcs & Irvine,) h Brook 

lyn, N. Y. 
Graves Edward, machinist, bds. 127 Halsted. 
Graves Edward B., sign painter, h. 9 S. Ann. 
Graves Franklin, carpenter, h. 171 3rd av. 
Graves Hardin, produce mer., Ogden's blk., 

N. Clark, nr. Schiller. 
Graves Henry, h. Cottage Grove av., cor. 

Cook pi. 
Graves Henry, drayman, Sayrs & Davis, h. 

231 Monroe. 
Graves James D., (Elliott ii Graves,) bds. 

Metropolitan Hotel. 
Graves Joseph, expressman, Bowen Bros , h. 

Harmon ot. 
Graves Julia, wid. John, h. 377 Clark. 
Graves Narcene, teamster, bds. Michigan, nr. 

Graves Riley M., (R. M, Graves & Co.,) h. 44 

N. Carpenter. 
Graves Sheldon, h. Lake House. 





Graves William, lab.,h. n. c. N. Branch Water, 

s. Division. 
Graves William, (col'd.,) lab., h. Jackson, nr. 

GRAVES & IRVINE, (Addison Graves and 

Charles J. Irvine,) whol. trimmings and 

woi'stt'd, 78 Luke. {Sfe advt coVd front leaf) 
Graves R. M. & Co., (Riley M. Graves and 

William Cook,) pork packers, hides, pelts 

and tullow, Michiji;an av., n. e. c. Dear- 
born, office, 219 S. Wa^er. 
Gravo Joseph, baker, h. n. e. cor. Front and 


Gray , lab,, h. al.,'r. 45 Hubbard ct. 

Gray Alfred, siudent, bds. 186 Superior'. 
Gray Alexander G., asst. engineer, G. & C. 

U. R. R., bds. cor. Hubbard and Halsey. 
Gray Augastus C, (A. R. Gray & Co.,) h. 882 

Wabash av. 
Gray Benjamin F., clerk, John Hill & Co., h. 

108 3rd av. 
Gray Charles M., agt., M. S. & N. I. R. R., 50 

Clark, h. 46 3rd av. 
Gray Charles W., (Kellog & G ray,) h 1 Eldridge 

Gray Christian, cabinetmaker, 48 W. Indiana. 
Grav Edward, bookkeeper, Metropolitan 

Gray Franklin D., (Gray, Fhelps & Co.,) h. 

333 Michigan av. 
GRAY GEORGE M., (Tutile, Hibbard & Co.,) 

and( C. C. Parks & Co.,) bds. 115 Michi- 

gan av. 
Gray George W., lawyer, 79 Dearborn. 
Giay H., carriagemakor, h. Hubbard, cor. 

Gray Henry, b:iker, b. 81 Dearborn. 
Gray J., wid. John, b. Newberry, n. w. cor. 

Gray J., (col'd.,) wigmaker, 77 Clark, h. same. 
Gray Jedadiah S., clerk, Clarke & Co., h. s. s. 

Fulton, nr. Peck. 
Gray James, clerk, G. & C. U. R. R. car shop, 
Gray James, painter, h. w. s. Leavitt, nr. W. 

Gray John B., clerk, W., Wilson, bet. Clinton 

and Canal. 
Gray- Mary, Mrs., milliner, 234 State, h. 

Gray Moses, (Blair, Gray & Co ,) h. 145 N. 

Gray Moses W., (Gray, Phelps & Co.,) h. Con- 
Gray Peter, carver, Sherman House. 
Gray Peter, (col'd.,) lab., h. 43 4th av. 
Gray Peter, lab., 0. Kendall's Sons & Co., 

State st. bakery. 
Gray Robert, carpenter, h. n. s. W. Washing- 
ton, w. Oakley. 
Gray Robert M., bds. n. s. W. Washington, w. 

Gray Robert W., painter, h. n. s. W. Madison, 

nr. Page. 
Gray Sarah, h. 196 3rd av. 
Gray Sarah, wid. Vincent, boarding, 148 

Gray Sidney, (col'd.,) drayman, h. 39 Elm. 
Gray Susan, boardii.g,'' 87 Hubbard. 
Gray Thomas, h. 234 State. 
Gray Thomas, saloon, 290 Clark. 

Gray William, carpenter, h. 160 N. Dearborn- 
Gray William, deputy sheriff, h. town of Jef- 
Gray William, lab., h. r. 230 4th av. 
Gray William, painter, h. Polk, bet. Halsted 

and Blue I. av. 
Gray Wilham, painter, h. Harrison, cor. Des- 

Gray William B. H., asst U. S. asse3sor, office 

"74 Dearborn, h. 23 3rd av. 
Gray William R., drayman, h. 368 Indiana. 
Gray A. R. & Co., (A. R. Gray and H. L. Nor- 
ton,) lumber dealers, Clark, cor. North. 
Gray, Marshall & Co., (W. L. Gray, J. D. 

Marshall and Robert B. Clark, tanners 

and curriers, leather, hides, etc., whol. 

232 Lake and 247 S. Water. 
Gray Moses & Co., (Moses Gray, Alfred M. 

Whitnev,) com. mer., 145 N. Desplaines. 
GRAY, Pni!:LPS & CO., (Franklin D Gray, 

George H. Phelps, Moses W, Gray and 

Frederick Gaylord,) whol. grocers, 108 

and 110 S. Water. 
Grayson Catherine, wid. Edward, h, 256 

" Ohio. 
Greasy James, lab. James S. Kirk & Co. 
Great Union Band, room 3, 184 Randolph. 
Gieat Western Bind, room 14, Kingsbury blk. 
Great Western Despatch, office 130 Lake, and 

20 Clark. 

Canada, office 91 Lake. 
Greate Wibiam, lab., h. Rucker. cor. Kinzie. 
Graves George, moulder, bds. n. s. 15th, nr. 

Grebe Augustus, saloon and boarding, 150 W. 

Grebe William, carpenter, h. 315 Illinois. 
Grebe William, bootmaker, 180 Blue I. av., 

bds. 152 W. Randolph. 
Grebke Frederick, carriagemaker, h. n. s. 

Goethe, w. N. Wells. 
Grecey James, candlemaker, h. N. Jefferson, 

nr. Carrol. 
Gree John E., com. mer., 9 N. Canal, h. 143 

W. Washington. 
Greeley Hardy, clerk, bds. 307 N. Dearborn. 
Greelev Samuel S., surveyor, 88 Dearborn, h. 

6 1" Hinsdale. 
Greeley Henry, tailor, h. 337 N. Wells. 
Green Bernard, painter, H. A. Pitts & Co. 
Green B. M., carpenter, I. C. R. R. shop. 
Green Bartholomew M., painter,h. Indiana av. 

nr. 26th. 
Green Daniel, cooper, 37 W. Adams, h. same. 
Green David, clerk P. 0. 
Green E. A., lab., h. 198 Superior. 
Green Frank, (Green & Wing,) h. Cottage 

Grove av. bet. 22d and 23d. 
Green George, moulder, bds. Michigan Lake 

Green George, plasterer, h. 165 LaSalle. 
Green George W., soldier, 2d Board of Trade 

Green Henry, carpenter, h. S. Canal, nr. Polk. 
Green Henry R., collector, h. 184 Wolcott. 
Green James, (col'd,) cook, h. 88 Quiney. 
Green James, lab., tids. 184 Madison. 
Green James, lab., J. S. Sharp & Co. 
Green John, clerk, bds. c. s. Sedgwick, s. Sigel 




Green John, exp. messenger, h. W.Monroe, nr. 

Green John, grocer, 169 Wells, h. same. 

Green Jolm, (col'd,) waiter, h. 3do WelLs. 

Green John, sailor, h. 4 7 Foster. 

Green John E., (Recken & Green,) h. 43 W 

Green John H., (Walker & Gretn,) h. 350 W. 

Green John M., (John M. Green & Co.,) h. 249 
N. Wells. 

Green John N., engineer, h. 331 S. Desplaines. 

Green John S., land agt., 112 Randolph, bds. 
400 Wabash av. 

G#een Joseph N., clerk John II. Walsh, bds. 
Waoash av. nr. Madison. 

Green Lydia, wid. George, boarding, 276 S. 

Green M, T., clerk Edward Emerson, h. 217 

Green Nelson, butcher, h. 95 Townsond. 

Green Oliver B., dock builder and dredger, h. 
142 N. Wells. 

Green Peter, engineer, h. 205 Kinzie. 

Green Russell, (Green & Ilolden,) h. 70 S. Ca- 

Green Samuel S., millwright, h. w. s. La.ivitt, 
nr. Fulton. 

Green Sanford, stockdealer, bds. Uhlich's Ho 

Green Sidney S., broker, Board of Trade, bldg. 
h. 169 N. Dearborn. 

iireen Tree Hotel, Albert Track, propr., cor. 
12th and 3d av. 

Green Walter, keeper of hay scales, h. o. s. 
Little Fort rd. nr. Wisconsin. 

Green William, lab., h. 118 X. Clinton. 

Green William A., age. I. C. R. R., h. 38 Ad- 

Green William H., (Arnold & Green,) bds. 297 

Green William J., (Xewhall & Green.) 

(iREEN JOHN M. & CO., (John M. Green and 
Lewis Cox,) manfrs Cox's American Wri- 
ting Fluid and Inks, 172 N. Watei- {See 
advt.p. 26.) 

Green & Wing, (Frank Green and Levi Wing,) 
photographic artists, 59 Clark. 

Greenan Peter R., machinist and engineer, bds. 
Dearborn, cor. Kinzie. 

Greene Elisha, cooper, h. 309 Wolcott. 

Greene Frank, mechanic, bds. 205 Ontario, 

Greene George, (Greene, Bentley & Reynolds,) 
h. Hermitage av. s. w. c. W. VauBuren. 

Greene John, printc. Wood's job office, bds. 
205 Ontario. 

Greene John H., genl. W. pass. agt. N. Trans. 
, Co., 15 N. Wells, h. 145 Erie. 

Greene John H., printer, bds. 203 Huron. 

Greene Samuel, (Samuel Greene & Co.,) h. 308 
W. Adams. 

Greene William, h. Van Burcii, cor. Hermi- 
tage av. 

Creene William, prcs. Chicago S. Branch Dock 

Greene, Cyrus Bentley, William C. Rey- 
nolds,) attorneys, 112 Dearborn. 

GREENE SAMUEL & CO., (Edward W. Ban- 
ker,) genl. com. mcr. and punts and oils, 
129 S. Water. 

Greenebaum Alphonso, clerk, bds. Isaac 

Greenebaum David S., Henry Greenebaum, 
bds. Hubbard, bet. Wood and Lincoln. 

GREENEBAUM HENRY, banker and passage 
^roker, 158 Lak^.-, h. Hubbard, bet. Wood 
and Lincoln. 

Greenebaum Elias, (Greenebaum & Foreman,) 
h. 105 3rd av. 

GREENEBAUM ISAAC, hardware and stoves, 
235 Randolph, h. 160 S. Desphiines. 

Greenebaum Jacob, h. Hubbard, cor. Wood. 

Greenebaum Jacob, jr., (Greenebaum Sons,) 
h. Hubbard, bet. Wood and Lincoln. 

Greenebaum Joseph, h. 28 3i-d av. 

Greenebaum Michael, stoves ai:d hardware, 
181 Clark, h. 14 Union. 

Greenebaum & Foreman, (Elias Greenebaum 
and Gerhard Foreman,) loan discount of- 
fice, 43 Clark, up stairs. 

Greenebaum M. & Co., (Michael Greenebaum) 
retiiil clothing, ^ Clark, h. 14 N. Union. 

GREENEBAUM SONS, (Jacob Greenebaum, 
jr.,) hardware, 240 Randolph. 

Greenhalck John, machinist, C. & N. W. R. 
W. shop, bds. Washington, bet. Clinton 
and Canal. 

Greenhill Catharine, wid, George, h. 75 Polk. 

Greenhill Grace, wid. Francis, h. 75 Polk. 

Greenhill James, carpenter, h. 290 W. Harri- 

Greenhill William, stonecutter, h. 143 Gris- 

Greenhood Jacob, butcher, North Market, h. 
179 Illinois. 

Greenhood Joseph, teacher, h. 223 Jackson. 

Greenhough Mrs. Mary, h Oak nr. N. Market. 

Greenhut Joseph, capt. 82ud regt. III. vol. 

Greenleaf Charles, carpenter, 112 Wells, h. 

Greenleaf George II., com. mer. 162 Lake, up 
stairs, li. W. Indiana, cor. Carpent -v. 

Greenleaf Luther L., (Fairbanks, Greenleaf k 
Co.,) h. Evanston. 

Greenleaf T. R., dry goods, h. W. Indiana, 
cor. Carpenter. 

Greenleif VVilliam L., deputy clerk Circuit 
Court, h. Lake View. 

Greenly David, lab., h. 135 Pine. 

Greenniaa Henry II., clerk City Hotel. 

Greenman Lucinda, wid., h. 93 S. Peoria, cor. 

Greenman William G., gardener, h. 279 N. 

Greensfelder Isaac, ((ireensfelder & Roson- 
thral,) h. 40 4th av. 

Greensfelder & Rosenthal, (Isaac Greensfel- 
der and Rudolph Rosenthal,) boots and 
shoes, 115 and 259 Clark. 

Green wold Andrew, gardener, bds. S. Sanga- 
moji, co'r. Van Buren. 

Greenwood Josiah, meat market, 158 W. Har- 
lison, h. same. 

Greer John M., express messenger, h. 221 W. 

GREER ROBERT C, sulphur baths, 185 Mad- 





Greer Samuel D., barkeeper, h. 46 4th av. 

Greeson James, lab., h. Huron, nr. Townsend. 

Gret John, h. s. s. Goelhe, w. N. Wells. 

Greger Gottleib, lab., h. e. s. Van Bui-en, bet. 
Market and Franklin. 

Greger Michael, lab., h. e. s. Arnold, nr. 18th. 

Gregg Charlotte A., h. 354 W. Randolph. 

Gregg Edward, carpenter, h. W. Van Buren, 
nr. Caniil. 

Gregg Isabella, wid. Eobert, h. 376 S. Hal- 

Gi-egg James, packer, Tuttle, Hibbard & Co. 

Gregg Nicholas, tailor, h. 204 W. 12th. 

Gregorie Thomas H., printer, h. e. s. Foster, 
bet. Harrison and Polk. 

Gregory Abner, trader, h. N. LaSalle, nr. Di- 

Gregory Allan, cattle broker, bds. Myrick 

Gregory Charles A., lawyer, and secretary Be- 
nevolent War Claim Association, 56 JDear- 
born, bds. Hyde Park Hotel. 

Gregorv Charles S., sash and blind maker, h. 
'2.1% S. Clinton. 

Gregory Daniel D., lawyer, 48 Clark, h. 3 
Knight's block. 

Gregory Frank, soldier, Phillips' battery. 

Gregory Frank W., ticket agt. Burlington 
Junction, bds. State, bet. Madison and 

Gregory Henry, lab., h. n. s. Maxwell, nr. Jef- 

Gregory Horace W., bookkeeper, Chicago To- 
bacco Works. 

Gregory Oran, lightning rods, h. 342 W. 

Gregory Philip, painter, s. s. Archer rd., nr. 
LaSalle, h. same. 

Gregory William, clerk, bds. Myrick House. 

Greifenhagen August, porter, h. n. s. Green, 
w. N. Wells. 

GreifFenhagen Benjamin, dry goods, 200 Wells. 

Greig James, printer James Barnet, h. S. Hal- 
sted, nr. Forquer. 

Grein Benhard, lab. h. Cai'penter, nr. W. 

Greiner Alhin, brewer, bds. 152 Indiana. 

Greiner William, (Hach & Greiner,) h. N. 
Branch, s. North av. 

Greiner William, tanner. Cherry, h. same. 

Greise Frederick, teacher, h. 151 Quincy. 

Grejsz John F., moulder, h. Pearl, bet. 3rd 
and Pratt. 

Gremerius Caspar, shoemaker, h. 49 Chicago 

Grenell William, teamster, h. bet. Fullcrton 
and Clybourn av., nr. distillery. 

Grennen Owen, lab., bds. Evans, n. c. cor. 

Greper Ludwig, (Grcper & Braurhster,) black- 
smith. State, cor. Archer rd. 

Grcrcr Fritz, wJieelwright, h. e. s. Clybourn 
av. nr. Larrabee. 

Greru Wiihelm, lab. h. e. s. Clybourn. av. nr. 

Grcsa John, butcher, 147 N. Clark, h. same. 

Gress Daniel, moulder, h. s. s. Front, bet. 

Elizabeth and Rucker. 
Gross John, carpenter, h. w. s. Larrabee, nr. 
Black Hawk. 

Gretch John L., tailor, 16 W. Randolph, bds. 

82 W. Lake. 
Grev Alexander G., clerk engineer's office G. 

■&C.'U. R. R. 
Grey Charles F., hides and leather, 165 S. 

Water, h.-461 Wabash av. 
Grey Henry C, hide buyer Grey, Marshall & 

Co. " 
Grey James, papcrhanger, bds. 435 S. Clark. 
Grev Marshall, clerk F. W. Robinson, h. 2 

Grey Thomas, (Grey & O'Connor,) h. 218 Chi- 
cago av. 
Grev William L., (Grey, Marshall & Co.,) h. 

"153 S. Jefferson. . 

Grey William W., carpenter, bds. 101 W. 12tb. 
Grey, Marshall & Co., (William L. Grey, 

James D. Marshall and Robert B. Clark,) 

leather, hides, whol., 232 Lake, and 247 

S. Water. 
GREY & O'CONNOR, (Thomas Grey and 

Dennis O'Connor,) whol. meat market, 

152 Kinzie. 
Greyson Thomas, drayman, h. 185 Indiana. 
Gridley Albert W., salesman Shore.'^, Tator & 

Co., bds. Rush, s. w. c. Illinois. 
Gridley Henry L., trav. agt., bds. 115 S. Hal- 

Gridley John, cattle broker, h. cor. Cottage 

Grove av. and Southern av. 
Gricbe Frederick, shoemaker, bds. 152 W. 

Gfieber Jacob, cooper, h. LaSalle, eor. 20th. 
Gnef Andreas, lab., h. 251 N. Morgan. 
Grier David, watchman, h. 91 Sedgwick. 
Grier R. J., bookkeeper D. W. Mather & Co. 
Griesbach John R., clerk, 171 Randolph, h. 

37 Rumsey. 
Griesbaum Joseph, baker, bds. 291 W. Polk. 
Grise F., teacher "select school, h. 151 Quincy. 
Grifferan David, painter, h. Indiana, bet. Lin- 
coln and Robey. 
Griffin Augustus, (Griffin Bros.,) bds. Tremont 

Griffin Charles, cooper, bds. Archer rd. cor. 

Griffin Edgar F., (Griffin Bros.,) bds. TreraoiU 

Griffin Edward W., com. nier., 5 Pomeroy 

bldg., h. 240 Ontario. 
Griffin Francis, speculator, h. n. s. W. Madi- 
son, nr. Leavitt. 
Griffin George, cooper, bds. Wright's Hotel. 
Griffin U.. W., soeculator, h. Green Bav, cor. 

Griffin James, carpenter, h. r 162 S. Des- 

Griffin James, confectioner, h. 95 Wesson. 
Griffin James, cooper, h. Archer rd. n. e. cor. 

Griffin James, h. Williams, nr. Rucker. 
Griffin James F., mnfr. lanterns, etc., 43 and 

45 Franklin, bds. City Hotel. 
Griffin John, h. Harrison, bet. Morgan and 

Griffin John, stonecutter Singer & Talcott. 
Griffin Joseph, lab. h. 103 Ewing. 
(iriffin Michael, foreman, h. 393 W. Polk. 
(iriHin Patrick, carworke, h. Douglas av, nr. 

26th. • 





Griffin Patrick, groceries, Indiana, n. w. cor. 

N. Market. 
Griffin Patrick, lab. h. Foster, s. Harrison. 
Griffin Samuel E., printer limes. 
Griffin Simon, drayman, 109 Lake. 
Griffin Sieplien B., bookkeeper, h. s. s. Warren, 

w. Robey. 
Griffin Thomas, car repairer I. C. R. R. depot. 
Griffin Thomas, hib. h. 97 Pearson. 
Griffin Thomas, trunkmaker Phillip Becker, 

bds. 199 Jackson. 
Griffin Thomas D., slateroofer, h. 118 Monroe. 
Griffin William W., com. men, h. 240 Ontario. 
Griffin William, h. Beach, nr. W. Harrison. 
Griffin William, carriage painter, bds. cor. 

Adams and State. 
Griffin Bros., (Edgar F. and Augustus,) com. 

mers., 5 Pomeroy's bldg. 
Griffith A. J., messenger Massasoit House. 
Griffith Beverley T., painter, h. Cottage 

Grove, nr. 26th. 
Griffith David, clerk J. B. Harris, h. 539 

Griffith James, cigarmaker, bds. 80 Wells. 
Griffith James F., clerk Hempstead, Norton & 

Griffith Jane, (col'd,) wid. Richard, h. s. s. 

Park av. e. Lincoln. 
Griffith Richard, carpenter, h. 177 W. 12th. 
Griffith "Richard, whol. fruit, 174 Clark, bds. 

80 Wells. 
Griffith S. E., bds. N. Y. House. 
Griffith William, carpenter A. M. F. Colton, 

h. 62 N. Wells. 
Griffiths G. H., salesman J. B. Shay. 
Griffiths Owen J., publishing agt. 128 Clark, h 

22 S. Clinton. 
Griffiths William, engineer S. P. Lunt, h 

Paulina, bet. W. Indiana and 4th. 
Griffiths Watson, plumber Bell & Irons, h 

Franklin, nr. AVisconsin. 
Griffiths William, sailor, h. 44 W. Harrison. 
Griffy William, lab. C. H. McCormick & Bros 
Griggs Albert, clerk, bds. 204 Michigan av. 
Griggs Charles W., law student C. C. Bon 

ney, bds. 53 S. Halsted. 
Griggs David H., soldier, h. w. s. William, nr, 

Griggs Samuel C, (S. C. Griggs & Co.,) h. 204 

Michigan av. 
Griggs S. C. & Co., (Samuel C. Griggs and 

Egbert L. Jansen,) booksellers, 39 and 41 

Grimes Anthony, lab. h. N. Market, bet. Indi- 
ana and Ohio. 
Grimes Henry, lab., h. Douglas pi. nr. Went- 

worth av. 
Grimes Terry, lab. h. Clark, s. 14th. 
Grimes Major, student, h. 140 Wendell. 
Grimes Peter, bds. n. s. Meagher, bet. Canal 

and Stewart av. 
Grimes William, mechanic, h. e. s. 4th av. bet. 

12th and 14th. 
Grimm Edward, tailor, h. s. s. Green, nr. N. 

Grimm Gottlieb, cooper, h. 81 Larrabee. 
Grimm Wendell, lab. h. e. s. Clybourn av. nr. 

Black Hawk, a 
Grimme Louis, cxp'essman, h. Wood, s. e. c. 


Grimme Peter, carpenter, h. s. s. Kramer, nr. 

Grimmer Honry Adam, lab. h. s. s. Division, 

nr. Clybourn av. 
Grimmer John Henry, turner, h. w. s. Cly- 
bourn av. nr. Division. 
Gimmer John Adam, lab. h. s. s. Division, nr. 

Grimshaw James, saloon, 580 Clark, bds. 507 

Grind Fiederick, captain police, h. 109 Green 

Grindon A. S., bookkeeper F. S. Day, h. n. s. 

Bunker, bet. Clinton and Jefferson. 
Grine ^hn H., locksmith, h. William, nr. 

Grinton Benjamin, (col'd,) barber, 7. S. Canal, 

h. same. 
Grinton Benjamin, whitewasher, 194 Sherman, 

h. same. 
Grischow Johann, blacksmith, h. n. e. cor. 

Sedgwick and Sigel. 
Grisdele William, sailor, bds. 151 Market. 
Grishow Christian, teamster, h. s. s. Granger, 

n. Wells. 
Grisman Ans, lab., h. 262 3d av. 
Grismar Peter, carpenter, Halsted, s. e. cor. 

Grissraan Mary, wid., h. Sycamore, nr. Clark. 
Griswold A. S., (Griswold & Talcott,) bds, 28 

Griswold Charles B., clerk Williams, Smith & 

Co., bds. City Hotel. 
Griswold Charles N., traveler Geo. Dod";e & 

Griswold Harrv F., (J. A. & IT. F. Griswold k 

Co.,) bds. 371 Wabash av. 
Griswold Joseph A., (J. A. & H. F. Griswold 

& Co.,) h. 371 Wabash av. 
Griswold Levi M., h. n. s. Park av., w. Reuben 
Griswold William, blacksmith, bds. 198 Canal 
Griswold William R., physician, bds. n. s. Park 

av., bet. Reuben and Paulina. 
Griswold & Talcot, (A. S. Griswold and A. G. 

Talcott,) packers, office 79 Dearborn. 
Grites George A., carpenter, h. Gurley, cor. 

Groban Henry, lab., h. brick yard N. Branch. 
Grober Theodore, carpenter, h. 6-^ Sherman. 
Grobl Anthony, carpenter, h. 319 S. Halsted. 
Grodell P., clerk E. Adler, 32 S. Water. 
Grody John T., teamster, h. 39 Hill. 
GROEBLI BABETH, embroidery stamping, 

167 Ohio, h. same. 
Groeme Louis, (Katz & Groeme,) b. 218 W. 

Groesbeck Abraham, physician, Dearborn, cor. 

Randolph, h. 344 W. Madison. 
Groesbeck Gerad M., editor, h. Fulton, bet. 

Reuben and Paulina. 
Grogan James, teamster, b. s. s. W. Lake, bet 

Leavitt and Oakley. 
Grogan James, lab.,h. w. s. Halsted, nr. Arch- 
er rd. 
Grogan Patrick, lab., h. n. s. Archer rd., bet. 

Lime and Halsted. 
Grogan Peter, mason, h. 7 X. Green. 
Grugan William, sailor, h. Wolcott, cor. Hins- 
Grohs Michael, shoemaker, 1 14 Townsend. 





Giohs William, carpenter, h. Robev, c. Tvler. 
Groke John, lab., bds. 151 Market.' 
Groll Christian, baker, 227 Wells, h. same. 
Groll Philip, cotton batting factory, h. 191 

Groman Miehael. lab., C. B. & Q. R. R. 
Gronini William, marblepolisher, h. r. 141 Gris- 

Grommes Hubbard, (Grommes & TJlrich,) h. 

76 La Salle. 
Grommes & Ullrich, (Huber Grommes and 

Michael Ullrich,) wine dealers, 76 La- 

Gronimitt Thomas, teamster, h. Franklin, nr. 

Division. i 

GrundenbergCharle=, clerk Philip Wadsworth 

& Co , h. 284 Wells. 
Groner Edward, milk depot, h. 156 N. Dear- 

Gronert Charles, butcher, h. Tremont, bet. 

Willow and Clay. 
Gropeman W. E., gardener, h. 30 Elm. 
Gropeman John, lab., h. Miller, nr. Milwaukee 

Gro«;how John, blacksmith, 572 State. 
Grose Frederick, pai'.iter, Drake & Bro. 
Grosenheider Jnlius, clerk, h. w. s. N. Wells, 

nr. Goethe. 
Groshizer John, shoemaker, bds Mitchcl, bet. 

Canal and Stewart av. 
Gross Alber , cabinetmaker, h. Camelia, bet. 

Rose and Reuben. 
Gross Andrew, printer, h. Indiana, bet. Kings- 
bury andN. Market. 
Gross Elizabeth, wid. John, h. 146 3d av. 
Gross Frank, bds. 146 3d av. 
Gross Frederick, porter Willard Bros. & Co., 

h. n. s. Church, nr. North av. 
Gross Frederick, printer, 119 W. Madison. 
Gross Gustave, lockmaker, h. 335 W. Randolph 
Gross Jacob, livery, 12 Clinton, h. same. 
Gross Jacob, peddler, h. 176 W. Jackson. 
Gross Jacob, (Rogerson & Gross,) h. e. s. N. 

Clinton, bet. W. Randolph and W. Lake. 
Gross Jacob P., clerk, Root & Cady, bds. 216 

Gross Jacob, teamster, h. w. s. Xoble, bet. 

Chicago av. and Front. 
Gross John, porter, Burley & Tvrell, h. 250 

Sd a '. 
Gross John, porter, h. 160 S. Jefferson. 
Gross John, saloon, 508 S. Canal, h. same. 
Gross Michael, lab., Chicago Hide and Leather 

Co., h. 453 State. 
Gross Nicholaus, carpenter, h. e. s. Vine, nr. 

North av. 
Grossenheider Julius, h. N. Wells, nr. Goethe. 
Grosset John, (Grosset & Gerardin,) h. 107 

Grosset & Gerardin (John Grosset and .Vic- 
tor Gerardin) hat manufacturers. 43 La- 

Grosshaeuser Nicolaus, tanner, h. s. s. nr. Jef- 
Grosshuth B., h. 108 Milwaukee av. 
Grosskopf William, lab., h. George, nr. W. 

Grosskopp Harrison, h. 263 N. LaSalle. 
Grossman Benjamin, furniture dealer, 178 

State, h. same. 

Grossman Israel M., salesman, I. Herzog, bds. 

LaSalle, s. e. cor. Monroe. 
Grossman^Ludwig, baker, 515 State 
Grossmeth William, carpenter, h. al. bet. Rush 

and Cass. 
Grosvenor E. William, (Grosvenor& Forsyth,) 

h. e. s. Prairie av. bet. 17th and 18th. 
Grosvenor, and Hamilton R. Forsyth,) 
com. mers 144 S. Water. 
Grote Henry, tailor, h. 210 n. Green. 
Groth Friedrich, lab., h. Jackson, cor. Market. 
Groth John F., grocer, h. Canalport av.n.e. c. 

Grotnian Christian, teamster, h. Lincoln, nr. 

Grotmat Martin, carpenter, h. 175 W. Polk. 
Grotz Cornelius, grocer, 57 Blue I. av. h.same. 
Groundwcll Daniel, express, h. S. Sangamon, 

bet. Harrison and Tyler. 
Groundwell James, express, h. S. Sangamon, 

bet. Harrison and Tyler. 
Grou.-e John, carpenter, bds. Michigan Lake 

Grout Allison G., brakesman, P. Ft. W. & C. 

R. R., bds. 30 W. Madison. 
Grout Ellen, wid. Nicholas, saloon, 257 S. 

Canal, h. same. 
Grover Joseph, lab., h. 22 Harmon c|. 
Grover John M., h. n. s. Lincoln, nr. Madison. 
Grover P., machinist, I. C. R.E. machine shop. 
Grover Z., principal Dearborn seminary, 79 

and 81 Dearborn, h. same. 
GROVER & BAKER'S Sewing Machine, 
rooms 115 Lake, F. W. Ludlow agent. 
{See adv. front cover.) 
Grove Dennison F., (Groves & Morris,) lum- 
ber, 12 S. Canal, h. 129 W. Washington. 
Groves Perry, clerk, Bradner, Smith & Co., h. 

173 Ohio. 
Groves & Morris, (Dennison F. Groves and 
Jan es H. Morris) lumber dealers, 12 S. 
Grow Charles, carpenter, h. al. bet. Division 

and Elm. 
Grow D. D., salesman, h. 59 W. Washington. 
Growler Jerry, moulder, bds. Cottage Grove 

av. nr. 25th. 
Grownack James, blacksmith, P. & Ft. W. De- 
pot, bds. Foster, bet. Jefferson and Des- 
Gwynn Henry L., salesman. Bates & Co. 
Grubb James B., machinist, 61 S. Canal. 
Grube Christian, mason, h. w. s. LaSalle, nr. 

Gruby Peter, carworks, h. Douglas av. nr.25th. 
Gruda Maria Mrs., h^ 50 Milwaukee av. 
Grubert Jacob, carpenter, h. Lararbee, nr. Chi- 
cago av. 
Gruchen John, lab., h. e. s. Halsted nr. North 

Gruel Margaret, wid. George, h. 88 S. Jeffer- 
Gruenewald Mrs. Barbara, saloon, 217 Wells. 
Gruesenbeck Charles, butcher, 113 Tonnsend. 
Griindies August, grocer, 14 S. Desplaines. 
Grundy A., carpenter, I. C. R. R. car shop. 
Gruner August, merchant tailor, 444 S. Clark, 
and grocer 452 S. Clark. 





Gruner Edward, wagonmaker, h. Walnut, w. 

cor. liincnln. 
Gruner Sebastian, engineer, N. Branch Tan- 
nery, h. N. Halsted, cor. N. Brand). 
Grupa Cliristian, lab. h. w. s. LaSalle, nr. Di- 
vision. * 

Grupe Conrad, lab., h. Milwaukee av. nr. Chi- 
cago av. 

Grupe George, clerk, 1 14 Wells, bds. Division, 

cor. Wells. 
Grupe Henrv, foreman. Groves & Morris. 
Grus William, (Grus & Rikhoff,) h. 138 Pine. 

GRUS & RIKHOFF, (William Grus, John G. 
Rikhoff,") iner. tailors, 198 Randolph. 

Grusendof Henvv, com. mer., 154 Randolph. 

Phillips & Co., agts., Clark, n e. c. Lake. 

Gubbins George G., police, h. cor. W. Harri- 
son and Rucker. 

Gubbins Mrs. Mary, variety store, 123 Blue I. 

Gubbins Robert, brass finisher, bds. 148 W. 

Gubbins Samuel, trimming store, 123 Blue I. 
av., h. Siime. 

Gude JuIps F., porter G. C. Cook & Co., h. 
219 Washington. 

Gudehus Frederick, grocer, Chicago av., n w. 
cor. Reuben, h. same. 

Guderjuha Chiisiophcr, grocer, Archer rd. ur. 
Dyer av., h. same. 

Gudeijihn Frederick F., (Shon & Guderjahn,) 
h. n. s. Archer rd. bet. Bradley and Finley. 

Guderjahn William, wood dealer, 153 Archer 

Gudge Benjamin B., wheelwright, h. 14tb, bet. 
Clark and State. 

Gudgell Thornton B., lumber mer., h. 227 

Guengerich John, saloon and grocer, h. n. e. 
cor. Green and Franklin. 

Guernsey Alonzo, machinist, h. n'. s. Warren, 
n w. cor. Lincoln. 

Guen John, lab., h. e. s. Halsted, nr. Rees. 

Guenthor August, lab., Siepp & Lehman. 

Guenther Max, carpenter, h. 63 Kinzie. 

Guentlmer John, plasterer, h. w. s. Church, 
nr. Linden. 

Guentzer A. W., bookkeeper, Iliinois Slaats 
ZeUuncf, h. 502 N. Clark. 

Guerdler Martin, tailor, 244.-^ N. Clark. 

Guerin William, clerk, h. 169 4th av. 

Guerin Mrs\ Lotta, dressmaker, h. 169 4th av. 

Gueronlt Paul, turner, h. 197 W. Harrison. 

Gueroult Theophile, clerk, h. 187 W. Harrison. 

Guffin Charles C, h. 354 Wabash av. 

Guggenheiner Joseph, (Roseufeld & Co.) 

Guggle John, carpenter, Peter Rice, h. n. s. 
Tyler, bet. Franklin and Wells. 

Guglicalmania Joseph, confectioner, 7 N.Wells. 

Guier John, lab., h. 11th, nr. Blue I. av. 

Guild Albert D., bookkeeper 111. Saving Insti- 
tution, h. s. s. W. Washington, bet. Ro- 
bey and Hoyne. 

Guild Alexander E., law student, A. W. Win- 
dett, bds. Union Park, cor. Page. 

Guild Heni7, clerk, N. F. Merrill, bds. Madi- 
son, cor. Page. 

Guilfoyle Cornelius, lab., h. n. s. Archer rd. 
nr. Purple. 

Guilford Ransom M., bookkeeper, J. D. Ely & 
Co., h. 320 W. VanBuren. 

Guillau John, lab., C. H. McCorniick & Bro. 

Guilliamson Robert, shoemaker,h.59 W. Madi- 

Gulliber Peter, h. r. 42 Mather. 

Gullickson Sivert, h. W. Chicago av. cor. Reu- 

Guise Ignatz, fireman, h. Well, n e. c.VanBuren 

Guiton Thomas, blacksmith, h. 55 W. Polk. 

Guud Fred, police, h. 109 Green Bay rd. 

Gund John A., cigars and tobacco, h. 107 
Green Bay rd. 

Gunderman Henry, milkman, h. 46 Monroe. 

Gunderson S., ^^ailor, ii. 128 W. Indiana. 

Gunderson Sieen, ship carpenter, h. s w. cor. 
Paulina and 2d. 

Gunderson T. Luther, h. 128 W. Indiana. 

Gundlaca John, lab., h. s. s. Barber, bet. Ca- 
nal and Stewart av. 

Gunn Alexander H., (W. D. Harris & Co.,)bds. 
Orient House. 

Gunn John, ostler, Lill & Diversy. 

Gunnell Allen, (col'd.) lab., h. 284 ord av. 

Gunnell Francis, h. s. s. Fulton, nr. Lincoln. 

Gunnell Thomas, (col'd.) barber, h. 4 5^ 3rd av. 

Gunnelseu Anleok, carpenter, bds. 38 W. In- 

Gunnerson Martin, sailor, h. 128 W. Indiana. 

Gunning John, waiter, Matteson House. 

Gunning Mrry, dressmaker, 332 Clark, h.same. 

Gunning William, mason, h. 332 Clark. 

Gunns Frank, t.<iilor, h. 65 Polk. 

Gunter Edward, h. Wendel, w. Wells. 

Gunter Gottlieb, blacksmith, h. Iu6 W. Madi- 

Guntich Carl, h. State, s. Uhlichs Hotel. 

Guntz Ambrose, h. 230 3rd av. 

Gunzenhauser John, real estate broker, 427 S. 
Canal, h. same. 

Guren Timothy, grocer, 108 Mather, h. same. 

G\iritz August, shipping chrk, 12 Clark. 

Gnrka Joseph, bartender, bds. 431 S. Canal. 

GurlevFaiMiv S., teacher, Foster School, bds. 
277 W. Taylor. 

Gurley George, engineer, h. s. s. Maxwell, nr. 

Gurley Jason, 9 Metropolitan blk., h. Calumet 
av., cor. 21st. 

Gurle3' Robert H., salesman, h. 146 N. Peoria. 

Gurnaer Charles L., bookkeeper. Pollard & 
Doane, bds. 16 S Clinton. 

Gurriee Denton, with Cliieago Hide & Leather 
Co., h. 199 Michigan av. 

Gurnee Lucien, pres. Chicago Distillery Co., 
h. Glencoe, 111. 

Gurnee Walter S., (Stearns & Co.,) pre?. Chi- 
cago Hide & Leather Co., h. 140 Michi- 
gan av. 

Gurney Chester, lawyer, h. 250 W. Randolph'. 

Gnrney Joseph S., butcher, h. 253 3rd av. 

Gurney R. H., salesman, Downer & Co., h. 146 
N. Peoria. 

Gurney Theodore T., cashier, Galena Elevator, 
b. 250 W. Randolph. 

Gurnsey A., ma-chinist, h. cor. Lincoln and 

Gurnsey Frederick G., carpenter, h. 189 W. 
Van Buren. 





Gurtry John Felix, painter, h. s. s. Blackhawk, 

bet. Larrabee and Mohawk. 
Gustaveson Emma, dressranker, h. Illinois, nr. 

N. Market. 
Gustine Reuben F., carpenter, 102 Qaincy, h. 

Gustine William C, tailor, h. 95-J- Quincy. 
Gustinia Bertholome, saloon, 307 Clark, h. 

Gustus Andre, h. Adams, nr. Market. 
Gustus George G., bookkeeper, Hobbs, Oli- 

phant & Co. 
Gutchell Frank, tailor, h. 129 S. Canal. 
Gutger William, shoemaker, bds. 248 Ran- 
dolph, fc 
Gutgesell John, tailor, h. 180 W. Polk. 
Guthmanu R., (Leopold Mayer & Co.,) h. 159 

Guthrie Alexander M., notary public, 50 Dear- 
Guthrie Alvord, U. S. steamboat insp., h. 102 

W. Madison. 
Guthrie John, machinist, h. 96 Forquer. 
Guthrie Joseph A., (Guthrie Brothers,) bds. 

Tremont House. 
Guthrie Leonval T., (Guthrie Brothers,) bds. 

Tremont House. 
Guthrie Livingston M., (Guthrie Brothers,) 

bds. Tremont House. 
Guthrie Mary, Mrs., seamstress, bds. Lum's 

Guthrie Ossian, engineer, Bridgeport Water 

Guthrie Wardell, engineer tug Little Giant, h. 

n. s. Warren, w. Reuben. 
Guthrie Brothers, (Leonval T., Livingston M. 

and Joseph A. Guthrie,) whoL liquor 

dealers, office 80 Dearborn. 
Gutler John M., office, Lake, cor. Clark, h.297 

Gutman Alexander, tailor, 198 Adams, h.same. 
Gutsch A., saloon, 169 W. Lake, h. same. 
Gutsch John, grocer, Milwaukee av., nr. Reu- 
ben, h. same. 
Gutsche Frank, h. 159 W. Lake. 
Gutsche Leopold, h. 159 W. Lake. 
Gutsuhov Henry, lab., h. Clybourn av., nr. dis- 
tillery, N. Branch. 
Guttes Philip, saloon, cor. Polk and Sherman. 
Guttlief John, h. 238 Madison. 
Guyer John Rudolph, (Guyer & Avenel,) h.l09 

Guyer & Avenel, (John Rodolph Guyer and 

Auguste Avenel,) artificial flower makers, 

66 Lake. 
Guyton Benjamin F.. clerk, Bowen Bros., bds. 

12 Van Buren. 
Guyton John, lab., h. al., bet. Hickory and 

Gwathmey Baylor H., (Geo. W. Dunlap & Co.,) 

h. 9 Price pi. 
Gwynnap George, sailor, h. al., bet. Hickory 

and Whitney. 
Gymer Henry, constable, h. 6^ Sherman. 

HAAFF Heman H., lawyer, 151 Randolph, 
h. n. s. Park av. nr. Robey. 
Haag Balser, shoemaker, 692 Stale, h. same. 
Haagenstad Ole M., merchant tailor, 202 Clark, 
and 9U Dearborn, h. 91 Green Bay. 

Haake John D., grocer, 74 N. Wells, h. same. 

Haamann Frederick, blacksmith, h. 328 W. 

Haan Ranke, wid. Adolphe, h. May, cor. Prai- 

Haarbleicher Hermann, com. raer., 132 Kinzie, 
h. Ontario, w. N. Clark. 

Haas Abraham, (Schoenemann & Co.,) h. 84 N. 

Haas Adolphus, clerk J. A. Ellis & Co. 

Haas Barnhard, lab. with Peshtigo & Co. 

H-ias Charles E., attorney, h. 364 Ohio. 

Hais Christian, blacksmith, h 138 S. Morgan. 

Haas Faldean, lab. h. e. s. N. Wells, s. High. 

Haas Frank, lab. J. H. Pahlman. 

Haas Frederick, horseshoer, h. 203 Washing- 

Haas Frederick, lab. h. s. s. Goethe, nr. N. 

Haas Henry, porter Charles Beardslce & Bros., 
h. 80 4th av. 

Haas Henry S.. clothing, 161 Clark, h. same. 

Haas Isaac, salesman, 81 Liike. 

Haas Joseph, (Haas & Powell,) h. 58 W. Madi- 

Haas Louis, salesman, 52 Lake, bds. 103 Wash- 

Haas Louis, horseshoer, 203 Washington, h. 

Haas Timothy, carpenter, h. 400 S. Des- 

Haas & Powell, (Joseph Haas and Simeon Pow- 
ell,) livery, 25 and 27 W. Madison, and 
57 S. Clinton, and hats and caps, 149 

Haase William H., justice of the peace, 28 W. 
Randolph, h. Morgan, bet. Harrison and 

Habel J., lab. Pearson, Avery & Co. 

Habell Peter, soldier, h. r. 167 N. Desplaines. 

Haberbosch Leonard, Lafayette House, 100 S. 

Haberkorn Kasper, junk store, 409 W. Polk. 

Haberland Theodore, cigarmaker, h. 124 Erie, 

Haberle John, tailor, h. 191 Michigan. 

HABERMEHL FIENRY, teacher select school, 
137 Griswold, h. same. 

Haberschmidt Nicolas, saloon, e. s. Larrabee, 
nr. Black Hawk, h. same. 

Hach Henry, (Hach & Greiner,) leather and 
findings, 54 Wells, h. e. s. Peck, bet. Lake 
and Fulton. 

Hach & Greiner, (Henry Hach and William 
Greiner,) tanners, n. s. N. Branch, s. 
North av. 

Hachberger Lehman, dry goods, 193 Clark,- h. 
120 3rd av. 

Hachfield A., tailor J. P. Frey. 

Hachten Fritz, blacksmith, h. e. s. Burling, nr. 
North av. ' 

Hack Edward, jr., clerk Purington & Scranton, 
bds. 117 Chicago av. 

Hack Edward, po.ster, 27 Lake, h. 117 Chicago 

Hacke Hubbard, teacher, b. 22nd, cor. Archer 

Hacke Nicholas, lab. h. 22nd, cor. Archer rd. 

Hacke Peter, lab., h. 22nd, cor. Archer rd. 

Hacke William, tailor, h. e. s. N. Wells, nr. 
North av. 





Hacketla Michael, lab. h. il2 Ewing. 

Hacker Christian, lab. b. William, iir. Cornell. 

Hacker Christopher, lab. h. Front, nr. 2nd. 

Hacker Henry, cabinetmaker, h. w. s. Cly- 
bourn av. nr. Division. 

Hackett Edward, carpenter, h. Beach, nr. Har- 

Hackett Elizabeth, wid. Thomas, h. 1G4 E\v- 

Hncketc James, soldier, h. 134 Ewing. 
Hackett John, saloon, h. Erie, nr. Kingsbury. 
Hackett Michael, engineer, Indiana av., nr. 

Hackett Michael, soldier, 27th r.?g. 111. vol., h. 

8 Fisher's blk. 
Hackett Samuel, tailor, h. S. Morgan, bet. 

Taylor and Polk. 
Hackett Thomas, sailor, h. e. ?. S. Halited, 

bet. Harrison and Mather. 
Hackett Thomas, stonecutter, W. & A. B. 

Haddock B. Franklin, h. l.i Congress. 
Haddock Benjiiniin F , office 80 Dearborn, bds. 

Biiggs House. 
Haddock Charles G., lawyer, C3 Clark, h. 154 

Iladdow Tuomas, engineer, bds. 75 W. Madi- 
Hade Edwin, carriagcniaker, h. 2o3 Chicago 

Hade Morris, night policeman, h. 225 Jack- 
H.ide S. Patrick, grocer, Paulina, bet. Indiana 

and 4th, h. same. 
Haden Bridget, wid. William C, h. r. 73 X. 

Hades Edward, carriagemaker, bds. Girard 


Hadley , carpenter, bds. Ill Sedgwick. 

HADLEY ELIJAH \V., dentist, 82 Adams, h. 

Hadley L. F., sorghum sugar refinor, h. Gl W. 

Had way Mary, h. 516 State. 
Haeckhel Charles, (Wolfram i: Ilaeckhe!,) 

bds. 30 Green. 
Haefenn Anna Mrs., b. Erie, nr. Kingsbury. 
Haefner Christian, flour and teed, 205 Milwau- 
kee av., h. same. 
Haertig Fritz, saloon, 351 S. Canal, h. same. 
Hafche John, painter, F. Porter Thaver. 
Ilafeny Patrick, lab., h. W. Tyler, "c. Ptuck- 

ITafer Henry, lab., h. 24th, nr. Hanover. 
Haferkamp George, packer, A. Jaeger k Co., 

103 Lake. 
Haffaron John, shoemaker, 67 W. Kinzie, h. 

n. «. Paulina, bet. Kinzie and Washington 

Haffer Michael, carpenter, h. 133 Michigan. 
Hafferkamp Herman, expressman, h. e. s. Hurl- 
but, nr. Linden. 
Haga Frederick, lab., C. H. MeCormick & 

Ilagaman Anton, (Hagaman & Shager,)h.l6th, 

bet. Jefferson and Union. 
Hagaman James Y., physician, S. Halsted, c. 

Forquer, h. same. 
Hagaman Joseph, com. mer., h. S. Halsti d, n. 
e. cor. Forquer, 


Hagaman & Shager, (Anton Hagaman and 
Anton Shager,) dry goods, 346 S. Canal. 

Hagamann Hubard A., (Zumbuscli & Hagaman) 
bds. Ewing, cor. Clinton. 

Hagan Albert, sailor, h. Sanger, nr. Archer 

Hagan John, drayman. Woodruff & Payne. 

Hagan John, mason, h. 55 Harrison. 

Hagan John A., machinist, bds. 34 Kinzie. 

Hagan Michael, lab., h. 122 Ohio. 

Hagan Thomas, engineer, B. Adams & Co. 

Hagan W. S., messenger, Am. E.\p. Co., bds. 
28 Washington. 

Hagan John, drayman, h. 3rd, nr. Front. 

Hage Martin, expressman, h. 43 X. Green. 

Hagedorn Henry, bds. Benton, s. e, cor. Lan- 

Hagedorn Theodore, boots and shoes, 333 
Clark, h. same. 

H.igel G., lab., bds. Green Bay rd., n. w. cor. 

Hageman Joseph, salesman. Storey & Phelps, 
186| S. Water. 

Hagemann Charies, clerk P. 0., bds. 189 

Hagemann Henry, tailor, li 148 Sedgwick. 

Hagemann Mathias, with Wentworth & Hib- 

Hagen Christian L., tailor, 25 Kinzie, h. 32 

Hagen Frederick, teamster, h. W. Indiana, 
bet. Noble and Reuben. 

Hagenwald Theodore, tailor, h. n. s. Linden, 
w. N. Wells. 

Hager E. W. (Rev.,) rector church Holy Com- 

Hager Geo. F., bookkeeper, h. Butterfield, 
c. 21st. 

Hager Irving W., shoemaker, bds. n. s. W. 
Washington, nr. Robey. 

Hager Jonas K., shoemaker, h. n. s. w. Wash- 
ington, nr. Iiobe>. 

Hager Joseph, grocer, 179 W. Randolph, h. 

Hager Joseph, porter. Day, Allen & Co. 

Hager Joseph, salesman, F. Xewhali & Bro. 
h. 21st n. c. Butterfield. 

Hager Thomas, lab., h. Hills, s. e. cor. K Mar- 

Hagerman Bernhardt, watchmaker, 212 Wells, 
h. same. 

Hageiinan Henrv, carpenter, h. Rucker, nr. 
■ Polk. 

Hagerty Cyrus R., carpenter, b. 95 W. Har- 

Hagerty Daniel, lab., h. 66 Fulton. 

Hagerty Mary, wid., Michael, h. 169 3d av. 

Hagerty Thomas, lab., nr. 22d, bet. Arnold 
and Lasalle. 

Hagerty William, lab. S. Alexander. 

Hagg Martin, h. Green, bet. Fulton and Lake. 

Haggard Samuel B., chain pump and fanning 
mill mnfr., 242 Randolph, h. 280 Indiana. 

Haggertv James, drayman, h. n. s. O'Brien, 
nr. Union. 

Haggett Emily, wid. John, h. 71 Monroe. 

Hagnow Christopher, cooper, h» William, nr. 





Hague Benhaidt, lab. h. s. s. Divsion, nr. 

Hague William, gardener, b. n. s. Fulton, bet. 

Rueben and Paulina. 
Hahn August, lab., h. n. s. North av. nr. Or- 
Hahn Caspar, sash, door and blind ninfr., w. s. 

C]\ bourn av., nr. Division, h. same. 
Hahn Charles, painter, h. Ill Mather. 
Hahn Frederick, (Kiesling & Hahn,) h. W. 

Chicago av. nr. Rueben. 
Hahn Henry S., (J. A. Hahn & Son,) h. 179 

W. Monroe. 
Hahn Herman, shoemaker, h. Center, c. Lar- 

Hahn Jacob H., clerk, W. R. Prosser, bds. 

19 S. Desplaines. 
Hahn James A., (J. A. Hahn & Son,) h. 14.5 

Hahn Jaiues H., express messenger, bds. 145 

Hahn John, furniture, 119 W. Randolph, h. 

Hahn John, lab., h. Front nr. 2d. 
Hahn Matuias. carpenter, h. 27 Green Bay. 
Hahn Norman E., bds. 145 Madison. 
Hahn William, butcher, h. 295 Wolcott. 
Hahn William, cabinet maker, h. 317 S. Jef- 
Hahn William, flour and feed, h. 27 X. Haf- 

Hahn J. A. & Son. (James A. & Henry S. 

Hahi),) physicians and surgeons, 15 Mc- 

Cormick bldg. 
Hahnemann College Dispensary, 168 Clark. 
Hahnemann Medical College, 168 Clark. 
Haight Eliza, wid., h. 110 Michigan av. 
Hai^jht Hiram F., conductor C. & R. I. R. R., 

h. 227^-:-rV. 
Haimbradt P., h. 35 Chicago av. 
Haine Mrs. Robert, h. s. s. C. A. & St. L. R. 

R., bet. Halsted and Lime. 
Haines Edward, engineer, bds. Waverly h. 
Haines Elijah M., (Haines & Story,) h. Wau 

Haines Fred., lake captain, h. 11 Prairie. 
Haines George F., (A. D. Titsworth & Co.,j 

h. 161 X. Dearborn. 
Haines Hannibal, h 48 S. Peoria. 
Haines J. Clough, com. mer., room A Board 

of Trade bldg., bds. 48 S. Peoria, 
Haines J. Dearborn, com. mer., room A. Board 

of Trade bldg., bds 48 S. Peoiia. 
Haines John C, pre?. Dlinois Saving Institu- 
tion, h. W. Van Buren, c. Sangamon. 
Haines Joseph, machinist, h. 118 Hubbard. 
Haines Matthew, grocer, s. s. Archer rd., 

bet. Green and Broad, h. same. 
Haines Michael, lab. h. 173 Desplaines. 
Haines Thomas, printer Tr'thme, h. 346 N. 

HAINES & STOREY, (Elijah M. Haines, and 

Allen C. Storey,) lawyers, 86 Dearborn. 
Haines John, diayman, h. 261 N. Water. 
Hair George, lab. C. H. McCormick & Bros. 
Hair Henry, printer, b. 357 Chicago av. 
Hair Sylvester, clerk, h. 207 Wolcott. 
Haisman John, tailor, h. 249 S. Canal. 
Haison William, carpenter, h. Judd, s. w. cor. 

Hakee Peter, lab., h. r. 193 Jefferson. 

Hakenbruch Mary, wid. Paul, h. Carpenter, 
w. Front. 

Hakener J., carpenter, h. s. s. Linden, w. N. 

Halbritter Martin, brewer, h. 29 Green Ba}-. 

Halbur John, stonecutter, h. Division. 

Haldeson John, carpenter, h. 57 3d. 

Hale Albert L., (A. L. Hale & Bro.,) h. Hub- 
bard, s. e. c. Lincoln. 

Hale Bartlett, lab., h. Edgar, nr. Douglas pi. 

Hale Charles B., clerk Sherman House. 

Hale Daniel T., (A. L. Hale & Bro.,) h. Hub- 
bard, s. e. cor. Lincoln. 

Hale Douglas R., paying teller with W. F. 
Coolbaugh, bds. 248 N. Lafayette. 

Hale Edwin M., (Small & Hale,) homoeo., phy- 
sicians, 124 Clark. 

Hale Frank E., clerk H. E. Warner, bds. Hub- 
bard, c. Lincoln. 

Hale George N., bookkeeper, J. B. Briggs, bds. 
100 Madison. 

Hale George W., salesman Hale & Ayer, h. 
0-18 W. Adams. 

Hale Joseph, salesman Smith & Dwyer, bds. 
Matteson House. 

Hale Joseph, shoemaker, bds. 26 W. Madison. 

Hale Louisa, h. 135 Kinzie. 

Hale Prescott G., bds. 249 Illinois. 

Hale S. H., clerk G. & B. S. M. Co., bds. 194 

Hale Samuel, h. 348 W. Adams. 

Hale Samuel, (Hale k Ayer,) h. Kenosha, bds, 
Briggs House. 

Hale Solomon T., engineer, h. w. s. S. Jeffer- 
son, n. w. c. Kramer. 

Hale Thomas, forwarding com. mer., 2 N. 
Wells, h. 249 Illinois. 

Hale W. E., agt. Rock River Paper Mnfg. Co., 
h. 194 Wolcott. 

HALE & AYER, (Samuel Hale and John V. 
Ayer,) iron, steel, nails, &c.. 16 and 18 S. 

Hale A. L. & Bro., (Albert L. Hale and Dan- 
iel T. Hale,) furniture, 9 and 11 N. Canal. 

Haleny Ernst, h. 33 Hinsdale. 

Haley"Daniel, clerk, h. 98 4th. 

Haley Erbert, mason, h. e. s. State, bet. 16th 
and 18th. 

Haley James F , whol. ales, liquors and 
cigars, 46 N. Wells. 

Haley John, lab., h. 98 4th. 

Haley John, lab., h. W. Polk, nr. Sholto. 

Haley John D., saloon, 1 W. Kinzie, h. same. 

Haley John J., sailor, h. 63 Larrabee. 

Haley Martin, lab., h. 285 Desplaines. 

Haley Michael, carpenter, h. 428 S. Jefferson. 

Haley Michael, lab., C. B. & Q. R. R. depot. 

Haley Patrick, lab., h. al., nr. Wells, bet. 
Monroe and Madison. 

Haley Patrick C, carpenter, 160 Carroll. 

Halfer Albert, lab., h. w. s. Larrabee, nr. 
Black Hawk. 

Halket George, carpenter, h. 4th, c. Carpenter. 

Hall A. T., (Rev.,) (col'd) h. 367 Wells. 

Hall Amos T., sec. and treas. C. B. & Q. R. R. 

h. 162 Michigan av. 
Hall Andrew J., painter, h. 255 State. 
Hall Basil, com. mer,, 3 Pomeroy's bldg., bds- 
Clifton House. 





Hall C. Walter, bookkeeper, Hawkins, Smith 
& Co. 

Hall Charles, carpenter, bds. 852 Clark. 

Hall Charles, packer, bds. 57 Washington. 

Hall Christian, carpenter, h. 60 4th. 

Hall Cornelius, lab., h. s. s. Uth, bet. Jeffer- 
son and Canal. 

Hall Edward P., salesman 27 Lake, bds. 145 

Hall Edwin L., (Sanford & Hall,) h. State op. 
Douglas University. 

Hall Ell.ridge G., (Hall, Kimbark & Co.,) h. 
427 Wabash av. 

Hall Eliz.beth, wid. Charles, h. r. 19 Hubbard. 

Hall Esther P., wid. John, h. 35 Praiiie. 

Hall Franklin, harnessmaker, h. X. Clark, s. e. 
cor. Huron. 

Hall George, conductor P. Ft. W. & C. R. W., 
h. s. s. Maxwell, nr. Jefferson. 

Hall George, (Hall & Wiuch,) h. 240 Wabash 

Hall George C, h. State, op. Douglas Univer- 

Hall George H., baog^gemaster N. W. R. W., 
bds, 121 X. Peoria. 

Hall H. C, clerk, A. G. Garfield, bds. 71 Wa- 
bash av. 

Hall Hester Mrs., h, 35 Prairie. 

Hall Hiram, carpenter, 33 W. Madison, h. same. 

Hall Hiram R., clerk, h. 74 S. Morgan. 

Hall J. Sherman, (Sherman, Hall & Pope.) h 
W. Washington, n. e cor. Lincoln. 

Hall John H., conductor X. W. R. W., h. 121 
N. Peoria. 

Hall James, sailor, h. 5 Hinsdale. 

Hall James, ship carpenter, h. 57 W. Jackson. 

Hall John C., bookkeeper, F. G. Adams' Rank, 
h, N. Dearborn, cor. Erie. 

Hall John F., yard master, bds. Myrick House. 

Hall John J., grocer, 135 W. Madison, h. same. 

Hall John W., (col'd.,) butcher, h. 509 State. 

Hall Joseph, h. Calumet av., nr. 29th. 

Hall Josephus, machinist, bds. 34 W. Wash- 

HALL LAMBERT C, ins. agt., 160 S. Water, 
b. 167 Wabash av. 

Hail Leroy W., builder, cor. Madison and Cur- 
tis, h. same. 

Hall Margaret Mrs., h. 119 Hubbard. 

Hall Maria, wid. Edward D., h. 10 N. Curtis. 

Hall Richard, carpenter, h. Sangamon, cor. 

Hall S. P., bookkeeper, J. B. Bassett, bds. 100 

Hall Samuel, grain inspector, bds. 243 Supe- 

Hall Sergeant, drayman, bds. 72 W. Madison. 

Hall Thomas H, harnessmaker, bds. 139 Kinzie. 

Hall Thomas S., clerk, bds. 256 State. 

Hall Thomas W., (McAllister, Hall & Liver- 
more,) h. 74 S. Morgan.. 

Hall Walter C, bookkeeper, 15 LaSalle, bds. 
223 Indiana. 

Hall W, W., notary public, h. 403 N. Market. 

Hall William, cooper, bds. 149 N. Desplaines. 

Hall William,-plasterer, h. 393 Desplaines. 

Hall William, salesman, Geo. McKeand, h. 103 

N. Clark. 
Hall William, teamster, bds. 151 Market. 

Hall William E., (Hall & Frost,) sash and 
doors, h. Indiana av., nr. 20th. 

Hall William L., sailor, h. 17 Wolcott. 

HiiU Vv'innie A., wid. Garvy, li. 39S Clark. 

Hail Zalmon D., carriage trimmer, bds. 213 

Hall Zebulon M., (Harding & Hall,) h. 188 

HALL, KIMBARK & CO., (Elbridge G. Hall, 
Seneca D. Kimbark, George M. Kimbark, 
and Charles T. Boal,) iieavy hardware, 
iron &c., 193 and 195 S. Water. 

Hall & Frost, (William E. Hall and William 
E. Frost,) sash, doors and blinds, Clark 
at C. B. & Q. R. R. crossing. 

HALL & WIXCH, (George Hull and Henry 
0. Winch,) sash, doors and blinds, 520 

Halla Charles, tailor, h. 31 Bremer. 

Halla Frederick, tailor, 1U2 Randolph, h. 31 

Halla John, tailor, h. 31 Bremer. 

Halla Phillip, tailor, 102 Randolph, h. 31 

Hallagan William B., salesman Arnold & Brant 
bds. 176 W. Lake. 

Hallan Patrick, lab., h. 196 W. Desplaines. 

Hallaran George, expressman, h. 382 N. Mar- 

Hallbauer Balthasser, physician, 75 Blue I. 

Hallbauer. Catharine, midwife, 75 Blue I, av. 

Ilalleek Sylvanus, rubber goods. 111 Ran- 
dolph, h. 50 Congress. 

Hallen Bridget, wid. Michael, h. Dean, cor. 

Hallenbeck Isaac S., (Hallenbeck & Co..) h. 
377 W. Monroe. 

Hallenbeck Peter, clerk, G. & C. U. R. R. b 
51 3d. 

Hallenbeck & Co., (Isaac S. Hallenbeck and 
John H. Schoonmaker,) lime dealers, 53 
W. Lake. 

Haller Christian, butcher, 130 W. Randolph. 

Haller Henry, cabinetmaker, h. 252 ]S'. Mor- 

Haleer Jacob, 390 State. 

Hallett William, painter, 221 W' Polk. 

Hallett John, blacksmith, h. r.'. s. Mitchel, 
nr. Jefierson. 

Ilalliga Daniel, baker, h. 97 Quincy. 

Hallinan Catharine, wid. John, h. FranMin, 
cor. Indiana. 

Hallinan Patrick, machinist, C. & X. W. R. 
W. sh(^p, h. 196 Desplaines. 

Hallman William, lab., h. Blue I. av., bet. 
Henry and William. 

Hallock Minerva, teacher, bds. 46 S. Ann. 

Ha'locklsaac J., driver, h. 295 X. Franklin. 

Halioran Bridget, wid., Patrick, h. 360 Des- 

Halloran James, salesman, 16 Clark, h. 22 

Halloran John, boarding and saloon, 3 River, 
h. same. 

Halloran William, lab., h. ai. r. Dekoven, bet. 
Clinton and Jefferson. 

Hallowell Jonathan, (Arnold & Hallowell,) bds. 
362 Clark. 

Halmon Frank, porter, P. 0., b. 291 Wells. 




Halny Michael, lab., h. 5 Fisher's bllc, White. 

Halpin Helen, wid. John, h. e. s. Arnold, bet. 
16th and 17th. 

Halpin John, lab., h. Taylor, cor. Wells. 

Halpin S. Hilbrun, upholsterer, h. 206 Madi- 

HALPIN THOMAS M., (Halpin & Bailey,) 
editor and compiler Qhica<;o and St. Louis 
City Directories. Directories compiled 
for local publishers in any part of the 
Western States. h. 90 S. Jefferson. 
P. 0. Box. 4384. 

Halpin William, lab., h. Cass, cor. White. 

Halpin William, lamplighter, h. 247 Monroe. 

Halpin William, machinist, bds. 165 X. Hal- 

HALPIN & BAILEY, (Thomas M. Halpin and 
John C. W Bailey,) publishers and propr.s. 
of the Chicago City Directory, 130 Clark, 
room 12. 

Halsev Clinton S., homcepathic pharmacy, 136 
Clark, h. Oakland. 

Halsteiid Everell J., receiving clerk, 108 
Lake, h. n. s. Fulton, bet. Wood and 

Halsted John, tailor, bds. S. Water, cor. 
Michigan av. 

Halsted Sabin, sailor, h. r. 34 Whiting. 

Halsterman George, painter, h. 442 State. 

Haltman George, tanner, 491 Wells. 

llaltman Louis, tanner, h. cor. Emily and Mil- 
waukee av. 

Halton John B., painter, h. W. Taylor, cor. 

Haltz Charles, tailor, h. w. s. Purple, bet. 20th 
and 21st 

Halversen Gulick, leather, h. 38 Indiana. 

Halversen John, shoemaker, h. 164 N. Des- 

Halverson Louis, blacksmith, h. Larrabee, s. 
Chicago av. 

Halverson Ole, sailor, h. 132 W. Indiana. 

Halwig Henrv, lab., h. Rucker, bet. Taylor 
and Polk.' 

Haly Thomas, lab., bds. n. s. Barber, bet. 
Canal and Stewart av. 

Ham Charles H., (Fuller & Ham,) h. 303 Wa- 
bash av. 

Ham Peter, (Ham & Williams,) h. Indiana, 
cor. Sangamon. 

Ham & Williams, (Peter Ham and Wil- 
liams,) dealer in wood and coal, 60 Kings- 

Haman Charles, grocer, 463 State. 

Hamberger Anton, whitewasher, 202 Wells. 

Bamberger Julius, clothing, 184 Randolph, h. 

Hamblin Lewis A., supt. lamp factory, Jesup, 
Kennedy & Co. 

Hambleton Chalkley J., atty., 4 Larmon blk. 

Hamblin Frederick, sailor, h. N. Market, nr. 

Hambrecht Michael, carpenter, h. 208 N. Dear- 
Hamburg Paul, bricklayer, h. Elston rd., nr. 

Hamel Henry, carpenter, h. Chicago av., nr. 

Hamel Johann, carpenter, h. Chicago av., nr. 

Hamel William, with J. B. Shay, 163 Lake. 
Ilamer John, wood sawyer, h. 254 3rd av. 
llamfin Patrick, lab., "with C. H. McCormick & 

Hamick August, moulder, h. w. s.Burngide av., 

between 16tli and 17th. 
Hamill C. D., teller Western Marine and Fire 

Ins. Co., h. 629 Wabash av. 
Hamill Charles D., clerk, bds. 45 Congres?. 
Hamill John, machinist, h. G96 State. 
Hamill Peter C, h. 335 State. 
Hamill Robert C, physician, 101 Washington, 

h. 45 Congress. 
Hamill Theofjhilus W., clerk,- bds. 45 Congress. 
Hamilton Anna, wid. George, h 46 Congress. 
Hamilton Annie L. saleswoman, J. B. Shay, 

bds. 46 Congress. 
Hamilton Charles E., machinist, bds. 180 W. 

Hamilton Charles S., 36 Quincy. 
Hamilton Edward, (Hamilton &;' Fuller,) h. 180 

W. Madison. 
Hamilton George, carpenter, h. 143 N. Clark. 
Hamilton George, steward, h. 247 Kinxie. 
Hamilton George A., (R. Bamber & Co.,) h. 

Ill Michigan av. 
Hamilton Henry, engineer, I. C. R. R. 
Hamilton House, 14, 16 and 18 N. Clark. 
Hamilton H. E.. com. mer., h. 231 Ohio. 
Hamilton J. S.. salesman J. H. Hoes 117 Lake. 
Hamilton James, engineer, h. 58 Wells. 
Hamilton James, fireman, h. nr. Clybourn av. 

bridge North Branch. 
Hamilton James, French teacher, h. 55 Cath- 
Hamilton James, lab. Hiram Wheeler. 
Hamilton James, soldier, h. 229 Van Buren. 
Hamilton James,(Williams& Hamilton,) h.l34 

Hamilton James G., 7 Methodist church block, 

h. 195 Michigan av. 
Hamilton James S., clerk with James H. Hoes, 

bds. 79 Michigan av. 
Hamilton Mrs. Jerusha, wid. David, 252 W. 

Hamilton John, machinist W. Aldrich. 
Hamilton John, painter, Drake & Bro. 
Hamilton L. M., policeman, h. 173 Indiana. 
Hamilton Milton, salesman, A, D Titsworth 

& Co, h. 142 Rush. 
Hamilton Patrick, lab., h. al. bet. Rush and 

Hamilton Peter, soldier, h n. s. Sebor, nr, 

Hamilton Polemus D., h. 60 3d av. 
Hamilton Priscilla P., wid. R. J., h. s. s. W. 

Madison, nr. Hoyne. 
Hamilton Robert J., machinist, C. & N. W. 

R. W. shop, h. 88 N. Halsted. 
Hamilton S. R., salesman, A. G. Downs & Co., 

bds. 180 Madison. 
Hamilton Stewart, intelligence office, 107 

Clark, h. 172 Monroe. 
Hamilton Thomas, lab., Whiting, bet. Frankhn 

and Morgan. 
Hamilton Thomas E., carpenter, h. 146 4th 

Hamilton V. A,, carpenter, h. 158 W. Van 






Hamilton Walter L., engineer M. S. R. E,., h. 
294 S. Halsted. 

Hamilton Washington, carpenter, b. 94- Hins- 

Hamilton William, carpenter, bds. 153 W. 

Hamilton William, saloon, 123 Van Buren, h. 

Hamilton William M., sup't 0. Kendall's Sons 
& Co. State sL Bikarv, h. 4-83 State. 

HAMILTOX & FULLER," (Edward Hamilton 
and Willard M. Fuller,) machinists, 284 
Madison. (See adu't. p. l6o.) 

Hamington Thomas, soldier, h. n. ?. Bunker, 
nr. Clinton. 

Hambleton T. H., engineer, h. 698 State. 

Hamley Geo. S., cigarmaker, h. 178 Ohio. 

Hamlin Alonzo, 82 Randolph, bds. Myiick av. 
nr. 29th. 

Hamlin Augustus S., (Harrison & Hamlin,) 
bds. 277 W. Randolph. 

Hamlin H. H., clerk Tremont House, and 
Xotary Public, Olilce Tremont House. 

Hamlin Henry, bds. 131 W. Lake. 

Hamlin Henry, clerk, h. room 11 Stewart House. 

Hamlin James F., mason, bds. Cedar, nr. 
Green Bay. 

Hamlin John, machinist, h. Arnold, cor. 22d. 

Hamlin John R., com. mer.., h. 293 W. Jackson. 

Hamlin L. A., lather, h. 212 N. Carpenter. 

Hamlin Louis, mason, bds. 152 Wendell. 

Hamlin Oscar, Captain D". S. A., h. 24 White. 

Hamlin Walter V., burnisher, h. 212 N. Car- 

Hamm David, fruit mer., h. 163 W. Indiana. 

Hamm Peter, coal mer., h. 163 W. Indiana. 

Hammal Charles, boxmaker H. E. A. Clark, 
h. 334 Wells. 

Hammar George N., captain schooner Ashta- 
bula, b. 189 Huron. 

Hamme FcHk Van, carpenter, h. Reuben, nr. 
Milwaukee av. 

Hammel Jacob, cooper, w. s. Union, nr. Bar- 
ber, h. same. 

riammell Thomas, lab., h. s. s. South, bet. 
Brovv'n and Halsted. 

Hammell William C, (William E. Johnson & 

Hammer , h. w. s. X. Wells, nr. Xorth 


Hammer Adam, shoemaker, bds. 252 Ran- 

Hammer Elizabeth, wid. Louis, li. r. 174 Gris- 

Hammer Henrv^ clerk, h. Division, nr. the 

Hammer Lewis, sailraakez" Purington & Scran- 

Hammer William, lab. C. S. S. Refinery. 

Hammers George, lab. h. 237 Taylor. 

Hammerschmitt Michael, bootmaker, 180^ 
Blue I. av. h. same. 

Hammerschmitt Peter, bootmaker, 180^ Blue 
I. av. h. same. 

Hammerstroem Louis, mason, h. s. s. Schiller, 
nr. Franklin, 

Hammett William, plasterer, h. Morgan, cor. 

.Hammii , physician, h. 629 Wabash 

Hammill Robert C, (Hammlll, Reynolds & 

Co.,) h. 390 Ontario. 

Hammill, Addison B. Reynolds and P. P. 

Matthews,) com. mers., 161 Kinzie. 
Hammond Alonzo ju., clerk, bds. 96 Michigan. 
Hammond Charles G., gen. supt. C. B. & Q. 

E. R., 272 Erie. 
Hammond Charles X., (Bassett & Hammond,) 

h. 136Wolcott. 
Hammond Christian, grocer, 463 State. 
Hammond David, engineer 0. Kendall, Sons & 

Co., State St, bakery, bds. 245 3rd av. 
Hammond David S., sheriff, h. Green Bay rd. 

nr. city limits. 
Hammon^pGeorge C, asst. freight agt. B. & 

Q. R. R., h. 272 Erie. 
Hammond Henry L. Rev., h. 70 X. Sangamon, 
Hammond James, lab. h. e. s. 3rd av., nr. 

Hammond James M., salesman, h. 168 Wash- 
Hammond Leonard, brass foundry, h. 92 X. 

Hammond Matthias, lab. h. s. s. Linden, nr. 

X. Wells. 
Hammond Orenzo W,, engineer Kendall's 

bakery, h. 245 3rd av. 
Hammond S. W., student St. Marj-'s Universi- 
ty, bds. same. 
Hammond W., fireman L C. R. R. 
HAMPDEX FIRE INS. CO., of Springfield, 

Mass., Holmes «& Brother agts., 4 Dole's 

Ilamprecht Michael, (Haniprecht & Rohr- 

back,) h. 208 X. Dearborn. 
Ilamprecht & Rohrback, (Michael Hamprecht 

and John Rohrback,) ucdertaiicrs, 148 X. 

Ilampson Lot, stonecutter, Harmon ct. nr. 

State, h. 533 State. 
Ilampson Oliver G., collector, h. S. Clinton, c. 

W. Jackson. 
Han Edward, engineer, h. Butler, cor. 25th. 
Hanatin Patrick, gasfittei:,h. Huron, nr. Towns- 

Hanagan James, grocer, 222|- Clark, h. same. 
Hanagan Michael, lab. h. 15 Pearson. 
Hanahan John, lab. h. e. s. 3rd av. nr. 14th. 
Hanan James, baker, h. 262 W. Polk. 
Hanauer Jacob, h. w. s. St. Clair, bet. Illinois 

and Indiana. 
Hanaway James, lab., b. 96 Mather. 
Hanborson James, machinist, 61 10th. 
Hanborson William, bds. 143 W. Kinzie. 
Hauce Rudolph, stonecutter, bds. 223 Huron. 
Hance S. S., blacksmith, bds. Whitney, nr. 

Green Bay. 
Hance William F., salesman, Kellogg & Covell, 

bds. Briggs House. 
Hanchen S., conductor, X. C. C. R. W., bds. 

243 Superior. 
Hanchett Thomas, salesman, b. 219 N. Wells. 
Hanck John, carpenter, h. Hubbard, bet. Reu- 
ben and Paulina. 
Hanck John, lab., h. s. s. Goethe, e. Sedgwick. 
Hancock Eugene, bookkeeper. Holt & Calkins, 

bds. 127 3rd av. 
Hancock John L., (Cragin & Co ,) h. Michigan 

av., cor. 26th. 





Hancock Eichai'd M., patternmaker, b. 154 

Hancock Thomas, clerk, Brunswick's Billiard 

Hall, h. 114 3id av. 
Hancock William, broommaker, h. e. s. Sedg- 
wick, nr. Granger. 
Hancock William T.. clerk, h. 114 3rd av. 
Hancock William T., (Richmond & Hancock,) 

h. 3 Van Buren. 
Hancox James S., blacksmith, h. 109 S. San- 

Hand , L. 164 N. Teoria. 

Hand E. W., salesman, N. F. Merrill, bds. 40 

Hand Edward, ap;t., bds. 38 FrankUp. 
Hand Fm'man, jr., planing mill, iKinton, nr. 

Randolph, h. 145 S. Green, jfe 
Hand Henry, clerk, G. & C. U. K R., h. 284 

Hand John, musician, b. 331 Chicago av. 
Hand John, lab., C. H. McConiiick & Bros. 
Hand Mary, wid. William, h. 87 Hlinois. 
Hand Patrick, lab., h. Myrick av., nr. i'Jtb. 
Hand R. A., wid. L. P., h. 284 Indiana. 
Hand William, lab , h. Pearson, cor. Green 

Hand William H., lab., h. 102 Hills. 
Ilanderson Edward, tailor, h. 48 N. Dearborn. 
Handerson Rognald, h. 44 N. Elizabeth. 
Handley James, grocer, h. 85 Chicago av. 
Handley Timothy, stonecutter, Singer k Tal- 

Handly Daniel, tinroofer, 11 Dearborn. 
Handran Michael, lab., h. 115 X. Market. 
Handy Ann, wid. Patrick, grocer, 148 W. 

Handy Augustus, (Hinckley and Handy,) h. 8 

Handy Henry H., conveyancer, John G. Short- 
all & Co., bds. 45 Michigan av. 
Hane Simon, shoemaker, bds. 21 3rd av. 
Hanee F. E., millwright, b. 273 N. LaSalle. 
Haner Michael, expressman, h, w. s. Purple, 

bet. 19th and 20th. 
Hanes Jackson, lab., h. 419 N. LaSalle. 
Hanes Samuel H., machinist, h. 197 W. Max- 
Hanesy Frances, wid. James, h. 77 Ohio. 
Haney Elizabeth, Mrs., h. 53 School. 
Haney James, porter, 93 S. Water, h. 256 

Hanfstingl Martin, lab., b. n. s. Burnside, nr. 

Hanifen Dennis, blacksmith, bds. s. s. Mitchel, 

bet. Canal and Stewart av. 
Hanifin John, clerk, J. Conner, bds. 132 Wells. 
Haning Hims, lab., C. H. McCormick & Bros. 
Hanisch August, saddler, 35 N. Wells, h. same. 
Hanisch John, carpenter, h. s. s. Maxwell, nr. 

Hanisch Robert, saddler, 142 W. Lake, b. 

Hanisch R. & D., tanners, N. Branch, w. s. 

North av. 
Hanixman John, clerk, 135 S. Water, h. Whit- 
ney, nr. Green Bay. 
Hankhausen C, lab.. Sugar Refinery. 
Hankey James, (Parsons, Pitkin & Hankey,) 

b. 29 Washington. 
Hankins B. C, boarding, 195 Washington. 

Hanks Henrv, lab. h. 89 Forquer. 

Haulan Patrick, lab., 129 Wells. 

Hanley Daniel, lab., h. 204 W. Polk. 

Hanley Daniel A., tin and slate roofer, h. 77 

Hanley Henry H., carpenter, b. 194 Taylor. 
Hanley James, grocer, 85 Chicago av., h. same. 
Hanliy John, lab., b. e. s. 4tb av., bet. 12th 

and 14th. 
Hanley John J., tin and slate roofer, h. 2o 

Hanley Thomas, varnishor, h. n. b. W. Polk. 

nr. Foster. 
Hanlev Timothy, lab., b. 198 W. Polk. 
Hanley William, hatter, J. A. Smith & Co. 
Hanley William, R. R. man, h. nr. Sedgwick. 
Ilanlihan William, clerk, h. Sampson, bet. 

Rucker andTiiroop. 
Hanlin Thomas, lab., bds. S. Canal, bet. Mitch- 
el and Maxwell. 
Hanlon Edward, wagonmaker, 74 Michiganj 

h. 121 Michigan. 
Hanlon George, lab., bds. 362-W. Polk. 
Hanlon James, printer Tribune, bds. 125 Ohio. 
Hanlon John, lab., b. s. s. South, bet. Fisk and 

Hanlon John, stonecutter, AV. & A. B. Cook. 
Hanlon John J., bookbinder, h. 204 Michigan. 
Hanlon Laughlin 0., tailor, bda 247 Madison. 
Hanlon Marv, wid. James, b. 57 W. Jackson. 
Hanlon .Michael, blacksmith, h. 123 Ohio. 
HANLON MICHAEL, grocer, 141 Clark, h, 

Hanlon Michael, hackman, h. 129 Ewing. 
Hanlon Michael, lab., h. u. s. Lumber, nr. 

Joy's Canal. 
Hanlon"^ Michael, saloon, 251 S. Canal, b. 

Hanlon Patrick, (Hanion & Simms,) b. 331 

Hanlon S. A., carpenter, J. O'Callaghan. 
Hanlon Timothy, surveyor, h. e. s. Halsted 

s. Ewing. 
Hanlon & Simms, (Patrick Hanlon and Thomas 

Simms,) grocers, 331 Wells. 
Hann Valentine, butcher, h. e. s. Lock, nr. 

Hanp.a James L., agent M. C. E. R., bds. Gir- 

ard House. 
Hanna John B., librarian, 77 Dearborn, b. 

Barber, bet. Jefferson and Desplaines. 
Hanna Kersey, com. mer., 47 S. Water, h. s. s. 

W. Madison, nr. Hoyne. 
Hanna Thomas, com. mer., 47 S. Water, bds. 

s. s. W. Madison, nr. Hoyne. 
Hanna William John, bookkeeper, C. H. Mc- 
Cormick & Bros, h. 273 N. Well.s. 
Hannah Elias, cooper, Busch & Brand, h. II 

Hannah Francis H., office 165 S. Water, h. 

V\^ abash av., bet. 16th and 18th. 
Hannah J. B., carpenter, 105 N. Water. 
Hannah Louis, teamster, J. J. Sands. 
Hannah Perry, (Hannah, Lay & Co.,)b. Trav- 
erse City, Mich. 
Hannah, Lay & Co., lumber mer., (Perry Han- 
nah and Albert T. Lay,) Lumber, cor. 
Hannahs James M., clerk, 60 Welis, h. 143 





Ilaniian Daniel, mason, h. 53 School. 
Hannan James, helper, I. C. R. R. much. shop. 
Ilannan James, lab., h. 85 Ohio. 
Ilannan John, drayman, h. s. s. Front, bet. 

Rucker and Elizabeth. 
Hannan Marv, wid.. John, h. 227 Jackson. 
Ilannersheets James, bookkeeper. Woodruff 

& Chamberlain, Pomero.v's bldg., h. 172 

Ilannigan John, hotel keeper, W. Water, cor. 

IIANNIS GEORGE W., lightning rod manfr., 

and scale repairer, 98 Kinzie, h. Jackson, 

s. e. c. Desplaines. {See adiH. pojje 200.) 
IlannisT. W., agt. G. W. Hannis, h. Franklin, 

cor. Ohio. 
ILinnon , carpenter, h. Paulina, bet. 

Indiana av. and 4th. 
Ilannon Brid«;et, wid. Patrick, h. s. s. W. Kin- 
zie, nr. N. Desplaines. 
Ilannon James, cooper, bds. R. R. House. 
Hannon John, lab., bds. s. s. Maxwell, bet. 

Canal and Clinton. 
Hannon Patrick, carpenter, h. w. s. N. Market, 

nr. Superior. 
Hannov Frederick, lab., Eagle Works. 
Hanns Albert, woodsawer, h. r. 249 Clark. 
Hanover Henry, cigarmaker, 10 W. Lake, h. 

Ilanrahan Edward, cooper, bds. Green, n. w. c. 

Ilanrahan John, expressman, h. s. s. Mather, 

nr. Ilalsted. 
Ilanrahan Mary, wid. Pati'ick, h. e. s. 4th av., 

bet. 12th and 14th. 
Hanrahan Patrick, cooper, 64 Desplaines, ii. 

68 Desplaines. 
Hanratty John, shipping clerk Shores, Tator & 

Co., bds. N. LaSalle, cor, Michigan. 
Ilanretty Patrick, lab., h. 11 Wabansia av. nr 

rolling mill. 
Hans Christian, sailor, h. Hubbard, bet. X. 

Desplaines and Union. 
Hansbrough William, real est. agt., 82 Ran- 
dolph, bds. 95 Clark. 
Hanseom P. L., machinist, H. A. Pitts & Co , 

bds. 75 W. Washington. 
Ilanselman George, porter L. Read, h. 76 

Hansemann Dietrick, shoemaker, h. e. s. Hal- 

sted, nr. 14th. 
Hansen Hans, (Hansen k Waldhauser,) 186 X. 

Hansen Henry, coppersmith, h. W. Indiana, n. 

e. cor. Union. 
Hansen Mathias, sailor, h. 50 4th. 
Hansen Xelson, carpenter, h. 41 Milwaukee av 
Hansen W. R., salesman W. M. Ross & Co., h. 

47 4th. 
Hansen & Waldhauser, (H. Hansen and J. 

Waldhauser,) painters, 186 N. Clark. 
Hansfield Henry, clerk, h. 16 DuPuyster. 
Hanshaw William, saloon, 124 W. Lake, h. 

Hansky Charles, saloon, 122 X. Halsted. 
Hansmon Charles, carpenter, h. 131 Carpen- 

Hanson , turner, bds. 51 4th av. 

Hanson Alexander, lab., h. X. Hulsted, n. w. 

cor. 3d. 

Hanson Benjamin, sailor, bds. 24 W. Indiana. 

Hanson C, tailor, h. 145 3d. 

Hanson Charles H., braki-sinan, h. 171 X. Jef- 

Hanson Daniel P., (Hanson & Co.,) h. 45 S. 

Hanson Frank S., (Hanson & Co.,) h. 246 Ful- 

Hanson John, furniture, 174 Clark, bds. Gar- 
den City House. 

Hanson John, lab., h. Church, c. Center. 

Hanson John, h. 21 Larr.ibee. 

Hanson Joseph, (Hanson & Co.,) h. 246 Fulton. 

Hanson Joseph, harness maker, h. 141 W. 

Hanson Lewis, sailor, h. 25 Chicago av. 

Hanson Mathias, sailmaker, Foster & Harden- 

Hanson Ole, shoemaker, h. 173 N. Desplaines. 

Hanson Philip, tanner, h. Wolcott, nr. Thorn. 

Hanson Ralph, (R. Hanson & Co.,) h. 264 W. 

Hanson T., helper, I. C. R. R. machine shop. 

Hanson Theodore, sailor, h. 198 Sherman. 

Hanson Thomas G., ale brewer, 28 Chicago av. 

Hanson R. & Co., (Ralph HaU'^on and Theodore 
Digby,) prod, and com. mers., 197 S. 

Hanson & Co., (Joseph, Frank S , and Daniel 
P. Hanson,) millers, 147 W. Lake. 

Hantsch August, lab., li. w. s. Orchard,, nr. 

Hanway M. Henry, lab., h. 75 Bremer. 

Hap J., machinist, I. C. R^ R, machine shop. 

Hape Phillip, engineer, b. W.12th, bet. Throop 
and Kucker. 

Hapgood Charles H., lawyer, 56 Dearborn, h. 
56 Michigan av. 

Happ Michael, lab., h. X. Dearborn, s. e. cor. 

Happ Theobokl, butcher, h. 183 Erie. 

Happel Adam, plasterer, h. Sampson, bet. 
Throop and Loomis. 

Happle John, stonecutter, h, Coolidge, bet. 
Throop and Loomis. 

Haran William, tailor, h. Forquer nr. Halsted. 

Harbach John, packer, bds. 57 Washington. 

Harbach John W^., shipping clerk, Harbach & 
Kriegh, 23 LaSalle. 

Harbach Xathaniel R., (Harbach k Kriegh,) 
bds. Sherman House. 

Harbach Thomas, wiih Harbach k Kriegh, 23 
LaSalle, bds. 57 Washington. 

Harbach k Kriegh, (Xathaniel Harbach and 
David Kriegh,) pork packers, packing h., 
Archer rd., e. of Halsted, office 23 La- 

Harbick J. P., engineer, h. 191 X". LaSalle. 

Harbison William, bds. 143 W. Kinzie. 

Hard Charles D., express messenger, bds. 48 
3d av. 

Hard Gustavus, clerk, h. 53 S. Clinton. 

Hardcastle Thomas, mason, h. 322 W. Lake, 
cor. Curtis. 

Hardel Henry, soapmaker, h. Division, nr. 
Green Bay. 

Handell John, teamster, Baldwin & Co. 

Harden , h. 84 S. Green. 

Hardenbergh Charles M., (Foster & Harden- 
bergh,) h. 372 X. Wells, cor. Elm. 







For Stores, "Warehouses, &:c. 

Having nine years' experience in setting up these ma- 
chines and over three hundred of them in use, abundant 
references can be given. Machines constantly on hand 
ready for city use or shipment to any part of the coun- 
try, with full dirictions for setting up and us ug. 


Manufacturer, 188 Ohio St, , 
P. 0. Box, 814T. CHICAGO, ILL. 










Sbip Smithing 


Stjglitniiiig |>0il 

9T Ivinzie Street 



Wholesale and Retail Dealer in 

IfiSi & ©©PPEH 








Corner Polk and Canal Streets. 




All Orders Promptly attended to: 
P. O. Box 710. 





HardenbtTgh Peter R. L., (Hardeiibergh & 

Williams,) li. 8 Eldrid^e ct. 

L. Hardenbergh and Oliver Williams,) 

leather and findings, 231 Lake. 
Harder Christoplier, teamster, li. ^i'h, i.r. 

Hanover. ■♦ 

Harder Jacob, teamster, h. Dayton, bet. Wil- 
low and Clay. 
Harder William,' tinsmith, 200 Lal<e. 
Hardey Robert, h. W. T.iylor, nr. Lailin. 
Hardie Joseph, bookbinder, h. 276 N. Franklin. 
Hardig Peter, lab.. Hall & Winch. 
Ilardin Alexander, (eol'd.,) wliitewasher, 142 

4th av. 
Hardin Seth W. jr., (Isaac R. Hitt & Co.,) b. 

193 Clark. j 

Harding Abbey M., wid. Stewart, teacher, h. I 

Ellis av. nr. city limits. ! 

Harding Alexander, cleik, Bank Jlontreal, bds. i 

83 Michigan av. | 

Harding Charles, (Harding & Hall,) h. n. s. ; 

Chestnut, bet. N. Dearborn and Wolcott. ', 
Harding Edward, lab., Peslitigo Co. i 

Harding Francis, clerk. Stone's millinerv 

store, bds. 81 S. Green. ' | 

Harding Frederick, county agent, h. W. Lake, 

cor. Reuben. 
Harding George F., lawyer, h. w. s. Calumet 

av. nr. 22d. 
Harding John, bookkeeper, A. E. Curtis, X. 

h. Morgan, bet. Monroe and Adams. I 

Harding Joseph, clerk, David Wallace, bds. 

364 S. Desplaines. 
Harding Timothy, moulder, Converse &; Young. 

bds. State, nr. Polk. 
Harding & Hall, (Charles Harding and Zebu- 
Ion M. Hall,) whol. grocers, 163 S. Water. 
Hardman George, flour and feed, 205 Milwau- 
kee av. h. same. 
Hardman John, porter, h. e. s. Sedgwick, nr. 

Hardman William, lab., h. 72.5 Clark. 
Hardman William, janitor, VI Dearborn, h. 

Hardon Charles, lab., h. n. s. Meagher, nr. I 

Hardt Adelbert, yankee notions, n. s. Cly- 

bourn av., nr. Mohawk, h. same. ! 

Hardy Andrew, engineer, McCoimick's Reaper ' 

Factory. | 

Ilardv F. Leon, salesman, F. Peugeot, 108 i 

Lake. I 

Hardy Nichols, plasterer, h. e. s. Green, nr. ! 

Hardv Robert, lab., Chicago Hide and Leather 

Co., bds. s. s. Taylor, bet. Lafllfr and 

Hardy William, lab., h. Noble, bet. Indiana 

- and Hubbard, 
^ardyman John, h. Williams, bet. S. Ruckcr 

and Aberdeen. 
Hare Cornelius, saloon, 181 W. Randolph, 

Ilargin Mrs. Mary C, h. 71 Michigan av. 
Ilargrave James, tailor, h. 300 Clark. 
Haihausen Helmbold, tailor, h. 25 Kinzie. 
Harigan Thomas, lab., h. 53 W. Polk. 
Haring Claton L., soldier, h. 305 W. Lake. 
Haring Mrs. L. K., h. 305 W. Lake. 

Ilarity John, lab., h. Tyler, bet. Rucker and 

S. Aberdeen. 
Ilarken Christian, tailor, h. 32 4th. 
Harken William, giocer, n. s. Xorib av., nr. 

Sedgwick, h. same. 
Harkenower Bernard, butcher. Cottage Grove 

av. cor. 26th. h. same. 
Ilarkige Charles, tinsmith, bds. 165 Vv''. Madi- 
Harkins S., bds. 7 Rucker. 
Ilaikl John, blacksmith, h. 307 S. Wells. 
Harkness L. B., clerk Adams House. 
Harla Philip, tailor, h. 31 Biemer av. 
Harlan P. Morris, salesman, 25 Lake, bds. 215 

Harland Hannah, wid. John, bds. 326 Fulton. 
Harless Thomas, (Ilarless & Parkar,) h. AVa- 

bnsh av., bet. ISih and North. 
HARLESS & PARKER, (Thomas Uai less and 

Thomas Parker,) com. mer. 6 Pomeroy's 

Harley Andrew, machinist, h. 4th, nr. W. Hal- 
Harley Cornelius, blacksmith, h. 136 Union, 
Ilarnum Charles, painter, s. s. \V. t^uincy. nr. 

Harman William, h. 205 Indiana. 
Harmening John H., saloon 112 W. Lake, h. 


Harmon , boxmalcer, h. 227 N. C'ark. 

Harmon Edward R., (Harmon, Gale & Co.,)h. 

383 W. Randolph. 
Harmon Elijah D., physician, 313 Jlichigan 

Harmon George, student, St. Mary's Universi- 
ty, h. same. 
Harmon Henry, clerk M. C. R. R., bds. 1C5 

W. Washington. 
Harmon Isaac D., office S Clark, h. 165 W. 

Harmon Isaac N., trav. a^t. Day, Allen & Co., 

h. 248 N. Wells. 
Harmon James, teamster, h. s. s. Maxwell, 

bet. Canal and Clinton. 
Harmon John, butcher, h. s. s. Maxwell, 

bet. Canal and Clinton. 
Harmon John, lab., C. H. McCormick & Bros. 
Harmon John K., salesman, Couley, Farwell 

& Co.,h. 81 X. Wells. 
Harmon Jonathan, carpenter, h. Kankakee av. 

nr. 29th. 
Harmon Valentine, lab., h. Cottage Grove av. 

nr. 26th. 
Harmon William, engineer, h. 205 Indiana. 
HARMON, GALE & CO., (Edwin R. Harmon, 

Daniel W. Gale, and Charles R. Stark- 
weather,) whol. staple and fancy dry 

goods, 53 Lake. 
Harms Andreas, lab., h. 301 S. Jefferson. 
Harms John, milk dealer, h. 140 Union. 
Harms John, elk., bds. Jervis House. 
Harn John, tailor, 185 Monroe. 
Harned Hiram, produce dealer, 205 and 207 

Kinzie, li. 213 Kinzie. 
Harnett John C, mason, h. nr. cor. S. Halsted 

and Jackson. 
Harnett Michael, lab., C B. vt Q. K. R. 
Harney James, sailor, schi-. Mas-illon. 
Ilarnescha J., carpenter, L C. R. R. machine 






Harnischmacher Joseph, slioemaker, h. 34 

Ilarnon Murtin, carpenter, li. r. 52 Foster. 
Harold Gustavus, blacksmith, h. '72 N. La- 

HaroldJohn D., saloon, 111 W. Madison, h. 

Harpell Mary Louisa, -wid. Charles, h. 466 

Harper , h. e. s. N. Dearborn, nr. Divis- 
Harper Daniel, lab., 31st, nr. Dyer av. 
Harper James, physician, h. 333 State. 

Harper James G., "(Giles Bros. & Co.) non-res- 

Harper Jane, wirl. Joseph, h. No. 12 26th 

Harper John, teamster, h. 137 W. Taylor. 

Harper Joseph, eloctrotyper, h. 393 S. Clark, 

Harper Miss Mary L., bds. 219 Monroe. 

Harper Michael, car repairer I. C. R. R. depot. 

Harper Nathan, foreman Chicago type foun- 
dry, h. 2*74 Clark. 

Harper Samuel, 8Sth Regiment His. Vol., h. 
r. 356 Indiana. 

Harper Wahcr, h. s. s. Peoria, bet. Lake and 

Harper William, carpenter, h. Calumet av. 
nr. 26th. 

Harper WiUiam, h. 469 State. 

Harrahan George, expressman, h. Market, cor. 

Harrigan Thomas, h. 491 S. Clark. 

Harrington — , bds. 205 Kinzie. 

Harrington Alexander, cariiage trimmer, h. 
315 W. Lake. 

Harrington Daniel, machinist, bds. 141 W. 

Harrington Daniel, ship carpenter, h. 373 S. 

Harrington Ellen, wid. Timothy, h. 151 S. 

Harrington Frank, saloon, 238 State, h. same. 

Harrington Miss Johanna, boarding, 218 Madi- 

Harrington John, clerk, bds. 218 Madison. 

Harrington Lewis D., bookkeeper, Shipman & 
Goodridge, bds. 215 State. 

Harrington Mifliael, Lib., h. nr. cor. "\V. Ad- 
ams and Ilul.-^ted. 

Harrington Michael, teamster, bds. Michigan 
Lake house. 

Harrington Xi'wton, carpenter, bds 679 State. 

Harcington R. J., machinist, h. 88 Hubbard. 

Harriott Benjamin F., builder, h. 109 X. Car- 

Harris Abraham, U. S. A. soldier, h. 55 Price 

Harris Adelia A., h. s. s. Warren, nr. Reuben. 

Harris Allen. (Harris, Stone & Co.) h. Wor- 
cester, Mass. 

Harris Andrew J., dentist, bds. 100 Midison. 

Harris Anna, wid. John, h. 70 N. LaSalle. 

Harris Bradford D., clerk, Aasit's Bank, 39 

Harris Charles, carpenter, h. 25 Dupuyster. 
Harris Edmund, whitewasher, 230 4th av. 

Harris Edward A., bioommaker, bds. 170 N. 

Harris Edward G. (Dakin & Co.,) h. Spring- 
field LI. 

Harris George F., carpenter, h. 333 Wolcott. 
Harris Godfrey, cigar maker, h 44 Congress. 
Harris Henry H., carpenter, h. 34 Bremer. 
Harris H. H., lumber, bds. Metropolitan Hotel. 
Harris Holland, sailor, h. Foster, bat. W. Van 

Buren and Harrison. 
Harris Hubbard D., conductor City R. W., 

bds. s. s. W. Madison, nr. Reuben. 
Harris J. R., trader, h. 442 N. Wells. 
Harris Jacob, 175 W. Lake. 
Harris Jacob, harnessmaker, h. 12 Fisher's 

blk. White. 
Hairis Jacob, president Richard's manufac- 
turing Co., bds. Button's Hotel. 
Harris James B., grocer, 317 State, h. same. 
Harris John, carpenter, h. 259 S. Desplaines. 
Harris John, lab., h. Dyer av., nr. 26th. 
Harris John, lab., h. s. s. Wright, nr. Union. 
Harris John, shoemaker, h. Blackhawk, nr. 

Harris John C, com. mer., bds. Clifton House. 
Harris John P., h. 25 Du Piiyster. 
Harris John T., bakery, 259 S. Desplaines, h. 

Harris Joseph, sash and blind manufacturer, 

h. 18 W. Quincy. 
Harris Lazaru-;, (col'd) h. 144 4th av. 
Harris Martha, tailoress, bds. 21 W. Polk. 
Harris Moses F., carpenter, h. s. s. Tyler, e. 

Harris Nathan, moulder, h. n. s. Butterfield, 

bet. 21st and 22d. 
Harris Solomon, clothing, 237 Randolph, h. 

171 Monroe. 
Harris Stephen M., bds. 262 S. Jefferson. 
Harris Thomas, broommaker, 170 N. Clark. 
Hairis Thomas, painter, 133 W. Madison. 
Harris Thonuis, tailor, h. 310 State. 
KARRIS URIAH P., chief engineer fire de- 
partment, offiee Lonii John engine honse, 

LaSalle, nr. Madison, bds. 48 Wells. 
Harris Uriah P., jr., fireman, bds. Warren, 

bet. Reuben and Page. 
Harris William, painter, h. Madison, cor. S. 

Harris AVilliam, watchmaker, 121+ Clark, h. 

120 4th av. 
Harris William D., (William D. Harris & Co.,) 

h. w. s. Wabash av. bet. 23rd and 24th. 
Harris William 11. , (Harris, Stone & Co.,) h. 

N. Y. city. 
Harris William J , carpenter, h. 25 Chicago 

Harris William L., dentist, bds. L'nion Park 

Harris Wm, T., broommaker, h. 170 N. Wells. 
Harris, Stone & Co., (Allen Harris, William 

H. Harris and Alvah A. Stone,) com. mer. 

178 S. Water. 

H. Gunn,) whol. dru 
Harrison A. J., clerk pn 

R. I. R. R., h. 455 Clinton. 
Harrison Andrew D., lab. h. 124 Wendell. 
Harrison C. R., bds. Briggs House. 
Harrison Carter H., lawyer^ 98 Randolph, b. 

Hermitage av. cor. Tyler. 
Harrison Eliza, wid. 313 W. Madison. 
Harrison Hannah, wid, Patrick, h. 91 N. 


D. & CO., (Alexander i 
Iruggists, 87 S. Water. / 
purchaser's offiee C. k. ' 





Harrison J. H., Canterbury Hall, bds. same. 
Harrison Jo.-eph W., shipmate, h. 9 Hills. 
Harrison Martha Mrs., h. 46 Larrabee. 
Harrison Miles, carpenter, bds. 101 W. 12th. 
Harrison Nathan B., (Harrison & Hamlin,) h. 

73 W. Washinccton, 
Harrison Thomas F., omnibus driver, h. s. s. 

Canalport av. nr. Jefferson. 
Harrison William, stonecutter, h. X. Des- 

plaines, cor. Carroll. 
Harrison & Hamlin, (Nathan B. Harrison and 

Auguj:tus S. Hamlin,) lawyers, 75 Clark. 
Harrod John, flour inspector John Crater, h. 

257 4th av. 
Harrold John, lab. h. s. s." Maxwell, nr. 

Harrold Thomas, h. e. s. S. Desplaines, s. 

Harsha William W. Rev., S. Presbyterian 

Church, h. 164 3rd av. 
Hart Abram, (Hart Bros.,) h. 174 North av. 
Hart Adam, blacksmith, h. 24 Thorn. 
Hart Charles, miller C. E. Olmsted & Co. 
Hart Elijah, tireman, h. 69 W. Madison. 
Hart Gus, bookkeeper Merchant's Dispatch, h. 

53 S. Clinton. 
Hart Henry, carpenter, bds. n. s. 14th, bet. 

Jefferson and Canal. 
Hart Henrv N.. (Hart Bros.,) h. 174 4lh av. 
Hart Isaac" L., U. S. A., b. 69 W. Madison. 
Hart Jatob, butcher, h. 8 N. Union 
Hart John, saloon, 235 Wells, h. Wells, bet. 

Jackson and Van Buren. 
HART JOHN P., northwestern pass. agt. Erie 

R. W., h. 195 Van Buren 
Hart Joseph, carpenter, h. 212 Blue I. av. 
Hart Joseph H., jr., (Hart, Asten & Co.,) h. 

261 W. Adiuns. 
Hart Louis, peddler, h. 101 Larrabee. 
Hart Martin, lab., h. 8 Hinsdale. 
Hart Michael, shoemaker, bds. N. Y. House. 
Hart Nathani'd, h. Michigan av. nr. 26th. 
Hart Nelson, (col'd,) waiter, h. 133 4th av. 
Hart Ozias, carpenter M. E. Reynolds, bds. 22 

W. Polk. 
Hart Patrick, shipping clerk P. Ft. W. & C. 

R. W. depot, h. 132 Michigan. 
Hart Peter, clerk P. 0. 
Hart Pretas, (col'd,) bds. 135 Jackson. 
Hart T. Percy, accountant C. & N. W. R. W. 

Co., bds. 115 Wabash av. 
Hart Thomas, drayman, h. Sampson, bet. 

Throop and Loomis. 
Hart Thomas, porter, h. w. s. Srd av.. nr. 14th. 
Hart William S., machinist, bds. 59 3rd av. 
Hart. Asten & Co., (Joseph H. Hart, jr., Wil- 
liam B. Asten, Burton E. Clark^ and 

Charles W. Goodhue,) bag mnfrs., 157 S. 

Hart Brothers, (Abram Hart and Henry N. 

Hart,) clothing, 21 and 23 Clark. 
Hartan John, lab., h. e. s. S. Franklin, bet. 

Tyler and Van Buren. 
Harteges John, carpenter, li. N. Clark, bet. H- 

linois and Indiana. 
Harter August, lab., h. N. Halsted, in: Willow. 
Harter August, lab., h. North ar., nr. Rees. 
Harter Charles, bartender, bds. 85 Ohio. 
Harter Frederick, drayman, h, s. s. Kramer, 

nr. Union. 

Haiter George, merchant ta.ilor, 253 S. Canal, 
h. same. 

Harter George, tailor, h. 337 Clark. 

Haiter Joseph, butcher, h. e. s. Canal, nr.lSth. 

Hartery Edwin, carpenter, h. 132 Griswold. 

Hartery John, lab., Hall & Winch. 

Hartey Edward, lab., bds. n. s. 14th, nr. Hal- 

Hartey Michael, soldier, h. w. s. Jefferson, s. 

Hartfill Henry, teamster, h. Chesnut, bet. N. 
Dearborn and Wolcott. 

Hartford Chirles, lab., S. P. Lunt. 

Hartford David, cooper, h. n. s. Water, bet. 
Green and Main. 

Conn., Hubbard & Hunt, agents, 1 Loomis 

Hartford James, lab., h. 53 Cirrol. 

Hartford Thomas, comp isition roofer, h. 6S 

Harth Fritz, wagonmaker, h. Bauwans, nr. Mil- 
waukee av. 

Harth Jacob, grocer, 230 X. Clark, h. same. 

Hartig Charles J., cigars and tobacco, 2S W. 
Van Buren, h. same. 

Hartig Fritz, saloon, S. Cinal, cor. Mather. 

Hartig Peter, cabinetmaker, h. r. 133 4lh av. 

Hartigan Garrett, lab., bds. 151 Market. 

Hartiii-an James, lab., h. e. s. S. Franklin, bet. 
Tvler and Van Buren. 

Hartigan John, engineer, C. & N. W. R. ^Y. 
shop, h. Union, bet. 1st and 2d. 

Hartigan John, lab., h. cor. Franklin and 
Van Buren. 

Hartigan John, lab., h. n. s. Banker, nr. Des- 

Hartigan Timothy, foreman H. Wheeler. 

Hartigen John, engineer, h. W. Chicago av., 
nr. the river. 

Harting Henry J., musician, h. 109 Townsend. 

Hartlett John, grocer, cor. Myrick av. and 

Hartmann Ernst, compositor, Chicago Teh- 
graph, h. 117 Huron. 

Hartmann Frederick, hardware, 220 Clark, h. 

Hartmann George, saloon, 371 Wells, h. same. 

Hartmann Isaac, clerk, John B. Ideson o: 
Co., Ill Randolph, h. 77 N. Morgan. 

Hartmarm Jacob, saloon, n. s. Archer rd.,bet. 
Bonfield and Main. 

Hartmann John, h. 226 Sherman. 

Hartmann John, shoemaker, h. 121 W. Polk. 

Hartmann John, porter, Durand Bros. & Pow- 

Hartmann John, porter, Jlotropolitan Hotel, 
h. Sedgwick, nr. North av. 

Hartmann Joseph (Rev.), pastor German Evan- 
gelical Lutheran St. Paul's Church, h. 
126 Ohio. 

Hartmann Julius, saddler. Miller, nr. Taylor. 

Hartmann Mary, (col'd.) wiJ. John, bds. W. 
Taylor, nr. Loomis. 

Hartmann Peter, lab., s. s. Pierce pi. 

Hartmann Theobald, lieut. col. LI. Cavalry, h. 
348 State. 

Hartmann William, porter MeCorinick's bldg., 
h. same. 

Hartmann William, tailor, 145 3rd. 





Hartnell Patrick, lab., h. Halsted, s. w. c. 

Hartuess L. B., bartender Adams House. 
Ilartnet Henry, lab., h. 249 Kinzie. 
Hai'tnett, Edward, machinist, h. s. s. Maxwell, 

nr. Union. 
Hartnett John, lab., h. S.j4 S. Clinton. 
Hartuett Maui'ice, carpentei-, h. loG Bremer. 
Hartnett Michael, clerk. Freight Dept. I. C. R. 

II., bds. 137 Michigan. 
Hartnett Owen, lab., h. 44 K Union. 
Hartnett Patrick, lab., C. B. & Q. R. R. Depot. 
Hartnett Robert, lab., h. r. 44 W. Monroe. 
Hartne? Michael, shoemaker, h. s s. Hi"h, e. 

Harton , en;^inecr, bds., 134 N. Car- 
Harton Henry, musician, h. lOV Townsend. 
Hartsburgh Max., engineer, C. B. k Q. R. R., 

bds. 265 Ontario. 
Hartung Leonard, ambrotypist, 65 AV. Kinzie, 

h. Chicago av. 
Hartung Otto, clerk, 5 Wheeler's b!dg., h. 56 

N. La Salle. 
Hartupee A. "W., physician, 11 Masonic Tem- 
ple, h. same. 
Hartwell Edward A., carpenter, bds. Morgan, 

cor. W. Adams. 
Hartwell Peter, clerk, P. Ft. W. & C. R. R., 

bds. 146 Monroe. 
Hartwing M., carpenter, bds. Preseott House. 
Harty Edwaid, carpenter, bds. S. Jefl'ersori, 

nr. W. Taylor. 
Harty John, drayman, L. Barber & Son. 
Harty Michael, carpenter, bds., W. Taylor, cor. 

Harty Edward, saddler, bds. n. s. Archer rd., 

bet. Lime and Halsted. 
Hartzell Abraham, blacksmith, h. 211 3rd av. 
Harvey Alonzo, (A. Harvev, Sou & Co.,) h. 

105 N. Wells. 
HARVEY CHARLES T., mnfr. Lake Superior 

L'on, 13 Wells, h. 126 Cass. 
Harvey Edward, lab., bds. w. s. 3rd av., nr. 

14 th. 
Harvev Frank, (A. Harve.}-, Son k Co.,) bds. 

105 N. Wells. 
Harvev George M., (Harvev & Rawson,) h. 305 

W. Randolph. 
Harvey H. A., h. 195 4th av. 
Harvey Heiu'y, bds. S. Morgan, hot. Taylor 

and Polk. 
Harvey Hosea, flour, feed and produce, Madi 

son, cor. S. Clinton, h. Morgan, nr. Polk. 
Harvey James, (Morton & Harvey,) 15 S. 

Dearborn, h. n. s. Warren, w. Lincoln. 
Harvey J^mes, lab., h. n. s. 31st. nr. Lock. 
Harvey James, Lieut. 12th. HI. regt. vols. 
Harvey James, soldier, h. r. IT IS. Market. 
Harvey James M., boys and youths clothing, 

100 Lake, h. same. 
Harvey Joim, (A. G. Downes & Co.,) h. 359 

Harvey John, clerk, bds., 42 3rd av. 
Harvey John, tailor, h. 71 Kinzie. 
Harvey John S., (Harvey, Clark <fe Co.,) h. 

245 N. LaSalle. 
Harvey Robert, h. e. s. Miehigan av,, bet. 25th 

26 th. 

Harvey S. T., (Morton & Harvey,) 75 Dear- 
born, bds. Canal, nr. Madison. 
Harvey Stewart, lawyer, 13 Larmon blk. 
Harvey Sylvester, elk., h. Ellis, nr. Douglas 

Harvey Turlington W., (Lamb & Harvey,) h. 

350 Indiana av. 
Harvey William, carpenter, h. Douglas pi., nr. 

Wentvvorth av. 
Harvey William B., lab., h. State, cor. Dou- 
glas pi. 
Harvey William F., !ab., h. State, cor. Dou- 
glas pi. 
HARVEY A., SOX & Co., (Alonzo and 

Frank Hiirvey.) forwdg. and com. mer., 

230 and 232 S. Writer. 
Harvey, Clark & Co., (John S. Harvc}', Harvey 

& Co.,) flour and commission, 5 Pardee^s 

bldg., S. Water. 
Harvey & Rawson, (George M. Hrvey and 

Eugene A. Rawson,) photographic stock, 

117 Lake. 
Harvison John, clothing, 137 Market, h. same. 
Harwood Justus F., cabinatmaker, h. 244 S. 

Harwood Theron D., broommaker, 59 Des- 

Harwood William, lab., h. Wells, s. w. cor. 

Has Solomon, h. 80 4th av. 
Hasberg Charles, yankec notions, 222 Wol- 

cott, h. same. 
Hasbrouck Isaac A., (L A. Hasbrouck & Co.,) 

bds. Wells, cor. AVashington. 
Hasbrouck I. A. & Co., (I. A. Hasbrouck, 

and Albert Conro,) horse nail mnfrs., S. 

Canal, cor. W. Monroe. 
Hasch William, lab., h. Sampson, bet. Throop 

and Loomis. 
Hascq H. M. Mrs., boarding, 161 Washington. 
Ilase George, lab. D. W. Jaynes. 
Hasenfratz George, porter Samuel Myers & 

Hasenfretz Joseph, clerk, h. s. s. Goethe, w. 

N. Wells. 
Hasenfuss Louis, tailor, h. 152 Peoria. 
Hash Joseph, com. mer., h. 106 N. Clark. 
Haskall William 0. jr., bookkeeper, A. C. 

Badiier & Co., bds. 152 Madison. 
HASKELL BENJAMIX, lawyer, room 13 

Larmon blk. 
Haskell David F., (Sam. Dunn & Co.,) h. 136 

od av. 
Haskell Loomis P., dentist, with W. W. All- 
port, h. s. s. W. Lake, w. Robey. 
Haskett Andrew, lab., h. 99 4th. 
HASKIN EDWL^, agt, Onondoga Salt Co., 

1821- S. Watw, h. Evanston. 
Haskin H-nrv, clerk, 176 S. Water, bds. 32 

W. Madison. 
Haskins Dennis W., shoemaker, h. Cottage 

Grove av. nr. city limits. 
Haskins Norman, bookkeeper, A. T. Spencer, 

bds. 32 W. Madison. 
Hasler August, h, 29 Kinzie. 
Haslett Rosanna, wid. Jessie, h. 31st, cor. 

Haslew Thoma=!, R., engineer, h. 37 Prairie. 
Ha^lob Henry, baker, h. 141 3d. 
Haspens Jawcrs, ship carpenter, h. 17 White. 





Haspin John, baker, h. Mav, rtr. Polk. 

Hass Charles E., clerk, McConnlck Bros. 

Hass Frederick, machinist, 103 W. Taylor. 

Hassack Thomas, lab., h. n. s. Mather, nr. 

Hassett Michael, drayman, h. al., bet. Fulton 
and Carroll. 

Ilassett Patrick, blacksmith, h. Green, cor. 
W. Monroe. 

Hassett William, house mover, h. nr. c. Green 
and W. Monroe. 

Hassinger, Amelia, milliner, 4G5 Clark, h. 

Hassinger Christian, saloon, nr. Clark st. 

Hassinger S. P., carriage maker, h. 194 Su- 

Hassy Thomas, cooper, bds. Sigel, s. e. cor. 

Hastie Thomas, boots and shoes, 23 Market. 

Hasting Charles, (col'd,) lab., bds. 135 Jack- 

Hastings Campbell, lumber nier., h. 269 S. 

Hastings Charles, carpenter, h. Kankakee av. 
nr. Cottage Grove av. 

Hastings Chailes H., carpenter, h. 53 Peck. 

Hastings George E., drover, bds. 29th, cor. 
Cottage Grove av. 

Hastings Harvey, vinegar manfr., 100 Des- 
phiines, h. 129 W. Monroe. 

Hastings Hiram, cattle broker, h. 20 Adams. 

Hastings John, painter, bds. 57 Canal. 

Hastings Louis R., drover, h. 20th, cor. Cot- 
tage Grove av. 

Hastings William, carpenter, h. n. s. Wood, nr 

Hasty John P., printer, bds. 57 Canal. 

Hatch , clerk, bds. 64 Wabash av. 

Hatch Carrie P., teacher, bds. 250 W. Ran- 

Hatch George, shipping clerk, 23 Lake. 

Hatch Henry clerk, bds. Cass House. 

Hatch Henry, (Husted & Hatch,) h. Indiana 
av. nr. 26th. 

Hatch Henry L., salesman H. H. Husted, h. 
Lidiana av. cor. 28th. 

Hatch Hotel, John T. Corcoran prop'r., 29 X. 

Hatch Ira, physician, 9 Larmon blk., h. 206 

Hatch James M., clerk, 47 State, h. r.. s. W. 
Washington, bet. Wood and Lincoln. 

Hatch John C, h. n. s. Wright, bet. Canal 
and Stewart av. 

Hatch John M., (Clarke & Hatch,) bds. Briggs 

Hatch Joel, h. 160 Clark. 

Hatch Julian A., clerk P. & Ft. W. cattle 
yard. bds. 331 W. Taylor. 

Hitch Mansfield, agt. life ins., 6 Clark, h. 88 
S. Desplaines. 

Hatch Mrs. Mary, boarding, 184 Madison. 

Hatch Rufus, grain broker, 178 S. Water, h. 
Carpenter blk., 574 W. Lake. 

Hatch Mrs. Sarah M., shirts and children's gar- 
ments, 166 State. 

Hatch Thomas, lab., h. 184 Madi.son. 

Hatch Thomas C, agt. Galena Depot, h. n. s. 
Meagher, nr. Jefferson. 

Hateheis^ John, carpenter, h. 95i N. Clark. 
Hate Henry, h. 260 4ih av. 
Hateck Peter, carpenter, h. 133 4th av. 
Hatfield William, teamster, h. 340 S. Jefferson- 
Hathaway A., conductor, h. Kinzie. cor. Hiil- 

Hathaway Albert F., tailor, h. 313 K Wells. 
Hathaway Amos W., foreman packing depart- 
ment Ciiicago Mechanical Bakery, h. 132 

W. Madison. 
Hathaway D. Pardee, clerk Tremont House. 
Hathaway B. Franklin, cashier, Ogden, Floet- 

wood & Co., h. 287 Lidiana. 
Hathaway George R., bookkeeper R. T. Crane 

& Bro., bds. W. Randolph, cor. Halsted. 
HATHAWAY HENRY, brewer, 17 De^.rborn. 
Hathaway Israel W., grocer, 170 State, h. same. 
Hathaway Josiah L., bookkeeper, Blanchard 

& Borland, 360 Wells, bds. 125 S. Clinton. 
Hathaway Sullivan P., clerk P. 0. 
Hathaway William G., teacher, h. 172 Clark. 
Hatzel William, express, 287 3d av., h. same. 
Hatzenberger John, lab., h. n. s. Meagher, bet. 

Jefferson and Canal. 
Hatzenberger Peter, basketinaker, h. n. s. 

Meagher, bet. Canal and Jefferson. 
Hauf Adam, grocer, Ved'der, cor. Pleasant, h, 

Hauge Olaf, coppersmith, bds. Hubbard, nr. 

Haughton Walter B., bookkeeper Ross & Bart- 

lett, h. n. s. Park av. w. Roboy. 
Haughton William B , clerk, A. Foster, bds. 

Judd, bet. Canal and Clinton. 
Hauley Jonathan, stonecutter. Singer & Tal- 

Hauly Cornelius, lab., h. n. s. O'Xeil, bet. 

Brown and Halsted. 
Hauly William, lab., h. n. 3. Smith, bot. Park 

and Halsted 
Haun H;r:nan, shoemaker, h. cor. Larrabee 

and Centre. 
Haunschild Joseph, lab., h. 143 Townsend. 
Haunslaugh Christian, h. Hamburgh, nr. Hal- 

Haupers Xicholaus, saloon, h. s. s. Larrabee, 

nr. Blackhawk. 
Haupt John, conductor W. Randolph Horse 

R. W., h. 15 N. May. 
Hauptman Gustav, gunniaker, 500 State. 
Haus Fred-, lab., h. Archer rd. n e. c. Plalsted. 
Hausch Herman, h. 166 Wells. 
Hausen William, lab. Hall & Winch. 
Hausen William, cigarmaker, s. s. Archer rd. 

bet. Purple and LaSalle, h. same. 
Hausfield John, carpenter, h. n. s. Loewe, nr. 

N. Wells. 
Haushalter Henrv, (Haushalter, Holziuan & 

Storm.) 221 State. 
Haushalter Wilhelm, mason, h. s. s Lincoln, 

nr. Halsted. 
Haushalter, Holzman & Storm, (Henry Haush- 

alter,Louis J. Holzman and Henry Storm,) 

cigarmakers, 221 State. 
Hauslein George, hardware, 137 X. Clark, h. 

206 Ontario. 
Hausman Adolph, clerk Chicago Telegraph, 

h. w. s. Orchard, nr. Willow. 
Hausman Charles, carpenter, h. 131 N, Car- 





Ilaussner Charles, h. 94 Elm. 

Ilauswirth John, h. n. s. North av. nr. Larra- 

Haven Aaron, h. Douglas pi., cor. Cottage 

Grove a v. 
Haven Andrew C, bookkeeper, A. F. Croskey, 

bds. Metropolitan Hotel. 
Haven Joseph (Rev.,) prof. Theological Semi- 
nary, !i2 Willard pi. 
Haven Julia E., wid. Carlos, bds. 255 Wabash 

Haven Luther, collector of the port, h. 18 Har- 
Haven Nathaniel A., (N. A. Haven & Co.,) h. 

211 Indiana. 
Haven S. R., physician, bds. Orient House. 
Haven Samuel, sawyer, Bateham, bds.Halsted 

cor. W. VanBuren. 
Haven Nath. A. & Co,, com. mer., 242 S. 

Havens E. H., salesman, Burley & Tyrrell, bds. 

243 Indiana. 
Haverback Joseph, baker, h. 115 Ewing. 
Haverkampf John L., cutter, H. H. Ilusted, h. 

High, cor. N. LaSalle. 
Haviland Alpheus C, driver, Am, Ex. Co., h. 

134 4 th a v. 
Havy Richard, shoemaker, bds. Union, nr. 

Hawes Calvin, chemist, 143 Lake. 
Ilawes W. H., printer. Tribune office, bds. 

Metropolitan Hotel. 
Ilauger Joseph, machinist, Canal, s. e. cor. 

Hawk Adam, cooper, h. 257 W. Kinzie. 
Hawk George W., watchmaker and jeweler, 

1 Wells, h. 2-14 Claik. 
Hawko William, com. mer., h. 209 Madison. 
Hawkes George, carpenter, bds. 172 Clark. 
Hawkette Howard, silversmith, h. 93 S. Green. 
Hawkins Anson F., h. n. w. c. Chicago av. and 

Hawkins Charles. (Hawkins, Smith k Co.) 
Hawkins Edward, (col'd.,) safe mover, 40 State, 

h. 421 State. 
Hawkins Frank P., (Rice Fay & Co.,) h. 851 

Wabash av. 
Hawkins Frederick, (Hawkins, Smith & Co.,) 

bds. 28 Washington. 
Hawkins George, yankee not'ons, 270 Clark. 
Hawkins Gilman" H., bookkeeper, Hatch's 

Hawkins Lucius, (Rev.,) M. E. C, h. 160 Van 

Hawkins Nehemiah, (Hawkins & Chapman,) h. 

851 Wabash av. 
HAWKINS, SMITH & CO., (Frederick and 

Charles Ilawkirs, and Harmon Smith,) 

com. mers. and hides and wool, 15 La 

HAWKINS & CHAPMAN, (Nehemiah Hawk- 
ins, John E. Chapman,) Chicago bag fac- 
tory, 139 S. Water. 
Hawkinson P. L., agt., 111. C. R. R., h. 22 

Hawley Abel, h. 157 4th av. 
Ilawley Charles A., lumber insp., 18 W. Polk, 

h. 622 State. 
Hawley Cyrus M., lawyer, room 4 Walker's 

blk., h. 252 Fulton, cor. Morgan. 

Hawlev I). C, (D. C. Hawley & Coffev,) bds. 

278 State. 
Hawley D. C. & Coffey, (D. C. Hawley and 

Daniel Coffey,) covers, drains, etc., s. w. 

c. Clark and Monroe. 
Hawley David W., lab., bds. 57 S. Canal. 
Hawley Edgar W., sec. Younc: Mens Chris- 
tian A-sociation, bds. 44 S. Peoria. 
Hawley Edwin S., with Orrington Lunt&Bro., 

h." 315 Wabash av. 
Hawlev J. IT., salesman, 42 a"Al 44 State, bds. 

288 State. 
Hawley J. M., cooper, h. 312 N. Wells. 
Hawley Joseph, physician, 468 N. Dearborn, 

h. same. 
Hiwley L. Star, propr. Belvidere House, 196 

Hawley UriahR., deputy clerk, Superior Court, 

h. cor. Leavitt and Park av. 
Hawthorn Robert, tailor, h. s. s., Goethe, w. 

N. Wells. 
Hawtin Frederich, fish, fruit and vegetables, 

133 Wells, h. same. 
Hawver Samuel, (Hawver, Weeks & Co.,) h. 

226 Washington. 
Hawver Weeks & Co., (Samuel Hawver, ami 

Addison Weeks,) fancy soap mnfrs., 211 

Hay Dennis, saloon, s. s. Kinzie, nr. Wells, h. 

Hay John, carpenter, h. 78 William. 
Hay John J., driver, h. al. nr. Division. 
Hay Walter, physician, office Briggs House. 
Hayd Morris, policeman, h. 225 Jackson. 
HaydeEdward C, carriagemaker, bds. 226 W, 

Chicago av. 
Havde James, printer, h. 198 Cass. 
Hayden Edward, (William Clarke & Co.,.) 

bds. Adams House. 
Hayden Edward, drayman, h. 279 W. Polk. 
Hayden Edwin, division supt., Amer. Ex. Co., 

h. 287 W. Randolph. 
Havden George, lab., h. 452 Clark. 
HAYDEN HORATIO H., com. mer., 44 La- 
Salle, up stairs, h. Iu7 S. Sangamon. 
Hayden James R.. Capt. 19th 111. Vols. 
Hayden Loftis, painter, h. s. s. Barber, bet. Jef- 
ferson and Canal. 
Havden Pierce, (Hayden & Morris,) h. 1 i 6 

" Clark 
Hayden Thomas, driver, U. S. Ex. Co., 
Hayden Thomas, lab., h. 14 S. Union. 
Havden William, clerk, bds. 78 Quincy. 
HAYDEN, KAY & Co., (Peter Hayden, N. Y., 

William V. Kay, Chicago, and Pollock 

Wilson, Cincinnati,) saddlery, hardware, 

45 & 47 Lake. 
HAYDEN & MORRIS, (Pierce Hayden, James 

Morris,) saloon and con.'ectioners, 185 

Hayder Paul, cooper, h.e. s. Green, nr. Hickory. 
Haydon Caroline, wid. Richard, h. es. Mich. 

av., bet. 24th and 25th. 
Hayden R. Nelson, h. e. s. Mich, av., be t. 

24th and 25th. 
Hayer Charles, clerk, h. Indiana, cor. Kings- 
Hayes Bessie, wid. John, h. Carroll, cor. N. 

Hares Daniel, lab., h. Calumet, nr. Prairie ar. 





Ilayea David, machinist, h. W. Taylor, cor. 

Hayes Edmuiitl, trucks and drays, h. e. s. 

Friinklin, nr. Van Huren. 
Hayes Isaac, butcher, Ids. Cottage Grove av., 

nr. 25th. 
Hayes Jacob, conpor, h. n. s. Wright, w. Union. 
Hayes Jamc:?, lali., h. o4itA- Illinois. 
Hayes John, drayman. First, bet. Robey and 

Hayes John, lab., C. B. & Q. R. R. 
Hayes John, lab., h. X. Desplaines, cor. Ful- 
Hayes John, lab., h. n. s. Walnut, bet. Robey 

and Leavitt. 
Hayes John, soldier, h. Chicago av., nr. 

Hayes John W., (Fitch & Hay?,) Orient 

Hayes Joseph P., foreman, Walworth, Hub- 
bard & Co., bds. 100 Monroe. 
Hayes Joshua, foreman Chicago Hide and 

Leather Co., h. 116 4th av. 
HAYES JUSTIN, physician, 96 State, h, 

Hayes Mr?., wid. Edward, h. 175 S. Des- 
Hayes Martin, lab., h. Sampson, nr. Reuben. 
Hayes Martin V. B., bookkeeper, Pullman & 

Moore, bds. Button's Hotel. 
Hayes Michael, lab., 2oth, cor. Butler. 
Hayes Michael, machinist, bds. N. Desplaines, 

bet. Carroll and Lake. 
Hayes Michael, lab., M. C. R. R., 485 S. Wells. 
Hayes Michael, lab., Gas Co., Desplaines, nr. 

Haves Oliver B., manager R. G. Dun & Co., 

" h. 221 Wabash av. 
Hayes Patrick, drayman, h. 320 S. Desplaines. 
Hayes Patrick, lab , h. e. s. S. Halsted, nr. 

Hayes Patrick, lab., h. First, cor. Robey. 
Hayes Samuel J., supt. machinery, I. C. R. R., 

h. 724 Wabash av. 
Hayes Samuel S., lawyer and city comptroller, 

office 2 Court House, h. Sheldon cor. Fulton. 
Haves Thomas, grocery, Kinzie, bet. Hart and 

' RoSey. 
Hayes Thomas, lab., h. n. s. W. Harrison, nr. 

Hayes Thoma?, stone polisher, h. Chicago av., 

2d h. w. Hoyne. 
Hayes Thomas, teamster, h. Hasting?, nr. 

Loo mis. 
Hayes Thomas R., medical student, G2 State, 

bds. 23 Michigan av. 
Hayes Warren A., clerk, Chicago Hide- and 

Leather Co., bds. 146 4th av. 
Hayes William, lab., h. n. s. Butterfield, bet. 

IGth and 17th. 
Hayes William C, tailor, h. 122 Ohio. 
Hayfield Augustus, tailor, h. 445 S. Jefferson. 
Hayley John, lab., h. 85 N. LaSalle. 
Hayman Daniel, dyer, h. 88 Hills. 
Hayman Henry, tiader, h. 251 Cass. 
Hayman Henry, trader, h. 245 Huron. 
Haymes James N., (Sanborn & Haymcs,) h. 

119 Hubbard. 
Ilayner A., painter, b. 28 DuPuyster. 

Havner Eunice P., fancy bead worker. 51.j 

■ Clark. 

Haynes Charles, music teacher, 513 S. Clark. 
Havnes James Edward, music teacher, 515 

Havnes John E., salesman, Ewim^, Briggs & 

" Co., h. Harlem. 
Haynes Joseph, lab., h. 151 S. Clinton. 
Haynes Mrs. M., h. n. s. Hickory, nr Sigel. 
Haynes Sydney C, h. 211 Washington. 
Hai'nes Trvphosa, wid. Jonas, nurse, h. 515 

■ Clark." 

Hayner Z. P., tailor, J. W. Litchfield, bds. 412 

N. Wells. 
Hays Bridget, wid. John, h. 316 S. Desplaines. 
Hays Charles, jeweler, bds. 324 Clark. 
Hays George, sailor, h. n. s. Mitchel, nr. Union. 
Hays J. A., clerk P. 0. 
Hays John C, tailor, h. 245 Chicago av. 
Hays Michael, soldier, h. 3u9 S. Desplaines. 
Hays Robert, machinist, bds. 127 Halsted. 
Hays William, lab., h. Sd, nr. Halsted. 
HdTS William, soapmakcr, h. Division, bet. X. 

" LaSalle and X Wr.ll«. 
Hayton John, mai-i.nH:r nd'^, ^f"> Ewing. 
Hayward , clerk I. C. R. R. land oficc, 

bds. 64 Wabash av. 
Hayward Ambrose D., contractor, h. 686 State. 
Havward Andrew J., (P. & A. J. Hayward,) 

' 186 X. Jefferson. 
Hayward Mrs. Ann M., h. 167 Madison. 
Hayward Charles, clerk Mears & Co., 1 Kinzie. 
Hayward John, pork and beef packer, 456 B. 

Wells, h. 100 Indiana av. 
Hayward John H., lab., h. n. s. r2th, bet. Sd 

av. and State. 
Hayward Pliny, (P. & A. J. Hayward,) h. 141 

X. Morgan. 
Hayward William A., clerk, bds. 116 W. Van- 

Hayward P. & A. J., (Pliny and Andrew J ,) 

com. mer., 186 X. Jefferson. 
Haywood Charles, foreman Mears' lumber yd., 

h. 107 Prairie. 
Hazard Amos, expressman, h. 40 Griswold. 
Hazard Julian, clerk Thomson & Templtton, 

h. w. s. 3d av. bet. 12th and 14th. 
Hazai d Robert, bi'ickmaker, h. w. s. ftouth,nr. 

Hazard William B.. traveling agt., h. n. s. W. 

Washington, nr. Hoyne. 
Haze Mrs. Catharine, h. 267 Chicago av. 
Hazelbard John, carpenter, h. 46 Pearce. 
Hazelius John P., ins. agt., bds. Washington 

Hazelwood Robert, salesman, Wui. Blair &: 

Co., bds. 42 3d av. 
Hazle Peter, shoemaker, h. Green. 
Hazlett George K., printer, J. W. Dean, 24 

Hazzard Henry, l;'.b., h. 197 S. Canal. 
Hazzard William II., canal boat agt., 242 S. 

Water, up stairs, h. S. Canal, bet. Jack- 
son and VanBuren. 
Hea William, vessel and grain broker, 4 Board 

of Trade bldg., bds. 223 X. LaSalle. 
Hea William, jr., 7 Steel's blk., bds. 223 X. 

Head Benjamin F., brakesman, bds. e. s, Wa- 
bash av., nr. 18th. 





Heiid F. P.., bookkeeper, X. F. Merrill. 
Hevid P., salesman, J. B. Sli'iv. 
Headiler Fe'er, pneker, P.uih-y & Tyrrell. 
Head,sfrom Erlck, city nii.^sionary, h. Cottage 

Grove av. iir. olst. 
Headstrom Erick Leonard, clerk, Ijds. Cottage 

Grove av. nr. 31st. 
Heaffe Peter, lab., h. 74 W. Jefferson. 
Hcafford Sarali, h. 24 S. Throop. 
Heafield John W., carpenter, h. Tyler, bet. 

Rucker and S. Aberdeen. 
Heagy J.unes, carpenter, h. w. s. Barnside, 

bet. 20th and 21st. 
Heal Girod, lab,, li -. s. Front, nr. Reuben. 
Healil A. II., builder, !i. Wasliingion, s. w. c. 

Heald August, plasterer, h. w. s. Franklin, nr. 

North av. 
Heald George, cooper, h. w. s. Franklin, s. 

North av. 
Heald H. N., clerk P. 0., bis. 163 Wabash av. 
Healey Daniel, foreman, Stearns & Co., h. w. 

s. Quarry, nr. Lime Kiln. 
Healey James, carpenter, h. 224 Sherman. 
Healev James, h. 145 Quincv. 
Healv" George P. A., artist, 131 Lake, h. 247 

Healy Luke, lab.,h. s. s. Lumber, bet. Halsted 

and Joy's Canal. 
Healv Martin, helper, A. F. Croskov, h. 28.5 

S. DesPlaines. 
Healy Maurice, sailor, Ir 307 Wells. 
Heaiy Patrick, lab., h. c. s. Gi'cen, nr. Archer 

Healy Richard, lab. h. 3l3t n. e. cor. Main. 
Healv Robert, h. n. s. Archer rd., nr. Lime. 
HealV Thomas, (Healy & Eakin,) h. 28 New- 
Healy & Eakin, (Thomas Healy and George 

Eakin,) carpenters and builders Court pi. 

bet. Wells and LaSalle. 
Heaney Charles, second hand goods, 37 Wells, 

h. same. 
Heany John, cooper, h. School, bet. Madison 

and Monroe. 
Heap James, machinist, h. e. s. Michigan av., 

bet. 12th and 14lh. 
Heap Thomas, engineer, AVarren Aldrich, h. 

n. w. cor. Carpenter and Front. 
Heard John, bookkeeper, h. 186 W. Jackson. 
Ilearn James, drayman, h. Jetl'crson, s. e. cor. 

Hearn Michael, carpenter, 102 State, h. Supe- 
rior, cor. N. Wells. 
Hearn Patrick, car repairer, I. C. R. R. De- 
Heart Adam, lab. round house, A. & St. L. R. 

R., h. D. s. Meagher, nr. Union. 
Heart Anthony, blacksmith, h. 174 W. Polk. 
Heartrv John, carpenter, h. s. s. Bunker, nr. 

Heartt Abraham, bds. 122 4th av. 
Heartt Chancey B., (Gage & Heartt,,) h. 186 

4th av. 
Heartt Chauncey B., clerk P. 0. 
Heartt Daniel B., h. 122 4th av, 
Heartt Daniel B., flour and feed, S. Halsted, 

cor. 12th, h. same. 
Heartt George, teamster, Chicago mills, h. s. 

s. Maxwell, e. Halsted. 

Heartt John, blacksmith, h. Polk, bet. Hal- 
sted and Blue I. a v. 

Ileas Christopher, lab. li. s. s. Barber, bet. 
JeftVrson and Canal. 

Heath Enos, house and building raiser, h. 432 
W. Madison. 

Heath Frederick C, carpenter, bds. Lyons 

Heath Michael, lab. h. Superior, nr. N. Mar- 

Heath Sarah, teacher, bds. 77 Van Buren. 

Heavey Patrick, lah. h. James, s. e. c. Fox. 

H?Kvey Thomas, carpenter, h. N. Market, nr. 

Hebard Solomon B., clerk, M. S. & N. L R. R. 
bds. 70 3rd av. 

Hebel Casper, musician, h. c. s. Halsted, nr. 

Ileber John, 1 ib. h. Johnson, nr. Taylor. ■ 

Hebert Henry, lab. h. w. s. Arnold, "bet. 19th 
and 20th. 

Hebing John, shoemaker, h. 209 W. Ranolph. 

Hebrew Benevolent Association, Wells, cor. 

Hebster Edward, locksmith, h. s. b. Wayman, 
nr. Union. 

Hebster Frederick, shoemaker, h. s. s. Way- 
man, nr. Union. 

Heby Thomas, lab. C. H. McCormick & Bros. 

Hecer Louis, dry goods, h. 160 Adams. 

Hecht Frederick, carpenter, h. Granger, nr. . 

Hecht Michael, ropemaker, w. s. Franklin, s. 
North av. 

Hecht William, carpenter, h- 125 Townsend. 

Heck Charles, notions?, h. e. s. Sedgwick, s. 
North av. 

Heck Lewis, gunmaker, h. 180 Washington. 

Heck John, soldier, n. s. Pierce pi. 

Heck Phillip, saloon, Randolph, cor. State, h. 
AVells, bet. Washington and Randolph. 

Heck William, hotel w. s. Stale, bet. IStband 

Hecker Carl, lab., h. Calumet av. nr. Hardin 

Hecker Frederick, carpenter, h. 210 Milwau- 
kee av. 

Heckingatine Charles, butcher, h. Sanger, nr. 
Archer rd. 

Heckmann Henmann, carpenter, h. 49 Larra- 

Hecox Warren T., h. 51 S. Halsted. 

Hedenberg John W., graindealer, h. 406 W. 
Van Buren. 

Hederlin Frank, dyer, A. Schwartz. 

Hederman Dennis, engineer, T. C. Smiths Co. 

Hedges Emma, h. 72 N. Wells. 

Hedges John, pigeon hole mnfr., h. 91 N. Clark. 

Iledigan Jeremiah, tinsmith, h. 340 S. Jeffer- 

Hedon Ann, wid. John, h. N. Market, bet. Erie 
and Ontario. 

Heebner Anthony, machinist, h. Dayton, bet. 
Willow and (."entre. 

Heegard Forode T., lawyer, 37 Clark, h. 371 
Wabash av. 

Heelan William, lab., h. Mav, bet. Gurley and 

Heenan Daniel, clerk, 16 Lake. 

Heenan John, ostler, Wright & Currier. 





Heenan Michael F., law student, with Goo- 
kins.-Thomas & Roberts. 

Heeney Bernard, carpenter, h. 188 S. Jeffer- 

Heeny John C, furniture, 114 Wells. 

Heercher Cliarles, mason, 120 Division. 

Heermans Thomas, (Ewing, Briggs & Co.,) h. 
361 Ohio. 

Heerwagen August, shoemaker, h. e. s. N. 
Wells, nr. North av. 

Hees Frederick, shoemaker, h. e. s. Sedgwick, 
s. Eugenie. 

Heeser John, lab., h. n. s. Sigel, nr. Sedg- 

Heffernan Cornelius, milk,h. 287 S. Desplaines. 

Heffernan John, expressman, h. 287 S. Des- 

Heffernan Michael, shoemaker, h. 131|- W. 

Heffernan Patrick, lab., h. W. Harrison, bet. 
Desplaines and Halsted. 

Heffernan William, h. s. s. Linden, nr. Sedg- 

Heffernan Thomas, lab., h. s. s. Sebor, nr. Jef- 

Hefferran John, shoemaker, h. Paulina, nr. W. 

Heffnart James, maj. 5oth 111. reg., h. 280 

Heffner Daniel, lab., h. Oak, nr. Green Bay. 

Heffner Wolfgang, cooper, h. 170 Madison. 

Heffren James, cooper, bds. 7 Wabansia av. 

Heffren James C, meat market, bds. Hatch's 

Heffren Thomas, cooper, bds. 7 Wabansia av. 

Heffron Thomas, expressman, h. Hope, bet. 
Blue I. av. and Morgan. 

Heffron William, machinist, h. 691 State. 

Heft John, bootmaker, h. Johnson, nr. 12th. 

Heft Peter, machinist, h. s. s. Jane, nr. Mil- 
waukee av. 

Hegeman Catharine, h. s. s. 16th. nr. Des- 

Hegans William, cooper, bds. Archer rd. cor. 

Hege Frederick, saloon, 155 Kinzie, h. same. 

Hegelau Christopher, packer, Burley & Tyr- 

Hegen George, bookbinder, h. w. s. N. Wells, 
nr. Division. 

Hegertran Jerrv, chairmaker, h. Reuben, bet. 
2d and 3d.' 

Heggie William, printer, h. 10 Sherman. 

Hehr John, blacksmith, Lill & Diversey. 

Heicher Conrad, lab., h. w. s. Larrabee, nr. 
Asylum pi. 

Heide Frederick, groceries and provisions, 99 

_ N. Clark, h. 174 Indiana. 
Heidel Christian, lab., h. w. s. Larrabee, nr. 

Heidel Frederick, saloon, 12 W. Lake, h. 

Heidelberger Elias, h. 211 Milwaukee av. 
Heidemann William, tallow renderer, H. Gold- 
smith & Co. 
Heidenheim Henry, grocer, 78 Dearborn, h. 

19 S. Halsted. 
Heidenheim N., (P. C. Lutkin & Co.,) 19 Hal- 
Heidlebach Fred., carpenter, bds. 157 Indiana. 


Heidschmidt August, (A. Heidschmidt & Zie- 

man,) h. Larrabee, c. Clybourn av. 
Heidschmidt & Zieman, (August Heidschmidt 

and Henry Zieman,) grocers, Clybourn 

av., cor. Larrabee. 
Heidtmann John, lab., 54 Milwaukee av. 
Heil John, tailor, bds. N. Y. House. 
Heiland R., shoemaker, h. c. s. Franklin, nr. 

Heilbroner Jonas, with H. Goodman, 229 

Clark, h. same. 
Heidelberg Rogus, blacksmith, h. Holt, nr. 

Heilig Charles A., salesman Hurdcnbergh & 

Williams, h. 113 N. Dearborn. 
Heilig John, oflQce 231 Lake. 
Heilman George, tailor, h. n. s. 14th, bet. 

Clark and 4th av. 
Heilman Henry, moulder, h. 13 14tb. 
Heilman Henry, h. Augusta n. w. e. Milwau- 
kee av. 
Heilson P., carpenter, Lill & Diversy. 
Heim Jacob, butcher, n s. N. av. nr. Church, 

h^. same. 
Heiiuan David C, furniture, 83 Milwaukee 

av., h. same. 
Heimbrodt Joseph, boots and shoes, 91 S. 

Canal, h. same. 
Heimecker Emiline, wid., William, h. 146 

Heim Barnard, drayman, h. N. Clark, n. w. c. 

Hein Nelson, sailor, h. e. s. Sedgwick, n. Di-- 

Hein Nicholas, lab., h. e. s. Franklin, n. Schil- 
Heinberger John, mason, h. w. s. Noble, bet. 

Chicago av. and Front. 
Heindline John, butcher, h. 207 Sherman. 
Heine Henry, coffin maker, C. H. Jordan. 
Heine Henry, cigarmaker Beck & Wirth. 
Heine Jacob, machinist, h. 82 Ewing. 
Heine Otto, engineer, Sedgwick, c. Sigel. 
Heinecke William, physician, 132 N. Clark. 
Heineman Frederick, tailor, h. 245 Monroe. 
Heinemann Henry, cabinetmaker, s. s. Mit - 

chel, nr. Jefferson, h. same. 
Heines Nicholas, boots and shoes, 116 N. 

Clark, h. same. 
Heinike George, tailor, h. n. s. Pleasant, nr 

Heinlan Andrew, lab., h. s. s. Barber, nr. Jef- 
Heinline Andrew, lab. Jillett & King. 
Heinrich Peter J., fruit and saloon, 51 and 5S 

Milwaukee av., h. same. 
Heinrichs Frederick, with Sanborn & Singer, 

h. 123 N. LaSalle. 
Heins Nicholas A., mason, b. Haynes al. nr. 

Heinsath Frank, agt. Phoenix spice mills, h. 

238 N. Franklin. 
Heintz Andrew, h. 256 3d av. 
Heintz Joseph, lab., h. 553 S. Canal. 
Heintz Louis, h. 89 S. Jefferson. 
Heintz Philip, bartender with C. H. Brand. 
Heintzleman J, J., capt. U. S. A. 82 Reg. Ills. 

Heinz Henry, carpenter, h. Milwaukee av., nr. 

Holstein Park. 





Heinze Charles, butcher, 186 Milwaukee av., 

h. same. 
Heinze Edward, bookkeeper, bds. 78 N. Clark. 
Heinze Frederick, grocer, 78 N. Clark. 
Heinze William, tailor, bds. 17 Blue Island 

Heinzonburg Friedrick, tailor, h. e. s. Cly- 

bourn av. bet. Division and Mohawk. 
Heis Andrew, soldier, 24th 111. Reg., h. Fisher's 

blk, White. ; 
Heiselmann J., whitewasher, 153 Kinzie, h. 

Heisenberger Franz, expressman, h. s. s. 

North av.,«.w. N. Wells. 
Heishing John, lab., h. nr. S Halsted and W. 

;Heisler Herman, barkeeper, 69 Randolph, 

bds. Ohio cor. LaSalle. 
Heisler Charles, 205 N. Clark, h. same. 
'Heister John, machinist, h. 231 N. Clark. 
Heitherman Michael, drayman, h. Cornelia nr. 

Heitmann William, baker, h. 58 S. Canal. 
.Heiyng Bernard, drayman, h. N. Clark, n. w. 

c. Schiller. 
Helan Edmund, teamster, h. 102 N. Curtis. * 
Hdbech Jacob, lab. h. n. s. Barber, bet. Canal 

and Stewart av. 
Helbich Ferdinand, (Helbich & Weiner,) h. 

246 Randolph. 
Helbich & Werner, (Ferdinand Helbich and 

Aaron Weiner,) furs, 246 Randolph. 
Helbling Phillip, tailor J. McCormick, h. 329 

Held August, blacksmith, al. r. 122 Wells. 
Held Christian, mechanic, h. 277 Wolcott. 
Held George, (Hull & Co.,) bds. 285 Clark. 
Beld Henry, mechanic, h. 213 Randolph. 
Held Jacob, locksmith, h. 416 State. 
-Heldman J., machinist I. C. R. R. machine 

illeldman John, shoemaker, b. cor. 18th and 

iHelek Johanna M., Mrs., h. 182 W. Indiana. 
iHeleiand Jacob, bootmaker, h. Taylor, bet. S 

Halsted and Blue I. av. 
Heifer George, lab., h. Johnson, nr. 12th. 
Helgesen Lawrence, (Helgesen & Smith,) bds. 

Williams Hotel. 
Helgesen & Smith, (Lawrence Helgesen and 

Henry Smith,) tinners, 154 N. Clark. 
Helks Haifenkamp, lab. h. May, c. Prairie. 
Helliibrand Michael, boxmaker, h. S. Canal, 

bet. Van Buren and Harrison. 
Hellbach Mrs. Matilda, h. n. s. Division, w. N. 

Heller Abraham, L. 143 Milwaukee av. 
Heller Henry, coppersmith, h. n. s. Cornell, 

nr. Milwaukee av. 
Heller Jacob, (Jacob Heller & Co.,) bds. 152 

3rd av. 
Heller John, lab. h. 214 Sherman. 
Heller John, lab. h. 40 Griswold. 
Heller Samuel, clerk C. & S. Stein, bds. Wy- 

man's Hotel. 
Heller Seligman, cigarmnfr., 449 N. Clark, 
Heller Jacob & Co., (Jacob Heller and Joseph 

Machry,) cigars and tobacco, 390 Pcate. 
Hellman Hermann, lab. h. cor. Carpenter and 


Hellmuth John, lab. h. n. s. North av. nr. Or- 

Hello Wilber F., painter, h. 184 Huron. 

Hellyer George, lab. h. Dyer av. 

Helm Henry T., lawyer, 126 Dearborn, h. 
Lake Forest. 

Helm Robert, butcher, h. 28 Elm. 

Helmbold George F., carpenter I. C. R. R. ma- 
chine shop. 

Helmer Eloise, wid. Richard, boarding, 47 4th 

Helmer George W., sutler, h. s. s. Smith, w. 

Helmont Emanuel, with Peshtigo Co. 

Helmuth Chas. A., physician, 112 N. Wells. 

Helms Christian, musician, h. n. s. Granger, 
nr. N. Wells. 

Helots John, fireman Chicago Mills, h. s. s. 

Helphburn Alexander, machinist, 155 S. Des- 

Hellileen George, butcher, bds. Bloomington 

Helversan Charles, lab. h. 166 N. Green. 

Helwig G., lab. C. S. S. Refinery. 

Henian John, boarding stables, 190 State. 

Hemans Henry, hardware, tin and copper, 201 
Wells, h. same. 

Hemenway Francis D. Rev., pastor 1st M. E. 
Church, h. n. s. 21st, bet. Prairie and In- 
diana av. 

Heniing John, painter, h. s. s. B.irber, nr. 

Hemlandet Det Gamla Oct Det Nya, ofiice 
192 Superior. 

Hemmelgarn Henry, salesman H. Haarbleicher, 
h. 270 Wolcott. 

Hemmer John, saloon, S. Halsted, bet. Max- 
well and Mitchel, h. same. 

Hemmersback Peter, lab., h. 384 Milwaukee 

Hemmingway , baggageman, bds. 221 

Hemmingway J. R., millwright, h. 133 Chica- 
go av., shop r. 
Hemmings William, butcher, h. n. s. Maxwell, 

nr. Halsted. 
Hempseed Marion Mrs., Division, nr. Franklin 
Hempsel William, lab., h. 262 N. Wells. 
Hempstead Edward, (Hempstead, Norton & 

Co.,) h. Maple, s. w. c. Dearborn. 

Hempstead, Myron H. Norton, and James 

M. Smith,) whol. grocers, 109 S. Water, 

and 11 Dearborn. 
Hempther Frederick, teamster, h. 5 South. 
Hemrich Mathias, cabinetmaker, h. n. s. Bu 

ker, nr. Jefferson. 
Hemrich Michael, saloon, 460 S. Clark, h. 

Hemrick Oliver, painter, h. Pearson, s. e. cor. 

N. Wells. 
Hemricks Frederick, bookkeeper Sanborn & 

Singer, h. 123 N. Clark. 
Henan John, ostler, h. 80 N. LaSalle. 
Henan Thomas, h. 50 N. Curtis. 
Henanghan Patrick, grocer, 133 N. Market. 
Hencey Michael, shoemaker, bds. N. Y. House 
Hendee Henrv H., carpentter Hall tt Winch, h. 

306 Wells. 





Hendee Lorette M., dressmaker, 109 Lake, h. 

Henderhun John, carpenter. White, w. Market. 
Hendershot William, lab., h. 209 Huron. 

Henderson . printer, bds. 143 Monroe. 

Henderson Arthuf C, bookkeeper, George W. 

King & Co., bds. s. s. W. Lake, w. Hoyne. 
Henderson Brynard H., clerk, bds. 61 Kinzie. 
Hendeison Bryngel, clerk Hussander, 25 Kin- 
Henderson Charles M., (C. M. Henderson & 

Co.,) h. 334 Wabash av. 
Henderson E. M., lab., h. 112 Hills. 
Henderson Edward, tailor, h. 48 N. Dearborn. 
Henderson Enoch, sailor, h. W. Indiana, n. w. 

c. Union. 
Henderson George, (col'd,) farmer, h. 260 

Henderson George Mrs., (col'd,) boarding 2G0 

Henderson James L., com. mer., 1*76 N. Jef- 
ferson, h. same. 
Henderson John C, lake capt., h. s. s. W. 

Lake, w. Hoyne. 
Henderson Joseph, cook, h. 153 Wells. 
Heddejson Joseph, grocer, 240 N. Clark, h. 

Henderson Martin T., lab., h. 129 W. Indiana. 
Henderson Regnald, clerk P. 0. 
Henderson Wilbur S., (C. M. Henderson & 

Go.,) bds. Tremont House. 
HENDERSON C. M. & CO., (Charles M., and 

Wilbur S. Henderson, and Edmund Burke, 

jr.,) whol. boots and shoes, 32 Lake. 
Hendrick Jerry N., clerk T. H. Seymour. 
Hendricks Alonzo, clerk, bds. 218 Madison. 
Hendricks Benjamin, constable, h. 18th, cor. 

HendricUs Fanny, wid. Samuel A., boarding, 

52 4th av. 
Hendricks Henry, saw maker, h. 142 3d. 
Hendricks James, carpenter, h. 31 Blue I. av. 
Hendricks Jerrie M., clerk Bailie & Seymour, 

186 S. Water. 
Hendricks Joseph N., clerk, h. 150 N. Peoria. 
Hendricks Louis, lab., h. 142 3d. 
Hendricks R. H., bds. Button's Hotel. 
Hendricks Sidney, lab.. Hall & Winch. 
Hendricks Sidnev, machinist, e. s. Butterfield, 

bet. 18th and 19th. 
.Hendricks Thomas, soldier, h. Williams, bet. 

Aberdeen and Ruckcr. 
Hendrickson Anna, wid. Martin, boarding, 215 

W. Madison. 
Hfndrickson Alonzo, carman, G. H. & L. Laf- 

lin, bds. 215 W. Madison. 
Hendrickson John S., jeweller, 203 Clark, and 

174 Randolph, bds. 114 4th av. 
Hendrickson Nelson, blacksmith, h. IT Hub- 
Hendrickson Peter, tailor, 123 N. Market. 
HENDRIE WILLIAM A., watchmaker, 56 

Wells, h. 50 Wells. 
Hendriks Hyman, printer, hi 341 State. 
Hendrix -Alfred B., bookkeeper, A. Haling, h. 

351 W. Madison. 
Hendry Jane, wid. Thomas, h. 493 Wabash av. 
Hendry Samuel, lab., h. 93 Hills. 
Heneberry Edward, lab., h. Indiana av. nr. 

111. car works. 

Henebery John, lab., h. 53 W. Polk. 
Henegan James, grocer, 222^ Claik, h. same. 
Henericks, George, butcher, h. 4th, bet. Noble 

and Reuben. 
Henesy James, cooper, h. 77 Ohio. 
Henesy Thomas f., barkeeper, 69 Clark. 
Heney John, second-hand store, 75 and 77 

Hengy Joseph, liquor store, 45 Kinzie, h. same. 
Henik John, lab., h. Fremont, bet. Willow and 

Hening Henry, lab., h. 65 Larrabee. 
Hennings Ludwig, butcher, h. Noble, bet. 3d 

and 4th. 
Heriisch Hermann, lab., h. s. s. Granger, nr. 

N. Wells. 
Henke Edward, painter, h. 26 N. Halsted. 
Henke Gustavus, carriage trimmer, bds. 26 N. 

Henke Hermon, printer, bds. 26 N. Halsted. 
Henlan Dennis, clerk, 112 Randolph. 
Henlay Catharine, wid. Michael, h. 45 N. Dear- 
Henley John, stonecutter, Singer & Talcott. 
Ilenlon Daniel, lab., W. & A. B. Cook. 
Henne Fredrieh. butcher, h. b91 N. Wells. 
Hennebecker John, with C. H. McCormick & 

Henneberry James, lob., h. 101 Ewing. 
Henneberry James E., clerk, bds. Ill W. 

Henneberrv John M., collector Chicago 2'imes, 

h. Ill W. Polk. 
Henntberry Julian A., clerk. Farmers' Monthly, 

bds. Briggs House. 
Henneberry Mary, wid John, h. Ill W. Polk. 
Henneberiy Michael C, with Jameson & Hib- 

bard, bds. Ill W. Polk. 
Henneberry Thomas, moulder, h. 101 Ewing. 
Hennegen James B., (James B. Hennegen & 

Co.,) bds. Metropolitan Hotel. 
HENNEGE N. JAMES B. & Co., (J. B. Henne 

gen and Nicholas Crickard,) who!, confec- 
tioners, 17 Clark. 
Henneman Charles, saddler, h. s. s. Willow, 

nr. Larrabee. 
Hennemann Henry, street lab., h. 174 Gris- 

Henneperk Frederick, tailor, b. n. s. Schiller, 

nr. N. Wtlls. 
Hennersheets James, bookkeeper, Woodrufi 

& Chamberlain, h. 172 Ontario. 
Hennerberg Frederick, tailor, bds. 139 W. 

Hennerty John, bds. 205 Kinzie. 
Hennerty Owen, bds. 205 Kinzie. 
Hennes Lombard, painter, bds. 427 State. 
Hennes Mathew, bd-^. Sedgwick, cor. North av. 
Hennes Mathias, basket maker, h. e. s. Sedg- 
wick, s. North av. 
Hennesev James, agt. A. A. Sample, 18 N. 

Hennesey James W., carpenter, h. e. s. Sedg- 
wick, s. Schiller. 
Hennessey Thomas, bds. n. s. Bunker, nr. Des- 

Hennessey Thomas, h. n. s. Walnut, bet. Wood 

and Paulina. 
Hennessy John, bricklayer, h. 313 N. LaSalle, 
Hennessy John, lab., C. W. Cook. 





Hennespy John, lab., h. 114 Ewing. 

Hennessy Michael D., lawyer, 4 Portland blk., 
bds. Sherman House. 

Hennessy William, carpenter, h. e. s. Sedg- 
wick, nr. Goethe. 

Hennesy William, stone mason, h. Gurley, bet. 
Blue I. av. and Morgan. 

Henney George, salesman, 32 W. Randolph. 

Henney Thomas, lab., h. Koble, bet. Indiana 
and Hubbard. 

Hennig Charles, tailor, h. e. s. Burling, nr. 
North av, 

Hennig Otto, cooper. State, bet. 16th and 17th, 
h. 881 State. 

Henning Christian, shoemaker, h. w. s. N. 
Wells, nr. Schiller. 

Henning Christopher, h. e. s. State, nr. ITth. 

Henning Friederich, foreman Johnson's wood 
yard, h. e. 9. Halsted, nr. Willow. 

Henning George, lab. h. s. s. Emily, nr. Mil- 
waukee av. 

Hennings William, dyer A. Schwartz. 

Hennis John, peddler, h. cor. Calumet av. and 
Douglas pi. 

Hennison James, bds. N. Y. House. 

Henns Nicholas, saloon, 313 Clark, h. same. 

Henny Eugene, clerk Shoenfeld Bros., 184 N. 

Henny Hannah Mrs., h. 149 Halsted. 

Henoch Edward, mer. tailor, 81 W. Randolph. 

Henoch Elkan, (Henoch & Bro.,) h. 110 Jack- 

Henoch Israel H., (Henoch & Bro.,) h. 168 4th 

HENOCH & BRO., (Elkan Henoch and Israel 
H. Henoch,) clothing, 191 Clark. 

Henrich Jacob, clerk, bds. s. s. Illinois, bet. 
Clark and LaSalle. 

Henrich John, gardener, h. n. s. North av. nr. 
N. Wells. 

Henrichson Thorston, milkman, h. 2nd, cor. 

Hennicks Joseph, clerk, 150 S. Peoria. 

Henrickson Ann, wid., h. 215 W. Madison. 

Henrickson Peter, tailor, 125 N. Market. 

Henrihan Thomas, drayman, h. 165 Indiana. 

Henrotin Charles C, with Mer. S. L. & T. 
Co., bds. 110 N. Wells. 

Henrotin Joseph, Belgian Consul, and import- 
er of Belgian cloths, 110 Wells. 

Henry Adolphus D., clerk 60 S. Desplaines, 
bds. same. 

Henry C, cleaner I. C. R. R. machine shop. 

Henry Dayid, bookkeeper Andrew Combs. 

Henry J., tailor, h. s. s. Dyer, e. Sedgwick. 

Henry James, cattle broker, bds. Cottage 
Grove, nr. Southern av. 

Henry James, (col'd,) drayman, 30 Lake. 

Henry James R., salesman Hoyt, Pierce & Co. 

bds. Michigan av. 4th s. 22nd. 
Henry James S^, butcher, bds. 183 State. 

Henry John, clerk, 194 W. Randolph. 
Henry Lucy E., wid. Orrin, h. 312 State. 
Henry Mrs., wid., boarding, 212 State. 
Henry Newton, conductor I. C. R. R., bds. 

Lum's Hotel. 
Henry S. D., (col'd,) whitewasher, h. 99 Whit- 
Henry Simon, bricklayer, h. Curtis, bet. Kin- 
zie and Hubbard. 

Henry Victor, moulder, h. r. 1*74 S. Clinton. 
Henry William, engineer, h.93 S. Peorin. 
Henry William, fireman I. C. R. R. 
Henschell Henry, lab. h. 208 N. Dearborn. 
Henscr Auguste, with Sandmeyer & Klassen, 

bds. 49 LaSalle. 
Hensen Erick, lab. h. Pearl, nr. 3rd. 
Hensen Francis, barber, 441 State, h. same. 
Henshaw Bvron N., baggageman P. Ft. W. it 

C. R. W., bds. 104 W. Adams. 
Henson Mar}-, wid. William, (col'd,) washer- 
woman, bds. 289 Wells. 
Henson Oliver C, (col'd,) confectioner, h. 252 

Henson Thomas, carpenter, h. 1*7 Milwaukee 

Hensy Christian, shoemaker Henry Wagner, 

bds. S. Clark, bet. Taylor and Polk. 
Hentze William, cabinetmaker, h. n. s. Au- 
gusta, nr. Noble. 
Heny Christopher, lab. h. 345 Illinois. 
Heny Patrick, gardener, h. 108 Ontario. 
Heper Charles, grocer, 386 W. Lake, h. same. 
Hephard Frank, h. Milwaukee av. nr. Chicago 

Hepner Fernando, shoemaker, h, r. 333 State. 
Hepp Eugene, Lieut. 82nd Ills. vols. 
Heppc George, salesman, 1*78 Lake, h. 442 N. 

Heppe Henry, cooper, h. North av. bet. Cly- 

bourn av. and Sheffield av. 
Heppe William, porter, 178 Lake, bds. 442 N. 

Heppelder Paul, tanner, h. e. s. Clark, bet. 

16th and I7th.' 
Her George, lab. h. e. s. N. Wells, nr. North 

Herbeg Christopher, carpenter, h. s. s. Lin- 
den, nr. N. Wells. 
Herberger Conrad, copper smith, S. Alexan- 

ander cor. Bridal. 
Herbert Alfred, h. s. s. W. Washington, e. 

Herbert Henry, lab., h. 19 White. 
Herbert John, carriage maker, h. 82 Jeffer- 
Herbert Louis, wines, 182 Randolph, h. 219 

S. Wells. 
Herbert Patrick, student, St. Mary's College. 
Herbertz Charles, (Graff & Herbertz,) h. 75 

Herbst Louis, barber and constable, 31 W. 

Randolph, h. w. s. Chicago av. and Holt. 
Herbst William, cutter, Frank & Son. 
Herbst William, dry goods, 171 Blue 1. av., 

h. same. 
Herbst William, tinsmith, 49 Milwaukee av. 
Herbster John, cabinet maker, h. n. s. Sigel 

nr. Sedgwick. 
Herchberger William, wagon maker, bds. 427 

Hercher Andrew, jeweler, 331 Clark, h. same. 
Hercher Charles F. apothecary, Larabee, nr. 

Blackhawk, h. same. 
Herd Nicholas, butcher, h. n. s. Wells, nr. 

North av. 
Herdman Francis H., clerk R. M. Funkhouser 

& Co., h. 129 W. Jackson. 
Herfoot D., butcher, bds. Cottage Grove av., 

nr- 26th. 





Herhold Christian, lab., b. W. Chicago av., 

nr. W. Grove. 
Herhold Frederick, carpenter, h. 37 3d. 
Herhold Henry, blacksmith, h. Front, cor. 

West Grove. 
Herhold Henry, porter, 52 Lake. 
Herin;]; Frederick, porter, John Garland, h. 

Haines' al. bet. Sedgwick and Clybourn 

nr. Division. 
Herkimer Jacob S., supt. I. C. R. R., h. Oak- 
Herksen Andrew, lab., h. Sangaraor, nr. Pratt. 
Hcrle Jacob, tailor, h. N. Halsted, nr. Clay- 
Hernjan Charles, butcher, 22*7 Milwnukee av. 
Herman Daniel, second hand clothing, 142 

Wells, h. 107 N. Wells. 
Herman John J., machinist, bds. 57 S. Canal. 
Herman Louis, shoemaker, h. Dearborn, bet. 

Erie and Huron. 
Herman M., bai tender, 84 W. Randolph. 
Hermunn Gottleib, lab., h. 292 3d av. 
Hermann Peter, h. n. s. Schiller, e. Sedgwick. 
Hermann Wilhelm, (Hermann & Ricke,) bds. 

Heinrich Ricke. 
Hermann & Ricke, (Heinrich Ricke, Wilhelm 

Herman,) furniture manufactory, Division 

cor. Hurlbut. 
Hermes John, carpenter, h. e. s. Halsted, nr. 

Hermon Christian, blacksmith, h. Division, nr. 

Milwaukee av. 
Hermann John, machinist, 57 S. Canal. 
Hernst Anthony, tailor, bds. 4 Gurley. 
Hersdt Peter, grocery, 328 Clark, h. same. 
Hcrold Frederick, butcher. Cottage Grove av., 

nr. 26tb, h. same. 
Herold John, saloon, 5 Larrabee, h. same. 
Heron Henry H., carpenter, h. s. s. Emily nr. 

Milwaukee av. 
Heron Stephen J., salesman, 25 Lake, bds. 

Matteson house. 
Herpster Edward, machinist, bds. Wayman, 

bet. Halsted and Union. 
Herpster Frederick, shoemaker, h. n. s. Way- 
man, bet. Union and Halsted. 
Herr August, sash and blind maker, h. 219 

Herr Rodger, painter, h. 195 Michigan. 
Herrenkind Charles, civil engineer, h. e. b. 

N. Wells n. Shilier. 
Herresvele Knud, cooper, h. 69 4th. 
Herrick Charles H., Pendleton & Co., h. 126 

Herrick Charles K, salesman, 164 Lake, h. 

129 W. Harrison. 
Herrick Charles W., saloon, 514 Stated 
Herrick Eleanor, wid. Alonzo, 514 State. 
Herrick Elijah W., propr. Clifton House, Mad- 
ison, cor. Wabash av. 
Herrick George A., bookkeeper, A. R. & G. 

H. Miller, bds. 24 3d av. 
Herrick Harrj^ clerk, with A. B. Perliusky, 

bds. 129 W. Harrison. 
Herrick Joseph, carpenter, h. Oak, nr. the 

Herriman Ira, lake capt., h. 79 W. Adams. 
Herriman Joseph, butcher, h. 376 Milwaukee 

Herriman Morris, lab. h. 28 Wolcott. 

Herring Absalom, accountant Am. Ex. Co., 
bds. 43 Monroe. 

Herring Christian H., lab. b. Haynes' al. nr. 

Herring L. W., watchman engine No. 3, h. s. 
s. Lake nr. Carpenter. 

Herring William, lab. h. s. s. 14tb, bet. S. Jef- 
ferson and Union. 

HERRING & CO., HERRING'S patent cham- 
pion fire and burgler proof safes, 40 State. 
{See advt. front inside cover.) , 

Herrling G. F., shoemaker, 91 N. Clark, h. e. 
s. Sedgwick, nr. North av. 

Herrman xVrthur, bds. N. Y. House. 

Heri'man Frederick, lab. h. 467 N. Clark. 

Herrman George F., carpenter, b. e. s. Sedg- 
wick, nr. Goethe. 

Herron N., lab. B. Adams & Co. 

Herron James, saloon Canal, n. w. c. Forquer. 

Herron Phillip, lab. h. 475 Wells. 

Herroun Francis A., h. Silver, bet. Gurley and 

Herscbberger Daniel, carriagemaker, bds. 427 

Hersh Herman, grocer, Purple, cor. Archer 
rd. h. same. 

Hershfield Myron, (Mincer & Hershfield,) bds. 
375 S. Canal. 

Herseman Barnhart, tailor, h. 308 Wells. 

Herschman Henry, grocer, 33 Milwaukee av. 

Hertel Frederickj (Marc & Hertel,) bds. Stew- 
art House. 

Herteld Julius, carpenter, b. e. s. Halsted, nr 

Hertford G. F., cleru, H. W. Wetherell, bds. 
146 Market. 

Herting John, grocer 29 and 43 Chicago av. 
h. 29 Chicago av. 

Herting WilUam, student, bds. 29 Chicago av. 

Hertting Albertina, midwife, b. 222 Wells. 

Hervey Robert, (Hervey, Anthony <i, Gait,) h. 
1 Sturges Terrace, Michigan av. 

Hervey, Anthony & Gait, (Robert Hervey, 
Elliott Anthony and Azariab T. Gait,) 
lawyers, 77 Dearborn. 

Herzog Adam, cooper, bds. N. Desplaines, c. 

Herzog Anton, (A. Herzog & Co.,) h. 45 Mad- 

Herzog August, carpenter, bds. Kinzie, bet. 
Wells and LaSalle. 

HERZOG IGNATZ, hats, caps and furs whol. 
and retail 152 Lake, b. same. 

Herzog John, grocer, 512 State. 

Herzog M., (M. Herzog & Co.,) 177 Monroe. 

HERZOG A. & CO., (Anton Herzog and M. 
Stern & Co., of N^ew York,) hats, caps and 
furs, whol 164. Lake. 

HERZOG M. & CO., (Marx Herzog and Joseph 
Plottie,) hats and caps, 213 Lake. 

Hesden Charles, h. Coolidge, bet. Throop and 

Heseda Truan, painter, h. 41 Milwaukee av. 

Heselbard John, carpenter, h. 46 Pierce. 

Hesey William, bds. Sam Patricks Hotel. 

Hesing Antony C, Illinois Staats Zeitung, h, 
311 Huron. 

Hesd John, lab., h. Archer rd. cor. Arnold. 

Hesler Alexander, photographer, 113 Lake, 
b. W. Lake, nr. Reuben. 





Hesler John, packer, E. K. Hubbard. 

Hess Anson, broom factory, Canal, n, w. cor. 

12th, h. same, 
Hess Char cs, job printer, 93 Randolph, h. 

200 Adams. 
Hess Corasniin, architect, h. 124 N. Clark. 
Hess Isaac, drover, h. Cottage Grove av., nr. 

Myrick's Hotel. 
Hess John, showcase mnfr. 298 State, h. 415 

Hess John V., carpenter, Wadhams, Willard 

& Co., bds. 557 State. 
Hess Mary, wid. Christian, h. 410 State. 
Hess W. il. L., student with Dr. Brainard, bds. 

168 Wa.«hington. 
Hess William, moulder, h. 31 Green Bay. 
Hessamer Christian Mrs., h. 93 Larrabec. 
Hessamer Louis, coopei", h. cor. 22nd and 

Stewart av. 
Hessamer William, machinist, h. 93 Lar- 
Hesse Frank, bartender, cor. 12th and 3rd av. 

bds. same. 
Hessell Peter, distiller, h. Trcmont, bet. Wil- 
low and Clay. 
Hesser Charles, locksmith, h. 294 N. Franklin 
Hesset Stenan, lab., h. Union, nr. 3d. 
Hessett Daniel, lab., h. W. Chicago av., nr. 

the river. 
Hessle Jacob, blacksmith, h. 442 X. Clark. 
Hesson Christine Mrs., h. 93 Larrabee. 
Hester Thomas A., h. w. s. Hoyne, nr. Madison 
Het Frederick, carpenter, h. n. s. Granger, e. 

Hetaker Susan, wid. John, h. w. s. LaSalle, 

bet. 19th and 20th. 
Hetlend Jacob, sailmaker, h. 132 Sedgwick. 
Hesting Howard, vinegar mnfr., 100 S. Des- 

Hettich Leopold, salesman A. H. Miller, bds. 

505 State. 
Hettich Lewis, saloon and boarding, 505 State. 
Heitich William A., (Hettich & Becker,) h. 96 

S. Wells. 
Hettich & Becker, (W. A. Hettich, and Jacob 

Becker,) barbers, 63 and 65 Clark. 
Hetting Joseph, wagonmaker, h. Taylor, bet. 

Halsted & Blue Island av. 
Hettinger Frank, shoemaker, 8 N. Clark, h. 

147 Illinois. 
Hettinger George, shoemaker, h. nr. Cornell 

and Milwaukee av- 
Hettinger Michael, shoemaker, with F. Het- 
Hetzel A., lab., h. 14th, bet. Clark and State. 
Heubels Joseph, lab., h. Elston rd., nr. N. Cly- 

bourn av. 
Heubig Anton, broommakcr, bds. 3.37 W. 

Heuel John, blacksmith, h. N. LaSalle, s. e. c. 

Heuer H. August, clerk, bds. 41 W. Madison. 
Heum George, cabinetmaker, h. s. s. Mohawk, 

nr. Larrabee. 
Heumann William, harnessmaker, bds. 174 W. 

HEUNISCH ALBERT, German bookseller, 
toys and wall paper, 23 W. Randolph, h, 
same. {See cuh'tp. 28.) 
Heustis Louis, sawyer, h. 45 S. Union. 

Heustis Richard, engineer, h. 126 W. Polk 
Hevard Bridget, wid. Michael, h. 300 Michigan 
Hewair George, mason, h. w. s. Arnold, bet. 

19lh and 20ih. 
Hewcs D. A., straw goods, 143 Lake, bds. Mat- 

teson House. 
Hewes Louise Mrs., h. 60 Kingsbury. 
Hewes Nelson W., (Hewes & Brauiis,) h. 192 

3d av. 
Hewes & Brauns, (Nelson W. Hewes, and Leo- 
pold Brauns,) com. mei'3., 6 Market, Wig- 
wam bidg. 
Hewett Mis. Emily, h. 75 Hubbard. 
Hewett John L.,shoemakr, h. ,70 N. Franklin. 
Hewett Thomas, machinist, h. 95 S. Green. 
Hewitt George, conductor, h. 119 W.Jackson 
Hewitt Henry, tinner, h. 119 W. Jackson. 
Hewitt Joseph, agt. William Wright. 
Hewlett John Q., leather broker, h. 246 N. 

Heydock Mills 0., physician, oflSce Clark, cor. 

Luke, h. 369 Ontario. 
Heyewatez Theodore, tailor, h. Eugenie, bet, 

Franklin and Wells. 
Heylmann Charles, druggist, 31 W. Lake 
Heynemann Charles A. I., clerk, bds. 247 N. 

Heywood Arthur, miller, h. Clybourn av., bet. 

' Halsted and Willow. 
Heyworth James 0., 24 Portland blk., bds. 

Sherman House. 
Heyzna David, (col'd,) 163 Wabash av. 
Hezelan Christian, lab., h. w. s. Johnson, nr. 

Chicago av. 
Hezmalhalch Rudolph, tailor, h. 211 N. Clark. 
Hezmalhalch Thomas, iron foundry, cor. Way- 
man and Halsted, h. n. s. Front, bet. Eliz- 
abeth and Rucker. 
Hiarth J.icob, painter, h. 115 N. Green. 
Hiatt J. Milton, medical student, bds. 518 Wa- 
bash av. 
Hibbard Eail A., (Tuttle, Hibbard & Co.,) 

bds. City Hotel. 
Hibbard Homer N., (Jameson & Hibbard,) h. 

Hyde Park. 
Hibbard John Randolph (Rev.) pastor New 

Jerusalem Church, bds 70 3d av. 
Hibbard Salmon, clerk, bds, 70 3d av. 
Hibbard Thomas M., (Wentworth & Hibbard,) 

h. Lake Forest. 
Hibbard William B., com. n:er., h. 28 War- 
Hibbard t\^illiam G., (Tuttle, Hibbard & Co.,) 

h. 644 Wabash av. 
Hibburn Ellen, wid., Alexander, dressmaker, 

h. 155 S. Desplaines. 
Hibernian Benevolent Society, place of meet- 
ing 82 W. Randolph. 
Hickcox Philander, assignee of J. W. Coch- 
ran, h. 77 S. Jefferson. 
Hiclerk Philip, tailor, h. 329 State. 
Hickey Catherine, wid., Thomas, h. s. e. 

Barber, bet. Jeiferson and Canal. 
Hickey Cornelius, lab., h. William, nr. 

Hickey Daniel, clerk, h. 26 Randolph. 
Hickey Ellen, wid., George, washing, n. s. Ty- 
ler, bet. Franklin and Wells. 
Hickey James, blacksmith, h. 131 W. For- 





Hickey James, carpenter, h. Coolidge, bet. 

Throop and Loomis. 
Hickey James, lab. C. B. & Q. R. R. Depot. 
Hickey James, sailor, h. 443 S. Jefferson. 
Hickey James, soldier, h. e. s. Grove, bet. 

IVth and 18th. 
Hickey John, butcher, h. w. s. Green, bet. C. 

A. & St. L. R. R. and Archer rd. 
Hickey John, laundryman, Sherman House. 
Hickey John, lab., bds. Dekoven, cor. Clinton. 
Hickey John, lab., h. al. bet. Madison and 

Hickey John, lab., h. 16 W. Indiana. 
Hickey John, lab., h. e. s. Main, bet. Archer 

rd. and 31st. 
Hickey John, lab., h. w. s. Burnside, bet. 19th 

and 20th. 
Hickey Jojin, lab., h. Kramer nr. Jefferson 
Hickey John, soapmaker, h. N. Dearborn, 

bet. Superior and Huron. 
Hickey Michael, butcher, h. w. s. Green, bet. 

C. A. & St. L. R. R. and Archer rd. 
Hickey Michael, lab. C. B. & Q. R. R. Depot. 
Hickey Michael, lab., h. 141 W. Polk. 
Hickey Michael, lab., h. w. s. Halsted, bet. 

Evans and North. 
Hickey Michael, moulder, h. 178 Fulton. 
Hickey Michael C, sergeant of police, h. 

Franklin cor. Charles. 
Hickey Maurice, lab., h. 161 Halsted. 
Hickey Patrick, blacksmith, W. Monroe, s. e. 

cor. S. Reuben. 
Hickey Patrick, lab., 31st, nr. Lock. 
Hickey Patric-k, watchman P. Ft. W. R. R.. 

h. W. Taylor, n. w. c. Desplaines. 
Hickey Richard, lab., h. n. s. Archer rd. nr. 

Hickey Stephen, saloon, 147 Clark, h. 99 

Hickey Thomas, h. 24 Sherman. 
Hickey Thomas, drayman, h. 116 Carroll. 
Hickey Thomas, lab., h. Morgan nr. Polk. 
Hickey Thomas, lab., s. s. Indiana, bet. St. 

Clair and Rush. 
Hickman George, soldier, h. 38*7 Wells. 
Hickman James, 'clerk, b. Division, nr. N. 

Hickman Philip, machinist, h. Stewart av., 

bet. Catherine and Wright'. 
Hickok Barton H., salesman Stryker & Co., 

bds. 155 Monroe, 
Hickox Philander, auction and com., 224 

Lake, h. 11 S. Jefferson. 
Hickox S. V. R., Tribune office, bds. Hvde 

Hicks Calvin, engineer, h. 149 Wendel. 
Hicks G. C, bds. N. Y. 
Hicks John, car driver C. R. R., h. s. s. W. 

Madison, nr. Page. 
Hicks Louis, gunsmith, h. 180 Washington. 
Hicks Philip, wagonmaker, 134 W. Lake, h. 

185 Fulton. 
Hicks Richard S., h. 239 W. Randolph. 
Hicks Thomas, (col'd,) whitewasher, h. al. nr. 

cor. Huron. 
Hicks William, carpenter, h. 105 Fulton. 
Hiebsch Vincens, carpenter, h. 12th, bet.Mor- 

g&n and Waller. 
Hiegberg , chairmaker, h. Hunt, bet. 

Rucker and Noble. 

Hiehne Frederick, oootmakcr, IBQi Blue I. 

Hielman A. S., h. N. Wells, cor. Chicago av. 

Hiels Mar'.in, grocer, cor. Larrabee and Black 
Hawk, h. same. 

Hielscher Theodore, school teacher, h. 10 S. 

Hienscherper Theodore, carpenter, h. nr. cor. 
School and S. Canal. 

Hierhocher Conrad, lab., h. e. s. 4th av., nr. 

Hifergal C, tinner, I. C. R. R. machine shop. 

Hifran Stephen, lab., h. n. s. 16th, bet. Clark 
and Burnside. 

Higer Louis, (Vehon & Higer,) h. 160 Adams. 

Higgins A. J., physician, h. 170 W. Madison. 

Higgins A. Judson, com. mer., h. 60 S. Des- 

Higgins Albert, painter, b. 160 N. Curtis. 

Higgins Charles, salesman. Mead & Johnson, 
h. 45 Pine. « 

Higgins Charles A., milkman, bds. Mather, nr. 

Higgins David, (Higgins, Dean & Co.,) h. Da- 
venport, Iowa. 

Higgins Ebenezpr, h. 745 Wabash av. 

Higgins Ebenezer, (Higgins & Son,) h. n. e. c. 
Kinzie and Lincoln. 

Higgins Edward, milkman, h. s. s. Mather, o. 

Higgins Francis A., bookkeeper. Pollard & 
Doane, h. 16 S. Clinton. 

Higgins Frank, (E. Higgins & Son,) h. Kinzie, 
n. e.c. Lincoln. 

Higgins Floyd, milkman, h. 204 S. Desplaines. 

Higgins George, clerk, Charles Randolph, h. 
135 Michigan. 

Higgins George F., clerk, bds. 108 Monroe. 

Higgins Georne W., pork packer, 119 Michi- 
gan, h. 277 Erie. 

Higgins Hiram M., music publishing house,ll7 
Randolph, h. 91 N. Wells. 

Higgins Henry I., bookkeeper, C. B. & Q. R. 
R., h. 295 W. Lake. 

Higgins James, drayman, h. Mitchel, bet. Ca- 
nal and Stewart av. 

Higgins James, sailor, bds. 133 N. Water. 

Higgins John, (E. Higgins & Son,) h. Kinzie, 
n. e. cor. Lincoln. 

Higgins John, (Elliott & Higgins,) bds. S. Ca- 
nal, cor. W. Madison. 

Higgins John, h. Lincoln, cor. Cornelia. 

Higgins John, lab., h. Mitchei, bet. Canal and 
Stewart av. 

Higgins John T., clerk, h. 314 N. Wells. 

Higgins Levi, (Higgins, Dean & Co.,) h. 174 
W. Madison. 

Higgins Milton 0., lawyer, h. 108 Huron. 

Higgins Michael, lab., Washington Coffee 
House, State. 

Higgins Nathaniel S., grocer, 343 and 345 
Clark, h. 108 Monroe. 

Higgins Peter, lab., 0. Kendall's Sons & Co., 
State St. bakery. 

Higgins Robert, sexton, St. James' Church, h. 
232 Huron. 

Higgins Mrs. Sarah M., dress and cloakmaker, 
182 Clark. 

Higgins S. P., strawpresser, h. 150 N. Wells. 

Higgins Simon, clerk, bds. 80 Blue I. av 





Higgins Thomas J., porkpacker, G. W. Hig- 
gins & Co., h. 39 N. Saugaraon. 

Higgins Van H., judge of the Superior Court 
of Chicago, office, 5 Metropolitan blk., h. 
185 Wibash av. 

Higgins William H., (Higgins & Taber,) bds. 
108 Monroe. 

Higgins William H., pass, agt, N. Trans. Co., 
h. 214 Michigan. 

Higgins, Dean & Co., (Levi Higgins, Charles 
W. Dean and David Higgins,) prod. com. 
mers., 2 Board of Trade bldg. 

Higgins E. & Son, (Ebenezer and John Hig- 
gins,) fruit, 123 Monroe. 

Higgins G. W. & Co., packers, 1*7Y, 179 and 
181 Michigan. 

Higgins & Taber, (William H. Higgins and 
Thomas B. Taber,) grocers, 190 Clark. 

Higginson George M., real est. agt., 7 Metro- 
politan blk., h. 214 Pearson 

Higginson Mrs., wid. Stephen C,, h. 389 On- 

HIGGINSON & JAMES,(Mrs. S. C. Higginson, 
Alfred James, and Edward M. Teal,) ins. 
agts., 1 Clark, up stairs. 

High George M., office 81 Clark, h. 283 On- 

High Henry, bds. 277 Ontario. 

Highland Catharine Mrs., boarding, 105 Michi- 

Highland James, lab., 384 State. 

Highley William, butcher, h. 102 N. Curtis. 

Highley William J., locksmith, 137 W. Madi- 
son, h. same. 

Hight Augustus, lab., h. 270 Clark. 

Hight H. A., coachmaker, h. 282 Clark. 

Higinbotham John H., clerk, American Ex- 
press Co., bds. Metropolitan Hotel. 

Higley Daniel C, (Higley & Huntley,) bds. 236 

Higley Oliver N., carpenter and joiner, h. s. s. 
W. Washington cor. Hoyne. 

Higley & Huntley, (Daniel C. Higley and John 
D. Huntley,) grocers, 236 Madison. 

Hiland James, with C. H. McCormick & Bros. 

Hiland John, with C. H. McCormick & Bros. 

Hilbe Joseph, (Hilbe & Boese,) h. 148 N. 

Hilbe & Boese, (Joseph Hilbe and Albert 
Boese,) saloon, 111 Kinzie. 

Hilbert Joseph A., tinsmith, 96 S. Wells, h. 

Hilcott George, brewer, h. n. e. c. Wolcottand 

Hild Henry, carpenter, h. 207 W. Taylor. 

Hild F. W., signpainter, B. F. Chase, 109 Ran- 

Hildebrand Frederick, painter, h. Peoria, cor. 

Hildebrandt August, h. 197 N. Clark. 

Hildebrai;dt E. C. A., salesman, Keith, Faxon 
& Co , bds. 288 State. 

Hildebrandt John, lab., h. Pearl, nr. Pratt. 

Hildebrandt Joseph, cooper, h. Carpenter, cor. 

Hilde Louis, porter, G. & C. U. R. R., h. 126 

Hilder Ferdinand, salesman, h. 121 LaSalle. 

Hildebrand J., lab., M. S. & N. I. R. R. 

Hilgart G.,lab., Lill & Diversey. 

Hilger Charles porter, Shoyer & Co., 39 Lake. 

Hilger Ferdinand R., salesman, E. G. L. Fax- 
on, h. 121 LaSalle. 

Hilgerman George, shoemaker, bds. 132 Arch- 
er rd. 

Hilkersen Christian, shoemaker, h. 204 W. 
. Union. 

Hill Clark, boarding, h. 64 Wabash av. 

Hill Alfred G., pamter, h. S. Morgan, nr. Tay- 

Hill Calvin, police, h. 148 W. Lake. 

Hill Charles, clerk, bds. 91 N. Wells. 

Hill Charles H., 52d Regt. HI. Vol., h. 716 
Wabash av. 

Hill Clark, compositor, h. 64 Wabash av. 

Hill D. Charles, bookkeeper, H. M. Higgins, 
bds. 91 N. Wells. 

Hill E. A., telegraph operator, cor. Clark and 
Lake, h. 114 W. Monroe. 

Hill^dmund, lab., h. School, nr. S. Clinton. 

Hill Edward, (Hill, Barber & Oversliine,) h. 
368 Clark. 

Hill Edward N., student, bds. 716 Wabash av. 

Hill Emile L., wid. Edwin F., h. n. s. Wash- 
ington av., c. Lincoln, 

Hill George, telegraph operator, bds. 93 Elm. 

Hill George W., lawyer, 128 Dearborn, h. 40 
N. Peoria. 

Hill Grant, com. mer., 150 Kinzie, bds. 193 
W. Indiana. 

Hill Harlow B., agent Shelton & Tuttle, bds. 
26 S. Desplaines. 

Hill Henrv, larapmaker, Jesup, Kennedy & 

Hill Henry, printer, h. 46 State. 

Hill Henry L., (Hill, Campbell & Co.,) h. 716 
Wabash av. 

Hill Henry W., lab. h. lake shore, cor. White. 

Hill Horatio, clerk,' G. & C. U. R. R., h. 93 

Hill J. B., bookkeeper, h. n. s. W. Lake, e. 

Hill J. Michael, lab.,h. s. s. Water, nr. Main. 

Hill J. Mortimer, (Hill & Sinclair,) bds. 24th, 
bet. Cottage Grove av. and lake. 

Hill Jacob, salesman, h. 45 Elm. 

Hill James C, bookkeeeper, Peshtigo Co. 

HILL JAMES M., lawyer, 55 Clark. 

Hill John, real estate, h. 64 Monroe. 

Hill John, engineer, h. 455 S. Clinton. 

Hill John R., metal broker, 107 N. Clark. 

Hill Joseph, carpenter, h. 396 State. 

Hill Louisa, wid. Daniel, dressmaker, 288 
Clark, h. same. 

Hill Martin, tailor, h. Hamburgh, nr. Halsted. 

Hill Mathew, foreman Dunlop, Sewell & 
Spalding, h. Evanston. 

Hill Matthew, plasterer, h. 143 N. Clark. 

Hill Patrick, porter, C. B. Brown & Co., h. 
252 Wolcott. 

Hill R. B., distiller-, h. w. s, Calumet av. bet. 
23d and 24th. 

Hill Ralph, cattle dealer, bds. 45 S. Jefiferson. 

Hill Ralph W., (Hill & Baldwin,) h. 193 W. 

Hill Robert, propr. Garden City House, Mad- 
ison, cor. Market. 

Hill Sarah J., wid. Thomas, h. 494 W. Lake. 

Hill T. Olney, clerk Central Express Co., bds. 
646 Wabash av. 





Hill Washington AV., hackman, bds. 174 W. 

Hill William, currier, h. 192 N. Morgan. 
Hill William, salesman, Turner & Sidway. 
Hill William G., printer, Trihane office. 
Hill, Campbell & Co., (Henry L. Hill, George 

H. Campbell, Ancel St. John Campbell,) 

com. mers., 117 Kinzie. 
Hill, Barber & Overshine, (Edward Hill, Clark 

M. Barber, and Leander Overshine,) res- 
taurant, 368 Clark. 
Hill John & Co., Charles Brown agent, boots 

and shoes, 157 Lake. 
HILL & BALDWIN, (Ralph W. Hill and 

Alonzo M. Baldwin,) com. mers., 150 

Kinz e. 
HILL & SINCLAIR, (L Mortimer Hill, Jef- 
ferson Sinclair,) coal, coke and wood, S. 

Canal, cor. Jackson. 
Hillard Noble, policeman. 
Hillchen Peter, carpenter, h. 300 Wolcott. 
Hillebrand Fred, harnessmaker, 130 W. Lake. 
Hillebregt William, grocei-, 65 W. Indiana, h. 

63 W. Indiana. 
Hiller George, (Bucher & Hiller,) h. Green 

Bay road, n. w. c. Franklin. 
Miller Henry, coppersmith, h. Chicago av., 

nr. Franklin. 
Hilles Edward, lab., h. Union, bet. Milwaukee 

av. and Indiana. 
Hilley James, mason, h. Union, nr. W. Indi- 
Hilliard Azro, carpenter, h. 41 W. Adams. 
Hilliard's Block, n. e. c. Clark and Water. 
Hilliard H., physician, 68 Randolph, h. same. 
Hilliard Lauren P., County clerk, Court 

House, h. 146 Wabash av. 
Hilliard Stephen A., bookkeeper, Geo. Dunbar 

& Co., bds. 146 Wabash av. 
Hillman Heinrich, lab., h. al. bet. Blackhawk 

and North av. 
Hillmann Louis, wagons, n. S.Washington av., 

bet. Wood and Paulina. 
Hillock Charles, h. S. Desplaines, bet. Deko- 

ven and Bunker. 
Hillock Charles, lab., Chicago Hide and 

Leather Co. 
Hillock John, currier, h. w. s. Desplaines, nr. 

Hillock John, sailor, h. S. Desplaines, bet. 

Dekoven and Bunker. 
Hills Ancient B.. h. 12th nr. Jesuit Church. 
Hills C. W., printer, S. P. Rounds 46 State, h. 

76 Dearborn. 
Hills D. Hobart, (Doggett, Bassett & Hills,) 

h. 381 Superior. 
Hills Edwin S., 50 S. Jefferson. 
Hills Erasmus W., bookkeeper. Marine Engine 

Works, bds. State bet. 17th and 18th. 
Hills Henry H., tailor, h. 243 N. LaSalle. 
Hills- Newberry C, (Hills & Mead,) h. 858 

Hills Robert E., clerk, R. G. Dun & Co., cor. 

Market and White. 
Hills Samuel R., lab., h. 15i Wendel. 
Hills William C, contractor, h. 44 Randolph. 
Hills & Mead, (N. C. Hills and D. R. Mead,) 

lumber dealers, n. s. Clark nr. C. B. & Q. 

R. R. crossing. 
Hilpeck John, lab. C. H. McCormick & Bi-os. 

Hilpert Joseph, (J. M. & J. Hilpert,) h. 427 

Hilpert Joseph M., (J. M. & J. Hilpert ) h. 427 

Hilpert J. M. & J., (Joseph Michel and Joseph 

Hilpert,) boarding, 427 State. 
Hiltman Joseph, lab. \\. 252 3rd av. 
Hiltman Joseph, jr., cabinetmaker, bds. 252 

Hilton John C, (Duffield & Hilton,) h. Reuben 

cor. Tyler. 
Hilton Thomas, distiller, h. Clybourn av. nr. 

dist'llery, N.Branch, 
Hilton Walter W., clerk A. C. Badger & Co., 

bds. Adams House. 
Himes Henry, peddler, h. 131 W. Washing- 
Himmel Peter, shoemaker, h. 426 Pearson. 
Himmelgarn Fritz, hairdresser, 351 Chicago 

Himmelmann John M., saloon, 257 Clark, h. 

Himrod David, (Vincent, Tibbals, Shirk & 

Co.,) h. Erie, Pa. 
HIMROD GEORGE, stove foundry, 156 and 

158 S. Canal, h. 305 W. Jackson. I^See 

advt.p. 218) 
Himrod Nehemiah, painter, h. Division, s. w. 

c. N. LaSalle. 
Himrod William, bookkeeper George Himrod, 

h. 299 W. Jackson. 
Himrod William D., stove founder, h. 305 W. 

Himes George, lab. C. H. McCormick & Bros. 
Himes Peter, lab. C. H. McCormick & Bros. 
HincL Denis, boilermaker, h. May, bet. Taylor 

and Polk. 
Hinchey William, teamster, h. Damen, bet. 

May and Sholto. 
Hinchffle John, lawyer, h. s. s. Granger, w. N. 

Hinchley John, mechanic, h. 185 Ewing. 
Hinchy Patrick, shipping clerk Davis, Sawyer 

& Co. 
Hinckley Abner T., grocer, 286 State, h. 304 

Hinckley Charles, (Hinckley & Handy,) bds. 

Sherman House. 
HINCKLEY SAMUEL T., grocer, 286 State, 

h. 304 State. 
Hinckley & Handy, (Charles Hinckley and 

Augustus Handy,) com. mers., 4 Board of 

Trade blk. 
Hind James, switchman, h. 179 N. Jefferson. 
Hind John, h. r. Washington av. bet. Reuben 

and Paulina. 
Hind Joseph G. E., carpenter, h. 255 S. Jef- 
Hiuderle Franz, lab. h. e. s. Hurlbut, nr. Wis- 
Hindline John, butcher, h. 207 Shermaa. 
Hindman Francis, carpenter, h. 232 N. Wells. 
Hinds D. E., soldier, h. Kinzie, nr. Noble. 
Iline Charles, law student, bds. 402 Erie. 
Hine Henry, bookbinder, bds 402 Erie. 
Hine Thomas, carpenter, bds. 402 Erie. 
Hine Thomas, lab. C. H. McCormick & Bros. 
Hine William, bookkeeper Lill & Diversy, h. 

402 Erie. 
Hiner Henry, clerk 179 W. Randolph, h. 







^^^M.'J^i^ khj'^d ^^^'^D cO^^oD ^>^H^o 


One Block Sooth of Inion R. K. Depot, CHICAGO. 


State Street. 

- If a 58 

S. J. HUGHES & CO,, 

Manufacturers and Dealers in 

Ladies and Cieiits' Trayeliii^ Trunks, 

Trunks and Conductors' Check Boxes made to order. 



P. 0. Box 98, - - - - CHICAGO, ILL. 





Hiues Anthony, machinist, h. Hope, bet. Blue 

I. av. and Morgan. 
Hines Gorge, cooper, bds. Elston rd. nr. North 

Hines James, lab. h. Coolidge, cor. Throop. 
Hines Mary Mrs., wid. Austin, saloon, 151 

Kinzie, h. same. 
Hines William, carpenter, h. W. 12th, bet. 

Throop and Rucker. 
Hines Willi:\m, machinist, h. May, bet. Kinzie 

and Hubbard. 
Hines William, mason, h. May, bet. Kinzie 

and Hubbard. 
Hingott George, tailor J. Ludwig. 
Hingslev Thomas, lab. e. s. Indiana av. nr. 

Hink Louis, clerk Rosenfeld & Rosenberg, h. 

205 N. Clark. 
Hink Heinrich, lab., h. e. s. Mohawk, nr. Me- 
Hinkle John, blacksmith, h. 3*79 Wells. 
Hinman Frank T., miller. State Mills, bds. 250 

Madison. , 

Hinman William S., way-bill clerk, Am. Ex. 

Co., bds. 268 Wabash av, 
Hinneman John, marble cutter. Green Bay. 
Hinold John, cigarmaker, h. Baker av., nr. 

Hinsche August, musician, McVicker's Theatre, 

h. e. s. Larrabee, nr. Black Hawk. 
Hinsching John C. A., physician, Jane, cor. 

Milwaukee av- 
Hinsdale E. W., gunsmith, h. s. s. Hinsdale, 

nr. lake shore. 
Hinsdale H. B., bds. Sam. Patrick's Hotel. 
Hinsdale H. I., gunsmith, h. Pearson, nr. lake 

Hinsdale Henry W., (H. W. Hinsdale & Co.,)h. 

w. s. Prairie av., nr. ISth. 
HINSDALE H. W. & CO., (Henry W. Hins- 
dale, Sylvester Sibley & John W. Stanley,) 

whol. grocers, 114 and 116 S. Water. 
Hinterberger Joseph, blacksmith, h. w. s. 

Larrabee, nr. Black Hawk. 
Hintlybrand Michael, carpenter, h. 2S4 S. 

Hinton Anthony, shoemaker, h. 35' Elm. 
Hinton James, (Rev.,) h. 49 S. Desplaines. 
Hintze Heinrich, lab., h. 406 N. LaSalle. 
Hippe George, hardware clerk, h. 146 N. 

Hippe Mary Mrs., h. 146 N. Market. 
Hippe William, hardware clerk, h. *li(j N. 

Hippecher Michael, lab., C. H. McCormick & 

Hirsch Andrew, student, St. Marj's University, 

bds. same. 
Hirsch August, lab., h. w. s. N. Wells, nr. 

Hirsch -Clemens, (L. H. Spangenberg & Co.,) 

N. branch, n. ofN. Water. 
Hirsch Freiderich, lab., h. 3rd, nr. F^on^ 
Hirsch Freiderich, tanner. Noble, eor. W. 

Hirsch John, lab., h. w. s. Pearl, nr. Pratt. 
Hirsch John H., leather and findings, 135 N. 

Clark, h. same. 
Hirsch Joseph, (Joseph Hirsch & Co.,) h. 106 

N. Clark. 

Hirsch Joseph, sailor, h. n. s. Rees, nr. Cly- 
bourne av. 

Hirsch Meier, cattle dealer, h. 164 W. Adams. 

Hirsch Morris, clerk, Rosenfeld & Rosenberg, 
bds. 120 N. Clark. 

Hirsch Joseph & Co., (Joseph Hirsch, Solo- 
mon Rothschild,) dealers in hides, pelts, 
etc., 15*7 Kinzie. 

Hirschfield Abraham, clothing, 2./ Wigwam 
bid., h. 33 S. Union. 

Hirschfield Herman H., clerk, P. 0., h. 110 

Hirshman Louis, grocer, cor. S. Halsted and 
W. VanBuren, h. same. 

Hirst James, tinmith, h. Meridian, bet. Hal- 
sted and Desplaines. 

Hirst James, (W. & J. Hirst,) h. 215 W. 

Hirst William, (W. & J. Hirst,) h. 181 W. 

Hirst W. & J., (William and James Hirst,) 
copper, tin, and sheet iron workers., 138 
W. Madison. 

Hirt George, h. 469 N. Clark. 

Hirtzel David, flour merchant, 105 Milwaukee 
av., h. same. 

Hiscock Thomas, saloon, 106 W. Madison, h. 

Hislop Margaret, wid. John, h. 22 Hirmon ct. 

Hisom Willi. im J., (col'd.,) cook, h. 465 State. 

Hitchcock Alfred W., cutter, W. Clingman, 
h. w. s. Hoyne, s. Jackson. 

Hitchcock Charles, (Gallup & Hitchcock,) h. 
Hyde Park. 

Hitchcock Charles, (H. W. Adams & Hitch- 
cock, h. 285 W. Randolph. 

HITCHCOCK CHARLES A., pattern aad 
model maker. Court pi., bet. Dearborn 
and State, h. 147 Jackson. 

Hitchcock David J., mason, h. n. s. Park av., 
nr. Paulina. 

Hitchcock Horatio, (Hitchcock & Tucker,) 
physician, h. cor. Prairie av. and 18th. 

Hitchcock J. C, ticket agt., G. & C. U. R. R. 

Hitchcock Marshall V., grocer, h. s. s. W. 
Lake, w. Robey, h. same. 

Hitchcock Sylvester S., scale mnfr., 39 S. 
Canal, h. Washington, s. w. cor. Clinton. 

Hitchcock & Tucker, (Horatio Hitchcock and 
D. Mills Tucker,) physicians, 527 State. 

Hitchlot Frederick, shoemaker, h. 127 S. Jef- 

Hitecomb Henrv, painter, h. 17 Pearson. 

Hitt Isaac M., trader, h. 409 N. Wells. 

Hitt Isaac R., (Isaac R. Hitt & Co.,) bds. 153 
W. Indiana. 

Hitt John, attorney, I. C. R. R., office Union 
Dei)ot, bds. Orient House. 

HITT ISAAC R. & CO., (Isaac R. Hitt and 
Seth W. Hardin, jr.,) real estate agts. and 
war claim att'ys., 65 Clark. 

Hitter Philip, lab., h. Rees, nr. Clybourn av. 

Hittorf Henry J., watchmaker, 175 W. Ran- 
dolph, h. same. 

Hitz Joseph, blacksmith, h. 152 W. Randolph. 

Hitz Mathias, lab., h. w. s. Larrabee, nr. Cly- 
bourn av. 

Hitz Paul, smith, 102 Townsend. 

Hitzemann John, grocer, cor. William, Ruck- 
er and Bhie Island av, 





Hitzelburger, Philip, lab., n. s. Mitchel, nr. 

Hixon Calvin D., boot and shoemaker, h. 295 

Hoadley Ghrigtopher, driver, h. 371 N. Wells. 
Hoadiey James M., salesman, R. Bamber, h. 

127 W. Washington. 
Hoadley John, tailor, h. 10 Fisher's blk, White. 
Hoaft Henrv, bootmaker, 184 Randolph. 
Hoag H. H.; (Hoag, Willett & Co.,) h. Warren 

cor. Lincoln. 
Hoag Koyal M., clerk with Goss & Hoag, h. 

153 Huron. 
Hoag Thomas, C, (Goss & Hoag,) h. Evanson. 
Hoag, Willits & Co., (Henry H. Hoag, Ira L. 

Willits, and Charles E. Adams,) fruit 

and prod. com. mer., 83 Randolph. 
Hoagland Andrew J., com. mer., 128 S. Water 

bds. 257 W. Madison. 
Hoagland John C, bookkeeper E. Hollister 

& Co., h. n. s. W. Lake 3 e. Leavitt. 
Hoagland William, bds. n. s. W. Lake, 3 e. of 

Hoard Elijah W., real estate dealer, 9 Metro- 
politan blk., h. 277 W. Taylor. 
Hoard Samuel, h. 286 W. Van Buren. 
Hoarsey Elkanah, painter, h. 263 N. Clark. 
Hoar Hardeen, moulder, 22d, bet. Wentworth 

and Budlan. 
Hobach John H., saloon, Custom House pi. h. 

Dearborn, nr. Monroe. 
Hoban Daniel, cooper, h. 103 N. Sangamon. 
Hoban William, shoemaker, 57 N. Market. 
Hobart A. Austin, bds. Briggs House. 
Hobart Margaret, wid. Michael, h. 347 State. 
HobbsEnos, shoemaker, 149 Wells, h. same. 
Hobbs James B., (Hobbs, Oliphant & Co.,) h. 

Oak, nr. Church. 
Hobbs Ulysses, salesman, h. Hinsdale, nr. lake 

Hobbs, Oliphant & Co., (James B. Hobbs and 

George W. Oliphant,) com. mers., 215 S. 

Hobelin John, lab., bds. 394 W. Polk. 
Hoben Darby, shoemaker, 57 N. Market, h. 

Hober Leonard, blacksmith, h. 295 Clark. 
Hobley Henry, lab., h. 297 Wells. 
Hobscher Henry, teamster, h. Hastings, bet. 

Blue Island av. and Throop. 
Hobsen John W.. prod, mer., 5 Pardee's bldg, 

h. s. s. Warren, w. Reuben. 
Hobson Robert M., prod, mer., 5 Pardee's 

bldg., h. s. s. Warren, w. Reuben. 
Hobust Jacob, teamster. Dyer av. nr. 26th. 
Hoch George, saloon, 213 Blue Island av. h. 

Hochbaum Henry, salesman W. M. Ross & 

Co., bds. May's Hotel. 
Hochenaur George, (Charles Kohler & Co.,) 

h. 191 Washington. 
Hochlender Philip, peddler, h. 213 Milwaukee 

Hochthurn, Anthony, ost'er, bds. 12th, n. e. o. 

3d av. 
Hock John, lab., bds. W. 12th, cor. Canal. 
Hocker John, teamster, h. Desplaines, s. e. c. 

Hockers Peter, tailor, h. 126 Sedgwick. 
Hockworth Joseph, wagonmaker P. Schuttler. 

Hoctor Bridget, wid. Thomas, grocery, h. 265 

Hoctor Thomas, lab., h. Pearson, bet. N. Dear- 
born and Wolcott. 

Hodanel John, lab,, h. W. Halsted, nr. 4th. 

Hodes Catherine Mrs., wid. Adam, h. 63 S. 

Hodge Charlotte, wid. Peter, (col'd.) h. 91 

Hodges Edmund S., salesman, C. H. Beckwitb, 
h. 58 S. Curtis. 

Hodges James B., grocer, 49 State, h. 258 
Wabash a v. 

Hodgkinson J. S., miller, Marshe & Hubard, 
h. 207 Indiana. 

Hodgson Charles, clerk. Central police oflSce, 
h. 348 W. Madison. 

Hodgson William, (Hodgson & Perry,) h. 59 
4 th av. 

Hodgson & Perry, (William Hodgson and J. 0. 
Perry,) merchant tailors, 121 Randolph. 

Hodgson John, ship sawyer, bds. 482 S. Hal- 

Hodson John R., com. mer., 128 Kinzie, h. 
284 Huron. 

Hoefer Charles, jeweler, 53 N. Clark, h, same. 

Hochr Bartel, lab., h. 133 3d. 

Hoehne G., lithographer, h. 147 Indiana. 

Hoeken Franz, grocer, 345 Wells, h. same. 

Hoellen John, lab., e. s. Orchard, nr. Willow. 

Hoellischke Lucas, cap maker, h. s. s. Rees, 
nr. Clybourn av. 

Hoerber John L., saloon, 136 Griswold, h. same 

Hoermann Christian, blacksmith, h. Holt, nr. 
W. Division. 

Hoerncr Michael, cooper, h. e. s. Halsted, nr. 

Hoerr John, lab., h. 353 S. Canal. 

Hoes Catharine, h. 143 W. Kinzie. 

HOES JAMES H., watches, jewelry and sil- 
ver ware, 117 Lake, h. 385 Ontario. 

Hoesch George, cigar maker, h. e. s. N. Wells, 
nr. High. 

Hoey Mrs. P., wid. Patrick, h. e. s. Edgar, nr. 

Hoferstuhl Jack, cabinetmaker. Rock Island 

Hofert Henry, lab., h. 11 S. Rucker. 

Hofert John, h. e. s. Foster, 5th S. Jefferson. 

Hofert John, whitewasher, h. 55 Harrison. 

Hoff Charles, salesman, Stryker & Co., h. 139 

Hoff Derizo C, com. mer., h. cor. 24th and 
Michijan av. 

Hoff Henry, lab., h. w. s. N. Wells, s. North 

Hoff Mathias, carpenter, h. 77 Green Bay. 

Hoff Mathias, constable, h. 25 Wesson. 

Hoff Mathias, lab., h. e. s. Johnson, nr. Chica- 
go av. 

Hoff Mathias, sailor, h. 296 Wolcott. 

Hoff Theodore, lab., h. u. s. Labar, nr. Lar- 

Hoffart Richard, lab., h. e. s. Burling, nr. 
North av. 

Hofferbert Peter, blacksmith, Collins & Bur- 
gle, h. School. 

Hoffey Michael, carpenter, h. 133 Michigan. 

Hoffman Andrew W., bookkeeper, John Y. 
Patrick, bds. 75 Monroe. 





Hoffman Anna, b. e. s. Butterfield, bet. 17th 

and ISth. 
Hoffman Antonio, stonecutter, Singer & Tal- 

Hoffman August, baker, h. 181 W. Randolph. 
Hoffman Christian, lab., h. e. s. Kalsted, nr. 

Hoffman Conrad, mason, h. e. s. Franklin, nr. 

Hoffman E., tobacconist, 137 Randolph, h. 

Hoffman Erdman, saddler, h. n. s. Archer rd. 

bet. Lime and Halsted. 
the Germnn States, 47 LaSalle, h. Eureka. 
HOFFMAN FRANCIS A., german land office 

66 Michigan av. h. Cottage Hill, 
Hoffmnn Frank H., machinist, C. & N. W. R. 

W., bds. 139 W. Kinzie. 
Hoffman Frederick, gardener, h. May, nr. Polk. 
Hoffman Fredrich, lab., h. Noble, cor. Cor- 
Hoffman Frederick, ostler, bds. Uhlich's Hotel. 
Hoffman Frederick, carpenter, bds. 529 Clark. 
Hoffman Frederick, soldier, h, 335 Clark. 
Hoffman George, porter, A. R. & G. H. Miller. 
Hoffman Louis, h. 139 Illinois. 
Hoffman Henry, baker, 206 Wells, h. same. 
Hoffman Herman, bookbinder, h. N. Clark, 

n. w. ror. Goethe. 
Heffman Jacob, wagonmaker, bds. 84 W. Ran- 
Hoffman John, clerk, h. Vedder, cor Pleasant. 
Hoffman John, drover, h. Cottage Grove, nr. 

Southern av. 
Hoffman Jonas, clerk, 137 Randolph. 
Hoffman Kate Mrs., milliner, 335 Clark, h. 

Hoffman Mathias, tailor, h. e. s. Sedgwick, s. 

.North av. 
Hoffman Michael, gardener, w. s. Wolcott, nr. 

Grand Haven slip. 
Hoffman Pauline, wid. Sebastian, German Li- 
brary, 191 Illinois. 
Hoffman Peter, carpenter, h. William, nr. 

Hoffman Peter, lab. bds. 135 Pine. 
Hoffman Peter J., harnessmaker, h. 341 N. 

Hoffman Samuel, sailor, bds. 151 Market. 
Hoffman V., milk depot, 180 W. Lake, h. 

Hoffman William, student St. Mary's Univer- 
sity, bds. same. 
Hoffman William D., bookkeeper, W. Cling- 

man. h. 415 W. Madison. 

Hoffmann Charles, grocer, 266 Wells, h. same 

Hoffmann C. & Co., (Carl Hoffmann and Anton 

Borecke,) tanners, N. Branch, s. Division. 

Hoffmann Charles, watchmaker and jeweler, 

92-N. Clark, h. 88 N. Clark. 
Hoffmann Christian, lab. h. 447 S. Jefferson. 
Hoffmann F., saloon 44 N. Clark, h. 157 N. 

Hoffmann Fred, cleik, bds. 45 N. Clark. 
Hoffrnann George, h. r. 74 N. Clark. 
Hoffmann Hugo, watchmaker, bds. 88 N. 

Hoffmann John, machinist, h. S. Halsted, n. e. 
cor. Meagher. 

Hoffmann Moritz, milkman, h. N. Morgan, 

bet. 3rnd and 4th. 
Hoffman Peter, mason, h. w. s. N. Wells, nr. 

North av. 
Hoffman Philip, engineer, h. 112 Sedgwick. 
Hcfford John, saloon, 420 Clark, b. same. 
Hoffey John, clerk, h. 133 Michigan. 
Hofm'an A. B., druggist 71 Chicago av. h. 

Hofmann Gustavus, clerk, Reinbold & Mag- 

nuss, bds. 150 W. Randolph. 
Hofman Jacob, machinist, bds. 133 W. Kinzie. 
Hofmann Henry, carpenter, bds 244 Wells. 
Hi'fmann Moritz, job printer, 218 Lake, h. r. 

10 4th av. 
Hofney George, lab. Ellsworth, nr. W. Polk. 
Hogan Annie, wid. Thomas, h. n. s. Meagher, 

bet. Jefferson and Canal. 
Hogan Mrs. Annie B., wid. Alpheus, boarding, 

204 Monroe. 
Hogan Betsey, wid. John, 12 N. Desplaines. 
Hogan Cornelius, flour and feed 300 S. Canal, 

h. 353 S. Clinton. 
Hogan Edward, porter. Pollard & Doane. 
Hogan Eliza, wid. John, h. 742 Wabash av. 
Hogan James, teamster, Henry F. Eldred, h. 

742 Wabash av. 
Hogan John, drayman, h. W. 14th, bet. Canal 

and Stewart av. 
Hogan John,, groceries, 86 N. LaSalle, h. same. 
Hogan John, lab. h. w. s. Milwaukee av. nr. 

Hogan John, lab. h. w. s. Robey, bet. Prairie, 

and railroad. 
Hogan John, machinist, C. & N. W. R. W. 

shop, bds. N. Union, bet. 2nd and 3rd. 
Hogan John, pawn broker, 223 Randolph, h. 

Hogan John, saloon, 703 Clark, h. same. 
Hogan .John, lab. C. H. McCormick & Bros. 
Hogan Joseph, plumber and gasfitter, 68 W. 

Madison, h. same. 
Hogan Joseph, tanner, h. 17 Miller. 
Hogan Julia F,, wid. John, seamstress, h. 88 

N. Green. 
Hogan Martin, canal boat capt. h. s. s. Archer 

rd. bet. Green and Broad. 
Hogan Mary, milliner, 339j bds. 340 Clark. 
Hogan Maurice, lab., h. s. s. Eagle, bet. Union 

and Desplaines. 
Hogan Michael, drayman, J. T. Ryerson, b. 

Illinois, bet. WeUs and LaSalle. 
Hogan Michael, janitor Court House, h. 26 3rd 

Hogan Michael, lab., h. 126 W. Harrison. 
Hogan Michael, lab., h. n.s. Mitchel, nr. Hal- 
Hogan Michael, teamster, h. 116 Illinois. 
Hogan Moses, bootmaker, h. Newbury, bet. 

Mitchel and Maxwell. 
Hogan Patrick, capt., s. s. Charles, bet. Wella 

and Franklin. 
Hogan Patrick, cooper shop, Mary, n. e. c. 

Archer rd. 
Hogan Patrick, lab., h. n. s. Archer rd., bet. 

Mary and Joseph. 
Hogan Patrick, lab., h. Lincoln, cor. Wash- 
ington av. 
Hogan Patrick, pedler, M. A. Divine, bds. 221 





Hopan Piitrick, stonecutter, li. 191 Market. 
Hcigati Robert, carpenter, W. Taylor nr. May. 
Hogjui Thomas, carpenter, li. Kankakee av., 

nr. 30th. 
HoQ;!in Thomas, li. 45 Pierce. 
Hogaii Tliomas, lab., h. e s. Union, nr. Ca- 
Hogan Thomas, porter, Pollard & Doane. 
Hogan William, carpenter, h. 318 N. Frank- 
Hogan William H., (Johnson, Hogan & Co.,) 

bds 228 W. Madison. 
Boganb Thomas, lab., h. 258 W. Monroe. 
Hoge Abraham U.^ U. S. ass't assessor, room 

1 Ewing's blk., h. 229 Illinois. 
Hoge Howard B., clerk P. 0., bds. 229 Illin- 
Hoge John, tailor, h. Desplaiiies, nr. Mather. 
Hahlbrock H. G. H., (Wingrave J. jr. & Co.,) 

bds. N. LaSalle, nr. Division. 
Hohn Christopher, teamster, h. 444 State. 
Hohn John, painter, h. n. s. Diissold, nr. Hal- 

Hohn Mary, wid., John, h. 128 3d av. 
Hohiier John, stonecutter, h. Norton, bet. 

Rucker and May. 
Hoiiiig Baltes, carpenter, h. 141 Blue I. av. 
Hoiser Henrv D. P , publisher Chicacjo Blaetter, 

47 -^aSalle, h. Division, w. of Wells. 
Hoiser Philip, lab., h. n. s. Division, w. N. 

Hoisington Jasper, justice of the peace, 71 

Clark, h. 206 3d av. 
Hoisington Jasper M., bookbinder, b. 184 3d 

Hoisington William, fireman steamer Long 

John, h. Tyler, nr. Wells. 
Hokanson John, blacksmith, h. 97 Ohio. 
Hoken Franz, grocer, 345 Weils, h. same. 
Hoker John, lab., h. Asylum pi. nr. Racine rd. 
Hokinson Peter, tailor, h. 126 Sedgwick. 
Hokum Benhardt, turner, 166 W. Polk, h, 

Holabird Oscar P., check clerk I. C. R. R., 

bds. 106 Monroe. 
Holahari Margaret, wid., Thomas, h. n. s. 

Caiharinc, nr. Union. 
Holbeck Hans, (Holbeck & Co..) h. Milwau- 
kee av.. bet. Hubbard and Desplaines. 
Holbeck & Co., (Hans Holbeck and Christian 

Jongenson,) wood yard, 57 N. Wells. 
HolOrook Benjamin, wood and coal, 62 Kings- 

• bury, h. 36-1 S. Halsted. 
Holbrook H. H., carpenter, bds. Gage House. 
Holbrook L. H., (Kellogg & Holbrook,) h. 

W. Washington. 
Holbrook Nahum, herdsman, 130 W. Ran 

Holbrook Samuel, clerk Holbrook & Co., bds. 

Wabash av. bet. 16th and 18th. 
Holbrook School Apparatus Co., George 

Sheiwood, Pres., 118 Lake. 
HOLBROOK THEODORE, real estate broker, 

45 S. Clark, h. Hubbard, cor. Fulton. 
Holbrook Theodore L., chief clerk P. 0., bds. 

Fulton, cor. Hubbard. 
Holbrook Thomas, (Holbrook & Co.,) h. w. s 

Indiana, bet. 23d and 24th. 
Holbrook William, (Holbrook & Co.,) h. e. s. 

Wabath av., bet. 17th and 18th. 

Holbrook & Co., lumber dealers, (William and 
Thomas Holbrook,) w. s. Grove, bet. 
17tii and 18th. 

Holby Theodore V., sailor, h. 202 N. Union. 

Holchcrman Conrad, expressman, h. n. s. 
Schiller, w. N. Wells. 

Holcomb II. F. , silver plater, h. e. s. Prairie 
av., bet. 25th and 26th. 

Holcomb Mrs. Poly, h. 23 K Curtis. 

Holcomb Solomon E., lab., h. 73 N. Market. ' 

Holcost Mrs. Anna, h. 133 Townsend. 

Hold Joseph, currier, h. 208 Sherman. 

Holden Albon H., lumber mer., h. 135 S. Hal- 

Holden Charles N., notar}' public and com. 
deeds, 128 Lake, h. Monroe nr. Morgan. 

Holden Charles C. P., salesman land dept. HI. 
C. R. R., h. 71 W. Adams. 

Holden Henry N., lumber dealer. Market, cor. 
Jackson, h. Adams, nr. Aberdeen. 

Holden Isaac H., lumber, h. 286 W. Adams. 

Holden John, printer, li. 120 N. Carpenter. 

Holden P. W., machinist, h. n. s. 26th, bet. 
Calumet and Cottage Grove av. 

Holden Thomas, turner, bds. 285 Clark. 

Holden Thomas K., moulder, h. 149 S. Clin- 

Holden Thomas M., wood and ivory turner, 21 
S. Canal, bds. 285 S. Clark. 

Holden Timothy N., clerk. Fuller, Finch & 
Fuller, bds. 100 Madison. 

Holden William, machinist, h. Taylor, nr. Hal- 

Holden Wm. P., h. 17 S. Ann. 

Holding John S., machinist, h. Front, bet. 
Rucker and Elizabeth. 

Holdosen H. carpenter, h. Larrabee, s. Chica- 
go av. 

Holdorf Theodore, blacksmith, h. 218 Blue 
Island av. 

Holdsworth James W., brass finisher, bds. 
William, bet. Rucker and Aberdeen. 

Holdsworth Squire, carpenter, h. William, 
nr. Aberdeen. 

Holdsworth William, com. mer., 127 W. Ran- 
dolph, h. William, nr. Ranker. 

Holen Iversen I., shoemaker, h. 50 W. Indi- 

Holenbeck Charles, coppersmith, 42 N. Ruck- 
er, h. 340 W. Randolph. 

Holenberg Casper, bds. 377 W. Monroe. 

Holenberg Isaac, lime mer., h. 377 W. Mon- 

Holiet August, tanner, h. 23rd, nr. State. 

Holland Mrs. Cordelia, milliner, 188 Clark. 

Holland Henry, paper hanger, h. r. 233 S. Jef- 

Holland James, grocer, 113 Market, h. same. 

Holland James, lab., h. 20th, nr. Arnold. 

Holland James, jr., lab., bds. 113 Market. 

Holland John, h. 134 N. Jefferson. 

Holland Paul, fancy store, 188 Clark. 

Holland Thomas C, bookkeeper, h. 69 N. 

Hollands James, h. 121 Foster. 

Hollenbach John, car wheel mnfr., h. s. e. 
21st, nr. LaSalle. 

HoUeran James, lab., h. r. 122 Ontario. 

Holleran James, lab., h. W. Taylor, nr. Blue 
Island av. 





Hollibert Oscar, clerk, bds. 62 4th av. 
HoUiday Adam, ticket agt.. P., Ft. W. & C. R. 

W.,-h. 64 West Madison. 
Holliday S. W., bds. Sam. Patrick's Hotel. 
Holligan James, saloon, 135 W. Polk. 
Hollinburgh Charles, tinsmith, bds. 340 W. 

Hollinder William, lab., h. n. s. Hickory, bet. 

Main and Bonfield. 
Hollingworth Francis S., (Hollingworth & Co..) 

bds. Matteson House. 
Hollingworth Frank R., with Hollingworth & 

Co., bds. Matteson House. 
Hollingworth William, painter, Lister & Kes- 

HOLLINGWORTH & CO., (Francis S. and 

Frank R. Hollingworth and L. T. Mer- 

riam,) whol. liquors and rectifiers, 8 Dear- 
HoUingsworth Henry C, medical student, bds. 

Wabash av., n. w. c. Washingtofi. 
HoUingsworth James, (Wilbam Fielding & 

Co.,) h. 41 S. Carpenter. 
HoUingsworth John, conductor, City Railway, 

bds. s. s. W. Madison, w. Reuben. 
Hollis Equal, clerk. Tear's Hotel, h. s. s. Divi- 
sion, nr. N. Market. 
Hollis Windle, clerk, C. & L. Baldwin, bds. 

W. Adams, bet. Peoria and S. Sangamon. 
HoUister Eli F., (Hollister & Wiikins,) h. 101 

Hollister L V., salesman, Bowen Bros., bds. 

Lidiana, cor. Wells. 
Hollister James B., clerk, Bowen Bros., bds. 

. 95 S. Water. 
Hollister John, engineer, h. 53 4th av. 
Hollister John H., physician, rooms 3 and 5 

Stewart House, bds. same. 
Hollister W. T., agt. William T. Hollister & 

Co , h. s. w. c. W. Lake and Sangamon. 
HOLLISTER E. & CO., com. mers. and 

whol. fruit dealers, 16 Dearborn. 
HOLLISTER & WILKINS, (Eli F. Hollister 

aud David Wiikins,) carpet dealers and 

upholsterers, 135 and 13*7 Lake, up stairs. 
Holm Andrew, tailor, h. 85 W. Indiana. 
Holm John, watchman, h. r. e. s. 4th av. bet. 

12th and 14th. 
Holm J., watchman I. C. R. R. machine shop. 
Holm Mary, wid. John B., h. 128 3rd av. 
Holman Thomas M., conductor I. C. R. R., h. 

14 Harrison. 
Holraead Leigh, R., physician, office 418 Clark. 
Holmes Charles C, trav. PoDard & Doane, 189 

and 191 S. Water. 
Holmes Cornelius E., commercial broker, 59 

W. ^Randolph, h. n. s. Warren, bet. Lin- 
coln and Robey. 
Holmes Daniel W., (Garland & Holmes,) bds. 

Van Buren, cor. Halsted.' 
Holmes Edgar, (Holmes & Bro.,) bds. Sher- 
man House. 
Holmes Edward B., ironmoulder Eagle Co., h. 

s. w. cor. Henry and Loomis. 
Holmes Edward L., physician, 28 N. Clark, h. 

319 N. LaSalle. 
Holmes Frederick, private Co. E. 88th Ills. 

vols., h. Kankakee av. nr. 29th. 
Holmes Henry A., grocer, 239 Blue I. av. h. 

Cooli.lge, bet. Throop and Rucker. 

Holmes Isaac, (Lull& Holmes,) h. 135 S. Clin- 

Holmes James, machinist, h. e. s. Indiana av. 
bet. 14th and C. B. &Q. R. R. crossing. 

Holmes James, lab. C. B. & Q. R. R. depot. 

HOLMES JOSEPH B., local agt. P. C. R. R. 
191 Cltrk, bds. Adams House. {See advt. 
back cord leaf.) 

Holmes L. H., stove dealer, 63 State, b. Mich- 
igan av. n. 12th. 

Holmes Marion J., music teacher, bds. 95 Har- 

Holmes Michael, tailor G. T. BeLling & Co., 
h. William, bet. Aberdeen and Rucker. 

Holmes Thomas W., (Hulmes & Wallace,) h. 
cor. Indiana av. and 22nd. 

Holmes Phillip, carpenter, h. N. Market, s. w. 
cor. Division. 

Holmes U. P., cooper, h. cor. Division and N. 

Holmes William, h. s. s. Barber, nr. Jefferson. 

HOLMES WILLIAM G., bookseller, 110 
Clark, h. 114 Peoria. 

HOLMES & BRO., (Edgar Holmes, and Ira 
Holmes,) ins. agts., 4 Dole's bldg. {See 
advt. p.) 

Holsey James H., salesman 25 Lake. 

Holsen John, machinist, bds. 138 Carroll. 

Hoist Henry, tailor, bds. Washington, cor. 

Holstein Louisa, wid., confectioneries, 153 In- 

Host Devillo, (Holt & Calkins,) h. Lake For- 

Holt Francis B., milkman, h. 268 State. 

Holt George, agt., h. 49 W. Jackson. 

Holt Henry, porter Whitney & Coit, h. Car- 
penter, nr. Front. 

Holt J. Milton, h. 435 State. 

Holt James G.. foreman Lange, Brown & Co., 
h. 128 Ohio. 

Holt John, mason, h. s. s. Warren, e. Page. 

Holt Jo!-^n T., printer, h. 187 N. Curtis. 

Holt Louis, teamster, h, 51 Peaice. 

Holt Thomas J., h. 278 Erie. 

Holt Wm. C, lab. h. Maple, n. w. c. N". Clark. 

Holt & Calkins, (Devillo Holt and Allen C. 
Calkins,) lumber, W. 12th, nr. the bridge. 

Hotteran Stephen, engineer, bds. 125 Michi- 

Holtmaa William, cooper, h. Maple, nr. N. 

Holton Oliver H., attorney, h. 119 N. Wells. 

Holton Patrick, cooper, cor. Rucker and Cath- 
arine, h. same. 

Holton William, lab., h. s. s. Maxwell, bet. 
Carroll and Clinton. 

Holtstander Henry, carpenter, h. 158 W. Van 

Holtz Christian, lab., Jillett & King. 

Holtz Michael, lab., h. 4th, nr. Front. 

Holtz William, cooper, h. 87 L;irrabee. 

Holtzer John, machinist, h. 138 Carroll. 

Holz August, clerk, 18 Lake, b. W.Lake, bet. 
Union and Halsted. 

Holz Gottlieb, (W. & G. Holz & Co.,) h. 
22d, nr. Archer rd. 

Holz Mathias, lab , h. s. 8 Blackhawk, nr 





Holz William, (W. & G. Holz & Co.,) h. 86 

Archer rd. 
HOLZ W. & G. & CO., (Willium and Gottlieb 

Holz, and Henry Kuecken,) hardware and 

stove?, 218 Lake. 
Holzapfel Ernst, lab., h. s. s. Emily, nr. Mil- 
waukee av. 
Holzschuh Botons, mason, h. s. s. 21st, bet. 

Clark and Arnold. 
Homand Frederick, blacksmith, h. 338 W. 

Home for the Friendless, 1003 "Wabash av. bet. 

18th and 21st. 
HOME INS. CO., of New Yerk, Miller & 

Willmarlh, agts., 150 S. Water, {see adv'l. 

front cover.) 
HOME LIFE INS. CO., of Brooklyn, N. Y., 

Clark k Brainard, agts., 2 Methodist 

Church blk. 
Home Mills, N. Rising, propr., 2.50 to 256 S. 


G.irrett blk., s. e. c. State and Randolph. 
Homen Henry, tailor, h. 93 Chicago av. 
Homen M., baker, 139 Milwaukee av. h. same. 
Homes Peter, liib., bds. s. s. Barber, bet. 

Canal and Stewart av. 
Homceopathic Medical Society, 168 Clark. 
Homestetcer J. F., gardener, h. 32 Elm. 
Ilonieiz Michael T., grocer. Canal, s. w. cor. 

16th. h. same. 
Homey Henry, butcher, h. 35 Polk. 
Hommerding Jacob., tailor, h. Dayton, bet. 

Willow and Clay. 
Hommod J., fireman I. C. R. R. 
Honert John, soapraaker, C. S. Crosby, 
Honey William, draj-man, s. s. 21st nr. Arnold. 
Honlitt William, carpenter, 158 W. Jackson, 

h. 27 Price pi. 
Honnold William S., Tribune book room, 51 

Honohan \Villiam, bookkeeper, M. Keelev, h. 

90 W. Polk. 
Honore Frank L., with Buchanan, Ailing & Co., 

51 Lake. 
Honore Henry H., real estate, 80 Dearborn, h. 

c. Jackson and Reuben. 
Honore Thomas R., clerk, h. e. s. Desplaines, 

nr. Canalport av. 
Honsinger Emanuel, dentist, 11 Lake, bds. 

Indiana av. s. 26th. 
Hood Harriet L., boarding, 62 4th av. 
Hood James, shoemaker, h. Ellis av. nr. city 

Hood James T., machinist, h. W. Madison, 

cor. Market. 
Hood John, foreman, L. Newberrv & Co., h. 

17 White. 
Hood Thomas, grocer, 139 and 141 Wells. 
Hodge L. S., painter, h. 53 W. Madison. 
Hoodless G. L., clerk, James P. Dalton, 214 

Hoodless William, h. Indiana av. cor. 31st. 
Iloogbruin Martin, h. 44 Pearce. 
Hook Joseph, lab., Chicago Hide and Leather 

Co., h. 205 Sherman. 
Hook Moses, (Warren & Hook,) 85 and 87 

HOOK S. G. MRS., matron Wart-en's Music 

School, 85 and 87 Clark, h. same. 

Hook William, blacksmith, h. Division, nr. N. 

Hooke Miss Emma, teacher, Newberry School, 

bds. E. G. Hooke. 
Hooke Enoch G., lawyer, h. Sedgwick, cor. 

Asylum pi. 
IIooktT , bds. N. Dearborn, s. e. cor. 

Hooker Fayette, druggist, bds. 65 W. Wash- 
Hooker Francis, gardener, 48 Michigan av. 
Hooker Henry M., druggist, (F. k H. M. Hook 

er,) h. n. s. W. Washington, nr. Page. 
Hooker Hosea, bds. n. s. W. Washington, nr. 

Hooker S. W., (Hooker & Jones,) h. 211 Wa 

bash av. 
Hooker John W., agricultural implements, h 

211 Wabash a v. 
Hooker Stephen G., traveling agt. H. Wheeler. 
Hooker William H., blacksmith, h. s. s. Kra 

mer, bet. Union and S. Hal.^ted. 
Hooker F. & II. M., drugs, medicines, paints 

and oils, 56 W. Randolph. 
Hooker & Jones, (John W. Hooker and Nath- 

iel A.Jones,) agricultural warehouse, 107 

Hooley Dennis, lab., h. e. s. Union, s. e. cor. 

Hooper E. Rutledge, h. Cottage Grove av., nr. 

Douglas pi. 
Hooper Joseph, U. S. Army, h. 59 Wesson. 
Hoops John, mason, h. 27 Pearson. 
Hoos George, saloon, 129 Indiana. 
Hoos John, eating house, 165 VaiBuren, h. 

Hooson William, baggage master, C. & M. R. 

R., h. 77 Hubbard. 
Hoover Benjamin F., confectioner, 406 Clark, 

h. same. 
HOPE INS. CO. of Providence, R. L, S. T. 

Atwater, agt., 2 Dole's bldg. {See advt. 

p. 28.) 
Hope John, steam fitter, Walworth & Hub- 
bard, bds. 205 Ontario. 
Hope Robert, baker, 0. Kendall's Sons & Co., 

State street bakery. 
Hopewell Henry, sawfiler, h. Sedgwick, n. e. c. 

Hopes Robert, bds. Waverly House. 
Hopkins Abner, bds. 198 S. Canal. 
Hopkins Andreas S., printer, h. 155 4th. av. 
Hopkins Anthony, lab., h. n. s. Kramer, nr. 

Hopkins Daniel B., printer, h. 14 3rd av. 
Hopkins F. A., clerk, Clarke k Co., bds. w. s. 

Indiana av., nr. 18th. 
Hopkins George T., h. 122 LaSalle. 
Hopkins Henrj', lab., h. n. s. Illinois, nr. St. 

Hopkins Henry, with E. K. Hubbard. 
Hopkins Leonard W., clerk, office medical 

purveyor, U. S. A., 100 State, h. Hyde 

HOPKINS MORDICAI L., editor Times, bds. 

12 VanBuren. 
Hopkins Orvill D., grocer, h. 319 Wabash av. 
Hopkins Solomon P., drover, h. Jjllis av., nr. 

Douglas pi. 





Hopkins Thomas, lab., h. e. s. 4th av., nr. 

Hopkins William, (Bur'Il & Hopkins,) h. Kan- 
kakee av., s. of 26th. 
Hopkins VVilliara, foreman, C. H. McCormick, 

& Co., h. ;^iU'J niinois. 
Hopkins William S., salesman, W. M. Ross & 

Co,, bds. :S9 Franklin. 
Hopkinson Benjamin, lab., C. H. McCormick & 

Hopkinson Charles, grocer, Blue I. av , cor. 

12th., h. 2o4 Blue I. av. 
Hopkinson William M., poulterer, cor. Ran- 
dolph and State, h. Halsted, cor. Van- 

Hopkinson William, lab., C. H. McCormick, 

& Bros. 
Hopner George, baker, h. Milwaukee av., nr. 

Chicago av. 
Hopp Charles, lab., h, 111 Townsend. 
Hopp John, tailor, h. 230 Wolcott. 
Hopp Nicholas, lab., h. w. s. 4th av., nr. 14th. 
Hopper Joseph, lab., h. 110 Mather. 
Hoppei Samuel, brakeman, M. C. R.R., h. 200 

Hoppen Charles, baker, 0. Kendall's Sons & 

Co., h. Clark, nr. 12th. 
Hopper C. C, Peoples Cas Light and Coke 

Co., bds. 2'J3 W. Jackson. 
Hopper John, sailor, h. n. s. Granger, e. Sedg 

Hopper William, porter, 97 S. Water, h. 469 

Hopson E. J. Mrs., milliner, So Clark, h. 

Hor A., cleaner, I. C. R. R. machine shop. 
Horan Daniel, teamster, h. Newburv, bet. 

12f,h and Taylor. 
HOR.\N DAVID, (David Horan & Co.,) bds. 

Tremont House. 
Horan John, lab., h. 24 Mather. 
Horan Patrick, bib., h. 319 Jefferson. 
Horan Patrick, lab., h. e. s. Butterfield, bet. 

17th and ISth, 
HORAN DAVID & CO., (David Ploran and 

Charles Donnahay,) House of David 

saloon and billiards, 51 Dearborn. 
Horber John L., saloon, h. 186 Griswold. 
Hord Peter John, chairmaker, h. Bremer, nr. 

Chicago av. 
Plorenburg David, book peddler, h. 80 W. 

Horgan Cqrnclius, lab., h. 68 Sherman. 
Hoiigan James, cooper, h. 55 Carrol. 
Horiker Samuel, lab., h. 29th. nr. Kankakee 

Horlacher John, shoemaker, h. 324 State. 
Horlburt J. E., bookkeeper, Harmon, Gale & 

Co., bds. 47 S. Ann. 
Horling Fred, shoemaker, h. e. s. Sedgwick, 

nr. Eugenie. 
Horn Adam, carpenter, h. Sampson, bet.Throop 

and Loomis. 
Horn Anton, machinist, bds. 141 N. Des- 

Horn George, tinsmith, h. 1 ! 1 Townsend. 
Horn Henry, machinist, h. Throop, n. e. cor. 

Horn Henry C, lab. h. 46 Sampson, 
Horn John, lab, h. 266 4th av. 


Horn John, painter, bds. Canal, cor. W. Lake. 
Horn John, salesman, 29 Lake, h. Division, nr. 

Horn Joseph, tailor 190 Randolph, h. same. 
Horn Louis, painter. 140 W. Randolph. 
Horn Martin, carriagemaker, h. 89 Lidiana. 
Horn Nicholas, lab. h. Coolidge, bet. Throop 

and Loomis. 
Horn Peter, clothes renovator, 184 Randolph, 

h. same. 
Horn Peter J., cooper, 312 S. Jefferson. 
Home Daniel H., (Home & Gibbons,) bds. 

Rush, cor. Hiinois. 
Home Joseph, lab. C. H. McCormick & Bros. 
HORXE & GIBBONS, (Daniel H. Home and 

Joseph G. Gibbons,) auction and com. 

mers., 122 and 124 Dearborn. {Seeadvt.p. 

Horner Andrew, carpenter, bds. 141 Blue 

L av. 
Horner Henry, com. mer. b. 28.5 Wabash av. 
Horner Leopold, cabinetmaker, h. Clark, cor. 

Horner William, butcher, h. Myrick av. nr. 

Horner William, com. mer. 200 W. Lake, h. 

Horner William, engineer, steamer Economy, 

h. 121 Hiinois. 
Horney Jacob, blacksmith, h. 126i- W. Polk. 
Hornish William A., printer, bds. Massasoit 

Hornung Jacob, boilermaker, h. 126 W. Polk. 
Horr Peter, laundry 151 Dearborn, h. 12 Stew- 
art House. 
Horr & Treat, (Peter Horr and Reuben Treat,) 

Chicago Laundry, 151 Dearborn. 
Horrer Adolph, wagonmaker, h. Division nr. 

N. LaSalle. 
Horteanna Carl, lab. h. s. s. Goethe, w. N. 

Hortnell E., machinist, L C. R. R. machine 

Horton Denison, saddle and harness, 80 Ran- 
dolph, h. 441 Wabash av. 
Horton Elbridge M., timekeeper, L C. R. R. 

round house, bds. 641 State. 
Horton J. H., tanner, h. al. bet. Hinsdale and 

Horton James, ship carpenter, h. 149 S.rClin- 

Horton James R., clerk, 47 Wabash av. bds. 

Horton John, cooper, h. Clybourn av. nr. dis- 
tillery. North Branch. 
Horton John, agent, h. 96 W. Van Buren. 
Horton John W., builder, h. 173 W. Indiana. 
Horton Mi!on C, clerk Sherman House drug 

store, bds. 158 Clark. 
Horton Nathaniel, cooper, h. Clybourn av. nr. 

distillery, North Branch. 
Horton Oliver H.. lawyer, h. 119 N. Wells. 
Horton William M., h. 94 Harrison. 
Hoschied Christopher, salesman, Andrew 

Hosford Elihu, 53 State, h. 229 Ohio. 
Hosher George, wagonmaker and blacksmith 

106 N. Desplaines, h. same. 
Hoskin Mary, milliner, 165 W. Randolph, h. 





Hosier Ilcnrv B., (H. B. Hosier & Co.,) b. 343 

W. Randolph. 
Hosier n. I'.. iV; Co , (Henry B. Hosier, Owen 

But/, and Martiu Good,) com. niers., 172 

W. Randolph. 
Hosley George H., h. 99 S. Peoria. 
Hosmer Andreas, lab., Busch & Brand. 
Hosmer Ehnina, wid. Perley, h. 136 3rd av. 
Hosmer ClKirlcs, loungemaker, 300 S. Clark, 

h. simio 
Hosmer Charles B., (Hosmer & Peck,) h. 441 

Wabash av. 
Hosmer Cornelius, wagonmaker, h. 130 Hills. 
Hosmer Mins Jennie E., actress, McVicker's 

Theatre, bds. Stewart House. 
Hosmer Lot L., lab., h. 284 Clark. 
Hosmer Oliver E., (Dickinson & Hosmer,) bds. 

11 li Cass. 
Hosmer Ptolouiy E., lawyer, h. 470 W. Van 

Hosmer Simon, lab., hd^. 284 Clar^. 
Hosmer Stophea T., (Cooley k Hosmer,) bds. 

112 Ca<s. 
Hosmer & I'cek, (Charles B. Hosmer and 

Charles E. Pock,) lawyers, 116 Randolph. 
Hosmire Charles, carpenter, bds. Cottage 

Grove av , nr. 25th. 
Hoss Anton, lab., h. 4 Fisher's blk., White. 
Hoss Williiun, lab., h. W. Pith, nr. Loomis. 
Hoswell W. H., salesman, 30 Lake, bds. 83 

Michigan a v. 
Hotal'ng Geo. W., (Hotaling & Miller,) h. 190 

W. Jackson. 
Hotaling & Mdler, (George W. Hotaling and 

Charles Miller,) grocera, 149 S. Des- 

Hotaval Joseph, h. Bridgeport. 
Hotchkiss Sylvester W., h. 275 S. Clinton. 
Hotel de Luni, 88 Monroe. 
Hotka John, joiner, h. 330 S. Canal. 
Hotka Wentzel, lab., h. 466 S. Canal. 
Hott Thomas, lab., h. nr. cor. 21st and Purple. 
Hottinger Albert, tailor, h. n. s. Starr, e. Sedg- 
Hottinger Anthony, apothecary, Sedgwick, 

op. GofH'ie, h. same. 
Hottinger George, saloon, 79 N. Clark, h. 

Hottinger Jacob, saloon, h. 132 Townsend. 
Hotze Paulina A., milliner, 10.5 Clark 
Hotze Theodore, painter, 193 W. Randolph, 

b. same. 

Hotze William, h. 105 Clark. 

Houcber Andrew, lab., Pearson, Avery & Co. 

Houf John, tobacconist, 250 Randolph, h. 

Houfe Thomas, teamster, Lill & Diversy. 
Houfes Mrs. Marv, bds. 240 Superior. 
Hough D. C, (G." W. Gee & Co.,) h. Michigan 

av., s. w. c. 24th. 
Hough Janus A., machinist, b. 681 State. 
Hough Magnus, butcher, b. w. s. Bonfield, nr. 

Archer rd. 
Hough 0. Clark, clerk, J. S. Piatt, bds. 21 

Michigan av. 
Hough Oramel S., (R. M. & 0. S. Hough, and 

Wooster, Hough & Co.,) h. Harrison, n.e. 

c. Wabash av. 

Hough Roselle M., (R. M. & 0. S. Hough, and 
Wooster, Hough & Co.,) h. 848 State. 

Hough W. C, machinist, I. C. R. R. machine 

Hough li. M. & 0. S., (Roselle M., and Ora- 
mel S.,) packing house. Archer rd., nr. 
Haisted bridge, office l'.> Wells. 

Iloughteling William D., com. mer., 210.1 S. 
Water, h. 259 Indiana. 

Houghton Fanny, wid. William, bds. Judd, 
cor. Clinton. 

Houghton Walter B., bookkeeper, 30 Lake, h. 
n. s. Park av., w. Robey. 

Houghton William F., cleik, h. 129 N. Des- 

Houlehan James, shoemakvr, b. W. Polk, nr. 

Houlehan Thomas, lab., h. 11 Hope. 

Houlsby William T., saloon, 34 W. Randol])!!, 
h. same. 

Houlter John, lab., bds. n. s. 14th, bet. Jef- 
ferson and Cnnal. 

HOUSE OF DAVID, 51 Dearborn, D. Horan 
& Co., proprs. 

House Ceorge, lab., h. Ellsworth, nr. Polk. 

House H. L., gardener, b. Milwaukee av., coi 
North av. 

House P., engineer, I. C. R. R. 

Housman Charles, carpenter, h. 131 Carpen- 

Houston Ann Mrs. dairv, h. Huron, cor. N. 

Houston Charles, salesman Kellogg & Govell. 

Houston David J., lab. h. 95 Weli.«. 

Houston E'lward, waiter St. Charles saloon. 

Houston Marshall B., clerk, bds. Myrick 

Houston Robert M., clerk B. W. PhiUips & 
Co., bds. W. Lake, nr. cor. Paulina. 

Ilouth Henry, h. 144 W. Lake. 

Houts William H., carpenter, bds. 250 Madi- 

Iloverland James, saloon, 263 S. Clark, b. 

Hover Lewis, lanternmaker, h. 120 S. Jeffer- 

Hovev Albert, ins. agt., h. 199 W. Madison. 

HOVEY ALBERT H., seed and agricultural 
store, 194 Lake, b. Evanston. 

Hovey Charles P., clerk N. W. R. W., bds. 49 

Hovey Joseph, barnessmaker, 143 Kinzie, bds. 
Metropolitan Hotel. 

Hovey Satterlee J., cashier W. R. Wood, 155 

Hovey S. S. Mrs., b. 324 W. Monroe. 

Hovey William, engineer, b. w. s. Joseph, nr. 

How George M., (Shackford & How,) h. Indi- 
ana av. nr. 22nd. 

How William S.. bookkeeper W. B. Cochrane, 
b. 332 W. Lake. 

Howard Barney, soldier, b. 114 Sherman. 

Howard Benjamin, brakesman, bds. 175 W. 

Howard Benjamin F., compositor, h. 385 Kin- 

Howard Charles M., supt. of colportage Am. 
Tract Society, 170 Clark, h. Park av. w. 

Howard David B., bookkeeper C, & A. R. R., 
bds. 2961 State. 





Howard David H.^ mason, Ii. 14S W. Ran- 
Howard Eli, lab. bds. Cottage Grove av. nr. 

Howard Francis, sailor, h. 21 N. Peoria. 
Howard Frederick, clerk B. F. Quimhy & Co.. 

bds. 185 State. 
Howard George, painter, 100 W. Lake, h. 

Howard George, saloon, bds. 435 S. Clark. 
Howard George W., painter, h. Lake House. 
Howard Henrietta X., boarding, 155 4th av. 
Howard Henrj-, upholsterer, bds. 17 Des- 


F., Phillips, agt., office 54 Lake. 
Howard James C, trav. agt. N. Y. C. R. R., 

bds. Briggs Rouse. 
'Howard Jeremiah, lab. h. Bunker, nr. Jeffer- 
Howard John H., baggagemaster L C, R. R., 

h. 5t) Pearce. 
Howard John J., mason. If. 153 S. Halsted. 
HOWARD P. H., saloon, 69 Randolph, bds. 

Washington Coffee House. 
Howard Patrick, porter Boweii Bros. 
Howard Phillip, student St. Mary's Universi- 
ty, bds. same. 
Howard Richard, barkeeper, bds. 16S W. 

Howard Samuel G. D., (Howard & Chase,) h. 

333 Wabash av. 
Howard Thomas, (Howard & Bowman,) room 

SO Portland bik, 
Howard Timothy, lab. C. H. McCormick & 

Howard William H., (Howard & Howland,) h. 

n, s. Warren, e. Page. 
Howard William B., bridgebuilder, bds. Ori- 
ent House. 
Howard & Bowman, (Thomas Howard and 
George Bowman,) dealers in hides and 
wool, 172 N. Water. 
Howard & Chase, (Samuel G. P. Howard and 
David F. Chase,) lumber, W. Charles, nr. 
Van Buren st. hridixe. 
Howard & Howland, (William H. Howard and 

Isaac Howland,) livery, 149 State. 
Howarth Henry, h. 2361 Clark, 
Howden William, painter, h. 229 Monroe. 
Howe Alice, seamstress, h. 135 W. Polk. 
Howe Charles M., bookkeeper S. Howe, bds. 

93 Pine. 
Howe Cornelius, saloon, 184 W. Randolph, h. 

Howe David, cooper, Lime, cor. Archer nl. 
Howe Elihu, com. mer., bds. 163 W. Wash- 
Howe Ellen, boarding, 267 Wells. 
Howe Francis S., lawyer, 76 Dearborn, bds. 

Trenaont House. 
Howt.^ Frederick, lab., h. 194 N. Sangamon. 
HOWE FREDERICK A., agt., for Buffalo & 
Lake Huron R. R. line propellers, h. 113 
3d av.